Nikon D800E available for order on, will ship in 5-7 days

BestBuy has listed the Nikon D800E on their website and you can now order it. I checked several different zip codes and the availability was 5-7 days (shipped to your local Best Buy store). The D800E was previously not listed on The D800 and D4 are still listed as "sold out online".

Here for example are the store pickup results for Best Buy locations near New York City:

Currently in the US, there is a third large shipment of Nikon D800 being shipped to existing pre-orders.

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  • FX DX

    It says “Backordered: Expected to ship within 7-30 days” for me.

    Not that I was going to order D800E anyway. I don’t want to pay 8% sales tax and then be charged 20% restocking fee, if I want to return it.

    • Prime

      Best Buy got rid of restocking fees a long time ago.


      BestBuy has a 30 day return policy. No restocking fees and if you are buying for a business you can do tax exempt. The restock fee was removed long long long time ago. Check your sources mate.

      • FX DX

        Good to hear that. I stopped going to Best Buy a long, long time ago. BestBuy charged me 20% restocking on a lens and that was my last purchase at BestBuy. I ordered my D800 on Amazon and I got it at the end of March; no complaints.

    • Bob

      I ordered a D800E from Best Buy yesterday based on this tip. The local salesman was clueless, saying only that the D800E was on back order and the D800 had been discontinued! So taking a leap of faith, I placed an online order with the same 5-7 day estimated delivery response for my local store in Beaverton, OR. Actual ETA on the confirmation is a bit later, 6/5/2012 or 18 days after order. I was hoping to get it before going on vacation next weekend but that’s not going to happen. I called customer service to see if they could expedite but that’s not an option on this product.

      • Oregon D800E search

        I have called all the Pro Nikon Dealers in Oregon. And a few in NYC, if you get a D800E in the next 30 days from BB let me know so I can scream!

        • AJ

          Have you tried Camera World in Portland? They were able to get me a D800 regular within 5 days (ordered in- store 5/6 and they relay shipped it to CA).

          They offered me the choice of a D800e but I can’t remember the estimated wait time.

          • D800E

            Thanks, I had not yet. I have used them before. I thought they were Ritz comera on line now?

  • CMan

    My D800 will be here Monday. Shipped from BHPhoto a few days ago
    Pre-Ordered February 7 @ 605am (CST)

    Still seems like Best buy may be the place to order from, this whole thing is still madness. How does it compare to the D7000’s release?

    • hq

      Congrats in advance. I received my D800 from B&H couple weeks back. I pre-ordered 3 hours before you did! (Feb 7 @ 3am).

      • Andrew

        Good information. Shows you how a few hours can make a difference.

    • Was that the d800 or d8ooe?

    • JMC6155

      If BandH is still only on those who ordered on Feb 7th, do I have a prayer of getting mine, ordered Feb 19th, any time in the foreseeable future?

  • Kede

    Still waiting my D800 in belgium. Ordered 6feb. Getting tired of waiting.

    • T.I.M

      Do you get free fries when ordering a D800 in Begium ?

    • ShaoLynx

      Well, I live there too.
      I ordered my D800 on march 23 and I got it on april 20.
      It works just fine – just yesterday I used it to on a shoot at the paralympics in Liege.
      Worked like a charm.

      • kede

        Where did you ordered it?

        • ShaoLynx

          Fotomarkt Tienen.
          If you go there, say hi for me to Peter.

  • CMan

    Also, if someone ordered, would they HAVE to honor this?
    Just curious, not sure what the situation would be since it says 5-7 days PICK UP, is that legally binding? Bait and Switch? (Bait with the promise of it being there, switch, no item at all? I don’t know just curious)

  • Mark Kushigian

    I ordered an E from both B&H and Amazon the very night it was introduced, I think within a few minutes of when those sites had it available for ordering. So far nothing. I am not NPS. I just ordered from for delivery to my local store. It tells me I can pick up my camera on June 5 (17 days from now). True or not, I have no idea.

  • Best Buyer

    Saw that it was available on BB’s site about an hour ago–it says 5-7 days on the site, but once I bought it, it says “Estimated Pickup Date: 06/05/2012”.
    Though if that’s accurate, it’s probably still better than Amazon/B&H will be able to do.

  • jorg

    just got a confirmation e-mail from Amazon-US, will have my d800 in 5 days. ordered march 8th

    • Gregory


      I still have no ETA from Vistek in Canada for my Feb 23 preorder. Going on a backcountry trip next week and well it will be my D200 joining me on that one now. 🙁

      Might have to pop over to the USA after my trip and pick up a D800e from Best Buy instead.

      • Levasseur1

        Same here!

