A store in Houston is taking Nikon D800 pre-orders for $2,699.99

A camera store in Houston is taking pre-orders for the 36MP D800 camera for $2,699.99. I personally believe the D800 will be more expensive.

Via Nikonistas

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  • Jack the Crown

    So, if the DSLR is announced on February and released on March, will it be in shops of Asia first and then in other countries?

  • Qw

    Has anyone contacted the store? That seems like the first credible thing too do.

    If it is true I can almost guarantee that the individuals names on the list are the type of people that drive you crazy on photography sites.

  • Ren Kockwell

    If this camera is as good or better in low-light than the D700, and has terrific video to match, I won’t even wait the 6 months for the price drop. $2700 is a great price for a 36MP beast like this.

    • Rob

      IT’S NOT $2700.

    • Bruce Jenner

      Hey Ren,

      Did you know that if you take the 1st letter of your name and swap it with the 1st letter of your last name you get……oh wait…..

  • human tripod

    Wasn’t the original estimate $4,000??

  • ben

    D800 will be more than that. If D700 was over $3K, expect D800 to be $4K with the adjusted inflation.

    • Ralph

      Inflation?? Technology and inflation?? Really?

  • Stephen

    Just got off the phone with the folks at HCE and they are NOT taking preorders for the yet to be announced D800. They said that what they are accepting is a deposit against the speculation of Nikon announcing a camera. They said that what you see in the photo is the price of a D700 and not the D800….

  • D700guy

    If you ask me, the business owner just shot himself in the foot with some huge negative margins to his profit ratio. I’m betting he priced a D700 and typed D800. Which means, the customer would have a legitimate right to go down and pick up his D800 when it arrives at a huge discount of $1300 or more

    • Anders

      If this was a typo, how would you explain “36 MP”?

      • D700guy

        Typo or not, this camera is most likely not going to be sold for $2600.
        You can keep dreaming, but I’m more inclined to believe the $4000 figure.

        • Anders

          I never said that the D800 was going to be sold for 2600, the theory (which also seems to be confirmed from the store) is that it is a deposit. I agree that the more likely price is 4000.

          My point was that a typo seems unlikely as long as they specified 36 MP.

  • Anders

    I’m not from the US, so I do not understand how you can interpret the text on the receipt as a pre-order and not a regular sale – besides the obvious fact that it’s a product which is not yet released…

    This is the exact same price as for the D700. My guess would be that they are preparing for the D800 by duplicating the D700 in the product database, and then adding the rumored specs and did not bother do change the price. Taking a picture of the “test receipt”, and leaking it, might be some sort of viral marketing for the store.

    Have anyone actually tried and call the store…?

    • Anders

      Sorry Stephen, forgot to refresh – saw that you had called now ๐Ÿ™‚ Makes sense that they accept deposits which are the same as the price of the camera which is to be replaced.

      I think it would have been wise to mask the customer #, to prevent anyone near Houston to go into the store saying “hey…I can’t find my receipt, but luckily I have a picture of it. I changed my mind, I want the D700 instead…”

  • jen

    BS…never bought a camera when it has MP listed on receipt…

  • jen

    Take it down…its just spam almost to advertise this company IMO..

  • rick

    i did contact the store…. their number is 713.789.6901. they are taking pre-order which is about $700 that’s what i was told. as far as the est price? they don’t know but they said about $2800…. this is what i was told on Jan 16, 2012.

    I’d say wait until its officially announced because you’re basically putting down a deposit with the store and when it comes in then they’ll basically park it for you seeing you already pay a deposit pre-order of $700

  • Jade

    A lot of noise in the little village of [NR] for nothing…

  • Royster

    Have a look at the time.It says 05:06 PM. 05:06 is actually AM.The ticket cannot be real and would a shop be open at that time in the morning

    • jen


    • Anders

      No, 05:06 PM is not 05:06 AM. AM/PM = 12-hour format. 05:06 PM = 17:06. You might have had a point if it only said 05:06.

      • Royster

        As a small point if the 12 hour system is used it should just have 5:06 PM/AM. Having a 0 in front makes it the 24hr system.They have combined both.
        Any way it gets away from the point that the price is obviously a deposit

        • Anders

          Yes, I see your point. Probably just laziness from whoever wrote the code for the register, they didn’t bother to remove leading zeroes from PM, as PM should override this character when reading the time. But you’re right, they have combined both formats.

