Another alleged picture of the Nikon D800

Nikon D800

Nikon D800

Except the weird angle on the font of the lens, the above image looks consistent with previous pictures of the Nikon D800. Here is the D700 for comparison:

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  • Hmm why do they have to take a blurred image? 😀

    • Anon

      They are not the same lens. Also, the D800 photo is a picture of a picture, either a projection or a print. It’s not taken at a direct angle, hence the weird curve.

      This is certainly either the new D800 or the D300s’ replacement, which will either be the D400 or the D9000. Likely it’s the D800 though. I think they’ve made it just slightly smaller, which is a good thing.

      (we now have D3000-series, D5000-series, and D7000, so it makes sense to have a D9000 as the pro DX model.)

      • WoutK89

        +1, and the D400, D500, D600 is open for low-end FX 😉

    • tifkat

      This, and the leaked D4 ‘photos’ seemed to be from video. The front of this lens could be angled due to rolling shutter effect?

      The D4 shots seemed to be from the D4 Promo video but, most likely highly compressed versions, or upsized resulting in the poor quality.

      Let’s see when the D800 promo video comes out, if we can spot this shot in it…

    • timarts

      looks like the image was scanned from a brochure or magazine hence the curves and contrast

    • Mock Kenwell

      Geez, why do we always get these questions. If you’re taking this photo, you don’t want to get caught so you’re trying to get it on the sly. The last several images of this camera from Admin have proven to be real, so the blur factor is totally explicable.

      • GeoffK

        Agreed. Trying to be sly you dont generally get a perfect shot.

  • texajoe

    I really wish Nikon would have made a photo only camera…

    • That would cost too much.

    • Ben

      That would make no fiscal sense. It’s far too easy to make any photo camera into a video camera, too, these days. Why exclude a possible sale from those of us who are professional cinematographers & photographers? Don’t ever plan to see a +$1000 camera without video again.

      • EnPassant

        Let’s see if Leica dare add videofunction to the M10!

    • Mock Kenwell

      Me too. And they should go back to film while they’re at it. And manual everything. And they should stop with the stupid VR and lens coatings already. Everything was so much better in the past.

      • david distefano

        well the images sure were. in black and white no one has equalled a paul strand or an ansel adams or edward weston, or a dorothea lange just to name a few. micheal fatali’s view camera images makes mincemeat out of any digital work being produced today. sharpness and resolution does not make an image.

        • @david distefano, you can’t very well compare 35mm to medium and large format. That would be like comparing 35mm to a cheap webcam on an old laptop. Large format is like GIGAPIXELS in the digital world. I will give you a +1 on Michael Fatali’s work, it is fabulous. I was fortunate enough to see it in his gallery at Park City, Utah. Michael Fatali is also a master printer who is working with some of the finest Fuji films available. And I would disagree with you about sharpness and resolution, they are both components which help make an image. Without one or the other, you can’t get those big fantastic gallery prints!!

          • One last thought, have you ever seen the equipment that Michael Fatali has to drag around to get his images; it weighs something like 100 lbs, unbeleivable!

          • david distefano

            what i wanted to say was just because your equipment gives you great sharpness and resolution doesn’t mean you are going to have a great image, talent is still needed even if you shoot with an 8×10. yes i know the equipment he carries because i have backpacked with an 8×10 and an 8×20. i have a 40×50 of bryce from sunrise point after 2 days of snowfall taken with an 8×10, heavy but well worth it. i quess it comes down to, how much effort does the photographer want to put into the image. for galen rowell 35mm was more than enough to climb mountains and record the ascents with his fellow climbers. sometimes i wonder how he did it. for ansel and edward it was the view camera. for henri cartier bresson and his street scenes the 35mm camera was essential. so pick the tool (camera) that will do the best job not the easiest job.

    • Hans

      ..but they have! many of them!
      So what is the problem.
      You can buy mine for 300US$

  • Lying Gillard

    why do they have to take a blurred image?

