The first Nikon D700 price drop in the US: only $200

UPDATE: the price is now 2,199.95.

As I mentioned a week ago, the US price of the Nikon D700 is suppose to drop $500 in March. The first drop of $200 is already on Amazon (by Cameta Camera). The question is where are the other $300?

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  • Rusty

    Right!! Where is the other $300. Ready to pull the trigger.

    • i guess they have not many reasons to drop price really all that much when D800 is 1000€ more

    • El Cabong

      Because it’s late and I had a long day, I looked at the headline and thought that the new price was $200.

      Wishful thinking.

  • John

    Nikon USA still shows $2699

    • Paul

      it’s not march yet.

  • Nikon Shooter

    The other $300 have been delayed until April due to the bugs in the firmware.

  • John

    B&H stills sells them out in 24 hours for $2699 every time they get them in.

    • Andrew

      Maybe it’s because no everyone knows that the price will drop in March.

  • Angry Oak

    It’s been this price in Australia (non grey) for 6 months, and we’re always more expensive than the US (Even though our $$ is worth more)

    • Andrew

      It is because you guys are wealthy, you have more mineral resource.

  • kenneth

    This is still priced higher then before the price increase. I think it was at $2399.00 before the increase. If it would drop down to $2199 then IMOP it be more reasonable.

  • Chip

    I bought my D700 a year ago for $2199 on amazon. Of course that was before Nikons plants were destroyed.

  • Maroons

    Is Cameta Camera a trusted retailer? Their website looks similar to the gray-market retailers like BestPricePhoto and Ryther.

    I’d love a $2200 new D700; I don’t have a use for 36mp and a true successor seems a ways away yet.

  • nuno santacana

    Even more interesting: Will we have a D700s ?

    • Ken Elliott

      More likely to be a D800s (D4 sensor in a D800 body).

      • nuno santacana

        Don’t care about the name, but I’d like to know if it will happen. May be NR admin can see something in his cristal ball?

      • RondoX

        Lower megapixels, higher frame rate….

        Perhaps it will be called the D800h!

      • Everyone is saying this. Nikon will NOT do this. If something of the sort is to come about, it will surely be the D3s sensor, not the D4. The D4 in the consumer body may come out a while from now, probably 2 years. There’s absolutely no way they’d put a D4 sensor in the D700 replacement if it’s to come out this year, or even next.


        • KT

          Remember that the D3 sensor came out in the D700 less than 1 year after the D3 was released, though I doubt they will do it again so quickly. The D3s sensor will likely show up in the D400 not D700.

          • AU

            Putting a D3 sensor on a D700 body was Nikon’s shortcut to the affordable FX body in response to the Canon’s 5D. There is no way Nikon would do the same thing since that move will eat big chunk of both D4 and D800 sales which are already selling well. In terms of economics, there is no need for such a move. If there is ever a D4 sensor on a D800 body, it had to be priced between the current D4 and D800.
            Two major justifications for D4 over D800 is high ISO capability and the faster frame rate and Nikon cannot take those features and put them in a cheap body.

            • Andrew

              I do not agree with your analysis.

              1. The D4 sensor in a D800 body will expand the market for Nikon, and will hardly reduce sales of the current D800. A recent survey at this site (NR) shows that 60% of respondents want the D800 (with D4 sensor) and 40% want the current D800. Most likely most of those who want the D800 with a D4 sensor are sitting on the sideline, and are awaiting such a camera, including me!

              2. A D4 sensor in a D800 body will most definitely be priced lower than the D800, and for good cause! The D800 is for those who want high megapixel, just like the D3x. The D3x sold for $8,000, whereas the D800 (which easily replaces the D3x for many) sells for $3,000. For this reason, it is highly conceivable that a D4 sensor in a D800 body will sell for $2,495 or less!

              3. In terms of economics, there is a very strong reason for Nikon to sell a D4 sensor in a D800 body at $2,500 or less. Nikon did it before (at a slightly higher price) when they released the D700 at a significantly lower price than its bigger brother. They will do it again. Most photographers will not buy the D4; it is just too big and expensive for their needs. The D4 is built like a tank, will continue to be Nikon’s fastest (fps) camera, and will have a few other features not available in a lower-end camera; this will always justify its need to a select few like professional sports photographers. Many of the people who need the D4 will not consider anything less. But for economic reasons, the D800 with a D4 sensor will far outsell the D4 and generate a much higher profit for Nikon; and many D4 owners will buy this D800 as a backup to their D4, but not as a replacement.

          • Yeah. But they also came out with the D3s a year after that. Which is worlds better than the D700/D3 in terms of ISO. Nikon just released the D4, and, unless I’m missing something, it’s only marginally better than the D3s in photography terms. They’re not coming out with a D5 anytime soon, and Nikon needs D4 sales. They’d never cannibalize the D4 sales, with nothing better coming soon, with a D700 replacement so soon. Something tells me not to expect a D4s and D4x anytime soon as was seen with the D3. Although, I could be 100% wrong. But, I doubt it.

