Weekly Nikon news flash #149

"The G1 X, at that price point, is a super kind of niche market, just for Canon fanboys if I'm completely honest. It's not something that I anticipated from them."

  • Nikon is confident that it will regain a 50% DLSR market share in Malaysia.
  • Press release: Nikon and Warner Music Group team up to rock South By Southwest (SXSW) with star-studded three-day music residency.
  • From Nikon's Q3 Q&A session about their mirrorless camera:

"Q: What can you tell about the sales of the Nikon 1 series?

A: Although we received some negative feedback in connection with the size of the image sensor for Nikon 1 at the time of launch, as customers experienced the quality of the AF response time, movie recording, picture quality and body size, the Nikon 1 has been highly appreciated. As a result, the J1 model achieved top market share in the United States, from 11 countries across Europe and in China for the month of December and we believe this product will trigger steady demand in so-called mirrorless interchangeable lens camera market. We plan to continue to expand on this market by adding more attractive features and building on our product lineup in the future."

Nikon D4

Nikon D4

24h in 25p-night Shot with Nikon D4 from Johnnie Behiri on Vimeo.

Nikon D4 (pre production model), first impression by Johnnie Behiri

For "24h in 25p-day" please go to: http://vimeo.com/35858338

I was lucky enough having the Nikon D4 (pre production model) for 24 hours. My original plan was to shoot a short feature with it and by doing so, check its strength and weaknesses, but the short notice confirming having the camera left me no choice but run a very “simple test” one that might not satisfy all….

I’ve divided the test to “night and day shots”. Both videos are NOT color corrected. I wanted to share with the community what I got out of the camera. (CC versions might follow). For my eyes, up to ISO 1000 the camera produces clean video images. Also, please take a look at “24h in25p”-night, 0:49min. Surprise, the “rolling shutter” effect is almost a thing of the past!

Obviously having the camera for such a short time did not allow me to master it. I truly hope some of the short comings I discovered are due to my lack of “Nikon experience”. Hopefully those are not “short comings” after all….

My decision was to shoot with 2 prime lenses. The reason was to see how useful and functional the “crop” function is. So everything you see (but the Capoeira shots) was done with the Nikon 20mm+85mm lenses.

What to like about this camera?

I liked what I saw, though hoped I could get a bit more sharper image. I would love to experiment more and get even better results if possible.

  • Audio quality: It is very nice. I dare to say that the D4 is producing a cleaner sound then my Tascam DR-100.
  • Needless to say that the headphone socket is a real treat…
  • “Crop factor”: I can’t say enough good things about this function. Simply put, AMAZING! By the way, Nikon representative told me that the best video quality produced by that camera is on the 2.7 crop factor so this setting is a default. You are able to toggle between “full screen” and “1.5 crop factor” as a second option.

Things I would love Nikon to review and hopefully change in a firmware update if possible:

  • It is unfortunate but sound levels can not be adjusted after starting recording.
  • When switching the camera on in video mode, there is ALWAYS a need to press the LV button BEFORE being able to actually shoot video.
  • Clear HDMI output is great but when an external EVF is connected, there is a need to see some information there. I couldn’t find a way to “overlay” the info in my Cineroid EVF for comfortable shooting.
  • Also, when shooting with an External EVF connected to the camera via HDMI, I could not find a way to turn the camera LCD off. At times I am not interested that others will see what I’m shooting or just would like to save a bit more of the battery life.
  • In some occasions, there is a delay after pressing the record button between the LCD screen and the external EVF. The EVF will go blank for a second or 2 before you see what you are recording.
  • There is a way to assign 2 front buttons for a smooth aperture control. This is a nice feature. The problem is that the changes are so quick that I ended up pressing the button in steps so the end result is like using a “clicked” aperture ring on a manual lens. Welcome feature, wish it had a “slower response”.
  • Crop factor changes: As amazing this feature is, there is no way to operate it “on the fly”. There is always a need to fiddle within the menu in order to access and change the settings. This feature should definitely be accessed easily.
  • WB settings: There is no way to see the WB settings on the LCD screen only down at the battery pack compartment window.

Other notes:

  • My Cineroid EVF showed 1080i signal before hitting the record button and 720p right after pressing it. So I guess clean 720p signal can be output to an external device if you are interested in recording HD ready resolution while simultaneously filming into a memory card…..
  • All footage was shot in natural picture profile setting in1080/25p

Equipment used:

  • Nikon D4 pre production model firmware 1.0
  • Lenses- Nikkor 2omm f/2.8, 85mm f1.8, 14-24mm, 70-200mm
  • Rig-O’Connor (All but the Vocas handle)
  • EVF-Cineroid
  • Tripod-Sachtler DV8 SB
  • Camera bags- Kata DR-465i and FlyBy 76
  • Light craft Fader ND

A special thanks to my trainee assistant Claudia for doing at most for helping during this long day! Also, a big thank you to professor David and his team for preforming a short Capoeira theme for us. More about their school: http://suldabahia.at/. Johnnie Behiri is a BBC freelance cameraman operating from Vienna, Austria. When not working for the BBC, Johnnie films documentaries, commercials, music videos, and testimonial/marketing videos for other broadcasters and clients.

