Nikon at the 2012 CP+ show (pictures, D800 hands-on, D4 demo videos)

Some additional Nikon coverage from the 2012 CP+ show in Japan. All images and videos are copyrighted and belong to their respective owners. Click on images for larger view. Throughout the weekend I will be also uploading CP+ coverage from other manufacturers on PhotoRumors, check it out.

The first report is from Samuel Morse - expect a detailed post on the D800E on his blog in the next few days:

As for my impressions, there were a couple things I haven't heard anyone say yet about the new Nikons. Having the dedicated movie record button on top, moving the mode button closer to the flash, puts the mode button just out of reach without moving your hand. It was really surprising to me at first, but I could see probably getting used to it, and it's not a button I use with great frequency, so it's a minor quibble. Overall, the D800E felt really good in my hands, better than my D700 in some ways. The prints from the D800E were up on the wall and you could just walk right up to them and look closely, and the detail held up beautifully. My main beef with it is a marketing one. Nikon says that when the D800(E) is in its crop modes, it masks the rest of the viewfinder to tell you where your view is. This is not the case. It doesn't truly mask it with a 50 percent black like the D3 or D4 do. It just makes a box like the D700. I really wish they had added the higher-end masking.

Nikon D800E compared to the Nikon D700

Nikon D800E compared to the Nikon D700




The second set of pictures is from Psycho_McCrazy who also sent me his first impressions on the Nikon D800:

D800 Hands On (My Take):

  1. The AF points in the viewfinder behave similarly to the D700 (persistent Black rectangles, unlike the D3/s/x/D4's Fading red ones.)
  2. The MB-D12 Battery grip has an alloy shell, properly pro-grade.
  3. The D800 will demand skilled handling technique, the 36 megapixels are extremely unforgiving in terms of motion blur even at 1/100 on an 85 mm lens. (or maybe I was shaking with excitement!!!)
  4. Shutter lag and VF black-out are superfast (especially compared to the D70 that I was shooting with)





The next set of CP+ photos are from gqtuazon:

Nikon D800 on the left, D700 on the right



Some more pictures and Nikon D4 video demos from Clark Tanaka are next.

Nikon D4 3D tracking demo:

Nikon D4 burst buffer demo:

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  • AnoNemo

    Very nice.

    • Very VERY nice!

      I’ll wait for a thorough hands on review before I consider parting with my beloved D700. I’ll also be selling my grip & rarely used Nikkor 28-300 VR with it, so keep an eye out on ebay yawl.

  • Sure, just get me all hot and bothered!

  • T.I.M

    So, with that magnesium body, is it ok if I hold my 6lb AF-s 200mm f/2 by the camera ?

    • John Richardson

      No. Keep in mind the mount ring on the camera is always held together with little tiny shallow micro screws, not sure of the exact size. But you can take one out to see. 6 lbs is a lot of torque on those little fellas.

    • AXV

      The camera will hold a lot of weight in the mount, those tiny screws are very, very stong.
      What one should worry about is the lens because it’s holding a lot of front weight on it’s mount (held in shooting posision, not hanging down) so that’s probably the thing that could warp or break: the lens.

      • T.I.M

        True, I’ll just hold the lens by the hood to be safe.

        • karl


        • AXV

          As long as you put in a filter it is ok. (Even drop-in filters are said to save your lens from a fall)

  • Kuro, Kuro, Kuro~!!!

    Thank Mr. NR for this report very nice to see. 🙂

  • Jimmy

    I might develop paraphilia for burst sounds now. Would love to use the D4 for concert photography. *drooooool*

  • “It doesn’t truly mask it with a 50 percent black like the D3 or D4 do. It just makes a box like the D700” : It is possible to mask like the D3/D4 in D700 – written in manual. I have that masking all the time and it works great. I do not think they omitted it in D800.

    • PTPM

      How do you do that?

    • lock

      I assume that this isn’t in auto Dx mode than ? Is it done with A6 set to off, such that you get a transparent mask outside the Dx area? If so, don’t you miss the info from the AF sensor? Because it doesn’t light up no longer.

