Nikon D4 and D800 pre-orders are back on Amazon with a March 20th release date

The Nikon D4 camera is again open for pre-order on Amazon with a release date of March 20th, 2012. Amazon stopped taking pre-orders just few hours after the D4 announcement. They probably now know how many cameras they will get in the first shipment and started taking pre-orders again.

Update: Nikon D800 and D800E pre-orders are also opened:

The Nikon D800 is also listed with a March 20th release date. No release date is given for the D800E:

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  • Tokenhi

    So I ordered my D800 from B&H on 2/9 and I’m wondering if I even have a chance at getting one from the first shipment. And if I’m lucky enough to get one, do you think they’ll send out a confirmation email on 3/20 to tell me it was shipped? Should I assume that I’m screwed if I don’t get that email on the 20th?

    • T.I.M

      I ordred my D800e February 7th at 2 am and here is the email I received this morning from B&H:

      “‘Thank you for your pre-order of the exciting new Nikon D800Edigital SLR camera.
      We know you’re excited about this camera and we’re as enthusiastic to get it to
      you as you are to receive it.
      This moment we do not know how many cameras we’ll receive from Nikon USA nor do
      we know the exact date we’ll receive each shipment from them. As this situation
      evolves we will update you with whatever information we’re able to share.
      Your patience and patronage are both greatly appreciated. Thank you.”

      If I get it for May I will consider myself lucky

      • jen

        I ordered my D4 20 min after preorders started on Jan 6 from BH. I got the same email idea when and how many 🙁

        • Nikkorthemonk

          Third, got this same message for the D4 today. They must just be getting pounded with phone calls and emails all day long.

          • Tokenhi

            Yeah, I got the same email as well. It was the second email actually that I’ve received saying the same thing. I went ahead and pre-ordered from Amazon now. Hopefully they’re going to get some gawd awful number of cameras. I’m not going to hold my breath, but I figure it can’t hurt in case I’m on the waitlist at B&H forever

    • Tom Bruno

      I ordered my D800 at B&H on Tuesday, Feb 7, at 9AM. On Friday, I went in to B&H to put some cash on the order, and by 10AM Friday the helpful customer service rep told me that they had over 3,500 orders already. He said it with arched brows, it’s such an unusually hot item. I’m a little over 1,100 on the waiting list — having pre-ordered it 9 hours after the annoucement.

      I can only hope the volume at B&H, which is a huge retailer, is great enough to get me into the first or maybe the second shipment.

  • Stefan

    Amazon Japan shows March 15, 2012 for the D4 and March 22nd for the D800.

    I ordered my camera from Kitamura, they show the exact same dates as the Amazon Japan website.

  • nikon are going to deliver before Canon!!

    very good!

    in italy d800 price is 2550 euro vat included (plus: 8gb CF and & spare battery!) with 4 years warranty

    very good!

    5dmark III price in italy is 3200 euro vat included and only 2 years of warranty

    • Davide


    • derWalter

      where did you see this offer? could you post a link please?

    • djh65

      I thought Nikon’s standard warranty was 5 years?? Maybe that is just in the US.

      • in Italy 4 years

      • T.I.M

        Nikon USA 5 years warranty is only for lenses !
        Cameras have only one year warranty !

        • PeterO

          2 yr warranty for cameras in Canada.

          • This makes no sense to me, why 2 years in Canada? (good for you guys)

  • jorg

    just talked to a sales-rep from a camera-chain in germany.
    the have roughly 150 prepaid orders for their 5 stores, 50% D800E!

    i find 50% D800E quite intresting. i thought opting for an E-model would reduce the competition, but that is probably bogus. would love to know nikons estimates about E/ non-E though…

    • jorg

      forgot: talking D800, not D4.
      another thing, the sales-rep said: D400 will be definitely DX with the sony-based 24 MP sensor. no info on when it will be announced, but i could give them an advancepayment today and be on the list for that not even announced camera.

      • Rich in Tx

        He probably is correct about the ability to prepay; however I highly doubt sales reps know the specs of a camera before anyone else does

      • GBM

        24MP on a DX sized sensor? The photosite density will be so high that you’ll have to set in in concrete to keep from getting blur.

        ….. just kidding 😉

        I’m not in the market for a D400, but as a D300 owner I’m interested the in the evolution of the line.

  • doug

    Next Friday from Jessops UK

  • Jhon
    • David

      I downloaded the raws and opened with LR4. My mind is blown.

      Even taking the underexposed shot at 6400, ramping it up +0.66 stops and boosting the shadows still looks good.

