Nikon D4, D800/E shipping dates confirmed by Nikon France

Since I still have many readers asking me about it - those are the shipping dates for the Nikon D4 and D800/E confirmed by Nikon France in a recent Q&A sessions:

"Le D4 sera commercialisé à partir du 15 mars 2012. Le D800 à partir du 22 mars et le D800E à partir du 12 avril."

Translation: "The D4 will be sold from March 15, 2012. The D800 from March 22 and D800E from April 12."

Those dates match the previously reported estimates from AmazonAdorama and B&H (D800 and D800E dates).

Nikon's representative also mentioned that the D700 will still be available for sale alongside the D800/E. The price of the D700 already dropped in Europe (£450 less in the UK: £1,799.95 at Amazon and Jessops). Still no word on a price drop in the US where the D700 is out of stock everywhere.

Update: of course an hour after I published this post online, Amazon got the D700 in stock - the price is the same.

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  • LeGo

    These can’t ship soon enough. 🙂

  • Hendog

    Availability is another story… Yay, first comment 🙂

    • Hendog

      Damn… second. These puppies will be sold out for months no doubt

      • Nikon User

        Companies don’t stay in business selling items that are out of stock! Initially, it is a marketing trick to build awareness, hype and demand and then you can get them everywhere in abundance. If you think they will be out of stock for months, give your head a good shake.

        • Lou

          Uhm… I have to agree with Hendog. While you’re right that companies can’t stay in business if their products are continuously out of stock, Nikon has had long standing issues with production delays. Why I don”t know. But I own several Nikon products, including cameras. When I purchased the D7000 I had to wait a couple of months, and that model was produced in higher numbers than what Nikon claims for the D4 (about 5000 a month, for the world!!). Perhaps 5000 might be enough, but that could mean a wait time of a couple more months if they can’t keep up with demand.

          • CrazyJoe

            When the D3s was the newest, B & H was always out of stock and they said first come first sent. I finally just pre ordered it and I had it in less than 2 weeks.

        • T.I.M

          @Nikon User
          I remember when I bought my Ford T, I had to wait until February 1909 to get it !
          And the optional electric horn was only available in black !

    • CrazyJoe

      Well I’m hoping they had to be in the process before the announcement. and they are suppose to be making 30,000 D800 a month and 15,000 of the D4. They should have a large amount to send off in the first order. I just hope the States gets the first shipments.

  • Paul H.

    A price drop for the D700 of about $500-$600 would be sweet. One can dream, right?

    • FM2Fan

      forget this – it is hardly available and complementary to D4 and D800 – so from Nikons perspective not required in the next 6 to 12 months – unless the marketing department is running a sell-all-off campaign … to trigger demand for new lens

    • lolly

      I think the D700 will not be listed as discontinued until another Nikon FX body is announced in the price range of $1800-$2500 US. In the meantime whatever D700 is in production will probably be a trickle.

      There’s a rumor that Canon is going to announce a 5DMkIII with 22mp and 6.9 fps. What will Nikon do … an FX D400 perhaps ?

      The D700 update/upgrade/refresh that many people have been waiting for could very well be an FX D400.

      • lolly

        my mistake – the D700 is already discontinued as well as the D300s

        • Darkslide

          That depends where you are – the D700 (and D300s) are still listed as ‘current’ on the Nikon France website…and the bodies are available here too.

  • Pete

    Many D800 promotional pictures appear to show it with the 24-120/4 mounted. Does that mean one can expect this lens to work well with the sensor?

    • FM2Fan

      yes – but why would you want to know? Nikon has so many lens and the 24-120 is just one choice. It all depends on YOUR use-cases

    • John

      Nikon lists the lenses they feel are the sharpest for the D800 in the new technical guide. The 24-120 f/4 is included.

    • Ralph

      Its a promotional so I’d suggest its a lens that they want to sell more of.

  • Patrick

    I can’t wait to get my lovely D4 !

  • ken

    are these EU dates or Global dates?

  • Lunk
  • ken

    Guess this was answered correctly on previous thread as to why no WT-5..kudos..

    The D4 includes a motor data preparation (before submission to the WT-5). This helps speed wireless transfer of images. For reasons of congestion, this engine has not been integrated into the D800. The D800 is compatible with the WT-4

  • Prajyot

    Admin..Do you have any specific date for D400..will it come before April????

