Nikon D4 updates

Still catching up on the latest D4 updates while I was at CES last week. I will just present everything here in one post:

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  • Matthew

    I hope that this makes the price on the d3s drop. Ill sell my d700 and grab one in a minute!!

    • Razvan T.

      there are no more D3s…

      • Except for the 13 at Amazon. B&H and Ritz have them in stock too but no price drops.

  • d4 on order

    I have listed my D3S on ebay and it is in mint condition. I will have to use my D7000 until the D4 is received. hopefully it will be the middle of Feb instead of the end of the month. I am watching for the new card to be pre-ordered.

    • 12

      A mint D3S sounds like an excellent camera. Why didn’t you use it?

  • IanZ28

    Someone buy that imaging resource guy a hair brush.

  • You gotta be kidding me. Explaining D4 video capabilities with a D7000? Dude, you’re awesome.

  • Easter Bunny

    I thought that dude on the video was Peter…

  • Ray Justice

    I read an article today that Lexar stated their new 1000X CF card was faster than the new xqd card. If this is so why did Nikon go this route?

    • Anon

      XQD is a new format, while 1000X CF is the latest generation of a long CF evolution. I believe XQD will improve in the future.

      • Banksie

        There’s a good possibility that XQD won’t ever become the ‘new format’ except in Sony’s mind. It may very well be the next ‘Memory Stick.’ If Sandisk has “no plans to produce” XQD, and Lexar is “evaluating this technology” then we could be into another Blu-Ray versus HD DVD mess. No doubt Sandisk and Lexar are thinking about developing their own new standards, or simply keep improving current CF performance. And they will compete with XQD in price and availability and leave Sony stuck with another Memory Stick.

        I’ll be waiting until the dust settles so I can get TWO slots with the SAME card, and not this ‘one or the other’ nonsense. And by then the D4s will be available. That’s really the camera to buy: a perfected and improved D4.

        • Yeah, having two different card formats in one camera makes little sense to me.

          • 12

            Agree, the different cards is the deal breaker for me.

            I don’t want a $6000 guinea pig camera with an identity crisis.

            Either xqd is the new standard or it is not. Due to the amount of cards I own and how I shoot there is too much hassle involved in owning a D4.

        • Steven Georges

          If Lexar is able to squeeze some more speed out of the original CF format, more power to them. But going so far as saying there is no future for XQD before it is even introduced is jumping the gun a little. There are other points to consider.

          1. You are comparing the speed of only the fastest (and also expensive) card with the first generation of XQD. This is most likely only the start of the speed potential for this new format. The expense of the first generation XQD is because it isn’t mass produced yet.
          2. It’s only reasonable that Nikon gets first crack at XQD as they were one of the developers.
          3. Sony may have a had a head start as they were one of the imput developers of XQD, but they don’t have a monopoly. It was developed by the CompactFlash Association (presumably with help from SanDisk, Sony and Nikon)
          Don’t expect the other’s to announce their support for the new format till they have a product ready to ship.
          4. The CF IS in real danger (long term) of being replaced, by SD. If XQD doesn’t make it in the future (again, long term) then some future version of SD may make CF economically unsustainable for production.

          The D4 is designed to be a no compromise camera for speed and quality. Purchasing some new cards and card readers (that will come down in price) is not that big a deal. What is important is having a camera that will capture the moment in stunning quality, even under bad lighting conditions.
          In other words, a camera that allows me to look good. (I provide the talent, it provides the capability)

          I have and use plenty of CF and SD cards. It’s not that big a deal what card I use.

          If the cost of cards is important to you, then there are plenty of compromise cameras available that cost less than the D4.

          • This whole XDQ card format has me nervous about buying the D4. What if this new format never catches on then 2-4 years down the road when you want to sell your used D4 will you be able to get anything for a used D4 if the XQD format flops?

            • At this point, I would feel nervous about buying a pro camera that doesn’t have XQD.
              Maintaining compatibility with my old CF cards is a bonus.

        • Darkness

          XQD is a Compact Flash ASSOCIATION Standard, not a Sony standard; short memories here…

          • 12

            Then the D4 should have two xqd slots.

            The standard is the standard then.

            • You can’t just plop down a new standard without a transition period.
              USB, FireWire, and Thunderbolt all had (having in the case with Thunderbolt) transition periods where the older standards were still available at the same time.

              I am going to use this camera for a long time. I want XQD, but I also want to keep using my old CF cards. (especially with XQD’s introductory prices)

              I think Nikon made the right decision here.

            • Joe

              The problem is not XqD, it’s the MIXING of the card types. The D4 offers me the worst of both worlds when I put in two cards and set to backup (the main use of 2 cards in my (wedding) industry) …. I get the cost of XqD and the slower speed of CF … and the added need to worry about matching types of cards rather than just having a pile of the same ones.

