Nikon D800 to start shipping this week

Nikon Japan issued a statement today that the amount of D800 pre-orders have greatly exceeded the amount of produced cameras. They also confirmed that the D800 is scheduled to launch on March 22, 2012.

It's interesting that Nikon did not make such statement about the D4.

Amazon and B&H still have the D800 release date listed as March 20th (tomorrow) and delivery date of March 22nd:

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  • Jc

    I just received an email from amazon. Saying that April the 20th is my new delivery date.
    But it might take longer than that.

    • Ray Schneider

      I was at B&H yesterday and they said their backorder of D800s was over 6000 units but did not indicate how many months of backorder that represented.

      • Anne

        That’s unreal! I can’t believe how many people want this camera. And now that it’s getting fabulous reviews and ratings, even more will want it.

        For those who think B&H is just sitting on D800s, if they have backorders of 6000 units, that’s potentially 1,800,000 USD they will make when they sell these cameras! ($300 x 6,000 units). That said, I think B&H wants to sell them more than we all want to buy them. So that tells me, if they could… they WOULD. I bet they are on the lines with Nikon constantly, trying to get these cameras in stock.

  • I think everyone should consider chilling out a bit. I’m sure everyone at Amazon got the same April-Delivery estimate email. Their product forecasting system doesn’t consider your place in line, so to speak. It is simply aggregate over anyone with a backorder for a product that is expected to take more than 30 days from order date to meet fulfillment.

    My prediction is.. that if you ordered in the night-of release.. You’ll have a camera in hand by monday. If you ordered the next morning.. You might get one in the first batch. If you ordered days after.. It may be a few weeks.

    At their production estimates for this camera, they will catch up to demand.

    • FF

      I like your way of thinking 🙂

      I ordered at ~9:20-9:30 PST on Feb 6. I would love to have a D800 by then. I would also love my D4 this month but I will be happy with one. To show my gratitude to Amazon for sending me something, I will order either the 14-24 or 70-200 as soon as I have shipping confirmation. I am a new convert to Nikon and so looking forward to having a new camera in my hands.

  • SoftonDemand

    Thank god I didn’t order my d800 from amazon.. but i don’t expect it to come anytime soon since i ordered mine from adorama on valentines day.

    • mutog

      Have you received any info from Adorama? I noticed my order status changed from Backordered to Pending. Ordered on the 10th of Feb.

      • Tom

        Mutog, we are in the same boat: I ordered from Adorama on the 11th and have seen the same change to Pending. Haven’t heard anything else, though. Good luck to us both!

        • mutog

          I haven’t seen too many others on here with Adorama orders, so I want to believe that there is some hope for us who didn’t order the first hour, yet I can’t image were the only ones who chose Adorama.

          Would be nice if NR put up a poll to get a rough number of how many pre-ordered with each retailer.

          Good luck tom!

          • Tom

            Thanks! The poll is a great idea.

            • I’m not so sure that it would give a realistic picture:
              with new releases and hard-to-obtain units, many customers place multiple orders across several retailers – often 7, 8 or more.

              This also explains why retailers aren’t able to give accurate figures regarding where in line customer orders are.

              If you imagine, the first retailer to unpack their delivery fulfils say 100 back-orders. Customers receiving shipping notices cancel their orders at all other retailers so everyone else on every retailer’s pre-order list moves up 100 places immediately.

              If this pattern is repeated across 6 retailers on the same day, the person who was number 650 at the retailer who unpacks their delivery last will receive his unit the same day, even if he ordered from a retailer who only received a consignment of 50 units – and even if he placed his order 3 weeks after everybody else!

              It sounds a bit simplistic, I know, but it is pretty much how it works.

              Helen Oster
              Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

            • mutog

              Helen this makes perfect sense. Please tell your inventory staff to take their time, or at least wait until your competitors send out their shipping notices. 😉

              Thanks for clarifying!

          • Alan

            I ordered from Adorama on February 7th and got an email on Wednesday that was merely a “We’re sorry for the wait” update; “Item(s) from your order are still on backorder.” Of course the “item” is the D-800. I did not get a change in status to “pending”.

            I use Aperture (Mac) and just got a software update a few moments ago that updated Aperture 3 for using RAW with the Nikon D-800. Incremental progress. It’ll get here soon enough, I guess.