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  • FX DX

    Now that we have D800, I don’t find weekly news flash disturbing anymore. Cheers!

  • Art

    It gets better and better, DP Review already has a preview for the D800 :


    It goes into a fair amount of depth as to how the camera is set up….

    I can’t wait until their full review is ready! (By that time, we should have a whole slew of really great D800 example photos.)

    • Yes! NikonRumors will also have a full review of the D800E as well as comparison shots and video with the D800. Let’s just hope the D800/E doesn’t get delayed. There will be no shortage of in-depth reviews of these two amazing cameras! Nikon D4 review coming as well. Stay tuned!

      • Calibrator

        I’m looking forward to your review – even though I won’t buy it in the next 2 to 3 years (will replace my D7000 as the main body).
        -> I’ll save your review to read it again then… 😉

      • T.I.M

        There is not real needs for a D800/D800e review because we don’t have any alternative;

        D4 is only 16MP, cost too much and it’s too bulky.
        D700 is only good for shooting dinosaurs
        D700 is DX

        So as I did, most of us are buying the D800/D800e blind.
        I think Nikon can’t afford to mess with the D800/D800e, it will be one of Nikon’s historic cameras.

        • T.I.M

          I meant D7000 is DX (but I’m sure you corrected)

        • Well, the reason is simple. There MUST be reviews of any new Nikon camera and people will always want to see how these new bodies compare to the previous models as well as the competition. You still have several choices, especially dependent on your needs. The Nikon D700, for instance, is still an incredible camera – but lacks video. The Nikon D3s (which I own) is a tough act to follow and will likely remain a staple in the photography world for years to come.

          As for the D800/E not needing to be properly reviewed, I think it MUST be properly reviewed by our peers. Like stated above, there are other alternatives. Some people may not want to spend $3000-3300 for a FX camera with 36MP. While Nikon is currently only giving us 2 options for FX (D4 and D800/E), there is still the D3, D3s and D700, all of which are amazing cameras (even if ONLY 12MP). You also have the very capable D7000 (which again, I own 2 of), for the people who may need great video and great stills, but don’t need full-frame and don’t want to spend 2000+ for a decent FX camera.

          I will review these cameras in their entirety, but will mostly focus on a comparison between the D800 and D800E as well as video comparisons between the 2 models and as compared with the D7K video.

          For the D4: It too will be reviewed completely, but I will immediately publish comparison shots of the D4 and the D3s. This will allow people to initially see the differences between these 2 cameras. Some people may not be sold on the D4 being able to oust the D3s as the low-light king, which is why I will immediately publish those comparison shots on Nikon Rumors as soon as I take possession of our copy of the D4.

  • PHB

    Quite what category the Nikon 1 is top in is far from clear. But having bought and used one it is clear that it is going to sell very well.

    The Nikon 1 is not going to replace your D4 or D700 but it is probably a better option for most photographers than a D3100 or D5100. It is smaller, lighter and delivers results almost as good. It is considerably better than any coolpix or camera phone is likely to be.

    • Art

      I have to admit, I wasn’t too excited about the Nikon 1 until while visiting our local camera shop I realized that I could get the Nikon 1 equivalent of most of my DSLR set-up (which occupies a giant Lowepro backpack) into a fanny pack. Since I do quite a bit of travel photography that is really attractive. Hauling a large and heavy backpack through the middle-of-nowhere can get quite tiresome. (Even so, I plan on sticking to my heavy backpack and my forthcoming D800E…)

  • Gareth

    LOL that truck, i wonder if they borrowed it from the yakuza

  • I might consider getting myself a Nikon 1 eventually. I could see some uses for it, as well as the well-received quality of video and photos, and best of all its small compact size.

  • Ball_Lightning

    Nice seeing a D4 video shot in Vienna!

    • PeterO

      My heavens, that video shot in Vienna brought back a lot of fond memories. I lived there for almost 4 years doing post graduate studies. The smell of those roasted chestnuts, the wurstl stand (burenwurst and beer – yum), the aroma of freshly baked bread every day… finely captured by this litle movie. There was a photo store on Am Graben that always had a sale on and the discounted cameras were marked with a “Preishit” 🙂

  • To see the incredible quality and aesthetic of the D4, look no further than the video from Vincent. My only gripe is that he didn’t give us a full 1080p file to nitpick about. 😉

    But seriously, the footage looks phenomenal! Now off to see Johnnie’s videos…

    • https://vimeo.com/35858905

      0:49 WOW!

