The first Nikon D4 is already on eBay

The first Nikon D4 is already listed on eBay by an authorized US dealer. The starting price is $6,999.95. Let's see for how much it will sell tomorrow.

There is another listing here.

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  • Rich L

    Wow, anybody gonna buy? Should be interesting…

    • kt

      Picked my D4 up this morning from a local dealer, it came with a Sony XQD 16gb card and reader. There is a small white sticker on the end of the box that tells you the package contains the card and reader.
      Dealer said he ordered three bodies and only received one.

    • St.

      Well, keep in mind that eBay will charge 9% and PayPal will charge 3% as well (if they don’t have any special accounts).
      This means $720 and with the shipping $750 out of the $1k profit.
      It’s understandable to ask for $250 profit.

  • Lardinio

    Wonder how much it’ll go for?

    • MashingTheGas

      About $1,000 more than the seller deserves.

      • Rob

        “Deserves?” I didn’t realize anyone “deserved” anything based on another company’s MSRP and simply because they are a retailer. I didn’t realize MSRP magically warranted them a certain profit. Down with capitalism, eh?

        • neversink

          If it wasn’t for capitalism, there wouldn’t be any incentive for Nikon to make cameras… For the social good???? HAH!!! Thanks for the laugh….

          • derWalter

            there are still ppl out there who enjoy their work, like to contribute and going nuts on tech stuff!

            i did it, i made 248000 is usable, my entry in the history book of photography!! – stuff like that, u know?

            imagine a world without patents, u would get the best from all companies and quality would count again, instead of who got the best name, because with a known name i can sell my service better to my costumers because they know the brand.

            in east germany the companies wherent allowed to sell and produce products which couldn’t be granted to be working for at least 30 years. (yep, also eg. light bulbs!)

            pure capitalism ripps us all off, as you can see, if you wanna see…

            • Rob

              You don’t actually believe what you’re typing, do you? Without patents, no one would invest much money into research because it would no longer be profitable without patent protection on your inventions. Patents PROTECT innovation. I don’t know what would make you think the opposite…

            • mikils

              Then In East Germany they were going to bed VERY early.

            • Andrew

              Wasn’t East Germany rescued by West Germany? And how much did it cost those capitalist West Germans – $1.5 trillion or something like that? You come from a country that was under the failed communist system, and you still have not learned your lessons? Russia has abandoned communism and you want to go back to that failed ideology?

  • ukj

    Some desperate person gonna buy it , then get buyers envy after they become widely available.

    • Dchino

      You mean buyer’s remorse.

    • Andrew

      That same person buying this camera may already own a D3x which they paid $8,000 for. You just have to realize that some people have money to spend (or money to burn depending on your perspective). Spending an extra $2,000 may be worth it to some. If it takes Nikon six months to ship sufficient quantity for those who did not put in their order earlier, then paying $2,000 for a 6 month rental for a high end camera that will earn you money could well be justified. At certain levels, businesses operate differently from individuals. So $2,000 is not much for a business to pay if they are generating the revenue.

  • matt

    why should somebody buy it for 1000$ more than on amazon or somewhere else?!
    did i miss something?

    • that you can return it in 14 days

    • Rob

      Yes, you missed something. The one’s going for $6000 aren’t shipping TOMORROW. They might not be shipping for months.

  • Anh Truong

    Remember ebay takes a 9% fee from the seller and than paypal takes about 3.5% too from the payment!

    • Rob

      Ebay takes a maximum of $100 on camera sales. Paypal takes around 3% (2.9% plus a few cents). Power sellers also get discounts on their fees. Cameta would still take in about $6700 even if it only goes for the opening amount of $7000.

      • Calibrator

        Add to this that the seller is “an authorized US dealer” so he didn’t pay list price in the first place…

      • jb

        Why you standing up for a rip off camera store!!!!, even at msrp!!! they are making a fair profit!!! they don’t need an extra 300-400 bucks!! its greed!!!!!!!!

        • Rob

          “Ripping off?” LOL? Who’s forcing anyone to bid on it? If you think it’s too expensive DON’T BUY IT. What makes you entitled to own a scarce good at the MSRP?

          It’s amazing how many people hate capitalism, but only when it doesn’t directly benefit themselves. Move to North Korea if you hate it so much.

