Nikon D4 in stock in BestBuy right now

BestBuy has the Nikon D4 in stock right now (with free shipping). The estimate arrival time is 1 day.

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  • Tax kills it for me… pre-ordered one yesterday from Adorama, I think I’ll save the ~$400 and just wait

    • Geoff_K

      I am thinking the same thing. I am waiting on stocks to build up on the 2 new models before I purchase. I’ll save ~$200 or ~$400 depending on which I choose that can be used for memory cards.

      • Jeff

        Just remember that you are likely obligated to pay “use tax” on it anyway. I believe that, with as tight as states are for tax dollars, they will ultimately get hold of the sales records from places like Adorama (and Amazon, B&H, etc.) and those that didn’t pay when required, will get a bill including fines and interest.

        • T.I.M

          I never pay taxes because I’m French and I voted for Obama.

          • T.I.M

            Trust me, I prefer x100 times Obama vs our new Socialist Président (I give him 6 months before France go bankrupcy)

          • dgm

            why don’t you apply for citizenship where you live then; I am sure you could get it on economic grounds

          • derWalter

            bankruptcy wouldn’t be that of a big deal…

            happened all 30 years the last hundred years… it is just normal if you are using an interest system on money 😛

            i mean greece already paid their dept back 1.5 times, but because of the interest the whole eurozone goes down now 😛

            capitalism is fun, isnt it??? (do not know a better system, but we need one!!!)

          • Funduro

            Vice President Sarah FAILin’ is the BEST Vice president the US of A has ever had. oops, as Rick Perry said, forgot the n, never had.

        • Nikon Shooter

          Will you also be required to pay tax on all the crack that you’ve been smoking?

          • Trialcritic

            States are going to make Internet stores follow sales taxes by this year. It is illegal for individuals to not declare items bought online without taxes.

            • asdf

              To that I say fuck you. Sales tax my fking arse. Yeah, we should pay the government to fk around. We already get taxed with income tax, why the fk we need to pay again when we spend.

              Eat shit. (No not you, the government).

              Oh and they want websites to track who posted what. (Tracking IP, etc). Seriously, just go fk off and die.

        • iamlucky13

          States currently can’t get those records from out-of-state retailers, and in-state retailers have to collect sales tax for in state deliveries even if the sale is handled online.

          So they don’t have a practical way to enforce use taxes, but it is true in every state that I’m aware of – if you buy something in another state with no sales tax or a lower tax rate than your own, you’re legally required to declare and pay the difference as a use tax.

        • Vin

          some places in the USA still don”t have sales tax! yip yip!

      • Me

        You’re really whinging about $200-400 on a $6000 camera? First world problems hey?

    • AM

      There you go. Here is one dude declaring that he cheats the state tax system by ordering out of state. It looks like you make money out of photography, so I don’t get why you don’t pay taxes on your equipment. I don’t see how you can claim your equipment as investment if you don’t pay taxes on it. Unless you are not declaring your real income as part of a bigger cheat scheme.
      Also, isn’t it really dumb to give the link to your web site? Now the tax police knows who you are and can go easily after you.

      • T.I.M

        I’m in USA for only 12 years and I’m still learning, but it’s legal to buy out-of-state and not paying taxes, right ?

        I always thought that “free taxes” on internet was made to help develop internet business.

        In an other hand, it does kill local business, you will not find a D800 or D4, even in big cities (except maybe New-York).

        I don’t really care because I know more than the stores’s sellers but if you don’t have the product to show, you will not sell it.

        That’s just my 2 cents (+ taxes ?)

        • Jeff

          Look on your state income tax form. There is a place where you are supposed to declare (and pay tax on) all out of state purchases INCLUDING INTERNET PURCHASES. If you don’t do this, you are cheating the government.

          Now, I do think they need to make it easier. I have a hard time figuring out all I bought during the year. I think that every vendor should tax every customer and be required to pay the state taxes accordingly. Then I don’t have to figure it out at the end of the year and no business gets an unfair advantage.