  • Frozen

    You ain’t gonna see a price drop until the D800 is widely available…

  • broxibear

    “The question is where are the other $300?”
    I think they added that to the UK prices, which have been going up not down
    If Canon drop the price of the 5D Mark II after announcing the Mark III this week, then maybe you’ll see another decrease of the D700 price ?…unless you’re in the UK of course, in which case it’ll probably increase lol.

    • Andrew

      Pessimist, ever the pessimist. Deep down you know the price is going down, because Nikon has announced a price decrease. And I bet you will pickup one as a backup.

  • Richard

    Wow, I got mine from Adorama for $2299.99 brand new almost 2 yrs ago. Wack price hike…..mark up….then discount…..(bh was the same price but sold out when I got mine)

  • The D700 body has been cheaper at my local retailer for some time now (since before D800 announcement I believe)…

    Camera Canada, $2298.97 CDN + tax (13% in Ontario).

    Normally I would purchase from B&H and it would still be cheaper with duty+shipping but not in this case!

    Can’t wait for it to drop even more!

  • neversink

    Forget Amazon… it’s a myth that they have the lowest prices. Far from it.

    For example… B&H has the 24 1.4G ED lens listed at 1999. Amazons LOWEST price on the same lens is 2399. That is 20 percent more than B&H … Go figure>>>!!!!!

    • St.

      There is nothing to figure!!!
      The $2399 price is not the Amazon’s price – those are third party sellers (ACE Photo in this case). They usually sell at higher prices than Amazon, especially when something is out of stock, as the 24mm 1.4G is now on all these stores – Amazon, B&H, Adorama, etc.

      FYI – I bought my 24mm 1.4G from Amazon for $1899 last year! Go figure…!!!!!

  • Another D4 Buyer

    Clearly there is a shortage on bodies across the entire product line: D700, D7000, D3s, D5100, D3100. My local shop is a 10-store regional dealer in the US that gets decent volume allocations and they can not keep inventory in stock. Hence I would not expect to see any major discounting for awhile. Thailand is “supposedly” reaching full capacity soon which will satisfy demand for some existing products and Japan is tied up with what appears to be greater than expected D4 and D800/(e) orders. Given the disasters last year, the demand imbalance is not surprising. Basic economics – prices only drop when there is a ample supply to meet demand – this is not the case right now.

    • KooLaid

      How come Canon is able to keep up supply better this time around, given Nikon and Canon both had factory in the affected Thai industrial park, correct? no?

      • Jetfire

        Nikon also had their Japan Factory (Nikon Sendai)hit by an earthquake. That is where they make all the Lens mounts (body and Lens) worldwide. That could also have been a factor.

  • B

    I wonder if that’s a sign that Nikon has simply removed the D700 minimum price requirement and that the price drop is still to come?

    • Andrew

      Unless otherwise stated by Nikon, we should not assume that any changes have been made to their announcement of a $500 price drop.

  • Good for Nikon. DX buyers will upgrade to D700 FX, and then buy more FX lenses. Good for sales.

  • DX users aren’t going to upgrade to the D700 because of a $200 price decrease when they could easily have always gotten a used model for less than that. It’s going to take the rest of the $500 for that to be a concern.


  • texajoe

    Hopefully it will happen soon! I need another D700 ASAP. Wedding season is coming quick.

  • Joe Bodego

    This time next year, these cameras would sell for under a thousand bucks US

  • bdeckert

    I know the D700 is still popular but I think it should be sold for $1000 less than the D800.

  • Brady

    this camera should be $1500 at most at this point. retarded

    • why would they drop the price that much when they barely can make enough of them? to get lower profit?

      • They CAN make enough. The question is, why would they be stupid enough to make enough of them, if they can keep a scarcity going and sell the ones they DO make at a premium? 😉

  • Luke

    Grey market for me from hong kong, shipping included, 1 year warranty for D700 is AUS$2135… So wonder what that will be in a few weeks 😀

    • BartyL

      Unless the site you are buying from explicitly states that customs duty (5% on cameras I think) and GST are included, you will need to add those to the price. GST is only excluded for import items under AU$1k.

      If the vendor has some statement like “low valuation provided to customs to avoid GST” I’d think hard before going ahead. Customs aren’t stupid and you and the vendor could wind up in strife.

  • Vladica Banjanac

    Nikon D700 $2199.95 at amazon (J&R)!

  • Rob

    This isn’t news admin. CAMETA CAMERA ONLY DROPPED IT $200. That doesn’t mean the price drop was only $200, it means you can always charge ABOVE the msrp.

    It’s $2199 at J&R, and $2699 still elsewhere.

    Please change the title of the thread. It is very misleading.

  • At least they gave an early discount. That was nice.

  • John

    I seriously doubt Nikon will be able to enforce these price reductions on a worldwide scale, especially for businesses operating the Grey Market. Why in gods name would you buy from Cameta Camera anyway, they are famous for ripping people off, selling faulty equipment and over charging.

    …and no, I do not work for a rival camera seller.

  • bob

    Is that all. Wait till they start shipping the D800…..

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