Ritz Camera now taking pre-orders for the Nikon D800/E

If you missed on the earlier purchase options, Ritz Camera is now also taking pre-orders for the Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E cameras.

Amazon is already sold out.

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  • Let’s see how long before they sold out.

  • Anyone with a qualified opinion on if the the D400 will be a low noise wildlife dream DX version of the D4 at aroun $2,199?

    • One More Thought

      I understand the above comment and why someone would ask that, but I find it interesting and funny that after Nikon releases 2 absolutely killer FF models in a month, that people are already asking about the next great thing…

      • The simple answer is the some were actualluy looking forward to a D700 upgrade at a less that $4000 price point. The D800 could be a compromise for wildlife in DX mode if the noise handling is low below 1600. A few months ago Admin mentions a D400 with high frame rate and low noise. I shoot both landscape and birsd with a D300 and seek to upgrade. Im one of those prosummer shooters.

        • Rob

          D700 upgrade at less than $4000? Buy a used D3s. They’re just under $4000 now.

        • Personally, I really, really hope so. I’ve heard it’s quite soon. I hope they don’t wait until August to announce like some say. But, the D7100 should be out then. So, I’m guessing they will announce the D400 between March and May. I wish they would have announced it alongside the D800, but what can you do, right?

          As for me, I could REALLY see the potential of a D800 and D400 pair if the D400 handles noise as well as a D700 with at least as good frame rates as the D300s, and the metering and AF of the D800. Hopefully they keep it around 18MP, and offer a CX crop mode for video!


          • Theres is a void in the line up at the price of aroun $2,199 so I vote for a D400 in a D2x body size with the specs that admis posted several months ago. at sometime a March 2012 release dat was mentioned. I have a D800 on order at my brick and mortar and hope I see the specs before I have to pull the trigger.

          • iamlucky13

            Don’t plan on the D7100 being out in August. As of yet, there’s been absolutely no rumors about a timeline for replacing the D7000, Nikon is still recovering from the tsunami and flooding disruptions, and that would be a faster than normal timeline anyways.


            D70 – Jan 2004
            D80 – Aug 2006 (D70s was very minor revision)
            D90 – Oct 2008
            D7000 – Nov 2010

            25 months is the shortest cycle, and it’s getting ever harder to create meaningful iterations, in addition to the other factors I mentioned that make me doubt we’ll see a D7100 before early 2013.

            As for the D400, however, this spring may be realistic.

        • KT

          where did that $4000 price point come from?

    • Master Foto

      Me! Me! Me! I’m on the internet! So, I have an opinion. Yes. Save for the D400. You’ll be glad you asked for my opinion and obeyed.

    • mikils

      I don’t get it; Let us assume for a moment that a ”D400” is in the pipeline; it will be by definition a DX camera, with more MP than D7000. It can’t be anything different. If it had less MP than D7000 nobody would buy it. Since the pixel density of the D800 is the same of the D7000, consequently the pixel density will be higher than in the D800 sensor . So the noise at High ISO will be worse than D800, for an insignificant % gain in MP. It may have more frame per second, but D800 will have 6 fps in dx with battery pack; so this new camera could have a maximum of 8-9 fps (or it would cost much more than D800). a gain in fps of no more than 25-30%. Is it worth it? not really, when we think that in the D800 package you must add the FX advantages, first and foremost the possibility to shoot wildlife with the DX crop and landscape with the FX sensor in the same camera.
      So I really do not understand why there are so many pining for a camera which would be basically a crippled D800, only few hundreds cheaper.

      • BenCK

        Can someone explain to me why people would need a DX camera that is more “professional” than the D7000? I mean if you want a professional camera, why not go full frame at this point? That’s why I think the D400 will be the low light full frame D700 replacement. It just makes more sense to me because that really is a void in the lineup or at least much more so than a professional DX camera. 16MP full frame D400 is my guess. I mean the D800 was supposed to be the D700 replacement, but it turned out to be something completely different. I don’t see why the D400 couldn’t be something different from a DX camera.

        • mikils

          this is just Wishful thinking for people who wants to pay 2000$ the D4 sensor.

          • BenCK

            I don’t care about the D400 at all actually. I have a D3s already and a D4 on order. I’m just trying to understand why people are asking for or thinking the D400 will be a DX camera. I’m simply saying it makes more sense in my mind that the D400 will be a full frame low light camera.

            • do

              I may be wrong, but I don’t see the D400 going FF.

