Nikon D800E to be released on April 12th in limited quantities

Nikon Japan issued a statement that the D800E pre-orders/reservations have greatly exceeded the amount of produced cameras and they apologize for the inconvenience/delay. Nikon issued a similar statement for the D800 a month ago. I expect the first D800E shipments in the US to start early next week and will probably again be distributed to NPS members, unless you pre-ordered from Amazon who it seems does not skip their waiting list in order to ship NPS priority.

I also believe that with the D800E there will be a new shipment of D800/D4 cameras to be distributed to authorized dealers next week. Keep in mind that there are still not-fulfilled NPS orders for those cameras.

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  • Dixie

    That was quite funny!

  • 84-b

    So if they start delivery early next week… does that mean from Japan, or from distribution centers in the states? And why would you think that it would include D4, and D800 models?
    I didn’t preorder, hoping to find a dealer with a D800.

  • pepsplace

    Amazon just told me June 12th

    • Mike

      Seriously??? Can you post the notice. I’ve heard nothing from them. Has anyone gotten it yet from the April 12th distribution?

      • pepsplace

        I went thru the chat option yesterday. I was told 6/12.
        This morning, on the phone, the rep said she had no update available. Order was placed on 2/7 jon D.

        • juicebox81

          holy smokes pepsplace.

          what does your estimated delivery date from your page say?

      • PicturePerfect

        My Amazon delivery estimate for the D800 just vanished for the 3rd time. After being repeatedly assured of a March 22 delivery I was then told April 16-May 1. Today that went poof and it now says they will give me a “good estimate” when they know more. WTF? In the meantime the CSR told me it would ship anytime between now and the estimate when there was no estimate. The next CSR said they have no inventory and don’t know when they will, so how could it possibly have shipped “now?”

        A have been a long and good custmer of Amazon but at this point they have no credibility. I ordered over two months ago right after the announcement. So if you haven’t gotten you D800 from Amazon by now, GOOD LUCK! Same for D800E

        • mphill

          You should be pissed at Nikon not Amazon. Nikon has blown this entire deal as far as I’m concerned. Good cameras but incompetent management. I’m hoping for some hari cari at the top to save face !

          • PicturePerfect

            I am PO’d at both- Nikon for the lack of transparency and Amazon for the lack of honesty.

  • Gabriel

    I just called a local BestBuy, and they say they don’t care D800E.
    No need to mention D800 as expected.
    Are there anyone who found one in a local stores in US?

  • Jon D

    June 12? When did you place the order pepsplace? Yesterday?

  • caribousteaks

    Impatiently waiting like the rest of you. Sigh, gasp, click email again. I hope I receive before Christmas, it seems an age already since the tantalizing first “March 23-30th” Amazon email. D4, D4, where arte thou D4? Click, click…back to Youtube tsunami videos….sigh….

  • Mike

    I agree with most everyone. Some D800 were released already, so who got them? I called B&H the week before they went on holiday and they told me they only got 1 shipment of D800’s and it was of 8 cameras! He wasn’t joking either. What a crock!

  • Joaquim Prado

    I contact ritz again o their live chat and I was told that they are expecting the next batch to be on april 23rd but has such a high demand on D800 orders that they can not confirm that I am in this batch. This “I can not confirm” is frustrating and shows a lack of stock organization from Nikon. I bet they don’t even know how much cameras they are receiving from nikon, could be 10 or 1000 but for sure nikon don’t confirm stock!

  • MV

    Spoke to Amazon’s chat rep last night. He said to have checked the status and the manufacturer (Nikon) should be providing them with the next shipment of D800s “within the next few business days”. He said I should be expecting delivery by April 30th. I pre-ordered early morning of 2/7.

    Not sure how much of an automated, customer-calming response this is, but I’ve certainly been checking my Amazon orders page every few hours as of April 12.

    • PicturePerfect

      See my comment above about Amazon’s rolling dates. They keep giving assurances that then don’t happen and they give you a later one. The rep I talked to just said they don’t know when the next shipment will be. It’s all BS it seems.

  • D700guy

    I’ve read that NPS members only have to wait 2 weeks to order as many D4’s and D800’s as they wish. While the rest of us wait indefinitely. Total bullshit. So, if you are NOT an NPS member, your only available options are to pay sales tax at Amazon or a retailer, or by one of the price gouged D4 sold by crooked NPS members on ebay. Again, FUCK YOU NIKON!

