First Nikon D4 shipment delayed till March 15th

According to multiples sources, the first shipment of Nikon D4 cameras is delayed. The original date of February 16th is now pushed till March 15th, 2012. The reason for the delay seems to a be firmware bug and not a hardware issue. This appears to be a worldwide delay, not specific to a country or a region. The US press release listed the Nikon D4 availability as "late February".

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  • Moe Jacknally

    What about the D800E – I just preordered?

    • ken

      what about it? there is no mention of D800 in the release…..!

      if its the same firmware then they are not due to be released until after the new D4 release date so firmware would be fixed by then……

      • komalkumar

        Yes Yes let all the bugs be addressed and tested with all those who pre ordered it…..
        Will get it once it is perfected 🙂

        • Ralph

          LOL by the time its “perfected” I’ll be onto the D900

          • robert

            +1 😀

          • KL


    • @Admin: Speaking of the D800 — can you confirm what James Banfield at the press launch in the UK said, that the D800 is meant to “sit alongside” the D700? If so, this seems to indicate the D800 is NOT the D700 replacement, and instead an entirely new line that will accompany the D700 (e.g. D3 / D3x).

      It would seem our suspicions of this being a D3x successor (or at least a future D4x little brother) are more likely at this point than it being a D700 replacement. And if that’s true, I think it’s fair to prepare for a D700 within the next year or two; maybe it’s a 16mp D4 little brother, perhaps a 24mp alternative — either way, I am sensing there are a few key indicators pointing to the fact that the D700 will live on in a new form.

      • Ron, your post makes sense to me. I expect to see the D4 sensor in a D800 body. There may be some intentional crippling of the highest ISO setting or some video mode.

        As for a firmware bug, send one here and I will step on it, fixed, presto!

      • Yeah. He did. As did another rep. You can see them in these two videos:
        and In the actual press release:


      • Just Ron

        Yes this would be very nice to know! Just found this . Would love to hear it from you Admin :).

      • Stew Davis

        I would think it would be the D800 replacement seeing the price is similar and same body type… But could I could see how it could work.

        Would be nice to see something like a D710 with 16mp, by time announced time like you said maybe 24… Hopefully will be priced around current Canon’s 5D line to compete… At least current price of 5Dii at msrp 2499.00 which go for $2157.00 at B&H right now.. Would be nice to see Nikon have one cheaper Full Frame cameras for more people trying to jump to Full Frame. Not to mention it would definitely help Nikon with keeping those people want to switch to Full Frame to stay with Nikon instead of Canon (since Canon has Cheaper FF Body, Comparable f/2.8 lenses and affordable f/4 line of lenses…

        I’m no just wondering how the DX line is going to turn out now… Will love having D4’s and D800’s for weddings and D800 for studio work of course once shipping… But hopefully see a D400 realesed in the next few months to grab for sports… My D300’s are still nice to have but would be nice to have D400 for more mp for cropping, even better ISO for indoor sports, use of XQD cards, and boost of FPS…

        Can only wait to see now.. It is nice to have updates on Upper end FF Cameras though….

      • ob1

        hopefully a $2000 FF as the upgrade to the D700..

      • hmmm…

        • Ralph


          I couldnt resiste….I tried

        • I was hoping the “hmmm….” would lead to further expounding, but now I’m curious…

          Does my theory sound crazy? Is it just grasping at straws. Heaven knows my predictions aren’t all spot on — I’m probably only 50% at this point, and I know you’ve said you don’t think the D700 will be replaced soon or ever.

          So does the idea of concurrent bodies (D800/D700) give you pause, or are you just being polite? ≠)

      • broxibear

        Hi Ron,
        Somebody has got their wires crossed or there’s something else going on, I was told last week by a Nikon Pro Dealer in the UK that the D700 was no longer being made. If James Banfield’s right and the D800 will sit along side the D700 then where is all the D700 stock gone, and why is it no longer listed at several Nikon Pro Dealers ?
        Did I hear someone say D900…a baby D4 ?…that won’t annoy all those who have just ordered a D800 ?
        Just when you thought all the fun and games were over it all starts again, lol.