            • mutog

              At this point I don’t have any hope for getting the camera in March, let alone the first two weeks of April. I know that much of this seems to be Nikon’s issues with manufacturing because of environmental issues or just bad planning.

              It does suck to know that I could walk down the block from my work and pick up a D800 from Best Buy. I can only hope that the next batch will contain many more cameras and that I’ll be in that shipment for Adorama. I ordered on the 10th so I feel like I’ve been beaten by many preorders.

              I would just like an email from Adorama to let their customers know that they they shipped all cameras from the first shipment; so they rest of us don’t have to wonder.

  • pegdrgr

    I got the same letter, but mine states April 13th -30th. Looks like they finally got their delivery schedule from Nikon and they are rationing them out. I highly doubt this is a firmware issue, or any bug, they just got a LOAD of orders, and Nikon is only delivering them in small batches.

    While I am disapointed I don’t blame Amazon, they can’t deliver what Nikon doesn’t make.

    • Mutog

      Adorama always ships ALL units that have been on pre-order the day they are received from the manufacturer or distributor.

      The only D800s we received last week were those on allocation from Nikon for NPS members who had specified Adorama as their retailer of choice.
      We have received no other D800s for any customer who is not an NPS member, and we have no information at all from Nikon as to when we might hope to receive units for regular customers with these on pre-order.

      I’m really sorry. This is pretty much always the way Nikon does business.

      Helen Oster
      Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

      • mutog


        Thanks for your continual updates. I coincidentally also received a email this morning from Adorama letting my know that my D800 is still on back order. I don’t necessarly mind the wait as long as I’m kept in the loop. I appreciate all your information; especially here on NR because that is absolutely not required.

        Thanks again,


        • You will continue to receive regular, automated up-dates until your order actually ships; as soon as you note that your cc has been debited, it means your unit will be shipping – usually later that day. Until then, unfortunately we are all playing a waiting game.

          I’m really sorry.

          Helen Oster
          Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

  • Anon

    B&H said this morning that they have not received their shipment of D800s from Nikon, so no cameras have been shipped to customers.

    Most maddening is B&H’s complete lack of transparency. Amazon’s estimated shipping date may have slipped, but at least it is sharing information with its customers. B&H robotically invokes confidentiality and acts as though any information shared with its customers will be used against the company. How I wish that I’d ordered from someone else!

    • Jetfire

      “Most maddening is B&H’s complete lack of transparency.”
      How have then not been transparent. The expect the shipment for Nikon on March 22 2012 per Nikon. B&H has have no idea how many they are getting or when and have said so. How can they be more transparent?

      • Anon

        “How can they be more transparent?”

        B&H is sharing no information whatsoever. You really cannot imagine more than zero? Some retailers will even inform customers how many orders they have and where in the line a customer stands. At minimum, they should provide a projected date for shipment of the order, based on the best available information from Nikon. Other large retailers are doing this.

        Estimates are valuable even though they sometimes turn out to be inaccurate.

        B&H responded to my request for a projection as though I’d asked them to put their purchase orders and supplier communications online for all to see. Proprietary! Confidential! That’s fine, but by refusing to provide an estimate or any other information, B&H is providing a lesser service than its competitors.

        • Anne

          I understand your point but what service is Amazon providing by giving unsubstantiated dates and estimates. The most confused folks on this site seem to be the Amazonians, not B&H customers. B&H told me they don’t know and/or can’t share that info. Yesterday a CSR told me that they are just as anxious to find out how many cameras they will get as I am! Read: They don’t know for sure (or they can’t believe they “only” got what they got!). I agree with posters who are saying it’s in Nikon’s court. In this instance, the supplier has ALL of the power. If B&H ticks off Nikon or throws them under the bus (by telling folks it’s their fault or they only sent them X number of cameras) they may get less allotments in the future. The success of the D800 won’t be impacted by whether B&H sells it. Customers will just find another merchant.

          One thing we know for sure is that there are way less cameras than pre-orders. The next obvious thing to deduce is that merchants have no earthly idea when they are going to get another shipment and how many they will get. If they did then they would tell people exactly when they will get them. In my experience with B&H and Amazon, they are very accurate with their shipping estimates, under normal circumstances.

          • Anon

            Just because an estimate is later revised, does not make it “unsubstantiated.” If you have information that Amazon lied to its customers, then please share it.

            Apparently, Nikon has not lived up to its promise to retailers. Every retailer that projected a delivery date based on Nikon’s promise has had to revise it.