    • Is high-ISO Noise Reduction turned on in these shots? The translated version doesn’t really give any hints. Also wondering why the D800E shots are so severely underexposed. Impressive, either way. I’m downloading the NEFs now, hopefully I’ll be able to open them in LR4. I doubt they’ll open in the newest version of Capture NX2

      • CaryTheLabelGuy [NR]

        I meant to add that it appears high-ISO Noise Reduction is turned off in these shots. I was able to download them and inspect them and I’m quite certain NR is off on these shots. Impressive.

      • CB

        I downloaded the the RAWs as well – they do open in Capture NX2. And my MacBook Pro (2010) does process them with a conveinient speed. Ok, it could be faster, but I think more recent hardware and more than 8 GB RAM will do the job.

        • CaryTheLabelGuy [NR]

          Alright, I was finally able to download the NEF files and the NR is on low for the NEF files. For the JPEGs, it appears that Noise Reduction is turned off.

          Even at the RAW 100% level, with no Noise Reduction, the D800 has a clear advantage over the D700. I am actually blown away at the IQ at the pixel level, even at ISO-25600. The D800 destroys the D700 At every ISO. Nikon could have easily gone to a Hi-3 setting of ISO-51200 ( although it wouldn’t be very usable, but no less usable than the 5DIII at the same ISO. I’m willing to bet the D800 actually out performs the 5DIII even at native resolution. Although the latter is speculation based upon the samples I’ve seen of the 5DIII, compared to the RAWs I have of the D800.

  • TT

    Now Amazon has the same message up for the D4 that they had up earlier for the D800…they have taken orders up to their initial allocations, but are still taking pre-orders.

    ” This item is in high demand and we have taken orders up to our initial allocations. We will continue to accept pre-orders and fill them as soon as additional inventory becomes available. We will not charge your credit card until we ship the product”

  • Jetfire

    I Just got E-mail from BH. It says they don’t know how many d800s they’re getting or when.

    • ken

      same here. Does your order say backordered or does it give an expected date?

      • Jetfire

        Backorder Status for Order #****

        Re: ****

        Dear *****:

        Thank you for your pre-order of the exciting new Nikon D800digital SLR camera.
        We know you’re excited about this camera and we’re as enthusiastic to get it to you as you are to receive it.

        This moment we do not know how many cameras we’ll receive from Nikon USA nor do we know the exact date we’ll receive each shipment from them. As this situation evolves we will update you with whatever information we’re able to share.

        Your patience and patronage are both greatly appreciated. Thank you.


        B&H Photo-Video, and Pro-Audio


    Look at this review of the XPro 1, you will be amazed:

    • twoomy

      Off-topic, perhaps?


        Having a laugh, dont get this too serious men ;p

        • jorg

          your avatar pic looks like you need a-bleaching 😉


            That’s what she said, after rimming it.

  • T.I.M

    LOL ! Best joke of the year ! (so far)
    This is what you get when you try to contact NR:

    ” Prove you’re human. How much is 11+11=?”

    I did not have my calculator with me so I called my wife, who contacted my daugther, who asked to her math teacher, who sent me an email with the answer (22)

    • the reason I did that is becuase some readers had issues with the previous captcha, and if you don;t know how much is 11+11 I don’t really want to hear from you 🙂

      • doug

        What if im dyslexic?

      • T.I.M

        You’re lucky that I’m not blonde or I would take you to court !

    • Tristimulus

      The correct answer:

  • T.I.M

    *********** USEFULL INFORMATION *********
    AF and AF-D (not AF-S) Nikon lenses will NOT autofocus with:

    Autofocus will work with:

  • doug

    D4 video, that was good IQ from a Nikon IMO:!

  • Larry R

    The technical manual put out by Nikon for the D800 indicates that the high pixel count means that this camera will be more susceptible to blur. They then go on to show methods to minimize blur (mirror lock up, live view and of course tri-pod). But this does suggest a negative (no pun) for the camera being used for hand-held shot. So despite it’s high resolution you may wind up with blury pictures. Bummer.

    I got the same thing as other from B&H today. If they don’t know then I am not sure how Amazon had any better info. But due to the considerable double ordering there will be lots of cancellations, so we won’t know the real situation until orders start shipping.

    • T.I.M

      @Larry R
      High pixel count DOES NOT increase blur sensitivity.
      I don’t know what’s wrong with Nikon but they need to go back to school.
      The D7000 have more pixels than the D800 (for the same sensor surface aera).

    • Zachery

      You’re confused. What Nikon is explaining is true but it’s at the pixel level. Images made with the D800 vs., say, the D700 at the same print size will not have any additional risk of blurring.

      It is the point of a high resolution camera, however, to enable larger prints and with smaller pixels, it will be easier to detect blur between groups of pixels where in the past only one pixel would have represented that group. This is only relevant when the image is printed such that the single sensor pixels are more distinguishable in the final print.