          • jb

            As a Camera store committed to serving there customers I feel its price gouging!!!!, true honest stores would fill there preorders at msrp. Example Mel Pierce Camera in Hollywood Ca….Same deal…Jacks his customers around…and right!!! I don’t have to buy there!!!! and I don’t because of it!!, Now for an individual selling over MSRP is a different story…oh and how did you get so smart Rob??? you are a work of art!!

            • Rob

              How did I get so smart? I didn’t drop out of high school, unlike a lot of the people who post here.

  • rui

    NPS system working…

    • Louie


    • Zoot

      Sickening, isn’t it?

    • Rob

      This should give people a pretty good reason NOT to make their NPS Priority Purchases through Cameta, assuming those are the only cameras that have shipped.

  • Randy

    They may get a taker but it’s brilliant as they just got a ton of free advertising through Nikon Rumors and probably some other sites. Even if the feedback over the price point is negative not, it’s still free advertising.

    • Jerry

      nikon rumors was probably paid by the seller to post it on the blog to direct buyers to the ebay auction. simple advertising rules these days. hardly any blog post is made without some influence from an advertiser. just sayin…

      • Calibrator

        “hardly any blog post is made without some influence from an advertiser.”

        You should modify to “hardly any commercial blog post”…

    • iamlucky13

      Or they may get a PR backlash from angry customers who plunked down MSRP to Cameta only to watch them delay shipment to the bird/customer in hand in hopes of getting two birds in the bush.

      I thought Nikon prohibited their authorized dealers from selling above MSRP?

      • Iris Chrome

        Authorized dealers are prohibited from selling below MSRP not above!

        • Iris Chrome

          …and MSRP doesn’t applie to Nikon anymore. It’s MSP now (Minimum Selling Price).

    • MashingTheGas

      Only P.R. this cat’s gonna get is going to be negative. I fail to see the upside.

  • Louie

    This just makes me mad. /wrist

    I want my D4 already!!!!!!

  • I don’t think they have one yet! Can’t wait for mine πŸ™‚

  • Zoot

    If I see one tomorrow with “only 64,738 actuations”, I’ll be impressed.

  • Mike

    God bless capitalism. Oil, kidney, D4. You want it bad enough, someone will sell it to you at a premium.

  • T.I.M

    I’m not surprised, I’ve seen on Ebay a test chart to check the D800e ‘s moirΓ© !

    • Calibrator


  • Urlyer

    Where’s the D800 on eBay?

    • trialcritic

      There are D800 and D800E preorders available for sale on eBay. Check them out. A lot of people feel that a second reason for the high resolution for D800 is that buyers will have to upgrade the lenses, it will suck at the non-pro lenses. As Mansurov wrote, you have to get the trinity (14-24, 24-70, 70-200 ii). That would add $6200.

      • Rob

        Does the D7000 suck without the trinity?

      • ActionJunky

        Yes. I should get the D4 instead of the D800. Then I will not need the trinity.

  • T.I.M

    I asked the Ebay seller about the free XQD card+reader, we’ll see……

    • jb

      Well if its Mel Perice Camera in Hollywood Ca, I can bet his cheap self would take the Card and reader out of the box before he sells it to you!!!, he is ruthless!!!

  • Dormant

    The other one sold for $6,400.

  • Mike

    Of course it is Cameta Camera, they do this all the time. I was in there a few weeks ago looking for the Nikon 50mm 1.8g, they had one but wanted over $300 for it because it is hard to find. According to Cameta Camera “we know someone will pay this, and there aren’t many of them being sold online”. I asked them to come down to the B&H price which was $216, and they said no, so I left and said so much for supporting the brick & mortar stores. I did find one online & had it shipped in 2 days for $240.

    BTW, I have purchased thousands in Nikon equipment, but they said they didnt care about that, they were just after someone who will pay a premium. They have a huge Ebay store, so I think its safe to say they forgot the local people who kept them in business the last 30 years. I used to buy dark room supplies there.

    The store is 15 minutes from where I live, but i can’t imagine supporting them anymore. After all, how can I support the last of these stores when they wont support their customers?

    • T.I.M

      I understand your point, what will you do if your camera/lens won’t work correctly ?
      Send it directly to Nikon SAV or go to your local store first ?

      • Ray

        Single figure percent chance of have a slightly more complex time sorting things out if something breaks vs 100% certainty of having them screw you over on pricing just cos they can?

        I think I know what option I’d go for, and it’s not the one that would require lube.

