Nikon D4 now ships without a free XQD card and reader

Up till now Nikon included a free 16GB Sony XQD card and a reader (aprox. $185 value) with every D4 shipment. This seems no longer to be the case and  the last Nikon D4 shipments do not include any freebies.

The other bad news is that so far I have not heard about another major manufacturer to jump on the XQD wagon.

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  • Jason

    No D800, no D4, no XQD…. but no stopping new product annoucements. crazy.

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      I have my D800, I’ve seen D800E for sale in shops as well as D4.

      Then again, I live in Hong Kong and don’t order everything from Amazon. :X

      • Dude, you’re in the tech center of the universe. Of course you’re going to find D800s there!

      • I used to buy lots of camera equipment in HK when it was cheaper to do so, but now because of the tourist from China, everything is a lot more expensive. How much does a D800 cost in HK now? Of course, if anyone really wants a D800, D800E, or D4, there are always ones available on eBay 🙂 It all comes down to how much you’re willing to pay . . .

        • choiMatthew

          it’s quite heavily backordered in HK as well

        • choiMatthew

          and the ones in eBay US turns out to be cheaper than what you pay for at RRP in HK

        • SoftonDemand

          You can go to Tsim Sha Tsui were all the camera stores that rip of foreigners are. They are the only place that have a whole collection of D4s, D800s and D800E. D4s there cost $52,800hkd, D800 varies from $30,000-$35,000, and D800E $35,000-$40,000. i shit you not

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          A bit under $27,000hkd where I got it. I was number one on that shops list. Stanley Street Central is where I got it.

          • SoftonDemand

            yeah and thats where there are no more D4s and D800s;; everyone orders from there

        • Chaitanya

          In India D800 is selling for 145455 rs(~2693 US$, 1US$=54INR). Its currently backordered but still I am happy as hell as I got mine from a local dealer rather than B&H. Also lenses are heck of lot cheaper here since US$ is at a high. \m/

      • chinkinmyarmor

        Ya and they’re probably counterfeit ! You Zippa headed turd.

        • umesh

          I wonder how anybody can make counterfeit lenses.
          Also why so upset and angry with anybody who has got a camera and lenses cheaper that at your place that you need to hurl obsenities at him?

    • Nikon Trifecta

      I got my D800 and D4, and it came with the XQD card and reader.

      • Toby

        But when did you get it?

        • Any Day Now

          D4 is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Perhaps one of the last few to come with XQD card and reader.

    • Mark J.

      If you got off your computer and looked at your local camera shops you would be finding all 3 products. My local camera shop is on it’s 4th shipment of D800’s now and as of a week ago when i steered a friend to them, had some sitting on the shelf… People REALLY need to quit treating Amazin, B&H and Adorama as the test for if a product is in stock or not..

      • Foolishcfo

        Where is your local camera shop located? In So Cal they are as back ordered as the big shops.

      • Tom Bruno

        Mine, too. I got my D800 2 weeks ago, at the local Ritz Camera store in Trumbull, CT. Mine was in their second shipment. They’re now on their third. As Thom has pointed out, USA laws on fair distribution of imported goods dictate that supplies to the small shops must be on a par with the B&H gargantuans. Another guy here got his D800 at a local camera store in Stamford, CT, last month. Both of us ordered about two weeks prior. I finally cancelled my B&H order, which was placed on 2/7, the first day, at 9:30 AM EST. When I cancelled, on May 11, the rep told me there were still a couple hundred guys ahead of me on their queue. By Friday of that first week B&H had nearly 4,000 pre-orders, meaning many more months of waiting.

        No, go to a small local shop. Plus, the folks at the local store were friendly, personable, cheerful and told me where I was on their queue. (number 1, it turns out. Seems everyone had ordered with B&H and was still waiting.) And the local store is nearby. You can just walk in. Real humans. Not websites. And they deliver the goods.

      • yeah, unfortunately not so true.

        I got my D800 through a store near my home town in Indiana through NPS, called them 2 days ago to see what the wait list was if I wanted a second one (not using NPS) they had a back-log of 170 orders; and they don’t get a lot of cameras in per order, because they are in a secondary market.

        Smaller stores like like fotocare in NYC (small store, big market) are having trouble getting them at all since the first shipment.

        A buddy of mine (Non-NPS) ordered his on Amazon the first week, and just got his yesterday.

        I’ll be curious to see if any numbers are released on the total numbers of D800s sold – they are shipping plenty of them, but can’t keep them on the shelves.

        Is this one of their biggest sellers ever?

      • UWS

        I’m totally sick of being told to just go to my local camera store where I’ll find plenty of stock on the shelves. I live in manhattan and b&h IS my local camera store. I wish everyone in the flyover states would stop ordering from them online.

        • B!

          NYC here too. LOL BH is indeed our local store.

          I could have picked up a D800 from best buy in BK with 3 day lead time but I’m waiting for D4 which I have called numerous smaller placed in long island etc and nobody even wants to take my number down. They have lists on top of lists. Maybe if you live in the middle of nowhere then a “local” (mind you its probably 120 miles from residence) store might have one or two; then again, they probably don’t even have an online store.

    • Jonathan

      I got my Amazon US ordered D800 last Monday.

    • btdown

      “…no stopping new product announcements. crazy.”
      Amen…..Although I havent seen anyone ask this question, but is the d600 the replacement for the d700, or do we think the d700 will get a refresh? I’d like to upgrade at some point, but I don’t want the d800, and the d600 doesnt look to have great specs….

  • Martha Benedict

    However, the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) named the XQD the best imaging storage media.

    • Ben

      the TIPA talks about a nikon d4s, we just got the d4 and now they are talking about an “s” model already?

      or its a typo. or not, let the rumors begin!

      • Foolishcfo

        Its not a typo. Its plural.

        • Monkey Nigh Mow


          • Daniel

            Laughing out loud out loud? 🙂

            • Joshua Saketh

              Laughing on level one loud?

        • jadekub


        • Calibrator

          Yes, plural – but in a place where it is uncalled for.

    • B!