    • mikils

      Er… Royster, in US 5.06 PM is what the rest of the world (oh sorry, UK loons not included) calls 17:06

      • Royster

        I do know the 24 hour clock system and we do use it in the UK .That’s
        why I was saying 0506 hrs is AM and for PM it should read 1706hrs

  • Anonymous Maximus

    I t h a s b e g u n !

  • ken

    Nobody originally knew the specs of the camera nobody kbows the price fair play if uits 2600 – about right to match what its replacing if you ask me

  • Nicolas

    It is a little bit stupid to believe in this fake !
    This photo is made to create a buzz and return some money for Houston Camera, (free advertising at everything the fans and unbelieving)

    It is easy to make a ticket and to cancel it afterward for the accounting(accounts department) of box(cashdesk).

  • Nearer

    I don’t know how much confidence the business owner has on the D800’s debut. However, without official announcement from Nikon, I would consider this more like a scam.

  • shoreline view

    Maybe the rumored “two versions” of the D800 will be an s with a 16mp sensor to replace the d700 and an x with the 36mp and no anti-aliasing — with the “s” version coming in at the current D700 price point.

  • ProudtobeDutch

    Pre-ordered an orange D800 from a reputable NL vendor today.
    At Euro 2131.47 (19% tax included) a true 36MP bargain.
    Finally Nikon has left the simple philosophies of Henry Ford in the upper segment for what they are.

    • Anders

      Did you get a receipt? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I want one of those.

  • helly mac

    Soon Sony will beat this crap brand ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • manny

    I called store , they are taking deposits of $2700 as down payment. What ever the price be announced by nikon customer has to come up with the diference. phone # 7137896901

  • ART

    I believe the $2700-2800 is probably the “right” price point for D800

    given Nikon priced the D4 at $500 cheaper than D1x, it is HARD to anticipate Nikone handing HUGE amount of business to Canon for their entry level full frame camera; especially one could puchase a Canon FX camera lesser than HALF what Nikon wants to charge?

    if that is the case, it actually convinced me to switch to Canon; given I could use $4K to buy a new full frame camera and a professional lens (24-70,2.8 or 70-200 2.8) and STILL have some pocket change…..

  • I dot understand why the camera would be more then the d700!? Its replacing the d700 why would it be more?

    The d100, D200, D300 were all the same price maybe a couple hundred dollars more but not 2k more!! That doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Photolitherland

    I have been a loyal customer to the Houston camera exchange for 10 years. I went to the store today to buy a d700, I’m 12th on the list now for a d800 as they are not shipping anymore d700s in. I put 400 down for the d800. They didn’t release this receipt for free press, they wouldn’t do something like that. Everyone at the store was ticked off because the phones were blowing up today.

  • satrio

    Oh no…..I thought that it would be less expensive than that….

  • L. Hall

    The first deposit for the D700 replacement was taken at Houston Camera Exchange a year ago, in January 2011 . These deposits were taken, at the customers’ request, for the D700 replacement, when it arrives, whatever Nikon calls it and at the price that Nikon, Inc. suggests at that time. The deposit is refundable and reserves a place in line, in the order received. Houston Camera Exchange does not know when these cameras will be shipped by Nikon, Inc., what they will be called or how much they will cost. We regret any confusion caused by the partial invoice copy posted above.

    L.M. Hall, Houston Camera Exchange, Houston, Texas

  • Richard Baker

    I called the Houston store today and they confirmed that they are taking pre-orders for the D800 and the price is $2,695.00. These are not deposits. The salesman said that no matter what the final price might be–i.e., if Nikon changes the price between now and March–the store will honor the $2,695 price. The salesman remarked to me that the store is selling the D700 for the exact same price, so even he was surprised at the pricing. You can find the Canon 5D on the Internet for less than $1800, so this price doesn’t really surprise me. What surprises me is that the D700 hasn’t dipped much in price…yet.

    • Richard Baker

      Ooops. I stand corrected. I called the store AGAIN, but this time spoke to the store manager and he said the store was NOT guaranteeing the $2,699.00 price.

  • Richard Baker

    Oooops. I called the store AGAIN and spoke to the manager. He said the store is NOT guaranteeing the $2,699.00 price.