          • ShaoLynx

            That’s the exact system we have here in Europe.
            You pay VAT – value added taxes whenever you buy stuff.
            No less than 21% in this case. It varies on the kind of stuff and a little on the country.

          • D700guy

            I live in washington, we dont have state sales tax

            • Mark J.

              Washington state does has sales tax… One of the highest in the nation in fact.

            • Jonathan

              I think he meant DC?

            • NoFunBen

              Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon all have no sales tax.

    • D700guy

      Its $552 where I live

    • Like T.I.M., I thought online, out of state purchases that did not collect at time of sale meant that the laws were situated such that you didn’t have to pay sales tax. Guess that thinking is wrong. So what happens if I bought one off Ebay from a scalper for $6,200? Would I need to submit sales tax on that purchase as well? It’s not really an issue of paying the amount, but hey if I can save $400, I might as well. Good discussion.

      • Rob

        That’s where I believe it varies by state. I know in some states when you buy from someone who isn’t a business (e.g. some guy who sells 3 things a year on ebay), use tax does not apply. I’m sure other states charge you the tax no matter who you’re buying from. I think the logic in not requiring use tax is that those are individuals who presumably do not collect sales tax, and they presumably had to PAY the sales tax when they first bought the item. If you buy from a store on ebay, I’m pretty sure you have to pay use tax.

        I’m still amazed that they can get by that whole US Constitution thing. You know, where it bans states from imposing import taxes, and gives Congress the sole right to regulate interstate commerce? I know they try to claim it’s a tax on “using” or “storing” a purchase. It’s still interstate commerce.

        • Ben

          US Constitution commerce clause should stop the states from taxing imports.

    • Dave

      Good luck, I pre-ordered mine from Adorama on Jan. 7th and still havent received it. Just bought mine from Best Buy and am gonna pick it up next week.

    • mbp

      You guys realize that those sales taxes help pay for your local police, fire, EMS, state roads, and all sorts of public programs right?

      • Shawn

        Somebody’s gotta fund the Solyndras of the world.

        • Funduro

          Republican Mitt Romney, who criticized President Barack Obama last week for backing failed Solyndra LLC, supported as governor of Massachusetts a different solar-power company that has gone out of business.

          Konarka Technologies Inc. filed to liquidate on June 1 after getting state and U.S. aid, a development that may muddy his attempts to use Solyndra to try to show Obama’s broader economic failures, a professor said.

          • Anthony

            I don’t think I’ll take my political or photography advice from someone who steals a copyrighted image as his avatar.

            • USBStick

              But that’s fact! Can’t argue with that. 😀

  • Steven Mackie

    “Free shipping” ? I’d be more concerned with the $6000 I’m dropping on a camera or the $400 in sales taxes BB will charge me.

  • Chris Russo

    Oh hey… I ordered my D800 from them three days ago when it was “available” and they still haven’t shipped. Maybe I’ll order one of these too… why not? It’s not like they’ll actually ship it. 😛


    • jeff

      I got mine the next day from Best Buy. Theory I hear is that they gave priority to those who selected next day shipping (at a cost of $0.18). Best eighteen cents I ever spent!

      • Foolishcfo

        I thought the $0.18 was a mistake so I didn’t select it. Mine will be here on Tuesday. Its my second body so its no big deal.

    • D700guy

      Be careful what you wish for. My D4 showed up 2 weeks before my D800e did. Now I dont know which one to spend time with.

      • PAG

        Are you afraid the other one will get jealous? That’s what happens when you’re a camera polygamist.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        So now what are you going to call yourself?

      • Put the wide angle lens on the D800 for overalls and landscapes and keep the telephoto on the D4,
        With telephoto lens’, it’s all about the moment.

    • David K

      According to the UPS tracking system, mine will arrive Monday. Thank you NR. There is no way that I would have otherwise realized that BB had D800s in stock for a few hours earlier this week.

