Coming soon: 70 Million Nikkor lenses produced

Nikon will soon mark their 70 million Nikkor lenses milestone. It took Nikon 6 months to produce 5 Million lenses in 2011 (65 Million lenses were announced in October 2011; the 60 million milestone was in April, 2011). The official press release will probably come out with the new Nikkor 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 VR full frame lens, maybe this Friday.

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  • mouonline

    produced 70M, so what…
    they make more money for lenses, so they produced more lenses and less DSLR… what is my D800?? i preordered since feb 7…

    • saas

      Why did you preorder from the same place everyone else does ?

      • Mark J.

        EXACTLY! im really getting tired of people who ordered from one of 3 places(amazon,B&H or Adorama) griping about how they haven’t gotten their D800 yet..

        I too made the same mistake and pre-ordered via them on Feb 7th, but magically got my camera on March 26th via this crazy new fangled thing called a local retail storefront.. Placed an order from them on March 23rd, picked it up 3 days later. Which everyone else should of been doing the moment word started getting out that i could be months for the big 3 to ship all orders.. The local store i got mine from had 5 they were getting that day that weren’t even pre-ordered. So the only excuse people have for not getting one on release week is that they just didn’t try hard enough….

    • David G.

      Boo fucking hoo.

      Congratulations to Nikon for this outstanding achievement. Here’s to 100 million 😀

    • Mock Kenwell

      Ugh. Nikon has the worst graphic design standards in the industry. This logo is abysmal. Look at the horrible proportions, the space between the 7 and the 0. Nikon! Let me design for you. Will work for lenses.

  • rhlpetrus

    Interested in this new lens. Why not 24-105 though?

    • ewr

      No, where is my 20 1.8 ?

      • zebrazebra

        and where is my d950e? where is my fuckin 500 f1.4 macro? and my sb1000?

        by the way i can’t fin my d700 with the 85 f1.4… ohh fuck it old peace of crap… if i find it i give it my dog to play with…

        it can’t even do video.. i mean what kind of fotographer would need a kamera without video ?

        • MysterF


        • Dr Motmot


      • jorg

        There is a fairly new 24-120 vr lens, that nikon would rather not make obsolete + this 24-85 will be cheap enough…

  • j. P.

    What’s in it for me? Where is my D800E?

    • Jason

      Where is my D800 from Feb 7?

      Yea, this is a common refrain. But, announcing is easy; producing and delivering is not their forte.

      • Maji

        If you look around in the local brick and mortar photography stores, you may find a D800/E. If they don’t have one in stock and you are ready to make an advance payment, you maybe able to get one soon from the local B&M stores. Instead of complaining, try looking harder 🙂

      • PeterO

        Hey Jason, what are you talking about? On Rob Galbraith’s home page, the Nikon banner ad for the D800 says “The wait is over”. Didn’t you get the memo, er camera? 🙂

      • Eric

        I got A D800 Friday after a three week wait at my local camera shop. Since I didn’t order online until mid-March I knew it would be a long wait. When a friend got his at the same shop after a month wait, I decided to go for it and cancelled my online order. The day I got mine they had two more that didn’t have pre-orders waiting for someone to buy. I paid tax, but I have a camera.

        If you want a D800 ask you local small camera shop – Nikon takes care of them before the big mail order houses.

      • Mark J.

        Your D800 is in the hands of all of us who tried harder and didnt just pre-order online from the same 3 retailers 10’s of thousands of other people also ordered from… Been shooting mine since March 26th, and only pre-ordered from my local retailer on March 23rd… All i had to do was spend 3 hours on the phone calling every store within driving distance.. Next time try harder…

    • ATK

      My D800e………………..

    • wublili

      In the store where you haven’t picked up your D800E yet.

      Stop being lazy and go do it.

  • They don’t want to update the fish eye ,but I will have to buy one anyway.

    • Yeah Nikon needs to update its fisheye lenses . Both the 10.5 and the 16mm. Especially since both lack weather seals…

      • AM

        Yes, they need VR, lol.

  • d600

    I hope the D600 is out soon. I hope I can own it along with real nikkors lenses….

