Amazon thinks the Nikon D4 will be delivered on February 17th

Contrary to the information I received from multiple sources few days ago about the Nikon D4 shipment delay (which was also reported by several other websites, unless they just recycle what they read here), Amazon just sent emails to certain pre-orders with a D4 estimated arrival date of February 17 and in some cases February 21st, 2012:


We now have delivery date(s) for the order you placed on January 05, 2012 (Order# ***):

"Nikon D4 16.2 MP CMOS FX Digital SLR with Full 1080p HD Video (Body Only)"
Estimated arrival date: February 17, 2012

If you want to check on the progress of your order, take a look at this page in Your Account
We hope to see you again soon!

Customer Service Department

Maybe Amazon did not get the memo. Or maybe their D4 shipment is not impacted by whatever problem caused the delay.

Amazon has not opened they Nikon D4 pre-orders since they closed them down few hours after the official announcement.

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  • Zorro

    I’m more interested in when the long-rumored D40s will be delivered.

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      This joke is old and moldy. STop it. 😛

  • Can’t wait to see the test results!!

    • I’m looking forward to D4 v D800 ISO comparison

      • D4 vs D800 iso comparison?

        D4 best up to 12800

        D800 iso like D7000 (no D700) or 5d mark II. good as well

        • chris

          equal or slightly better than the d700 imho, i have some high iso raw files here. they are really not bad.

          • Stefan

            I was critical too about the ISO capability … but i saw some published high-iso pictures of the D800 and found ISO 6.400 too look very nice (heck, even ISO 25,600 on this camera still looks better than ISO 1,600 on my D90).

            As far as i am concerned the D800 is doing just fine ISO wise when compared to the d700.

      • I have few shoots made with d800, d4 and d700, from camera presentation in Ukraine, with ISO 1600, 2500 and 6400

        • St.


          • then, well, then he got an arrow to the knee

            • Daniel

              I used to take shoot with D800, D4 and D700 under ISO1600, 3200 and 6400 like you, then I took an arrow in my knee.

            • Spooky

              I think I really need to play that game just so I get that joke finally 😀

        • ken

          I have a horse…and…

  • Ralph

    Other than a little embarrassment I don’t see how a firmware issue would delay shipment anyway. Firmware updates are regular annoyances for just about all CPU based equipment.

    • broxibear

      Hi Ralph,
      It really depends what this “bug” actually is, if it even exists ?
      If there is a firmware bug and cameras get sent out without a fix those are the cameras that will appear in various tests in magazines and websites. If the first proper tests highlight an issue that can damage sales and the brand it would be better for Nikon to delay shipments until the bug is fixed.
      Again, let me make clear, I don’t know if there is any bug, whether it’s a firmware issue, a deeper software issue or a hardware issue…maybe there is no issue at all and it’s just a baseless rumour ?…I guess we’ll find out soon.

    • Greg

      If this bug is real and not a rumor, Nikon’s doing the smart thing by delaying (as broxibear cited). To paraphrase Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo, “A delayed [camera] is eventually good, a bad [camera] is bad forever.”

      That quote is of course back when video games came on ROM carts and couldn’t be patched later, but the same thing applies now to initial copies – if it initially reviews poorly because of a fixable bug, that stink will be on the camera for its lifespan.

      • JForhan


        “That quote is of course back when video games came on ROM carts and couldn’t be patched later, but the same thing applies now to initial copies – if it initially reviews poorly because of a fixable bug, that stink will be on the camera for its lifespan.”

        I might have agreed with you 5 or 10 years ago. However, with technology advances happening so rapidly, consumers have learned to accept imperfection in initial releases. The cell phone companies have seen to that.


      • Kristo Ketis

        But the worst for a company is to make announcements without be ready to support them.

        • S#!t happens.

          I get your anxiety — I’m feeling it too. I could be using this body every week between now and when I actually get it. But no, technically that’s not even close to “the worst”. Getting out on location with a brand new $5k body and having the main systems fail at the beginning of the shoot while the client is waiting for the magic to happen is somewhere in the realm of “the worst”. Telling said client that you have to scrap the shoot because the camera is now non-functioning is much, MUCH worse than the company to announce a slight delay. I don’t think that was a widespread problem with the D2x, but it was my personal experience, and it was not pleasant.

