Nikon booth at CP+ show in Japan

Here are the first few images from the Nikon booth at the CP+ show in Japan (click for larger view)

Sony XQD cards and the new Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD lens:

  Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD

All images are also uploaded on Flickr, g+ and Facebook. More to come...

Images credit: Jeff Chen

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  • Nikonian


  • Zr

    What’s the point of announcing these new bodies when D7000 and D300s has been out-of-stock for so long?

    • Probably because there are other cameras in the lineup including the D3, D3s, D3x, and D700. These are their replacements. The D300s and D7000 replacements are still a few months away.


      • Zr

        Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant to say that Nikon existing camera supplies, even those that we’re not expecting a refresh at this point in time – like D7000, D5100, D300s – are not available (aka, out-of-stock) in major online and local retailers.

        I want a D400, but I can’t get that; so at least let me have a D7000, Nikon!

        • D7000 made in Thailand, badly flooded, no production.
          D4, D80o made in Japan. Factory back in action after the earthquake.

          A bad year for Nikon Factories!

          • livefree


        • Tweety777

          Indeed, where is the D400?
          I want it too, don’t want 36mp at slow FPS and high noise, I want low noise on a crop sensor.
          12MP is enough, 16MP would also do, but please let it not be more then that.
          And please have the D400 available soon!!!

          • livefree

            D400 will made in Thailand same with D7000, D3100, D5100, and D300s.
            As we know that Nikon factory in Thailand badly flooded, no production.

            STOP whining!!!!

        • livefree

          We know that Nikon factory in Thailand badly flooded, so there is no production for a while.

          STOP whining!!!!

          • WoutK89

            Lol, feeling like a broken record?

        • TokyoAce

          Asked at the Nikon booth today at CP+. Shipments for the D7000 will be mid-March at the earliest, most probably late March here in Japan due to the floods in Thailand and delays in production.
          D800 will ship on schedule as well as D800E.
          A few D4’s may make it out late this month.

  • Sweet!

    Any word on pricing of the 24-70 Tamron?


  • Any word on the pricing of the Tokina 70-200 f/4?

    • AllForTeags


    • Justin

      It will be a good looking coffe mug design.

  • I woudl love to see the detail of the XQD cards. NO ONE has shown them well.

    • Howard

      The details was published last week’s National Nerd Magazine.

      • Steven Georges

        Was that REALY necessary?

        I will be spending about $300 on one next month (as well as thousands on their cameras) and would also like to know things like what kind of contacts the card uses. Pins that can easily be bent like CF readers or something more like the EN-EL15?
        Yes I’m curious, and no, it’s not nerdy to know how everything works when your carrier depends on using it.

        • suprchunk

          Yes it is nerdy. Seeing a picture of the card isn’t going to let you know HOW it works. Nothing you stated will show you HOW it works. It’s nerdy to think it does.

          Replace nerdy with asinine.

  • FX DX

    D4 is the only camera that takes XQD cards and being a $6000 camera it is out of reach for most serious enthusiast photographers and hobbyists. By not introducing XQD on D800 I think Nikon has made a big mistake. It doesn’t matter to me. I am happy with SD/CF combination.

    • frAnk

      This is called leaving room for improvements.

      They frozen the design and specs in 2010. The XQD was and still is not on the top of peoples wish list.

    • Jabs

      Actually there are some very simple explanations:

      The D800 was finished probably before the tsunami/earthquake hit Japan in 2011 and then was further delayed by the flooding in Thailand.

      The new card was NOT ratified as a Standard when the D800 was being produced or even released, so they could not put it on that as it was not finalized.

      The thrust of the D800 is the semi-pro to ‘upper Pro’ Market where the D700 resides and they primarily use the cards that are included in the D800 body.

      Manufacturers build things based upon the projected arrival and ratification of a new Standard and if it is not available when they are ready, they have a Plan B or they simply leave if off the camera and then introduce it or delay their Production plans which would be more costly and make no sense.

      Both the D800 and D4 were obviously being tested during 2011 and thus perhaps why Canon pre-announced their 1Dx to dull Nikon’s thunder, but of course Canon also has been preparing for the same Olympics but Nikon got out first by a mile, so now we have to wait for Canon’s responses if they have one ready.

