The sensor inside the D3200 is made by Nikon

Chipworks teared down a Nikon D3200 DSLR camera and found that the 24MP sensor inside is made by Nikon.

The sensors of the Nikon D3, D3s, D700 and D3100 are also all made by Nikon. The sensor of the D7000 is made by Sony.

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  • Valis

    Enjoy your overpriced-sales scheme … until Nikon takes your domain from you for trademark infringement.

  • techmine

    Glad to see Nikon getting “evil free..”

  • Z

    Who cares who made the sensor… Does it change the fact that D3200 is still a shiny pink toy-camera. D600 will follow this fashion with more assortment of colors 🙂

    • MacCruiskeen

      For me, the test of whether or not it is a toy camera is, can I crush it with my Mamiya RB67? I think few digicams would survive this test.

      • Richard


        Your RB67 remains a very capable camera which, in some circumstances, can produce remarkable results, results which many other cameras, digital or not, would have difficulty matching. That said, that does not mean that the others are toys. Neither does it mean that your RB67 is a toy because it can not compete with a D4 in high ISO performance or frames per second or ability to shoot either tethered or wirelessly. It is just a different tool.


        • agjios

          Richard, he was being facetious. He means literally place them on a table and use his RB67 as a hammer to crush them. I agree with the post, the above nonsense about a “toy camera” is stupid. A camera is a camera, and at the end of the day, it’s about the image produced. I don’t know how this sensor is “made by Nikon” if they don’t have a CMOS manufacturing plant, so I’m going to assume it’s just a rebranded Sony sensor, and with that in mind, this is Nikon’s highest-quality DX image producer to date.

          • Richard


            I suppose that is a possibility. I had taken the comment to mean that the image quality would “crush” that of what he described as “toys”. I have seen OOC images from D3, D3S, and D4 bodies that are simply remarkable by any standard and at ISOs far beyond the ability of film of any format.

            I took the “Made by Nikon” to simply mean that it was a Nikon designed or specified sensor, not that it was literally manufactured by Nikon in a Nikon owned fab. I have heard nothing which would indicate that Nikon either has a fab of their own or intend to acquire one. Whatever name is on the D4 sensor, it is a fine one. (As the bard said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”) 😉

            I am just thinking of your “camera smashing” description. That’s just too funny.


  • Pete

    Unless Nikon and Sony signed a licensing agreement making their sensors read “Nikon” giving an impression to the consumer that it was made by Nikon…but really only made “for” Nikon

    • eggzz

      but again….who cares ????????

      I cant believe that you are even writing these posts !!

      Who do you thing make the other parts inside ??

      I can assure you that Nikon doesn’t make all af them themselves as this would be stupid and NOT cost-effective. But is it interesting ?? Absolutely not.

      Only complete point-and-shoot amateurs would spend time discussing who made the bloody sensor.

      Does the camera make good images ?

      Now THAT”S interesting!

    • mac


      Nikon DOES NOT have a FAB to produce micro chips or sensors.

      There are limited FABs in the world and there are even more limited FABs that produce camera sensor and Nikon does not have any.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Yeah, but if they can sell enough cameras it will probably start saying nikon on the credit card and maybe on the credit card machine and then maybe on the printed paper in my pocket…

  • Mike

    The sensor is built by Sony to Nikon specs. The initial construction of the sensor is done by Sony at their fab, it is then shipped to Nikon and they stamp it.

  • Danonino

    Well thats a dissapointment, as an owner of the Nikon D3, I can say that the Nikon D5000 that I also own beats it in everyway except high iso noise. And the d5000 has a 12 mp SONY sensor. But maybe Nikon has fixed the horrible shadow banding with their new gen sensors.

  • Steven Bodo

    Most “house brand” products at your local pharmacy or supermarket was made by a different company and them packaged with the store’s logo. Why couldn’t chips be made the same way?

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