Weekly Nikon news flash #166

"D800 D800E is, after the date of announcement of February 07, 2012, received a reservation far beyond the expected in the whole world, we can not keep up with continued production status to your order. Sorry to our customers has been very inconvenience. I will strive to continue intensive production, thank you for your understanding."

  • Nikon is working on a fix for this issue (happens with the D4 as well):

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  • Arthur

    Where can I see the differences in weather sealing and that the 5DIII is better?

    • Aaron

      I think they just meant that without a pop-up flash, there are less seams to leak. They weren’t speaking to the sealing of the seams themselves.

      • Seal’s Face!

        If sealing is a problem Nikon users can use the Canon “light-leak-fix” an put tape over the gaps.

    • Michael

      In reality, the 5D and 7D series has similar weather sealing to D7000. The Dxxx and Dx series has similar weather sealing to the 1D series. That doesn’t mean that the D700/D800/D300(s) has better sealing than the 5D/7D series though.

      • Dave

        My nearly new D7000 has been damaged by a tiny bit of salt water that got on the hotshoe. It won’t trigger an external flash. So much for weather sealing.

        • LK

          The hotshoe is naturally exposed to the elements… thus not a weather sealed componenet. Weather sealing protects internal parts.

        • Edubya

          So use the hot shoe cover if you’re going to be in rough conditions.

        • BornOptimist

          Salt water is conducting electrisity, and if this short the points on the hot shoe, that might be enough to fry the circuits for the flash. So it doesn’t matter if it’s a sealed body or not.

        • Jan

          Forget that. My D4 was damaged by a small drop into a lava pool and now won’t start up. Well actually I couldn’t pick it back up but it looked like a gooey mess anyway. So much for weather sealing on a pro body if it can’t survive immersion into a bit of liquid.

          • Thank god they put the lower capacity batteries in those new mode. It might have overheated if it were using the old EN-EL4!

            Maybe the Chinese are right about the number 4?

  • alvis

    nice test of light spectrum …

    • Rolf

      Yah… Sorta funny, but with the kid still downrange and facing away, while tripping around a fire with a shovel…. It leaves a bit to be desired in the “firearms safety” area.

      • Dammer

        Yes, alot to be desired in the firearms safety area!

        Note: Shooting people with guns does not regularly make pretty pictures.

        In the future please clear your firing range of children and other people you probably don’t intend to shoot!

      • David

        Pretty sure it was video editing trickery.

  • here is a question about something else, some of my photos are sharp throughout the photo except the lower right area seems soft what can cause this problem lens is 18-200
    thanks to all that answer

    • MBP

      Not a good place to ask this question. Your lens may have a centering defect causing that issue

    • Jay

      You have a goblin in your camera.

      • Henkie

        A goblin usually only causes chromatic aberation, I’d say it’s a troll.

  • Spy Black

    I’m loving the English on that underwater case page. The unit is actually very reasonably priced, however. For someone who owns one of those cameras and scuba dives, it’s certainly a good option.

  • Foolishcfo

    What a lame apology, status update from Nikon on the D800/D800E. Nikon has great engineers but you have to wonder about the quality of their business people.

  • Mandrake

    Love that AF-ON focus demonstration without actually using AF-ON. He’s just upset the shutter still get released without using AF-ON? He needs to worry when it doesn’t and he’s actually using AF-ON when selected. It is a bug, just a useless one.

    • malez

      guess you just don’t know what af priority does.
      there’s no need to use AF-On button, half pressing the shutter works just as well.

      • Rob

        Actually you’re both missing something. Watch the video again:

        1) He DID use the AF-ON button, while the video was showing the focus depth indicator on the lens.
        2) Half pressing the shutter will NOT activate AF, since he changed the AF setting to “AF-ON only.” This disables the shutter release (half press) as a means for auto-focusing. A half-press only confirms focus, but will not adjust it, with this setting.