  • I preordered from Adorama too, back on January 6th as they opened up the ability and I still haven’t received my camera. So I just ordered this from BestBuy and cancelled my order. I’m very disappointed with Adorama and probably won’t use them again.

    • gan106

      Had the same experience here with a D4 pre-order from Adorama on Jan 6th. Was on another dealer’s wait list from two weeks ago and just received word yesterday they have shipped to me. Canceled my Adorama order. Will think twice before I order from them again.

    • iamlucky13

      Not picking on Tony or anyone else here, but…

      …are all those waiting eagerly for a store to have inventory checking with your local camera shop, too?

      They often get overlooked when people assume the bigger stores have higher delivery priority (there are limits to this, however, in US antitrust laws), so occasionally the small time camera stores have in-stock items that are back ordered elsewhere.

      If it’s all selling at MSRP, might as well support the local guy who has a personal stake in being knowledgeable about the gear and in siding with the customer in the case of a warranty claim rather than the blue shirt store that thinks improving customer service means increasing the number of teenagers they have standing in clusters around the store holding personal conversations instead of helping customers or improving their knowledge of the products.

      And even though I like Adorama for their selection and prices, too many other people do as well. They’re likely to be one of the last major retailers to dig out from under the crush of pre-orders.

      • Funduro

        . . ..rather than the blue shirt store that thinks improving customer service means increasing the number of teenagers they have standing in clusters around the store holding personal conversations instead of helping customers or improving their knowledge of the products.


  • Was there any validity to the d800 being available? After reading the previous thread it makes me worry about the same backorder issues with he d4, not too mention the staff being unaware of how to handle the customers and the online ordering issues that arrise when it’s not shipped in time.

    • nc_mike

      Yes, the D800 was valid; mine is out for delivery to me today on the UPS tuck.


    • Johnny

      Yes there was. I received camera yesterday. Paid the 18cent shipping for express.

  • Nitr0

    Might as well order a 5dmklll while you’re at it

  • rob

    Sold out 🙁

  • Joaquim Prado

    I bet next in stock will be the D800E!!

    • T.I.M

      @Joaquim Prado
      Keep dreaming,
      I just received an other email from B&H:

      “Unfortunately, this is still being released in extremely limited quantity by Nikon, and we are still filling orders that were placed before 1AM on february 7th.
      We apologize for the long wait”.


      • Mike

        Don’t believe your e-mail. BH doesn’t give that kind of detailed information out.

      • Frank

        I’m always told by B&H that they can’t give that kind of info out.. I ordered Jan 14th

  • D4800

    Just got mine on Tuseday. 5550 swiss francs

  • Kona Homebrew

    For those people who are talking about the big boys like BH and Adorama not delivering their D800s… Forget the D800. Look at the humble, made in Thailand, Entry Level D3200 that we all think is only for SoccerMoms… these gems (I have to agree with Rockwell on this; “only” this) are available in all the local stores’ shelves and even in amazon for $700 apiece. But they are backordered in those big stores. “Big stores have big stocks” is the big myth guys. I trust those big stores. I like those big stores. But I buy from those big stores only when they list those items as “in stock” or “ships in 24 hours”. If you put in your order for a backordered item with these stores, God help you!

  • 2cents

    Looks like it’s sold out online again. They must have gone quick!

  • trialcritic

    These go out quick (D4, D800). You must grab it as soon as they come up. I remember when D800 was available in Best Buy on March 22. This was only in physical stores and not online. It went out the same day. They had it in specific stores and would not take payments by phone and would not deliver. They will not let you pay and let you come by and pick up. One store asked me to come by and see if still available. Finally, the manager in the store near my home asked me to come by and pay for it and said that I can come back after a week to pick it up. That worked! It is a weird system. I had a preorder in B&H on day one after a couple of hours. I called them and cancelled my order, they were surprised. Moral, do not depend on B&H for the D800.

