BestBuy may have Nikon D800 in stock

BestBuy now lists the Nikon D800 as available for order, but not available for shipping (it was listed as "sold out online" yesterday). You can check the "Shipping & Availability" link for the stores in your area where you can pick up the camera after purchasing it online. All stores in my area did not have any in stock, but you may get lucky. I believe the second shipment of D800 cameras is now hitting US stores - several non-NPS readers have already reported receiving their camera in the past few days. BestBuy doesn't keep a pre-order list, so there is a good chance that you may find one.

The Nikon D4 is still listed as "sold out online" but some readers were able to purchase it from BestBuy's website few days ago.

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  • Darin

    Anyone else order a D4 through B+H on the first day they opened orders and not receive it yet? Or vice-versa, order after the first day and you’ve already seen it?

    • Darin

      Also, inb4 D800E

    • Ren Kockwell

      Yep. Still getting the bullshit e-mail from them. Tempted to buy from Best Buy but it’s $200 more in taxes.

      • D700guy

        Its $552 in sales tax for me here in Washington

        • EAJ

          Apples (D800) and oranges (D4).

      • Taxes that you should be paying no matter what. Use tax is required on your annual tax form to the state. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim most of my personal online purchases (even though I should)… but for my business, you bet your ass I do.

        I prefer to buy in-state because it’s less paperwork for me to just pay the tax at point of purchase.

      • I just got one from best buy, paid $200 in sales tax, and cancelled my B&H pre-order. I think it was worth it.

        • Norman

          The Ritz in DC, astonishingly, came through today, so I’ve gleefully canceled my Amazon order. Taxes were $180, but with a couple of important jobs coming up I figured it’d be worth it. (It’d better be.)

        • OMH

          I Think Im gonna do the same. Ordered 2/7/12 from B&H .. . . . . Nothing! I’ll even buy the Black Tie 3 year-warranty from best buy. 2 sensor cleanings per year included.

    • D700guy

      That would be me.

      • D700guy

        meaning; I have not received mine.

  • Hi,

    the second round of D800 shipment started on monday in Germany. There are shops around Cologne which do have them in stock.


  • Chris did have pre-orders, I ordered 2/9 and got my two days ago, but it looks like they may have filled them all. I know I complained quite a bit to when people were able to walk into the stores a few weeks ago and buy them, while I still hadn’t gotten my preorder. I think they may have separate inventories.

    • Best Buy Employee

      They do. Also, some people canceled orders that were sent to stores. This is why some stores had them available.

  • Beso

    I tried to order off the Best Buy site today, and have been calling on a daily basis to see if they were accepting orders. To be brief, there are no D800s anywhere a Best Buy in the northwest and, while one could place the item in the cart, since it could not be picked up at a local store and shipping is not an option, it wouldn’t allow checkout. I also called to see if I could get one that way and was told no, still backordered. So, maybe a few will get lucky around the country but not here in the northwest.

    • JStrait

      Same exact thing here on the west coast (LA.) You can now put it in your cart for p/u only but then since they aren’t in stock anywhere all options are greyed out and check out is impossible.

  • Travone

    not a single one in my area lol

  • no

    that is the way the D800 page has always looked like since last month. you’ve always been able to search by zip and hope to get lucky. I’ve been trying for a straight month daily and haven’t seen a single instance of a camera in stock in all zip codes I’m nearby.

    • yesterday you could not add the D800 to your cart

      • Foolishcfo

        I tried to order one in Southern California. Sure you could click on the order tab but you can only do store pickup and their website says none in So Cal are available.

        • JStrait

          Hey “Foolshcfo” – check my post below for details on ordering.. You can’t do it online yet but in-store OMS orders are available.

          “Just placed an in-store order at BB in Los Angeles (Atwater Village) They claim it will arrive for in-store pickup on Friday. (!!!) Well we’ll see. These were my only choices (in-store order/pickup.)

          I called the store and asked as usual but instead of the past response of “none in stock, no way to order” The rep said “I can place one through the MOS, huh, I could never do that before.” She couldn’t do it over the phone though and delivery was not an option. IF you live in the area go to the store pickup counter and ask for ‘Ericka.’ Hope you get one too!”