            Retailers that keep their customers updated deserve credit for this. Certainly B&H deserves no thanks for consistency, when the only thing they’ve consistently done is to refuse to share info.

            • Anne

              Definitely not saying they lied to customers. I think they just didn’t have definitive information and were attempting placate. In my book, definitive means they have stock and know exactly how many and which customers will get what and when. A bird in the hand (B&H) vs. two in the bush (Amazon). B&H refused to jsut tell people what they wanted to hear. I read every post on this forum and I see how many Amazonians have pasted the generic promise of the 3/21 delivery date. Since hindsight is 20/20, it’s clear they were wrong.

              Amazon sells virtually hundreds of thousands of different products. There is no way that a random rep answering the phone will be able to speak to, with familiarity, the status of the Nikon D800. So of course, they are basing the shipping estimates on what is on the screen in front of them. B&H has many products but I would bet that almost every rep has heard about the D800 quandarry.

    • JoeyG 58

      Really??? I remember when Amazon first posted the D4 as order now, not pre order. They were making it sound like you can use your 1 click button. That’s total Bull.

  • Jan

    Really? i much prefer honest or no communication before false or misleading information.
    I am glad i ordered from B&H
    Books from Amazon not cameras.

    • Fred

      If a projected shipping date slips for unforeseen reasons, then the projection is not “misleading.” It is, rather, obsolete. I agree with Anon that it is piss-poor of B&H to refuse to share any information whatsoever.

      If you prefer to stay in the dark, on the chance that a projection turns out wrong, then you can get that from any retailer by ignoring communications.

      Most of us appreciate having an estimate, and understand what it means.

  • Jody Miller

    Just got notice of a delivery date of April 16-May 2nd. I placed my order early on February 7th.

    • JoeyG 58

      Reply from who?

  • Jon D

    Now I don’t feel so bad! I mean it’s one thing if people started to get their D800 from other locations that were not placed on Amazon. However if no one has the stock from Nikon then we’re all in the same boat!

  • I love how people who ordered from Amazon are all like “Boo.. Amazon bad. Will never order from them again!!!”

    Then people from BHPhoto are like “I wish I’d ordered from someone else…”

    ..and so on..

    It doesn’t really matter who you ordered from, folks. No cameras in the hands of retailers to ship, yet. Go about your lives. It will be okay.

    Thank you for giving me something to blog about yesterday, though. The collective antics of the camera ordering mob can be quite amusing.

    • SA

      Agreed that all the whining is so much crap. But here you are, dwelling on the sea-bottom that is a camera rumors site. At least the whining here makes sense. You’re whining ABOUT THEM amounts to eating the crap.

      • Dave

        Would be nice if both Nikon and these retailers would keep their mouth shut about a new product until it is on the shelf. False hopes and dates that comes and go are quite annoying. I might have to go by a D3 to make myself feel better 🙂

      • Bill

        my sensibility was almost bruised..

      • iglesias

        you are griping about a guy griping about people griping… What does that make you?

  • Chandra

    You know what is even more cheesier… Amazon sends this Apr 13-30th email and then this morning follows it up with an email with links to D700, D7000 and Canon 5D M3.

  • Phillip

    From Amazon,

    “Please approve the delay by April 20, 2012 to avoid cancelation. If the item becomes available before that date, we will automatically ship it to you. By approving the new delivery estimate, you are letting us know that you still want the item(s).”

    I will NOT be approving this. I think by approving this Amazon will assume that I am ok with it being pushed back. I ordered within an hour that it went on sale. There is no reason that mine should not be one of the first cameras sent out. Below was the email chat I had with Amazon. She did not acknowledge my assumption about approving the delay.

    You are now connected to Stacy-Ann from

    When can I realistically expect to receive my camera?

    Hello my name is Stacy

    Hi Stacy.

    Let me pull your order you and take a look at it for you

    The Estimated Delivery Date: Apr 16, 2012 – May 2, 2012

    Now, I’m afraid if I approve the order to be delivered that date, that it won’t deliver as early as it could. I think this is Amazon’s way of finding out who is actually willing to wait, so they can push their orders back.

    I am really sorry for the delay

    Ok. I’m not going to approve it and hold out that it will ship sooner than that. I did order it within an hour or two that it was available.

    I will also keep a check on the order for you

    Great. Thanks for your help.