    Perhaps the photo was taken with one of nikon’s 12mp res cameras

    • BartyL

      How ’bout you keep your political views for expression in a relevant, politically-oriented site, “Lying Gillard”, or should I start styling myself as “Dr. No”?

    • John

      Blurry…cuz it was taken by 5D Mark II. Camera that can’t focus LOL.

      • Got that right!

        Man, I could not have said it better myself. I used one ONCE! Never again unless someone puts a gun to my head!

        • inspectorgadget

          Yeah! Because clearly the 5dii is such a shitty camera! It’s such crap! Like, it cant do ANYTHING. I dont even KNOW how all those photographers manage to get incredible images out of it every day. Apparently, some asshole tried taking a “presidential portrait” with one? Psh, what a joke.

        • Just an opinion

          I understand, to rob him of his 5D MarkII because its acutally a pretty good camera. I see many more professional wedding shooters walking around with a 5D2 then with a D700 or any other Nikon, while you see loads of amateurs walking around with D300s taking horrible pictures of weddings ruining just married couples memories.

          Although the 5D2 autofocus might have its shortcommings, pictures from that camera are greatly honoured by most!

        • Mock Kenwell

          Oh geez, this is so over-hyped. It’s a great camera. Not as good as the D700 by almost every account, but most photographers can’t exploit the differences. I’ll say one thing, it shoots way better video than the D700.

  • scottd800

    It looks like a shot of a a projector screen…?

    • studio460

      Good call! Nothing else comes to mind which would cause such severe keystoning. That would also account for the low contrast/high black-level, and overall poor image quality.

    • I think you got it. Assuming the photo is real, I could see someone sneaking that photo with a cell phone camera inside a private preview meeting.

      • Perhaps inside that secret armored vehicle?

        And cool, you work for the OC Register?

        • Thanks for asking.
          I’m a contract photographer. (that’s a fancy way of saying stringer)
          I also string for the Daily Pilot as well as part time staff photographer for the Long Beach State athletics department.
          I was, for the past 20 years, the Chief Photographer for the Long Beach Press-Telegram, but last year there were budget cuts, they had to cut 4 people, and I made more than the other photographers.
          The web site is new and is just a collection of requests over the last 6 months. I’ll put a portfolio of some kind up there in the next week.
          It’s a fun job and I love what I do.
          — back to the topic—

      • That’s basically what I thought when I looked at the image. It doesn’t resemble anything else currently available. Granted the image is poor quality, you aren’t going to be checking your focus on something you shouldn’t even be taking a picture of in the first place.

    • Agreed. Have you ever tried to take a photograph of images on your TV? It’s not easy. I say this image is for real, shot of a projected image which is clearly moving – they were probably spinning the camera which is why the lens doesn’t look right. I vote that this is 100% the real deal. Roll on 7th Feb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • d70

    The new red line on the grip looks legit. No pic of right side?

  • Bonetti

    Looks Legit to me

  • I REALLY hope this is 100% fake. That camera looks to be the size of a D3000. VERY small. I understand people were asking for an FX camera in a smaller package, but ALL FX lenses are much larger than anything on DX. There is a need for a larger camera than a D3000. If the D800 is the size of the sub-D300 DX lineup, I won’t be buying one purely because of the size. I’ll be VERY disappointed if it’s the size it looks to be here.


    • A.T.M

      agreed, I hope this is not the D800

    • CO

      Totally agreed!!! Hope D800 won’t have so small body, D700’s body just nice…

    • It has already been established that the D800 will be roughly the same size as the D700.

      See the comparison here:

      • suprchunk


      • Discontinued

        Has the huge oval shutter button “been established” as well ? ? ?

        • What are you referring to? Do you mean the shutter release button that appears to be oval if you are not taking into account the angle at which the photograph was shot, same as pretty much every other Nikon DSLR product image?

    • I was gonna say it looks rather small to be a D800…

      Maybe another Entry-level DSLR? D3200 or D5200 or D100?