      Why would anyone be surprised. CF has reached speed ceiling!

      The new format promises SSD speeds (next generation will shock you) . Forget about serial and parallel ports already people.

      Sony has no benefit of selling faster cards than what is currently advertised (no competition yet). Once another camera with this new format comes out or Canon joins the party you’ll have everyone from Lexar and Sandisk to A-Data releasing faster cards on weekly basis.

  • elph

    I can’t see how this is good, isn’t Sony the only one manufacturing right now? Do they sell any as individual units?

    • well that card was another reason why not to go for D4. Too soon. Flagships are not test rabbits.

      • @Harold Ellis, the XQD card is exceeding my expectations in the D4; the images are zapped out of the buffer lightning quick and onto the XQD card, absolutely amazing!! I have yet to see random lockups or anthing of the like. BTW, the Lexar 1000X cards are 25MB/s faster on paper, but in the D4 the XQD slot is KING!! I did tests with just the XQD and then with just the Lexar CF card, and the XQD runs circles around the CF. With my old D3 the buffer would fill up and slowly trickle out to the fastest 600x CF cards at the time. XQD is a game changer for any sports/action photographer who demands the absolute fastet buffer to removable storage solution. At first, I thought it was a bad idea of Nikon to put both card formats in the D4, but in retrospect, I am glad they did. Last thought on the D4, don’t waste your money on the WT-5, besides being overpriced, it ABSOLUTELY EATS YOUR BATTERY!!!

  • Sontard

    Dear NR readers. We at Sony apologize for always coming up with some retarded proprietary format that usually fails.

    • Spyky

      Sony almost fail every new idea that have actually…, at least I hope D4 come with a cheap price without XQD card and reader, always is the client that pay this ideas…

      • Michael

        XQD is not proprietary.

      • Sky

        Yea, like the sensors you see in almost every single Nikon – fail, fail, fails everywhere.

    • Andrew

      Like Blu-ray?

    • Apollo

      Yep. PS3, Ps2, PS Vita, Sony tvs, Sony mp3 players, Sony videocams. They are retarded, I know ^^

  • …I wonder if Nikon bit on XD in trade for exclusive use of the 36mp sensor for a period? Or maybe for Sony dropping their FF endeavors altogether? Just speculation, but these things happen.

    • …I meant XQD. Sorry, sometimes I get my doomed proprietary medias mixed up.

  • Bob

    The QXD cards seem to be the way to go. I don’t understand why other camera manufacturers would not use them – their loss. High mrks to Nikon! I certainly will be bying several QXD cards when I purchase my D4 as I think they are the best cards on the market today!

    • Foolishcfo

      Give it time. Apple and Intel came out with Thunderbolt a year ago and we are just starting to see it on peripherals. Both are expensive technologies which need to come down in price to be popular with the masses. Look at what a dog USB 3.0 is compared to Thunderbolt! My 36mp pics will scream on download through Thunderbolt if I ever get my D800!

      • Adam Ebihara

        Thunderbolt is amazing. Once you have,
        you will never go back. USB is a joke.

        • AE

          hey man,

          not about universalness or open source. as much as i dislike apple for being closed in it’s design, thunderbolt in use is real fast. it’s high cost is an issue.

          i am sailing along smooth, whose the fool fool?

        • idiot, fool

          my post was a bit harsh I apologise, but I do feel that way and here’s why (besides that fact that he is a typical mac user who thinks it’s better and doesn’t read the whole story):

          lightridge thunderbolt may be twice as fast as USB 3.0 (10Gbps vs 5Gbps) but there are no single disk (flash or spinning) devices that can operate at that speed, whereas there are devices which operate or just-exceed the operating speed of USB 3.0. Therefore as a system, the end result is there isn’t much difference.

          what drives me mad are these comments of one system being a joke. here are some examples:

          -usb is a joke
          -mac/pc is a joke
          -video on a dlsr is a joke
          -high mega pixel sensor is a joke
          -the fact that nikon makes craploads of money is a joke

          here are some examples of things that actually are a joke:

          -the price of cameras
          -the perception of price of camera equals pro user status and conversley
          -the perception that high end is only for pro (hence the false price of pro equipment)
          -the exclusion of one type of technology over another
          -the continuous threat of switching to canon due to some percieved deficiency in an nikon product (or vice versa)

          • SSDs that are coming to market can read at 700MB/s, limiting factor being the 6GB/s SATA interface. This saturates USB3, and having just two in RAID 0 would saturate Thunderbolt.

            You can’t do an online video edit with 4k video using USB3, bitrate is just under 170MB/s for Prores 4:4:4 at 24fps, USB3 falls over and isn’t stable, Thunderbolt is fine and you haven’t got to worry about a single dropped frame.

            lightridge thunderbolt may be twice as fast as USB 3.0 (10Gbps vs 5Gbps) but there are no single disk (flash or spinning) devices that can operate at that speed, whereas there are devices which operate or just-exceed the operating speed of USB 3.0. Therefore as a system, the end result is there isn’t much difference.

          • Sky

            Simon – you are WAAAAY behind the technology.
            SSD drives reaching speeds of over 1TB/s exist already for few years. And you can buy it online as long as you have cash.
            Read: Up to 1 500 MB/s
            Write: Up to 1 225 MB/s

            • PhilK

              Ummmm… those SSD’s are PCI Express expansion cards. External peripheral interfaces have NOTHING to do with how fast they transfer data into the computer they are installed in.

          • Sky

            Sorry, I mean: GB/s

          • Yes I know of them and use them. My argument was in the direction of external portable drives. 🙂

          • idiot

            just proves my point. by single (read my post) I excluded any RAID. and I’m not sure the maths adds up above…..

            I still can’t see how anyone is basing their facts on any scientic tests. Thunderbolt is Mac, USB 3.0 is PC. the varience is too high to be conclusive, so we all fall back on theoretical figures. More acurate to say that the overall system is better geared for direct video editing.