              I can understand your reasoning as there’s a bit of a gap for those who want a less expensive high speed (both shutter and ISO) camera. However, going FF on a camera line that has had a DX sensor since the beginning, especially with all the DX lenses that have been released, would seem to be a poor choice.

              What would happen to all those that have invested in DX lenses who want a semi-pro, DX replacement to the D300/S? Sure they could go for the D7000, or wait for it to be replaced. But if that were me, I’d be irritated to find that the successor to the D300 would (possibly) require people to ditch all their DX lenses.

              I’ve got the D300 now, but I invested in glass with the anticipation of going FF at some point. As of yesterday, that is now the truth with the D800 announcement.

              That being said, if I had wanted to stay with the DX line, I’d sure hope that Nikon would release a semi-pro DX body, with that most likely being the replacement of the D300.

              Another way to look at it, I’m sure that we will see a D800S in the future that uses the sensor out of the D4, at least it’d be smart for Nikon to produce something like that, but time will tell.

            • mikils

              I wasn’t saying it was your personal opinion; In fact, you said something I easily second; It is in the facts that Nikon is moving on all-FX line for pro and prosumer, with a cheaper lineup (D7000 replacements) underneath. The DX as wildlife crop is dead once you can deploy a 36 Mp FX sensor in a mid-price body; next year a 36 MX sensor will go for 2K $ or less. Those who swear on a D4 on DX must come to terms with the facts; a dx sensor with D4 performance would be 7.5 MP

  • Kyle Lu

    Maybe a dumb question..why is D800E more expensive than the normal version? Removing the AA filter from the low-pass filter (standard build with AA?) being costly?

    Isn’t this just software/firmware update?

    • Halogenic

      It is NOT software/firmware update, AA filter is changed physicaly by another filter which has not the AA properties, the higher price is because Nikon thinks they will not sell as many D800Es as D800s and therefore it is costly for them. Time will tell if they are correct or not.

    • Rob


      The same reason I just bought 2 external hard drives for half the price of the bare drives inside the enclosures.

    • Ravi
    • KT

      I was asking the same question, perhaps the D800E sensor is a limited production run and the higher price is a result of the economies of scale working in reverse. Having said that, I saw a comparison of a blown-up section of an image taken by the D800 vs D800E, to be honest with you, I couldn’t see any discernable difference. Save yourself $300 and get the D800

    • Jetfire

      “Removing the AA filter from the low-pass filter (standard build with AA?) being costly”
      One this is a major misconception. The D800 does not removed the AA filter but replaces it with a different filter(microlens). Read Thom Hogan’s explanation. http://www.bythom.com/

  • Funduro

    Now I’m considering buying a used D700 to compliment my D300s. They bought use the same battery grip I already own, plus more or less have the same SW & UI. The D800 is a winner, it’s price is not super high for it’s abilities. Did nearly preorder one, but it’s over kill for what i need as a enthusiast. I like the crop factor of the D300s. (I won’t say something like: when is the D400 been released)

    • Same boat but I’m not sure buying a D700 to go along with my D300S is the right answer for me. Another grand more an I can have a D800 but I still need low noise. It’s hard to get your shutter speed up for birds in flight along with a F8 for Sharpness without raising the ISO

    • Patrick

      And with the D800 @ 3k, that might help keep the D700 prices down a bit.

      • komalkumar

        Nikon is keeping the d700 even though d800 is launched…which means there might not be much of a change in prices of d700….

    • AM

      Do you want to compliment or complement your D300S?

  • Souvik

    I think Adorama and B&H are still taking orders.

  • Pierre

    Just downloaded the full rez sample images for the D800 and D800e, absolutely mind-blowing for a camera the size of the D700. In comparision, the D700 looks like a toy from the past. Absolutely amayzing. I am getting really excited here.

    If the ISO are comparible to the D700, its going to be soo hard to choose between the D800 and the D4. I need to see full rez samples from the D4 but so far the D800 is winning me.

    I was a non-believer since day one but boy am I happy to have been so wrong. How am I going to sleep tonight, I am full of adrenalin.

    The motorcycle film is as amayzing and the D800 seems to handle low-light very well at least on the video side.

    It seems that the N24-70 and N70-200 F2.8 are quite capable to resolve the sensor. Boy did we said stupid things in here.

    • asdf

      yes! mind blowing! looks like nothing i’ve ever seen before… that picture of that… TREE! AMAZING TREE!


  • Suresh

    @Admin. traveling abroad on march 22. I out in my order with amazon (prime) yesterday. Is there any chance that I get this before I go?

