Nikon NEF Codec v1.13.0 released

Nikon NEF Codec v1.13.0

Nikon released NEF Codec v1.13.0 that adds D4 support (Windows only).

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  • ken

    Windows only wtf? bs….

    • John

      Windows is easier to write for, give it a few weeks for a Mac version.

      • AXV

        “Windows is easier to write for…”

        You forgot to say a better cost-to-power ratio, more widely used, and more important, hence first.

        • ken

          more widely used – mostly not by choice, more important – i guess they need to get the mickeysoft versions out there first so they can be tested and patched and tested and broken and tested and patched, whereas with the mac version – there will only every be one.. 🙂

          • I’m a professional software engineer, and I can safely say you have no idea what you’re talking about 😉

            Windows and Mac are programmed completely different…different API’s, different programming languages. Two completely different beasts. Of course they will release Windows first, Windows market share is MUCH larger than Mac, so yes they use them as guinea pigs. We all benefit from that practice, Mac version will be more refined after Windows testing, but has the same possibility of having bugs in it. The whole Mac v Windows argument is tired, and lame. Computers are a tool, and you can accomplish the same in both.

            • David

              Thank you Jayson for setting Ken straight on this. I use BOTH Macintosh and PC. I am sick and tired of people bashing on PC. I am only 20 years old and a professional photographer and am tired of people in my generation who get all bent out of shape over hollow brand-name wars. One of my best friends shoots with Canon, and it doesn’t affect me either. Feel like taking part in a product war? Then be prepared to be another minion whereby marketeers fight their obnoxious campaigns.

            • Ulf

              I’m quite sure Mac is more frequently used than PC within the photography industry.

            • Craig


              As a professional photographer, a person with two engineering degrees, and a professional engineering license I can easily say there is no “real” reason the photo industry has chosen MAC over PC. The reasons are perception brought on by marketing. Those of you who have bought into the Apple lifestyle and have paid the premium to live that lifestyle will never admit it.

              Now, more germane to the original post Jayson is correct – the Mac software is coming – I am sure. However, perfecting the Windows platform and getting it to the marketplace first is only good business because of the much more huge installed base.

            • The professional

              As a highly professional professional at being professional, I support the above posts!

          • Mike

            Wake up keny,
            it´s year 2012, not 1998 😀

        • Now, I told ya’ll I wasn’t going to get into the “Mac vs. PC” things again! Seriously, let’s not go there. If people want to use PC, let them. If there are some of us that feel Mac is the only way, so be it. Other than that, let’s talk about the new D800 and D4 and how screwed Canon is.

          I kid, I kid. Did you see what I did there? Let’s be nice.

  • D4_Buyer

    Admin — any update on the release date for the D4? (Did you receive any additional information about the possible delay? Is it confirmed?)

    • Another D4 Buyer

      Likewise my local dealer could not (would not) confirm any delays, saying only that those orders early in the cue would likely be filled by month’s end.

    • hey, D4 buyer, didn’t you notice that you’re in the thread about the NEF codec, NOT the one about the D4 ship date?

      can we please stick to the topic at hand?

      • D4_Buyer

        Hey, Hugo First, didn’t you notice that the wording of the post was, “Nikon released NEF Codec v1.13.0 that adds D4 support“…?

        A question about the D4 ship date is VERY much on topic.

        Why don’t you limit your “attacking various respectable persons and institutions without being noticed” to your blog, hmmmmkay?

  • next2you

    Lets see how long Apple takes to integrate the new RAW formats into Aperture.

  • Cuius

    BEWARE – when run this file it will automatically shut down your computer without warning and then reload. It you have anything else unsaved, its gone.

  • burgerman


    It restarts either “now” or “later” if you bother to actually read the info on the screen. You CHOOSE.

  • pabs

    Is there any reason to install this if one is not purchasing a D4? Will it need to be updated when the D800 is released? (in which case wait if that is the camera purchased)

  • burgerman

    Not really, but I suspect it does that too. And it takes about 2 mins…

  • INA

    I just don’t understand why the codec is not already compactible with the D800/E as well… There will be a new update after 4 weeks? Why? Acc. to some info, the D800 was under field testing already from last spring / summer, so when they was preparing this update they knew that the D800/E is coming soon after D4 or not? ; -)

  • Yeah!!!! Now i can compare D4 RAWs taken at the camera presentation )

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