        • Mandrakecigars

          but he did not use AF-ON to attain focus, then complained about the shutter going off without focus. I don’t see how this is an issue except for maybe some accidental shutter activations.

          • Rob

            He DID use AF-ON. With the lens cap on, while holding AF-ON, it wouldn’t achieve focus. The camera is showing the lens at the time, so you can’t see him pressing the button. The shutter is not supposed to release when the camera is out of focus with the settings he used. He disabled AF activation from the shutter release to prove that it wasn’t obtaining focus because of the shutter press, so that we know for certain the lens is still out of focus. He could have held down the AF-ON button or not disabled the shutter release activation and it would have glitched just the same (assuming the glitch isn’t specific to those exact settings).

            The entire point of FOCUS PRIORITY is to prevent the camera from ever taking out-of-focus images. Most people don’t review every single shot they make to confirm the focus. With the glitch, they might have to. When you’re quickly taking a bunch of shots at an event and the camera is glitching and taking out-of-focus images, it is kind of a big deal.

      • Mandrake

        Not when you select AF-ON only for focus priority.

  • vinman

    Totally off point, but anybody else wonder what was up with the kid shoveling so close to the camera that got shot (or was rigged to explode)? It was funny in concept, but that was actually a little disturbing thinking about all the crap flying off the tripod less than 8ft from a person; let alone any bits of the actual projectile. I’m not worried someone may try to imitate, just that collosally bad judgement was used…

    To me that rifle looked a bit like an air gun, but the camera still exploded a few feet from a ten year old…

    • *BANG*+Aftereffects

      Dude…. You really think those guys don’t know how to use special effects?!?! Srly?

    • Watch the kids reaction to the “shotgun blast”. He didn’t flinch.

      Nicely done special effects.

  • Is there a better English translation of the Nikon Japan D800 statement – I think that something has gotten lost here. I don’t think that this is the official English statement.

    • Zorro

      Better translation:

      Demand currently exceeds our production capacity. Get over it.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Better translation? Not possible.

  • “Nikon’s financial results for the first quarter of 2013 (ending March 2013) will be announced on August 8, 2012 at approximately 15:00 Japanese time.”

    this does not make any sense at all… 🙂

    • RakSiam

      I did a double take there too. They mean the fiscal year 2013 that ends in March, not the quarter ending in March.

  • Dweeb

    What BS. When you milk the update for your D700 Prosumer camera a few extra years you can’t forecast pent up demand? Gee I bet if you finally bring out an update to the 300 f4 or 80-400 after over a decade that you won’t be able to figure out the high demand.

    Nikon – Nuttiest company on the face of the Earth.

    • Rob

      Would you rather them tell the truth and admit that there are manufacturing bottlenecks, it would require too much capital investment to significantly increase output, and they simply think it’s more profitable to have people wait since they are locked into the system already?

    • arizonaSteve

      Honestly, I think they are still trying to get more production going after the earthquake, tsunami, and thai flooding. I know that it seems like those things were ages ago, but in the production line scheme of things, they had a pretty severe impact. Buildings and other manufacturing facilities don’t go up over night.

    • arizonaSteve

      Oh, and I ordered a D4 in April and still don’t have it yet. So, yes, I am affected, but I have other gear. I am not going nuts.

      • Same old story: in Germany I have seen quite often d4s chilling in vitrines of retail stores…

        Though I have only seen one d800.

        So what about a small europe trip? 🙂

        • Rob

          The markup on ebay is far less than the price difference between the US and Europe, even if traveling there cost nothing.

  • The Fantastic G

    Why a 18-300 lens when they came out with the 28-300 last year?

    • malez

      because you don’t know the difference between FX and DX

      • why are people so agro and rude

        • vinman

          because trolls gonna troll – it makes their tiny sacs feel bigger

  • 1,000,000+ photo pro

    Nikon has responded to the needs of photographers by allowing photos to be taken even when focus priority is selected. The word priority has nothing to do with locking out a photographer from taking a photograph. It simply means the camera should permit the AF system to try to acquire focus in priority over allowing the shutter to release.