    You are very welcome
    Thanks for contacting Amazon have a great day


    • St.

      I spoke with two agents today and also with their manager.
      I asked exactly what you’re concern about – since I think the same way.
      They all assured me that the approval is ONLY to confirm that I still want the camera.
      The shipments will be on first order/first ship.
      I also asked if this confirmation means that the pre-order list is not more valid, since we all are confirming that today.
      They said that they will ship first to those who pre-ordered first.
      I don’t know if they lied (I don’t believe anything anymore) but that’s what they said.

  • JoeyG 58

    I just want to know, what the Hell happened to the D4? I mean a lot of people around the world already got theres and now no one is mentioning them.

    • PT

      probably outside taking pictures :p

  • joeyG 58

    Funny we all blame the retailer. It’s Nikons mess, It’s like wah wah wah, our factories are down. The money they made through out the years from all of us. They are lucky we have so much invested in there crap or I would go Cannon. You know how fast they can build up a temp. factory, especially in this economy with the empty wharehouses.

  • GeneRW

    Nikon really needs to take lessons from Apple on how to roll out a new product.

    • Maybe Apple should just buy Nikon and while there at it, Canon too.

  • Greg

    They’re trying to kill me, I’m sure of it. I can’t take the roller-coaster anymore! Can I sue for stress and emotional damages?

  • trialcritic

    Checked with B&H just now. They said that the first set will go out tomorrow. However, they refused to tell me how many will have them. They said that an email will go out to every order they can satisfy. Painful!

  • Anne

    I am actually finding this commentary quite fascinating. I ordered on Feb. 7th (in the morning, EST). I’m not a pro, just a hobbyist so I can wait for my new camera (and it looks like I will have to!). It’s sort of weird but comforting to be amongst people who are just as obsessed as I am about cameras and electronics, in general…

    I will never say NEVER when it comes to Nikon. They announced the D7000 in Oct. ’10 and many people didn’t get their hands on them until Feb or March of ’11. Perhaps it was the tsunami or maybe this is just how it goes. It seems really strange that they would announce an product and not make it available to to people desperately wishing to purchase…. BUT if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Nikon pretty much knows exactly how much demand there is for the D800 and D4 and can produce them without risk of excess inventory. Because of the lack of suitable substitutes, there is little backlash in terms of losing customers.

    Bottom line, there is nothing that we can do about it. For those who are saying they MUST have it by ____ or they sold their older cameras already, that doesn’t make sense. No one knew for sure when Nikon would even announce these new cameras. We “expected” the announcement last year. So why would anyone (especially a pro) leave himself exposed (being without a substitute camera) in this way? I think we ALL want it very badly. And we all have to wait. It isn’t the end of the world. If I had no other camera, I would be dying. This is not that big of a deal.

    • Jon D

      I agree that no pro should sell their equipment without having backup first! And for those who sell your workhorse or only camera before they have the new one doesn’t add up.

  • I am in Utah and just received notice from NPS that my D800 is shipping. That should mean I will have it tomorrow if it takes the same time as the D4.

    • Anne

      Congrats!!! When did you order, if you don’t mind divulging?

      • NPS sent me the priority purchase offer on Feb 7th and I used it right away.

  • Anne

    Another comment… people have stated that they believe Amazon will get a bigger allotment than other retailers (like B&H or Adorama, etc.). I’m a bit surprised by that assertion. I realize how massive Amazon is but I would think the people shopping at B&H would be higher-end buyers (pros, serious amateurs) than people shopping at Amazon. Besides that, anyone who has ever purchased from B&H knows they are no-nonsense and have experts on hand. And their shipping is faster than if I drove to the store and picked it up! And I live in NJ, lol. And, if I’m not mistaken, shipping was free as well.

    People are dogging B&H but I have no complaints. If I don’t get my D800 soon it won’t be their fault. They have never mislead me in any way. The language on their site and in their email communication has always been that they do not have a definitive date for shipping nor do they know how many cameras they will receive.

    One more thing, I don’t have a problem if companies are rationing initial inventory to NPS members first. Of course, I would like to know that for sure but it makes sense. I do spend lots of money at B&H, Adorama, Amazon, but I am not a pro. I have to imagine that the pros are their most persistent buyers. I bought the D70s years back and would still have it if I didn’t lose it while on vacation in 2011. I only purchased the D90 as a substitute while waiting for the D800 to come out (I was ready to upgrade to FX). Pros are probably buying 1-3 cameras from them each year. It’s no wonder if they are filling NPS orders first. I get it. I’m a camera addict and I still get it.