    • Wow, this just goes to show that just when you think you know the menus in your camera, you learn something new. I didn’t realize that turning the AF Point Illumination off (Menu item A6) would also enable the masking. Thanks ovas. I’m sure that means the D800 will do that too.

      • mickey

        Yeah, I’ve had my D700 for 3 1/2 years and didn’t know this masking worked until the discussion come up 2 days ago. I guess if I would have ever removed the manual from the box, I might have learned these little pearls.

  • Big G

    Hey NR admin, do you have any news about potential D400 announcement or its specs?

    • Hyrules

      +1 on that !

      • PoBoywcredit

        I have been waiting two years for the D800 to arrive. Please let it have it’s moment in the sun. OK? The D400 rumors will start to flow sooner or later. Don’t you think admin would let us know if there were something to tell? Isn’t that the point to this website? I only make this comment because this question is being asked on every post. We would all like to see the D400.
        Ok, this is the D800, love it or leave it. I’m loving it.
        I think I am going to marry it. Oh yea. Why not, it has an F mount!

        • PeterO

          Obviously there’s as much pent-up demand for the D400 as there is for the D4 and D800. This point isn’t lost on Nikon. I’m sure they’ll get it our as soon as possible. Patience Grasshopper…

          • I have my D800 on order with my Brick N Mortar but will switch in a heart beat to a faster FPS and improved ISO D400 for wildlife! I can compose with my feet for landscape nut not wildlife. A 600/500 can give me only so much reach!

            • jorg

              so much for people buying the cameras they really need…

            • KnightPhoto

              The only (?) problem is will the D400 be improved ISO? I fear not if it is going to use the NEX-7 sensel. Maybe Admin can crack the case open – any whispers about a Nikon sensor for the D400?

              Failing that the consolation is that the Sony sensor is a detail machine… so that can’t hurt our wildlife stuff. And maybe downsizing (like on the D800) is the new high ISO.

    • AM

      +1 I am currently shooting DX but have been thinking on switching to FX eventually. I’ve taken what I think are the proper steps by getting FX lenses first. The D800 looks tempting, but I don’t want to jump the gun just now. I will hold off until the D400 comes out to finally make my mind.

      • Luke

        +1 I’ve had the D300 for about a year now and adore it. The only thing that bothers me is the grain, even after ISO 400 it gets intrusive. I have no need for over 20 MP just better low light performance. But that D4 tracking is intense, I know a lot of the time the D300 3D tracking doesn’t work so well.

        • Stephen White

          If you’re upgrading from a D300 I can understand your patience. Since I’m upgrading from a D200 (having patiently waited out the D300s and D700), I’m thrilled to be jumping into FX with both feet. Not doubt the D400 will amaze and may benefit from another 6-12 months of tech evolution and/or depreciation, but I don’t think I’ll have any regrets about pulling the trigger on this long awaited update.

          • Jonny Ray

            +1 — I couldn’t agree more. I’m upgrading from a D80! I’m fairly certain I’ll be at least a bit overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the upgrade. Gonna be a pretty huge step up in the tools and features available to me, can’t wait.

          • Art

            My experience has been that the D200 was / is an excellent camera. When I moved to the D200 from the D100, there was a _significant_ increase in picture quality (5MP – > 11MP) but the difference between the D200 to the D300 was not nearly as great though still noticeable. I expect there to be another huge leap between the D300 – > D800 in picture quality and in some ways, I envy your being able to skip over the D300 line entirely simply because it will be an even larger leap for you and that will be even more thrilling. (I still won’t give up my D300 and will use it as my backup for at least a little while.)

    • KT

      I think the D400 is held in the same limbo where the D800 spent most of last year. The design is complete but the factory is under water. Why bother announce a product that can’t be manufactured for another year or so. Everyone will get upset and threaten to buy a 7D instead because of the interminable delay.

  • Fanboy

    Preordered both D4 and D800E. I know they must be better than SeX.

    • Art

      If you would refer to the earlier post, the D800SEX version that provides low light, no anti-alias filter and high pixel count (hence S.E.X.) is planned as the D800/E mid cycle upgrade.