          But then again, nobody died that time either. 🙂

          • suprchunk

            So you would go on a paying gig with no backup? That sounds like the ‘worst’. And you brought it on yourself.

            Anything can happen to your camera at any given time. For you to not plan for a catastrophe is your own fault.

            Sure, send a camera out in the wild with a known bug is unprofessional. But so is speculating on the possibility that it is crippling. And, so is going to a paid gig with only one option.

            • Absolutely that was my own fault, and I appreciate your pointing that out. You are right.

              That said, I was in school, and purchasing $10k in bodies (primary and backup) was not an option, and my existing body was actually out of commission. I took a chance, and I lost.

              So, aren’t we essentially agreeing with each other?

      • broxibear

        imaging-resource reported yesterday that Nikon “confirmed for us today” that the Nikon D4 delivery has been delayed.

  • enesunkie

    So let me get Nikon marketing straight:
    The “S” version is the high speed/low light body,
    the “E” version lacks the AA filter and
    the “X ” version is the high MP body
    Do you think that Nikon hopes that sex sells!

    • NoFunBen

      the “h” version is the high speed
      “s” means second version of a model , a minor update. d3 to d3s or d2h to d2hs
      you can use more then one letter the d2hs has both a h for high speed and an s for an update.

      • Steven Georges

        “h” stood for living HELL!

        @ enesunkie – I’m glad I wasn’t drinking milk, it would be coming out my nose right about now. 🙂

    • PeterT

      hahahaha – good one 🙂

  • dj hanson

    The firmware reason, if true, was not mentioned in this statement below (which seems to allude more to high demand).

    “Nikon, February 7, to postpone the release date of March 15, SLR Camera “D4” professional digital SLR for advanced amateurs was scheduled to be released on February 16, initially. In the meeting held on February 7, product announcements, president of Nikon Imaging Japan Atsushi Godai said on Monday.
    Explain why the president Godai, and “in the production status. Who orders than expected from all over the world can not keep pace, you can not provide a product sufficient to Date”, but not apologize “, 2 Release Date He apologized and “was supposed to be postponed to March 15 from Feb 16”

    • gpereir4

      Advanced amateurs? HA!

      • pros use Medium and large format cameras

        • gpereir4

          No doubt, but many truly professional D4/D3s users would be a bit miffed to hear the D4 referred to as a camera for “advanced amateurs”.
          Thought that was a bit funny!

      • Ralph

        Its a compliment! True passion instead of whoring out to making money. LOL

  • jodjac

    Does anyone know if the user manual for the D800 is available online? I’d love to get a head start on that.
    @enesunkie, you should get a gold star for that. . . ….or maybe a red stripe.
    Red stripe, my new favorite beer!

    • I am still looking for D4 manual, can’t find it anywhere!

      • KFA

        Me too! I want it so I can learn the camera before it comes. If it’s delayed even more time to spend reading.. Please help me (us 😉 )

    • jodjac

      I wish they would publish the manual as a PDF file on their website. I have downloaded my D7000 manual to my phone. It makes for great reading while your waiting at the dentist office and what not. Surely they have that ready to go. . . ? I’m still learning things from the manual about the d7000. These cameras have so many damn features. I can envision a certification or coursework based on the camera manuals. The D7000 has more buttons than my four by five did. That reminds me, wish we could tilt and swing right on the sensor. Wouldn’t that be fun? Maybe in DX mode on a FX sensor. If they can shake the sensor free of dust I don’t see why they can’t figure a way to give it tilts and swings.

  • Another D4 Buyer

    Likewise my local dealer could not (would not) confirm any delays and stated that orders early in the cue (aka NPS members) would likely be filled by month’s end.

  • BenCK

    I just got the Amazon email too. It says it’s expected to be delivered February 17th. I guess we’ll find out next week. Sure would be a nice if it’s true.

    • BenCK, are you NPS?

      • BenCK

        Nope. I put my order in with Amazon probably within 10 seconds of them making it available (I had the page refreshing waiting for it to show up).

        • Steven

          This gives me hope for an upcoming trip. I was #11 in line, though that was with Adorama, not Amazon.