    • Foolishcfo

      Keep dreaming. They may announce it soon but delivering it is another thing. There are a lot of frustrated D4 and D800 customers waiting for their cameras right now. I hope you aren’t holding your breath. If so, call the paramedics!

  • Rpz

    Look on the bright side, at least you haven’t been waiting for a 1D since…last October. All those Canon photogs are poopin’ their pants wondering if they’ll even get it in time for the Olympics now after all the delays.

    • Foolishcfo

      Actually we have. The D800 was supposed to have been announced last October. As bad as Nikon’s press department is we can take colice knowing Canon’s is worse!

      • Foolishcfo

        Solice not colice.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Solace not solice.

          • Foolishcfo

            You are correct!

  • Worminator

    It works out that Nikon makes almost a million lenses a month. About 30,ooo a day. 8 every minute.

  • Foolishcfo

    That was fast going from 65MM to 70MM. The big question is where are they sending them as the U.S. has been back-ordered on many FX lenses for some time? I wonder if they count Nikon-1 lenses as Nikkor lenses. That would suck if they do. If not, how about sending a few to the U.S.?

  • Oh the horrific kerning between the “7” and “0”! My eyes… they burn!

    • jdl

      Agreed! Kerning is awful.

      Anyway, nice potential sales number.

      • Funduro

        LOL admin must have done it on a Windows PC.

        • Calibrator

          I guess you posted on a Windows PC, too.

      • Funduro

        LOL admin must have done it on a Windows PC

        • Calibrator

          I guess you posted on a Windows PC, too!

    • lol, sorry – I was in a hurry 🙂

  • Nikonuser

    So, if I understand this right, Nikon has produced 70 million lenses since 1959 as of now, June 2012.

    Canon has produced 70 million lenses since 1987 as of this past October.

    • bp

      yeah.. and maybe 40% of them is the venerable Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 series LOL.. as these are kit lenses included in their most popular models.

      • Calibrator

        > and maybe 40% of them is the venerable Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 series LOL

        And with Nikon this is different?

        • bp

          I dunno, but do D3000, D3100, D5000 etc is kinda as popular as x00D and 1x00D series?
          even x0D have that kit option.

          In my country, Canon marketing is so successful, many consumer chose Canon for no reason (e.g. saying Canon is better but can’t tell what makes them better; Oh yeah, most of them never used Nikon..) of course that helps boost 18-55 lens sales.

          • Calibrator

            > but do D3000, D3100, D5000 etc is kinda as popular as x00D and 1x00D series?

            These Nikons are very popular but I dunno if they are sold nearly as often as the “Rebel” models.
            But that wasn’t what I meant, anyway: Nikon also offers “generic” kit lenses like the 18-55 and 18-105 for their lower models, just like Canon or Pentax.
            Sony at least offers a more expensive 16-50 F2.8 for their A77 as an alternative to the slow & cheap 18-55.

            The 16-85 and 18-200 are – when available as kit lenses (I got the D7000 with the 18-200, for example) – obviously less popular. No wonder – they are much more expensive than the other ones I mentioned above: The 18-200 costs about the same as a D5100 where I live…

            Many people buy a cheap DSLR and never buy another lens. They only use their 18-55 kit lens and are content with it as they don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars/euros on additional glass.

            • bp

              Then I assume Nikon doesn’t have that much of a pie of 18-55 in their lens sales, as I assume Canon does..

              So the point is, Canon’s 70 million lenses might have a big portion of them being the 18-55mm which I think that makes sense since their Rebel series are crazy-popular.

              This implies, other assumption, that if Nikon’s lower-end models sale are that good, they might have sold more than 70 million lenses; as I’d say making 18-55mm lens would be easier, faster, and cheaper than those 18-105, 18-70, etc.

  • AXV

    They will also announce a milestone achieved in June: The 500th D800 produced!
    Now we’re getting close to fulfilling all feb 6th-7th preorders.

  • Sam

    We don’t need this lens.

    • bp

      This lens? Where we’re going, we don’t need.. this lens.

  • Dr. FIX

    My two points:
    1. Seriously, we Nikon followers, help to feed a lot of families, not only in the manufacturing country but also the countries importing Nikon products.
    2. Less seriously, count it as a blessing if the Japanese are assembling photo and other electronic toys instead of weapons— Banzai !!! (i’m starting to learn japanese just in case–)

    • Mark J.