            • Hmm – the new macs will have usb3 as well. Thunderbolt is still in a league of its own – though as you get 2 channels a 10G/s (8G/s net speed). And re: single – well single disk you are still right, though not single device. You can get external thunderbolt SSD outperforming USB3 speeds by quite a bit. A single vertex3 will even do: it’s 500GB/s net speeds are exceeding the 400GB/s (5Gbps iso theoretical peak) speeds you can expect from USB3 devices – fastest I have yet seen is:™-over-370-mbs/.
              Though you talk about system speed – anybody utilizing thunderbolt most likely will run some form of raid systems – to make use of the actual speed of the channel – which again, just as you said – is mostly geared for video editing (or dealing with D800 raw files in aperture when you focus stack a series in photoshop 🙂

              happy thunderbolting or usb’ing – whatever your flavor might be!

          • Adam E

            Hey, I hear you. Your points are well-made & well taken. Honestly, I feel like a fool for what I paid. I normally wait several generations for price to go down & bugs to be worked out. I shoot a lot in RAW & didn’t want lots of 1TB drives so i decided to go for it. It is a breath of fresh air stats aside. But I look forward to reading your post again to learn a lot more. Thanks!

            I/O still seems to be the major bottleneck with all these fast processors!

        • Apollo

          Check the speed? Thunderbolt is at least twice as fast as the USB3.0. Get your facts right, true Apple hater.

          • idiot

            i love people who repeat parts of a post, miss the point, and go on to do exactly what the idiot who inspired the original post did.

            i’ve created an acronym for what i just said: ilpwrppmpgewiiopd. i’m sure i want have to use it again tho. shame.

        • Jake

          Your Name is an accurate descriptor of yourself. Thunderbolt is insanely fast. Much more so than USB 3.0.

          • idioth

            oh wait, here’s an opportunity to use my acronym and save on typing. who would have guessed it. here goes:


            there. just saved myself a lot of typing.

        • dmura

          The question isn’t about speed, it’s more about Apple not being able to support the product long term.

          Remember Firewire? When Apple came out with Macs that didn’t have that interface it pissed off a lot of people. Their own computers didn’t support their own interface.

          Remember DisplayPort? Apple couldn’t get their own monitors to work with their own laptops using that inteface.

          Need more examples? I would never use another Apple designed interface on the fear that 2 years from now they’ll stop supporting and then you are screwed.

        • Gary

          Meanwhile, back on Earth, I’m somehow managing to use my mutli-tasking operating system to do other things while my 32GB (UDMA 7) CF card loads my D800 files onto my PC via a USB 2.0 link.

      • B!

        Thunderbolt will not be mainstream until it reaches mainstream market, the beloved pc.

        A first PC mobo with it has been release (no hotplug support) so we are heading in the right directions.

    • Foolishcfo

      If Sony developed the XQD standard then others probably aren’t adopting the standard due to licensing costs.

      • Andrew

        Not true. Look at Blu-ray. Sony has become a much more collaborative company. You need to update your knowledge on this one. Companies need to change and adapt in order to survive. And the most successful companies in history always do so like IBM, Apple, Walmart, Verizon, etc.

        • Foolishcfo

          I wasn’t stating a fact… I said “if” as I didn’t know definitively. Companies that develop leading edge technology typically charge licensing fees to recoup their R&D. These fees often discourage others from adopting technology even if it rocks. I don’t have any personal experience with XQD but it sounds like it rocks from comments in this thread.

          • B!

            SONY did NOT develop the XQD standard. Case closed.

  • Foolishcfo

    When was the last time a D4 “shipped” with, or without, the XQD reader?

    • I spoke to a Nikon rep a good three weeks ago, only NPS members were supposed to get the versions with XQD cards. Any D4 that has been delivered was either to an NPS member or a NPS member cancelled their order so someone else got it. D4 has only just started shipping to the general public, might explain why no card and reader included. That is the case in the UK.

      D4’s are rare. I asked the rep how rare, and in my region the West Midlands in the UK with a population of over 6 million, only four D4’s had been delivered. A photographer I work with has had one since the end of March, was surprised at how rare they are.

      Now, on to the D4 battery. When is that ever going to show up?

      • ACon

        I picked up my D4 the first week it made it to US stores, from a Niko retailer. I am not NPS. I pre-ordered the day the D4 was announced (well, actually around 10am that day, hourse after the Amazon pre-orders were filled).

        I picked up a spare battery about a month ago. they are available.

      • mark

        Im not NPS and have had a D4 and an extra battery since 1st shipment. i went local and got it real quick

  • KenTiKen

    Maybe I’m just a grumpy old man, but I have never liked Sony and the way they do business. For me, it started with the walkman and Sony suing anybody who dared trying to come out with their own version of a portable cassette player… Then mini-disc and today with Blu-ray… But I guess that’s how the world works. I own Blu-ray discs because I have no alternative choice, but I try my hardest to stay away from them if I can. I have an X-Box and Wii but will never get a Playstation or PSP because I have choices in that area. And before you say anything about sensors, yes I know, but again, no choices so I just deal with it.

    Now where is my darn D800E :-!

    • Foolishcfo

      You forgot Betamax…..that was a winner (snicker)_

      • ZoetMB

        Betamax technology was a winner. It was much higher quality than VHS. The problem was that Sony wouldn’t license it to other manufacturers, so it failed.

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Sorry didn’t read. Too busy playing my PS Vita.

    • Sports

      @KenTiKen: When you get your D800E, make sure to uninstall the sensor and return it to Sony.
      (Better to hate lawyers. Now it’s Apple suing everybody. Have to hate them.)

      • Andrew


      • SoftonDemand


      • B!

        Yeah, but that’s Apple, fanboys will quickly forget. I’m sure nobody even heard about working conditions at Foxcon.

        • B!

          They even invented a new product “Suicide nets”; look it up.

    • Andrew

      LaserDisc technology, Compact Disc (CD), DVD, and Blu-ray, Sony holds so many patents on these technologies and you do not even have a clue about Sony’s inventions, innovations, and contributions to modern technology? You should have educated yourself on all of these things when you were younger. Have you forgotten how awesome the Sony Trinitron TVs were? You did not realize the awesome invention that the Walkman was in the 1980s – the first portable stereo system that sounded like an expensive stereo component by just using headphones? If you knew the technological innovations that went into the Sony PlayStation 3, you would not compare the XBOX to it. But I should go easy on you, we all have the rights to our own opinion.