        • It seems plausible that the Nikon Pro Dealer might superseded by the reps leading the press events.

          To address your first question — and I’m riffing here — I noticed the D700 is still active on Nikon’s USA website. But that’s not really a surprise — after all, it is still just 3 years old in Nikon years (we’re subtracting 12 months due to Acts of God). Assuming a pushback of a full year, that would peg a D700 replacement somewhere around mid-2013 (where it originally might have been slated for mid-2012).

          The D700 shortage with dealers seems clear: production constraints after the catastrophes of 2011 required prioritization of D800/D4. D700 will come back in stock once things settle down a bit with the new bodies.

          But as to your second point, I have to ask: why would the D900/baby D4 annoy anybody? According to Thom’s polls, half the market is asking for high resolution; the other half, high ISO. It’s apparently split right down the middle (hence all the excited debates here between the two sides). There’s no doubt that there is a value in each, and a cursory glance seems to indicate that Nikon has caught on to this reality. The D800 is the first move in that game, and a D3x replacement.

          So back to my question, why would a D800 now and a D700 successor later annoy anyone? It didn’t annoy the D3/D700 crowd. For the most part, it thrilled them. Nor did it upset the D3/D3x crowd (they were made about pricing, but not subsequent releases).

          I personally understand that if I need a new FX camera now, I’ve got 4 choices:

          1) New/Used D700
          2) New D700 equivalent (D800) with much higher resolution for a lower price (adjusted for the weakened dollar/euro)
          3) Used D3s
          4) New D3s equivalent (D4) with a ton of refinements and a marginal increase in resolution for the same price.

          If my budget can afford it and my work demands it, then the choice to buy now is easy. If not, I’ll wait until the next big thing.

          Put another way, if I need 36mp, I’ll buy a D800. If I need high-ISO and the extra features the D4 offers, I’ll buy a D4. If I don’t like what the new cameras offer over the old ones, and/or I can get by on existing gear or buying last-gen gear used, I’ll do that instead.

          Frankly, I think the problem comes for most people people when we make choices based on the Joneses decision, rather than our own needs and budgets.

          • broxibear

            Hey Ron,
            I said “that won’t annoy all those who have just ordered a D800 ?” as a slight joke. What I meant by it was so many just wanted the D3s high iso in a smaller body, and after waiting so long they got a D800 which is a totally different type of camera. Then after ordering a D800 the camera they really wanted would be announced ?
            I wasn’t being totally serious…but it wouldn’t surprise me.
            The D700 is still on the UK Nikon site but several pro dealers don’t have it on their sites at all, it doesn’t say back ordered or out of stock, it’s just not there anymore ?
            the one thing about the D800 being so different from the D700 it will force people into thinking harder about whether they really do need it or not, the E version just adds to it… although I can see a lot of swapping and returns of the E version when people realise maybe they should have just got the normal body.

            • Got it. Sorry I wasn’t aware you were half joking.

              As for the D800/D800E conundrum you’re expecting, I think you’re probably right. I mean, the ‘extra resolution’ comments sound appealing, but in my experience the moire problem is just too big a pain for the moderate (or even nominal) gains in acuity, at least it will be for a large body of shooters.


              (full page here: )

              It’s not the color-shift in the black material I’m worried about — that’s a relatively simple and fast fix in post production. It’s the 8-bit videogame mayan-maze pattern exhibited in the gold trim that scares me. That stuff isn’t easy to get rid of.

              Brings back bad memories of the moire issue on the Kodak DCS760 — an incredible camera for its time, but moire was a pain, and sometimes unrepairable.

      • BornOptimist

        Same was said in Norway. The D700 will still be sold in parallell with D800. There are also at least 23 D700 available in stock at one of the stores online.

      • R R

        I´m with you Ron, I also feel a new D4x is coming in the future, as well as a D4s with some ISO improvements and possibly 2 XQD cards or even 2 CF cards if the XQD is not successful..

        just a wild guess here..

      • enesunkie

        There was some hinting at the time that the D90 and D7000 would be offered in parallel. So then, were is the D90 replacement? They just hate to say that the previous product has been replaced until all the stock is gone. The Nikon USA website still shows the D90, D5000 and D3000. What’s up with that?

