Weekly Nikon news flash #168

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  • Lexfu

    Are those knockoffs reliable? Won’t wanna short out ur dslr using them.

    • mirrorless should be much cheaper, way in level of P&S cameras especially without lens.

    • Geoff_K

      Used an off brand on my D90 for 3 years now, no problem with it.

      For the savings, I will buy one of these over the Nikon one.

    • Free enterprise

      Run one of my SB900s from a Pixel TD382 power pack and it’s excellent. No problems, full functionality.

      If the D800 were my cup of tea I would take a punt on the Pixel grip for it.

      Anyway, this is a case of “the biter bit” – Nikon’s first cameras were knockoffs of Contax+Leica.

    • Yes the 3rd party battery grips are reliable. I’ve used them for many of my Nikon DSLRs. I just cannot understand how Nikon can charge SO MUCH for a spare battery holder that has no technology in it.
      Fair enought if it actually had some computer chip in it but the grip for the D800 will do exactly the same thing that the one on my D80 did.

      I just don’t undrstand the $500 price tag. It’s 1/7th the price of my D800E.
      That’s a lot.

      • Calibrator

        It’s rumored that this is a “bone”-article.
        As in “drop a bone for the dealer” as he has a better profit on it compared to the camera body itself.
        I also guess Nikon and Canon themselves are making shitloads of money with it. Anything less would be actually surprising.

      • boosel

        It beats me too, seriously. with little or no core technology, the nikon grip is to me a rip-off. I spent less than £70 for a grip that would have cost me £280, and still they are exactly the same in looks and functionality. I don’t mind spending more on certain photographic equipment but certainly not on the battery grip.

    • allen23

      I have been using the 3rd party grip for my D90, d700 in the past, never had any issues. If I had extra $450 AUD I would have invested that into a new lens not a piece of plastic battery grip.

    • Jorge

      I’ve used a Keiko brand battery grip on my D300, and my D700 going on four years now and have NEVER, EVER had an issue. Its fantastic. I plan on buying one of these for my newly arrived (last night) D800

  • silmasan

    >> Court orders Nikon to allow ‘comfort women’ exhibition.

    Now Nikon can go F-mount the right-wingers.

    • Charles

      Because Nikon doesn’t own its own property, the court does.

      • silmasan

        you do realize there might be insider right-wingers as well, don’t you?

        • Charles

          Your partisan paranoia becomes more obtuse with each post. Why don’t you go cuddle up with a brandy and a kill list and relax?

          • silmasan

            Well, Charles, was there anything I said that upset you personally? Oh, maybe I shouldn’t use the word “right-wingers”? Fine. More like “extremists who push and force other people of what to say and what not to say”. Yeah, that will do.

            P.S. I’m not a “partisan”, not a “paranoid”, and not even a drinker, also, I don’t usually compile a killing list — but relax, yes, that’s a good idea.

            • Charles

              Yes, the Japanese court ordering a private business to host an exhibition are “extremists who push and force other people what to say”.

              I’m glad you finally identified the key issue here.

              If Mr. Ahn’s primary concern was to show photographs he could simply find another sponsor to host his show. Perhaps the Japanese Communist Party, who naturally praised the coercive action by the court.

            • silmasan

              Charles, I’m a little bit surprised at your reasoning. If Nikon had not chosen Ahn Se Hong in the first place, he wouldn’t have a reason to demand Nikon to honor the contract they already made.

          • BartyL


        • Global

          Nikon was probably HEAVILY influenced by the political right-wingers who want to deny/conveniently ignore the comfort women issue. I’ve studied the (still very fresh by historical standards) atrocities of the Japanese in WWII — and this issue does deserve more light. Unlike the Nazi experiments and cruelties, where the Germans, Europeans & Americans have cooperated in documentation and learning, the acts of the Japanese are largely diminished, hidden in shame, politically covered up, and denied (much like the atrocities of Communist China & North Korea — this seems to be a popular East Asian method for controlling history).

