Weekly Nikon news flash #167

"When RAW images captured with a Nikon digital SLR camera are transferred to a computer, viewed, or edited with an earlier version of Nikon software that does not support RAW images captured with the camera used, some RAW image data may be corrupted and handled incorrectly by the software."

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  • John

    That’s one sweet lens…

    • D

      Yeah, lets see some D800E samples now.

    • John Richardson

      That is a little to big for my Think Tank Retrospective 5.

    • El Aura

      Someone should mount it on a V1….

  • $90 for a pro-level 128GB SD card? Why the hell can’t CF come even close to that good of a deal?

    • Rob

      The $90 card is incredibly slow. It would take just under 2 hours at maximum read speed to copy the card to your computer. The CF cards are all several times faster than this.

      • PHB

        Only four times or so. And it would take many hours of hd video recording to fill that card.

        The SD card are not so slow that i would want to pay six times as much for CF. and the sd cards will fit in the slot on my MacBook, the cf cards wont.

        • Calibrator

          “Only” four times faster? That *is* massive in some applications.

          Time equals money, my friend!

  • If I’m reading the article about the 1200-1700 correctly… it was developed specifically for use at a particular baseball field, hence the specifics of that zoom range. That’s pretty crazy!

  • Funduro

    Nikkor 1200-1700mm — Hey I just found the perfect street photography lens for my Nikon 1 V1. It’s also perfect as a self defense weapon against camera thief’s.

    • PeterO


    • iamlucky13

      “It’s also perfect as a self defense weapon against camera thief’s.”

      Are you sure you mean as a weapon? At 35 pounds, it would be very difficult to swing.

      Probably it would be better to use as an anchor to attach all your other gear to.

      Fascinating lens. I’m sure the optical quality of the lens itself is superb, but I have to wonder if they have trouble with heat haze when the sun is out.

    • Iris Chrome

      Nikon V1 + 2x TC + N1200-1700mm = 6480-9180mm!

      • Helsin

        Heh– 9 meter focal length!

  • texasjoe

    That housing looks kinda shetchy…

    • I was thinking the same thing. No dis on Meikon. I’m sure they make a great 3rd party battery grip.

      • Calibrator

        Is “Meikon” the same company/label as “Meike” who does the grips?

    • Martijn

      If it’s waterproof, i don’t care how it looks. paying more then the camera itself for waterproofing is just insane. the Gopro housings are 1/10th of the price of the entire kit. thats cheap, but there’s a middle road.

  • Jason

    that long lens looks like a grenade launcher

    • If I recall, in the early days of the second Iraq war, a news crew pointed something similar to this out of the media hotel in Bagdad and were killed by Americans as a result

      • hunt

        usa usa usa usa usa usa usa!!!!

      • iamlucky13

        If it’s the story I’m thinking of, it was a crew of Iraqi journalists, hired by Reuters.


        They were photographing a firefight in progress, and yes, the helicopter crew misidentified the big lens they were holding as a weapon. I doubt anyone was expecting a crowd of over a dozen civilians to be hanging out watching an ongoing firefight instead of getting as far away from the flying bullets as possible.

        It ended up being a big controversy even several years later, because the gun camera footage and cockpit audio were publicly leaked, and their attitude towards the people they thought were insurgents was unsurprisingly pretty spiteful. Unfortunately, most of the commentary that followed presumed falsely that the crew knew they were shooting at civilians when they made their comments from the cockpit.

  • Brock Kentwell

    Yup, had a nice weekend of RAWs from a beautiful location ruined because of having an older version of Transfer on my computer. Good looking out, Nikon.

    • Zorro

      An old version of Transfer ruined a beautiful location?

      • silmasan


  • Joseph

    I once saw one of those 1200-1700mm zooms for sale for about $800. I wish I would have bought it.

    • Pinprick


  • Gotta say, I would LOVE to have a 1200-1700 like that. Why? Just because. It might be the only lens that would push the limist of my Manfrotto O55 beast of a tripod . I imagine a full Wimberly is the only tripod head solution.

    • Strike that. I meant Manfrotto O58

    • Incredulous

      You would contemplate spaending $50K+ just to see your tripod collapse?!!!!!!

      And, no, a full wobberly would not cope with this lens.

  • martijn

    i’d love one of the waterproof housings, just to be able to shoot in the water (not a 60m, just maybe 1 to 6m) but especially for extreme sports/water sports

  • quintana

    I see nervousness in the bokeh of the 1200-1700mm/5.6-8. Bad lens!

  • Maji

    The design and creation of the the 1200-1700 lens is a great story. It goes to show how competition drives the market and helps to foster innovation. Now only if Nikon adds VR and AF-S to that lens and releases it for a mere $12,000 a piece, it will be a coup. 🙂

  • Kim Olsen

    The 1200-1700 looks interesting, but i would love to see a new lens from nikon in the super/extreme zoom/prime range.
    The 60omm f4 seems a little old by now, since Sigma offers both a 300-800mm f5.6 telezoom and a prime 800mm f5.6.

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