          • Out of curiosity, how do you know what place in line you hold at Adorama?

  • On the 17th I will be in the middle of nowhere and will have to make do with my now obsolete D700. Such a pity. I don’t know if I can stand it.

  • D700guy

    Are Amazon’s order dates any different than Adorama’s?
    Wouldnt they receive inventory from the same place?

  • Bill


    This off subject but is there any way to put your D800 poll up in a place that it would be readily available. It is getting lost back in comment cemetery. I am sure if people still saw it they may continue to give feedback.


    • after a certain number of votes, the results will not change – the ratio of votes will remain the came

  • Bob

    Local dealer here in Canada posted this notice on their website …” Pre-Order Yours Today. Arriving Late February”

  • MarkH

    Amazing. Either Amazon is considered by Nikon to be a best customer, or Nikon has built up some inventory.

    Glad to hear, in any case. Nikon has had a rough ride this past while. They are a good company and have made efforts to advance photography. I have a D700, am curious about the D4, and wonder of I ought to have awaited the D800. But Nikon’s D700 does keep me fully engaged. Given their current product range, that says a lot about this company. Thanks Nikon.

    And thanks, AdminNR. I see so little of the effort you put into this site that I can only guess how much you actually work to keep the site flourishing. Thanks for the sweat, tears and I am sure a bit of angst. You did a great job reporting on the D800 and D4.

    Kind regards,


    • suprchunk

      I would not doubt that Amazon moves a lot of Nikon gear.

  • Ryan

    This could be nothing, but when I ordered my D800 at B&H they said they would not charge my card until the item has been shippied. As you may have guessed, my card was charged yesterday. I have not received my shipping notice, so I am almost 99 percent sure they just charged me early just to tease me.

    • AXV

      For better or for worse you were not the only one, several commenters here reported they were charged the next day from their order. Is it a charge or just hold of money? Did you pay by credit card or debit card?

      • D700guy

        Mine has been charged too

    • FF

      They did that with my D4 order. I called and they reversed the charge. I was not going to pay $6k without a camera either in my hands or on its way. My order is still there and I did not lose my place in line.

      • Toby

        Are you buying from within the USA? They did the same for me as well. Wonder what they’re doing with the money…?

      • Richard

        B&H seems to have a history of charging right away.

      • They charged me right away for the D4 order too, but then deleted the charge some few days later. They’re evidently checking the account for viability.

        • Richard

          They may be placing a “hold” for the amount of the purchase on your CC, but doing it wrong so that it actually gets charged. It is supposed to be a two step process.

    • Steven Georges

      Charged you $3,000 just to tease you?
      Aw man, those B&H people can be soooo funny sometimes.
      (wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes)

  • Brian

    Remember the d7000 debacle with amazon, best buy was selling ahead of time and Nikon didn’t deliver amazons stock. I had a body ordered via amazon and they were even knocking $25 off because of delay. Maybe this is a make up deal for that.

  • Phil

    I got an Amazon email tonight stating a shipping date range from Feb 22 to Feb 24th. We will see!!

    • I got the same dates as well. Interesting how they have different dates on different orders (maybe east coast gets a certain day while west coast gets annother?) I dont know. In either situation I am really excited to at least pretend that the camera is arriving on time.

      • BenCK

        It could be because people chose different shipping speeds. I did overnight shipping (Amazon Prime, so it’s only $3.99 for it) and my estimated delivery is February 17th.

      • bkushner

        Those dates are based on your shipping speed…If you picked overnight it will change to the 17th.

        • Ah! That explains it. I got the Prime free 2 day shipping and didnt even realize it would be heading into a weekend.

          • Brian

            You can change it to overnight for $3.99

        • Steven Georges

          So for $15 extra for overnight you can get it delivered 30 days early?

      • Phil

        I distinctly remember at the time I ordered I could not pick the shipping speed. I am a PRIME member and there was no choice. It said 2-3 Days shipping with no other option. I was not going to argue it. I just wanted to get the order in. BUT, I decided to go look at the order online tonight and the shipping date shows Feb 16th on the open order screen. If you click on the order it shows the Feb 22 – 24 delivery dates like the email states. I misinterpreted the email as the shipping date when it is the delivery date. Only 5 more days to find out if I get a shipping tracking email. 😉

        • Kyle Hunter

          I remember the same thing when I placed my order with Amazon. I went back later and was able to change the shipping speed to overnight.