      It is truly looking like the rolling shutter on these cameras is largely a thing of the past. Can’t wait to start working on the D4, D800, or both!

  • Doug

    Well i think that the d800 and d4 wont have a big difference in video the biggest one will be in ISO performance and the IQ.
    PS: I prefer my NEX 5 ove the V1 or even the G1x.

  • kevin

    This is Nikon D800 ( 50 – 25600) Iso Sample photos. I took this off a chinese website. I heard Arnaud shot them. The photos look pretty impressive to me. I thought people might be interested. So i guess ill post them here.


    • David

      I saw those on the Chinese forum and they looked good. The in camera noise reduction looks great.. you’ve got clean files at ISO6400 with tons of detail. And surprisingly little colour noise. To me, the noise looks like the type that can be removed easily – it isn’t that pervasive, detail-robbing, coloured crap that you sometimes get.

      The people on the forum also think at 100% it is comparable to a d700- certainly within one stop. Some users put their own d700 samples up to compare against.

      I’m impressed!

    • Can anybody tell me what high-ISO Noise Reduction was used in those images? Can anybody properly translate the post and tell me what NR settings were used? Even with Google Translate, it’s hard to understand what’s being said.

      • David

        My g/f is Taiwanese, but can read that

        All it says is that it’s in-camera noise reduction settings

        And the files were shot as jpeg, fine 90% quality, whatever that means

        The guy didn’t post all the details. Though that said, the 6400 images look awesome imo – whether it’s straight out of camera or not, it’s still impressive!

  • Anonymus Maximus

    The Olympus Armourd Truck was earlier used to ship the money away for the Board Members and Mangement. After taht got bad press they had to stop it, however the lease for the truck was still running. That was how they came up with the idea to use it at least as a marketing gag.

    This is a rumor, any resemblance to actual persons or events would just be tragic.

    • BartyL

      Good stuff.

  • Waleed

    So the G1X at this price point is niche market and for fanboys only? and the V1 is not huh?

    • PHB

      You can change the lens on the Nikon 1, the GX1 has a fixed lens. That makes it a lot less useful for the same price as the Nikon 1 (and most likely a Canon EVIL body to arrive later this year).

      The zoom range is fairly small, it is a rangefiner so the large sensor is only there to impress people who don’t understand optics. (hint it is the aperture in mm, not the size of the sensor that determines how much total light you collect). The ISO ratings will be the top extended ISO range not the rated range so it will be unusable and meaningless.

      That said, I paid over $1000 for a coolpix once, but that was for a 950 ten years ago! Today that is a niche price.

      • James

        What? Seriously, what?

        1) The G1x is not a rangefinder, and even if it were, that would have nothing to with the camera’s performance.

        2) The ratio of the size of aperture relative to the focal length (or “f number”) is what determines how much light hits the sensor, not the size of the aperture in millimeters. A 10mm aperture in a 100mm lens (f10) admits much less light than a 10mm aperture in a 50mm lens (f5.0), or a 10mm aperture in a 24mm lens (f2.4).

        • PHB

          1) The pictures show an optical viewfinder on the front just above the lens. So it is not an SLR. Hence the constraints of SLR mirror sweep on lens design do not apply. It is a rangefinder as far as design of optics goes.

          That makes for better lenses as they can use short focus rather than retrofocus designs. It is the reason people buy Leicas.

          2) Nope, wrong. For a given resolution, sensor technology, the only two things that matter are the amount of light entering the lens and the proportion of that light that hits the sensor. The first is dependent on the aperture (not the f/number, the actual aperture), the second is dependent on the focal length relative to the sensor size.

          A lens with an aperture of 50mm will be an f/1 on a 50mm lens and a f/2 on a 100mm lens. The same amount of light enters both lenses but you only have half as much hitting the sensor on a 100mm lens. Halving the sensor size has the same exact effect and for the same reason.

          The sensor size determines how much light you throw away. It really does not make a difference if you do that by changing the focal length or the sensor size. If you do the math you will even find that the DOF is the same.

          The bottom line is that putting a 35mm sensor in the F-mount format does a lot better than a smaller than 35mm sensor because the whole format was designed around 35mm film and cropping the sensor size forces compromises. But the sensor size makes no real difference at all to a design that does not involve a mirror, provided that the sensor cells are large enough to avoid quantum effects and diffraction.