  • Flo

    I received one D800 yesterday but changed my mind and will wait for the D800E . So if someone wants the D800, please write me an email.

  • Mock Kenwell

    Hilarious balls on Canon to run ads on the NikonRumors site.

    • Ben

      lol, i just saw that! i dont think the add they are running will do them much good. but with the way some of us are addicted to buying camera gear it is almost the right target market.

  • Stephen Walcott

    Has anyone that ordered a D4 from B&H before Jan. 13th not received theirs yet? B&H told me I still had orders a few days ahead of me still waiting to be filled. I’m trying to figure out where I stand since they won’t tell me.

    Thanks for any info!

    • steve

      I ordered a month after they were announced. The guy I spoke with last week told me that they aren’t getting much from Nikon at B&H and still haven’t fulfilled their first day of orders, let alone someone as far down the list as me. He said there are ‘hundreds and hundreds’ of orders in their queue.

      He made it a point to say that from his perspective, the rumors that shipments are improving was not true.

    • Frank

      I ordered Jan 14th … nothing yet

  • Richard

    All I can say is check the local stores, I saw a D4 box on a dealer’s shelf of Nikon stock yesterday in San Francisco.

    It is too expensive for me though … so I did not get it.

  • Jeremy

    Price trend of Nikon D800 on Ebay Canada is falling like a rock.

    April 22nd $4400
    June 3rd $3700
    June 15th $3535

    Of note is that the price is decline is accelerating, which implies that those trying to make a quick buck are likely to be left with nothing unless they can sell in the next two or three weeks.

    Ebay USA has no Price trend but with over 60 D800’s currently for sale it suggests that at least some of the shortage in D800 cameras has been caused by greed. Many ebay sellers claim to have received multiple D800’s.

    Of course, this situation is to be expected if Nikon continues to prefer to fulfill orders at Best Buy, PCNation and other home entertainment and computer/electronics stores AHEAD of dedicated small local stores that ONLY sell cameras and where the majority of pre-orders are still unfulfilled…

  • Val Thor

    Thanks for the tip. I happened to be walking through the Best Buy in Colorado Springs yesterday and they had one D4 in their glass case they said came from a customer order who could not pick it up. I asked them to hold it and went to get my finances together and picked it up yesterday evening. Even with 7.4% sales tax the D4 actually cost me around $1200. How you might ask? Well, in March of 2001 when gold prices were around $280 I stocked up on 1 oz gold coins. At today’s gold prices (over $1600) I cashed in just 4 of those coins I paid around $1120 for, and the $6500 I got for them was just right to cover the D4. Pretty cool! I’m sure glad I didn’t listen to the experts who advised me to invest in the markets. If I had listened to them I wouldn’t have enough to purchase a used Kodak Instamatic at Goodwill.

  • Roger

    I was in the local Best Buy (Oregon) on June 14 and their order database showed 31 D800 bodies in the regional warehouse for 1 day shipping. Either ship to store or to home address.
    Strange…the Best Buy website at that time indicated none available.

  • Steve

    Don’t buy from Best Buy.

    I saw a D800 listed and tried to buy it online. They rejected two ‘known good’ credit cards and then accepted my Paypal. The Paypal was charged, but the order was rejected. Called best buy and they called it a “Ghost Order”. They say it will take days to sort out whether I got the camera or if they just took my money.

  • Joaquim Prado

    My guess is that nikon is delaying this camera as a marketing strategy. It makes no sense this insane demand and such a long wait. Looks like 300.000 costumers had ordered this cameras. Really! How many of you have ordered on the day it was launched and have not received after 5 months of wait. if we calculare 5 x 30.000 it will be 150.000 cameras already. How insane is that? It is a silly theory but I see know reason for this situation. I am pretty sure 5D Mark III has a as huge demand and you can find easily in stock in most stores!

    I have already cancelled my order on Ritz because of Best Buy. Best buy haven’t told me why cancelled my order but I am pretty sure they sold me a camera that didn’t exist!