      • WoutK89

        Nikon doesnt shoot promotional pictures where a gold-ringed lens is attached to an entry level DSLR. I assume D100 was meant to be another Dx100 camera, as the D100 already exists.

    • A D7000-like grip would be just awful… 🙁

  • One time, I would like to see a ‘spy’ photo that doesn’t suck. Does no one have an iphone handy when they see these new gadgets? This looks like it was taken with some spy satellite from space then cropped to 1/20,000 of it’s original size and a heavy dose of random Photoshop filters applied to the image.

    • AM

      Lol!! This made me laugh loud….

    • earald Hellis

      this looks like what an iphone would be capable of if you were sitting in the middle of an auditorium and it was projected on a screen.

      • nofunben

        If you walk up to the screen and carefully take out your tripod set up your camera then take a photos of the screen showing a PowerPoint of the secret camera your employer is about to release you would be fired before you could get the pics on the internet.
        but if from the back row you check your email on your iPhone and happen to get a photo of the screen no one may notice.

  • Rod

    I agree too that it looks like a photo taken off of a projector screen in a fairly bright room. The image could have been taken with a cell phone which would add to the blur.

    Looks real to me

  • Andrew

    Yep, this looks legit; though we are still getting over the fact that the D800 with its 36 MP sensor is allegedly succeeding the D3x and there is no D700 successor in sight. Nikon needs to drop a 24 MP sensor into an FX body as a compromise to replace the D700. But if they wait a year, then nothing but a 16.2 MP sensor will placate their loyal fans. Yes, the D4 is awesome, but we want that sensor in a smaller body!

    • St.

      Can’t agree more with Andrew.
      I also would get a D4 sensor in D700 body. Although I do realize the advantages of those 36Mpx and I do shoot primary landscape, I still want noiseless images, when I shoot in low light or indoor.
      I can’t afford to have two cameras – one for landscape with many MPx and one for low light with less Mpx.
      And paying let’s say ~$4k – I would like to get that flexibility in ONE camera!

    • Twan

      My guess is that Nikon just changed their lineup, you will see a D400 FX with the D4 sensor (D700 successor) cause the D7000 with way better than the D300s (comparing sensor). So D800 = D3x successor, D400 fx = D700 successor, D8000 = D7000/D300s successor.

  • Bondi Beach

    Jello shutter? Maybe from a video?

  • Haruo


    1. Photo is taken with a Pro lens on the body (pro lenses diameter are usually larger).
    2. Consumer lens on D700 body – makes the body look larger.

    Wouldn’t get into a froth over it. Just wait till it comes out.

    • DMc


      Good observation.

      • +2

        The proportions look somewhat distorted to begin with which could make it “appear” to be smaller as well. I doubt it’s smaller than a D700 (if so, only very slightly).

        Toss a 14-24 or 70-200 F2.8 on it and it would look small. Put a “nifty” 50mm on it and it would look massive in comparison.

  • FX DX

    I love the way D700 looks; it truly is an elegant camera. I would be sad if D800 is smaller than D700 in size.

    • Worminator

      No it would not be sad, it would be great! The F100 is an elegant camera, the D700 far to pudgy. Needs to trim 5mm off the top and 7mm off the backside…

  • Vuro Bega

    What is the lens used on D800 on that picture???
    any chance new lense??

    • jabilson007

      Lens looks like 24-120 f/4 VR to me. A FX in a D7000 body sounds good!

      • Anonymous Maximus

        No way with an optical viewfinder, unless they use an EVF.

        • WoutK89

          If Nikon could squeeze a 100% DX OVF in there, why couldnt they put the D700 OVF in a D7000 style body? The D300s and D700 shared similar bodies, but still the D700 had a bigger lump for the OVF on top.

          • NoFunBen

            Film cameras had OVF were FX and much smaller then any digital dslr today.
            some day there will be a model that size again. but it may take 4 years.

  • Joel

    The prism looks far too small in comparison to the D700. Could this be the first EVF from Nikon in a DSLR?

