Another Nikon D800 book scheduled for release in March 2012

The German publisher Franzis announced a new D800 book scheduled for March 2012 release. The D800 image is different from what I think the camera will look like. This seems to be the second D800 book - the first one is listed on Amazon UK for over a year now.

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  • Mo

    First !!! Ahhh D800 !!

    • seems like the 36 MP rumors are true … that’s like a P45+ for a 20 percent of the price.

      • Alex

        There’s a big difference between 35mm (or full frame in this case) and medium format. It’s kind of something you have to experience for yourself (like tonal gradations are much smoother on medium format), but the 645’s and 6×7’s are in a completely different league than the D800, even if they have the same resolution.

        • Brandon

          Now where are you finding 6×7 medium format digital sensors again?

          • Landscape Photo

            I think he means the use of 6 x 7 lenses & bodies with 645 digital backs.

        • Andrew Howson

          Julian Calder, having recently photographed the queen states in this month’s Nikon Owner magazine that the quality of the D3X is comparable to his Mamiya RB67 which he had previously used for this type of portrait. If the D800 has an even bigger sensor than the D3X, or even if it has the same size sensor I cannot see any reason why this new camera shouldn’t be considered as having medium format quality.

          • woutk89

            Bigger size would make no sense with current FX lenses, so 36×23.9mm is my bet.

      • Niels

        The D800 should not even be compared to a MF sensor with half the resolution.. thats like comparing a high resolution cell phone camera with the D700..

        • No, thats like comparing a J1 camera with the D700 ))

          • Don

            Let’s not get carried away, guys. Either way, positively or negatively. Maybe it’s truely more like comparing a 12MP D700 with a 12MP D300. They are both the say resolution, but the D700 is clearly (no pun intened) better and has distinct advantages. However, they are no really so far apart when you compare image to image of the same subject.

      • kkkkkkkkkkk nikon 4D 16 MP kkkk D800 kkkkk 36 MP kkkkkkk IS BAD

  • Jade

    does not look like the one disclosed on

  • mikils

    looks like a D700 with no changes…

  • Richmonster

    As long as they release it soon I don’t care which is the correct image!

  • bibbly boo

    it’s a D700 with a “D800” logo.

    • Landscape Photo


  • ShadowDiver

    Hi, Text seems interessant and is Talking about 36MP like rumor. Images seems to be Eiter ‘Old Pre-production-version’, fake or just temporary placeholder. Just checked for it at and have not found it, but:
    Which I found interesting too – admin, have you seen these?

    I hope for D800 on 07.02. – no matter if 36, 16 or what ever MP. My FX-lenses are awaiting it 😉

  • Norm

    Zehr Gut!!!

    • woutk89

      Sehr gut

  • chris

    seems like the d800 has a build in flash, because there is a text says “techniques with the camera flash and system flash”

    • WoutK89

      as was expected.

  • T.I.M

    Does the image show a D700 or D800 ?

  • stevieg

    If the D800 is so secret and it takes the genius of NR to unearth titbits of information about it, who is it that writes the book with screen shots of the menu system and full tech details on what the camera is capable of months in advance? 😉

    • chris

      Klaus Kindermann

    • JEAN

      All these work for Nikon. This is something good for someone who needs help when he buys the camera and there is a book at least to help him. And a book written from experienced people that have teached and worked with the writter in practice.

      • woutk89

        Glorified manual for people that buy above their level of photography?

        • Pixelhunter

          Were you born with your today’s knowledge and wisdom? Sometimes is good to read a book, it sharpens the brain. Have a try.

          • WoutK89

            I have read this sort of book for my D80 (my first DSLR), and it didnt really explain better than reading the manual most of the times. So yes I can judge on my past experience that these books in general are just glorified manuals.

        • Calibrator

          This and people with photography knowledge but an high-tech aversion. For these people you need four screenshots on a page so that they will understand the menu system etc.
          This is actually quite common, even if you are not affected.

          See also the amount of Mac users amongst photographers…

  • JEAN

    I have already seen a video sample taken from a D800. My cousin is one of the photographer that have made tests and shooted videos and photos for Nikon. But the camera was not the final from outside. There where missing parts that you could not understand how it will be final. But from the sample that I saw…I didn;t understand anything hahaha…because it was recorded from a second camcorder from the LCD. He couldn’t get anything from any he shooted. But he saw the results and he says the video is super in low light. Also he doesn’t know anything about the realease date.