          • ed

            Get your facts straight before commenting. Since it isn’t SLR, it is a rangefinder “as far as design of optic goes”?
            You might check definition of rangefinder once again. having viewfinder with no pentaprism does not make it a rangefinder.

      • RC

        There’s no way to use an external flash on the J1. That alone will keep me from buying one.

  • Mandrake

    Anyone notice the moire issues with the D-Town vid???

    • Doug

      Yeah specially the Canon fanboys (whores)

      • Mandrake

        Being serious here….

      • Mandrake

        After doing a little research it look like the shallower depth of field can equal more moire. The D-Town vid was shot at f2.8 and looked worse than something shot with a D7K.

        • Honestly, Mandrake, I am not seeing a moire issue that I can really identify as anything too serious. Certainly it’s nowhere near what I’ve seen occasionally creep up with the D7k when shooting fine fabric (which usually isn’t an issue).

          What I do see is that RC’s shirt is exhibiting minor aliasing artifacts on the wide shots. However, it’s unclear whether this is from conversion to 720, or possibly the high amount of file compression, which in my opinion is playing a much bigger factor in the file’s appearance.

          I’m sure this camera isn’t immune from moire. That said, what I’ve been hearing from everything I can find is that both moire and rolling shutter have been greatly reduced, even “problems of the past” on the D4 and D800. I’m sure we’ll see in the next few weeks.

          • Mandrake

            I have a D800E on preorder so moire is on the mind. I’m not worried about it with stills, just video. The shot where they where showing RC through the live view was proof how bad it can be. I’m going to blame the producers on this one. Plus I think it is all exaggerated by shooting it at f2.8.

            I would love to see side by side comparisons between the two D800’s in video.

            • Although I have very little video experience, I would also guess that what you saw here would be due to the post compression of the video.

              Also, when I review a close-up of my computer screen on the camera LCD (D300), I get terrible moire patterns as well. These vary with each on screen zoom step, but are in fact NOT present in the actual image – just on the LCD.

            • @FrisianPhotography ^that^

              “The shot where they where showing RC through the live view was proof how bad it can be.”

              I disagree. I think it’s hard to nail that down as “proof” of anything. There are so many variables at play in the D-Town example (down-ressing, highly compressed for web, unknown settings, etc). Also, it doesn’t look like capture moire to me on the D4 screen, at least not the nasty color moire I’ve seen on other DSLRs.

              Time will tell.

  • broxibear

    Since this is the “Weekly Nikon news flash” I think Samuel Aranda deserves a mention. He won the World Press Photo of the Year 2012 with his image taken during clashes in Yemen.
    He used a D700 and 35mm f/2 AFD http://www.worldpressphoto.org/
    I know a number of photojournalists, it was a photographic route I very nearly went down myself, my hat goes off to them…great image Samuel.

    • broxibear

      *that should be World Press Photo of the Year 2011.

  • Spy

    Are there any news about a new 24mm like the canon?

  • broxibear

    Delly Carr, Australian sports photographer and Nikon Ambassador, gives his opinion on the D4 and D800 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCENl5ndOkk

  • DigMe

    How many times has Sigma said that the 50-150mm 2.8 with OS was coming and then it didn’t. Is this the real thing? If so I wonder what the price will be. I’m definitely interested but I gave up on it a while back.

  • Dweeb

    That CNET article is garbage. Stainless poured, cut and filed??? Maybe they were in a cheese factory.

  • ken

    so readin the dpreview review says that the AA filter is not physically removed on the D800-E..(per the Nikon picture), what do people think about that and also D800 owners who would like to get this done post-purchase? i.e. i assume a 3rd party company would come in and just ‘remove’ the physical filter? one better than the other (warranties aside)? will the D800 with a 3rd party AA filter removed perform better than the Nikon ‘save on manufacturing process’ way? ….. interesting…

  • broxibear

    The D800 v D800E and moire sounds like it’s going to be thee issue/non issue for this camera.
    What will be more interesting is just how different will a sharpenened D800 image look from a D800E image. Remember there’s only a certain amount of sharpening you can do before it starts to look over sharpened, if the images are so close you can’t tell them apart then why bother with the D800E with it’s extra cost and possiblity of moire ?
    Announcing two different models is going to cause Nikon problems, I think they would have been better off saying there’s only one model, but you can order it with the AA filter removed at an extra cost.
    It sounds as if there’s going to be a big car crash that could have been avoided, lets see ?

  • broxibear
  • Am i the only one who sees the irony of a company who was in bed with the mafia renting a bulletproof van?

  • Refurbished Nikon D3100 kit for $450. – WTF?????? DON`T OPEN LINK

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