  • ben

    This is more like another alleged picture of Nikon’s video camera.

  • mr shaky camera strikes again…..

  • Michael Ye

    It’s fake. But really doesn’t like the spy game. Nikon should tell us the release date. I wait for the D800 for 2 years already.

  • Andres Pietropaolo

    The lower part of the lense has a more than abnormal perspective… Look at it and you will notice what i mean. Not real

    • The projector screen may have been tethered to something to keep it stationary, with the bottom closer to the projector.

  • Jim

    General comment about the supposed D800. It doesn’t seem like a replacement for the D700. The D700 was introduced with the D3 chip as an alternative to the D3. The specs on the D800 have an entirely different chip from the D4. It’s closer to a poor man’s D3X. Who is the audience for this camera? Wedding shooters will still want the low light capabilities of the D3 or, now, D4. Will Nikon continue the D700 for those people? Will Nikon bring out a D4 alternative–a D750, perhaps? It just seems as though Nikon will have a hole in its line-up otherwise. And I suspect that the price tag on the D800 is likely to be closer to $4K than $3K. Big chips cost.

    • Worminator

      The D800 is not the poor man’s D3x. It is the _replacement_ for the D3x.

      • WoutK89

        Indeed, as time passes, technology advances and prices could drop. So what you call a poor man’s D3x is actually the same as what happened to the D2x(s) –> D300.

    • Ben

      I hope that maybe D300 replacement (D400) would be full frame, than it will fill the gap, and otherwise offer a legit upgrade for D700 users.

  • Dean Forbes

    More vapor . . .

  • Overall, this camera looks much more rigid than the D700. The grip falls off sharply under the shutter button, the flip flash cuts off very abruptly underneath. If the flash doesn’t just fall into darkness, but is actually that small..that looks horrible. I really hope it’s more rounded like that of the D700.

    That being said, someone needs to sit across the street from this thing, with the Nikon V1 + 400/2.8VR + 2.0x TCIII like in the last post, with pre-positioned Nikon SB-910s all around the room where the D800 is being shown, and shoot the camera from across the street. At least this way we would get some sort of a decent image of it. Although, I am kind of liking the suspense. 🙂

    • St.

      That would be fun! Those V1 shooters could find more useful subject (D800) to shoot than the shoes.

      About the grip – it looks curved – like that on the Sony A77:
      It doesn’t seems to be straight like D700.

      • FM2Fan

        +1 – the next sample images will be at least 2000+ mm but nothing is to be seen … or even better videos that are “flat” … guess why

  • Dave

    Hey Admin, could this be by change the d400? I saw the post about it probably not being announced until after the D4/D800. But any rumors so far? I’m decided whether or not to buy the d7000 or wait for the d400 (can’t beat that 51 pt AF)

    • WoutK89

      This is the same camera as posted before, and that was a D800.
      This is not the D400 (sadly enough).

      “Good things come to those who wait”!

      • 120-300 os

        WoutK89 totally right helemaal gelijk man verdad total hombre.

  • xsoho

    i want D800+O-GPS1 ><"

  • Petey

    I suspect it is a D400 cos it has a DX type “head”.

  • Well, since he got the image from someone, and he says it’s the D800, the source was there, and probably told him it was the D800, not the D400. lol.


  • ISP

    I placed an order for a D4 and a 400mm f/2.8 at a major photo retailer in Montreal today. I was talking to person in charge of admin…. I was saying that I can’t wait to get my hands on my D4 and lens… And then I said out of the blue… The next big annoucment will be the D800….. And she replied, yep ! it’s coming really soon, less than one month for now…. And we have confirmation on this. But I am not supposed to say anything.
    This retailer is one of the major players in eastern Canada.

    • Worminator

      Why thank you for that information.

      Black-clad Nikon operatives on motorbikes have been dispatched to “take care” of your source.

    • Lozeau?

  • Interesting effect if you view this photo by turning your screen to the left about 45 degrees so that you are viewing the picture from ‘side on’ 45 degreed on the right. I did tjis on my iphone and suddenly the perspective corrected and the image almost became 3D.