    • Garett

      This doesn’t change the fact that the retailed has to BUY them from Nikon. Granted, their invoice price is around $2699, you think B&H has $1mil is capitol to invest in 300 D800s, without any inclination as to WHEN the shipment would arrive? They’re buying D4s and 5D3s as well, at a substantially higher price.

      My money is still on Amazon being able to afford the most D800s, thus having the largest guaranteed stock.. After all NPS orders are fulfilled, that is.

      TL;DR – Nikon isn’t on consignment with retailers… The retailers get what they invest into the order. When they get it, nobody knows. But I guarantee B&H isn’t going to invest millions of dollars into D800s on the first sight, with no clue as to when their full order would be fulfilled. Yeah, maybe they can afford to order 200 or so, and assume they’d get them within a reasonable timeframe, but who’s to say? It’s all business…

      • Jeff

        It isn’t really a problem as to whether or not a retailer can afford it. Most retailers either use cash on hand or cash flow credit, which is essentially a very short term loan taken against the inventory itself. It is usually a very low interest line of credit that spreads across the retailer’s entire inventory. It isn’t a problem for a retailer like B&H to order even $10 million in inventory, because they pay very little interest, only take out what they need to pay for the order, and then get to list their stock as assets. Cash flow really isn’t a problem, even for small retailers when it comes to stock.

        • Anne

          Agreed. We’re talking accounts payable (B&H) and accounts receivable (Nikon). B&H puts in an order (just like we do) they aren’t actually paying for it until they receive it. That would be insane if they paid before receiving the stock. And if people believe they received the stock and are sitting on it (sitting, because they can’t get paid until we actually pay for it and we can’t pay for it until it’s shipped) then that also makes no sense, either.

          Everything points to the fact that they didn’t get enough stock. They are held captive just like we are. They would love to satisfy every order so that they can get the sales NOW. I know I bought more than just the camera (battery, warranty, etc.). B&H can’t get their hands on that cash until they deliver the product. And every day that passes they will lose at least a small amount of those sales from people who have changed their minds about buying or spent the money on something else (car, vacation, another camera, etc.). Many people haven’t ordered because they didn’t want to pre-order. It’s not in the merchant’s best interest to have inventory of the product when it’s no longer the “new” thing.

          I love shopping at B&H, Adorama and Amazon. I’m not holding it against them (mostly, because I have no alternative) and I have seen these delays before.

          Nikon can now predict with certainty how many units they need to make. I’m not sure about this strategy because they don’t know how many sales they won’t get from people who won’t buy a camera that is not in stock.

          • Lee

            Retailers buy from manufacturers using net-30 terms. This means they don’t have to pay for the gear until 30 days after it ships. As long as they have the orders, they will order as many as they can – they don’t need to use cash or credit facilities.

    • SA

      It’s a good point that Nikon should care about the pros and serious photographers would tend to use B&H. Maybe that does count for something in the allotment of cameras. But Amazon surely sells a lot more Nikon cameras — of all types — than B&H or any other retailer today. That gives Amazon tremendous clout with every supplier.

      As one with an order at B&H, I share the frustrations with their opaque policy. Their attitude seems to be, Let the customer think we’ll send it any day, so they’ll maintain their order with us. And they seem not to care whether their orders vastly outstripping their ability to supply. This is evidenced by their continuous acceptance of new orders, even as other retailers, including Amazon, temporarily suspended them.

      • Anne

        Hmmm, I dunno. I have ordered a number of things from B&H (and Adorama, for that matter) that have been out of stock. And not just cameras. I never felt like they were being opaque or vague. I, perhaps naively, believed them when they said “We don’t know”, “it could be tomorrow, next month, next year, etc.”. I never felt led astray.

        I ordered a Photek Digital Lighthouse from Adorama that was backordered for 2 months. No one had this item. Adorama was like “we have no idea what is going on”. I called Photek and was told that they were waiting on the material for the fabric sweeps and then would have to sew them and it would be a couple of weeks before they shipped to retailers. This went on for 6 weeks. The item finally was in stock (B&H got it first, before Amazon and Adorama) so I cancelled my Adorama order and got it from B&H (delivered next day). So my point is that Adorama (and B&H) really didn’t know what was going on and said as much. I got periodic emails from Adorama and that’s it. No lying, no promises, no hopes, no dreams, I knew what they knew (nothing). Actually, I knew more than they knew, lol.