          • Matt

            Just did the same thing. Called the 800 number on the website, they say they can’t order it and it is not available. Then called my local BB and talked with the store manager. She looked into the system and said they were definitely available in the warehouse and if I came in to the store, they could order it for me.
            Went in to the store and sure enough, were able to order and will be at the store for pickup 5/2. ALmost too good to be true.

  • Kame

    Well, I have preordered my d800 on two different stores here in Italy.
    Still no news.

    I am sad.

  • HC

    I ordered a D800 from B&H on 2/10 and just cancelled my order . I called all my local camera shops offering them cash for a D800 last week. That seemed to do the trick to move me up on the list. I just picks it up yesterday.

  • T.I.M

    They don’t have any D800/D800e in stock.
    I called them already this morning.

    • Mike Lowery

      I have great news. I just walked into my local Best Buy (St. Petersburg, FL) and asked the guy if they had any D800’s. He gave me a crazy look and said they received a few a month ago. I said can you look in the computer because I heard some were available. He looked and sure enough he found one for me that will be here this SATURDAY! I paid for it and even received 18 months 0% financing. I still have an 800E on pre-order from B&H, but you guys know how that is. Might keep both. Thanks NR!

      • Bryan L

        I hope you did not snag mine……I was told the same thing yesterday,,,here at BestBuY (Tampa-Dale Mabry store),,,,said I was next on there little list,,,

        • Mike Lowery

          I’m not a jealous person so I will say that I hope we BOTH receive one Bryan. You probably will only use it to post pics of your cat around the house. I have a bunch of weddings in May so I think I deserve it too.

  • RW

    The D800 doesn’t really exist. It’s just one big tease.

    • This is precisely why we’re buying a pair of D700s instead.

    • So, what is this camera I have in my hands that says “D800” on it?

      • RW

        I don’t know, are you sure you’re not a marketing bot? πŸ™‚

  • I was lucky enough to get an order in on Best Buy today when they were available to be shipped. Best Buy has confirmed the order and taken payment. At first expected shipping stated 4/27-4/30 and now it has changed on my order to shipping “null-null dates.”

    Must have been to good to be true that it was actually available.

  • Barbie Rokwel

    Got this afternoon a mail that I come to the store and pick up an D800. So yes, maybe the situation is improving. Will pick it up on friday, could not take a day off sooner πŸ™

  • Nitpicker

    Funny. I’ve got my D800 a MONTH ago within 24 hours via express shipping from Amazon Germany. Whereas the professional dealerships here in Hamburg still only have very few in stock – which are all reserved, of course. Another nail hammered into the retailers coffin …

  • I ordered a d4 on 1/9 thru B&H and finally got sick of their perfunctory emails. I cancelled with B&H, and walked into my local camera shop in Chicago and paid upfront. They represented that I was 3rd in line to get the unit. It seems silly to me that B&H couldn’t at least represent where I was in their queue. I understand that the issue is beyond their control somewhat, but they could at least tell me where I was in their internal queue.

    • jeff

      I agree. I called. Was told they had no idea where I was in the queue. I stopped in. Was told to ask “customer service”. I asked customer service and they said they didn’t know and I should ask “that man over there”. He didn’t know and… I kid you not, said to call customer service on the phone (remember, that is where I started).

      I really don’t see why they won’t tell us where on the waiting list we are unless they have something to hide…

      • Andrew

        They might consider this confidential information, not letting their competitors know how many items they have on back-order. This might not be great for the consumers, but remember, the store’s interest usually comes first. Imagine, the minute they give you this information, it might be all over the Internet.

        • AlexE

          Got off the phone with B&H customer service and they just got notice from Nikon that the next shipment of D800s should get to them end of May…

        • Samas

          And that is why they will give a WRONG information if pressed. I myself got at least three numbers as my “position” in the list: “Above 1000” once, “there are about 400 orders ahead of you” once and “we received over 2000 orders in the first couple of hours of opening on 2/7 and you ordered very late on that day” once. But never they gave me an absolute number in the list. Is it THAT hard to look up a list and read out a number? You go figure!

