What product was secretly unveiled in this armored truck during CES?

Valentin Sama from DSLR Magazine mentioned on his blog that after signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) he was invited to this armored truck during CES with some other journalists to see a new "secret" product.

The limo company used was 24-7 Limousines out of Las Vegas. Does anyone know more about this truck and what was inside? Maybe somebody knows who hired it during CES? You can contact me anonymously here.

This is how the armored truck looks like - it's bullet proof and "even a C4 explosion won't dent the shell":

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  • Adam

    Naked girls, premium ones – were inside! It was a luxury mobile bordello, amazing business idea for a gadget show!

    • … this is photography ?

      awkward !

    • lorenzino

      I’m in!

  • Guy

    Think Olympus.

  • Markus

    I give it up, probable some kind of mobile darkroom

  • Aaron

    A nikon with built in dildotronics

  • Bernard

    The Nikon V2 prototype ?… 🙂

    • Everlast

      Yep, this was the Nikon 2 System

      It has an even smaller sensor, but still “amazing quality”
      This time it does not even have a single button, it takes pictures whenever it decides and as many pictures as it likes, and then selects some of them, and asks you if they are good. If you say “No” shoots you in the foot and kicks you in the balls and then makes a motion snapshot of your agony.
      Costs only $9,999.

  • Bob Hovey

    Gary Fong’s new radio-controlled Light Zeppelin.

  • Ralph

    Nikon has finally imlemented a disaster recovery strategy. Its the new mobile D4 factory, avoid all those nasty climate events.


    You’re all wrong, this truck was rent by all the CES brands, they invited all those journalists that unveil secret products and create rumors, then they close this armored truck and spread an acid inside to clean the world from the Rumors Journalists.

  • jerry

    Steve Jobs inside ,alive with Ipad 5

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