  • d70

    I guess they want to ship before Canon ships their 1Dx. Oh well, this just ruins my day.

    • d70

      didn’t* … where is my coffee?

    • St.

      I think that Nikon push back the release date with purpose. Canon rumored that they may change the firmware to allow AF at f/8 – so it will compete with D4.
      This way Nikon can always put something “extra” to stay on top. I’m not saying AF at f/16, but something else, may be smaller, but still giving them advantage over Canon.
      Plus Canon will feel more uncomfortable, because they won’t know what Nikon is going to change now.

      • I’m pretty sure, with all the marketting material now out there, the recipe is pretty well baked in. All they would change now is firmware.

      • BornOptimist

        That’s hardly something you fix in software.

  • marb


  • jen

    argh! 🙁

  • Noooooooooooo!!!!

    @Admin — any whisperings of rebates on the horizon? I’d love to NOT get pounded on lenses when I pick up a new, full-priced body.

    Man, I guess 8 days was just too short a time to have to wait.

    • BT


      I’m totally with you on the rebates. I used to see rebates all the time but now its few and far in between. What I don’t like seeing is having to buy a camera to get a rebate on certain lenses. NIKON how about offering more rebates!

      • Joseph

        does no one buy used on here? I have never bought a “new” lens, so I get a 50% rebate every purchase!

        • jen

          Not sure what lenses you are buying but even a good *used * lens is not 50% off. Maybe 20%

          • And one major complaint I have consistently leveled against Nikon is that their warranties apply to the (original) purchaser and NOT the piece of equipment they proudly produce. This may be good for their bottom line, but it undermines their brand promise. Is the lens quality worthy of a 5-year warranty or not? What (aside from pure resale discouragement) does voiding the second-hand warranty accomplish?

            The typical cost that Nikon charges to service a 70-200 2.8 VR II is (I believe) ~$250. Assuming this figure is correct, then you must factor that potential minimum cost (with a conservative 1.5x increase for potentially more detailed repairs) into the purchase of a used lens. You’d take the new price of $2,399 and subtract $375.

            Assuming the lens is in mint condition, the most you’d want to pay for it used is $2,049.

            But what about rebates? If the $400 rebate is active intermittently throughout the year, then you must factor that in. Now the price is $1,649.

            But what if the lens has a little wear and tear. Is it cosmetic? Is it functionally damaged? Is that damage seen/noticed or unseen and yet to exhibit any symptoms? Assuming it’s a solid 8 (cosmetically good and functionally perfect), then you’d probably want to take off $200-$300 from that price. Now we’re talking ~$1,400 fair market value (and a safe price to pay).

            If you can find me a solid 8 quality 70-200 2.8 VR II that is for sale in the $1,400 price range, please call me. I’ll buy it today. Otherwise, the potential costs of buying second-hand are too high for many working professionals.

            • BTW, remember when we could buy the 80-200 2.8 AF-S lens brand new for $1,400? That is one painful memory.

  • hyui

    well better a bugged D4 than a sony

    • Andrew

      Not a nice comment. Sony makes quality products, though on cameras my preference is Nikon.

  • Carsten

    Some preorders might get cancelled because NR-readers just jumped off a bridge…

    • 700Geek

      by whom?

      • Anders


  • My dealer just told me about the delay, but I think it’s ok: better a bug-free camera than a ruined photojob. Ask the Canon Pro-Users…


    Sorry, I wanted to have it and learn it to my vacations but now I will not take it because I will not have so much time to learn it for the job On April. I will go for something else or use older hardware. It is a pity they were wrong, This is bad for them and for their reliability of their announcements. If it is true of course.

    • arizonaSteve

      I don’t think the learning curve from a D3(s), D700, etc. to the D4 is going to be that steep.

  • Mike

    Whew. Kind of happy actually. I was leaning heavily to getting one (am on my dealer’s list), but the D800’s price is pretty attractive. I have a D3s already so this gives me some more thinking time. But I know what it’s like to see the finish line and to have it extended a bit further, figuratively speaking. Also allows a few more pays/saving.