      • Samas

        We already know they had one “Greta” to hide. How many more – God knows. Pre-order wait lists with on-line resellers seem like a joke when Best Buys outperform these “pro” shops.

    • phr3dly

      Why would that matter to you? That number is meaningless without the additional context of how much volume they’ll be receiving.

      I’d much rather be 1,000th in line at a store that is about to receive 1,000 cameras than 3rd in line at a local shop that is about to receive 1.

      • Jetfire

        It would give you some Idea where you are. Everything when seen here says B&H received only a few (some said 20) and if I’m 423 in line I might look else where. If I’m 10,000 in line I’ll wait for the D900

  • MikeR

    My local (Upstate New York) dealer received two D800s last Thursday and four on Monday.

    I received my D800 on Monday; I am not an NPS member. The dealer received eight units in the first wave and then nothing more until last week.

    • T.I.M

      I got my D800e last week also but it was bad (lock up) so I returned it.
      Now I may have to wait months to get an other one, but at least I had the pleasure to play with it for one day ! (nice camera)

      • MikeR

        Sorry to hear that you had problems. So far I have not had any issues and am very pleased with the capabilities and the results I’m seeing. My wait felt like it was forever!!!

      • Andrew

        Also sorry to hear about your problem. It is nice to see someone take a positive attitude in such a situation – very classy! I hope your store keep you at the head of the line, I think that would be the fair thing to do since it was not your fault. Maybe you should talk to a manager to make certain you do not lose your place in the queue.

  • A.L.

    I ordered one as soon as I saw the notice from D4/D800 nikon forum @dpreview. I have a shipment either tom. or friday. I guess they run out of stock within 30 mins of the notice, that was around 9:30am (Mountain Time).

  • J

    Amazon still tells me that mine should be delivered on May 2nd. Order placed on 2/7 at 7am EST.

    B&H should be getting more inventory this week, according the Nikon rep I spoke to.

  • Tom

    I just checked all of California, Florida, New Jersey and Kentucky and no Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile stores in those states are showing availability.

    • Tom

      New York City has none. Dallas Texas has none. Entire state of Colorado none.

  • MattC

    admin, any tips on D800E shipments?

  • trialcritic

    I bought my D800 from Best Buy. I could not wait any longer on B&H and $200 in taxes is OK considering the price of the camera. Having the camera is worth it. I got my camera close to a month ago. The B&H customer support person was surprised when I canceled my order. I told him the reason, it being available in BB and he apologized. In fact, the BB people did a very good job for me. I called them and asked if the store had it. The person told me to pay for it and they would be able to have it ready in 1 week. I got a mail after a week to come by and pick it up. That is good customer support!

    • $200 in taxes is okay considering that you are legally required to pay them as part of your state use tax anyway. :-p I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, while they can still get you even if it’s personal… I definitely would play ball if it’s for your business.

  • NikorRyan

    Northeast: Zilch in NH, MA including Boston. I hope the winds of stock blow north!

  • Rodizzle

    Right when I found out it was available online, I went to the the store and ordered one. They ordered my D800 through their OMS system and they said it should be here by May 1st. They couldn’t order it through their regular ordering system. I’m crossing my fingers. If I get this by then, then I will cancel my order with

  • Hunts just called to say they were shipping my D800 today. I paid in full a few weeks ago and that moved me ahead of the no money preorders. I’ve cancelled my 2/7 order at B&H so everyone behind me gets moved up a slot! πŸ˜‰

  • Thinh

    Just ordered it this morning at 11:35 AM. Called them a few minutes ago to confirm that they have it and they have already processed the order ready to ship. (The “Not Available for Shipping” was not there when I placed the order).

  • mouonline

    i just cancelled my order from Onecall this morning. WTH, they charged from my paypal account almost 2 months, i don’t even get a shit….

  • Audrey

    Just called and got mine from Best Buy. They had 3 in the warehouse and will have it for me to pick up on monday. Recieved tracking info in my mailbox! Yay!

