Nikon D4 en route to some dealers in Europe

The Nikon D4 camera is currently en route to some dealers in Europe. I expect to see the first unboxing pictures/videos/samples tomorrow or the day after.

I still have no confirmation on the exact US delivery date. The camera is supposed to start shipping on March 15th, Amazon US expects it on March 20th.

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  • kede

    Funny that you say “en route” in english too. Unboxing is the best feeling ever.

    • Hermann Kloeti

      He wanted to say ON THE WAY but his Gallic background got the better of him…..

    • Homer Simpson

      heh heh, u r ghey.

      • jodjac

        Homer would never say something like that. He’s not a bigot and his best friends, well they hand out a lot, together.

        • jodjac

          Hang out! Not hand out. WTH!

          • dr


    • Language Dude.

      English uses a lot of words from different languages.

      I just hope the tsunami in Japan won’t happen while the D4 is en route to my abode. I’m looking forward to the bokeh a FX camera will give me when shooting karaoke and origami competitions. Perhaps they should send it with a personal attaché! But alas, and au contraire, my ballet photos will suffer because the bourgeois boss nova tycoons (this word comes from Japanese) will most likely buy them before moi. While I’ll use it a lot they will most likely stash theirs in their bureau and never see it again, but instead play sudoku. I think I’ll go down to the café and buy some café au lait mixed with alcohol (comes from the arabic word الكحل al-kohl) and side order of alfalfa and aubergine.

      C’est la vie!

      See all in English! Me gusta!

      Nearly 30% of all English words have a French origin. Basically English is pieced together from a bunch of other languages. Which is why we have more words than any other language too.

      • Andrew

        An interesting question is how many new words have been added to the English language over the past 100 years, and also the previous 100 years.

        • Mike

          English, like French, German, Spanish, & Italian are descendants of Latin. There is bound to be some overlap.

          • Tony Rayman

            Nope. English is not a Romance language as are French, Spanish and Italian (and Romanian). English started as a Germanic dialect then absorbed much French after the Norman invasian of 1066. Lots of Viking influence, too, which is also Germanic but not Latin.

            • derWalter

              have you ever had latin in school, or learned it on university? i somehow doubt it..

            • Hermann Kloeti

              Spot on: A Germanic skeleton, quite a few Celtic sinews to hold it together; with plenty of Greek/Latin/French/ Spanish decorations attached. And with many hundred words added from all over the world during colonial times. But fascinating anytime!

        • jorg

          more english crosses over to other languages that vice versa.

      • Anon

        “Nearly 30% of all English words have a French origin.”

        This is a completely made up statistic. I would believe it if you replaced ‘French’ with Latin. Our sentence structure is Germanic, a lot of our words are borrowed from or derived from Latin, Greek and German (to a lesser extent the other romantic languages – French, Italian, Spanish).

        • arizonaSteve

          I joke with people that if you know every word in English you could probably be pretty comfortable learning other languages.
          Culpable = guilty
          Edifice = building
          Penultimate = second to last

          Culpable = guilty
          Edificio = building
          Penúltimo = second to last

          Notice these are the Latin based words.

          • Don’t forget televisión, computadora, and cornsies.

        • Tiger1050Rider

          It is like saying that there are French words in Russian.

          For example, “Pectopah” (Closest we can get using Latin Chars)
          Means a place you go to out to eat food.

          It is “Blindingly Obvious” that there has been a lot of cross fertilisation of words over the centuries. Pretty well every invading army in Europe left a few bits of their culture behind.
          English is a bastard language.
          It has words from all over the world in it. This includes India, The Middle East and Africa (i.e. places where the British had ruled or had a big influence).

          Pyjama originates in Persia.


        • Language Dude.

          Well I did get that 30% off Wikipedia, so you’re probably right. 😉 though it is statistics, so you’re probably wrong too.


  • Cha

    That’s great news, but I’m waiting for my D800E

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      I’m waiting for my D800. Not the “E” version. I actually do video too. 😉

  • T.I.M

    I returned mine, 16mp is only good for women, kids, and Canon users.

    • Jabs

      LOL – returned an invisible camera before it was released.

      What was the name of that ‘stout’ that you drank – Invisble Dragon or Heineken?

      Was that ‘HiNikon’ – lol.

      • T.I.M

        I only drink Champagne, you should know that by now.