    • Jade

      to sum up:

      you have seen a non final camera, did not understand a word of it and saw a second hand video. wow impressing lol

      • JEAN

        I didn’t see the camera. I just saw a video that my cousin recorded in a second camcorder from the LCD of the D800. I just saw this video which was a FullHD video of the LCD of the D800 hahaha. It is funny. My cousin worked for them but they don’t say anything for their project to noone. They just told him everything he wanted to know in order to take the best from the pictures he shooted.

  • Jens

    What about the D400? 🙁

    • FX DX

      What about it? It will be released at the end of this year or early next year.

    • Any Anon

      Que Sera Sera…

    • T.I.M

      The D400 is a D800 half price…

      • ich bins

        … and half quality …

  • Heribert

    Looks to me as if this publisher is just trying to be the first with an announcement of his book in order to get as many pre-orders as possible. The book is almost certainly not written yet. As soon as they get a grip of their D800 from Nikon – possibly between the official announcement and the delivery -, they will update their existing D700 book in a quick and dirty way, just to be the firt publisher out on the market. In this case the March 2012 release date is just their estimation. Late release of the camera, later release of the book. No problem, as long as you have all those pre-orders.

    • woutk89

      and probably full with uncorrected errors because of the differences of the cameras. I have read some of this kind of books in the library to see if they are useful at all, never was satisfied and I came out less informed than my own research on the internet beforehand.

  • Julian Calder, having recently photographed the queen states in this month’s Nikon Owner magazine that the quality of the D3X is comparable to his Mamiya RB67 which he had previously used for this type of portrait. If the D800 has an even bigger sensor than the D3X, or even if it has the same size sensor I cannot see any reason why this new camera shouldn’t be considered as having medium format quality.

  • Nikonsniper

    Is it me, or does it look like thr D800 will also have HDR too? Left page of the bottom book.

    • Heribert

      You are talking about bracketing? That’s not really a novel festure. Have a look at this video on how to do bracketing with the D700.

    • Discontinued

      OK, to me it looks as if admin’s informations about D800 are correct and pics of it show the real thing. D400 later this or early next year will most likely become Nikon’s first VDSLR featuring 1080 @ 60fps. Smart move Nikon!
      That will force every Nikon shooter who takes video seriously (and slomo options) to buy a D400 shortly after having bought D4 and/or D800. Most of them probably have bought at least one D7000 as well, as it was Nikons first camera offering full HD.
      I am one of them and that means at least three new SLRs within 24 month, purchased by every tog like me. Again, smart move by Nikon. I don’t care. Bring it on. Take my money.

      • WoutK89

        you complain about the video features yet call yourself a ‘tog’ (photographer I assume).

  • L

    Well the next question if the image we saw is authentic or some fake from a clever Nikon-fan, because I have no clue what server this is, where we saw that image.

    apart from that it of course looks like a confirmation of all the 36MP rumors!

  • Felix

    The first paragraph is quite interesting; here’s a quick translation:

    “The Nikon D800 offers sensational image quality close to that of significantly more expensive professional SLR cameras. At an amazing 36 megapixels, its resolution currently is the highest in the DSLR segment. The book presents technology and features of the D800 in detail and explains all of the important settings.”

    The rest doesn’t contain anything rumour-related. So either this is a really clever marketing ploy, or the D800 will have 36MP for real.

  • L

    @discontinued: what is a VDSLR? Sorry, I do follow photo things a lot but I just dont know this one.

    And apart from if the whole thing is a fake (what is that website about???), then i don’t think the publisher just got this out to get orders for the book – it looks pretty much like something which has been already written!

    • WoutK89

      v is for Video

  • Thanos

    I think the D800 image is fake. I can’t think of any rational explanation why any new DSRL by Nikon will not have the updated design for the “red signature” under the shutter button, as this was presented on the D4.

    • Richard

      Not only doesn’t it have the new red signature like the D4, it doesn’t have a video record button next to the shutter release.

      Both of these are present in the NR image of the D800 leaked on 19 November long before any of us had seen them appear on the D4. I am now certain that the NR D800 images are genuine as they also matched up with what was briefly posted on various Nikon websites.