    • my local dealer (nikon’s direct) said they start shipping samples already end of february but you have to expect that they cannot satisfy everybody on the world. i thin end of march, first half of april was very conservative idea about when some reasonable amounts appear on the shelves

  • Anonymous

    The D800 is the #1 selling item in the camera section on Amazon.com!! And most people have not even held it in their hands.

  • luke

    These Msia links only have the deposit $… you put down a deposit without knowing how much the final price will be LMAO ?

    • i already asked them in their facbook page, they just told me the exact price not determined yet. but the price will be likely around Rm9000/usd3000..but i will post the exact price soon later…,

  • Rick

    Are most of us getting the 800 and not the 800E? Is the more money worth the quality difference ? I too am very excited about this camera.

    • Yen Yockwell

      I would wait to see side-by-side test photos comparing those two cameras. I’m sure such photos will be posted on the web in the coming months. Of course, the big question is how bad will moire patterns be on the 800E.

    • Pierre

      Even if it was at the same price, you would need to ask yourself if the D800e the added almost unnoticable increse in resolution is worth the moire and false color you may get.

      Personally, looking at the sample images, I would say the D800e risk is not worthed. That being said, I did not see much moire on the D800e samples.

    • Jetfire

      If you’re pre-ordering and don’t already shoot non-AA camera go with the D800. Everything I’ve read says the D800 is for pixel freak pros. We won’t know how bad or good the D800E is with moire and false color until they get in the wild. Some of the Nikon’s own reps say they look a the D800E as a limited release compared to the D800. So that means the parts for it are in less supply.

  • FX DX

    This whole DSLR movie thing is new to me, so this might be a stupid question. Will D800 auto-focus during movie mode like D7000?

    • D400


  • switching to. . . .

    Oh nikon you fail me again, I wanted a low mp camera 1 inch tall, and this is what I get. you will regret this nikon, I’m switching to nokia.

    • BartyL

      Well I guess that’s OK if you don’t mind lugging the kitchen sink around.

      Personally I wanted something no larger or heavier than a playing card, native ISO 25, noise-free images up to ISO 987654321, 450MP resolution with a user settable crop mode so that I can dial in custom crop ratios and resolutions, and a handle you can turn to make sheets of pasta come out.

      In pink.

      • Mario

        Nikon Pasta!?

        How many MP? Will the D400 do the same? Should I hold out?

        • BartyL

          The pasta will be analogue, but a rough digital equivalent would be around 1TP.

          My sauces tell me that the pasta option might not be introduced until the D500 is out. There will most likely be two versions, the D500 and the D500E. The D550E will feature ‘in camera disabling’ of the pasta function. Most likely this will simply consist of replacing the pasta filter with a risotto filter which has the same refractive index.

          Nikon patents indicate they are only releasing a lasagne model, but I’m sure that Phottix and other third-party accessory companies will make affordable fettuccine and spirali options available.

          • Dr Motmot

            Oh boy! I love pasta!

        • Pepperoni

          Every time Nikon releases a new camera, they have a big pizza party at Nikon headquarters to celebrate. Now we know why.

        • Yen Yockwell

          I miss film. That stuff was delicious.

  • George Gramistizfe

    oh my goodness! i can’t wait to get my nikon d800… i’m selling my d3x on ebay right now! hopefully the extra megapixels and broadcast quality video will make my photos so much more professional!

    I started a group on Flickr to talk about the d800, but really i’m just hoping that we’ll (OWNERS .. or soon-to-be…) be able to compare photos of fire hydrants, ducks, sunsets, and home office interiors @ 36.6 MP sRGB SOOC style, yes.

    I’m so glad NikonRumors.com is around to let me and other Nikon professionals know what is going on in the Nikon world. Kudos to the admin! L. Ron Hubbard is the admin. That admin is good! The admin is great! We surrender our soul as of this date! Go admin! (please give me a job! or make me a MOD! i.e., internet celeb!) … actually, I’m already a celeb on Flickr… so many people know that I know sooo much about photography.

    Also, does anyone know if there is a difference between the D7000 Vs D3x Vs D3s Vs 5D Mark II? … well mostly looking for ISO 25800+ samples… that’s what pros shoot at.

    ok! and… one tiny little thing… is anyone here an NPS member? I need a couple of sponsors…


    • tonyc123


    • jen

      Just curious since you own D3x about motion blur. Do you use tripod or have success with handheld. DPreview.com has several threads about probable motion blur, making this a pro camera with limited use such as studio use with tripod or landscaping specifically. Sounds like if you use this camera then you need to basically bump yo your shutter by 75% in order for hand held. Hope the ISO is decent if this is the case.