        • Jabs

          Old US Joke – Champagne plus cheap wine (Ripple) = Champipple

          Yeah, wine for the French and nothing for me – I do not drink.

          How’s the 200 F2 – ready for some D800E goodness with it?

          You know that only her eye with be in focus at F2.0 – right

          Rest will be invisible or barely visible – LOL.

          • T.I.M

            I used the 200mm f/2 yesterday for the 2 fiancés (see earlier post about D800 battery grip)
            I love using it at f/2 & f/2.8, it just “melt” the backround, no need for expensive studio anymore !

            • Jabs


              Then a 300 F2.8 would work you over – lol

              I love the long Nikon glass but too expensive for me.

              I used the 180 F2.8 ED instead then and a 300 F4.0 ED-AF for longer stuff. I shot through a 200 F2.0, but too huge for me. I prefer the 400 F2.8, but alas that is even bigger.

              I use lenses based upon the subject isolation I require and thus often weird lens choices. I also like the way long Nikon glass flattens the perspective of people and vehicles, so I would use the older 50-300 F4.5 beast, but it was often too slow with Velvia 50D or even Fujichrome 400D, but great with B+W Neopan and Red/Orange or Green filters.

              Long lenses often force you to use monopods and that helps in framing and stability, so enjoy your great lens.

          • Btdown

            +1 for Sanford and Sons reference…

            • Jabs

              Yeah – forgot that Fred Sanford said that often – lol

              Where’s Lamont and Aunt Esther – ouch.

            • Ren Kockwell

              She’s out making gorilla cookies with Lizbith.

          • T.I.M

            I just got last week a 300mm f/4 Af ABSOLUTELY like new on Ebay for $450 !

            It does not work on my D5100 (I tested the autofocus on a film camera).

            I can’ t wait to receive my D800e to try that baby (I also had the 180mm f/2.8, but I found it a little too short)

            • Jabs


              Oh yeah – forgot that the 300mm F4.0 was screw drive and not AF-S – lol.

              I had one and loved it absolutely – used it on F3’s and F4S – way past time for Nikon to update that lens.

  • NikonCoupleSoFlo

    I believe they are on the same ship/containers as the D800 – Ship Date March 20th –
    Tempting Amazon made me a special for the D4 at $5699 (5% off) though I have a D800 on order….still outta my league $$$$$$

    • TT

      When I ordered my D4 Amazon never made me any special offer….what gives do you have relatives that work for Amazon??!?! (l0l)

      Nonetheless…my D4 is scheduled to arrive March 21st (one day shipping for $3.99…gotta love being an Amazon Prime member).

      • St.

        They made me even better offer – D800E with 5% off…. but i’ll stick to D800.

        • Ray

          I got a better deal that that…B&H sold me a D4 for $999.95…but shipping and handling was $5000.00…

          • Funduro

            White Glove delivery is worth the $5,000 fee. They’ll bring a pro crew to film you do the unboxing.

  • This is good to hear although I am waiting on an early D800 order. This does confirm though that the date is a dealer date and not a Nikon ship date.

  • I do things backwards….first I order the accessories and then the camera! If I did it the other way around, by the time I blow $6K on the camera, I wouldn’t have money left for the other things I would want/need. (i.e. ReallyRightStuff “L” bracket, Wireless Transmitter WT-5, Extra Batteries, and misc. stuff which adds another $1500-$2000). Once I get my tax return, the cameras should be readily available, and I should have enough saved to get the Holy Grail, which I have so longed for. Just a few more months….and she is mine, all mine, my precious, oh my precious…

    • Jabs

      So you bought the house before you got married to her – LOL.

      No wonder she complained about the Kitchen – lol – just teasing you.

  • Dormant

    Can we get a tracking number?

    • T.I.M

      @ Dormant,
      (you can also use it to calculate your 77mm filter’s circumference)

      • B!

        Mmmm. Always liked Pie for dessert!

      • Art

        Ummm…. The tracking number doesn’t work. When I try to track, the website says that the tracking number is incomplete.

  • wolf

    good news … today my nps-pro-dealer (germany) told me that they have no information at all when and how may bodies of the D4 will be delivered …

    • Hikrown

      … same for pro-dealer in Switzerland

      • adv

        Same here from nps italy.
        I really hope that tomorrow will be the DAY! 🙂

      • Hikrown

        … just had contact with my dealer:
        He still has no information…

    • Andu

      Same here in Romania.
      -Estimated dellivery date: June-July .
      -Come on, kidding me?
      -No, pro’s from the Olympics have put a large demand.
      -Is that so? They are paing more?