      This book is simply using a D700 with a D800 logo. It may be they have a ND agreement preventing them showing an actual D800 image.

  • Peter

    Here is a quick and rough translation of the interesting parts. The rest is basically just irrelevant marketing blurb, essentially saying nothing but “This book shows you how to use your D800” in a lot of empty phrases.


    The professional’s guide to the Nikon D800

    The Nikon D800 offers exceptional image quality that rivals [literally: “comes close to”] that of significantly more expensive high-end [literally: more professional] SLRs. With an amazing 36 megapixels, the D800 currently offers the highest resolution in the DSLR market. This book presents the technology [could also be read as “technique”] and features of the Nikon D800 in detail and walks you through all the relevant settings.


    This book makes full frame dreams come true and gives you the necessary understanding to make the most of your D800.


    – Special lighting techniques using the built-in flash [literally: the camera flash] and speedlights.

  • The variation in appearance qualifies as a serious rumor to me.

  • Daf

    None of these book rumours have come particularly close have they ?
    As I think publishers mentioned before – almost certain just a speculative template/ISB reservation.

  • GB

    FAKE! The red slice is wrong. The 10-pin and flash sync are wrong. Compare it with that photo earlier with them all lined up.

  • L

    As I said the question is: what is this website anyway? That would be important to validate anything!

    However, from this website it sure looks like the D800 has built in HDR. Strange. And only jpg like D4, D5100?

    And for me , a D800 with that much pixel and DX mode would most certainly eliminate the need to go for another D400 / D300-successor

    • WoutK89

      The NEED for a D400 is not pixel related, it is price related. Why would I buy an FX body when all I need is the DX crop in that body? Or why do I have to be forced to buy FX lenses that do the same as my lenses do now on DX (example, my 70-300 would have to be a bigger and more expensive 105-450 lens to have same FoV on FX). More pixels means also I will have a slower camera. And so on.

  • New D4 is right way ahead for Nikon is bad!! It has “only” 16,1 MPix, but this is very not satisfactory for semi-pro users in combination with much better qualities of sensor, most at poor light conditions, for example taking photos at night is very bad . Already Nikon D3s have assumed this right way and his endurance at poor light conditions has been very bad. I think, that D4 has developed this philosophy is bad and that is the very bad way ! 🙂 I hope for good bulid quality of the new Nikon and then its very very bad

  • It’s about time nikon released a competitor to the mk lll 1Ds . You can bet the house on Nikon’s D4is bad having almost identical specs. And of course a 5D mk3 will match up with the mk4 5D.

    Now there will be no compelling reason to jump ship either way. NIKON IS VERY BAD

  • It has been over 3 years since Nikon released its D700, a nice full frame camera that we use almost every day in the DR office. There have been dozens of rumours about a slightly improved 700S but we have pointed out that Nikon will skip 700S and release D800 with the D3S capability, better movie mode and increased sensor resolution. While we weren’t sure why a Nikon D4 won’t come out with these specs first, we were convinced in mid-2010 that a 16MP D800 was imminent. However Nikon decided to release D7000 instead, and we guess the D800 went back to the drawing board because it was not considered competitive enough to take on the 5DII market.

    Now the D800 is going to be with us soon and we are super excited about it, at least spec wise. Perhaps we have been secretly hoping for so many years that Nikon would release something amazing to disrupt the DSLR video world currently occupied by Canon, we are very eager to find out exactly how video performs on the FX 16mps sensor and how AF works during video mode.

    There are circulating rumours about a 36mp FX sensor being used in D800, which we don’t believe to be true. The following spec sheet is based on the best information we could get from our sources, and we believe Nikon has been focusing on – above all – boosting the video performance of the camera. Nikon D800 Specifications
    Sensor size 32.0 x 19.9mm Full Frame FXt format
    Sensor type CMOS sensor
    Sensor resolution 12 megapixels
    ISO Sensitivity ISO 200 to ISO 12800 (Extendable to 102400)
    Continuous Burst Speed 4fps (6fps in DX mode)
    Focus System Multi-CAM 3500FX 21-point AF
    Video Mode HD 1280x720p (24, 25, 30fps) and 720p (up to 60fps) with mono sound & AF
    LCD 3-inch (921k dots) VGA LCD

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