Adorama estimates the Nikon D4 delivery as “late March 2012”

Adorama has updated their Nikon D4 listing with an estimated delivery of late March, 2012:

New item Available for pre-order, Delivery scheduled to start Late March 2012. You may place this on order now and it will be shipped on a first come first serve basis. We do not charge your card until we actually ship the item to you.

I do believe the first Nikon D4 shipment is delayed and Amazon probably did not get the memo.

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  • Jetfire

    Could be they’re already into their next shipment on preorders.

    • Rob

      Not based on the way they worded it. “New item…delivery scheduled to START late March…” The item (D4 body) will start shipping at the end of March. If you order now, it’ll be much later than that.

      • I have just spoken to my supplier (Jessops in UK) and they expect to have 60 cameras on the 13th, they have not been told about any delays. The guy said if I ring back tomorrow he will be able to say if they actually have them or not…

        • Fred

          We’ve got two on order from Jacobs in UK – We we’re told today delivery will now be in March – no date given.

    • Jack

      Just thought i’d let you guys know that the D4’s are indeed delayed until late March. I work in camera shop in the UK and spoke to Nikon about this after a customer who pre-ordered one asked me. I did find it funny how he heard of the delays from this site then informed me all before Nikon had said anything to us.

      Also no mention of any D800 delays for those who are interested.

  • broxibear
  • T.I.M

    As long I get my D800e for May 25th !

    • Art

      Don’t leave us hanging, what is May 25th????

      • enesunkie

        It’s his birthday.

      • Josh

        He turns invisible on May 26th and wants to document what he looks like the day before!

    • Discontinued

      As long as I get my D800E before May …

      Well, I guess not but one can always hope.

      • T.I.M

        I know, I meant May 25th 2013 !

        • Discontinued

          NO. PLEASE ! ! !

          • T.I.M

            I remember the F801 (N8008), 6 months waiting list !

  • Rob

    Starting to wish I had just preordered one of these instead of the D800 (&D800E just for fun). These are probably going to be much harder to come by.

    Although now I guess the D800 may ship before the D4. I may wait until prices settle in on used D3s’s and pick up one of those instead (hoping for ~$3600 since many are available at $4000 now).

    • Rob

      And in case anyone noticed, you can now get NEW D3x bodies for about $5000. They dropped like 30% in just a couple weeks. Anyone wanna guess where they’ll settle for new/used?

      • Shawnino

        I can’t find anything under about $7500.

        • Rob

          The $5000 new ones actually might be a scam. There are a few used but like new ones available for around $4700 though if you know where to look.

      • Andrew

        The D3x is still priced at $7,999. You should always verify these kind of information before posting. It is so easy to Google the item!

        • Rob

          Are you seriously that stupid? I have a D300s I’ll sell you for $1 million. Does that make the price of D300s bodies $1 million? No, the going price is the LOWEST available price. Yes, you COULD buy a D3x at $8000 if you’re an idiot that wants to lose several thousand dollars instantly. There are people trying to sell used D3x bodies at $7400. THEY WON’T SELL. There are also people trying to sell used D3x bodies at $4500. If these sell, that makes the price $4500. If they don’t sell, you’ll see the price drop even more. I suspect the price will settle in between $3500-$4000 once the D800 is available.

          Right now the price is unstable because not everyone is aware of the D800 and because some people doubt it will surpass the D3x in DR and IQ.

          It’s too bad you can’t Google yourself some intelligence.

          • Rob – its a community, come down off your high horse and be a part of it, instead of being an ass to someone who is.

  • Funduro

    GREAT, now I’ll have to wait to see the D4 unwrapping videos sometime near April !

  • Brian

    Amazon bases their ship schedule on inbound shipments so I’d have to think they saw some type of evidence the cameras were on the way to them.

  • shivaswrath

    i ordered them both, whoever gets here first gets to stay in the Malhotra household! I’ll cancel whichever one is later, lol, WORST strategy ever….

    • john

      ha this iswhat im doing

  • In a word, Damn!

  • Sean

    Does this apply my preorder that is accompanied by a NPS priority purchase submission?