      • Dan

        Better yet, wait for the D800SUX (Super lowlight, Ultraviolet filtering, X-Ray capable). Yeah…that’s what I’M waiting for \:drool/

    • Mac

      Maybe you just need to focus in the dark?

    • haha

      … I’m not sure about that. I don’t take my cameras into my bed, my beloved wife wouldn’t like that, me too, btw haha.

  • T.I.M

    English (or French) please…

    • shawnino

      “Ve-ry nice!”

  • Pete

    Promo pics of the D800 seem to show the body with the 24-120/f VRII attached. Does that mean this lens will suffice resolving enough detail for the 36Mpx sensor?

  • Aaron Shepard

    I don’t get it. This is the second person with hands-on experience with the D800 to say that motion blur is a problem because of the small pixel size. But the D800’s pixel size is the same as the D7000’s. I haven’t had any such problems with that one, and I haven’t heard any complaints about it, either.

    • Henrik Petersen

      SS was 1/100 with a 85mm.

    • Gav

      People were complaining about image quality probs with the D7000, read the Mansurovs blog for more details.

      It is just cos of higher resolution magnifying imperfections. You have 3x the pixels on this camera compared to a D700. Enlarge this to 100% and those flaws show up 3x higher. Compare them at the same size and the flaws will look the same.

      It isn’t a problem with the camera, nor was it with the D7000.

      • Pdf Ninja

        Not 3x, just 1.7x (= sqrt(3)). But it will magnify the flaws, like you said.

        • Gav

          knew I shud have stayed in skool 😉

    • nikos

      sorry to inform but i have; and i’ve heard complaints from other d7000 users too

      • jake

        Right! Isn’t it funny when a user complains about user error……..

    • Astrophotographer

      And the D800’s pixel pitch is only ~87% of my D300 (4.9um vs 5.6um). This is not as radical a pixel size issue as some make it.

    • Same deal when I had my d3x – it’s a lot harder to keep steady to get perfect shots – I had to shoot at 3x the shutter speed I would on the same shot with my d3. I expect the d800 will get a lot of returns because it’ll be a lot of noobs buying th who won’t have a clue how to get a low light shot and then work out that they aren’t good enough for the camera. Took me a while to get used to the d3x because I was used to low light slow shutter shots that simply were perfect. You also have to have the shutter at 3x the focal length ie: 200mm f2.8 1/125th ISO 800 on a d3 ment I had to use 1/250th to get a non blurred shot – and with a useable max ISO of 1600 on the d3x ment either I got too much noise or couldnt even get the shot. I suspect the 36mp will be even worse. Best keep your d700’s for low light stuff as you simply won’t be able to use the d800 is the same low light shots. I only used my d3x in daytime and with flash after dusk. The rest of the shots were like 90% taken on the d3. ( was a wedding shooter ) studio use will be perfectly fine though with studio lighting.

      I’m only buying two d800’s purely for video work 🙂 that’s where I see the d800’s kicking it 🙂 I don’t do stills much anymore and I’m
      Keeping my d3 cos it’s still the lowlight working king for me.

    • Aaron Shepard

      Thinking about it some more, I’m wondering if those who made the comment were using unstabilized lenses. I’m using the 28-300 zoom on the D7000 almost exclusively, and I simply haven’t seen a problem. And yes, I often zoom in to 100% for my sharpening and noise reduction. But then, I try not to go below 1/250 anyway, because some of my subjects are moving.

      Anyway, since I’m seeing no problem with the D7000, and I plan to use the same zoom on the D800, I’m not expecting any problem there either.

    • ChrisLilley

      And on my D7000, my rule of thumb for safe shutter speed is 1.5x the focal length, or better 2x. So 85mm @ 1/100s? Not really.

  • Psycho_McCrazy mentions: ” The AF points in the viewfinder behave similarly to the D700 (persistent Black rectangles, unlike the D3/s/x/D4’s Fading red ones.)”

    I assume this is with multi-area AF selected, once focus is acquired?