    The real bug is with the Canon 5D Mark III. Even in AI Servo auto focus mode, when both 1st and 2nd image has focus priority, then the shutter is locked when trying to focus on difficult targets. This takes camera that should be professional back to the dark ages of amateur cameras whose shutter buttons freeze no matter how desperately the photographer is trying to press the release button. This happens even when using a 14mm lens at f/11, which is obviously in focus.

    I firmly believe–I even KNOW–that the correct behavior of focus priority should be what Nikon is doing… giving priority to trying to focus, but still allowing the shutter to be released by a photographer who is desperately pushing the shutter button.

    Any other behavior is to be reserved for amateur level cameras where the assumption is the photographer doesn’t know what they are doing when they are trying to release the shutter.

    Nikon is right on this one, and this issue is NOT a bug.

    • Rob

      If you read the manual, you’d know that it IS a bug.

      Page 264: Focus Priority: Photos can only be taken when the in-focus indicator
      (I) is displayed.

      It might be nice to have a setting similar to AF-C’s “release + focus” mode, but for AF-S. Perhaps where it will spend a certain amount of time hunting if it can’t find focus, and then give release priority and take the photo regardless after that amount of time. Alternately, they could have a “priority over-ride” release that can be programmed to one of the function buttons that switches the camera to release priority when pressed. I don’t know enough about all the settings to know if there already is something like this in Nikon’s cameras.

    • @1,000,000+photo pro, & Rob,

      From my D300, D700, D3, and D4, with the AF-S priority selection set to “Focus” priority, the behaviour is identical on all cameras; it will NOT release. I have always set the AF Activation (a4 option on D4) option to AF-ON only, as this is my personal preference. I agree with Rob about the need for AF-S to have a couple more options for priority selection, similar to AF-C (i.e. Focus + release OR Release + Focus priority modes). These necessary options would give the cameras the behaviour that 1,000,000+ photo pro seems to think they inherrently have and obviously desires in AF-S mode.

      I recreated the problem the video indicates by leaving my lens cap on the D4 and then attempting to focus and shoot; and as in the video, I had the same result of the camera shutter being released, despite the camera not aquiring focus. I then removed the lens cap and focused on a water bottle and fired the shutter release when it had focus lock, which worked as expected. I then put the subject at a distance less than the minimum focusing distance for the particular lens I had on the D4, and tried to release the shutter; the D4 did not fire, as expected for AF-S being set to “Focus” priority, and I being to close to the subject to aquire focus.

      “So what is going on here”, one might ask. Personally, I think when the camera doesn’t have enough light for the AF sensors to detect contrast, it doesn’t know if it is in focus or not, so it just fails safe and fires; I also noticed the little AF pointer arrows in the viewfinder both light up with the lens cap on. To the contrary, when the AF sensor receives enough light to determine focus, only one of the AF pointer arrows lights up indicating the direction the focus ring needs to be turned; only when the circular AF dot appears, will the shutter fire.

      I tried another experiment with my D4, where I was shooting into the near darkness of my kitchen, at the black shinny surface on the door of my oven, with the lens cap off naturally. The AF motor hunted back and forth trying to aquire focus the entire time; sometimes one AF focus arrow would light, then the other, and they would flicker back and forth, even appearing to have both illuminated at the same time. At no time did it fire as I held down the shutter release. With the shutter release still held down, I then panned the camera to the left slightly until the middle most AF crosspoint met the chrome edge of the oven door. Where the oven went from a glossy pitch black to the chrome strip surrounding the edges, the camera then aquired focus and fired with that tiny bit of contrast. Freaking amazing! All of my other cameras would still have been hunting for focus! (Camera Settins on D4 were 1/100, f/1.4, 6400 ISO, 85mm, and that was still 2 to 3 stops under what it really needed! So yes, I was shooting into near darkness!)