  • Any word on any kind of a delay on the D800/E?


    • Steve Starr

      I’m expecting it (D800 and D800E) to be delayed too. Maybe 6 weeks or longer for all of them.

      Local dealer said they were allocating smaller shipments than he anticipated with some small shops getting only one. I suspect a lot will have to do with the regional sales reps and their influence on how the distributors hand them out.

      With even the D7000 difficult to find, until they get up to speed, parts for all of them may be difficult. Dealer has one ordered for a customer and it’s been a few months now. The woman put a cash down on it and the wait must be unbearable.

      Seemed like it was easier to get the D7000 when it first came out than now even post floods. Maybe all the Coolpixes are taking up the assembly line?

      • A local dealer is one thing. That’s probably because they didn’t expect places like Adorama, BHphotovideo, Adorama, etc, to literally explode with preorders. Their thousands of orders take priority over the few dozen taken by the local store, no matter the filing date.

        Hopefully that’s the case, anyhow. It’s unfortunate for the few who go with their mom ‘n pop shops, though.

        • Nick

          You what? You think people should wait longer because they bought from an independent retailer?


          I’m cynical enough to accept that this probably happens, Nikon keeping the big boys sweet, but to hope it happens is far beyond me!

          • Andrew

            This is not necessarily a bad policy. If a smaller dealer traditionally orders fewer items, whereas a larger dealer usually orders twenty or one hundred times more of those same items, one would expect the bigger retailer to get a larger share of the shipment; this is not unethical, it makes sense. Have you ever heard of the concept of volume discounts? This is another variation on a similar concept and it is commonly practiced in many industries.

      • Rob

        What’s your basis for expecting a delay? The D4 delay was based on a firmware problem, not a production problem. I’m sure they’re still producing D4 bodies at full capacity, so if they start to ship 6 weeks late, they’ll ship with about 8,000 more bodies than if they had shipped on time (since they produce about 8,000 in 6 weeks). They will just set up a temporary line to update the completed bodies with the new firmware.

        • I didn’t expect a delay for the D800. That’s why I was asking if one had been talked about; to know if I should expect one. With such similar specs (besies MP), this could easily have affected the D800 as well..


          • Rob

            My reply was to Steve, not you. A reply post is indented and within the box containing the post it is in response to.

            Since firmware is body-specific I highly doubt the problem would affect more than one model. Even if it did (since they still might share some code), it probably would have been announced at the same time as the D4 delay announcement.

      • Dan

        If you need a D7000, let me know. Like I said in earlier post, there is a palette-full of them at my local costco. I think they’re in the same row as the twinkies.

    • Royster

      No delay on the D800 at the moment.

  • Optimist

    Maybe Amazon will do the firmware update themselves….

    • Andrew

      Not possible. Amazon ships products factory sealed.

  • Jürgen

    The local camera store in Germany where I ordered my D4, did not have any official news from Nikon about a delayed shipment.


  • Daniel

    I am a Chinese and I saw same sample about the D800 iso comparison in some chinese photograph fan site. The author is a French who living at Hong kong right now. The poster said that those pics might come from facebook. I not sure if anyone knew it already, still I think these are quite interesting.

    • Daniel

      sorry about my crappy English and grammar mistakes, my supervior always got headaches when he checked my writting works lol

      • BartyL

        Your English is good enough. Better than some supposed ‘native’ speakers anyway.

        • Andrew

          Keep quiet, don’t let anyone know. I find it interesting when people (English speakers) who generally write good English write things like: “Me to” instead of “Me too”.

    • Daniel
      • Expat in China

        your english is really good. don’t let people’s criticism bring you down. Thanks for the input here…. keep speaking and practicing, your english will only improve!

        • DG

          your english is better, by far than my chinese, or my two daughters adopted from china who aren’t even interested in learning chinese!!!!

          • Andrew

            Don’t be cheap, offer each of them a D4 and see how motivated they will become… (They may secretly be admiring daddy and those awesome machines he is carrying.).

            On a more serious note, I am sure learning Chinese is much more complex than learning English and that one would need to be immersed in the culture and hear other people speaking the language all day long.