  • Jason

    When is D800S arriving? That has better ISO than D4 but costs half-of D4….

    • It’s not when the D800s is released but IF. Nikon has made a clear distinction between D4 and D800, it may stay that way.

      Ps I ordered my D4 from Jessops in the UK and they quote the delivery on 17th yesterday, but I don’t have it in writing.

    • Dan

      I wanna see a D7K vs D800 comparison. Still trying to convince myself I “need” a FX camera :). I know, it’s off topic.

      • Ryan


        An FX camera is miles ahead of a D7000. I have the D7k and use my old mans D3 and the differences are incredible, the D3 still outperforms my camera in every aspect. It has better and cleaner images at higher ISO, an AF that makes the D7k look like a retarded cousin, and a layout and build quality that will last forever. Not to mention you get more depth of field from the FX sensor, as well as a wider frame. I still kick myself over not going the FX route when I bought the D7k… But now I have the D800, so its all good.

  • Brian

    I don’t know, Amazon is usually on the ball with release dates. I spend a ton of money there and they usually get it right. I’d have to think they have some concrete information do do notifications like this. I ordered two D4’s from my dealer and one from Amazon. My dealer has NO INFO.

    • Wow!

      @ brian – what kind of work do you do… 3 units of D4 is a whopper!

      • Tiger1050Rider

        What would anyone want 3 D4’s for but to hopefully sell them on at a profit?

        Just watch out for them on EBay if shortages appear.

      • Brian

        well actually I wanted two. When I saw Amazon preorder go up I hit it. So I will sell one of them and probably get a premium early on if they are hard to buy. I shoot nature for fun. I put one on a 600 F/4 the other on a 200-400 F/4

        • D

          You are the kind of douchebag I want to just punch in the nads.

        • D700guy

          …or you could get stuck selling at a discount when the prices fall

  • Ben

    Any word on the 85mm 1.8G release date? I originally received an email from Amazon saying that it would be delivered between 2/3 and 2/27. Now I just checked and it is showing a date range from 2/27-4/24.

  • Oliver

    I am a NPS-sports photographer and was told by my national NPS-support i will receive my D4 before i leave for the skijumping worldchampionships, which will ba on feb 20th…
    i know that nikon first delivers cameras to dealers who have orders from NPS-photographers – maybe they have so many orders of those that the other orders will be delayed? i know MANY other nikon-NPS-photographers, that ordered a nikon D4 too. an nikon just made sure last year that no one is registered as a NPS-photographer unless he has at least two pro-bodies and several pro-lenses…

    • JForhan


      an nikon just made sure last year that no one is registered as a NPS-photographer unless he has at least two pro-bodies and several pro-lenses…

      Looks like any 3 lenses. Nikon does not designate any lenses “pro”. And I doubt they would hold current members to a higher standard that noobs.

      From the NikonPro site. (Just one of the requirements).
      Ownership of a minimum of 2 Nikon Professional Bodies and 3 Nikkor or DX Nikkor lenses.


      • The D7000 can count as a second body for NPS.
        And Nikon NPS has a list of lenses that count as pro and a list of lenses that count as, well, for the fun of counting it.

      • PeterT

        In Germany they require three 2.8 lenses plus two pro bodies…

        • So you’re saying that my $7,000 (5,300 Euros) 400-200 f4 AF-S VRII lens wouldn’t count in Germany? It sure counted in the U.S.!

          BTW – My old D2hs counted as a prime camera body even though I don’t use it any more. I’m still laughing about that one.
          (but also grateful)

      • D700guy

        Guess I’d qualify. Currently own a D700 and an F6

        • Yes, the F6 counts, but you would also need qualifying lenses (I don’t doubt that you have those) AND you need to be full time working photographer.

          In other words, take a vow of poverty! 😉

    • broxibear

      NPS eligibility vary from country to country…
      “Q1: What are the requirements for NPS membership?
      To become a member of NPS, you should be a full-time professional photographer owning and using a certain amount of Nikon equipment. In addition, there are further membership requirements imposed by regional NPS organizations.”