        Sorry for the long drawn out example but I just don’t feel like B&H is being secretive. They are actually avoiding the onslaught of called and chats to their CSRs by being straightforward and saying they don’t know when we’ll get our cameras. It’s called CYA.

  • Curious George

    I agree with joeyg58 and GeneRW. Their comments echo what I’ve been posting all along. I really don’t have to much of a problem with Amazon and the other retailers. Nikon is dropping the ball here. Retailers the likes of Amazon and B&H typically to miss this big. Something happened/is happening on Nikon’s end to throw a wrench in the process.

  • trialcritic

    It looks like NPS members are the only confirmed customers to receive their D800 and D4 currently (correct me if I am wrong). Us lowly amateurs will have to wait.

  • Garett

    I think those of us who “understand” the delay are forgetting that this camera was supposed to release in August of last year. It was delayed because of the flooding in Thailand. Not that these are made in Thailand, but some vital components ARE.

    We’ve already endured a 6 month “delay” for the announcement, and yet here is another. I can’t imagine Nikon being THAT F’d up that they can’t pull this release together. Granted, it’s a huge, world-wide release, but they should be used to it by now. There’s absolutely got to be some favoritism being played somewhere along the way. We know NPS members get their shipments first, D800s are already shipped and received around Japan and Europe, and NPS shipping is going out in the US as we speak.

    We’re moving right along with this…

    • Sandy

      You do know these are handbuilt cameras? Nikon has been overwhelmed with orders, they can only make so many, I believe I read 30000 per month, I would guess that they had at least a couple of month supply. Just have to be patient, hang in there.

      • Gee whiz, Sandy . You mean they don’t throw all the parts in a basket, shake it up and wrap it in plastic anymore?? Where have I been??

  • sdfs

    i called best buy (i know, i know) but my friend got a d7000 there for christmas in 2010 her husband just went and picked it up no problem, they never were out of stock anyway, one lady told me that 2 stores in my area were getting them but they were not in transit yet, so i called one of those best buys and they said they couldnt see any incoming shipments


    i always try to get electronics where you least expect them -ex: radio shack for iphones

    • Anne

      LOL, I did cringe when you said BB! But that’s pretty smart. No one will discount this camera so you might as well pick it up wherever you can. How many pros/serious enthusiasts would be D800 shopping at Best Buy??? Good idea, sdfs!!!

      • Paul Rentz

        No one can discount the D800 (or a number of other Nikon products) and remain a dealer. Which brings up the next point, why not check with your local retailer that pays taxes in your area and tries to keep your neighbors on the payroll versus someone like Amazon who sends people out to shop the local retailer, that pays local taxes, to scan their stuff and then buy on-line after taking the local guy’s time without any reward for doing so. At least B&H has a store where you can go and touch the stuff before ordering.

        • Paul Rentz

          Adorama has a store too, forgot to mention that.

    • JustinK

      I walked into Best Buy in Northern California-they had D800 in stock. Salesman told me I was the third one he sold today and he had two more. He said that all of the Best Buys in the Bay Area had received up to 5 cameras. I heard from a friend in Portland that the stores there had at least 2 per store…..
      cancelled my B&H order that was placed in the first few hours of preorder…

  • Larry

    I just called our local camera store (has 9 locations) and they said Nikon is sending them 80 cameras in this first shipment. The waiting list is about 120 long so I could sign up for the second shipment. Of course I forgot to ask when.

  • Jan

    Did anybody receive shipping information from either Amazon, B&H or Adorama?

    • Gregory

      Let them unpack the truck from Nikon first 🙂

    • Right now ONLY those D800s sent to us on specific allocation by Nikon under the NPS scheme are shipping from Adorama

      • Jetfire

        Does this mean only the NPS orders have shipped from Nikon or that the NPS is taking all the pre-orders.

        • No; all it means is that Adorama is currently only shipping the D800s sent under the NPS scheme!

          • Jane

            So when will the non members orders be shipped that pre ordered? I can’t get an answer when I call

            • I’m sorry, but Nikon has NOT yet advised when they will be shipping orders for non-NPS members.