          Meanwhile, it is not the obligation of private corporations to bring to light history — however, it appears that a liberal Nikon employee organized this event (which would seem positive to many Koreans, but be controversial to many Japanese) in the liberal Shinjuku (think crazy fashion) district of Japan — and Nikon exes, who probably are less conservative than average, but still need to walk a PR line, overturned it when Conservatives put pressure on them (every large company needs political friends). Thus begins an international incident — and the rightful place for court intervention (especially if CONTRACTS/VERBAL AGREEMENTS, etc were involved). Furthermore, the embarrassment has already occurred, and both sides will need to scramble to fix this issue.

          Nikon claims that “One of the conditions for allowing a photo exhibition there is that the show should have no political motives,” Nikon said. “(Ahn’s exhibits) are in conflict with this.” But the event was scheduled by Nikon’s own staff & agreements were made. Thus, Nikon had paperwork, which could be seen as agreements/contracts. Because this event would involve professionals and professional corporations — it wasn’t some contest made by an ad hoc group — it is rightful that the court intervene. The courts decision was probably correct — because this does appear to be politics trying to oppress speech, rather than political speech violating any contracts. Documentation of history is not inherently political. The artists works do not likely have any specific message other than to show a reality that is rarely showed publicly in Japan.

          The stupid thing for Nikon is that this event could have quietly occurred, many Asians would have been quite happy about it with a long-term positive feeling, and most conservatives would soon forget it, since they already understand history anyway, but instead, its not pissing off everyone and creating an international incident, because it involves citizens in two countries.

          • Rich in tx


          • Charles

            A private organization can make any choice to speak or not speak that it wants to.

            Compelling speech – as the courts are doing here – is 100% as fascistic as muzzling speech.

            • silmasan

              >> A private organization can make any choice to speak or not speak that it wants to.

              True, however if you followed the story, it was Nikon themselves who have chosen Ahn Se Hong for their venue, so it was basically a contract that must be honored.

            • jacob

              +1000 Charles.
              Tired sick of the fascist leftist whine.

            • they can choose to do what they want, but however if they have a ton of negative publicity, which may lose millions in sales, they may choose not to. Corporations are more interested in the money than discussing a cause. Dont forget japanese are very reserved conservative people.

              as for the iphone crap! $70 for a cord trigger???!! $10 on ebay and it doesnt run out of batteries! and it doesnt do any more.

              people will do anything for their iphone! I might come up with an app that when you press a button, it says, I have more money than sense! what do others think?


            • andrew

              Remember #1 Nikon is a Japanese Company. So they have to deal with what the home team’s (poltician’s) reaction more than what the international crowd’s reaction will be. The consequences could be they enact some law that makes Nikon not be able to do business. Who knows..

              And regarding the iPhone app that’s just a button that says I have more money than sense. There was an app for that in the early days before they took it down promptly. It was an app that you could by for 10K. And all it did was make you spend 10K to get the app.

            • Ben

              The main thrust of contract law is, “a deal is a deal.” Nikon made a deal (signed a contract) for this show, now they have to honor it. There’s nothing fascist about being forced to fulfill a contract you entered into. It’s basically the same thing as honoring a rebate – if you buy a product with a rebate from Nikon, Nikon is legally obligated to send you the rebate once you fulfil your side of the bargain by filling out the rebate card.

    • BartyL

      I would still prefer that Nikon made a clear statement about why they withdrew support for the exhibition in the first place.

      It’s good that the exhibition will proceed. It will be even better if the controversy stimulates debate within Japan not only about the systematic rape of the so-called ‘comfort women’, but about the existence of ultra-nationalists who want to re-write history. Different opinions are healthy, but there are few things more dangerous than groups who thinks they have a right to their own facts.

