Nikon D4 delayed for another month?

I received three tips from retailers in different countries that the Nikon D4 will be delayed for another month. The camera was set for a March 15ht delivery after it was initially delayed for a month. Here are the latest (rumored) shipping dates for the D4 and D800:

The final Nikon D4 production firmware is already out and today several websites started already publishing "approved" samples taken with the camera.

Canon recently also announced that their  EOS 1Dx flagship camera will be delayed till the end of April, 2012.

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  • Fred

    OMG !

  • Frank

    Blah!!! B&H took my money already for the D4. Now I gotta wait longer!! That sucks!!

  • jeff

    I understand unexpected delays happen and are unavoidable in some cases. What I find inexcusable is keeping your customer base in the dark. The D4 is a professional camera and many (most?) of its users are, in fact, pros. They would understand a delay but need to know when they will realistically receive their D4 orders. Not telling us just leads to more and more rumors and ill will towards Nikon.

    Perhaps its time we all post something to that effect on Nikon’s Facebook page. That might get their attention. If they delete the posts, I guess we then know where we stand.

  • R!

    I’m wondering If that is not a competition between both major brands to come out with better specs ,specially withe the battery life isues ,without telling the other one.
    It might be good that Nikon wait and get the product perfectly finalized .This is the cold DSLR war!!!!

  • R!

    ….the D800/E is not delayed , they are on the boat shipping guys!!!!!!!!!!!whouaouhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anders

    just got an email from Nikon Sverige (Nikon Sweden) stating that the release date in Sweden is to be March 15th.

  • Adam

    Want to be on the cutting edge? These things happen. Posting on a Facebook page will get nothing other than a PR person giving a copy-and-paste post that is the same as what they send people that e-mail them inquiring and/or complaining.

    The D4 market/customer base is something like .5% of their market … you think they will be running around panicking because .5% of the .5% of their market complain? LOL

    • jb

      .5% of there market and 60% of there bottom line!!!! you can’t tell me if nobody bought a D4 Nikon wouldn’t feel it in the bottom line!!, Wake up!!!!

  • Andreas

    I recieved an e-mail from Nikon Scandinavia today where they confirmed the shipping date to march 15. Would seem strange to send out that to all scandinavian NPS-members today if the camera was delayed

  • Howie Feltersnatch

    I sure am glad I got a smokin’ deal on a brand new D3s a few weeks ago I couldn’t pass up. I can now wait for a D4x or something with 2 common memory slots. Even the D800’s CF/SD combo seem just silly. Let alone CF/XQD.

    I know it probably won’t happen like before, but I think Sony Memory Stick every time I hear about the XQD memory.

  • K

    Just spoke to Nikon UK no delays on D4 as far as they know.

  • Stefan

    Good news I think!!
    I got a mail from the official Swedish Nikon site today, where they confirmed a delayed shipping date! They would start delivering the D4 from 15 March if the email is correct!
    I tried to find anything on the Swedish Nikon site but did not find anything there.
    Let´s hope it is true that they start delivering the D4 in 14 days!!!!

  • traylorc

    No offense intended…but given the amount of product lines Nikon offers, I find it hard to believe that their top of the line flagship product accounts for 60% of their overall sales. No corporation wants that type of sales concentration attributable to one product line. That level of sales concentration for any business makes them extremely vulnerable.

    IMHO flagship products like the D4 are essentially a niche products, the majority of folks cannot afford a $6,000 camera particularly in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. I would be willing to be the meat and potatoes of Nikon’s sales come from their lower end camera lines that most folks would consider “affordable”…particularly when compared to a product like the D4.

  • Ryan Gonzales

    I kept all my D3s cameras because I remembered what we went thru to acquire D3’s when they first came out. Delay after delay after delay! My business cannot operate if we don’t have any cameras. I am in no way pointing the finger at anyone I just think it is more sensible to hold onto what makes you money until the camera actually ships. Just my .02

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