Amazon UK expects Nikon D800 in stock on June 21st

Update: the price of the D800 dropped by £100 on Amazon UK.

It seems that Amazon UK no longer has a D800 waiting list because they expect the camera to be in stock on June 21, 2012.

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  • Christobella

    Still waiting on

    • just cancelled my order without notification. Seems this is happening to others, so check the status in the “My Account” section.

  • mikils

    And no D800 vs D800e sensible comparison yet

    • Not sure what you mean. I’ve seen several. I’ve made abbreviated comments on my Web site. It all boils down to this: the D800 has a weak AA filter. From f/5.6 and certain from f/8 up the cameras produce nearly identical pixel-level results due to diffraction. The primary differences will be found from f/1.4 to f/4, where the D800E retains crisper edges and the D800 is not only slightly worse, but gets slightly worse with each stop (I suspect low-level diffraction caused by the wave plate in the AA filter). But the bottom line is what I and others have written: if you’re shooting at f/4 or faster, the D800E has a clear edge. If you’re shooting at f/5.6 and slower, there’s no real need to get a D800E, you’ll get little to no benefit.

      • D800 & D800e owner

        With my lenses (fairly good ones) f/8 and slower progressively garners less of an advantage. F/8 I can defiantly see an advantage, with the d800e being much easier to sharpen to get details without getting sharpening artifacts.

        Like u said faster than f/8 and the difference becomes bigger.

        I use the d800 for video (even a weak AA filter is better than none) and the d800e for photography as I rarely shoot slower than f/8 anyway.

        The flexibly this gives me is excellent for what I do and editing the files is so fun!

        Both are brilliant cameras. If you want to shoot video at all go for the d800. If you only really shoot stills, then (if you can afford it) go for the d800e.. Honestly moiré is hard to get with it. I tried shooting buildings and repeated lines etc but I guess all those mp make it hard to et false information.

      • mikils

        Thank you for the very useful resumé. I meant no feedback here on NR. As usual, I am in the middle of the range, and like Buridan’s ass I am none the wiser about where to go. I shoot landscape (14-24 2.8) and Wildlife, with a 300 2.8 usually duplicated (TC 20 III) for birds. So I guess I should buy two!

        • nono

          @mikils – the D800E and the 14-24 are a stunning combination. If you can wait for it: its worth waiting.

      • Rob

        Thom, your analysis seems different than that posted on DPR, with regards to shooting wide open. In their review they wrote that from wide open to F/4, the D800E doesn’t have much advantage over the D800. You seem to be stating that faster than F/4 is the area where the E has the MOST advantage over the base model. They did not have any sample comparisons faster than F/4 though, so I had just taken their word for it. Is there a publicly viewable comparison with wide-open samples that led you to your conclusions?

        I do most of my shooting from F/2.8-4, so this contradiction is making my decision on what body to use more difficult.

    • BenH

      Check the DPReview D800 review. They have recently added tests for the 800e. It’s about as impartial as you’ll get as far as camera reviews.

    • Vin

      from my understanding best results depend on the lens, f0r 800/vs 800E.
      an example, on 50mm 1.8, best results and most obvious difference will will be 2-3 stops down from wide open and then 2-3 stops smaller. so 2.8, 4., 5.6, and maybe f8 too. will be sharper then 800 at these f-stops and be sharpest from edge to edge, you are also using the sharpest part on the lens. feed back welcome,

  • Yep, Also still waiting on Play.

    • GC

      Me too. Just a little worried they are grey imports. Anyone know?



      • Michael Laing

        Apparently, when it was first mentioned that Play was offering the D800 at £2099 the same as Amazon was, someone rang up customer services and asked and they where told that the camera wouldn’t be a gray import.