      • Asdf

        I only hope that the future will be forever brighter and that the past is never to be repeated…

        but it’s scary how countries are amassing more and more weaponry…

        perhaps WWIII is inevitable

        • Charles

          >> countries are amassing more and more weaponry…

          Yup and the #1 arms dealer is that dude with the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • nonikonnocanon

    Nikon 1 J1 + 10-30mm lens…costs..and so on = NO!!!

    not this worthless camera not the things will come..
    no not.
    if you area sheep you go and by. the sheep has brought within
    months 1900 fine grants to his sheep-toy…

    1900 grants wil be a D600 and one lense….
    same bullshit goes on CANONSIDE.. same bullshit..

    is it possible that NIKON can build something and when mirroless
    that i can
    fit on a system with chip like d5200/d600 ( one of those)

    -profesional viefinder ( we have an OUTPUT)
    -monitor ( new 10´PHOTIX ore a next i-pad/retina)
    -no adapter ( 300 grants for what?) because only NIKOR of NOW

    and when can i buy this camera that also works in film in 2.5 k ( to bring
    then the perfect 1080p crop) and 24/ 25 / 30/ frames…
    about 1000 grants in base.

    for filming

    foto my old nikons and other things some new things….

    DO YOU WAIT TILL A black magic cinema 4k with full sensor
    baldes around? ( 2400 grants…)

    i do not and want not discuss all the time if a litte bit more ore less
    like in al this nonsens-portals



    • Shawn

      English please.

      • karl

        Trolls don’t speak English – they speak trollish.

      • Jonam

        YES! Please speak the english!

        The beans on hear don’t negative feeling on the bad english. You must reliable effort make!

        Why you not is mouth opn word right come out? My wife sell chicken the people not want to buy penis (does that makes sense in the english?)!


      • jason

        If this guy designed the fake battery grip… hope it functions better than his english

    • I read this twice and I still don’t understand what this guy tried to say.

      • D400


      • Mock Kenwell

        I think it’s Tonto trying to explain what happened to the Lone Ranger.

    • umeshrw

      Please spellcheck before you post. Same way that you check photo on screen after the click. Now if you don’t do that………………………

  • James T. Kirk

    Watch out for the import duty from Digital Rev (or any other dealer outside the US). I once ordered a teleconverter and got bashed with a tariff that made the “cheap” import more expensive than getting it from a domestic dealer.

    • Cx

      I have purchased a 70-200 f2.8 from Digitalrev, shipped to US via Fedex, and was not subjected to any tariff.

      • ASddf

        How much did you pay total for everything including shipping and handling?

  • Dweeb

    Love it. Time someone “Knocked Off” Nikon off their predatory pricing perch on things like grips, flashes and cable releases. And the 40 buck 10.5mm lense cap. Really, I can buy a body for the price of that Nikon 800 grip.

  • Hendog

    I hope Nikon swiftly sue Mieke for plagiarising their design. All good to have cheap, similar versions of things, but this is blatantly copying down to small details. Idiots.

    • Rob

      Meike is a Chinese company. How is Nikon going to sue them?

      • iamlucky13

        Nikon can sue them in any country where both companies have operations, which includes China.

        However, these flashes are imitations, not copies. Just because they have the same control layout and similar features does not mean they violate Nikon’s proprietary rights.

        Perhaps there is a case to be made, but often there is enough difference that no action ends up being taken.

        Keep in mind also that although the basic specs are similar (but not identical), it’s pretty common for third party equipment not to be designed or built to the same quality standards as Nikon or Canon gear.

        That doesn’t means it’s worthless, but at less than half the price, it’s a good bet there’s compromises made in the Meike flashes. If you read some of the strobist discussion groups on Flicker, or David Hobby’s site, you’ll find plenty of people who use Meike flashes quite effectively, and although many of them state satisfaction with the value they get for the price, a lot of the comparisons I’ve seen have lamented quality issues and various lesser complaints.

        If you depend on reliable and consistent CLS compatibility and want minimum risk of defects leaving you with a useless flash at a shoot, you’re probably better off spending the money on the Nikon unit. If you shoot as a hobby, there’s not as much reason to stay away from a less reputable brand.

        • Calibrator

          > If you read some of the strobist discussion groups on Flicker, or David Hobby’s site, you’ll find plenty of people who use Meike flashes quite effectively, and although many of them state satisfaction with the value they get for the price, a lot of the comparisons I’ve seen have lamented quality issues and various lesser complaints.

          Some people surely defend their purchases with their teeth and even sugarcoat them when necessary.