    Will be canceling with Adorama….called and they said they still havn’t recieved any communication from Nikon.

  • Lowly BBY Employee

    Best Buy has dot com warehouses and retail replenishment warehouses. Employees at retail locations can tap into either warehouse when ordering a product for a customer in store, while the orders only pull from the dot com warehouses. Therefore, even if is no longer taking orders it doesn’t mean that the D800 is completely unavailable. If you go to a store and find somebody halfway competent (which is obviously not a given) they should be able to check through the OMS system whether they can order one for you or not. It won’t matter if the store carries the D800 or not.

  • B!

    Just called the store in Brooklyn and they say come in place the order and delivery date would be May 1st, guaranteed. I dont want the D800 so for what it’s worth go ahead.

    • Bill

      Thanks! I’ll have to check this out on my lunch hour!

  • T.I.M

    Bad batteries good news ?

    The “battery recall” issue may be good news for us, if Nikon is holding the D800/D800e delivery because they want to replace the defective inside the camera kits, it may take some time, but much less time than making whole new cameras !

    So after all the defectives batteries will be replace, we may see tons of D800/D800e available !

    I don’t know if my D800E batttery had an “E”, does anyone received a D800/D800e with a “recall” battery ?

  • Called two best buys in my area one did not have any, the other had 2 in the warehouse, I placed my order over the phone and can pick it up on Tuesday. I did pay an extra $200 in sales tax but at least I know I’ll have it by my first wedding of the season.

    Placed my order on the first day with B&H, after I ordered it through Best Buy I cancelled my order they were surprised, I’m not sure why seems like a lot of people have been complaining. If you still have a B&H pre-order you’ve moved up in the line by one at least!

  • Jetfire

    I’ll have my D800 on May 1 from Best Buy for in-store (Cincinnati, OH) Pick-Up. I got Screwed by them last time. I per payed on 3/25 in store was 4th on list and was to have it by 3/30. They got 3 in and the Regional Manager was looking all over for it. I canceled on 4/5 since they couldn’t then tell when or if I would get. I didn’t want to be paying interest on something I didn’t have. I told them to call me if they got anymore and I’ll buy it. When I saw the status change today, I gave Bob a call at Best Buy. He said here was just getting ready to check again, something he does almost everyday. He said 75 units showed up in the warehouse briefly but when he went to get more Detail they were gone.

    So, I’m pre-paid again, and will see what happens on the 1st. I’m still on pre-order with B&H but ordered late in the day, so my hope of getting one in the next patch is slim. Maybe sell it on Ebay for $4,000.

    FYI someone with no feedback has a D800 for $2,800 in USA

  • out of about 15 stores in my area none have it

    • What are you considering “your area”?

      On March 22nd, the closest Best Buy to me that had one was 150 miles away. I made the trip that night.

  • JStrait

    Just placed an in-store order at BB in Los Angeles (Atwater Village) They claim it will arrive for in-store pickup on Friday. (!!!) Well we’ll see. These were my only choices (in-store order/pickup.)

    I called the store and asked as usual but instead of the past response of “none in stock, no way to order” The rep said “I can place one through the MOS, huh, I could never do that before.” She couldn’t do it over the phone though and delivery was not an option. IF you live in the area go to the store pickup counter and ask for ‘Ericka.’ Hope you get one too!

    • JStrait

      … oops, I meant “OMS” (online merchandising system)

  • Best Buy warehouse here in Portland got shipment today — am picking mine up at store on Tuesday.

    • Cool, I knew that they got them somewhere πŸ™‚

      • Rich

        I called my local BB (Lansing, Mi), and they were ready to process my payment, and ship it to my house. when i pressed about if it’s “really” available, she gave the tn for BB corporate (1-888-237-8289). the lady i talked to there said i was the 5th person to call about the D800 today. she also said that no stores had any in stock anywhere. that didn’t really sound right to me, so, based on Christopher’s comment, i called a BB in Portland. I talked to Krista, who confirmed for me that they have about 25 in their warehouse. i placed the order, and should have it by the end of next week. We’ll see. I’m cautiously optimistic.

