Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.8G lens now shipping in the US

The Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.8G lens ($499.95) that was announced with the D4 is currently shipping to dealers in the US. I expect shipping to existing pre-orders to start by the end of this week.

Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.8G lens MTF chart and lens/construction design:

The lens comes with a lens hood and a pouch:


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  • Starbugs

    Come on guys……any lens with VR is definitely a BETTER lens… matter how sharp or technically perfect your prime lens is if there is a camera shake….the pictures is ruined, unusable….VR ensure that every pictures u take counts

    • Jigo

      Exactly. VR helps if you have vibrator hands and i think most men do.

    • What about your subject moves? Is VR still effective?

      • outkasted

        When your panning with a subject at slow shutter speeds it does help.

      • neversink

        I can’t believe this… VR helps prevent camera shake, but only up to certain limitations. VR does not stop blur…. Blurry subjects are caused by too slow a speed If you want to freeze action increase your shutter speed until the subject shows no blur.

      • Jigo

        at least it is not your fault that the picture is ruined because the subject moves……if you want guaranteed sharp pictures crank up the ISO to the max……..complaint about the noisy images…….buy the damn D4…..cant afford?…….too poor too bad.

  • Lorne Leufven

    Amazon just sent notification that my lens shipped on Sunday February 19, 2012 with an expected delivery by the following thursday.

  • rhlpetrus

    What a waste of time debating VR on such a lens. I want to know, from that chart, is it any good? How does it compare to the f/1.4? I’m getting one, first to use with the D7k, next with the D800. Thanks Nikon, good option, please update the cheap f/2.8 WA primes.

    • WonderingAloud

      I am sure that vr helps, but I am also wondering how photographers ever took
      great shots for a hundred years without VR lenses….new technology only
      enhances already sound photographic skills.

  • Omar Trance

    I should be getting my Nikon 85mm 1.8G tomorrow in the mail…
    This will go nice with my 1.4G

  • Just went to buy mine at Media Markt today! I love it! They only had one.
    Here some samples etc.

  • Has anyone else received shipping notification from Amazon. My order still states not available on delivery from March 8 to May 11

    • rich in tx

      Just received my notification from Adorama that it is on it’s way!
      Hopefully before the weekend!

  • Nice piece of glass. Wonder when these are shipping in UK.

  • Played around with the bokeh today:

    • Sorry, here is my blog with some details about the shots:

      BTW i always see a lot of grain in those night shots, is that from using a too high ISO, or how can I eliminate that?

    • Hi Admill,

      May I know which country is this lens made in?

      Many thanks.


      jayce goh

      • Hello Jayce,

        Sure, it says: “Made in China”.



        • Hi Admill,

          Thank you.



  • Nikonshooter

    okay so i have slight dilemma….I have a friend that just got a new D3100 kit for 600 and he wants to sell it to me for $300…should I buy his kit and the new 85mm F1.8G or wait for the update to the D7000 with the new expeed 3 processor and no 85mm…I have the 35 and the 50 afs right now but no body. Another option can be getting the d3100 and picking up the D7000 as well or wait for the update and get that instead. I like to shoot outdoor glamour portraits. Thanks for the advice!

    • impatient

      with an f1.8 on a sunny day you might want the D7000 that can shoot at 1/8000th of a second to keep up to that lens.

      I thought 1/4000th was fast enough until I shot weddings in early afternoon
      with my two portrait lenses at f2.8.

  • impatient

    Funny, when ADEN camera posted a March 22 2012 date for the D800 I figured
    that would be when the 85 f1.8G and the D7000 bodies would be available
    in Toronto as well.
    I guess the lens is manufactured in Japan.
    The lens is available but not the D7000 body or the D800.

  • Alex

    Got mine today from B&H.

    MADE IN CHINA. What a disappointment Nikon. And, the packaging inside the Nikon Box, that holds and protects the Lens, was partly shattered. Even the rear lens cap was off. Wow. Didn’t expect this for $500!

  • rich in tx

    got mine today! Great looking and feeling lens. only have my D1X to use it with until my D800 arrives, but so far I like the results.

  • Lorne Leufven

    Got my 85 from Amazon on Thursday and have been playing with it for a couple of days. It is a fun lens so far, need to set up a test with a 85D and see the differences.

    One thing I have noticed is that it is not the fastest focusing lens but it is very accurate so far.

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