    • Rudi

      My dealer in Germany (HH) says it is delayed until April …. :-((
      My guess is only certain photo magazin reviewers got one!?

  • Perhaps in time for my birthday on Saturday?

  • Have to fly out to Portland for the NCAA basketball playoffs tomorrow (the 14th)
    Frustrating that I won’t be able to use it because of ONE DAY!

  • broxibear

    I thought it would have taken them longer to swap out all those XQD slots for CF slots, lol ?

    • Jabs

      Maybe they will swap out the CF slots instead – lol.

  • neutronman

    Looking forward to the D4 in a few days! Then looking forward to the D800 once I save some more $$$. Doing night landscape work, both cameras have separate benefits. My D700 has served me well, but these two new bodies will be a nice upgrade.

    BTW — anybody play with those D4 nef files? I was pleasantly shocked by how good the ISO 12800 looked and responded to noise reduction in ACR 6.7

  • Jabs

    Great news, but waiting is part of the FUN.

  • d70

    I really hope over deliver (i.e. ship to customers before 20th) in this particular case. I have a week long event next week. I’d be ideal to have the camera to learn a few days before the job.

  • Yeah, the cameras are shipping and the check is in the mail. Who gets them, NPS celebrity photographers…

  • juergen.schroeder@de

    My local dealer in Germany said yesterday “maybe on the 23rd” 🙂

  • Walter

    I’m looking forward to guys selling their D3’s now that a fresh D4 will be in their hand. D3s and D4 is too much money for me and the D700 just does not feel right in my hand.

    I’m still using film.

    • “I’m still using film”

      Nothing wrong with that!!!! I just recently picked up a mint condition Nikon FE2 w/MD-12 motor drive, to compliment our D3s, D7000s and D800E (once it finally arrives) and a slew of Ai-S glass. It’s really too bad I can’t use my modern “G” glass on the FE2, but that’s a different story all together.

      Long live the FE2!

      • Jabs


        Get an FA with an MD-15 as it is way better than an FE or FE2 plus faster responding as MD is electronically integrated into the camera and not a bolt on push button unit like the older MD-12.

        Get a 55mm F2.8 Micro-Nikkor, a 105mm F2.5 and a 180mm F2.8 ED-IF manual lens to complete your outfit.

        An F3HP (DE3 head) with MD-4 is more like a D3 in feel and heft too, but that’s another story – lol. F3’s had the best focusing screens and head selection of any Nikon body that I have used.

        My favorite older Nikon’s are the FA, F3HP and now the F5, but had an F4S which was wide but slower than the F3HP. I would buy an F5 over an F6 now, as about to get one this summer. Maybe Nikon will give us an F7 soon???

        • FM2Fan

          FE-2 is still ma favorite – simple, robust, realiable – and light weight compared to the new models.

          • Jabs

            Yeah – with a name like FM2Fan, I would have thought that you liked the Nikon FM2 best – lol.

            Yeah, some liked the FM2n and others liked the FE2 – I liked the FA best of that Series of 1/4000 shutter speed bodies due to electronics in both the body and the MD-15 plus metering options.

            Thanks for your reply too.

        • CaryTheLabelGuy [NR]


          I agree with you totally, but there is just something wonderful about the FE2. It’s simple and totally reliable, yet small and powerful. I’m not done picking up a few additional Nikon 35mm film bodies and the F3HP and FA are def on my wish list.

          I’ve got a mint condition Ai-s Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8, Ai-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.2, Ai-S 35-105 Micro-Nikkor zoom and a 70-210 that all came with the FE2 (minus the 50mm f/1.2). Plus I have a slew of AF-D lenses that work well in MF on the FE2. I wish I could score a 58mm f/1.2 NOCT as well, but that’s going to take some time to find.

          Thanks for the recommendations. Now I just need to figure out what film I’d prefer, that’s still in production. What would be your current recommendations??

  • Any word on B&H’s shipment?

  • This is awesome! I’m so excited for the next month and a half.

    When will the D800 be shipping? I got an estimated delivery date of 3/23-27. Does that mean it will be at my door in that time frame, or it will be shipped from the store on those days, and I should expect it 5-7 days after that?