      • Yup – I found myself shooting almost double the shutter speed of my d3 for the same lighting levels with the d3x. Motion blur was very apparent at the same shutter speed – this will be no different – expect a lot of buyers to return the units saying its blurry without realizing why.

  • frAnk

    My confirmed pre-order is for sale…

  • Roberto

    Why the prices are always the same, where is the competition?

    • pabs

      prices are the same becuase Nikon inow nsists on a standard price. This was discussed here months ago but I forget the title of the forum. There will not be discounts on Amazon or other sites any longer (but you still get no sales tax on Amazon!!!)

      • jodjac

        Pasta to go?
        I pay my taxes, no matter where I buy. $244 on a D800. That’s almost enough for a flash. It’s enough for a 50 1.8 G, isn’t it? I wish it came with a 50 1.8 G! That would be some nice pasta sauce.

  • pre order for France ?

  • Kev Palmer

    $2999 equates to £1890, wex photo are taking orders at £2399. Don’t you just love living in the uk…

    • BartyL

      Australia is no better. Not aware of anyone selling it just yet, but I note the D4 has gone on sale for $8000 at one of the major bricks’n’mortar retailers, therefore the D800 will prolly come in around the $4000 mark. Even taking into account our 10% GST, this doesn’t seem quite right – especially considering AU$1 is worth around US$1.07 right now.

      It’s as if they WANT us to say, “F*ck your warranty conditions, we’re buying offshore!”.

      • BartyL

        Oops! CameraPro are advertising D800 for pre-order for AU$3,399, which taking into account excise & GST is about right. My bad.

    • Fuzz

      Don’t forget VAT, that takes the price to £2268, still £130 shy of the £2399 but closer. Don’t forget that the UK price falls very quickly after the camera comes into stock. Either you want the camera now and you’re willing to pay top wack or you’re prepared to wait a few months for the price to drop down to £2000-2200.

      Interestingly Wex are offering the grip for an additional £99, separately the grip will cost you £379.

      • Zoot

        You had me interested there. Alas, Wex are offering 10% off the grip price, which reduces it to just over £340, if purchased with the camera.

        £99 would have been good.

        • Fuzz

          wish I’d taken a screenshot, this morning when I posted they were offering the body for £2399 and the body with grip for £2498, that page is now gone replaced with the 10% off you are mentioning.

  • Australia Sucks

    $1 Australia = $1.07 US, but in this “great land down under” D800 is$3,399.00 & D800E is $3,799.

    What a F**KING JOKE!!!!!!!!

    • Damon Albair

      10% GST in Australia – so price is pretty much exactly the same as everywhere else….

      No drama – no joke…..

  • photdog

    Hello Admin,
    now that the dust has settled a bit: thank you for your excellent work also from my side. You managed to guide us through the difficult times of inpatient waiting for something great. Compulsive bursts of criticism when something else than what we desired was prioritized in the announcement list, unqualified anger and doubts, all what you had to put up with. However, again it showed that your track-record let stand you tall. And I also value, that you always kept being balanced in your estimations and the bits and pieces of information that you spread. Your presentations made the joy about Nikon doing great developments visible while not a single time appeared to be overjoyed without factual foundation.
    Good Job. Go on this way!

  • DX2FX

    What do we meant by downsampling from 36MP to 12MP ? How to set it on the camera ?

    • ah

      photoshop is your friend.

      • hyui

        you must print a big paper, like A0 and then cut the cuttable

    • jen

      I dont think its that simple..its not going to give you a true 12mp size right out of the camera. That would be ideal like 2 cameras in one! They would not need another camera on the market for a lonnngg time..lol

    • Qwertyuiop

      I don’t think automatic downsampling will be an option in the camera. But I do think automatic cropping (for example, to DX dimensions) will be an option in the camera.

      • Qwertyuiop

        Actually, as I give it some more thought, I now realize that what I wrote above is wrong. Automatic downsampling is actually an option in all DSLRs. You simply choose one of the several resolutions in the camera’s settings.

  • nikon d900

    nikon d900 specs
    72 mp
    iso 50 to 64000
    11 fps
    price ???
    lens 14-70 1.4g

  • LoL

    Haha as always in Germany it costs way more, just found it for ~2900€ = ~3840$, erase that dollar sign and but the € behind it. God damn it and they seldom or never drop the price.