              Nikon almost NEVER gives out this information ahead of time; frequently, the first we know of a shipment from Nikon is when the boys at the DC unpack a trailer and start noting the contents in our inventory.
              This is nothing new!
              In my personal opinion, any retailer giving out any firm ETA is at best making a calculated guess.

              We prefer not to raise our customers’ hopes unnecessarily.

              When we receive a shipment units will be sent to customers with pre-orders, in strict order of receipt, that same day.
              As soon as you see a charge on your cc you will know that your unit is on the way from Adorama.

              More than that we can’t tell you – because we simply don’t know!

              So, if you see one on sale elsewhere, my advice to you is to snap it up and cancel any pre-orders you may have (provided you’ve placed your order(s) at a retailer who, like Adorama, won’t have charged your cc until your order actually ships).

              Helen Oster
              Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

  • The eBay side of this is going to be a complete tragedy. Scalpers will have a field day.

    I wish Nikon would have sold the camera at a higher price-point to scare a few people out of the market and maybe allow themselves production capacity to get closer to demand. At this rate, the camera is a bit too accessible with respect to demand.

    Once, actual – not-pre-orders – start hitting eBay, any bets on what they’ll go for?
    That will show us the real “market” value I suppose.

    I’ll put my two cents in that at least $4k per unit will be the going price for a week.

    • Jetfire

      I love the pictures some of the Ebayers are using for the D800. They look like a cross between a D3 and a D7000.

  • Jetfire

    B&H has removed their dates on the D800 and D800E. No longer says expected availability March 22 and April 16.

    • Gregory

      Same at Vistek. Just says “Out of Stock” now.

  • Anne

    Ordering from so many different sites is the epitome of neurosis. I would be embarrassed to do such a thing (gaming the system). Talk about confusion! And I have to imagine that it creates even further delays for everyone because the retailers have to sort through it all.

    As for people bidding up the price on eBay… if you’re dumb enough to buy a camera at 33% or higher premium then you deserve to pay such a high price. You will feel like a fool when everyone else has his/her camera in a few months and you overpaid… and for what?

    Geesh, we waited more than 3 years for this camera, what’s a little longer to wait? I am usually salivating at the thought of new gear but, surprisingly, I am really patient right now. I am not a pro and I have a camera already! I think most are in this boat.

    I heard that the manual is out. I’m more anxious to read that than I am to get the camera. I am moving up from a prosumer DSLR to the D800 so I have a lot to learn. All in due time…

  • Has anyone received a notice from B&H that their D800 camera has shipped?

  • joeyG 58

    Did anyone notice, the Amazon website had the D4 and the D800 for sale through Prime ?

  • Jon D

    So I emailed a local shop in Boston and asked when they will get the physical stock of the D800 and this was the response I got!

    It could be many months before we have stock. We have over 180 people on our pre-order list, so until that list is completed we will not have stock in our stores. The first of these pre-orders are being filled this week, based on the date the order was originally placed. We fill our list based on order date and pre-pay status.

    Thank you,

    Now it may look like some will get their orders before April!

  • ld

    I’m not NPS but my D4 will be arrived tomorrow and my D800 is on the way. Yes they are here.

  • Just Picked mine up a couple hours ago. The body is smaller width wise, fatter and lighter than the D700. Feels pretty good.

  • trialcritic

    Checked my order online in B&H, still says “backordered”.

    • Jan

      Same here but i don’t expect that to change as i first ordered mid morning 2-7-12.
      Good to hear that some are starting to receive them.

      • trialcritic

        I called B&H now. They told me that the first shipment was very small. My order was at 11 am on 2/7/2012, I was told that I might have to wait between 1-2 months to receive it.

  • JohnnyA

    Canceled Amazon.

    Everyone on Amazons wait list is moved up a bit. I canceled my order. I called a bunch of local places in Chicago that are not 100% camera stores and had some sitting on the shelf. I immediately left work and just picked it up. EXTREMELY lucky….

    • FX DX

      Which local store did you pick your camera from? If I get one, I will make my Amazon slot available to someone else as well.

      • JohnnyA

        I got it from Abt

    • Jon D

      How can I have moved up a bit when you were behind me in line? J/K

  • Gregory

    Future Shop in Canada is reporting April 20, 2012 as expected pre-order delivery date now.
    MostlyDigital is reporting March 31.
    Vistek just says Out of Stock
    Henrys isn’t giving any dates yet.
    Best Buy in Canada isn’t even carrying it.
    London Drugs says “maybe 14 days after you order”.