          Some people feel that they can’t admit that they don’t have the financial means to get original stuff and while they can’t avoid buying a body all lenses are from Tamron etc…

          Others are more realistic and admit that they are amateurs that don’t need the highest performance available (so they buy clones/imitations) or – like me – aren’t as experienced and buy the more expensive original stuff.

          > If you depend on reliable and consistent CLS compatibility and want minimum risk of defects leaving you with a useless flash at a shoot, you’re probably better off spending the money on the Nikon unit. If you shoot as a hobby, there’s not as much reason to stay away from a less reputable brand.

          There’s also the case to be made that the most powerful flash (SB-900/910) costs nearly the same less as the infinitely less complex battery grip for the D800…

          Personally, I’d never buy an overpriced original grip again after my negative experiences with the D7000 grip. Not that I believe that third-party grips are better but why should I pay more when get an inferior product (in my eyes) anyway?

          • Calibrator

            “when I get an inferior product (in my eyes) anyway?”


          • douchehole

            Wow you must hump your nikon every night. Go buy that plastic grip for $450. I’m sure it’s 100x better than the $100 grip that used the same nikon molding.

    • very often it is not copying.
      most those product are made in china anyway, sometime the lab just stops production of OEM, puts there cheaper plastic, changes few bits and runs a batch for the knock-off.

      that is your price for making everything in china.

      truth is, that nikon calls for it. There is no electronic inside, no reason it costs that much. they are just daylight ripping the customers, which is fine, because they have right to sell for whatever they want, but they cannot expect much brand loyalty then.
      you hurt your customers, they get hurt, they react. as simple as that.

      • Mike

        I agree. I don’t see how a 50 1.4G or a 60 2.8G macro lens can be the same as the grip. Maufacturing the lens is way more involed and precision intensive vs molding plastic and some wiring. I would buy the grip for $250. But not for almost $500.

      • James

        I saw a Youngyuo Flash that is a copy of the canon 580 EXII. It looks very similar but lacks all of the functionality and options such as focus assist/high speed sync etc. Not sure what that one would be like though. Just because they look the same does not mean they have any sort of similar functionality 😀

      • I wouldnt agree!

        anyone can copy, but do they have the same tests to ensure the item works? They are focused more on how it looks than performance. If your Nikon speedlight stops working after a month, you can take it back. what about the chinese one?

        I have a client who imports from china and all deals go through an interpreter who is also a middle man. You have to pay fully before receiving the order and there is no guarantee you will get your shipment or comeback if you dont. You might think you are getting a factory to make something but instead they buy it from elsewhere.

        • nikon does ask too much!

          if you want to buy loads of gear, go to St Thomas/Thailand

        • i would normally agree with you and god knows how much moneys i spend on nikon stuff, but it is recently not that valid.
          Recently is nikon quality control far cry from what it was few years ago.
          three years ago i was thinking sigma is bad that every pro lens need to be adjusted and now i have to live with many DOAs, send for calibration all fast lenses and have so many body issues, like was unthinkable before. Even bad batteries, big play on mounted vertical grips, etc.
          There is sure some difference but it is not as it was.

  • arturo sanchez

    Isoshutter camera remote is cool but does anybody know if there any similar app or device that allow us to change the aperture and the sutter speed also?

  • Luis Bonetti

    Has anyone tried the MK900?? Cause for $179.99 sure looks tempting

    • T.I.M

      @Luis Bonetti
      That flash have a virus that load in your camera, then the flash’s internal wifi transmit the datas to a website owned by the Chines government.

      That’s how the Chinese space program make such fast progress, they use the pictures I took at Cap Kennedy (florida) and copy our technology.

      Good thing I only use my Fuji X100 when I take nuked pictures of my wife.

      • Ray

        You nuked your wife? A bit over the top I think.

        • yea, from orbit, it is the only way, to make sure she don’t lays eggs

      • etasgasdfg

        One of T.I.M’s dumbest replies ever read…

    • Keep in mind that the MK900 has a slower recycle time.
      And most important, there is no FP high speed flash sync!
      That means no shutter speeds above 1/250.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Does it work as a commander and with TTL just like the SB900?