  • T.I.M


    I ordred my D800e form B&H (paying with Paypal).

    Today my bank account show that the money is already taken.
    (I thought that B&H don’t charge until the camera is shipped.)

    It’s the first time I buy something by pre-order so I don’t really know how it works.
    Will the money by back in my bank account in few days (and taken again when the camera is shipped) ?

    Thank you.

    • jen

      NEVER pay with a debit/paypal . They have to verify and hold funds to make sure you have it. Many mentioned this when ordering the D4! Pay with credit card…they wont charge until shipped.

      • jen

        BH photo will work with you. I would call them and change your form of payment..it may bump you further down the line but at least it does not tie up your funds.

        • T.I.M

          I don’t own any credit card, at first I tried to pay with my debit card but it was instantly rejected (even if my bank told me that I can order up to $5000)
          So I paid with Paypal, B&H confirmed my order and the money was took from my bank account this morning.

          • rdunnell

            With Paypal they have to take the money right away – there is no concept of an “authorization hold” like there is on credit cards. So they have to debit the money right away to ensure that it is there for them.

            If you used a credit card, they would put an auth hold on the funds and you would not be able to spend those funds on the credit card. It would be treated as part of your balance but you wouldn’t pay interest on it until it was actually charged.

            I believe their website tells you this, though… I think the only option would be to cancel the order and get a refund.

            • T.I.M

              Thank you for the informations, I guess I’ll just wait for the camera to be delivered, anyway I have to pay for it, so, now or in 2 months does not really matter.

  • Prajyot

    do you think that D400 will come soon? (I know many ppl asking same question.)I am planing to upgrade from Old D60. I know its kinda old but i could not afford that time. Now I have few really good option to select from. I mostly shoot birds. Should i go for D7000 or D800 or should i wait for some more time for D400. D800 is very impressive, i think its DX format is equivalent to D7000.
    can any one help me with this selection???

    • Jane

      I’m pretty sure the D400 will be announced next (soon, before summer), using the 24MP Sony sensor (same as NEX-7/A77) with 6-8 fps.

      • mikils

        And what would be the benefit in comparison with D800? NONE! Who would buy a crippled D800 when you can have a whole one?

        • Jane

          Price, crop factor & shooting speed. (wildlife, sports, …)

          If you’re a birder shooting DX, what would you prefer: 24MP at 8fps or 15.3MP at 4fps?

  • Drgonzo

    How is Ritz Camera still in business? Last time I was in their store all they had were demo models. Not even a d300…

  • jen

    D4 FTW!! 🙂

    • D900

      wooooo D900 IS BETTER!

    • jen

      out of focus IMO..bad advertisement

      • legion515


        jen, do you think the reviewer is advertising their photography skills? or the camera? they are a reviewer, posting a hands-on preview, with what appear to be handheld shots* straight from the camera (no RAW or post-processing). if you want RAW files from an experienced photographer, wait a couple of months for the full reviews to be posted with RAW samples. otherwise know that a person with mediocre post-processing skill could deliver much cleaner results from RAW files. i, for one, appreciate the effort that reviewer has made to get these samples out now.

        i am impressed with the relatively low per pixel noise at high ISO, even though i was anticipating D7000 noise levels. considering there was no noise reduction or post-processing noise removal (see the exif data) this is rather impressive. i can see why Nikon claims lower overall noise than D700: print those out at any size and they will look cleaner than comparable D700 shots up until a very large print size. but at that size the lower resolution of the D700 will decrease IQ.

        *check out the motion blur on the last sample shot at ISO 100.

        • hyui

          I agree, i tried downsampling to 12 mp too and its fantastic!! the only bad thing is the fps at 4… but my d90 is 4.5 so not much big difference

        • Byran

          I’m not sure whether you saw same pictures. Those samples fro D800 show higher noise level than what I can see in my own D700 according to the same ISO. That’s so disappointing.

    • Benneth


      I feel better that I haven’t pre-ordered yet. The noise level of d700 is clearly better.

  • Any idea of pre-order stores in france ???

    • T.I.M

      @Achin Grover
      You better get your D800 before the T.V.A jump from 18.6% to 21% !
      Vive la France !

  • Wow I dream about owning a D800. Amazing!

  • mouonline

    i just ordered a D800E from this website.
    i just wander i didn’t need to pay sale tax, i live in nyc. and ritz has a store located in nyc.

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