      • Discontinued

        Ever heard of Philips and Panasonic ? ? ? You give Sony by far to much credit for the technologies and patents you’ve listed.

        Nonetheless I think XQD is rather promising. I envy D4 shooters for their XQDs and I wish Nikon had decided to push this type of card even stronger. I hate the CF slot of my D800E and its fragile pins. What a silly, silly way to design a connection for frequent use and abuse. CF just seems so ancient.

  • I’ve only used an XQD card now for two weeks in the D4 but can say it’s way faster, somewhat smaller than a CF card (without being too small, feels good in the hand), the connector design seems more robust than the CF pin setup and I’d trade my CF’s for XQD’s given a choice in a minute. If the XQD card fails it will be because something comes out that’s better (faster, etc., etc.). Is the CF technology going to leapfrog it? It’s going to have to if it’s going to survive.

    • CF technology? I’m not sure what you mean by that.

      XQD is ratified by the CompactFlash Foundation and is the replacement for CompactFlash.

      It’s CFast that will fail.

    • ACon

      Totally agree. This has been my experience as well with the XQD format. I wish SanDisk/Lexar would step into the XQD arena so that we could have some competitive pricing and more (faster?) options. From what I understand, XQD has the capability of being a much, much faster platform than these first 2 cards released by Sony.

      • B!

        I’m more then sure they are already working on it. They just want to milk the CF market for few more weeks. Much the same way SONY will with XQD (until everyone else joins), there will be very incremental speed increases every few months and you know, some people just have to have the newest and fastest.

        When SSDs came out Intel and select few had pretty much a monopoly. Speeds were going 140, 160, 170, 210…

        …then everybody started producing SSDs (think lots of competions and one- upping each other) and almost instantly (overnight) all the SSDs were rated at 500+ MB/s , nobody even cares they are not SLC anymore.

  • Jay

    >…Nikon got suckered into it. Another useless Sony idea that was not thought through

    Seems the case right now doesn’t it? Sony have a track record of almost succeeding with proprietary stuff.

    And as for Nikon having different cards on the D4, even dumber idea. The mismatched card thing doesn’t not suit the workflow where I work.

    • tifkat

      Proprietary? Have you all forgotten already is was jointly developed?

      Here, have a read and refresh your memories:

      • idiot

        yeah but it ends up being proprietry in the end. so far.

        • B!

          In the end and so far in the same sentence. ROFL!!!!

      • btdown

        Quoting wikipedia makes you look like a tool.

        • idiot

          MULE FRITTERS!!!

          Here’s another example of a joker. What would you have him quote, the Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedia?

          • mikils

            He’d probably pining for EnCarta. Now THAT was a lame one…

  • Bob

    Sony has produced some amazingly good products over the year … and yes including Betamax. It was not Sony’s fault that the general public was too stupid to realize that it was a far, far supeior product to VHS! VHS quality was a joke!

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      AFAIK the broadcast industry still uses Betamax (at least for SD stuff).

      Or something similar.

      • tifkat

        Betacam. Which is a completely different animal to Betamax. Only the small betacam tapes looked like betamax tapes.

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          Yeah “something similar” 😉

      • HDCAM SR for HD and Digi Beta (Digital Betacam). Pretty much the formats of choice by all major broadcasters for master copies.

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          Oh ok. It’s been a long time (8 years) since I’ve done anything in a TV studio.

    • B!

      Netflix streaming is VHS quality (sometimes lower) and everybody seems to rave about it. Yes I have a business connection rated at 35/15, gigabit internally, so there I just saved you a reply.

      The quality of MP3s most teenagers listed too calls for jail sentence. Quality of video on YouTube is appalling, blury pictures from iPhones became a standard……how did Sony expect anybody to buy into anything better.

      Everything better than VHS never caught on, with the exception of CDs and DVDs, physical formats long forgotten. Say hello to low quality on demand, instant gratification streaming.

      I’m surprised to see so many people praying to get top notch pictures (provided proper technique is employed) that either a D800 or D4 provides. I really wonder what is the age group for buyers of either. Something tells me its 30+

  • Adam Ebihara

    If indeed this is true, I think it is really crappy of Nikon. I know that there was an awful tragedy where plants were ruined, families devastated with the loss of loved ones. Getting my D4 cannot in any way compare with this tragedy.

    Nikon must not respect it’s loyal customers willing to pay an exorbitantly high price for this model. The very least Nikon could do to compensate it’s loyal customers who are waiting & waiting & waiting without any notice about when — this year, before Christmas perhaps? — they will be delivered. A severe shortage should have been addressed long ago with
    add-on manufacturing capacity being put in place.

    The lack of notice, the positioning of the D800 really make me think about what Nikon is all about. Does it not bother Nikon that Canon is eating it’s lunch?

    Nikon should include a free card/reader because in my case, I haven’t been able to procure
    a camera that I need professionally. And I am still waiting. For how long? If I didn’t have Nikon pro glass, I would go with Canon. It sucks to be left in the dark & not right.

    • JT

      yeah go Canon. Get that 1Dx that is supposed to be $800 more than D4 and is readily available. . . . oops, sorry I’m supposed not. Idiot.

      Because D800 and Canon is eating Nikon’s lunch? I wonder what planet are you living because the place I’m at now have Nikon all over Canon, and the D800 is one hell of a camera.

      I bet you’re the one that is disillusioned and clueless. You can rant about the poor availability of the recent releases but you can’t complain about the quality of the latest FX camera, they are top draw. Canon is not even on the same page.

      • Adam Ebihara

        Like … huh? I am just ranting dude when I didn’t need to. Sorry folks. There are some excellent, constructive posts in NR. The Japan incident & the after-effects were a disaster of immense proportions. As I said, how can I even think about D4 with this in mind. But it would be nice to have all pre-orders to receive the XQD card / reader as a nice gesture & thanks for your patience & continued business. Now I have no incentive to buy XQD. Early adopters are the ones who get the word out so it’s just a bad move on Nikon’s part.