    • MB

      Meike is making cheap and extremely low quality copies of Nikon products like battery grips (like this MB-D12) and flashes.
      If they do work at all not all functions will, buttons will be reversed and sticky and will break after few presses, they may work for a couple of hours but never will have performance up to specification and than will just stop working at all, battery cover will break the second time you open it, flash foot will fall off first time you change orientation from landscape to portrait and so on.
      I wonder if Nikon could make some legal action here.

      • Geoff_K

        you must work for nikon because everything you said was incorrect. I have not had any problems with the one I bought for my D90 years ago.

        • have you used your flash 3000 times in a day?

          • i seen lot of nikon dead flashes, but i just wanted to tell you, that if you need to flash 3000 times a day, you are doing something wrong.

          • Richardouche

            Have you ever used your SB-900 on a wedding? It over heats. On shooting a model, you waste a lot of time waiting for the damn thing to cool off. You know what beats it? the darn $50 Vivitar flash. So for your Nikon leg humpers to claim that everything Nikon is superior, keep jizzing and humping.

      • Rob

        Legal action? This is a Chinese company.

        And about quality: A lot of Chinese ripoffs are of identical quality to the original. Some are even made to the exact specifications as the original, usually (illegally) in the exact same factory. This is probably not the case with these grips, but nowadays a lot of Chinese knock-offs are just as durable as the originals. You must be thinking it’s 1987.

        For less than a quarter the price, you just buy another one if it breaks.

        • Global

          More worrisome is if it damages the Camera by sending voltage pulses/shorting/etc etc. Burning out key components.

          • Rob

            If it uses the same batteries as the real grip, how can it send any more voltage? I’d be more concerned about using 3rd party batteries than a third party grip.

            Its own contacts could potentially short and send voltage to the wrong contact on the D800, but I don’t see how it can send too much voltage to the power contact.

            Regardless, if it’s $350 cheaper, you might be saving enough to repair your D800 if it DOES damage it. 🙂

      • MB

        I wasn’t talking about Chinese companies but this particular company called Meike. On the other hand are you saying that international lows do not apply to Chinese companies? Theft is a theft and should not be tolerated.
        As far as the quality or better lack of it I am telling you first hand as a user that was ripped off just like many others, Meike products are lowest peace of crap on the market and they maybe look similar to original but are made of the cheapest materials available and will never work as advertised or are anywhere near to the specification.
        And no I don’t work for Nikon I just want to warn people not to throw their money on something like this.

        • Ray

          A) it’s not theft.
          B) No such thing as international laws, and while this sort of thing is technically illegal in China, just like most developing nations, governments tend to overlook widespread borrowing of intellectual from other nations. (The US did this in spades, so off your high horse)
          C) The chinese government will only take action if being on good terms with Nikon is worth more than their local economy, and Nikon will only even try to pursue matters seriously if any potential harm is worth more than being on good terms with China.

          In other words, nothing will happen.

        • silmasan

          when Meike D800 starts appearing on ebay, you might have a point.

          • Meike

            I’ve used a Meike grip for my D7000 for the last year now, cost £40, works perfectly, only difference is it is plastic.

            And yeah, nothing Nikon can do to stop Chinese 3rd parties like this, what so ever, far too expensive and if they managed to close one, another would pop right up the next day, they aren’t advertised as official Nikon products.

            • silmasan

              I mean Meika D800 the camera. ^^

        • I’ve got news for you – Meike sells their products domestically – Adorama repackages them under their Flashpoint brand. I’ve had 2 Flashpoint/Meike battery grips, and they worked flawlessly.

          I’ve spent a small fortune on Nikon professional equipment over the last 25 years, 99% of the time opting for the name-brand products; but the battery grip price for the D800 is obscene.

      • Am-Expat

        I have a Meike grip on my D7000 and it has been perfect in all respects for over a year. I would like to try the version for the D800 because I really want a grip for mine but I am not going to pay $550 for one. It is bad enough to have to pay $135 for a battery. I’ve spent $12k in Nikon glass and bodies this past 3 years so I am not trying to be cheap with Nikon, they have brought on the contumelious attitude on the part of loyal customers by the illogical pricing of a new grip that is essentially identical to their prior models that sell for much less.