  • Pete

    If I understand this correctly, pixel characteristics of the D7000 and D800 sensors appear to be very similar, if not the same. How come, then, that there will be an “E” version of the D800 but there isn’t one of the D7000 (for “that extra sharpness”)? Or will a more upmarket D300 successor (for those “serious” landcsape photographers among us) have an “E” version, too?

    • mikils

      There is already a D300 successor, it’s D800 with crop. Sheesh! If you were really a ”serious landscape photographer” you would not use a cropped sensor camera.

      • komalkumar

        +1 u would not use a crop sensor for landscape !

        • ken

          ignore the people that tell you what you can and can’t use for whatever field of photography you are in, you are not restricted by any camera or lens, you are restricted by your imagination as mikils and komlkumar clearly are…photography is an art not a yes/no science…
          use what you need to produce an image you are happy with and nobody else..

        • Tiger1050Rider

          What load of Baloney.

          So all lose landscapes that people took with a D1, D1x, D2, D2x etc are a figment of someones imagination.

          I take landscapes with a D300 + 200/400 + 1.7x converter.
          I also do them with a D700 + 15mm fisheye.
          Landscapes are far more than a pleasing vista with a 24mm lens.
          A long lens can all you to capture a scene already cropped. It is all down to the exact image you see with your eyes.
          A Fisheye/ultra wideangle can allow you to emphasise something bold and striking in the foreground.
          Perhaps you might like to get out of your basement studio a bit more often?

      • Anton Brassai

        Main problem w the d7000 as a landscape camera or even a tool for high detail is the lack of uncompressed raw, lossless does not compare to a d300/s uncompressed raw file, never mind FF raw. the d800E will be the best ever for such a use.

    • Ralph

      There is nothing worng with the D7000 as a landscape camera. However, the D800E version carries a $300 price premium. Thats fine on a $3000 camera but not so good on a $1,000 camera and there is no reason why it would be any cheaper to implement on the D7000. Also, while wide angle isnt the be all and end all in landscape it does tend to get used a lot. FF is just better serviced with lenses for that purpose.

  • Geneva Motor Show is from 8-18th March, I really hope they make the date. I was hoping to get the D4 this month in time but if they can at least get it to me on the 15th and get use the D4 on the remaining days, it would be cool.

    • ken

      this is turning into facebook….that your status update?

  • Gareth

    those are the dates that are on the majority of japanese camera store websites, as I said in the forum

  • samer R.

    Is this any indication that the D700 will co-exist along with the D800 & D4? Just like the D90 is still available along with the D7000.. I do realize the D700 has been removed from Nikon Japan’s website but so is the D90.. cheers..

  • skipiggy

    A B&H rep, on the phone, said my D800E would ship at the end of March. Maybe he got confused and thought I ordered the D800

  • fortuna of tuna

    i wouldn’t be surprised if north american mega-retailers get their shipments out before the 22nd of march. even the week before, if it’s allowed by nikon.

    many of us are getting quotes that DELIVERY will be on the 20th or 21st – which means that retailers (at least some in the USA) will have to be shipping on the 18th or 19th to meet that. (and the 18th is a sunday, which means shipping on the 17th in many cases.)

    additionally, at least with amazon, you have the ability to recoup shipping costs no questions asked if your package doesn’t get there by the delivery estimate. in a case like the D800 buying/supplying frenzy, amazon (to stick with this example) would be stupid not to give themselves a couple (if not several) days of leeway to get your package there and avoid having to en-masse process costly overnight/2day shipping refunds.

    finally, and most anecdotally, 99% of the time when i order from amazon, amazon beats the delivery estimate by several days. (in cases when something is backordered or isn’t available for immediate processing/shipping.)

    just food for thought, seasoned with opinion. wouldn’t surprise me to see D800s in the wild the weekend before the 20th of march… cheers

  • Doug

    In the UK i got used to have a delivery date and even a delivery timeframe, so that’s the reason why im not ordering online,no one can promise a date, i know the first place to get the D800 will be Jessops, i was number 42 on the morning after the release, but i know they will stock at least 100 so im cool.

  • John

    B&H has D700’s available as of this afternoon. The price is still $2700.