        • Jetfire

          From talking to Bob at BB (Cincinnati,OH), BB internal inventory system is weird. Others stores might not have them and that’s what alot of the sales people check. But the warehouse might have but sometimes the system won’t let them order. It was like it was there but not there. Maybe it was just passing though the warehouse to another store. I don’t know.

          When I tried to get one on 3/25 he had to all kinds of overrides to get the system to even take the order. Unfortunately, I was 4th on his list at the time and he only was able to get 3. Hopefully I have better luck this time. I’ll know Tuesday 5/1

  • Scott M

    ordered from B&H feb. 20, pre ordered at local shop (Pro Photo, Irvine, CA) March 20, found one at Best Buy using SKU #. Cancelled B&H. Got call today to come get my D800 at local store. Cancelled, did not think they could get one but curious, so I let it ride.
    moral of the story.
    Waiting for B&H would have driven me crazy. I bet if I worked at a little, I could go get another one at Best Buy. Key is finding the sharpest person in the store and letting them find it for you.

    • Jetfire

      Yes, finding the Guy/Gal who knows what they are doing and will go the extra mile is key. Bob, at my local store is that guy even if the Best Buy system is screwed up. He found a way around it.

      Now to see how many of us get ours from Best Buy Tuesday.

  • Eje Gustafsson

    I been using to quickly check stock. This morning when I looked BestBuy was shown having the D4 in stock. I hurried over to BestBuys site and it allowed me to order one (and I now have tracking number for it as well). Less than an hour after I completed my order it was back as listed out of stock.

    This could be the best chance you have to get a camera quick if your lucky and persistent since they do not allow backorder / preorders so they only sell what they have in stock. Someone told on twitter yesterday that B&H has 7500 D800 units on their preorder list and currently only getting 350 units per month. So to pre-order one from B&H, Amazon or Adorama might mean it might take MANY months before you get one.

    • Eje Gustafsson

      Received my D4 today.

      So keep checking
      They did show the D800 in stock yesterday but latest updated at 11:42am changed it to out of stock. So keep checking numerous times each day and if it’s in stock HURRY.

  • thanks NR!! I just got mine ordered for pick up at Best Buy!!! now to call B&H and tell them sorry. Yeah! So excited for my upcoming trip πŸ™‚

  • I visited my local Best Buy and they confirmed they will have one for me to pick up on May 1 (so close, yet so far away). I think this is evidence that the shipments are indeed coming. Like many others, I placed multiple orders (with B&H, Amazon, and also with J&R). And, like many others, as soon as I get my first one, I will cancel my other orders. So I imagine that the demand right now is inflated due to the multiple orders placed by many people, so I think once we see the shipments come in, more people will cancel their duplicative orders and the wait time for many will actually be shorter than what the various stores have projected. As for people who are trying to sell the cameras on eBay for a profit, I believe their margins will start to shrink rapidly (especially considering that some people may know that Nikon has made clear warranties are NOT transferrable if you buy it from someone from eBay; can anyone confirm this?).

    • Samas

      @David, I am not sure about the “Nikon warranties are not transferrable” comment of yours. I sent an email to Nikon USA asking for updates on D800 avaiability and also asked what Nikon is going to do about these crooks selling at eBay. They simply threw back their hands saying they cannot control what the individuals choose to do with their equipment. That means that there will be no problems with the warranty if someone buys from these crooks. Too bad Nikon simply ignores this unethical atrocity! As the matter of fact, some folks *ARE* buying from these crooks!

      • I can’t blame people for buying them from eBay; if I had a big trip coming up and if that is the only way I can get a D800 to go with me, then I would probably pay the extra money. I think the warranty issue is this — if someone already registers the warranty in their own name then the warranty is not transferable (this is plainly stated in Nikon’s warranty term of use policy). If you purchased the camera second hand (such as via eBay) and the warranty was not activated, and you are able to activate it in your own name within the specified time period, then I think there is no issue. If you never activate the warranty I think that is still okay, but you will need to show proof of purchase at the time of service and if that proof is not in your own name then Nikon could, if they want, give you a hard time. Anyway I am not 100% positive so anyone who knows better please correct me.