      • Your english is fine.
        Thanks for helping fellow Nikon users/fans.

    • Greg

      Thanks for these. What an interesting noise pattern… It really looks more like film grain than I’m used to noticing. Also interesting how it screws up the color at the Hi boost settings…

    • shawnino

      Rock-solid post; no need to apologise for anything.

    • Great D800 samples shots! The D800/E impresses me every time I see a new high-ISO sample. The grain is very film-like. There is hardly any chroma noise and the luminance noise is very fine, which makes it easy to melt-away in post.

      Can you confirm what Noise Reduction settings were used for these shots? Are these JPEGs straight from the camera?

      • Daniel

        Thank you for all the encouragements about my English. I will keep practicing it.
        CaryTheLabelGuy, hello. I think those samples may have been taken by JPG in D800 directly. However, I am not sure what is the noise reduction setting of the D800 and the white balance still has problem.
        Actually, the samples on that website can be download directly and the exif shows that the white balance is on auto-mode, NX2.3.0 has been used and the lens is 85mm F/1.4G.

      • Daniel

        Cliff Mautner has also down some test and comparison about D800 on his blog. He think the ISO performance is not a problem, also he do believe the auto-focus is better than D3s.

      • jodjac

        @Cary, I agree with your statements on the look of the noise. Some of those shots have the look Sheila Metzer (sp?) worked so hard to perfect. Could be very romantic if handled right.

      • T.I.M

        We went to ST Augustine today to test my 200mm f/2.0 + TC20-EIII (and my new Nikon lens scope adapter)

        It was freezing, we met people from Quebec (who speak French of course) they said “C’est froid la Floride !” (It’s cold in Florida)

        The lens scope is amazing, I was able to see people’s faces at the top of the lighthouse from the fort. (200mm + x2 + lens scope)

        I hope we’ll see you there one day !


  • D700guy

    Figures. Thats where I pre ordered mine from.

  • Dates keep jumping around. Not that big of a deal, really.

  • pabs

    while everyone who is purchasing one of the new cameras wants to get their hands on the buggers, I think what is going on is a good testimony to Nikon; meaning they will only release their product when it is ready and meets their internal standards. We should all rest assured that what they are delivering is the best.

  • I’m sorry but I don’t buy the firmware issue.

    Every hands on video I’ve watched so far doesn’t show any glitch and I am pretty sure the D4 has been passed around long before it’s release date that any bugs were worked out.

    What I think the truth is, is that the demand for the D4 is so high with every news agency clamoring to get some and Nikon needing a bunch of them to be prepared for the Olympics (They are the official photography sponsors) so they are diverting D4s for normal folks to those going to Olympics.

    I don’t blame them.

    I am pretty sure there will also be a delay for the D800 and just shortages of the D800E for a very long time because I don’t think Nikon realized how crazy popular that variation really is.

    Now lost through out all this is what is happening with the D400. If nature holds steady I think they should start cranking out D400s in March in sufficient levels to do a first release which makes me believe there will be an announcement in April.

    I am just hoping if it’s FX it’s a mini-D4 or if it’s a DX it’s a DX-Mini-D4. I don’t want a 24MP DX sensor, but as much as I love my D7000, I need a bigger buffer.

    • Rob

      You mean just like the D7000 DIDN’T need a firmware update after shipping with unintended glitches? Oh wait, I guess you forgot about that…

      It’s probably not a game-breaking glitch. Being a professional body, they may be holding it back instead of just shipping it and telling their customers to update it themselves.

    • Andrew

      I don’t buy the argument that it’s a diversion from revealing the real cause, which you state is definitely not a firmware issue. If the demand for the D4 is much greater than Nikon anticipated, then Nikon can simply rev up production of the D4 at the expense of the D800; one would expect that Nikon will make more money from selling the D4, a $6,000 camera than from selling the D800, a $3,000 camera. If the D400 is a DX 24 MP sensor, I think Nikon will have a hard time selling it, even at a $1,000 savings over the D800.

  • Damn! The next month will go sooooo slow….