  • dj hanson

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the D4 gets pushed into April, May or later. We had a 2/16 date, that got pushed. What’s there to believe in a 3/15 date? My dealer has completely removed their date which was there for over a month (not a good sign). Obviously, not a enough NPS inventory (need to satisfy most of the NPS demand, not just a small part of it). Lets face, it prior to the D3 release, Nikon had built up 3 months of D3 inventory (and that was producing more D3’s than D4’s now). So January + 3 months is April. So in summary, don’t believe any dates right now, be they D4 or D800 dates. They D800/E dates will also get pushed I bet…

  • Moe Jacknally

    i’d appreciate a translation of the q&a

  • broxibear
    • Thanks broxi – just published it online, the D4 and D800 manuals are still not available in English. Here is the Japanese D4 manual:

      • jaa

        I guess they have to get a Japanese person to translate it to English (since no native English speaker in the history of mankind has ever understood Japanese beyond some sushi variants), and then an English speaker to translate from Jinglish to Inglish.

  • Sold my D7000 today can’t wait for the D800 to be in my hands

  • jerry manco

    I ordered a D800, and Nikon issued the tech book from the above link. It scares me to hear how easy to get blurred images from slight movement and it is not wise to stop down past f8 or 11. Not sure how to take all this.

    • Mark

      It kind of scared me too that they seem to emphasize how easy it will be to get blurred images and diffraction from stopping down too much. I use a tripod or monopod probably 70% of the time, but I certainly want to be able to take a decent handheld photo now and then. I hope this $3K investment isn’t going to leave me with a dinasour that I can’t use for casual shooting too.

      • Frank

        I think an important way to look at it is like this…. Nikon is a major company, this is a “Technical Guide” they have to COVER themselves, so they cover all TECHNICALITIES. And they know that at this resolution, yes, blurred images CAN be more prevalent. Key words being “they CAN be”. So Nikon HAVE to cover this issue. Even though it most likely is NOT going to be to much of a problem as long as you have a decent way of holding your camera when shooting casually or walking around.

        Come on, Nikon is not going to release a camera that can not be used while walking around a city or something. lol.

      • El Aura

        And a D800 image that viewed at the same output size of your current 12 MP images having the same motion blur as your current 12 MP images is not a decent handheld photo?

        You imply that any image taken with the D800 that is not displayed at a higher resolution as your current 12 MP images, somehow invalidates your decision to get a D800. Which is bit like saying that every day you don’t drive at 100 mph, invalidates your decision to get a Porsche.

        • InfraRed

          That’s exactly right: I live in California with cops camping with speed guns, hiding behind trees and bridge pillars to get you. I got a ticket just a block away from my house…I do have a Porsche and that’s the last one. Going at trip digit speed can take me to jail while my car says “let me breath normally”.
          Next car will be a Volt or a Tesla but I was hoping to drive my D800 at full speed without bringing a tripod everytime I want to take a picture. It feels like going back to AD1870. Is that progress?

  • Up $#!t’s creek!

    is the sale of d700 for remaining units? wasn’t the d700 discontinued?
    Does make sense to use the d700 as a $2000 fx and keep d400 dx

    • John

      They only can’t sell the battery in Japan. Looks kind of like they will keep selling the D700 at $2399 for a price point between D400 and D800/E.

      The resolution of the D800 will reveal poor camera handling technique.

      • jodjac

        @ John regarding resolution: Well, so does the D7000 with it’s similar pixel density, unless I’m mistaken. The D7000 is working well for me – doing fine with it. It does require attention to technique. It’s not like you’re shooting eight by ten handheld. It’s a small camera that fits right in the palm of your hand. Probably want to use two hands though.

  • Ole

    In Denmark the price has dropped 350 $

    • Ole

      of the D700 that is

  • I’m waiting a bit to order my D4. Would how back-ordered have releases like this in the past been? Should I just pre-order now or is it safe to wait? Either way, I’m super excited for the camera to be available for shipping!

  • juicebox81

    how do you say.. IT HAS BEGUN…. in French?!

    • enesunkie

      il a commencé

  • Rob

    I just spoke with a rep from Ritz Camera, they told me that they expect the d4 to ship the first or second week of March.

  • Jean Fotomode

    Nikon Canada confirmed today that D800 will be in store for delivery for the 20th of march.

  • ter

    Would be nice to see a drop in price for the D3x ( would like to know if it will be discontinued), a wonderful though a bit expensive camera.

  • jen

    this the 22nd the “in store” ship date or shipping from Thailand date ?

  • Rob

    I got an email rom Ritz Camera yesterday telling me that they are now required to charge sales tax on purchases from many states, Ca. Being one of them. Has anyone else been notified of this change to their pre-order status, from other stores? Even if other stores are not charging sales tax (out of state) yet, to change my order, I would lose getting the D4 on the first round shipments.

    • b

      I got that email too. cancelled my order with them.

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