Nikon’s US rebates for May 2012 (updated)

The Nikon rebates in the US for this month are not as good as the curent promotions in the UK. Amazon offers up to $150 off when you purchase a qualifying Nikon digital camera (including Nikon 1, D3100 and D7000) and Nikkor lens (see the list of available lenses).

Update: The B&H version of the Nikon rebates is slightly different - they offer up to $300 off and also include the just released D3200 camera:

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  • D

    just got UPS shipping # from BB. :-). looks like that got another batch of them.

    • D

      D800, to be specific

    • hq

      Still no word from B&H on my D800 pre-order (Feb 7 @ 3am)

  • Anonymous

    With the D800 in such a high demand, Nikon may have a negative rebate going on for that body… you pay a premium when you buy it. Now a days even some Nikon dealers are trying to sell the D800 at higher than the MSRP.

  • St.


    Just that????
    That’s the most LAME rebate ever from Nikon!

    • twoomy

      Agreed! Was hoping for a discount on a 24-70 or 24-120 with a D800, but that list is SH*T.

      • St.

        I was hoping for 24-70mm as well.
        Although few months ago it was a gold box item on amazon and it had almost $200 discount – i decided I don’t need it then…
        I should take it.

    • Michael

      Not everyone shoots D800’s and D4’s. -.-

  • Justin

    Meh. No regret purchasing my D800 earlier from Best Buy. They showed me they had 9 left at their regional warehouse and expect to receive it at the store next week. They also threw in a 1 year extended warranty for free. WIN!

  • Ha!

    What a joke, no FX bodies and no pro level glass…………

    Nikon USA FAIL

    • Anonymous

      Why FAIL????

      Nikon’s FX bodies and glass are selling like hot potatoes and you expect them to offer rebates on them?

      Wandering Seaman = FAIL!

      • jake

        no, actually wandering seaman is right. the uk got rebates on fx/pro glass. seems pretty shitty to me that the US gets such a useless rebate compared to theirs.

        • POP

          Shitty yes but normal with the summer Olympic right around the corner in the UK the demand for DSLR’s up there will peak.

          • Hhom Togan

            In this depressed economy is just idiotic Nikon isn’t moving as much as they can in the USA, more when the prognosis after the summer doesn’t looks hot at all in your neck of the woods

    • Yeah, Nikon should discount something in high demand. Good luck waiting for that to happen.

      • St.

        24-70 is not on demand – it’s available everywhere.

      • Justin

        It’s in hot demand in the UK. They discounted it there.

      • Michael

        Lol, more demand = more expensive. You expect them to make things cheaper for things with higher demand? Moreover, I believe there are more entry level cameras sold than all pro cameras added together,

  • tsy

    when do the rebates come out for the d5 and 24-70vr?

  • Shasta_D

    Woohoo! They’re clearing out the D800 stock for arrival of the new D900!!

  • okay

    The US rebates were a lot better this past autumn…

  • DHM

    No news from Amazon regarding my D800..????
    I order it on Feb. 7, 2012.
    3 months….?????????? Huuhhh….

    • I got my D800

      Oh SHUT UP! No body cares anymore.

      • mix

        I do care.

        DHM the people who order FEB 6 got theirs. Check the Amazon D800 forum below the product description…people are posting:

        1) Date ordered
        2) Status

    • Mark J.

      If your still holding out from Amazon, B&H, Adorama, etc you deserve ZERO pity my friend. I too was in the same boat(via B&H) ordered within the first hour, waited and waited. But then, and this is the truly magical part far too many big store pre-order folks don’t seem to grasp.. I shopped around, called all my regional retailers and surprise surprise. I got one in hand on March 26th…..

      So again, if your not willing to put the effort in to find it quicker, quit complaining about Amazon not sending it yet. You put yourself in the situation, and have had close to 2 months now knowing this was going to happen if you didn’t give yourself an alternative plan.

  • Yawn

    Who cares. I don’t live in the US or the UK.

  • 2 r’s in current

  • jiamflash

    When IS the 18-300mm coming admin????

  • Tom Christiansen

    Keep in mind what manufacturer rebates are supposed to do: they exist to unload excess inventory, stuff that’s moving too slowly for their tastes.

    Just why they have excess inventory can vary. It may be that they want to replace something in their lineup (say, D3200 replacing D3100, or an updated version of a lens), and they don’t want to keep the old models sitting around on their books.

    It can sometimes be because of medium-term currency fluctuations/imbalances. They can use rebates to address these without changing the MSRP in case things swing back the other direction.

    More rarely, it may be because of pressure from an aggressive competitor against one prized piece in the line up. For example, if your main competitor comes out with a product that meets or exceeds the specs of your own product but undercuts its price in an especially dramatic fashion. This is a bad situation though, because it eats into your margin to give rebates; the best way to react to marketplace competition is by coming out with an improved product that doesn’t need any help.

    None of these situations applies to these brand-new professional models. No vendor has any D800 or D800E bodies sitting around on a shelf gathering dust, and I doubt there are all that many D4 bodies, either. Demand greatly exceeds supply.

    It would be folly for Nikon to offer any rebates on those products given the current circumstances, and it is foolish to hope for such.

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