  • Jason

    I called my local dealer today where I have a D4 pre-ordered … they told me the first week of March. I’m hoping they’re right.

  • PhotoPaddler

    Sony memory XQD cards (for the Nikon D4) may not be available until very late March 2012. I suspect Nikon doesn’t want the camera to be out there before the XQD cards are at the major photo retailers.

    From B&H …
    Sony 32GB XQD Memory Card
    New Item, Available for pre-order

    Expected availability: March 29 2012

    B&H # SOXQD32GB
    Mfr# QD-H32/T

    • Peter

      This is most likely the reason for the delay. What is the point of releasing a camera that you can’t take any pictures with. Sony could pull a fast one and delay the memory cards even more and what can Nikon do?

      • Rob

        The D4 takes both XQD AND CF cards. There is one slot for each, so even if no one ever made XQD cards the D4 would be perfectly usable, just lacking a back-up memory slot.

      • Andrew

        This scenario is impossible! Nikon is an important Sony partner.

  • Alex

    Two big Nikon retailers in germany (Calumet & Foto Koch) also confirmed late march D4 delivery

  • Sean

    Guys? What about NPS priority ordering??

    • Alex

      the real reason for the delay seems to be an insufficient stock for pre-orders to supply world wide demand (nps included). thats why nikon will push back the release by another month in order to order to handle the huge pre-order demand

      • Royster

        That makes no sense.
        Best to deliver the stock you have and get the waiting list down.At least then you have some happy customers and cameras in the public eye.

        • PhotoPaddler

          You won’t have very happy customers if they can only use one of the two memory slots.

          B&H and Adorama have neither the XQD memory cards nor the card readers for the XQD media.

          • Royster

            You don’t need both card slots to get the camera working.
            I would much rather have the camera now and get the XQD card when it becomes available.

            • PhotoPaddler

              The NPS crowd probably prefers to use both memory slots for their more serious work (redundancy,etc.). Rich amateurs are probably less concerned about paying $6k for a camera that isn’t fully ready to go compared to available products.

        • Alex

          Nikon wants to deliver the first batch of D4 bodies exclusively to their NPS members first and they simply have too few units available in stock thats why they want to produce another 4-6 weeks before they actually start to ship. thats what a nikon rep told my dealer when i visited him yesterday. anyways…i have been waiting for close to 9 months for this body and i personally don’t give a sh** if i have to wait another month 🙂

          • dj hanson

            That sounds more consistent. The original article quoting a Nikon exec never mentioned anything about firmware, but rather it was all production related.

  • This kind of frenzy happens when there is so much pent-up demand.
    Reminiscent of days when D200 came out.

  • jodjac

    I wonder how many people have placed orders that they do not intend to fill- as I read through these posts I see quite a few people casually mention that they intend to cancel one of their orders.
    I wonder if we did a poll- do you intend to cancel one or more orders of your new Nikon camera- how many would respond: yes.
    The great unknown is the D800e and is it going to behave in the field. I wish Nikon had been more generous with the D 800e samples- showing an unedited shoots from different situations (as opposed to the polished samples chosen as successful). I want to see the contact sheet! I want to know how much moire it will show in real world situations.
    Isn’t it a great unknown? Has anyone that tested the camera talked about experiences with miore? The sample on Nikons website with the Japanese woman in a black costume looks like a strong candidate for miore. If they shot that and didn’t have any that would be quite a feat, or did they shoot it and remove it in PP? We don’t know! I want to know! Are we to assume there was no post processing, just conversion from raw to jpg? Did they get lucky? What did the rest of the shoot look like?
    The samples from the D800 look pretty damn good! But I love the idea of ditching the AA filter. I can imagine shooting a wedding and havin to remove miore from hundreds or dozens of images. That would be frustrating.
    I preordered from Amazon. Is there any way of finding out where one is in ‘line’? How do they keep track of that!

    • Steve Starr

      I’m suspicious of the D4 pre-orders and the cancellations by many who seem to have that as their buying method. I’d guess maybe very high at around 30% or more.