        • Jonathan

          When you buy a D4, it does not say “comes with free XQD card.” That was goodwill from Nikon. They don’t owe you anything.

          And good luck going to Canon. 1DX cameras have been delayed till June at least. And I am sure will be just as hard to come by.

    • jorg

      Why oh why do you people come here and unload your emotional diarrhea ???

      • Discontinued

        LOL. Emotional diarrhea pretty much nails it. There have been times when I was considering the switch to Canon myself (and as many many others in times of Nikon’s 12 MP no full HD-Video policy even unloaded my frustration here).

        But I guess right now (with new lenses, D7000, D800 and D4) is the worst possible timing to do so. It really proofs verbal incontinence.

      • Foolishcfo

        Because our spouses and significant others don’t want to listen to us whine! 🙂

        • jorg

          ok. thanks. one plausible point for whining around here- there is no other place in the world crowded with people who could understand your grief. it is like anonymus camerawhinos…

          NR is such an exciting place and so many people contribute funny, well informed, inspiring and educating things here- it is unnerving to sift out the QQing…

          please admin: can we get a whiners corner?

          damn, now i am whining too…

          • LOL…
            It’s funny cuz’ it’s true! 🙂

    • peterw

      A lot of customers are waiting for you to receive your D4… / D800…
      You just can’t go on like that any longer… Your customers are screaming for their pictures…

      … I would advice you to use the camera that is in your bag at the present, as much as you hate it…
      What is it? A D3s? A D700 a D70? Which ever, some people are able to produce excellent pictures with these, so surely you too… Not?


    • Gary

      @Adam Ebihara – who says sarcasm is dead?

  • KnightPhoto

    This is too bad. Would have been nice to let the D4 pre-orders dwindle down to a lower level before they instituted this change.

    For those of us already shooting the XQD, I find it to be a good media format. Fast, fast, fast and no pins to bend. And it doesn’t strike me as all that expensive for the speed. I would have had to buy faster CF cards commensurate with my D4 anyways, so I’d rather buy an XQD than a CF. I probably won’t add anymore to my CF collection built up from my older cameras.

    I imagine some (or all) of the upcoming Sony DSLR camera releases are going to use XQD also. The big question will be whether Canon will, e.g. for a future 7Dii etc. Anyhow, personally I am not a huge fan of either CF or SD.

  • Ralph

    Can someone tell me what is so good about his format? The D800 has the CF and SD, I don’t get why two different formats there at all, it’s a pain having two formats.

    • Foolishcfo

      I agree. I so wanted two CF card slots.

    • shadowfoto

      XQD is FAST, while CF+SD is good for small amount of space occuped in camera body. remember, you still need to fit battery somewhere there.

      • B!

        Not the case with D4, the battery is in whole different place. D4 should have come with two XQD slots, then i’d just buy new XQDs in stead of upgrading my CFs and buying an additional format.

    • Jabs

      The real technological benefit of the new card format is that it is basically an SSD (solid state drive) with a PCI-E interface, thus miles ahead of anything on the market.

      The older cards are based upon the PMCIA standard and thus will never trump the newer cards in bandwidth or speed, as when you move a large file through a restricted pipeline, the file transfer has to slow down to fit this slower pipeline, hence the need for a newer Standard that was ratified by the Compact Flash Association. It reminds me of the difference between IDE and SATA drives – no contest.

      Bandwidth and an ability to push out huge files at ridiculous speeds means that the D4 actually needs it, as the older cards reached their bandwidth and file size LIMITS.

      Look at the specs for a D4 with the older card and the newer card and see a significant difference in speed plus the amount of RAW files , jpegs and Video you can shoot.

      Night and day basically, but people complain mainly because they are uninformed or maybe Canon trolls here trying to wreck Nikon’s advantage over them, as Canon is partially asleep now when comparing Nikon’s Pro body releases to theirs – lol

      The D4 has the fastest sub-system performance of ANY camera on the market, hence it needed that new card. Expeed 3 plus the new card = the D4 walks away from everyone by a lot.

      • B!


        The D800 is crippled due to lack of XQD. No worries, the D900 (oh snap I said it) will come with 2

    • The advantages of CF family and XQD is not only speed, but also error correction, CF uses ECC, unsure what XQD uses. CF can also keep track of bad blocks and will not write to them and also use wear levelling.

      I think most using SD cards have seen photos that have become corrupted, file wont open, half the image is purple or black square blocks appear in the image.

      • B!

        If QXD is based on SSD technology (and I believe it is) then all these extras are available.

  • Adam Ebihara

    Oh, And do I really want XQD. No. This was
    a stupid design/platform decision. Nikon,
    how did you hood-winked into this?

  • coco


  • It was a terribly nice little surprise to open it up and have that little package with the reader and the card in it. They are actually really great, the cards work better, are a pleasing size, and do away with all those pins and stuff. Not to mention read and write speeds are awesome. I still have over a terabytes of CF cards so I’m not thrilled about things changing, but it certainly works well.

  • Tom

    When Canon has a product rivaling medium format Hasselblad, let me know.

    • Booyah

      When you actually need to print all those pixels, let us know.

      • Okay, letting you know.

        I do.

        Both for large, quality prints, and for print jobs in large format publications that use fine 600 line) screens.

        • Booyah

          Again, when you need *all* of the pixels, let us know.

          • Jonathan

            Yeah, I see a noticeable improvement in print quality at 12×18 in the D800 versus the D700. So, thank you, but I’ll keep my new 36mp beast.

          • Yep. I use them all without the need for copping, and I am absolutely noticing differences at even 8×10, but it REALLY starts to shine upwards of 18 and 24 inches.

            I am a wedding and senior photographer, producing albums with 24″ spreads all day long. I also have images in galleries upwards of 60″.

            Did I get by with 12mp? Absolutely. Doesn’t change the fact that they are *better* with 36.