        Ordered feb 14th from “The Camera Store”, paid total amount as deposit and still waiting…

        Was told “at least a month’s wait” 3 weeks ago… Would have loved to bring to trip in Europe last week…

        Going to New York this week end with D-90 🙁

        • Sam

          Of course d800 and d90 are not the same thing, but d90 still a good DX body…

  • Just used a D800 to do a wedding:

  • kartane

    Admin urgent, please. Don’t click the links: and
    are suspect sites according to WOT (Web Of Trust).

    Or you have been hacked.
    Please delete my post after you have fixed it. Thank you.

    • kartane

      Or I have a stupid redirection virus.

  • D700guy

    They must get way more cameras per week than B&H does

  • Stefan

    I just checked and it says:

    Backordered: Expected to ship within 7-30 days

    • mkush

      But you have to actually order (or go partly through the order process) to see what the “real” date is. That’s the generic date they give before they know more details.

  • IT IS HERE !!!
    Imagine how I felt after going from my Nikon F90s and F4 with 35-70 2.8 AFD to this baby (D800) with 24-70 2.8 AFS. What can I say …. !! So this is what a Nikkor AFS feels and focus 🙂
    even if you just point and shoot into darkness , you get back fantastic images !..Magic !!
    Checked all my old lenses …. Bingo , they work 🙂
    the 80 200 f2.8 AFD the 35 70- f2.8 AFD the 85 1.8 AFD the tamron 90mm 2.8 Di , my 75 – 150 f3.5 E series , the 55 micro nikkor AI…
    Tomorrow will be a fine day for me. Up to now I was playing with a PDF manual of the D800 , now … here it is !
    Just be patient… it does worth your wait.

  • Dandansoy

    Micro Center offers the Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera Body, model no. 5260B002, for $3,149.99. The discount for the lackluster 5D III has begun. I bet it will be sold for 2,800 before Xmas.

  • Brian

    For those waiting/keeping track, my Amazon (US) D800 order, placed at 10 AM, March 9, just updated to “shipping soon.” Best of luck to all those still waiting.

  • GeoffK

    Greenwood Indiana store showed 06/06/12 as my delivery when I put it in my cart. It also told me $231 in taxes. I think I will wait to order online to buy one of those super duper memory cards with my camera for that amount. IF i decided to go the D800 route

  • Vin

    I guess we will see, they might get 1/10 just like everyone else. Sounds like they only received a few D800 in largest stores.

  • I ordered my Nikon D800 yesterday from Best Buy, in CA and its coming today or tomorrow 🙂

  • Mikey

    For those waiting with Amazon… ordered my D800 on Mar 8th and finally received it yesterday!!! Ordered the D800E early on the first day (2/7?); still no ship estimate. It was either one or the other for me; the D800 will serve my photographic needs well. Cancelled the D800E so those further down the wait list now moved up. Good luck!

  • T.I.M

    I just received the Rode stereo VideoMic pro and made a quick test, it’s x100 better than the Nikon ME1 microphone.

    It’s a little pricy, $200 would be a fair price for what it is (retail for $300).

    Make sure you use a LITHIUM 9v battery, they are expensive ($10) but last longer and, most important they don’t lose charge, even after few months (nothing more anoying to turn on the microphone and found out that the alkaline battery is discharged while not in use)

    • Foolishcfo

      Which Rode model did you get? I have a ME1 and agree its pretty weak.

      • T.I.M

        Rode stereo VideoMic pro

        • Foolshcfo

          Thanks T.I.M is that a shotgun mike?

  • SupaDave

    Im screwed I pre-order the D800 on April 10th 🙁 ……..maybe ill get it by christmas if im lucky!

  • BJ

    Got my 85 1.8G from roberts yesterday, and just placed an oder with BB for the 800e says it’ll be here the 5th CAN’T WAIT!

  • Mike

    I just called my local Best Buy and they don’t know why it says “5-7 days” on the website for the store pickup. That’s because on the website it says 7-30 days. They told me that the camera should be available by June 6 and, after I placed the online order, sure thing. It said that it’ll be here by June 6. They don’t charge the credit card until you actually pick it up. So, if June 6 (at the latest) is the real deal, then I can live without the camera for a few more weeks. I mean, I’ve had my pre-order in with B&H for 3.5 months now, all the way since Feb. 7 at 1:45AM. If Best Buy is confident about their information, then it could be that many more camera stores will finally recieve their orders, too.

    • Best Buyer

      They said June 5 for me, but they’ve already charged my credit card…

  • Bob Siegel

    Best Buy’s return policy is 30 days, no restocking fee and unlimited exposures. B&H’s return policy fine print tells you that B&H puts a 200 exposure limit on any camera returned within 30 days. Also, it does not tell you that every time you expose using Nikon’s Live View, the camera’s counter automatically adds 2 exposures. One local camera store offered me 14 days and 100 exposures. Another said it would accept it back with no more than two dozen exposures and not for a refund, only for a credit.