      In other words, if you’re going to print the same size, there is no relevant change to the concern for blur. This technical issue is only for those seeking to print at larger sizes with the same PPI.

    • Jabs


      High resolution cameras are like high magnification scopes or microscopes – you need to stabilize them to get the best image from them, but unfortunately many ‘photographers’ have not learned this yet.

      Same as in film (negative) versus slide (positive) – lock ’em down when you shoot LOW ISO slide film (Kodachrome 25 or Fujichrome Velvia Pro 50 or 64T) or lower ISO print film (negatives like Kodak Ektar).

      Digital megapixels are like this:
      Higher megapixels are the equivalent of slower speed film shooting in the film days and thus sturdy tripods (Gitzo fan), mirror lock up and such are mandatory. Get a focusing Aid for your rear LCD monitor or Zoom with it unaided for better shots plus stop down to the aperture you chose when you can and THEN check critical focus yourself = today’s digital reality.

      Try it yourself!

      See what Medium Format shooters do = the clue!

  • Chezo

    It would be depressing if my RRS plate gets here before the camera.

    • Ray

      I received my RRS plate for the D4 three weeks ago. It is sitting on my shelf eagerly awaiting the D4 body to call it’s home…1 more week since I have opted for 1 day shipping….

  • CL

    Hong Kong now selling HKD26800 = USD3435 for D800 (Official price), D800E is USD3800, really crazy… Those people from china come to Hong Kong to buy and push up the price….

    • T.I.M

      Hong Kong is in China….

      • Dan

        That’s not the only thing they are pushing up the price on. Check out real estate in Vancouver 😛

  • trialcritic

    On a slightly different topic, what is the reason for all the negative comments about D800? I see the list
    – Not good enough ISO
    – 4 fps, not good enough, cannot use in sports
    – tripod only?
    – lens upgrades
    – not medium format equivalent

    I went through Scott Kelby page and his assistant being attacked for his blog. Do see
    Wonder why so much negativity? Is this common with other cameras? I did not see it with D700.

    • Anonymous

      I think any idea that is ground breaking is attacked by the common masses who want status quo. History has tons of examples and I believe the Nikon D800 is a ground breaking achievement by Nikon and it rocked the boat hard enough for the status quo’ers shout.

    • Rich in TX

      I think the people who are so negative towards the D800 are people who
      1. cant afford the D800
      2. recently bought the D700, before the price dropped
      3. just recently switched to Canon and took a loss doing so

      By the way if I hadn’t just uloaded my D700 for $80 less than I paid for it new 3 yrs ago, I would probably be angry too.

      For most of us, this looks like one of if not the most advanced DSLRs ever made by any company. Definitely groundbreaking and gamechanging.
      Will the higher resolution require some to improve their technique? Definitely. But that will only benefit the user in the long run anyway…

      • Tom

        It’ll be fun to see people with bad glass like Tokina and the cheap Sigmas find out how bad their glass is. As a new comer, I’m grateful I won’t make the mistake of cheaping out on the glass.

  • T.I.M

    GUYS !
    The D800e is a very BAD camera (the D800 is fine), so please cancel all your pre-orders on the D800e !
    Thank you !

    • Don’t forget the D4. It sucks too, so cancel your pre-orders on that one as well!

  • Wes

    So I have a D800 & D800E on preorder…I got in on the day it was released at I’m going to keep the D800E, which means I have to decide whether to sell the D800 or cancel the pre-order.

    Any opinion?

    • Che

      Ummmm dude, that doesn’t make sense at all. I mean if you KNOW you are NOT keeping the D800 then why bother going through the hassle and stress of trying to sell it for the $3000 you paid for it. If you are planing on selling it for a profit say maybe $3300 or something then maybe I’d get your logic. I for one wouldn’t buy it though off a person….I’d rather wait on BH or Amazon. Just cancel the D800 then…doesn’t make sense.

  • yeah!! i got a call from kerrisdale camera just now tell me the price has drop to $2999.99CAD on my pre-order, and the 1st shippment is on the 22nd March.

  • Trevor

    Somewhat related, has anyone gotten their 85mm f/1.8g yet? I know I was late to order, but I wasn’t sure if any have shipped yet.

    • Thomas

      The 85/1.8G is out on the street in spades.

  • Bill

    I am a bit confused, I saw in a post above that someone ordered the D800 from B&H on the 6th. When I looked on the evening of the 6th it had been announced by Nikon, but B&H had not shown pre-orders were being taken on their website. I ordered it a couple hours after they opened on the 7th.
    I have also contacted B&H twice and I am not being told where I am on the list. They say they can not provide that info due to store policy. How did the person way up the emails here get info from B&H that they were around number 1,100 on the list?