          • OH, and not to mention I love square crops, so I guess I lied about the cropping sorta. I like that i can produce a square composition that is still almost 5,000px per side.

          • Booyah

            All y’all are killing me! Keep it up!

  • ADMIN???

    ADMIN, any idea of what serial numbers Nikon stopped adding the XQD with the D4? Mine should be arriving Weds, and I was told it has the XQD card and reader. Thanks

  • tirmite

    Not sure if there’s room inside the body, but I wish Nikon would either change their minds about XQD or provide an option for swapping it out for a second CF card slot. I think their attempt to be a trend setter was a mistake. Sandisk and Lexar aren’t planning on making the card and what if Sony stops making it?

    • B!

      Sandisk and Lexar are making or preparing at least to come out with XQD offering as we speak (or type)

  • B and H has XQD

    I just checked the B and H site and they have 16 gb and 32 gb XQD cards and readers in stock.

  • NikonQA

    I wonder if the new D4’s are shipping with a working left focus point.

  • XQD Trolls

    The XQD Trolls are in a feeding frenzy tonight. The XQD gives the D4 a HUGE buffer capacity that SD and CF cannot touch at the moment, and the card to computer write speeds are equally as impressive. Check out Rob Galbraith and his testing on the D4, XQD, and CF speeds. XQD is where it’s at.

  • Mine had one XQD 16Gb, XQD reader and a free Lexar CF 16Gb 1000x (arrived at home after online registration)!!!

    • CS

      Where are you based? when and where did you order your D4?

  • ISODelta

    I have some Sony products, because they still work, some ceased operation and in the case of the Mini Disc, no longer providing assistance to the model I have. I avoid Sony products, are expensive and the quality is poor it is. assistance is expensive. For these and other reasons is that Samsung has won Sony market.
    In the Nikon, I’m pushed to have the Sony sensors…world is not perfect I know…

  • Sports

    CF is better than SD, but CF is more expensive.
    XQD is better (in every way) than CF, but XQD is more expensive.
    Are all the whiners so grumpy just because all their expensive CF is suddenly not the best anymore?
    Sure, CF is the right balance between price, availability, and performance as of now … for most people. But you WILL want it. The “bad” thing is that THIS time, the new tech is actually available before you need it. (Better than if it’s late, I’d say.)

  • Michael

    Definitely not a Sony idea.

    • Sky

      Partially Sony idea (Sony needs these cards for high-res video uses as well as uber-fast SLT cameras – current standards are too slow for either of them – Nikon doesn’t have this problem as it simply doesn’t have any high-res-high-speed consumer camera).
      Sandisk, Sony, and Nikon teamed up to create this standard all together.

      Don’t go too far into hater mood.

      We’ll see how it goes with implementation of this standard though. As long as it doesn’t hit any prosumer or consumer cameras – it won’t be accepted worldwide making it kinda… odd thing.

  • GfK

    XQD slot is useful for the future.
    XQD card is useless right now primarily due to its price.
    No doubt it is faster, but D4 doesn’t need that speed, the files are small enough for CF to handle them. D800 though really needs a faster card. Files are huge. Only 95MB/s Extreme Pro SD cards are close enough. Just testem them and they are really much faster than
    90MB/s Extreme Pro CF cards.

    I got my D4 with XQD reader and 16GB card inside.
    I live in Greece.

    • Mike

      You still got money left in Greece??

      • peterw

        is that intended to be funny Mike? or is it your way to express your human interest.
        people are loosing their jobs over there.

        • Greek

          Don’t you have to want to work before you can lose your job?

          • peterw

            What very funny people around here. Making fun of other peoples misery.

            I can just say: Try for yourself to loose your job and retirement savings. Feel how it is. I might laugh about you then? (No, I will not).

            Happily this doesn’t apply to Gfk.

    • Jane

      The D4’s throughput is actually *higher* than the D800’s, it’s 176MP/s on the D4 vs. 144MP/s on the D800, so if any of these cameras “needs” the speed of XQD, it’s the D4. However, I don’t think the D4’s amazing buffer capabilities are down to XQD, it’s the camera’s large and fast internal buffer.

      • It’s the same size buffer as the D3s. XQD just unloads the buffer faster, so it takes longer to get saturated.

        I like the XQD; just wish someone other than Sony was making it (and that my iMac had a USB 3.0 port so I could unload the card faster).

      • I beg to differ

        The buffer capacity is highest with the XQD than it is with the fastest CF card, the Lexar 1000x. I would also ad that we are comparing CF technology which has been around a long time, in terms of tech years, and the XQD which is in it’s infancy.

        • I have no idea what you’re saying here. The EXPEED processor dumps the photos into a memory buffer. Whichever card you’re using reads that buffer as fast as it can, writing the images permanently. There aren’t separate buffers for each card.

          It just acts like a larger buffer with XQD, because the XQD can write the data faster, which means that images are flushed from the buffer more quickly.

    • Jonathan

      Yeah, but 1000x Lexar CF cards are 150MB/s, and therefore considerably faster than SD.

  • treehaus

    Who cares if nobody else makes an XQD other than sony ever, The D4 has it and is seems to be superb! Also when it come to odd or failed formats, Sony only failed with the betamax because it refused to allow the porn industry to use it, vhs didnt care so it won in the end even though beta was much better, Toshiba let HD DVD be used for porn from the start and Sony again refused with bluray, but eventually agreed so as not to repeat history. D4 is the ultimate platform so show case what they can do, so good luck to them.

  • I was one of the first in Canada to get the D4 and XQD card and reader. The reader has been problematic. I’m not sure if the connection between it and the cable got bent a bit, but it’s very touchy and tends to mount and dismount on the Dell computer frequently. That’s quite annoying. I considered sending it in, but to who? Nikon? Sony? It’s not mentioned on the receipt.

    That said, the card has worked quite well so far. Using a 16 GB card on a 16 MP camera when you are used to 32 GB cards on a 12 MP camera takes a bit of getting used to, in regards to limitted space.