    • burgerman

      I have been told friday or sat guaranted. (10 extra if it sat, cant wait till monday…)

      • burgerman

        D800 UK Jessops… Forgot to add

  • Just unboxed in my pants! CAN’T WAIT, there really is nothing that comes close to the feeling of having better equipment than everyone else!

  • Hell,
    I have someone at my door wanting to buy my D3s and I sold my D3 all I have left id my old f5 and D7000 with all my FX glass. I have over 17k in pre orders on The D4 and D800 batter grip new qxd card and reader and I just preordered another D4 with amazon. Im going cancel the order who’s last in shipping. and to top that Im trying to get rid of my Ipad2 64 gb wifi before friday as I got the new iPad 64 wi fi HD on the way ! HELP

    • Karl

      I try to help you.
      There are some things money can’t buy. Offer 5% of the total value of the ordered goods to a charity organization. That will help around 1,000 starving children in Africa for a whole day. This feeling is priceless.
      For everything else there is your MC.

    • TT

      Sounds like someone needs an electronics intervention….. lol

    • Ric

      Back away from the keyboard.

      • I Did the Africa thing and the Guatemala thing this year so Im good on charity thing but ready to do more this year in Africa. I just want to know some Nikon shipping info LoL

  • Bart Schreurs

    Absolutely stunningly beautiful looking camera. I love it! Much much prettier than the D800. Anyway, both great cameras. To bad I don’t have D4 money…

  • Maxim

    In Seoul’s official stores I saw advertisement that D4 will arrive March 15.

  • doug

    D800 is en route as well omg it is due on Friday, BTW T.I.M., weren’t you suppose to die this month or something????

  • Funduro

    I feel no anxiety or apprehension that my box will show up all smashed up. All those that have ordered one and are loosing sleep and having heartburn, you can only blame your selfs. I can’t understand why the panic and nervous anticipation at all. I’m one of the lucky ones, my shrink told me NOT to preorder it and I did as told. Then he charged my $5,999 for his advice. 😉

  • SoftonDemand

    What is considered a early d800 preorder? I preordered mine on Feb 15 on Adorama, does that mean I will get it by the end of this month or is it just wishful thinking?

  • D700guy

    I ordered mine through Adorama, but my hopes are not high.
    I also have a 35mm 1.4 pre ordered and THAT’s still on back order with them.
    The lens however IS available at B&H. So, like I said, I’m not gonna hold my breath cuz I anticipate being jerked around a lot

  • RRRoger

    I sure hope it comes the same day as the D800
    I would love to get Hands On at my local shop before deciding.
    Otherwise the D4 may be to tempting to resist, and I really cannot afford it.

  • Adam

    Yeah baby. Please. Please. I pray
    that mine will come before Thanksgiving.

    And you are laughing. I am serious. NPS comes first
    & 500 production units a month to be shipped globally.
    And way behind in the queue.

    What do you think?

    • @Adam, I think it was posted here on NR someplace, the units/month for production of the D4 is going to be 5000 and not 500. I would say, finances permitting, you should have your D4 long before Thanksgiving, and possibly as early as Memorial Day or Independence Day!

  • broxibear

    Nikon USA defends decision to stop supplying spares to independent repairers…
    “the complexity of modern cameras and the need for specialist analysis and calibration tools meant that repair attempts by ill-equipped retail or unauthorized repair shops could end up causing delays, increase the cost and risk voiding the camera’s warranty. However, an independent service center we spoke to said its statements misrepresented the situation and is likely to mean small repairs take longer.”

    • Steve Starr

      I think it has more to do with the USA distributor trying to shut off dealers that deal in gray market products and trying to get them fixed regionally via a non-Nikon repair facility. Now Nikon USA will be able to stop independents and dealers from fixing the grays by not supplying parts to them. A licensed repair outfit will need to submit the serial to Melville who will approve the warranty or not. A gray may need to get shipped out of the country to get fixed, with possible repercussions on re-entry through customs if Nikon USA claims importer’s distribution rights on the gear, at which point some names have been ground off the bodies or lenses or pay the importer’s fee.

      The excuse they offer is bogus. What independent is going to even attempt a warranty repair for free? Like Melville will pay them? They won’t touch it. They won’t screw it up for Melville to fix either so what Nikon USA claims is questionable at best.