    • arizonaSteve

      I get some money through a grant and had to make my purchases prior to Feb. 1 so, I pre-ordered the D4. For what I do, I would have preferred the D800. (for my personal use I own a D700)

      I wish I had had more time for the decision between the two.

  • T.I.M

    As long I get my D800e for my birthday (May 25th) I’ll be happy.
    Anyway, we’ve been waiting for years, so few more months won’t kill us, right ?

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a la empire strikes back…

    • JLK

      How about Star Trek?

      *Kirk sakes his fist at the heavens*


  • I was anticipating picking mine up as soon as I got back from WPPI. But if it is going to take another month to get it right, I would much rather wait. I wonder if you got a D800 at the same time, they would cut a deal? Probably not. That’s dreaming, anyhow.

  • Jade B.

    Only one more month, should be fine!!!

  • broxibear

    Camerasize have added the D800/E bodies to their database…

    • Ah great, thanks for the update broxibear. Glad to see that the specs didn’t lie – it’s pretty much the same size as the D700 (rather than significantly smaller as feared in early rumors).

      • AXV

        It’ just 1 milimeter on the wide side, but it is thicker, believe me it’s going to be easier and more comfortable to hold.


    On my opinion this could be on purpose by Nikon.It announce the D4 and its release date first. Customers run and preorder it. And now it says I will release it with 1D X. So it won some customers that wanted a dslr like this early, like to make tricks with them and lie.

    • Darkness

      1 DX now late April I heard?

  • While it’s possible there’s some conspiracy theory that Nikon did this to either 1. Get more pre-orders, or 2. Scare Canon… I’m going to go out on a limb and say they probably just found a big bug that needs fixing.

    And good for them. Too many companies would have just shipped… but Nikon understands their user-base in this matter. The working professional cannot afford to have a bug cripple their shoot.

    Now, understanding NR users… that’s a different story.

    • I agree Sean, I’m disappointed as I pre ordered the first day. But better to get it right before shipping worldwide.

      I’ll resist the urge to make some quality control reference for Nikon referring to the dark days of the D2h.

    • Completely agree with you Sean. Nikon has worked hard through the decades, and earned their outstanding reputation for quality — and for reasons just like this. Their culture is to get it right at the expense of getting it fast. It’s not an easy pill to swallow when we’re waiting for new gear that’s on the horizon, but it’s undoubtedly the right move for Nikon.

      And as Thom has aptly pointed out, Nikon should be lauded for their tremendous turnaround over the last year. Nikon deserves an award for having their entire production/supply chain turned on its head and responding with a massive restructuring that got them back into full swing in 330 short, crazy days.

      My favorite line from Thom’s Feb 3 post: “How many multi-billion dollar companies do you know that lose their entire production capacity to disaster yet still manage to increase sales and operating profits in that year? Any? Bueller?”

      Thanks for the perspective, Thom.

      • Ren Kockwell

        I just think it’s awesome that Thom made a Bueller reference.

  • RobUK

    Today I got an email from the shop where I ordered mine from, a Nikon professional dealer. When I pre-ordered they said I would get higher priority if I also pre-paid, so I did on 6th Jan. Today’s email said they were refunding me my payment and they are “taking pre orders by putting your name/contact details on a list and then taking payment once stocks arrive.”.

    I asked them where on the list I was and when they would be shipping, and they said I was number 2 and no answer to the other question!

    Do you know what I think happened? I think a lot of agencies were waiting for the D800 to be announced, hoping it would be a replacement D700 and now they find it is not gonna be usable by photo-journalists they are now asking Nikon for the D4.

    Funnily enough when I pre-ordered the shop asked if I was an NPS member, which I wasn’t but they suggested I apply and so I became a member. I was contacted by NPS and told I would get priority on the D4 being an NPS member. I will contact them and ask if this is still true and what the expected shipping date would be.

    I’ve given up thinking I can use a D4 at London Fashion Week which starts on 17th Feb. I use lightroom anyway for speed of post processing (I need to get a few hundred images out within an hour of each show) and don’t think there will be a RAW converter ready anyway.

  • Lala

    Hi admin any idea on when the new 85 will be shipped?


  • souvik

    I hope this doesn’t have an affect on the D800 shipment date.