        • werf

          There will always be suckers, er, I mean people, who will pay any amount for official Nikon products.

          I know this because I know people who bought PROs stuff only to sell it off in less than a year.

          More People should give 3rd parties a try…see how it works out

          For the most part they are worth it and will save a lot. Of course, it’s the exact same feel but seriously, it’s good enough.

          • Mark J.

            Those cheap plastic grips are only good until they aren’t.. and that is the key difference and why people(me) are willing to pay for the real deal for multiple reasons.

            1. Ever try one of those plastic knockoff grips doing long exposures on a tripod? First thing i noticed was my images were losing sharpness due to added vibrations from those cheapie plastic grips. They may be great for handheld work, but if you ever plan on using your grip with a tripod you might want to reconsider.

            2. And this is my main reason for not buying the knockoffs is that i would rather spend the $400 extra to make sure the $1,2,5,10k trip to iceland, south america, yosemite, etc etc isn’t a complete waste by having my gear break on me during the trip.

            • Rob

              Camera shake for LONG exposures isn’t going to be because of the grip, it’ll be because of the tripod. The grip connection will probably cause camera shake because of the mirror slap for SHORTER exposures though (the slap will be negated by the length of a long exposure). That’s why most people recommend not using a grip on a tripod for shorter exposures.

            • ActionJunky

              Your off base, Rob. I would never recommend using a grip while using a tripod. It raises the center of gravity and can induce more shake. The only reason I would every use a grip and tripod is during time lapse photography where I needed power for a very long time. Mirror slap is not negated by longer exposures.

            • ActionJunky

              You’re… Sorry.

        • Scott M

          Thank you, I had to look that up. Good word.

          Nikon is indeed being contumelious in their customer relations.

          (Rest of you can go look it up yourself.)

  • Martijn

    @admin any word on the underwater d7000 case also from last weeks news flash? loved if that was around 150 to 200 dollars for in-the-water-use (not diving, just shooting when in the water max 3ft)

    • Cuius

      Given recent weather in UK may be suitable for normal on-land photography

      • Ray

        We still have dry land? Surely you jest.

      • lol. I too am VERY tired of seeing storm clouds now. The weather ruined the Poppy season completely this year, Lavender is up next, there had better be some opportunities…

  • > This Chinese manufactured Meike MK900 Speedlight is a clone of the Nikon SB-900.

    Will it also overheat???

    • musicmax

      Well played

      • +1

        Maybe Meike can make a D7000 that will focus properly?

    • jsa

      hehehe, how well did Meike copy it.

      Imagining court defense,

      no we didn’t copy the SB900, our flash doesn’t overheat


    • Sean

      Have you guys even used an SB-900? I’ve used mine many, many times and never had it overheat. This problem is extremely overblown. You know you can turn off the thermal shutdown feature in the menu, right? The problem is the thermal shutdown point is too sensitive, not that the flash “overheats” too easily.

      • my point with SB900 and SB910 is that they are worse then SB-800, do not accept fifth battery and they also overheat.
        well am happy i dont need to buy any. when i will need a new flash, i will look to alternatives for sure. New flashes are complete crap for me.
        Even plastic gel, lol, no way nikon.

      • Nathan

        My SB900 never overheated either until I started shooting a wedding reception then it would fail on me continuously. It was irritating as heck. The SB600 (thank goodness I brought it) didn’t have the same power as the SB900 so some photos were a bit underexposed.

        This goes to show that if you bring a backup make sure it’s the same or better than what you’ve brought.

        • Sean

          Did you turn off the thermal protection feature? Easy fix.

  • PhotoGradStudent

    I don’t know about these Meike products, but I own SB-900’s and I own the YN-560II’s by Yong Nuo. I was a bit dubious at trying Chinese knock off products, but I kept reading more and more good things, than bad about the YN-560’s. I am glad I made the jump. Great purchases for such a small price when dealing with manual lighting. The quality is just right, and I don’t need all the bells and whistles that the price tag carries for a name brand product.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Yep. I own 3 YongNuo 560’s. Apart from the mildly retarded user interface, they work great. Quick recycle and a good deal of power for a very affordable cost.

