Nikon D800 now available for pre-order

Here are several Nikon D800 and D800E pre-order options:





Amazon Germany:

Amazon Japan:

Amazon UK:

Jessops (UK):

Nikon MB-D12 battery grip for D800 pre-order options:

more pre-order options coming soon...

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  • fixit
  • Sonny

    amazon US STOP taking order! luckily, I ordered 1 last night.

  • floydstyle @ Montreal is taking pre-order as well. But I didn’t find the D800E :/

  • Che Ibarra

    Admin (or anyone else),

    Need some advice. Posting here bc this is the latest post. I had a question (seeking advice) for Pre-Ordering a Nikon D4. Im an Amazon Prime Member but I missed the boat on their pre-order for the D4. I’m starting to worry about the availability of the D4 now. I need this camera bad as my current camera is having focusing issues (D7K) but I can not afford to send it in to Nikon yet bc that would leave me without a camera to do work. When one places a Pre Order say at BH, Adorama, Ritz, etc….we are placed on a list first come first serve right? That doesnt mean we are getting one any day soon after the 17th? I just placed a Pre Order at Ritzcamera….should I be placing Pre Orders at other sits too and see which one comes thru first?? (then cancel the others)? Advice please. Thanks.

    • yes, first come first serve, I think you missed the first shipment already, Amazon is already sold out:

      • Ralph

        When you say they are already sold out, is that for real? I wouldn’t have thought they would even have an idea of what their initial allocation was going to be. Are retailers told in advance and will limit per-orders to their allocation? Sounds a bit organised for Nikon.

        • Sonny Censor

          Amongst other reasons: with tightly managed warehouse space Amazon surely needs/wants to know how many of what by which date will arrive at the dock. So yes, they’ll have a good grasp when the initial batch/shipment will be sold out.

  • price is better than i expected. will there be any campaings %20 or someting in usa? in turkey, electronic stores always make -%25 or -%20 prices.

  • rich in tx

    Ordered my D800 today from b&h. Cant wait.

  • If you are from Malaysia or Singapore, here’s the link for pre-order, note that this store also ship worldwide too, so if you guys from US or anywhere in the world can pre-order here also..Me also bought all my stuff from them, very satisfy!!!..the customer service is great too…

    D800 pre-order:

    D800E pre-order:

    D4 pre-order:

  • NCMB

    I’m new to pre-ordering camera so I’ll make a stupid question: since their gonna be the first ones available around the world, the firmware is gonna be in english or in japanese? It’s not a real problem, i was just wondering. Anyway i could download the english firmware update as soon as it comes out.

  • Sonny Censor

    I wonder,

    given the relative agressive pricing of this camera and probably nikon planning to compensate the lower margin with higher sales volumes. Will they actually have scaled up manufacturing? because with this strategy you rely on beeing able to churn out enough camera’s otherwise you cash-flow and ROI is impacted. Or did they like apple often seems to do, build stock in advance to cover for the initial demand?

  • For French readers D800 & D4 pre order available

  • Dormant

    B&H have already charged my credit card for the full amount – this is their normal policy for people using international credit cards.

    • For international credit cards we do charge when the order is submitted. But,
      Nikon USA will not permit authorized retailers to ship any digital slr to any address outside the USA. If you placed an order with a non-USA ship-to either it must be cancelled and a refund issued or a domestic US shipping address must be added to the order. Email henryp[at] with your order number if you need assistance.

      Henry Posner
      B&H Photo-Video

      • aNikkorGuy

        B&H, A long time user here, I was wondering if you could let me know if any D800’s are still available for pre-order? Thanks -Americo

  • French reader

    Hi Admin,
    You may want to add that the Japanese page of Amazon includes a 28-300 kit lens. You have to chose the “body only” option on the right to get the correct price which is ¥ 268,200.

  • LK

    Amazon Germany took my order a 2 hours ago and still appears to do so…

    Good luck!!

  • Sam

    I was able to pre-order it at my local nikon dealer tempe camera yesterday and they already had 18 people on the list haha

  • Sly Larive

    I guess you guys need the upgrade more than I do. I’m not saying this camera won’t cut it or will fail at high ISO or what not but I’m wary of taking the plunge on press releases and closed-loop hand picked samples.

    I’ll wait for some reviews first, although this probably means no D800 for me for a long while as I won’t be in on the pre-order.

    One thing I’m very happy with is the price. I was expecting the price to blow up but Nikon certainly caught me off guard. Guess this will ripple down to the D700 resale price. No way people can continue to sell their D700 over 2K now I’m guessing. With the upgrade to be had under 3k in the US, a used D700, for all its merits, won’t cut it at 2 grand. Don’t get me wrong, I love the D700 and think it has its uses but TBH, resale value isn’t solely based on merits.

    Anyone looking for a used D700 would do well to check Craigslist / Ebay as prices may be lower than expected. There should be lots of them available as well now with the pre-order and expected short availability times.

  • Skip Khasky

    Be VERY CAUTIOUS pre-ordering from B&H. Their website says they won’t charge you until the camera ships… well, I ordered my D800E last night, and they charged the full amount to my debit card today, overdrawing my checking account and causing a huge mess.

    • Skip: I am very sorry about your difficulty. I’ve this posted here before — if your payment method is a US credit card we will get authorization but will not charge until we ship. I don’t want to discuss private details in a public forum but that was not the payment method you used.

      Henry Posner
      B&H Photo-Video

  • Tim Harrison

    Anyone know when Amazon UK will start taking pre-orders? So far they aren’t even listing the D4

  • Twan

    Admin : All this affiliate links, you are gonne be rich and buy 122 of thoses ? 😉

    You deserve it, eveything does match what you said since a few months.

  • aNikkorGuy

    Just a word of precaution to anyone who needs to know, if you use PayPal on B&H it is going to act as debit unless you choose to make the same derp I made xD The folks at B&H are wonderful, and helped me out of this self imposed issue 🙂 As a repeat B&H user, and future solid user, I can say nothing but positive for B&H! Thank you everyone at B&H, past, present, and for ∞ user, -Americo 🙂 Hope I could secure my D800!

  • Zoltan

    ?! WHY Europe must pay over 700$ more for the same product? this is ridiculous!!!!

  • Jky

    No longer up for per order on Best Buy.

  • zxccxzasd

    Amazon changes the Nikon D800E shipment estimation to as early as March 18th, 2012 — email today:
    “Nikon D800E 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)” Previous estimated arrival date: January 03, 2013
    New estimated arrival date: March 18, 2012

    Doesn’t make sense the 880E will be here before the 800. I was one of the first on Amazon when the web page started taking orders …

  • Frank

    Im surprised B&H still has their first shipment in stock! I’m hoping it stays this way until I get my financial aid in mid March. It better. I wish I could pre order with PayPal without having to pay full amount now 🙁

  • Frank

    Nevermind, I actually just made a pre-order with Adorama! I didn’t know they don’t charge until shipment, even if you use PayPal. I really wish B&H didn’t do that, but oh well thats B&H’s loss, haha. Now I just need to get the rest of my money into PayPal. Only need about $900 more.

  • Paul

    I ordered my D800 thru a fairly close Wolf (Ritz) Camera shop. They said they wouldn’t charge until shipped either, but I told them I just wanted to go ahead and pay for it out right now, so I don’t have to worry about having the money in there when it does come in. I had it then and didn’t want to take the chance of something coming up between now and then. By me doing that, I was told that my order would be filled ahead of any pre-orders that had been done with that company. Mine is supposed to be in mid April. I am glad to see though that most places are selling the MB-D12 grip for much less than MSRP.

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