      • Mike

        I’ve had good luck dealing with companies like Sony & Nikon directly. I am done with Cameta Camera.

        This is just who they are.

        They told me straight out they didn’t care that I spent $3000 last year in one visit, they were going to get that $300 for the 50mm lens. I asked if loosing a customer who spends alot in their store was worth the $80 they were going to price gouge on the 50mm lens.

        End to the story is I guess I will make someone on Ebay, Amazon, etc more money than giving it to Cameta.

        Again, customer is KING, if you dont see this as a retailer, then you will see it in your bottom line eventually.

      • わからγͺい

        re: what will you do if your camera/lens won’t work correctly ? Send it directly to Nikon SAV or go to your local store first ?

        Funny you should ask. I have a Nikon 10-24 with a loose focus ring. The local store is useless for something like this. My nearby Nikon Authorized repair shop has sat on it for 3 months and just told me that they’re still waiting on the tech manual from Nikon.

        I’m going to send it to Nikon. Especially since they repaired an SB-600 for me within a week for $98, the exact same price the local repair shop quoted me……….

        • jb

          I had a 70-200mm I sent to Nikon in El Segundo Ca. for repair and it was sent back all fixed in 3 days!!! amazing service!! hell with these rip off stores..

          • catinhat

            You’re lucky. I dropped my cam with 17-55 attached about a year ago, and had a mount separation on the lens. It took Nikon over a month to take care of it. Half the time I didn’t know what’s going on with the lens because they don’t bother to update the order status online until two weeks after the fact, and their customer service seemed to know only what one could look up online himself.

      • Banksie

        All a local store will do is send it on to Nikon for you. If it’s DOA, then they’ll swap it out for a new one. But so will reputable online vendors like B+H. But if it’s out of the box and has been used for a while, it goes from the shop to Nikon to get fixed under warranty. No local shop will give you a new lens after you’ve used it for a while. It’s a warranty repair by then.

    • jb

      You go Mike!!!, the Hell with stores that rip us off!!!!, Same with Mel Pierce In Hollywood Ca….he advertises online one price and then once your at the store he raises the price!!!, He is also one of these morons taking advantage….true honest stores would take care of there customers..

  • Jeff

    What I want to know is, if you buy this camera, is the warrantee valid? What if, for instance an individual purchased one with the sole intention of reselling it. Then it doesn’t even come from an authorized Nikon dealer.

  • Dormant

    If Cameta are an authorized dealer, and they say they are, aren’t they violating Nikon’s new pricing policy?

    … just to be sure we are very clear, you cannot alter our posted prices on these products.

    The new Nikon US pricing policy explained

    • Dormant

      Another D4, $6,899 or offer from a Nikon USA auth. dealer.

      • Site checker

        This site sells preorders for D4. Mel Pierce in Hollywood, CA. I would be pretty mad to see them selling the first camera to the highest bidder ahead of my order. I did not see the free Sony gift items listed either.
        This is where the poparazzi buy their gear. Weasel to weasel.

        • Site checker

          The first one that sold for $6,400 was from the same guys at Mel Pierce, Hollywood. So they are now on number two D4. Geeze. Number two is $600 more than number one went for.

          • jb

            Mel Pierce Camera is a well known con artist!!, that JackAxx told me one price on the phone for a 24-70mm then when I got there he had another customer looking at it and raised his price 150.00 over what he told me!!!!, Nikon needs to yank him as a dealer….

    • Banksie

      They can’t sell it for less than MSRP. Otherwise they can sell it for anything they feel like selling it for.

  • David

    No better than ticket scalpers.

    If it is actual stores doing this, I hope that we as customers can remember this for a long time and punish them by going elsewhere.

  • jeff

    So I wonder what the people on their waiting list are thinking right now? Hopefully, they’re thinking about B&H or Adorama or Amazon, etc.

    • D700guy

      Mine has been pre-ordered from Adorama since Jan 9th. I’ve waited 2 years for this camera, I’m not going anywhere else.

    • Site checker

      I wondered about that too, so I checked out Cameta’s site and they don’t have any preorder D4 or 800. They do sell a lot of ” factory demo” Nikons and Nikkors. It says refurbished in the fine print. Factory demos? Never heard of that. Guess they sold their “factory demo?”

    • iamlucky13

      Or even better, their local camera store.