        I very much doubt that Play would sell gray imports. They are a very big retailer. The only thing I am wondering is whether they are holding back to see if a lot of people cancel their order at the lower price. I hope not and that it is just they they are slow at being supplied. Fingers crossed they get them soon. I am going to give their customer service a ring on the 3 month wait anniversary later this week and see if I can get any information. Though I get the feeling they won’t know anything. What I don’t want Play to do is to suddenly cancel the order because that would get me rather teed off.

        • Greg

          People on Dpreview have reported their orders being cancelled after recent order enquiries.

          • Michael Laing

            Just read the DPreview thread and think that is really bad of Play to cancel the guys order. Fingers crossed he got it sorted, though it is good that someone actually got their order from play. Fingers crossed Play might get more orders in once Amazon clears their pre-orders.

    • Been 3 months since ordering from contacted them a few times and just got generic out of stock could be 28days BS back. sent them an email recently asking for something useful from someone who has a clue and the best they could come up with is that it’s unlikely they’ll be getting any in any time soon / try play-trade.

      • Have you been cancelled? I found that Play cancelled me yesterday.

  • RoryW

    And out of stock at 12.01am ?

  • Rob


  • Nigel Rogers

    Amazon promised to honour the previous orders that they cancelled. They have not done this! Clearly they lie, I do not recommended Amazon for anything anymore.

    • P

      They did for me too and I got mine last week from them for £2099! Ordered in March through Amazon UK.


  • SimonA

    Amazon haven’t full filled all their back orders as I’m still waiting for my D800 that I placed the order in back March!! Not pleased at all with the level of service from Amazon over the handling of this item!! Will not be suprised if they get a lot of bad press over this!!

    • Foolishcfo

      Are you in the UK or US? Amazon is now into April orders if you ordered in the U.S. I now have two D800 bodies (one fron local brick and mortar store and one from Best Buy) and a just sold the third body to a friend (it came from Amazon). I just cancelled orders at B&H, Ritz and Calumet.

  • nebus

    meanwhile those two used D800s on the bottom right of the window from £1527 look pretty damn tempting.

    • Tony

      I think you have to use a bit of common sense here. There is one “Just launched” seller offering a price of £1,889, and another seller at £1528, whose other items for sale include “Mudpuppy Ring Flash Cards” and “Pull Along Cat and Fish”.

      I am happy to order from Amazon UK themselves (I have always found them to be very reliable) or from high rated Amazon sellers, but there is no way I would purchase a high value item from an unknown seller.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Bought most every camera I own used off eBay & only got one shady deal out of dozens (& I knew that one was a risk). If you’re smart & know what you’re looking for, it’s a great way to get more than you can otherwise afford.

        BTW, your example wouldn’t scare me in the least. Probably a family man who realized he bought more camera than he could handle/afford.

        • Tony

          Yes, I agree that you can get good bargains on eBay. I have used it often for purchasing Nikon lenses – but only from sellers with very high positive feedback. My experience has been uniformly positive.

          I also agree that the fact that a seller is selling “Pull Along Cat and Fish” is not necessarily a deal breaker, but when the offered price for the D800 is over 40% cheaper than retail price I would be very suspicious. One has to make one’s own risk assessment. For me, when purchasing an item like a D800 I would be extremely cautious.

          • nebus

            Perhaps my jest wasn’t that obvious. Of course both those offers for 2nd hand deal on Amazon were scams – BTW @mock if you went for that one you’d be shit out of luck . check the details on the sale and you’ll see why 🙂
            I buy direct from dealers with shops because I’m a working pro and need that kind of back up that they give – no I’m not stateside so I’m guessing you comparisons don’t equate also 9lets just say I shoot D800 and Phase one and leave it at that ) . Good luck hunting on Ebay !

  • Mellow

    meanwhile, those of us who ordered with no deposit recently through small reputable dealers have had them for several weeks.
    Smug? Nope but maybe demonstratesd the disadvantages of back ordering through large online retailers, Amazon I am sure are not alone here.