    All of the above is worth the $200 sales tax, in my opinion.

  • Vin

    Well let’s hope you are right about a bunch of cameras shipping. I have a hard time thinking that BB has an unlimited amount of E’s on the way the first week of June.

    • Rocka

      It was hardly unlimited as they’re already sold out.

  • dong fu

    i just take look walmart website it seems have D800 for sell also ^^

  • Samas

    Gentlemen and Ladies – I got sick of waiting for my D800 from Adorama. Today, I decided to venture into my local shops. First stop. Best Buy in West Franklin… I went there looking at the camera displays. A guy approached me asking if I need help. I said I am looking for the Nikon D800. He was not sure what am I asking. He looked with me on the displays(!). Like picking up every camera to check if it says “Nikon” or “D800”. I got p*ssed and told this guy that this is a brand new camera that is unavailable anywhere right now. Then he goes to check his computer. Punches away and says we dont seem to have any in stock. Then punches away more… and then says this says we may have a couple(!) in the back. I thought “oh yeah?”, but said “can you go and look?”. He walked away saying I will check with someone and be right back. I was tired, skeptically looking at Shakira videos playing in the big screen TVs around. About 4-5 minutes later, I saw the most beautiful sight of my life: This guy walking towards me with a yellow box in his hand that says “D800” on it. Brought it home, opened it, took a first shot, downloaded it to OPanda Power Exif and the shutter count is… 1. It is not a return, brand new one. Battery is a D. I am a happy camper now. Shooting time this weekend! Yippeeeee!!

    Rest is history!

    This store may have more. Anyone in this area may try. Good luck!

  • kirit

    i order D800E from B&H April 3rd i don’t know when I’m go’n get… does anyone know how the manufacturer work’s any detail from Nikon for D800E???

    • D800E B&H

      I ordered on Feb. 7. They told me end of May. Begin of June. Unless BB has some super deal with Nikon to get a boat load of E’s in the back door. Sounds like we are all waiting until June/July. Except for a few lucky people the were first in line.

  • Rob

    Nikon isn’t telling anyone when they will get shipments or how many they will get in the shipment. Best Buy doesn’t know how many they’ll get or when they’ll get them. They can guess based on their previous shipments, but that’s about it.

    The 5-7 days thing seems to me like it’d be a transfer from another store. Perhaps they are trying to reallocate D800 bodies that are sitting in the back of some of their stores by selling them online. 5-7 days would give them enough time to transfer from a store in Nowhereville, AL to a store in NYC.

  • Joe

    Well, it’s good to know that the Americans have their D800s rolling in, hopefully us Europeans will start to get ours sooner rather than later! Pre-ordered at the end of Feb here in Switzerland, would love to get it by the end of the month before I head away on various travels! Still no word from the supplier though.

    • Jan

      Thousands of Americans ordered on February 7 early morning and still have not received the D800 so please don’t feel that we are taking anything away from you.
      Perhaps you should have been avake a little earlier than the end of February!

  • D800-D800E

    Yes, don’t take this the wrong way, but it sounds as if B&H as only up to D800’s 11am-12noon on Feb. 7th. & D800E 9am on Feb. 7th. EST. Maybe if that. So it could be some time in query if any time after the 8th. Of Feb. But as people get cameras from different locations it could speed things up. ? So. Role the dice? Or not?

    • Martin

      My B&H D800E was ordered at 7:15am. Still back ordered.

    • Jan

      I ordered the D800 from B&H at 10.47am B&H time Feb 7 and it has not yet shipped

      • Mike

        I went to B&H in person and was told that they shipped less than 60 so far and they have order for more than 6,000.
        B&H is almost as big of a joke as Nikon at this point. They shouldn’t even bother releasing a camera unless they have sufficient stock to meet a reasonable demand.

        • Jan

          Whether on the phone or in person i don’t believe a word of what they tell us. When i called Thursday i was told that they had not received any D800 in two weeks. More than one here on this forum reported within the last couple of days that they had either received the camera or had received shipping notification, how is that possible if they did not receive any cameras?
          B&H is a joke!

  • Erich1B

    FWIW – Earlier today, clicking the Best Buy link above took you to their website where you could indeed order the D800E. I did so, and shortly received a confirmation of my order then a little later a follow up email stating that the camera was on backorder and expected delivery was 7 to 30 days.

    Now when you click the Best Buy link, you are taken to their website where the D800E is listed as “coming soon” and you are not able to order the camera.

    So, we’ll see what happens?