    • Dan

      Maybe you didn’t heard how many Nikon users have cancel their orders for d800/D800/D4 and bought a 5D Mk3, or just ordered a 1DX. Here in UK is a phenomenon. I have 3 colleagues in this situation and now are trying to sell their lenses. The second hand department of any camera shop, is full of Nikkon equipment. Today I’ve seen even D3s and D3x (sh)in the window. 5D mk 3 is the most required camera on the market, this year – just because is alone on the market (monopoly – situation)

  • Larry

    This looks more like a BB ad then a Nikon rumor. I wonder if it’s a paid advertisment?

  • neversink

    1. Why in the world would anyone ever buy a professional camera like the D4 from Best Buy. I already have mine for awhile, but i would not consider it.

    2. On sales tax. Sales Tax, like property tax for individuals should be illegal. We are paying the government more money on the amount we have left after federal, state and in some cases, local income tax!!!! That’s actually double taxation. It’s insane….

  • Ted Holm

    What a rip off company. I found out that Best Buy had the Nikon D4 in stock. So I ordered it. They call me to make sure my order was correct. I spoken with a person telling my order would go out today. Within the hour I get an email telling me it is on back ordered. WTF? I did every thing I was suppose to do, now this? I will never shop at Best Buy again. That is it. Shitty way to run a business.  When I called about why it was on back ordered, they said they will send one out when they get some in, but they have no idea when that would be. BULLSHIT!  Do listed as being in stock unless you have the item!!!

    Sent from my iPad

  • Dan

    Nikoooooon !!! What’s going on

    Last weekend I’ve visited few camera shops in London just to see what’s going on with the long waiting line lists for D800/D800E/D4. I’ve visited first the 2 representatives Jessops shops from Oxford Street. In the first one, the shop manager said that they got no stock for above camera models and blaming Nikon UK for the out of stock situation.
    When I’ve asked if Nikon will deliver my D4 before the Olympics – he replayed that that there are very little chances but Canon will release on the market the new 1Dx model and I can transfer my money from D4 order to a new order for 1Dx. Very disappointed by his advice I’ve left the shop and I’ve try the largest Jessops shop on Old Oxford Street. Here, a young sales advisor, dressed in the Nikon shirt advice me very polite to try the new 5D Mk3 even I’ve asked before some information about D4 delivery. A second advisor , dressed in the similar Nikon shirt insist with the advice to change my order for D4 in a order for a Canon 1Dx. Crossing the street for a quick visit to Jacobs where I’ve seen the window with second hand equipment. The window have exposed 4 x D3 and 2 x D700. I have never seen so many Nikon cameras in that window. The sales man said generally people renounce to Nikon equipment for Canon. Actually, they’ve sold only 5d Mk3 in the last 3 weeks.

    Conclusion: after visited 3 of the largest camera shops in London – I realised after the reaction of the salesmen that their recommend about Canon – it’s an involuntary form of protest against Nikon UK, who is not able to deliver on this market. In this form or another one , I’ve read the same think in few cameras magazine. And if I following the common sense, the retailers are perfectly right. Just because they have nothing to sell (on professional level) – they can’t survive just selling compact cameras. I think , if Nikon don’t delivers the right quantity of at least one model (D800/D800E/D4) in the next 2 weeks they’ll loose at least 3-5 % of the market. If Canon will release 1Dx in the next 2 weeks, that’s will be the greatest victory they ever had against Nikon.

  • Dan

    Nikon D4 in stock now , at Park Cameras

  • Dan

    XQD 16Gb card +card reader offered for free if you order a D4 up to 30th of June.

  • Jen Allyn

    D800 is available RIGHT NOW through the nikon store! Just ordered mine! @ 9:35 AM on 6/19/12

  • Ted

    Nikon store has both the D4 and D800 in stock. I also was contacted by two camera stores in the US that they had the D4 in stocks. Looks like the stock levels are starting to meet the demands.

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