      • Komalkumar

        i think this is just a business tie up with Sony which has got this XQD in D4 and not at all a good one for the customer…..these guys are forcing a technology on us which we might not like, leading to D4 coming out with a design change very soon or hit the sales drastically….

        Only people who will benefit from XQD are Sony and Sony only….may be Nikon get s cut from Sony….

      • OsoSolitario

        Uhmmmmmm very strange… Sandisk and Lexar say not to join XQD format.
        Maybe Canon is pushing them to say that because the new flagship 1DX doesn’t come with this new format…
        Trade wars are often dull and treacherous…

        • Idahojim

          I seriously doubt Nikon invested the time and money required to help develop XQD and put the technology in their flagship camera without very good evidence that XQD will be the next standard in the industry.

          The fact that XQD was developed by the Compact Flash Association to me is exhibit “A” in support of Nikon’s move. Also aside from the higher intial cost, who would want a format that can deliver faster speeds with no pins to bend?

          IMHO Nikon should be congratulated for embracing and helping to drive the adoption of the new and improved XQD format. EG.. The sooner the format goes mainstream, the sooner pricing will come down and availability will go up.

          • Banksie

            What some of you are missing here (Steven Georges, Darkness, and IdahoJim) is that it’s not about the performance of XQD or the cost (or even whether it becomes a standard or not) but it’s really about buying a camera with TWO DIFFERENT slots for TWO DIFFERENT kinds of cards. Who really wants that camera? And if XQD is indeed the ‘new standard’ then why not TWO slots for XQD now? Well, we know the answer to that. So, the point being is that these first production runs of the D4 could be a mistake to buy. Why not wait until it gets determined and at least have TWO IDENTICAL slots that can provide identical and equal performance, without fussing around making sure you’re grabbing a CF or a XQD card and clearly wasting time and making an effort having to do that, etc., etc..

            I’d rather have a camera with two of the SAME current format of CF cards even if I miss out on XQD’s supposed better performance. Or just wait until it becomes the standard (if and when it does) and get the model with dual slots of the SAME format.

            And to be sure, there is a possibility that Sandisk, Lexar, Panasonic, etc., may not go with XQD. I don’t mind being stuck with a kind of proprietary “Sony Memory Stick’ issue, but I don’t want to get stuck with a ‘DVD HD player that can’t play Blu-Ray discs’ sort of issue.

            This dual slot setup with different cards is only a temporary measure. But I guarantee that in the very near future there will be these ‘rare’ D4 cameras for sale that will have ‘that silly dual format slot setup’ and nobody will want one. They’ll look to only buy the later D4 models with dual slots with the SAME format. These newest D4 models will be oddballs that nobody really wants. So, have patience and discipline and wait for a little bit for the next run of cameras which will have the same format slots (or wait a bit longer and get the D4s)……

            • broxibear

              Ah, the nightmare scenario Banksie…
              The major card manufacturers decide not to make the XQD, Sony can’t meet the demand from the small number of D4 owners, Nikon recieve so many complaints they panic and decide to recall all D4 cameras so they can be retro-fitted with two CF card slots, people demand their money back and cancel pre-ordered D4s, the D800 is delayed again because it only had one slot which was XQD…and to rub salt into Nikon’s wound Canon announce the 5D Mark III which blows away the D4’s video capability for half the price ?
              Oh well, that’s life lol ?

            • Jabs

              Let me know when you wake up from your dream or Go Back to the Future!


    • broxibear

      Hi Ray Justice,
      It’s an interesting one this. Both SanDisk and Lexar could have put out a more acquiescent press statement, but instead they seem to have made a disapproving statement…feels like they wanted to make a point.
      I haven’t heard any other manufacturers mention a XQD slot in their cameras, the 1Dx has two CF slots so Canon have decided not to go with it for their new generation…if it isn’t in their flagship I doubt it’ll be in the 5D Mark III ? The D4 isn’t a mass market camera, so maybe making a new type of card for such a small market makes no finacial sense for SanDisk and Lexar.
      The other thing with only one XQD producer (Sony), is that they can charge whatever they want and supply could be an issue too.
      I think Nikon have jumped too early.

      • sandy

        Nikon and Sony control what, 45% of the dslr market? If they put the slot ina all their cameras, Lexar and Sandisk will make them.

        • +1

        • Discontinued

          On the other hand, the D800 is rumored not to get a XQD slot. For the time being the question is the D4’s share of the DSLR market. 0.45% ? ? ?
          Could be a long time from now, before others than sony bring their XQDs.

