Nikon D4 now in stock at J&R, OneCall (UPDATED)

Update: J&R is now sold out but OneCall currently has Nikon D4 is stock:


Nikon D4 is now in stock at J&R with free shipping and a $300 mail-in rebate for Epson Stylus Photo R2880 inkjet printer. This means also that J&R currently doesn't have a waiting list for the D4.

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  • Jabs

    Where are the tests of the D4? Seen a lot of D800/800E tests but few D4 tests – mainly Previews so far?

    • Our review of the D4 is coming. I’m knee-deep in the D4, D800/E and 28mm f/1.8G reviews. To give you an idea of how good the D4 is, I’ve forgotten I own a D3s. It’s a stunning machine. Stay tuned.

      • Jabs

        Hey Cary – Long time. Glad to hear of your upcoming D4 Review as it was released before the D800 yet most are Reviewing the D800/800E first – strange.

        • @Jabs – Hey man! I haven’t been commenting a lot lately, I’ve been too busy. I have, however, been paying attention! 🙂

          The reason we didn’t do the reviews sooner was due to supply issues. That recently got sorted-out and we’re well on-our-way. Lots of reviews coming up, so keep checking back!

          Now, if I can just stay dry (I.e. Tropical Storm Debby).

          • Jabs

            @ Cary – glad to hear that you are busy and expanding. Yeah, Nikon indeed is on an awesome roll and reminds me of the F3HP, F3T plus FA ‘bomb’ dropped on us back in the film days.
            D4 and D800/800E are awesome and now to look towards a D600 plus even a D400 Pro DX body.

            Send me your D3S as I just got a D700 while I was looking for the V1 plus AW1000 and got sidetracked – lol – LOVE it though as it has the grip or MD and two lenses.

          • Jabs

            @Cary – At least you are not in a wildfire like Colorado, but hope that you are not flooding either.

  • John

    How is this news? Here in Germany we have D4s pileing up in every corner store – noteingewiesen of scarsety like the D800e…

    • Won’t be Tempted

      D4s on the shelf in the UK too. My dealer ‘phoned offering, “just for you”, one at the pre-price hike price.

      D4 price should start sliding now. It needs to, way too expensive compared to a D3s.

      • Nathan

        It makes sense that there would be a lot of new D4 cameras in the UK with the Olympics coming.

  • Dangit… sold out now here too. I just can’t win!

  • Nathan

    So you’re an early adopter with the early adopter bugs. Nice.

  • I just find it amazing that in a recession where every other company is killing itself to get customers through the doors, Nikon for whatever reason -whether it’s not planning for, having technical issues, or any other excuses can’t make enough $6000 and $3000 cameras with customers waiting! They must be doing very well to turn away fist fulls of cash.

    • Jabs

      @Arie – It is called building the BEST FF cameras on the market and then being overwhelmed by the publics response. Better to be having Production shortfalls because of such a demand instead of producing much and no one wants them.

      Every camera manufacturer probably now envies Nikon’s prowess with the released D4, D800 and D800E especially in an Olympics year.

  • dmcdougall

    Nikon D4’s are in stock now (6/25/12 at 7:36AM) at

  • NYCpete

    I just got mine yesterday.

  • Carlos

    I ordered mine in February from B&H. Since i’m an international customer I got charged right away. They have my money since then and I’ve not seen a single sign of real apology for this. I just see the D4 popping up all over the place and feel rage at the fact that I wasted an opportunity to order from somewhere else.

    • Ricardo

      Que raiva Carlos , o mesmo comigo! Encomendei em 09 de fevereiro e você?

  • Aaron

    Ordered my D4 Jan 10th from B&H and it was shipped yesterday. I will have it tomorrow. Looks like Nikon did a massive delivery to the States.

    • TonyD

      Called J&R – they have no D4’s left, expect a few more by end of the week and only 3 pre-orders.

      B&H informed me that my Jan. order for a D4 has shipped today – will receive it tomorrow!

    • B!

      Ordered from Amazon end of March, got it already for 3 weeks with the XQD card and reader included.

    • Brad

      I ordered a D4 from B&H on Jan 16th and it was shipped today. Yea!

  • Admin Watch

    Updated news? Admin:
    Nice & elegant way of getting rid of those pesky reader comments about J&R, especially the one warning all of us of the very bad and expensive return policy they have…

    • silmasan

      One page full of readers’ comments… lost without explanation. Makes you wonder whether it’s worth it to participate on [NR] articles at all.

      • Terry M


  • Aleco39

    D800 in stock (3 min. ago) on NIKON USA

  • jeff

    e-mail from samys D4 in stock

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