  • zeiram

    I had the exact same corruption problem when using Nikon Transfer 1.5.3 for transferring my D4 NEFs… 🙁

  • Merv

    Nikon 1 J1 + 10-30mm,$379 at DigitlaRev?

    Hmmm, these prices are coming down….in 2005 my Canon A610 cost like $429

    • PeterO

      Either they’re not selling as well as we’re being led to believe, or there is a replacemnt model coming at Fotokina

  • D400

    For the price of the D800 grip, Nikon are asking, no, begging, to be knocked off

  • Fuzz

    Shame Meike chose to make this MK900 rather than a copy of the 700. The 900 is too big for most people. Problem is the difference in cost between a 700 and a 900 from a manufacturing point of view is going to be very little so I doubt they could charge much less than they are charging for the 900.

  • Joaquim Prado

    Good Thing I cancelled with ritz a while ago!

  • mike

    D600 is the camera we all want to know more about

    • Peter


  • lorenzo

    MB-D12 – Cheap

    Not sure on that. A while ago I bought a non-Nikon battery grip that mounted on tripod made the camera roll and pitch like a small boat on a rough Ocean.

    I agree that Nikon’s one is a theft as cost and doesn’t give any extra feature but think that the quality should be better than these competitors made who knows where.

    Then, after one spends $3,300 for a body and at least another $4K in lenses, that $500 thing is not what really breaks your pockets – same story for the original EN-EL15 batteries when someone buys the “equivalent” at $7 ea. on Amazon.

    My two cents,

  • Fiatlux

    That J1 deal was tempting until I saw it was shipped from Hong-Kong. With import duties and VAT that’s a guaranteed 30% extea where I live…

    I love the price of the 10mm on their site! Can such a company be serious?

  • doug
  • ActionJunky

    I agree with the quality argument, but for $89.00 and free shipping, it is a difficult proposal to turn down. I have ordered one of the Mieke MB-D12 grips with AA battery holder. Buyer beware, there is more than one vendor for this grips and some note that they only use 6 AA batteries. I am not sure if that is a misprint or actual data. With only 6 AA batteries, I doubt you will get full speed from the camera.

    I will let you know about the quality in 2-3 weeks, when I receive it.


  • Anyone who says the knock-off grips are the same as OEM is lying to themselves. I had the Zeikos and Nikon versions of the MB-D10, and while the Zeikos was 80% as good for a fraction of the cost… the Nikon version was worth every penny to get that extra 20% back. It’s the difference between having an add-on and a physical extension of the camera body.

    And I’m also interested in the SB-900 clone, both how good it is in general, and if it would work with my Pocket Wizards.

    • ActionJunky

      I don’t think anyone believes they are getting an OEM grip for a fraction of the cost. Based on your flash comment, you have came to the same conclusion. At least the grip has the same functionality and the market is flooded with enough D-900’s that they can be had at a discount.

      Neither is true about the grip.

  • tnt

    Ymmv wasnt even 20% for me and didnt think the oem worth the dif

  • Nathan

    I wonder if that MK900 flash unit cuts off or slows down when you use it too much?

  • i have a lot of chinese made crap at home but i am staying away from this
    my friend bought a battery grip and had to return it soon after
    i rather spend the money on the flash and the grip at least you know what you are getting never had any problems with my old ones

  • nonikonnocanon

    in english and simple..

    -frontside best NIKONLENSES
    -midside FULLCHIP
    -backside: all we know and abig screen
    -other simple to understand In and outputs i would need..
    iam no trol but think that i can write on a smartphone
    while handling a huges 600 and a NIKON


  • Pablo Ricasso

    Just wow. If you think that a battery holder is worth the price of a whole camera YOU NEED TO GET A GRIP!!!
    And if you think the plastic in brand x factory is the same plastic they use in the brand x factory that subcontracts for Nikon, YOU NEED TO GET A GRIP!!!
    And if you’re using a short lens on a tripod, you probably just need to lighten up.

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