      Smaller dealers don’t get allocated as many of a new item as the big dealers like Amazon, Adorama, or B & H. However, they also get much less attention, and I’ve seen multiple accounts of people rushing to one of the big names to get newly released and finding them sold out, as expected, but then finding it at the local store because everyone else was overlooking them.

      It may be longshot, but it can’t hurt to wander in and ask.

  • David


  • RWJ

    Capitalism at it’s best, funny in a world of everyone wanting a deal. However there are those who can afford it.

  • Bryan V

    this is just like all the evil people selling Nikon 28mm f/1.4 lenses for more than they were when they were new… it should be a crime right?

    • D700guy

      You mean, 24mm 1.4 dont you?

      • Bryan V

        Nope the 28mm is 1k more

        • Banksie

          Um, they stopped making the 28 1.4 in 2006. The prices for used 28 1.4 lens has skyrocketed because it’s a sought after lens that’s no longermade. That’s perfectly normal with something that is desirable and no longer available. Like a classic car.

          Selling a current production model for way above the normal profit margin to the dealer is called gouging, whether the item is scarce or not. When the E90 BMW M3 first came out, dealers had a harder time getting allocations and so they attempted to sell the ones they could get for way over MSRP. That was gouging.

  • Eric

    Well, it would be funny to claim the money back guarantee, but no doubt these crooks will rip you off for the eBay fee and shipping.

  • doug

    Nikon ISO test samples are here:
    BTW, thanks admnis:

  • Luis
  • Autofill

    He’s probably a Canon shooter that couldn’t figure out where he would use those high iso’s at…

  • I’ve bought from Cameta before and got awesome deals and service but SHAME on them for trying to gouge people. They make hundreds of thousands selling on ebay and they are trying to make an extra $1000 on a D4 and risk their reputation??? I will remember that.

    • jb

      +1 also put Mel Pierce Camera on your list!! they do they same thing!!

  • Ralph

    I’m hoping Nikon refuse to supply that dealer again.

  • Wow

    Seriously, some of you really need a soother. Who cares what this “Cameta” or anyone else is selling the camera for – they have the right to ask what they wish and deal with the consequences, you have the right to just move on if you don’t agree with the price. I’m willing to bet that each and everyone of you whiny bas#$rds would do the exact same thing that Cameta is doing if you were first to get a D4 and didn’t need it.

    If you can’t find a soother, just use your thumb.

    • TT


      Before we start crying about “price gouging” can we at least wait and see if the camera sells at the listed price? If no one buys that D4 at that price, the market is dictating that the price was excessive.

      However, when a new product comes out there are a group of early adopters that will pay a premium to get their desired product ASAP. Given the potential shortages, if someone wants to pay $1,000 premium then more power to them.

    • Pond jumper

      WTH is a “soother?”

      • Wow

        A soother (also known as a pacifier) is something you offer to a crying baby to suck on. I thought it appropriate to offer here.

    • neekone

      You say they have a right to “just move on” if they don’t want to buy? But you dont want them to say why? I think it is important to voice opinion, just as you have done so. Let people complain. They have some valid points.

      The stores have the right to charge what they want, and they have to deal with the reaction.

      Anyways, I am outraged, and I will never buy from that store until they have “going out of business” sales.

      • Wow

        I guess since YOU are outraged, then everyone should step waaay back and take notice, huh ? Gawd forbid a business tries to make a profit that you do not approve of first ?

        Regardless, I don’t see the point of complaining as you say, if people are going to articulate their complaints the way they’re doing here. I know my commentary isn’t helping either, but at least I’m aware of how irritating I’m being πŸ˜‰

        Cameta sees the demand and they’re acting on it – as any business should. We all know someone is going to buy at their price, if not more. If they gave sh#$ away for what they paid, only then would you start seeing their “going out of business” sales.

        • neekone

          In fact, you are more annoying. You are telling people that arguing and complaining is pointless, and yet you are in the same place. DO you think by saying what you are saying that you can influence some of us to stop complaining? Don’t you see the irony in that?

          The people saying “don’t shop there” have more of a chance of putting the store out of business, than you do of stopping people from complaining about opportunistic business tactics.

          Sorry, but it’s kinda the truth.

          • Wow

            “In fact, you are more annoying.” – you truly are clueless, aren’t you ? Sorry, but it’s kinda the truth. The whole point behind my banter was to be annoying. Thank you Cupcake, for confirming I succeeded πŸ˜‰

            Complaining is one thing, sitting around sniffling like children (which is what you’re doing), is another. All that was ultimately accomplished here, was to give others the idea that they too might hold an auction for far more than what the D4 is worth. They don’t need to be an authorized dealer, they just need to be one of the lucky few that gets their D4 before everyone else. Try tattling on them to Nikon as was done with this “Cameta” and see where it gets you.