    • Psycho McCrazy

      I think I didn’t choose the correct words while making that statement.

      I haven’t spent any significant amount of time with any of the pro Nikon cameras.
      The D3s that I used at the telephoto lens hands-on area had red illuminated focus points – which I hear are adjustable in intensity (that is what I meant about fading) – that came up when I activated the AF system (single or multiple as per the selected modes) whereas the D800 during the hands-on had a black rectangle (single point mode) that came up when AF system was activated – and I understand that these points do not have an adjustable black/gray feature.

  • What I am picking up is the D800e is intended to be of limited production as compared to the D800. It will probably be permanently in short supply.

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    That burst buffer video is just insane. 😀

    • Boing Wronkwell


      But only if it was working at full resolution and not cropped or switched down to record something silly like a 5MP JPG… even then… 🙂

    • PoBoy

      @Twaddler B, amazing, isn’t it? I wonder if that speed relies on the new card (XQD), or if you can do that with CF just as long. I think you could make music with that thing.

  • “I really wish they had added the higher-end masking.”
    Next years firmware update?

    I still say that when you look at the D800 with its new curves straight on it looks like a puppy with his ears drooped down. 🙂

  • Bob

    Some YouTube coverage at CP+ highlighting the basic specs on D800.

    Nothing new but pretty good to watch.

    Nikon D800 at CP+

  • roberto

    The D800 will demand skilled handling technique, the 36 megapixels are extremely unforgiving in terms of motion blur even at 1/100 on an 85 mm lens. (or maybe I was shaking with excitement!!!) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what? it’s this true ?

    • jake

      He should have went with at least a SS of 1/160 then.

      Or use a tripod/bipod….

      • AXV

        Or just don’t see sections of it at 100%

        • Psycho McCrazy

          True that about the 100% pixel peeping thing.

          I’m not saying that everyone will get motion blur! People who make their living off photography surely have way better practice and discipline than a hobbyist like me, and will easily be able to handle / adapt to the increase in linear resolution.

          I’m just saying that pixel-peeping is a hobby of a huge number of people (including me; I just can’t seem to kick the habit!), and if they are not able to get their hand-holding technique right (like I was not able to, after standing for an hour and a half in the queue), they will complain. I just hope they understand that it isn’t the camera!

  • broxibear

    For those scratching their heads as to why Nikon used two different card slots in the D800 here’s a possible explanation from Nikon Owner Magazine…
    “Apparently the decision to use two slots with different card formats was based on the lack of available space inside the camera, with the smaller SD card slot taking up far less room than a second CF card slot.”

    • broxibear

      P.S. Here’s some Nikon D800 low light Video ISO 3200 for those who care, which isn’t me, but here it is anyway, ok, I’m rambling now lol…

      • broxibear

        I’ve just noticed the same uploader has got a video comparison between the D4 and D800…

        • another Steve

          All these Fenchel/Janisch-Videos are fake, check their other videos and some of the comments and most important: check the release-dates of their videos, most of them can’t be real.
          I don’t know how or if they make money only by generating traffic, but there should be a way of letting youtube erase these kind if things.

  • YC

    I’ve pre-ordered D800 the moment it was available on amazon and love everything that it has to offer. But does anyone else think the design of the body seems kind of off? The body just seems less defined compared to D700. It looks chunkier and the curve of the body makes the logo look slanted. Remember before the official announcement, when the picture of the D800 body was leaked? A lot of people were saying it was photoshopped fake because of the way the logo looked. It will probably grow on me but it’s my only minor complaint that keeps bothering me. Of course, it won’t have any effect on shooting beautiful pictures!

    • It’s not how it looks that matters…. 😉

      • Mock Kenwell

        Of course it matters how it looks. But the new look doesn’t put me off.

  • enaz

    d7000 in stock at right now

    • Dan

      Surely you mean the D700 and not 7K. There is a palette-full of D7Ks at my local Costco.

      • AXV

        Holy sh*t! It’s true!
        Three D700 left in stock. But the price is crazy, $2899!!
        (Ships and sold by 17th Street Photo)

  • enaz

    And they are gone now.