    • nebus

      I’m in the Netherlands here and I can go down to my local camera shop and buy one today , even at the Mediamarkt which is a big chain. I’m at a loss as to why people use Amazon for things like this sometimes.

    • Tony

      1. The attraction of pre-ordering through Amazon UK (and the reason I still have a pre-order with them) is that the pre-order price is at a 20% discount to the current price. (£300 due to initial Amazon offer, £200 for Nikon UK price increase, and £20 for Amazon apology for temporarily cancelling orders – hence I am getting the D800 for £2080 instead of £2600.) That equates to a saving of over US $800.

      2. Overall, apart from their temporary cancellation of orders (which they quickly resolved, although they did alter the sequencing of the orders) I don’t think that Amazon UK could have done much more to satisfy customers – they are completely dependent upon the supply of cameras (and information) from Nikon UK.

      3. As far as I am aware Amazon UK are honouring all of their pre-orders and at the reduced price. Many people have already received their D800’s.

      4. Despite the ‘in-stock’ date of 21st June there are still some of us who have received no recent news about their pre-orders. I ordered at 00:14am on 20th March, but have heard nothing since 9th May.

    • Mock Kenwell

      I’m in the US and none of my local dealers have one.

  • vgfl

    Well, Amazon is not serious at all, I have a D800 pre-order on dating back to 23rd of March, I have no news whatsoever from them. Fortunately the order is still valid (no cancel), but it does not seem they are fulfilling the orders in the right order.

    • André

      Support your local economy and buy from a local store. I did so and have my D800 since March (ordered the day it was announced).

  • Paul

    Ordered D800 from Amazon UK in March for £2099. Got the cancellation email in May. Emailed Nikon’s Head of Imaging and was told that Amazon UK would fulfill the orders at the pre increase price. They did. Got it last week.


  • Michael

    I pre-ordered at £2099 in March too, and got an email a few days ago saying it’ll ship on the 21st June. It’s been a disappointingly long wait with Amazon, but at least they’re honouring my pre-order price.

  • I am just waiting for the D800 reviews and photographs to pour in!

  • Christina

    The D800 for £1527. Scam. I have have reported this to Amazon UK on several occasions by telephone and nothing ever gets done. I wrote about in the forum when I saw a D700 for £700 a month or two ago. If you try and buy it it won’t ship to your country. Then you email them direct (you’ll notice a yellow box on the page inviting you to do so). Then they email asking for your address and other details and say you will receive an email from Amazon with the shipping details once you pay them direct.

    What really annoys me is that Amazon UK does nothing about this scam. The second time I phoned the woman said she would tell the legal team and then said: ‘Oh, it’s the Jubilee weekend, they’ve all gone home early.’ Well, it just annoys me because someone will fall for this and suffer a world of pain.

    • Tony

      My feelings too. Amazon UK generally have a very good brand reputation, and there also many highly rated Amazon sellers. But recently the D800 on Amazon UK has been plagued by sellers either trying to rip people off with very high prices (e.g. £3492) or almost certain scams (such as the £1528 price). I think this abuse devalues Amazon’s reputation.

  • nehon

    but Nokia 808 PureView release same time, cost £499.98, more pixels 41MP,
    fit in your pocket go online receive email make call come with Zeiss lens

    • Tiger1050Rider

      and your point is exactly what?

      Please do not try to tell us that the nokia can take better images (of the same subject and by the same user) than the D800.

      Perhaps you have dialled a wrong number?

  • Sly Larive

    The good news about the D800 availability problems for me, is that being able to wait out a bit, I am now considering the D600.

    I’m sure at least 40% (really, just an arbitrary number I’m throwing here) of the availability problems are due to people who either ordered 5 cameras to make sure they’d get one faster or from people who intended on Ebaying them.