  • steve

    Well, but the receipt says 2.922,74 right?! I guess also in the US you have to pay tax ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mary Sanders

    I have a Deposit on the D800 and When I placed my order we didn’t even know what the replacement was going to be called or how much it would be. My invoice receipt is a estimated amount . I have replaced my gear many times by pre ordering with a deposit on the next model to be released and when its there I pay the difference and get my camera I would never ask them to honor a price that wasen’t even set yet and you shouldn’t either

  • D800 will not be 36MP but much less, also won’t be in 2 version but one onlt.
    I can’t tell you how I know cause if I do, my father will lose his job – wait and see.

    • Peter vdB

      Thanks for adding a bit more confusion ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • paul

      I will take your word on it. Its sounds like your dad may work for Nikon and is telling you something he shouldn’t be. I hope it a 24mp version for $2700 like some rumors I have seen and not the the 36mp version for $4000.

  • Lance

    I called Houston Photo and they are ONLY taking a $500 deposit for the D700 replacement. They won’t even commit to calling the replacement a D800. They also said there is NO GUARANTEE on what the price will be. They will only take the deposit for holding a spot once it is in stock and sell it to you at their price after the camera is released. You are taking a risk on what their price will be.

  • Tran

    Sounds like scam to me. Suppose there were 50 people put down $2600 each for a deposit, the store would have $2600 x 50 = $130,000 to invest without paying interest for months. Because they offer NO GUARANTEE on the price, I don’t see any good reason why I should place a deposit. I would wait until Nikon announces the D800.

  • Paul

    After looking at a lot of the rumors floating around about the new “D800”, I have come to the conclusion of a few things. The specs could go in quite a few different ways, but the are going to without a doubt go up from where the D700 is now. I personally feel that the megapixel rating should be close to that of the Canon Eos 5D Mark II or higher since Canon is getting ready to discuss the release of it’s new version, the Mark III, which will most likely go up on it’s MP rating. They will also upgrade the video to, so Nikon will have to have a very good video system in the D800. As far as the price, I think it will ultimately come down to the megapixel rating as to what the price will end up being. I have seen price rumors of $4000 body only for a 36mp version, which I personally don’t feel that Nikon would go that high seeing as that their new flagship and next model down are only 16 and 24 MP. It would be senseless to over step your flagship with a model 3 steps lower and give it the highest megapixel rating of the entire line. That doesn’t make sense. Then I have seen rumors of $2700 for a 24 mp version. This to me would make much more sense. I don’t see a problem with having two bodies in the same line up with similar mp ratings with the flagship having the much higher specs in a few other ares. That would make a lot of sense. To have your top 4 models varied by the mp ratings and other features with the main differences being inside the units with the censor technology. I personally hope it is the 24mp for $2700. I am currently in the market to buy a new camera and if this is what is released I will definitely buy one. If it turns out to be the 36mp for $4000, I may have to turn to Canon and wait on the 5D Mark III.

    • Jason

      I am totally agreeing with you. If D800 is 24MP with $2700 range, I will buy right away to upgrade from my D70.

  • Paul

    I was in a shop the other day talking to the manger about this. He told me that Nikon sent out bulletins to different companies announcing that they will be holding a press conference on Friday, January 27, 2012 to make some announcements. I have been researching this a lot over the past few days and I agree with the manager of that store. I think that Nikon plans to announce the release of at least one new model for 2012, possibly two. They are going to announce the release of either the new version of the D700 tagged as the D800, or the release of the new version of the D300s tagged as the D400 or BOTH. We will just have to wait for the press conference to happen then hit their site for the press news update or go to our local camera shots we all deal with and see what they have been told.

    From what I have been finding on many different sites and from some sources I really can’t disclose for occupational loss reasons, The D800 will be a 24MP (not a 36MP as reported earlier) with true HD 1080P professional quality video with the same video processor as the D4 and will sell for $2700-$2800. The D400 will be a 16-18MP with true 1080P video but not as high a quality as the FX models and will sell for $1700-$1800. Nikon as always has the right to change information at their discretion, but this is what I was told as of two days ago by a very reliable inside source. I guess we will just have to wait and see though when they are released……. (fingers crossed)

  • Paul

    One other thing.. the D800 will be a FX body, and the D400 will be a DX body.

  • monstar

    Oh Nikon… please please release D400 together with the D800.
    I really want a d400!!! Finger and toe crossed.

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