  • grantourismo

    I still can´t believe it´s here, and the camera is a dream come true, hopefully march 22 i´ll have my own D800 in my hands, preordered and already payed 😉 Greetings from Sweden.

    • Henrik Petersen

      I am number 65 on the waiting list for a D800 – talk about demand 🙂

      I get to hold one in my hands next week – there is a demo at my dealer.

  • The last video is awesome lol. 160 frames taken 😀

  • “Having the dedicated movie record button on top, moving the mode button closer to the flash, puts the mode button just out of reach without moving your hand.”

    GOOD. I’m already irritated enough about having dedicated buttons to functions I will never use. At least this one takes effort to use.

  • leprechauns’r’us

    Ummm… there seems to be no mention that one of Nikon’s magical leprechauns is giving the demo. Seriously check out that hat!

  • Ed

    Any guesses on how the 24-70 2.8 will work on this camera? Will it compliment the D800 36MP photo quality?

    • Depends if you sneeze on the front element or not 😉

    • Banksie

      It’s time to get on eBay and start buying some Leica R lenses and get them Leitax’d for Nikon mount. I’m also glad I still have my three Zeiss ZF.2 primes.

  • burgerman

    105 VR macro, 24-70, 14-24, newest 70 200VRII, and many primes will be great for eg.

    In fact most of the new N lenses will be good. And some that are not “N” will be. They have great full frame sharpness even wide open. Its as if they new this was coming…

    Older zooms, and older primes (in some cases) will not quite be up to this… Or lenses that are “do all”. But then you will still get pictures from these lenses that are at least as good as they can do. Some lenses may need to be stopped down a bit to get best results. Many of the newest ones will be fine.

  • Clark Tanaka

    Hey you guys:)
    Thanks for someone of you commenting on the last 2 vids I took yesterday. (And thanks NR admin for uploading) There’s also a link here which I took on the day if you guys want to check it out. Some of the shots at the NIKON booth was shot by Leslie Kee.

  • Juan Pinalez Jr.

    I was shooting with the D4 and D800 yesterday at CP+ and found blurring to be a non-issue. I shot with the 85mm f/1.4, 35mm and 50mm.

    I hand held the D800 and produced some stunningly sharp images of the Japanese exhibitor at as low as 1/30th. The image harness and detail filled me with dismay.

    The D800e was an impressive camera and as an aside, I could not get moire to show up on suit tops when recording video.

    Ah, another note: the Nikon microphone is garbage. I was monitoring sound while shooting and found it to be not directional and lacking a clear signal.

  • But more exciting than anything was the Nikon Carousel (or merry-go-round) at the CP+.

    Here it is:

  • John The Digby

    Pre-ordered the d800 after selling my canon 7d & 17-55 ef-s f2.8 IS USM & 70-200is USM f4 & 50mm 1.2.

    Looking for some good general purpose leses that can cope with the new D800 36mp MONSTER (Que JZ & K West)

    New to Nikon. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Crazy41

      well,24-70/2.8 is very good,and add some prime like 50/1.4,35/1.4,85/1.4

    • The Manatee

      24mm 1.4. My favourite lens. As sharp as a samurai sword. For a zoom in that range 14-24mm 2.8 can’t be beat, main downside being the inability to use filters.

  • cristofe

    The D800 will demand skilled handling technique, the 36 megapixels are extremely unforgiving in terms of motion blur even at 1/100 on an 85 mm lens. (or maybe I was shaking with excitement!!!)

    nikon d800 only for landscape and studio ( tripod use ) for weddings it will very hard no to shake the camera

    • It’s only “only for landscape and studio” use… it just particularly well-suited for those applications.

  • roneo

    Rob Van Petten, who shot the Nikon sample photos, mentions this on his blog…

    ‘The high density sensor is sensitive to motion blur”, causing him problems that he needed to use a tripod when using the 200 f2 with flash in the studio.

    So this is just a warning for all you new D800 owners that intend to do a lot of hand held shots!

    We are entering a new Hi-MP era and new problems will come with it.