  • Jon

    I wonder what percentage of pictures like this are taken, blurred, distorted and then leaked by Nikon themselves.

  • Huggs

    It looks consistent with previous photos. If it does cost $4K, I’ll be admiring these photos for a long time. 😀

  • Jesse G

    I wish Nikon would announce the camera already so we can start bitching about how it doesn’t have the D4’s sensor.

  • Image

    Hey, guys…. How many MP in DX mode do you think we’ll get with 36MP D800? I havent seen that info anywhere yet. I was hoping for 14-16-18 in DX. Any of those wold be nice. Im also hoping that we can shoot a smaller FX file…. Maybe 18-24MP… without any kind of reduction in image quality…. AT ALL. I want the highest possible quality the camerq will put put….. But in leqner size. I think we have reached the point where 1 camera is now cameras…. because DX MP can be bumped up to decent res now. DX/FX/Video

    • Tonio Loewald

      The D3x is a 10MP camera, give or take, in DX mode. A quick back of envelope calculation shows that a 36MP FX camera will be a 15MP camera in DX mode, which is to say the photocell size will still be slightly larger than the D7000. Assuming Nikon uses at least equal technology we should expect superior low light performance to the D7000. I think hat wedding photographers might squeak by.

      • WoutK89

        D7000 is almost 1,5 year older technology than the D800 will have, so no news that it will be better in low light.

        On the other hand, I think a lot of people will be glad to hear if this camera is indeed able to shoot in lower resolution NEF, like this it is a D700s and a D700x in 1 body, and less people will be complaining. (No I am not saying it is also a D400 DX body, because nothing can beat the compactness and speed of a true DX body.)

      • Image

        Thanks for the reply, Tonio. 15mp in DX mode would be great. Almost a D7000 built into the D800. If they are able to give us lower mp FX and NEF files….. the D800 is sounding pretty damn good!

        PS Sorry about the mispellings and missing words in my original post. Ambien posting on an Ipad last. lol

  • Clark Tanaka

    I don’t like the design at all…:(
    btw, what happened to Canonrumors???? It’s been censored!?!?

    • frAnk

      They are protesting the censorship, just like Wikipedia. Nikonrumors should do the same.

      • fred


        • jodjac


          • Mark


      • GeoffK

        Wikipedia is not a resource students can use. They think TOO much of themselves. It’s a glorified blog that anyone can add to

  • neversink

    Yes admin.. you should be protesting the internet censorship bill our congressmen want to write and pass…. 24 hour blackout of websites…

    In the meantime… Who Cares if it is a real pic or not…. The D800 will be coming out eventually and then we will know..

    • GeoffK

      So you support theft of property ? Let me steal some of you photos to make money and see how loud you scream

      • DGAF

        Yeah! “steal” the digital content!! So what bro? Sometimes, A person is gonna snag a 1200px pic or two off your Flickr. Whats the big deal? Do you really think that everyone is making money off of peoples flicks? Thats a lie perpetuated by greedy media companies and a few pro photographers too old to really understand the internet. 9 times out of ten, its for school projects or goofy Owl memes. Are you putting your full size exports online? If you are you deserve it.

      • Ant

        The issue Geoff is that SOPA won’t stop trafficking in copyrighted content, those who really want to do it for profit will find a way around the DNS block in the USA. SOPA will however potentially make any internet platform where users are able to post rich content responsible for everything that all their users post. You would potentially end up with a system where everything you want to post to Facebook / Youtube / Flickr would have to be “copyright moderated” before posting. It would break the internet as we know it today. SOPA is a chainsaw of a piece of legislation where a scalpel is needed.

  • henry

    When is it allegedly coming out?

  • FM2Fan

    whatever it is: some clarity about the next generation below the D3S and D4 is welcome – my fear: we all pay for cams, which can do everything, but don’t want everything i.e. pay for much more than we use …

  • Karl

    It seems the cam was moved near light speed so the body D800 changed its appearance

  • Anon

    A lot of noise and distortion. Not to mention the motion blur. I hope this picture is not taken using D800/400.