    As such, due to the spotty card reader, and the fact I have nothing else built in that can read this card, I always use the camera such that it copies it to the CF slot. I would have simply preferred two CF slots.

    If no one else adopts XQD, will the D4s in two years come with two CFs? At that point, I would say it is a dead technology (i.e. Betamax – another Sony product, Memory Stick in its numerous incarnations and form factors, again, Sony) and they should revert back to CFs.

    • I should add, if Nikon was serious about XQD, the D800 surely would have had it, as it likely would have increased frame rate.
      They also would have included it as a second slot on some of its lower end models. That is not the case.
      And the rumors for the D600 say two SD cards, no?

      • jorg

        rumor has it, that D800 was quasi ready developed in summer 2011. some promo-photos from D800 show EXIFs from summer 2011, supporting that thesis.
        back then XQD was not ready to be implemented in the camera, but a few months later it became ready for serial production.

        after the catastrophies/delays nikon obviously did not redesign the D800-body to hold XQD instead of CF. with the flagship and techmonster D4 they did it. makes sense to me to implement this new technology into the flagship, where speed counts.
        as others pointed out, the D4 need the fastest write-speed more than the D800.
        i would welcome an XQD-slot in my D800.

        as others pointed out, those cards work like a charm.

      • mikils

        According with Nikon, D800 should have been launched before D4, hence the CF+SD.
        In my opinion Something will replace CF cards anyway, this is how industry and market works. Apparently the only State of art SS memory on the market is XQD. No sign of competitors yet. I am not a Big Fan of Sony but if they come out with a product which will catch on so be it.

  • Jason

    Bought my D4 early April (about 6 weeks ago) from Map Camera in Tokyo. There was no free XQD card or reader. I think this offer was limited to a few pre-orders by Nikon NPS photographers.
    To my recollection, It was never officially announced that it was included free.

    The XQD 16mb card and reader I bought separately. Could really do with the 32mb but waiting for the price to drop a little.

    • kfjm85

      Sadly, the offer was/is not offered in Japan based on the information I’ve seen.

    • umesh

      Also similarly my D800e box (in India) didn’t contain capture nx2 cd.

  • FrankWest76

    Since the beginning the XQD was for D4 Only. At time the D4 was ready to get in production, all major announcement were as well (1DX, 5D Mark III, D800/E etc…). Now I wouldn’t bet on Sony, Pentax, Olympus, nor Sigma getting some XQD. If this format is going to last, we’ll see it again on the brand new model in the next 5 years. Now I’m pretty sure the next update on Nikon’s Pro DSLR will have have it.

    Of course it is a bit strange that this card was accepted by Nikon when you think that some CF cards now overscore the XQD.

    • jorg

      Yes, some of the 18 years old CF-standard are faster than the 1 year old XQD-standard. What a precise observation. While CF will reach its limit soon XQD will push millions of MB for another decade.

    • sjms

      reads yes writes (the important part) no. this the the first gen of XQD the baseline. for CF they are squeezing ou minimal end of the line increases (and not even meaningful ones)

  • PintoOwner

    Well if you are a half-a-mil Ferrari owner, will you be worried about gas prices? If you do, then you have a problem with owning in the first place!
    Looks like Nikon is not giving away free gas made by Sony any more.

  • you do, then you have a problem with owning in the first place!
    Looks like Nikon is not giving away free gas made by Sony any more.


  • PixPix

    New rumors: D4 for is sold without D4 body inside 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • PhilK

    The ONLY reason that other manufacturers are not supporting XQD is because they have their own profit/political axes to grind.

    XQD *** IS NOT ** a proprietary format. It was the agreed successor to CompactFlash, it was developed, pushed and standardized by the CompactFlash Association itself.

    Even more stupidly, Sandisk was one of the founding developers, yet they now say they have no plans to release cards in XQD format right now.

    This is all just stinky corporate games. Very similiar to Microsoft’s decision to push HD DVD instead of BluRay: since Sony was heavily-involved in BluRay, and because they had incorporated it into the PS3, Microsoft just wanted to undermine the format as much as possible, despite the fact that BluRay was clearly coming out ahead for technical reasons and ultimately in customer popularity as well. HD DVD is dead now.

    It’s also not unlike how Apple refused to incorporate USB 3.0 on ANY of their products, instead waiting to push the overpriced LightPeak (what Intel originally called it) or “Thunderbolt” (what Apple decided to call it) interface instead. Intel also dragged their feet on including USB 3.0 capability in their motherboard logic chipsets, once again IMHO simply because they preferred to push their in-house favorite, LightPeak/Thunderbolt. (Which probably earns them a tidy royalty for every system that ships with it, whereas they get no such revenue for including a world-standard like USB 3.0 in their silicon)

    So Nikon went with what should have been the “standard”, while companies like Lexar and Sandisk would rather make higher margins on their fancypants UDMA “1000x” CF cards, which BTW are quite a bit pricier than the XQD alternative from Sony. (Starting to become clearer now?)

    I for one applaud Nikon for taking the more rational approach. Pity all the other vendors are working against their own customers and trying to gouge them.

    (And yep, it’s true Sony had a history of pushing their own proprietary formats, like MiniDisk, MemoryStick, etc – many of which failed because they weren’t really any better than the alternatives. But that is not what they were doing in this case.)

    • Foolishcfo

      Wow! Do you feel better? Look at Apple’s capitalization. They are doing something right! I’d rather them lead than follow. I also hope Sony and Nikon keep pushing technology. We all benefit from it.

    • B!

      They are not releaseing them right now,…. pretty broad and open statement.

      Tomorrow, next week or next month (as in not now) market will be saturated with XQD cards in all flavors (speed wise)

      I absolutely agree with you on the profit/political point

  • Caribousteaks

    I got my D4 the first week of May with new card reader. Ordered off Amazon in the end of March. I wonder though as to the wisdom of XQD as others have pointed out, why not in the D800, and why use the flagship as a market guinea pig? Seems even more crazy given no one else has decided to make the things. Better format? Sure, obviously, but not if no one adopts it. Nikon seemingly is taking a huge risk in XQD in the D4 and maybe in a year or two might regret it? Hopefully not. You would think though to create the market the reader should be included in every D4 regardless….otherwise what incentive is there to buy the cards? I certainly wouldn’t, and anyone with a Mac computer (no USB3 port) wouldn’t either. Good format, poor decision, very Japanese.