  • George Payne Jr.

    Well, that just Fu#$ed up my day!!!

  • Lou

    Dangit!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW FEB. 16 WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Nikon never fails with it’s new release production problems. I had to wait for my D7000 as well. Now I have to wait for the two D4 bodies I pre-ordered! Urghhh!

    • none

      Oh you poor poor baby. Go lie down mommy will make you some warm milk and tuck you in sweety there there

  • Ryan

    Just got off the phone with Adorama for my NPS Preorder (outsourced CS, ugh) they could not confirm nor deny the delay on the D4.

  • I hope everything is right .

  • Erick Calderòn

    LOL as expected! more coolpix on the way!

  • rhlpetrus

    My guess is that they were surprised by the … D800/D800E’s announcement ;).

    • Jade B.


    • Brian

      Maybe nikon were surprised by the volume of d800 preorders and have decided to ramp up production of those to appease all these customers who have been waiting for years for affordable high resolution.

      By the way the price of these confirms how overpriced the d3x was don’t you think?

  • Robin

    It has begun…….!!!!! AGAIN

    a la D7000

  • Well, that throws a spanner into the gears, doesn’t it.

    • broxibear

      Hi Cary how are things ?
      Were you thinking of getting a D4 ?…I was thinking about it but it really makes no sense for me. I don’t use video and the small improvements over the D3 aren’t enough for me (although for some it no doubt will be)…I’ll see what the “D4s” brings.
      I’m surprised there’s a delay caused by a software issue (if that’s what it is) considering the D4 was already delayed, I’d have thought the first delay would have given Nikon more time to iron out any issues ?

      • Broxibear, all is well bro. How have you been?

        We’re getting a D4 for review, but I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of my D3s for it, in the end. If it blows my mind during the review process, I will consider it. It’s going to be hard to oust the D3s as the low-light king – maybe Nikon can pull it off? Either way, my D3s is still an amazing camera that I love dearly. We’re also going to get a D800E for review – I’m going to keep this one, for sure. I’ve already made-up my mind on the D800E; this will be our studio/landscape/HDR body.

        I’m not sure why Nikon would delay shipment of the D4, unless the bug they found was big and required a full re-work of the firmware or they are adding some functionality that they feel needs to be present upon release. Maybe something to make Canon shooters even more likely to jump ship on the 1Dx? The D4 is so far behind schedule (due to nature) that you’d of thought Nikon would have all bugs worked out by now. This is why I think it’s more likely that Nikon is adding functionality to the D4. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

      • BornOptimist

        “…considering the D4 was already delayed…”
        Is this confirmed, or just a rumor turning into facts?
        My guess is (yepp – just a rumor…) that D800 was delayed, but D4 was announced on schedule.
        Reason: The new memory card. There are at least two companies involved in groundbreaking tech. in the D4 announcement, and delaying this is more difficult than D800, which is an entirely Nikon product (not based on new tech announcement from any other company than Nikon).

        • broxibear

          Hi BornOptimist,
          Nikon don’t confirm anything much, it was only a few months ago they were saying the flooding in Thailand wouldn’t affect their finances and a few days ago they were describing them as “Extraordinary Losses”.
          Ask Peter/admin, you pick up pieces of information from different sources and only when you put them together do you get something…I don’t think this D4 announcement date was the original one. One thing’s for sure Nikon aren’t going to say, and I wouldn’t expect them to.
          I remember someone here posted “I’ll believe the D4 is out when I can walk into a retailer, see it on the shelf and buy it”…sounds like a plan to me.
          CP+ starts tomorrow so we’ll find out soon about who’s making the new cards and when ?

  • Why not ship first and update firmware later? I did’t understand??

    Or Nikon try to push something better to it’s original firmware???

    Better noise performance???? However my friend tell me D800 will ship on April 11.

    • “Why not ship first and update firmware later? I did’t understand??”

      Just like how you wouldn’t want to buy a car and hear on the day you get it that you should come back in a month to have your second gear activated.

      Sure, if it had been a minor issue Nikon might have opted for sticking with the original shipping date, but since they didn’t, it must be a fairly significant bug.