  • emy

    Actually, people are going to be surprised at how much better their technique is going to have to become after they get their hands on something like the d800. Prepare for a rash of “why are my shots soft, I spent 3 grand on my D800E and what’s wrong” type of posts in about 2-3 months, guaranteed…

    • John Richardson

      For those of us who carry a tripod around, against the wishes of Mr. Rockwell, we will have a little less to worry about when it comes to stability. Though I of course try to have a good solid stance, VR still saves my bacon on occasion. But when I have a tripod in my hands and actually use it, my results are more than just better. I can see that my time getting used to carrying it around and using it as often as possible will not be wasted when I pop my new as yet to be received D800. I see the RRS has an option to preorder an L-Plate for the D800 already!

  • roberto

    Good quote from Marianne Oelund. from OP’s previous thread:

    “If the eventually released D800 is 36 mp wouldn’t you need to either be extremely steady or need a tripod to gain the full benefit of 36mp.

    Although 36Mpix sounds like a huge increase over 12Mpix, it only means that the photosite density along each axis is 73% higher.

    Increase your shutter speed by 73%, do everything else exactly the same, and you will satisfy a 36Mpix sensor as well as you do a 12Mpix sensor now.

  • Hendog

    So where is the d700 replacement? It’s been asked a million times, but I need 12-20 mp (no more) with great low light performance, FX sensor, $3000. Why are my requirements being ignored Nikon? I’m very interested in the D800 for video, but every day I’m getting closer to just going for the D700. Seems such a shame to have to go for older technology simply because there is no other option available.

  • yooo

    can i use the nikon d800 at 20 mp? do i have the same motion blur problem ?

  • burgerman

    Do any of you people posting about this stuff get basic physics?

    You can shoot at any resolution you like. Motion blur with respect to OUTPUT SIZE is unsaffected by resolution. Same with noise. Looked at on the screen at 100 percent at a pixel level is looking at a picture about 70 inches wide on a typical monitor! So comparing it to one with half the width (from a D700) at the same 100 percent is rediculous.

    As far as motion blur or noise is concerned all that really matters is sensor area and output size. Not pixels. That just changes the on screen size…

    • Irritated

      Yes, we get basic physics. We also get that you shoot only for print, and print at a fixed size regardless of the resolution of your original capture. In which case, why even comment on a high resolution camera?

      Sorry to break it to you but
      – not everyone shoots exclusively for small and medium size prints
      – people who do print and are looking at this camera, want to *use* the increased resolution to *print bigger*.

  • Adrian

    I am curious about the need for a dedicated movie-record button, especially since with the live view selector, there is an ability to switch between still photography and movie mode. Won’t it be more intuitive to use the shutter release button for both still photography and movie mode?

    • Doug

      Nikon couldn’t do better, they made both options possible so people wouldn’t complaint by the lack of either.

  • yooo

    burgerman is top man…. i can’t wait to see the some sample with d800 compare with d700 before i decide what to do

    • burgerman

      With correct (equal) noise reduction, and at the same OUTPUT size the D800 samples will be better than D700. If you view them as 100 percent big as a wall shots then obviously they will look worse….

      Of course if you WANT tiny 12 mp shots to match a d3 or d700 it can do lower resolution too… At at leaqst as good a quality as the D700 gave us. 3 years more technology. The difference is it gives you choice. But you need to understand the parameters.

  • Alex

    So, with all this talk of motion blur at relatively “normal” speeds .ie 1/125, is this something photographers with MF equipment have to deal with, all the time????

  • burgerman

    Of course it is.

    Double the resolution = double the shutter speed. double the lens quality, double the magnification to see what is really happening.

    Of course if the output size is smaller, postcard, or 12mp on screen then much less of a problem. It hasnt got anything to do with pixels… Only the SIZE of the output. But if you look at a 36 million pixel image at 100 percent its like the side of a barn. So obviously you will see lens issues or blur. It MAGNIFIES the image. If you want to print that plurred image on a small picture/postcard/monitor sized image you will never see it. Thats whats happening already with low mp cameras! They are also blurred… But its too small to see or bother you.

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