  • eggzz

    Nikon makes the best photo-gear

    but they are assholes. I hate the living guts out of that company.

    I will kepp buying stuff from them, but their lack of proper communication, total arrogance towards their customers, no less than stupid marketing strategíes (if any) and their total failure when it comes to at least ACTING as a modern proffessional company, have made me consider changing brand several times.

    This will probably never happen though……I shoot Canon at work and their plastic cameras are actually quite OK, especially when it comes to workflow, and clever features. But as soon as I get home and have my Nikon gear for a spin, I know I made the right choice.

    Assholes or not 😉

  • DanielD

    PixPix is right – I’ve paid for my D4 body at the beginning of March. And I haven’t received it yet. I know some people in the UK who faced the same situation. I have colleagues who received their D4s (plural 🙂 ) from different sources – inclusive the 16Gb XQD and the card reader – even they ordered them weeks after me. So the decision is not fair – just because I paid it in March. What a big shame for Nikon.

    Now, you can be sure that the financial report published by Nikon, it is not eloquent, as long as they’ve taken the money from the customers (this money aper in their accountancy) without delivered any product in change. I have read that 2 persons in my situation, who intend to call Nikon to the Court, have been interviewed by some photographic magazines – and the whole story will release to the beginning of June.

  • Catalin Sandu

    I got my D4 last week and it came with the free XQD card and reader. I pre-ordered my D4 mid-April. Got it from Downtown Camera (Toronto).

  • Stealth price hike or simply an end to the introductory special?

  • nice to see everyone is getting their cameras delivered so promptly. i ordered mine back in january and still have not yet received. quite angry. of course while i wait the longest as it seems, i also won’t get the new card. looking like a conspiracy against me. wtf nikon?! if wondering, i pre ordered on january 21 from calumet philly.

  • Levi H

    I cancelled my D4 pre-order and got a used SUV instead. No lie.

    Priorities. Haha.

    • sjms

      and you call that a deal?

    • B!

      Don’t tell me you called that Canon camera SUV? 🙂

  • sjms

    the current status of XQD is fairly simple. it’s new and most next gen camera designs aresigned off on before it was announced. we’ll see, i like mine just fine.

    • LeGO

      The Nikon D600 will not have XQD. I doubt whether the 24mp D300s-replacement and 24mp D700-replacement will support XQD as these will be based off the D800 body which uses CF and SD. So except for the D4, it looks like no Nikon dSLRs will use XQD in the next 2 years.

      The surest sign that XQD is in trouble is if Sony’s next new crop and FF camera does not incorporate XQD.

      • B!

        The D90 and D7000 didn’t have the CF card slots, did that mean of life for CF format… couldn’t be more wrong with your statement.

        QXD is not included because it’s a camera for a whole different consumer segment.

  • Kevin

    I’ve been quite happy with the XQD card that came with my D4. It is amazingly fast, and a necessary move by Nikon to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the fast frame rate of the D4. While it will always be risky to be first, the format was accepted by the industry. I believe that it will become more prevalent as the need for faster cards increases. We’re virtually at the end of what the CF format can do.

    To those upset that they’re not getting free XQD cards and readers, Nikon gave them to early adopters but never intended to ship them forever. They were included until the XQD cards and readers became available.

    • Toby

      Yes early adopters, but guess what, I pre-ordered THE day pre-orders came up (Jan) and still haven’t gotten my D4, and apparently now, my XQD card/reader (which I also pre-ordered, but have since canceled).

      Now I have to re-order the XQD card/read and totally lost my spot in line!!!!!!!

  • Spy Black

    Although the XQD is supposed to be the product of multiple companies, I don’t buy it. I may be wrong, but that thing has Sony written all over it. I think Nikon had to eat it because they’re dependent on Sony for their sensors.

    However, all is not lost. What you need is for some savvy manufacturer to create a $20 adapter card that will let you stick two or more SD cards in an XQD clone case in a RAID ZERO array and bypass Sony’s stupid idea. Now that would really be cool.

  • Off Topic

    Has anyone here visited the various Nikon800 forums on Flickr. OMG. So many idiots buying D800’s to shoot their stinking (literally and figuratively) cats!! WTF??!!! This is why I have to wait for my D800? so some fool can shoot shit!

    • This is the funniest thing I have read in a while. 😀
      Sorry – I am one of those guys that got their D800 ahead of you and making you wait 🙂
      Just ask in the next bestbuy when their next shipment is coming in and pick one up – that’s what I did – after my pre-order didn’t look like it would ever be filled.

  • neversink

    NIKON — READ MY LIPS – I am returning the D4.
    That’s it…. I just received a D4 the other day. It came without a reader or a card although when I pre-ordered it over the phone two months ago I was told they ship with the card and the reader. I am just pissed off. I cannot understand the reasoning behind Nikon’s lack of consumer awareness or concern for long-time customers, particularly since they have taken their time to deliver.

    I love my D800 and have no problem. The D800 is probably a better camera anyway in terms of IQ. So what if it is 4fps. When I started photography, 4 fps was considered fast with the motor drives for the Nikon Ftn and F2 cameras. I can deal with 4fps with the D800. I’ll put the money into big glass instead.

    Nikon, Get your act together!!!!!!!!

    • B!

      Dejavu! I swear I read this post already. Return the damn thing already so that somebody else can get it! NOW!!!

  • Eliza

    I apologise for the double-post but I find it mandatory for people to know that a major batch of the new D800, D800E & D4 are having serious issues with focus accuracy.

    On topic :

    I’d rather not received the XQD card & card-reader but have a functional camera.

    If some people are STILL unaware of what I’m (and many, many others) are talking about, try these links for a change :

    … and so on, just google it.

  • Eliza


    In my case it’s a D4 and D800E and I own and both experience the above mentioned issues.


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