        • El_Pickerel

          If there were an option to, for a reasonable price, get the D7000 upgraded to dual XQD cards (and possibly a bigger buffer) I would do it.

        • +3
          Keep in mind, Sanddisk (along with Nikon and Sony) were one of the original developers (or originators, or imputers, or whatever)
          When the market develops, they will make them.

          If Sony is smart, their card reader will read CF as well as XQD cards.
          Then again, accusing Sony of being smart is not always a good bet.

          BTW – I’m happy the D4 has both kinds of cards.

      • broxibear

        Update: Add Kingston to the mix who say “they weren’t aware of any plans to make cards at present.”

    • Jabs


      Nikon seems to have gone with the new card format because it has way more real throughput than any other format. The D4 has a 16bit digital pipeline and only the Nikon 1 System has that also, so Nikon does need something faster than the current cards.

      Canon’s pipeline is still analog, as far as I know, so with Nikon’s new Expeed 3 being multi-channel plus multi-processor, the D4 would choke on the current cards. The D4 has crazy output speed and capacity, so new format was needed.

      Nikon is looking towards the future!

      Throughput is also a function of how many channels at what bit structure you can handle continuously and with digital, the speed is always paramount with greater needs as the bit structure goes from 14bit to 16bit.

      • Joe

        If they were really ‘looking to the future’… why did they hobble it by putting in a CF card and force everyone to run at ‘slow’ CF speeds.

        The problem is the mix. I am fine with the XqD, it’s the mixing of types within the same camera that sucks. In theory when I mix the D4 with the D800… I’m going to have to worry about 3 different card formats. That alone has me looking to stay with the D700/D3 combo.

  • Ray Justice

    Peter, what would be the advantage for the XQD card if the new Lexar CF 1000x card is faster? Did Nikon not consult with Lexar about the upcoming technology? If Nikon is going out on such a limb with this new, not even out card, then why not have a Thunderbolt port on the new D4?

    • Jabs

      Anyone can claim faster speed based upon the bit structure tested, BUT the newer card is based upon an inherently faster topology and the old cards cannot compare nor compete with them.

      It’s like the old PCI-E standard trying to compete with the newer PCI-E3 standard and then you put an older PCI-E video card and get no benefit from the faster standard because you are using an OLD card.

      Grandstanding from those two Manufacturer’s because they got passed, seems to be their ‘game’.

      The two standards are completely different and the newer one will always be not only faster BUT with greater headroom and throughput, there is no contest between them. Sort of like the difference between 14bit audio and 24bit audio.

      You can make an mp3 and think that is real audio until you hear an original 24bit signal recorded at 192Khz and then you try and measure their throughput while the criteria WAS and is, fidelity of signal and not throughput – same crap!

    • 12

      I agree with Ray

  • Dweeb

    Oh crap, and i didn’t flush my 300 and 700 for this. No movies for you then!

  • skipiggy

    That DR looks juicy. It’s making me think I’ll keep the D4 that I bought just in case the D800 wasn’t satisfying…

  • T.I.M

    The TC-20E III USA is $499 at Adorama (I paid mine $539 few days ago)

    • Raff

      How does it perform with 70-200 VRII?

      • T.I.M

        Good with the 70-200 f/2.8 but you get a f/5.6 aperture.
        I bought it for my 200mm f/2 VRII (make a 400mm f/4)

        • T.I.M

          I sent an email to Adorama and they gave me $40 credit (60 days price drop protection)
          Adorama rules, great customer service (B&H are very good also)

  • One thing I notice from the link to ‘more Nikon D4 samples’ is that the noise in the 12,800 to 50,200 is extremely film-like. The noise is made up of small, random grains rather than patterned noise or groups of mistaken colors. I feel like the 1:1 for this photo!i=1661296356&k=625mS53&lb=1&s=O is particularly reminiscent of analog days.

    The super high ISOs are noisy how I expected them to be.

    • Banksie

      That doesn’t look like any of my film………. sorry.

    • Jesus_sti

      I never use film (sorry I’m to young), but the 6400 still very usable.

      • Banksie

        Age has little to do with using film or not using film. I know 40 year old photographers who don’t use film and only use digital and I know 17 year old photographers who only use film and don’t like using digital. And a lot of photographers use a mix of both (DSLRs and 4×5 sheet film, etc..)

        There’s no age restriction for buying and using film. It’s not like buying and drinking liquor. You won’t be asked to show your ID.

    • @ Phosgene

      Did I miss Something or is the image on your link that says it’s from a D7000; not really from a D7000?

  • Dweeb

    Just so damn radioactive, I’ll buy two. — now assembled in Los Angeles!