        • jb

          @neekone… The stores are making a fair profit at MSRP!!! you moron… over that is Gouging!!!!

          • Kevin

            Fair? Are you trying to define what a “fair” profit is for a business? Fair is whatever the market decides it’s worth. If someone is willing to pay the higher price because demand exceeds the limited supply, then the system works.

            You may not like it, but nobody is forcing you to buy from this business.

            I’m extremely disappointed at the whining and knee-jerk crass and insulting comments that have been posted by fellow photographers. That doesn’t exactly make our profession look good.

            • jb

              Thats the point fellow photographers….I would think that included a pro photo store.. and them not taking advantage of the fellow photographers..or filling there preorders @ msrp rather than taking advantage

          • Wow

            You weren’t the first cool kid in line, you didn’t get to jump the queue by graciously offering to pay MSRP in this particular case, didn’t get your deal before everyone else so you’re going to scream bloody murder to everyone who doesn’t really give a sh#$ – is that it ? How old are you ? 12 ?

            Come on buckwheat, give it a rest.

            • jb

              What does age have to do with it you tool!!!, I ordered Jan 6 and was told I will receive my order soon!, I can wait no big deal…its the fact of authorized deals that are Illegally!!! ripping of the consumer….no room for shifty bastards!!

  • Mark J.

    I don’t know how Cameta does it, but they ALWAYS seem to be the first in the U.S. to get Nikon gear in when its new release. Been this way since at least the D70 era. Got my 70 and 300 from them while BH, Adorama and all my local shops still wouldnt even give a specific date for delivery.

    • Banksie

      Cameta is like 10 minutes south of Nikon USA headquarters. Maybe they stand out back waiting for the first truck to arrive. πŸ˜‰

  • rayB

    People, get over it. It’s their camera, they can do what they want with it. If you don’t like their business model, shop somewhere else

    • neekone

      “shop somewhere else?” I think that’s what they’re saying.

  • jb

    PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR MEL PIERCE CAMERA IN HOLLYWOOD CA. THEY COULD CARELESS ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY AND ONLY WANT TO RIP YOU OFF!!!! HE also has a D4 for 7000 on ebay, never mind and preorders he may have had!!! HE is a sell out!!!!!!!!

    • Wow

      Seriously ? I’d like to help you out – send me your address and I’ll send you one of these asap, free of charge:

      • jb

        YES!!! Seriously!!!, I’m not looking for free moron!!!, msrp would be fair to me and the store selling it… @ msrp there is a fair profit in the deal for the store, most reputable stores don’t take advantage of a situation..

        • John

          While we all appreciate the warning not to shop there, please stop shouting.

          • MashingTheGas


  • MashingTheGas

    Anyone impulsive enough to pay a $1,000 premium because they can’t stand to wait 60 days (if that) deserves to get screwed out of $1,000.

    • Rob

      I guarantee there are people out there that can market themselves into more than $1000 additional profit in a couple months off the use of this camera. They’re called photographers.

      • Hum . . . I wonder about that . . . so you are suggesting someone with a D4 can more $1.000 more in couple of months than someone who has, say, a D3x or a D3s? And why would that be?

        • Rob


          • MashingTheGas

            Like they couldn’t borrow or rent a video camera they’re already used to using? It’s not like they will instinctively know how to use the video on the new D4 and will take some time to get used to the way it functions.

            Save the snark.

  • Ralph

    It’s like scalpers of concert and sport tickets.

    • MashingTheGas

      Except that this dealer is violating Nikon policy and will probably lose their dealer status for selling for a premium on eBay.

  • broxibear
  • sfmthd

    I’ve bought lots of gear in just the situation you describe. not easily available online, i’ll check out a few local shops I like and surprisingly often they have one. d700, j1, lots of lenses. if it’s not a $3-7k item that I know is hard to find, I’m happy to pay 5% more for the convenience. the world will be a lot duller place when you can’t buy anything in the flesh any more.

    • sfmthd

      why does it never put my post under the one I was responding to?!?