  • peterb

    What are the odds I could get the IT division to buy me a D4 or 800e? We’ve been going through a lot of substantial changes at my school and I don’t know if it is worth the trouble to ask. Anyone got talking points I could use to justify this debate / request / pipe dream? The art department buys[top end] Canon gear for their IT guy and he does not even know how to check for updates on Adobe products [or apparently any other GUI based software application on the market today.] And he is the “senior” Mac guy for the art division! His partner does all the work, and because he just likes to get it done, will suck it up and move on… all the time.

  • I NEED to get a D4 in my hands before the 25th. I pre-ordered today, but I’m not sure the amazon message of all initial allocations having been fulfilled was there or not.

    I have a once in a lifetime chance to take this camera back home to Brazil without paying 100% importation taxes and my visa expires on the 26th (because I went to school here so i have a waiver). I have delayed my ticket to the last possible date to wait for this camera. Shipping is not an option because of those absurd taxes.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can put my hands on one of these for sure and take home until the 25th? My future as a photojournalist depends on it. Or i’ll have to stay god knows how long with my D300 and I’ll never be a decent pro.

    • Really now? You think the D4 is what separates you from being a decent pro? I think the D3s is a very decent camera that you can use. Unless someone in front of the queue sells his camera to you, there’s no way you can get one for yourself. Go to local stores and check, maybe you can get in line. Good luck either way.

      • i could get a d3s, but it seems a bad deal to make for $5200 at this point. but i will do that if i can’t get the d4.

        • urs

          i am in TX i know some guy who is married to a lady in brazil or argentina they go back and forth all the time

  • David

    I pre-ordered the d800 at Jessops on the 7th february. I contacted Jessops(UK) yesterday and was informed they are expecting the d800 week commencing 19th March. Hope that helps.

  • Don Layer

    Question about morie.
    I take a lot of pictures of dogs for 2 local animal shelters to post on web sites and print.
    I also take macro and landscape photos. I want to get the D800E but am concerned about animal fur causing morie problems. Does anyone have experience with this on cameras without low-pass filters. I am currently using a D7000.

    • I used to shoot the Kodak DCS760. It was a great camera, and was fairly sharp for a 6mp camera partly due to the lack of (or a lower strength) low-pass filter. I know the biggest moire issues came from clothing, no question. But I do recall having problems crop up with hair as well, both men’s and women’s hair. The D800 is definitely a different beast so 36mp may be enough to counter that effect. Also, the 760 was a 1.3 crop sensor for what it’s worth.

      Are you really needing that extra (in my opinion minimal) boost from the omission of the low-pass filter? I would think with 36mp, the resolution of the D800 (non-E) would be sufficient even for animals, but I obviously don’t know what you’re shooting for. So far, I’m pretty impressed with the non-E version’s sharpness. It will definitely be a huge boost over the D7k (I also own a D7k).

      • Don Layer

        Thanks for the reply Ron. Actualy I want the extra resolution for the macro and landscape but since dog photos are the greatest quantity of what I shoot I also want to avoid having to do a lot of correcting on those. I also have to confess that I am a pixel peeper. I love seeing extreemly small details in photos even if they are insignifacant at normal viewing distance.

  • peterb

    D300s – 3 pugs [you do dogs, they only shed once a year, for 365 days.] D300s with obvious filter in place. Gets grunged up. Lens off, still air, face down camera on a table, clean filter. Patience. clean filter again. Let gravity help drive the glop out. Let the sonic clean pulse do it’s job. Patience.

    Nope no D800E in my stocking next year either. I keep hoping for the D5xs when I may have savings…

    static cling and all that. Brownian motion too. What’s not to love. Blow the stuff out with the sonic pulse. just how busy are you anyway?

    Yes I forgot to mention. Clean table Clear sunlight across table, above and well beyond all normal humidity to high normal humidity and still still air.

    D800E … yum.

    • Don Layer

      I have taken about 19,000 dog pictures in the last 14 months since I got my d7000. Obviously most are junk ( dog butt, eyes closed etc). I take about 80 -100 pictures per dog to get 2-3 that are decent. I only had one lens: 28-300 till a month ago when I got a 105mm. so no prob with debris in camera. Realy leaning toward 800e but still woried about morie from patern of dog fur.

  • wolf

    Looking at these samples (ISO6400 and higher) I’M not sure if the D4 ist really that better than the D3s when looking at the noise

  • wolf
  • If you’re interested in the differences between the Nikon D4, D800 and D800E for shooting video, check out my video with the Nikon Canada rep:

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