      • Dan

        I own a D200 and a D7K plus 3 2.8 lenses….could I qualify as a NPS dude?

        • Mike

          Are you a full time working professional ? NPS (unlike CPS) places as much if not more emphasis on that as the kit you run.

          • Dan

            In that case I guess I don’t qualify 🙁

          • Richard

            A full time working professional who switched from Canon to Nikon when the D3 came out (who said he is not switching back) said that Canon had much better, and friendlier, support than NPS. Room for improvement?

    • Ryan G

      @Oliver, I am an NPS member as well and I have not received any email from Adorama saying that my 2 D4’s would ship within this month. Where did you order yours from?

  • Did Nikon ever make an official announcement of the D4 delay?

    • Flo

      interesting question. my local dealer called me, because the delivery would be delayed to mid march. they got this information from their distribution partner.
      but i never read an official statement from nikon. i don’t know.

  • R!

    D800 is suposed to arrive around 22/23 march for what I’ve been told in the 2 major distributor in France:Fnac & la boutique Nikon (pro shop).No information on the D800E but probably a litle later.

  • broxibear

    CNET Asia invited to visit Nikon’s Sendai plant…

  • Jack

    Really? Even at the CP+ show they had 2/16? That’s a good sign. Here’s to hoping!

  • T.I.M

    Here is a well made article about the D800e’s moiré.

    You can find moiré tests for the D800e on Ebay already, I tried with a D700 that had the AA filter removed, amazing !

    • Moe Jacknally

      Can you show us the pictures you shot with you D700?

      • T.I.M

        Sure, if Peter agree I’ll be glad to show the moiré test chart results with the AA filter removed.

  • BenCK

    Yeah, maybe the delays were only for certain orders. I mean Nikon never officially announced any delays. I’m sure all NPS members will get their orders shipped next week as planned and then whatever orders are left over (which probably isn’t much) and were placed really early will be shipped at the same time. All other orders will be shipped with the next month’s shipment (March). That makes sense to me.

    • dj hanson

      That’s sort of what I’m thinking. Haven’t seen anything official from Nikon on this. Also, not sure if it’s true, but I have heard it takes many several weeks to ship new cameras over here (shipping, customs, etc). If that’s true, it’s likely the first batches would have been shipped prior to this delay announcement (unofficial)?

  • JFH

    Could it be that this first D4 shipment left the port with the firmware bug, and all others are delayed until March 15th? Any information on the validity and nature of the firmware bug rumor?

  • InnesPort

    Adorama has changed their scheduled delivery from late February to late March.

  • Just to add some data to the pile; Amazon notified me yesterday (Feb 10) that my D4 ought to arrive between Feb 22 and Feb 24. I’m skeptical but that’s what my order status reads online and in the email I got.

  • Brian

    My Amazon status changed from Feb 17th to

    Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date. You can cancel at any time.

    I think they got the memo!!!

    • BenCK

      I just checked mine and it still says:
      Not Yet Shipped: 1 item – delivery estimate: February 17, 2012

      • Kyle Hunter

        I also just checked mine and it still says:
        Not Yet Shipped: 1 item – delivery estimate: February 17, 2012

        My D3 is getting to be in such piss poor shape, I really hope this thing shows up tomorrow, D3 needs to go in for a day at the spa . . sure will be nice to have two bodies again.

        • Kyle Hunter

          E-mail from Amazon this morning 5:18 AM says March 21st is my new delivery estimate.

  • One of the D4 delay reasons can be XQD cards. Nikon want to put card with card readers to D4 boxes, for few first months.

  • SOB

    SOB… 🙁

    We’re writing about the order you placed on January 05, 2012 (Order# XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXX). Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below has changed, and we need to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date:

    “Nikon D4 16.2 MP CMOS FX Digital SLR with Full 1080p HD Video (Body Only)”
    New Delivery Estimate: March 23, 2012 – March 27, 2012

    • Mike

      DAMMIT! Thanks for posting though, I have no where else to get updates from. I guess I will be looking for it in the mail late March.

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