      • Luke

        Whats interesting about getting a camera that was ready almost 12 months ago is just that exactly… The camera is 1 year old ! wonder where Nikon would have been without the tsunami and the earth quake

      • That makes a lot of sense about the SD/XQD cards. Unless Nikon considers the D800 to be a consumer camera. 😉

      • R!


        • Steven Georges

          16 MP’s at 10 fps / 36 MP’s at 4 fps
          Not that much of a difference data wise.

          I still think the tsunami/earthquake thing is more likely.

          • Stan

            True … not much of a difference in data throughput.

            But the fact that D800 has USB 3.0 while D4 has USB 2.0 does not compute.

          • LeG0

            Was thinking of the same but the D800 has USB 3.0 while the D4 has USB 2.0. Something does not compute here.

            • Agree. I cannot understand this either. I thought they were going to put a thunderbolt port there; so it will have a USB 2.0. Maybe they want folks to use the ethernet port for transfers.

            • Ron Benson

              I prefer internet transfer. It’s probably the fastest around. That’s what we routinely use on industrial cameras for streaming video. We even get double tap version. They’re still sensibely slower than “Cameralink” cameras though. Cameralink can run up to 4 taps!!!

  • Any new/updated Nikon lenses anytime soon?

    • Al

      Why? The current lenses are not good enough for your job applications any more?

      • Kon_head

        @ Al

        The ans is YES, most of them are not good enough.

      • twoomy

        @Al — Nice snide comment there. You’re absolutely right. Nikon has made every lens we need already, so we should all just shut up and be happy. LOL

  • Mike

    Please ask Jeff to turn around and take a picture of the empty Canon booth. Muahaha!

    • Jon D


      That would be great!

      • jojo

        The Canon booth was so crowded, the 4″8 tall chinese can’t see it at all.

        • Kon_head

          @ Jojo

          Tall people can’t tell Japan is full of Japanese, not Chinese.

        • Dumb vs Dumber

          People with brain IQ < 60 can't tell Japan is full of Japanese not Chinese.

          Go ask your mama.

          • Ron Benson

            By the way, Japenese are probaly shorter, on average, than the new Chinese generations. Having worked for a Toyota susidiary and having traveled in China quite a bit, I can tell you that the average teenager around Shanghai is much much taller than 4’8″!!!

    • Pwned? LOL

      That’s a heck of a line just to get into their booth.

  • R!

    The crowd is in front of D800 because this time It’s Canon that is late: no 5DIII??????
    Where my Canon’s trolls at?????

    • WoutK89

      CanonRumors one would assume 😉

  • Great Photos, nice coverage.

  • Gra

    I LOL’d huge after seeing the Canon shooter wearing a face mask in the Japan1 pic above….

    Like he was gonna get Nikonitis or something lmao…

    • Ron Benson

      He is a wise guy, there are probably A LOT of people infected with “Nikonitis” around Nikon’s booth these days!!! Some say there are two new virii mutations that appeared, the D4 and the D800. The former is less virulent and tends to infect people that have already been in contact with the previous mutations (D3, D2, etc…). The latter is much more virulent and can affect people that never have been in contact with the Nikonitis before. Even those who received the D3X, 5Dmk2 or 1Dmk4 vaccine should be wearing a mask!!!

  • Gra

    Hey Admin, are you aware as to why there’s a difference in font between the new models? (see first pic) or is it flagship vs other models…

  • yoshinori matsunaga

    If you gaijin look down Japanese for we are short. You may not buy Nikon products and buy German products.

  • yoshinori matsunaga

    Sorry, I said too much. I am sorry for you both Nikon fans and Nikon workers all around the world.

  • Richard Coward

    I was there today but might head back there tomorrow as well. It was VERY busy and all the shows were in Japanese so I was just guessing what was being said at times. But a few English phrases that were being repeated over and over again were “…keep it simple…”, “…easy…” and “…quick and simple…”. Make of that what you will. The Nikon display was the best there.

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