      Don’t act so innocent. If your using the term Wanker, i think it’s safe to assume UK.. Your nation makes it’s fair share of weapons as well.. And last i checked, is one of the biggest customers for American made weaponry too. As for stealing Oil, who do you think taught us how to do it? Iran 1953 ring a bell?

  • Scott

    Well if it makes anyone feel better I finally got my D800 pre-order from a small camera shop and cancelled the B&H order so everyone moved up in line 🙂

  • MLN

    It would be interesting if some of those lenses were leaf shutter lenses capable of synchronizing flash at 1/2000 sec. or at least 1/1600 sec. just like the Mamiya/Phase One.
    Heck, at 1/1600 sec. it would still be 2 1/2 stops better than what I can currently do with my Nikons and a portable studio lights. I would need 2 1/2 less power resulting in wayyyy more battery life and its would start to really compete in medium format territory.
    One can dream, can’t I?!?!? 😀

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      I think the smallest firm factor DSLR system with proprietary leaf shutter lenses is the Leica S2. I’ve used one in the studio and outdoors (on loan). But if I recall correctly, the top sync speed was 1/500, only one stop faster than the 1/250 of the high end Nikon bodies. So most likely not worth developing for such a minor gain in sync speed.
      But one stop would save you lots of flash battery power and give you better cycling times. I also suppose it would be difficult to fit a leaf shutter, AF-S motor AND VR in a 35mm lens and still have space for good glass. Not to mention the price. I’d never buy one, but my hubby shoots fashion/beauty, I bet he’d love that in a 105mm 🙂

      • MLN

        The Leica S2 is a medium format camera with DSLR like features, but it still is medium format.
        If I were to use a leaf shutter lens mainly to sync flash at higher shutter speeds I don’t think I would have much use for VR.
        Hasslelblad syncs at 1/800 sec. and Phase One at 1/1600 sec, that’s 1 2/3 and 2 2/3 stops respectively, I bet Nikon could get 1/2000 sec on smaller lenses, no sweat!.
        And I would be happy with just two lenses an 85/105mm and something around 32mm, either 28 or 35mm, and maybe a 50mm @ f/2-f/4 😀

        • MLN

          Make that f/2-2.8

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      MLN, what you say only works if you are trying to mix strobes with ambient, where you can cut down the ambient more by using a higher sync speed. Then you’ll need lrss power from your strobes to balance with strong ambient light.

      If you only use strobes, a higher sync speed will make no difference in power output needed to light your subject adequately.

      • MLN

        Yes, let’s say I want to overpower the sun by one stop: at ISO 100, and using the sunny f/16 rule, I would need to shoot at f/22 at 1/100 sec.
        That translates to f/14 at 1/250 sec (with Nikon) or f/5.6 at 1/1600 with the Mamiya/Phase One.
        I usually shoot with an ND3 filter and I adjust my exposure accordingly to f/5 at 250 sec, and sometimes I even add a polarizing filter with an added 1 2/3 stop to get f/2.8 at 1/250 sec… but I still require the original f/14 power on the strobes and that is a lot of power. To get to the f/2.8 mark with the Phase One I would only use a ND2 filter and only require f/5.6 power on my strobes.
        *An alternative to using the ND filters would be for the sensor to go down 5 stops in ISO sensitivity (ISO 3), but that would still require the f/14 power on the strobes.
        So in conclusion: I would love for Nikon to make a couple of leaf shutter lenses. 🙂

  • Joaquim Prado

    and 200 D800 cameras produced!

  • 7 of those 70 million lenses are in my camera bags, plus a teleconverter.

    As for the D800 wait, I ordered from Amazon on March 10, and received it a little over 2 months later in late May.

  • ghl

    Please hook us up with some more D600 info admin. Thanks.

  • I think that whoever buys the 70 millionth lens should get a free D800 … but then have to wait 6 months to get it.

    Hoping the D600 roll out is going to go a bit smoother and faster.