      Of course it’s a pity for those eager to get it – your patience is being tested. To those that “need it badly for the next shoot”: It seems like a bad idea to count on having just a few days/weeks of trying a new tool before needing it for a job (and makes me wonder how many of those are “pros”). Most of the (real pros will keep using their current equipment, perhaps with a new body on the side, until they feel comfortable to do a full switch.
      Then again, I can imagine it’s disappointing not to get to play with your new toy for another few weeks – as if santa just postponed christmas.

  • LOL
    • komalkumar

      High ISO seems fine for 36mp…dont u think so !

  • shane

    whts the story with nikon releasing a 24-70 upgrade…..
    canon and tanron brought out new upgrade 24-70s this week

    • I have zero complaints about my nikon 24-70. I cant think of any improvements i could ask for. For some, they want VR (mostly for video I imagine), but every day i go out with that lens on my camera, it usually stays on all day because the results are so good. Paired with a D3 it is always in focus, sharp and contrasty.

      I work at a studio that is all canon and I have to say, one of my biggest complaints when i am shooting is their terrible 24-70. It is really soft anywhere but the center, and not terribly sharp in the center either. It feels like a plastic coffee cup and is never the go-to lens.

      I imagine eventually Nikon will update the 24-70 , and I am a MAJOR gear addict, but I cant see myself wanting to upgrade.

  • Travis

    Nikon….pull it together! I don’t think us Nikonians need anymore lessons in patience.

  • RaVax

    IMHO no software (call it “firmware” if you want) issue, even a “major” one, could stop production/distribution, not even at NASA, if it is something “we can fix on the way”.
    I’m involved in similar “vary vertical” market as software engineer so I’m not a Cxxxn fanboy LOL!

    • Rene

      Fully agree RaVax…!! If it would just a software issue it would be much easier to release a new firmware soon instead of delaying the whole shipment… That news makes my day terrible bad…

    • D700guy

      I agree as well.
      Firmware is an ongoing thing that can and will be updated along the way.
      Delaying this camera’s deliveries is a bad move. Very bad move.

    • BornOptimist

      Not in my company. We stop releases if we find software issues. We also inform our partners if we do so. The reason is simple – quality before anything. You have only once chance to make a first impression.

  • Nicole

    Anon. E. Mouse advises me that this delay is due to a hacker having altered the firmware so that all D4 exif data gives Canon camera and lens details!

  • D700guy

    Here we go again.
    The same thing happened with the D3.
    Delays after delays went on for ever.

  • Broken

    Unless of course, it is a serious software issue that could cause damage to something or has a major impact on performance,

    in which case you would want to make sure non of those cameras made it out into the wild.

    i doubt production has stopped

    there is a big difference between fixing ‘one’ thing on the way and thousands and relying on the customers to do it

    frankly, i think we have become too accustomed to having firmware ‘fixed’ after the item is shipped

    way to go Nikon

  • Anders

    As long as it’s not a hardware issue and they can continue the production while sorting out the firmware, I guess it’s not such a big deal – many will probably have to play the waiting game for the first months anyway.

  • Royster

    I can’t understand all this complaining.
    So we have to wait a little longer.
    Imagine the outcry if Nikon didn’t say anything and all the new D4s didn’t work right.

    • Bingo.

      If even a few people got their hands on a buggy version of the D4, then they would go and post about it causing everyone to second-guess or skip the D4 generation because they heard something on the internet a buggy hunk of junk.

      • **being** a buggy hunk of junk.

    • Rene

      @Royster, why I complaining? To be honest, I’m just a D7000-Shooter so far – but have ordered my D4 immediately after the announcement… “Unfortunately” I have several paid engagements End of February and beginning of March… Up to now I rent a D3s for a bit more than 200 bugs – each time… Now I’ve pre-paid my D4 – and still have to rent a D3s for total over 1’000 bugs… I think you understand why I complain… So I could much better live with a buggy Firmware (and an information what is wrong) instead of having no cam… Especially if it’s really just the “Canon”-Tag in the Exif information…

  • Sam

    People are missing the point about fixing a firmware bug. Nikon already have piles of cameras. Thousands of them. Fixing any bug means opening those boxes, flashing the firmware, and then re-sealing the cameras. Even a tiny change involves a lot of hand-work in order to ensure every body is right when it arrives. Probably printing more boxes (as they’re sealed) and re-packing a tens of thousands of units.