    • Art

      This is incorrect. NPS members are having to wait just like everyone else right now. Yes, they get first priority in what comes in but so far, nothing after that first batch of cameras has been shipped.

      I do wish there was a way to see what was coming in and why. Of course then everybody would be upset as there would surely be someone mad that a photographer or shop in Uganda got cameras where there are people waiting for cameras in NYC. (And vice-versa for the photographers in Uganda.) Even so, it would be interesting understanding what the issues are and the reasons why Nikon is doing it the way that they are. (I’m sure they have very good reasons but sometimes when we are waiting it is all too hard…..)

      • mphill

        You are very naive Art. Mismanagement at the top of Nikon is the answer. A competent company would have known what the demand was prior to this whole deal. That said, I think Canon has done the same thing with their new 5D

      • Frank

        All of these limited availablity will result in people taking advantage and make some money by selling them a lot more than what the price is. So if NPS members get them first, they can sell them and make profits? Nikon d800 is selling for over $4000 on Amazon and Ebay. Maybe Nikon is trying to make more money from some people who want the camera sooner by shipping limited quantities and to NPS first? Yea NPS people might be special people but if regular people don’t buy cameras, Nikon won’t have any business. So eveyone should be treated the same. How about in future make sure that there is no shortage so we don’t have to always wait and wait……………when is Nikon D900 coming?

    • JL

      Untrue, whilst NPS members might order more than one camera, they do not have unlimited numbers or any priority after the first delivery. It is up to the shops on how they treat their best customers after all. I am not an NPS member, yet I do have the number 1 spot on the D800E queue at my local shop.

    • Andromeda

      I concur with that. Shame on you Nikon for the way you handled this! Yes give priority to the crooked nps members so that can make profit on ebay.

  • JL

    Dublin, Ireland. Pre-ordered the D800E on the day it was announced at a local Nikon Professional Dealer shop. Luckily for me I got the number 1 spot in the D800E queue. Today I got a phone call from the shop to let me know that they had word from Nikon UK and that I should expect my D800E next week, mid week to late in the week they said. So all fingers crossed!

    • Vin

      that would be great! it would be nice to see someone get an “E” . mine on first day from B&H, thinking they are a long time Pro Nikon dealer, they may have more come to them. Thinking I might be in first batch, because there would be less E’s ordered. now it sounds as if it was 40%-%0% E’s, ordered? i was in the am on the & 7th. but PST. there is no real camera stores in my town anymore. i have bought from B&H from 1990, ?.. no help from them or Nikon, its always been like this. Nikons are always in demand!

    • mountain traveller

      @JL, yes, I am getting the same estimate from leading Nikon dealer in London for D800E. (I am told I am in the top 3 in the queue.)

      • JL

        @mountain traveller, lets hope we get next week then. Fingers crossed and best of luck.

        • mountain traveller

          My D800E now with my dealer in London and ready to be collected 😉

  • KnightPhoto

    Just reporting that I received my D4 today, April 13, from my local bricks and mortar in Canada. I am non-NPS and was top of my dealers non-NPS list. They had earlier gotten some D4 but all went to fill NPS orders. I had pre-ordered the camera in June 2011 (yep 2011 😉 and paid a $1K deposit at beginning of January 2012 when the official announcement was made. Nicely, the price dropped by $299. Initially here in Canada the launch price was $6,299 but apparently Nikon has now dropped this price in Canada to $6K even. So that was a nice bonus and I did receive the XQD 16Gb card and reader. Battery is charging (and I think was 50% from factory)!

    • @KnightPhoto, congrats on your new toy. I too got very lucky on Friday the 13, my D4 shipped from Nikon USA directly. I just have to wait for the military mail system to get it over here to Germany where I’m stationed. For all of those that can shop at AAFES, my order for the D4 went in on 6 April and shipped 13 April; absolutely outstanding for Nikon USA to take care of the service men and women so quickly and personally! I do beleive there was a mid April shipment received from Nikon based on what I have read elsewhere online! Good luck for all others in the que!!!