  • Wanda

    It only says “Coming Soon” on

    • the status changed since the post was published

  • Now Nikon D4 is available at

    • Wes

      Yep, my D4 order just changed from being back ordered to “process of being fullfilled”. Hopefully it’s on it’s way

  • Kirk Carter

    Best Buy worked great for me. I live in a small town outside of Tampa, Fl. and got it 3 days after I paid for it ( which they make you do before they order it). I was a little skeptical, but it came in as promised. Still on lists at B&H, Adorama and Competitive Camera.

  • Ordered a D-800E

    from B&H Feb 7th @ 12am eastern, minutes after their order page went live.
    Still waiting like most everyone else.

    Saw this thread Friday morning about BB now carrying the E, and ran down to the local store for more info. They are totally clueless, but I did put in an order online, so which ever comes in first gets the sale.

    Order confirmation says 7-30 days, usually 5-10 days, estimated store pick-up June 6th, so we’ll see.

  • nc_mike

    Ordered my800E from B&H at 5am Feb 7th – no sign of it whatsoever yet.

  • tumlatra

    Last time, when I order my d800 from Best Buy in Mountain View, Ca. I was asking about how do I know for sure if they gonna have my camera on the promise date. The saleman told me Best Buy system won’t let me order it unless they physically have the camera in the warehouse. I guess they learned from the chrismas fiasco.

  • Vin

    Looks like Best Buy is at wish list only, do not have an arrival date for D800E as of last night.

  • Vin

    It looks like Best Buy is wish list only, no arival date for D800E.

  • Mike

    Not Wish List on Best Buy, but BULLSHIT LIST.

    So they just CANCELED my order!!! Reason was “not approved by credit card company.” So I called credit card company and they said that they approved it the same day it was place with NO PROBLEM. HA! Best buy canceled because they don’t have AND WILL NOT have them in stock. The first and LAST TIME I EVER order from those assholes. I hope they go out of business soon.

    • Erich1B


      Best Buy has not cancelled my order, and when I log in to the account I created the order status is listed as “in process”.

      We’ll see what happens?

  • bkelley

    me also says in process, they charged my card full amount expected delivery date to store (in Hawaii) 6/12.

  • Mike

    We’ll hopefully you guys faired better, because they too charged my credit card IN FULL and even though the order is now canceled, the charge is still on my account. We’ll see for how long. I f-ing hate best buy. What a sh-thole store with brainless people working there.

  • Vin

    I wonder if BB will even get any? You all will have to let us know. Makes me wonder if it was a glitch in system as they added the page for new inventory. I was under the impression that the “E” would be only sold from Nikon Pro Dealers? Has anyone ordered from Amazon & received an E?

  • The “charge”

    is an authorization hold, not a full charge, same as any other vendor including B&H.

    Best buy has not cancelled my order either. Sounds more like a dodgy credit card.

    Yeah, the only loyalty to any particular store at this point is who can deliver the product.

    If Best Buy can deliver the D-800E, people will sure as $#!% order, regardless of past statements.

  • Jeremiah

    The estimated ship time of 5-7 days for in-store pickup, is the time it takes for shipping. But because the D800 is backordered and says expect 7-30 on the product, you technically would be looking at the 7-30 days plus the 5-7 days.

  • studio460

    I just checked my account at I ordered a D800e online on the evening of 5/18/2012, and the status on the first page is “in process.” The status on the detail page states: “Order Status: 1 item(s) – confirming InStore Inventory at [Southern California-area store location #XXXX].” Anyone else have something different?

    • Erich1B

      On the order details page, mine says “Order Status: 1 item(s) backordered. “

      • Erich1B


        The authorization hold by Best Buy expired today, the funds have been added back to my available balance in my checking account.

  • CE

    Please can Capture NX2 fully edit D800 raw files?

  • Cloud_no_9

    Took advise from this site user comments and Order D800 from a local Nikon Dealer in San Francisco
    KEEBLE & SHUCHAT PHOTOGRAPHY”. My D800 arrived today within 2 weeks of ordering. Thank you Nikon Rumour

  • Jimbo

    Well well well … the brains behind Amazon are working hard. The D800E isn’t even listed on the site as available any more at all!!! Given I ordered it ~ 9pm on February 7th and STILL haven’t received it, I can sleep easy knowing that they suck at their job as much as B&H, Adorama, and every other jackass along with Nikon. Yesireee folks, Canon here I come.!

  • You people

    are hilarious. I can live with shooting my 5D mark II for a few more weeks. No point in a 5D3 upgrade. Going back to Nikon. Yes, all dealers and camera manufacturers are the worst names in the book, that is until they deliver the goods. Then people become raving fan-boys.

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