      I know some local shops who require a 50% down to lock the ordering up. Some with ATM cards have gotten the full charge so it may lock them into the purchase too as those are hard to get fixed by the bank over a charge card.

      Ones on a list ‘with no cash down’ (i.e. the looky-loos) will probably fall on a sub-list of buyers over those who did put money down. They could even fall victim to walk-ins with the cash to buy immediately.

      That Sony XQD card unavailability may be another issue too, but isn’t Nikon’s fault other than they bought into it from one manufacturer only with Lexar and Sandisk sitting back so far and putting more effort in the SD and micro-SD and Lexar even pushing up the speed of the old CF cards too. Would be interesting if they gave up on the XQD and went back to CF or two SDHC cards in a second run.

      It going to be interesting to watch this buying frenzy develop. Nikon may be learning a trick from Apple now and maybe they have flooded their assembly lines – like the 30,000 D800’s a month.

      • Rob

        The assembly lines were flooded in Thailand, not Japan.


      • broxibear

        “Would be interesting if they gave up on the XQD and went back to CF or two SDHC cards in a second run.”
        Now that would be an interesting rumour…but that’s not going to happen…is it lol ?

  • SkiPiggy

    Off topic: anyone know the size of the video files? i.e. how many minutes fit on a 32gb CF card? Do you need a fast card for video? i.e. 600x (90mb/s) or will 400x or less do? I suspect buffer is not an issue with video, but there must be a min speed of the ard to keep up.

    • Rob

      Based on the D7000, even at 1080p/30fps the bit rate is only about 3MB/s. That makes an hour of video about 10.5GB. I’d imagine any name-brand, modern CF card will have a minimum sustained write speed above 3MB/s. 400x comes out to 60MB/s, so 20 times the rate you need.

      They could of course use different compression than the D7000 and that would change the bit rate, but I don’t see why their compression would actually get worse.

  • KFA

    Cyperphoto, dealer in Sweden comfirmed a few days ago the deliverys may be delayed until mid march.

    Thats where i bought mine. Damn.. :/

  • sharyl19

    I orded mine with Ritz they just told me This is expected within the first week of march.

  • MIke

    Has any NPS member received their shipping confirmation? I still haven’t yet.

    • Alex

      How should they? D4 will start shipping in the first two weeks of march

    • Dick

      Maybe more productive to ask that question again on Thursday 16/02. In the past, Nikon have advised NPS allocations to members only the day prior to the camera arriving at the chosen dealer.

      • Mike

        Thanks, This is my first time pre-ordering something with NPS, so I don’t know the general system. I won’t expect anything until the 16th at the earliest.

  • Ryan G

    I have not received anything about my NPS order either. I wonder what is really going on. I kept my D3 and D3S just incase something like this happened. I ordered two D4’s plus the WT-5. Hopefully they do ship out soon but my money is on late March even for us.

  • CAT

    What a beautiful camera!

  • lemony persniket

    sounds like there’s no evidence of a D800 delay. if someone has anything more substantial than “i reckon…”, let’s hear it.

  • Spooky

    This is very not cool…..veeery not cool. I go in March for two weeks in the African Desert. I prepared that specially because I did bite in the sour apple and ordered the D4 🙁

    Nikon needs a new Slogan: “Never on time: Nikon!”

  • Psycho McCrazy

    Bic Camera (huge electronics retail chain in Japan) now also has 15th March listed as the release date. It was 16th February when initially announced.

    (caption below the main D4 image)

  • I ask myself how come Nikon is so silent in this matter (too). It’s 2012, they should interact better!

  • Adrifter

    I talked with my local NPS rep today. He showed me a letter from Nikon stating the D4 release has been pushed back two weeks due to “production delays” and will begin shipping in mid march.

    However, my Amazon pre-order still says it is going to arrive on the 17th. I’m starting to get the feeling Amazon just isn’t paying attention. I hope it arrives on Friday, but I’m certainly not expecting it to.

  • Richard


    Any word on whether the delay is related to the XQD being brand new and, perhaps, not being finalized in time for production? (I don’t recall whether any of the photographers who did the pre-release images for Nikon commented whether they were just using CF cards or not.)

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