  • ActionJunky

    I fully support capitalism. No one is forcing you to bid on this item. However, if Nikon finds out which authorized dealer broke pricing policy and listed this item on eBay, they will most likely pull that dealer’s rights.

    If you cannot figure out why someone would pay $1,000 more, you are missing the much bigger picture.

  • Mark

    Why is it that everyone does this with the latest Apple gadget and no one bats an eye? I am amazed that someone will spend this much for a D4. If they can market themselves and sell $1k more, fine. I highly doubt it. Especially for the month or so they would have one.

    Honestly, does a client give a rip that the photographer is sporting the “latest” equipment? Here I thought it was all about the photographer…silly me.

    • ActionJunky

      Apples and Oranges. It’s fine for an individual to take advantage of an opportunity. If you pre-ordered the D4, received it, and choose to re-sell it at a profit, then job well-done. However, for a retailer to jeopardize their relationship with a vendor and delay pre-orders in the process only hurts Nikon. Nikon has a right to fight back with embargoes to that retailer.

  • UncleDusty

    Sales tax here for a D4 is almost $500 so that’s not a bad deal for the latest and greatest …but shame on these local stores for mis-treating their pre-order customers.

  • catinhat
  • Item condition: New
    Time left: 3h 11m 50s (Mar 16, 201209:41:33 PDT)
    Bid history:
    0 bids

  • JC

    What I’ve constructively taken from this is that there are no XQD cards or readers included with the US version .. bummer. (I did ask and receive responses from those listing the auctions). I’m not as excited to be at the front of the line anymore.

    • CT

      They are coming with them. Not sure how long it will last, but they are included at this time.

      • JC

        I suppose I’ll just keep my order and return the D4 (or sell it on ebay πŸ˜‰ if it doesn’t come with the card and reader. Then I’ll just wait for my order to be filled from an unnamed establishment who will give me cashback. And for the record, I’m not going to switch to Canon.

  • Knips

    The guy who tags on an extra $1,000 is only doing that because there is a moron someplace that will pay it. If there weren’t any morons for customers there wouldn’t be shysters that would take advantage of them.

    I assume that the person that would pay the extra money for this has some infantile need to have a D4 hours, days, weeks before anybody else. I don’t get it. Is there a business opportunity you loose if somebody gets a newer camera than yours a few weeks or months before you do? Or is it just envy they are looking for when they get the bragging rights first. Bragging rights that eventually turn into “You moron. You paid an extra $1,000.”

  • Bryan V

    Cameta is Nikons favorite they handle all refurb cameras in US … bought F5, F100, D2X through them at cheaper than BH or Adorama…

    I really think it weird that people are so mad remember when that little X100 came out they were selling for double at first… I sold mine really used on Ebay for 300 more than list… thats almost 30% over retail.

  • Val

    Interesting that the E-Bay specs on the D4 do not mention the Sony card and card reader as included. Wonder if these folks really have the D4 in their hands?

  • only an idiot would pay these staggering prices just wait save a grand and go on a vacation with your new camera

  • Dormant

    The cameta listing has now been removed by the seller.

    But here is a new record: $7,650. Free shipping, mind.

    • MashingTheGas

      I wonder if they got busted by Nikon……

  • MashingTheGas

    Someone should ask this seller if they’re violating Nikon Dealer policy by selling this on eBay for such a huge markup. I’d be very curious to see if the question gets deleted and/or ignored.

    • GD

      *IF* Nikon had a problem with this, I doubt it’s for the price they’re selling it for, but rather that Cameta very likely still has pre-orders.

      I would imagine that Nikon would not be happy with any dealer selling kit on eBay at launch (markup or no) rather than filling that (possibly NPS) preorder.

  • FrankieB

    ADMIN: Please change the name of your sight to “Nikon Whiners.”

    If you don’t like the price don’t buy it. Pre-orders should be shipping any day now, and unless you missed out on pre-ordering you should have your camera shortly. Perhaps someone is willing to pay the extra mark-up so they can start making money with the camera ASAP. That’s their business, and not mine.

    I sell on Ebay also (not camera equipment), and I have listed highly sought after items with very high prices so that no one would bid on it for no other reason then to get attention to my other auctions for items I wanted to sell. It’s cheap advertising, especially if the auction is picked up by websites and word spreads vet quickly like this one. How many people are talking about Cameta Camera’s for an auction listing that cost a few bucks and was posted on a website like this one with almost 27,000 people who like NR on Facebook. Priceless!!

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