  • Landscape Photo

    Is that the new 24-120mm? It looks too bulky in respect to either D700 or D800, weighing 670 g.

    Nikon’s new lens line is getting obese ! Can’t they employ some lens designer & engineer who knows how to do compact ones?

  • Landscape Photo

    Nikon is in strong need for a compact walkaround lens which will be in balance with the D800. Sorry, not that huge 24-120mm… It must be something less than 400g & about 7cm length to be hung on the neck for all the day.

  • Anders

    As for the angle of the shutter release button – seems as they are going in opposite directions compared to the D4…

  • OSP Media

    Dear NR,
    With all my respect, I understanding that you have to intertain all of us while we are waiting for the new D800. Please don’t lower the grade of your blog by trowing us such controversial garbage. It’s so silly when you trying to drug us to the pointless conversations. I still like your blog and keep coming here. I recently began suspecting that people here just bull….ting and have nothing to do with real photography at all. I really wish that I am among real guys who can share valuable opinions rather discussing about nothing.

    • BartyL

      So, what’s your opinion of the red detail on the grip then?

      • GeoffK

        I like the old red swoosh better than this thin line. It looks like someone went to the designer and said .. where is the red swoosh so he drew a quick red line on the paper and said done

      • PeterO

        Nikon discovered there is a huge cost saving to be had by making the red swoosh thinner.

    • Anonymous Maximus


    • DGAF

      Whats the controversy? Its a camera rumor site guy. Go to DPreview if your looking for the same ol crap.

    • Why? I think this picture is real. Come back and talk to me after the announcement.

  • Looks completly different look at the red part for example!

  • David

    OMG WTF BBQ! Another alleged picture of the D800!

    If you look very closely you can see that it looks ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE D700! Who would have guessed?

  • Canon

    Why canonrumors is closed?

  • Moe Jacknally

    What is that thing on top of the camera?
    Is that a new kind of flash?
    Is it the lense for stills whereas the lense below is for video?

    When will the camera be announced?
    The post-production on the “Motorcycle-Commercial” should be finished by now.
    Why are they waiting?
    There’s no reason to wait for Canon’s reaction.
    What’s the worst thing they can do?
    Bring out a camera wit 38 MP and worse ISO than a Hasselblad in a Darkroom?
    If Nikon doesn’t announce the D800 by the CP+, I am forced to sell all my Nikon gear and go Polaroid all the way.


    • WoutK89

      On top of the camera is the Nikon Microphone.

  • Richard


    I think you should go dark in protest like Canonrumors.

    Think about it anyway! Important issue!

    • we cannot go any darker. we are already on the dark side

    • GeoffK

      Sure, protest a law designed to protect intellectual property. Can I steal your photo’s to make money ?

      • Protecting rights of one group at the expense of personal freedoms and the rights of another group is unconstitutional and morally corrupt. I am not arguing that IP theft or abuse is right. I’m merely pointing out that empowering one group to infringe on constitutionally protected freedoms and rights — even in response to a crime that is being committed against that group — is the wrong way to go about it. This bill harms everybody for the misdeeds of the few.

    • I did but not 100%, it took me some time to get everything setup.

  • Gordon

    I know it’s probably just the quality of the picture but the body looks like it is made of cheap plastic and a more angular design from about 10 years ago or more. Any chance it might be made from carbon fibre?

    I am looking forward to the actual announcement and just hope it materialises at the start of February.

  • Oliver Richter

    That is a DX-Camera (D8000?), the same was on the german nikon-site.
    She is a little bigger than the D7000.
    The lens is a DX-zoom.
    Maybe the sensor is the new Fuji-sensor or a sensor 20×30 mm with 24 MP.
    Sorry for my bad english.

    • Any Anon


  • Andreas

    I suppose casuse Canonrumors guys crossed the line

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