      IMHO, I don’t think this is an issue whatsoever, and Nikon would better serve its customers by adding features to AF-S, instead of chasing problems that only occur when a lens cap is left on the camera!!

      My guess is the author of the video left his lens cap on, and accidentally left his camera on while going walk about; when he got home and downloaded several black images which were accidental releases, he probably got to thinking, “How the hell did that happen? I have ‘Focus’ priority turned on, that isn’t supposed to happen, it MUST BE A BUG!” Some would agree, while others would say, “Who Cares?”

  • Juergen.

    18 – 300 = DX
    28 – 300 = FX

  • malez

    nikonrumors forum is so lame today 🙁

  • ericnl

    interesting shoot-out, especially because I had just watched the live-view shout-out video, in which Nikon got clobbered… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4kk8mPyoxo

    I am soooooo curious as to how the D600 will perform in all of these fields.
    before the year is over I am going to buy either a D600 or a D700 though 🙂

  • Dweeb

    Grips are a ripoff. I’m not going to buy one for the D800. Maybe 200 bucks for 4 years of use before obsolescence, not 500 dollars and taxes. Anyone have an offer for my Nikon D200 grip with Nikon broken battery latch? Didn’t think so.

  • Mark J.

    Advice for anyone considering the cheap Grip alternative for the D800/e…. Don’t do it if you plan on using with a tripod.. I’ve heard horror stories of people who used the D700/300 versions about it not being stable enough of a connection between grip and camera to really handle bracketing shots very well. I can only imagine how much worse it would be a high MP version.

    • EnPassant

      Problem is amateurs buy these grips, be it original or not, and keep them on the camera all the time because they think it is a cool gadget making their camera look more professional.

      Battery grips for digital cameras have two main functions:
      1) To give more comfort shooting in portrait orientation HANDHELD.
      2) Increasing fps, which by nature means the shutterspeed will be fast enough for handholding while longer lenses will be attached to the tripod with their tripod mount.

      For tripod shots with shorter lenses, especially with the camera tilted 90 degrees, a grip should NEVER be attached as it will always be more unsteady than the camera without a grip.

      But just as with everything else lazy people not understanding physics will keep repeting these mistakes.

      • Rob

        There are other reasons for having the grip on most of the time. I learned to shoot on my shoulder for more stable hand-held photos. I need a full-sized body or a body with a grip in order to stabilize the camera in this manner.

        And from what I’ve seen, camera shake only significantly degrades a photo for a fairly narrow range of shutter speeds. If you’re shooting in good light or you adjust your ISO to compensate, I believe you can pretty much eliminate the problem even if bracketing with a grip.

        • EnPassant

          OKAY! 🙂
          I agree a grip can give better stability in various ways, not the least by its weight. I did myself in the days of film use a motor drive not only because I was lazy winding the film but also because it was more comfortable to hold and added stability.

          The reasons mentioned by others are all correct. I just didn’t care to list every possible reason, that’s why I wrote main instead of only, although main reasons for others may differ.
          I thank you all for listing different uses for a grip!

          My post was however a reaction about the OPs comment about using third party grips on a tripod.
          To put it simple; When handholding a grip can add both stability and better ergonomics.
          On a tripod a grip will in most cases decrease stability no matter if it is original or third party, although the latter may of course be worse.

      • Long battery life

        3) longer battery life
        4) ability to use other types of batteries including AA’s
        5) it can be easier to hold for bigger hands
        6) you get a better workout

        • Rob

          7) closer center-of-gravity when using heavy lenses.
          8) (variation of #4) battery conformity – when you have a D300/D700 and a D3 in your bag the grip allows you to only have to carry 1 battery type and 1 charger type.

        • Mikey

          Extended battery life for shooting video..

      • Rikard

        I have my grip on almost all the time, simply because I think it’s more comfterble (and yes, I also think I look more PRO, but that’s not the reason it’s on)… Btw, I’m an amatuer, and I’m proud of it!