    • BartyL

      I doubt that the D600 roll out will be any faster. The demand for this will potentially be twice that for the D800 and wait times will initially be quite long. You can join the pre-order crush and spend anxious months waiting for your new camera to arrive, or sit back and watch until the queues disappear (and the early bugs have been discovered and fixed). Either way, you will have to wait for this camera.

      • DX2FX

        If they were to be made in Thailand, the situation would be better.

  • If Nikon made so many lenses how come the ones I want are not in stock anywhere?

    • Foolishcfo

      Because they count lenses for the Nikon 1 cameras as Nikkor lenses. 5MM lenses that no one wants.

  • Jeremy

    Who the hell cares about 70 million lenses! Now if only Nikon could get their act together and provide me that D800 I ordered 5 months ago from my large popular local store!!!!

    With D800’s available locally weekly on craigslist and at least TEN D800 constantly available on Amazon at exorbitant prices, it would seem to me that Nikon’s distribution methods are an epic FAIL (at least for loyal customers who bought from their local store)!

  • They should stop making lenses and make my D4 and deliver it! I ordered from Adorama on January 6th and I’m still waiting. This is insane! Never seen anything like this before – if I wasn’t invested in Nikon gear I’d swap and go to Canon.

    • Mark J.

      You pinpointed your problem right there.. Pre-Ordered from Adorama… Just like thousands of others did. And since Nikon isn’t going to just send their supply to the 3 main retailers(B&H, Adorama, Amazon) your wait is artificially longer than it should be due to the line at those 3 stores.

      Simple analogy, you hopped on the most congested freeway during rushhour traffic, while those that shopped at smaller/local retailers got off and took backstreets to avoid the traffic. Both will still get to their destination, just one is getting there a whole heck of a lot sooner due to less cars(orders) in front of them that have to be fulfilled first.

    • Calibrator

      > This is insane! Never seen anything like this before – if I wasn’t invested in Nikon gear I’d swap and go to Canon.

      And then buy what? A 1D X?

      Announced in October 2011, delayed until ???

      Sounds like a real winning strategy…

    • RD

      Like a lot of others have said, go to your local store if you want a D4 faster. My local camera shop has been getting in one or two a month and they don’t have any preorders so yes, you can just walk in and buy one a couple times a month. Same with the D800, their preorders are gone and they are getting at least a couple in every shipment. They even have had them on display for a day or two before someone buys them.

  • Foolishcfo

    Woo Hoo! Nikon may not be able to deliver but the L.A. Kings did winning the Stanley Cup! Take notes Nikon!

  • Kon

    I know this isn’t exactly the place for it, but since so many of us are waiting for a D4/D800/D800E can we make a thread or something where people who have received their camera post exactly when they ordered their camera and from where? We did this a little bit in the “Nikon D800 delivery situation improving in the US” post comments last week, but maybe we can keep it going.

  • John

    I’ve had my D800 for six weeks. Ordered it from my local shop and it only took two to three weeks to get it.

  • Bernard

    Where’s my V2 ?????… 🙂

  • AntonyP.

    lol !!!
    … it would be better to produce … MORE NIKON D800 !!!!!!!!!

  • d600

    the D700 is still up for sale along with the D300s

    can we assume those are for the desperate ones who need to have a camera…knowing that a new one is going to be massive….

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Cheap lens does not mean “low quality”. People pay extra for

    * wide-open performance, (e.g. f/1.4 primes)
    * zoom range together with wide-open performance (e.g. f/2.8 pro zooms)
    * AF performance
    * build quality & better QC

    Otherwise we all know an ultra cheap 50mm f/1.8 is better than a 24-70mm @ 50mm. Or 135mm Al-s is better than 70-200mm @ 135mm.

  • nikoniko7

    Nikon vs Canon in Japan
    Nikon(8)>>Canon(6) !!!!!

  • Frank43

    I want my $1,500 D600! Holla if you agree!

    • BartyL


  • erik

    i wonder how many of all lenses being built now are 18-55’s….

  • I just think it’s funny that the $100 Nikon 18-55mm lens that I bought last the last year
    counts as 1

    and the $7,000 200-400mm lens that I bought within the last year . . .
    counts as 1

  • David K

    If we visualize each lens that Nikon has ever sold as one pixel, then they still would’t have sold enough to make two full photographs with the D800!

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