  • Avoid Dubai

    I have just been offered a D800 by Grand Stores in Dubai for $4300.
    They are the main source of Nikon gear in Dubai.
    I there any rational explanation for such a price in this so called shopping mecca?

  • KnightPhoto

    C’mon guys what’s with all the hand-wringing, it is pretty easy to see DEMAND exceeds SUPPLY. Doh.

    Great products = Great demand.

    It’s going to take a while to self-correct (again, VERY EASY to predict).

    • KenTi

      I waited 5 months for an X-Box and I worked for Microsoft at the time! I can wait, and must wait because I don’t have a choice, but I really want the D800E for the early Summer.

      I understand supply and demand. What I don’t understand is over the counter sales at Best Buy when there are so many outstanding pre-orders. Nikon really screwed up on the distribution of their small supply and there’s no excuse for that.

      • PicturePerfect

        If Nikon simply based the allocation on total cameras sold, including pocket cameras, then it would be understandable why BB would have more than camera shops. But if they did that it would be really indefensible and very bad customer relations (assuming Nikon’s can get worse). Canon is showing them up and the deafening silence about who gets what and when from Nikon is simply bizarre. Then they close for two weeks right after launch. Great planning.

  • Schrumpfgermane

    More on the situation in Germany.
    I ordered a D800E the day it was announced at a large, reputable local “Nikon system partner pro” dealer. I was told I am at position 2 on the waiting list.
    Called them on Friday naively asking about my order and they said they expect a shipment from Nikon the next one to one and a half weeks. They do not know what and how many they will get. The shocking news: they have so far received a total of exactly ONE D800. I don’t think they were BS me as the lady I talked to remembered me from a previous shopping. She somehow dissapointedly noted that Canon had no trouble shipping their latest in quantity this time.
    This does not bode well for my 800E, I guess.

    So it really seems like nobody has gotten a 800E so far. Moreover, nothing much seems to have come after the initial shipment of the 800.

    Most suprising to me was that apparently large electronic retail chains have gotten more cameras than dedicated, long standing photograper shops.
    We’ll see how and if the situation changes with the next batch. To me, it doesn’t look like the FF production line is at full capacity, yet.
    Saved up money for over a year to buy the 800E, so I guess I can wait another couple of weeks…

  • D3 Owner

    Got an email from NPS on the 13th asking if I ordered an 800 or an 800E which if you read between the lines means Nikon is getting ready to ship. Strangely I had to send them my B&H order as the didn’t have record of the 800E order placed with them, which begs the question how did they know to ask in the first place…

    • My email came on the 11th and did not ask about the order #. Assuming you are USA NPS, the priority order form that you would have submitted asked for the dealer name and order number.

  • Bill Me Later

    B&H was open 4-15 Sunday. They are still silent on shipments, and said they received very few cameras on the first shipment. No clue if that was 10 or 50. Even if they got 100 per shipment, that would be 1,000 in 10 months. I ordered mine early 2-7. I don’t expect mine any MONTH soon.
    Maybe they just jumped the gun trying to beat the streets before the 5D MkIII.
    What I am worried about is the reported issues of lockup. If that is not a firmware fix, then we all send the cameras back for repair. Think about that for having your camera one second and then back to Nikon for repair along with thousands more.

    On a different subject:
    I would love to see someone do a few test shots with Sigma, Tokina, Zeiss, Tamron lenses to see how they do with the 36MP.
    People seem to be saying inferior glass, except for Zeiss, would be quite noticeable. Let us seeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • Andromeda

    anyone getting news from amazon?

    • Gabriel

      I had live chat this morning, and the CSR pushed me to a call. The other CSR told me that I will get another e-mail soon.

      FYI, I’ve ordered on 3/9 (stupidly I droped a pre-order from Adorama which was on 2/9). Well, I see no difference though. Amazon once said it may be on 3/23 –> Apr 16 to May 1 –> “Will have another e-mail.”

      I just hope I can get it before my departure on 6/21 to East Asia.

  • Ken

    Just received a shipping notice from Amazon (USA). Shipping status changed to “shipping soon”. New estimated delivery date of May 2 or 3 (it was April 13 – 30). I ordered Feb. 6th @ 11:09pm pst. Good luck to all of those folks who are still waiting.

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