    • John Yu

      but what can you complain about? its 75% off in price. i rather unscrew it everytime if i’ll be using tri-pot for extended period of time. I don’t think it would hurt too much if u have a shorter lens on it. and when you use long lens, you should have use the mounting point on the lens anyways. btw, the Pixel D800 grip is already out. so far there’s 1 seller on ebay has it. they are selling it for $110USD.

  • “Nikon to increase price in India if rupee continues to slide.”

    Yup. I have first hand encounter with this. They increased the price of D800 by INR 10,000/-.
    I had originally booked the camera at the lower price and I was promised a discount, but when they delivered it to me last week, they charged me the revised price and zero discount.

    On the bright side, the Indian price is still lower compared to anywhere else in the world, and I am a proud owner of the hard-to-find D800.

  • Dave

    The underwater housing doesn’t seem to have any way to attach an external flash. Buyers using this will be very disappointed with their results. Underwater you need artificial light to return the lower wavelength colors that are filtered out in the first few feet of water. You also need to get the light source away from the camera so you don’t reflect suspended particles straight back into the lens (backscatter). This housing is a gimmick which will only satisfy the manufacturer.

    • znsel

      The underwater housing doesn’t seem to have any way to attach an external flash.

      The camera inside the housing doesn’t seem to have any way to attach an external flash either…

      • Dave

        Often with the compact cameras a fiber optic cable will read the on camera flash and relay the info to external flash heads for perfect ttl. I don’t see the fiber optic ports on the housing.

        • znsel

          I hear people have various grades of success with DIY fiber optic strobe applications, see e.g. here. I think his housing is made by the same manufacturer.

    • That housing looks like a knock-off of the Canon point and shoot underwater housings, right down to the goofy color scheme. Its crap. I drowned two G-9s before I wised up and bought a pro UW housing.

      • beautiful Lake Tahoe pictures… are those some sort of HDR with long exposition/ND filters?

        • Thanks for the comments, familyphotodj.
          Amost all of those are straight shots – D90 & a polarizer, maybe some ND filters depending on the shoot. Hardly ever use HDR, too much hassle…

  • MJr

    More D600 please !

    • Calibrator

      Now, that was unexpected!

  • Ben

    The Nikon.BE link doesn’t show a page for an unreleased lens (at the moment, may have done in the past)- the title of the page is a recycled version of the URL, so you can make up anything in the URL and it puts it in the title- e.g.
    the new AF-S VR Nikkor 10-500mm f0.7 leaked on Nikon.be…

  • happy camper

    Finaly got my D800 today, got on the waiting list on feb 16th in my local camera store near montreal.

  • trialcritic
    • trialcritic

      Sorry about my bad way of showing a link. I wish that this website had a preview.

  • Any news on the D600?

  • tonyc

    Just been watching watching the Ukraine vs Sweden match on BBC. Off to one side of the big white lenses there is a guy using what appears to be a large-ish mirrorless camera… Could be a certain manufacturer field testing….
    The match is rubbish..

  • michel

    Amazing…. So Nikon is going to announce its financial results for the first quarter of 2013 on the 8th of August 2012 according to the press release… One hopes the quality control of the D800 is better than that of the proof reading of their press release, or… can I borrow the device that allows them to do that so I can obtain the lotto numbers in advance?

    It just goes to show how far advanced Nikon lens technology must be to allow seeing that far into the future 🙂

  • lorenzo

    D800 at BestBuy

    Admin, I checked my local BestBuy in Santa Clara, CA where it looks like they have the D800 in stock, but reading the shipping notes they think to get it by 6/22.

    I ordered my D800E only at B&H on 6/5 – hope to get it before Christmas 🙂


  • V V

    Regarding the camera being ON even when the switch is in OFF position, I had this issue and replaced the camera. It turns out to be an issue with the CF card compatibility. It happens with Kingston CF. I don’t see this issue with the Sandisk extreme.


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