    • Rob

      I highly doubt that accounts for a significant amount of the mess. The real problem is how many bodies are being distributed to each dealer (this may not be Nikon’s fault, as there are laws concerning distribution). You have companies like B&H in NYC getting twice as many bodies as Bob’s Camera Shop in Bismarck, North Dakota. Unfortunately, B&H sells 100 times as many Nikon products as Bob, so people are being forced into buying from places they don’t normally shop.

      Obviously the trick for future cameras is to call up Bob and put a deposit down as soon as they’re announced. Unless you pre-order in the first 10 minutes, the mega-stores will take longer to get your camera to you than Bob.

  • Geoff_K

    When will they have stock on the “E” version is my question. I lean towards that version.

  • Jeremy

    Here in Canada the Nikon rep has been vising again. Latest rumor, after the visit, is that with the London Olympics, Nikon have decided to stop shipments to North America until the fall.

    Meanwhile my local camera store has still been unable to fulfill pre-orders.

    The Camera Store in Calgary is a great camera ONLY store with a great team and fantastic service. Of course they feel very bad for their customers and refuse to say a bad word about Nikon but you simply know that they must be frustrated as heck that Best Buy, PC Nation, Futureshop and countless other home entertainment and big box electronics stores are receiving regular D800 shipments to fulfill NEW orders whilst The Camera Store still cannot meet pre-orders and it is mid-June!

  • i too am still waiting, has anyone heard anything from play?
    i wish everyone who has ordered from amazonUK the best of luck as something tells me the orders are not going to be met as my local jessops has 470 on order and are still waiting and my local private store cannot get any in.

    • James are absolutely pathetic – they cancelled my order when I enquired about it via email to their customer services. It looks like they are never going to get any stock in the foreseeable future.

      Boycott them at all costs!

    • Lots of people had their orders cancelled yesterday. :(. Going to be an interesting conversation when I ring up customer services. Am thinking of ringing the BBC Watch dog.

    • GJC

      My order was cancelled yesterday too. I have emailed them for an explanation.

      I have been a customer for getting onto 15 years – not very happy!

      • David cancelled mine too.

        I sent them an angry email, then closed my account.

        I’ve been getting their email offers (aka spam) ever since ordering in March. I wonder if this was just a ploy to sign up lots of new potential customers.

        I’ve never ordered from them before, and now I never will. And I will tell everybody how terrible they are.

  • Charlie L

    For those in the US, Kenmore Camera outside Seattle says they they D800s in stock.

  • Donald T

    Lots of people have already recieved D800’s from Amazon UK , check DP Review for “amazon uk d800” and you’ll find a thread with order dates & when people got cameras , I am sure they must be due another big delivery which will clear all their back orders & leave a few left over to sell , hence listing is “live” again , my scheduled dispatch date from Amazon UK is 18th June. (orderded 20 march @ £2099, the £520 saving is well worth the wait !) I wonder if this cash shortage might have something to do with Jessops D800 back orders ?

  • Hawkeye

    Just received an email from Amazon that they are expecting to ship my D800 around June 20th. That’s an update from last week’s email that said delivery was expected sometime between June 25th and July 12th. I placed my order with Amazon on April 12th.

  • Tony

    Amazon UK are now offering £100 off the D800 (at £2499), so it seems probable that they are expecting to clear pre-orders shortly.

  • Zeb

    D800 at £2,499 today. Down £100 since yesterday but £400 more than before due to greedy Nikon UK.

  • gregorylent

    selling mine .. can’t hold it still enough to avoid blur, except in brightest daylight

  • Radek

    Hello! Im on the waiting list!:) waiting since 20th of March :-/ So… I hope I will get my camera this week!!!!

  • T

    Supply seems to improve: ordered a D800E and got it after three weeks today from a local shop. I’d say: really good.

  • mark wilson

    Amazon UK update, d800 ordered March being dispatched today.

  • David

    Wow. I ordered two nights ago after cancelled my pre-order

    And it just shipped. Delivery tomorrow. Absolutely amazing!!

    Amazon UK – I love you!

  • Peter

    Now they are in stock

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