  • Phillip

    Yaaaahhh I just got mine from Best Buy. Sorry Adorama you snooze you lose.

    • What can I say? My first thoughts are ‘Congratulations’; I’m really pleased for you. And I can only re-iterate that what we don’t have we can’t ship – and we don’t even have an ETA from Nikon to be able to give anybody any updates.

      Helen Oster
      Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

      • Anne

        Hi, Helen. Your comments are very helpful. Is there any reason why Adorama hasn’t sent email to people awaiting the D800 saying exactly what you have stated on this board? I know a lot of people here are a bit hysterical (well, more than a bit, lol) but I would think most people just want to know what’s going on. If the answer is “we don’t know”, it might be nice to hear that from retailers like Adorama and B&H. I love our store and will continue to patronize. I realize that these delays are par for the course when it comes to Nikon.

        • Anne

          YOUR store, not “our” store. lol.

          • Currently on the Adorama website, it states:

            New item not available yet, Delivery scheduled to start April/16/2012 with a limited qty. You may place this on order now and it will be shipped on a first come first serve basis. We do not charge your card until we actually ship the item to you

        • Hi Anne

          Everyone with any item on back-order from Adorama receives regular, automated emails to update waiting customers of an ongoing back-order situation.
          We simply don’t have the capacity to update customers individually.

          As soon as any back-ordered units are received they are shipped out that same day to anyone in strict order of receipt.

          When you see a charge on your cc it should indicate that your unit is shipping that very day.

          Helen Oster
          Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

          • Anne

            Thanks for the reply, Helen. I understand but I didn’t mean an individual communication. Even a note on the website when you click on the camera would suffice.

  • The BestBuy situation is interesting. One Best Buy within 200 miles of me has two and will not let them go until Monday morning. I have no idea where THAT date came from.

  • trialcritic

    Several Best Buys near my home have one or two of them now. However, they refuse to allow me to pay online and go and pick one up. I have to go there and if they have it, they will sell it. They will not ship it too. I thought that we live in the 21st century.

  • Fascinating !

    I was on the East Coast on 2/7. I’m an early riser, and 4 AM in the MidWest is a normal “get up” time for me. So, in Florida for a few days, I was up at 3 AM EST. At 3:20 AM B&H sent me a notice that the D800 was available for pre-order. At 3:22 AM EST on 2/7 – I placed my order.

    I’ve been certain, until today, that I was #1 or # 2 on the B&H list. But, my order is still “backordered.” I called B&H today and they basically said, “call back in a week.” They did not have enough cameras to fill my order – although I got the feeling that I am high on the list.


    But – it turns out that a local, little camera shop received 2 D800 cameras – and 2 lucky people who walked in the door today took home D800 cameras! Add that to the stories of local Best Buy stores delivering D800 cameras today. Best Buy – yes — B&H, no.

    It would seem that Nikon made a decision to send a couple of D800 cameras to every vendor who sells Nikons – just 2 or 3. Really big suppliers – like B&H – got a only a handful. Interesting – –

    Someone, somewhere, at Nikon, made this decision. Let’s put a few cameras out there into every freaking corner of the universe …. and let the pros who deal with big supply houses wait in line.

    I’ve got a pair of D300 cameras. My main D300 camera is on eBay now – and I have a studio full of new FX lenses waiting for a D800 cameras. I’ve also got a big shoot out of the country to do … and I may have to do it with my backup D300 – the one with scotch tape on the cracked LCD.

    If I had a time machine, I would have made an order in every Mom and Pop camera store around me – and the local Best Buy – and Ace Hardware. Maybe a Quick Trip and a 7-11 as well.

    We are all the victims of a marketing and distribution decision – made by a Nikon employee:
    Amazon, Calumet, and B&H are all the same as the local Main Street Photo.

    I’d love to talk to him tomorrow.

    • trialcritic

      Good point. How many people will get 5 pro lenses from Best Buy? Should Nikon not understand this and supply places like B&H according to their preorders. I asked a salesperson in B&H and he told me that he had no idea when the next shipment will come in. I had my order on 2/7 at 11am (pretty late, by the look of it). He said that the worst case for me would be 2 months. Since B&H has Pesach holidays from Apr6-15, I guess we mutts have to wait.

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