  • Tara

    Got a call from Best Buy this afternoon. They had a short waiting list that I put my name on a month ago. It worked! Picking mine up this Saturday in Orange County. Btw I was on 4 different waiting lists. Best Buys was the shortest and the last one I tried. B&H was the first but I knew there was no hope in hell I was getting one from them anytime soon.

  • Jeff

    Ordered this morning at 11:30 A.M EST and got tracking number this evening. Cancelled my Amazon order. My Amazon order was placed on 7 Feb at 03:30 A.M, so most of you Amazon customers just moved up a notch. Good luck πŸ˜‰

  • MV

    Just spoke with an Amazon rep who claims they still expect to deliver by April 30th, which is the last day of my estimate. Any truth to that? Any word on whether Amazon received another shipment?

    • Ruslan

      I don’t believe it. I talked to Amazon rep yesterday. He was clueless when the new shipment is coming. Last date of my estimate was May 1st. After conversation with Amazon estimated delivery date has disappeared from my order πŸ™‚

  • Gary

    FWIW right now (01.21 26th April UK Time) has ONE available – priced at Β£2,999.

    The seller is (I kid you not) “good_deal4you”

    I know it’s overpriced – but if you NEED one soon, this might be for you.

  • I ordered my D800 from Best Buy on 2/8 and just got it today!

  • Drharris

    Just got off the phone with one of my local bb anf they just recieved ok to accept orders. I ordered one for 5-2-12 pickup in store. Not canceling any of my two online orders until i have it in my hands.

  • AC

    I got the notification from this morning around 8:15 that BB had the d800 in stock. I got my order in and it says I will receive it 5/1-5/8. Still have my Adorama preorder, will cancel if I get a tracking number.

    • AC

      Oh yeah, gotta love BB’s black tie warranty. My 3 year old D90 just “died” so I had a $1200 credit to apply to the D800.

  • toku

    Hi all,

    I placed my D800 order with B&H on 2/7 early in the morning at around 1:40AM EST and just got a shipment notification tonight.

    Hope this info is helpful.

  • Erich1B

    After reading this, I called my local Best Buy and spoke with a CSR, who informed me that he was able to see 29 units available via BB online warehouse but that his system wouldn’t let him order a camera body for in store pickup or home delivery. He transfered me to the online warehouse, where I spoke with a woman who then informed me that there were no units in stock.

    I refered her to what the other CSR had advised me abut available units, but she wasn’t able to help me at all.

    Bottom line……………………….I’m still waiting on my Adorama pre-order!

  • Alf

    I just found a D800 in a store here in the bay area over the weekend. I therefore cancelled my B&H order. Unfortunately it had a battery they recalled, but whatever. I got the camera.

    I also got one in Norway where I live. It was shipped to my home today. So I just sold one of them because I only need one..

    My D4 order was placed immediately when they opened for preorder at B&H, but I have not seen it yet.

  • Jeff

    I just returned from my local Best Buy in Shreveport, Louisiana. I ordered a D800 at their Customer Service counter. In-store pickup scheduled for Tuesday, May 1st. They dinged my Best Buy credit card. So I assume there are cameras in their warhouse ready to ship. They canceled my February 9th pre-order in mid-March (for unknown reasons) so I can’t help being a bit wary of these guys.

    As to why they’re showing this item available on their web site and not allowing you to complete an online order makes no sense. I did a store search on most of the major metro areas in all regions of the US and there weren’t any stores showing availability as of two hours ago.

    Thanks NR for this timely information! And thanks to everyone up this thread for the Best Buy purchasing info! Good luck to everyone. I’m STOKED!!!

    • Dmitrii

      Stopped by BB in DC, ordered one for free home delivery between 4/30 and 5/7. Will have to cancel BH order.

  • Beth

    Just ordered mine from my local Best Buy, in Alexandria, Louisiana. They said is would be available for store pickup anywhere from April 30th-May 7th. My Adorama order was canceled!

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