      Scenario now becomes if you need a screw or rubber bit that fell off, you send it off and pay $100 minimum for it and the 3-4 weeks downtime if not far more while sitting awaiting some parts from Japan for a lens grip? Ridiculous really for pro gear. May as well ship your car off to Japan for an oil change.

      • derWalter

        because they know that, the invented somethink called NPS (Nikon Professional Services) so they can cut cost AND charge you for the standard procedure – thats capitalism at its finest 🙂

        still waiting for the day when the americans wake up – but still a nice dream!

      • Nikon USA can’t block reentry of gray market repairs into the US, or original entry for that matter. Seiko tried to do that years ago and lost in court. Whether Nikon tries to force their authorized independent repair shops to report customer serial numbers on out of warranty repairs is yet to be seen.

        I suppose if you don’t like it you can always buy a 5DIII.

  • Jeff

    the spring that holds the little cover over the button that opens the door on the CompactFlash slot on my D3 dropped off. If I had a local store fix it (replace a small spring on a purely mechanical external component) I could save time and money. Now, my only option (aside from living with it) would be to send it back to Nikon. Alas, I want to sell it as soon as my D4 arrives. I guess it will become someone else’s problem.

    Here’s a question: I ordered my D4 from B&H the day after they started taking orders (albeit first thing in the morning). What will arrive first, my D4 or a D800 ordered yesterday, also from B&H?

    • tifkat

      We could run a ‘tab’ on it and see who gets closest!

  • Starbugs


  • Mark

    It may be wishful thinking however I hope Australian deliveries aren’t too far behind.

  • Rudi

    YEAH, I hope it’s my dealer in Germany and that I will have it by Saturday!!

  • kazziz

    We have confirmed information from Nikon Poland that the camera will be tomorrow evening IN STORES awaiting for them to open next day’s morning and to SELL!
    [if anyone from Kraków reads this – Nikon NPS Bonarka awaits!]

    • Alex

      do you know if this is a public or “NPS-only” sale on thursday?

  • KG

    Just got a call from Jessops UK D4 will be Delivered on 23rd March

    • doug


  • Ain’t no stopping it now!

  • jodjac

    Imagine if the boat delivering the goodies sank or was hijacked by Somoali pirates or some other God Awful thing? How many wish they could escort that boat to shore, and follow the planes, trains and automobiles to ensure their safety?
    I can’t be the only one worried about the boat? Surely it’s landed by now and the cameras are making their way through the distribution systems.
    March 22nd, just days away! I wonder how many orders will be filled and how many will get disappointing emails regarding backorders and delayed shipments. So far, my due date is March 22nd via Amazon (D800).
    I’ve only been waiting ten years for this camera. I don’t think Nikon realizes that. Otherwise they would probably wrap it with a bow.
    What should my first picture be? The floor? Or something special? Maybe we should have a first D800 picture contest.

    • glenn

      2 funny 🙂

      why dont u take a picture of the d800 itself as a first ? 😉

  • doug

    Cameras are coming from both the continent and japan,


    • Alex

      this is a sample D800! can be recognized by the yellow sticker underneath the body

  • doug

    Moire in video worse on 5d, things are looking better now:

  • Simson

    First Cameras just arrived in Nuremberg / Germany at the local NPS-Pro-Dealer Fotomax ! A Fotographer that ordered there told me that he will get his D4 tomorrow morhning

  • D3 Owner
  • Andre

    they claimed they goty the 1st shipment in Czech
    how lucky they are

    • Andre

      there are photos what we will get inside D4 final production
      it seems we’ll get 16gb XQD and XQD memory readers

      can’t wait for the first real D4 RAW from them.

      check it out guys

  • Joe Sulik

    Im supposed to get my d800 this week or early next. Getting it overnighted to me while I’m in Tanzania… I really hope it arrives in time

  • doug

    We have reached our limit

    It seems that our servers can’t handle any more load at this moment. Please try again later. We apologise for the inconvenience. You can continue using the following links:

    feedback form homepage
    our Twitter page
    our Facebook grou

    • PeterO

      @doug, Their servers reached their limit because everyone is clamouring to read the preview of the Sony 57 🙂 Sounds like a D800 killer to me 🙂 🙂

      • doug

        just as good as the S2 ;p

        • PeterO

          That’s good enough for me. I’m switching.

  • gratuluju vam to vam musele stat nekde 150 az 175 tisic korun z dph

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