    If they had a problem they couldn’t fix it would be worrying. This delay seems mostly logistical. By the time the cameras are right you have to factor in shipping time etc. They’re probably have the fix in-hand and the rest is just unavoidable delay.

    • Joe Blow

      There is no need to open the camera body to re-program the flash memory; there are several points of contact on the camera unbeknownst to the users which can be used for programming. The FLASH memory is unlocked, programmed and then locked again.

      • BornOptimist

        The packed items must be opened no matter how many contact points there are on the camera.

  • Nooooo .. why it was just a few days !!! why they discover the bug now !! why they didn’t know before even before pre-orders!!!!

  • My guess is it has something to do with the WT-5.

    Probably a security issue with the built in webserver.

    Or maybe they are enabling the power aperture stuff when there are memory cards in.

    • Anders

      If that was the case they could just hold back the release of the WT-5 until the firmware is fixed. My guess is the XQD.

  • Pyeisnot3pt14

    Dear Admin,

    I’ve ordered my D4 from on the announcement day. Does it mean Amazon is going to cancel my order before I get it? Thank you.

    • Doubtful, I am fairly certain amazon will just continue to hold your order until it ships. They may send out an e-mail saying that if you would like to be removed from the queue to call or e-mail them, but I do not see them canceling orders because of a minor delay.

  • Jason

    A post on claims to have the Nikon CEO quoted for saying it’s because of the overwhelming amounts of initial pre-orders and they can’t fill them all by next week. Just wondering if there’s any credibility behind the quote? Doesn’t makes sense in to me to deny everyone instead of filling them as they get them built.

  • Frank

    well I’ll just have to wait for my D4!!!

    Looking at the exterior design of the D800 and the D4, I’ve come to the conclusin that the D800 has been on the cards longer than the D4 (was it rushed out to beat Canon).

    This also borne out by the fact that the D800 is on the Digitutor whereas a month after it’s launch the D4 is nowhere to be seen (No reviews, no bodies in the wild!!)

    The D4 has also got the re-arranged controls and a new layout – the D800 layout follows the old style.

    While I would love to have a D800 (having sold m,y D3x) the D4 specification is a good compromise to carrying two bodies. My V1 is not the best camera in the world but with a 70-200mm VR it’s beautiful (until I attache the 50mm 1.4G WOW!!!)

    Just have to wait and see – Maybe Nikon were finalising the spec (can I have USB3 please)

    This is a nit like Canon/Nikon playing a gane of poker (Don’t they realise that a Nikon man is never going to buy a Canon!!)

    • Of course the D800 was meant to go first.

      If you read the reviews by the photos who tested it out they’ve been holding it secret for up to 9 months and even some of the product shots are from July 2011.

  • broxibear

    Johnnie Behiri (BBC freelance cameraman) tries out a pre production Nikon D4 and gives his first impressions…

    • I just received his email – you broxibear are faster than email 🙂

  • sk

    IMHO, product should be 100% tested for functionality before certain release date announced.

  • jobby

    This is weird that firmware is not ready at launch?

  • KL

    Any rumors on the bug itself? Was it found on a pre-production sample or after testing the first run off the production line? What functionality was affected? How would I tell if the D4 I receive in March has the same problems or not?

    • DMc

      I find it odd that no one knows the actual defect to fix or enhancement to include. I assume it comes from test users in the field. They are bound by non-disclosure agreements.

      Wish I could be a Nikon tester some day (without having to buy it first).

  • enesunkie

    Maybe this is a not made public by Nikon, but in general, does the first batch of bodies off the line have the same amount of quality/defects/returns as the last batch a couple years later? Any real reason to hold off a purchase at least till after the reviews are out?

  • Crimed

    I find it interesting that high(ish) ISO full images are starting to appear for the D800, but nothing for the D4 which was announced first – with its high ISO capabilities highly touted. I’d really like to see what ISo 204,800 looks like!

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