  • arizonaSteve

    I watched the Istanbul video by Bill Frakes and honestly, I wasn’t that impressed with the video. Some of the stills used in the video looked pretty great, but the video footage from the D4 and the overall production of the piece seemed to be lacking a little bit.

  • GD

    Re: Battery life

    Has anyone asked Nikon if they plan to release a more powerful battery outside of Japan?

    • Dweeb

      That would have made sense. Why is the world governed by Japanese battery laws and Chines 10 disposal requirements now? Get you wallet ready for the D800 battery, grip and GPS tax now. 2800 for the camera, 1000 extra for the other.

  • Spy Black

    I bet Nikon went with the XQD card because Sony makes the sensors for them and probably twisted their arm into it.

    • Jabs

      Actually if you had read the Press Introduction of the new card, you would have learned that Nikon, Sony and another Manufacturer are co-producers of this newer card standard as it is based upon newer and much faster interconnect speeds/technology which are needed by the new D4 only so far.

      Read up on the specs for the Expeed 3 and then perhaps see why this new format was surely needed = the old standard did not have enough throughput with multiple channel digital stills, audio and video output in the new D4.

      No conspiracy, but just advanced technology!

      • 12

        So that is why when digital cameras first came out they had an extra slot for film?

        • Jabs

          NO – they had a rear LCD screen and higher shutter speeds – sarcasm!

          Film-flam or flim-flam – duuuh!


  • Ashton Kutcher

    listen to ken rockwell just get a d3x d4 is fail. canon will win in the end

    • Jesus_sti

      No test get out right now … Go back Troll !

    • jodjac

      A dinosaur! Get with the program.

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator,
    I see that you saw my post on the Tests of the dynamic range of the FF Nikon bodies!

    Scary how high a dynamic range the D4 has, eh?

    • Yes, I saw that, also several readers sent it to me, I was behind on my emails. Thanks!

  • Jabs

    I hate to get over-technical here BUT the new XQD memory cards are about multi-channel throughput because the D4 happens to have several concurrently running digital channels and thus putting an old card in it actually slows it down.

    It’s like trying to put two 16bit channels and the various signals through a 24 bit pipeline – NOT happening, hence Nikon had to have a new standard that leaves the old standard card in the dust.

    16bit plus 16bit = 32 bits and where are you going to send or include the control channels in?

    Old CF cards are for older technology with analog outputs and not for multiple channel digital output cameras like the Nikon 1 and D4.

    • AnoNemo

      Then why Nikon didn’t put two XQD card slots in the D4 if they are so sure that the XQD is superior. It is like putting two different diameter tires on the front of the car.

      I think Nikon made a mistake with the XQD and no matter how I am looking at it, this will increase the cost for the users. They will need to buy new cards + readers. And there will be only one available (sony).

      I would have used the newer SD standard and have 2 or 3 slots. SD can be read by most computer and with the current data flow they are just fine.

      • Jabs

        Think a little bit!

        One thought – backwards compatibility and supposed there was no newer card available to you, then you could use at least the older standard card!

        Is this now your new complaint platform?

        • AnoNemo

          No, what I am saying is that Nikon half-baked the cake! If you are on a trip then now you have to carry two sets of cards with two sets of readers while the blasted tank does not even have wireless connectivity built in. Not to mention that this card will be not widely available since only the D4 uses it and only sony will make it. When only one manufacturer makes something (no competition) what price can we expect? I think the maximum sony can charge. That was my point.

          And this is not my new complaint platform! Don’t start it again.

          • Jabs

            Three points:

            1. It is you who generally shoots yourself in the foot or the head and then complains when people point out your now bleeding wound.
            2. The D4 is lighter than the D3s which you now describe as a ‘tank’.
            3. The D4 would be inferior and harder to sell, if Wi-Fi was built in, as there are too many divergent standards worldwide plus where would you put the all important antennae in a sealed magnesium body?

            I really am glad that you are not a designer of Pro gear as your choices again show how bad a strategist you really are. You intend to cut off the past and go full bore into the future and then have no way out = planned obsolescence of your older gear and then call that intellect or even Business savvy.

          • Jabs

            Here is how I really ‘hear’ you:

            You want Nikon to include two new cards and then you state that they probably will be hard to find and expensive, so therefore that should be included instead of one of each type of card.

            Brilliant deduction Watson!

            • AnoNemo

              You repeat your nonsense without reading what I said.

              1) Nikon should have decided to either go with the new or the old cards. Makes no sense to include two different format. If it is the new format they think will be better in the future then include two from the same. I don’t mind stocking up with new cards if I can get significant benefits. But being half way is not good at all in Pro equipment.

              2) That is why I mentioned that the D4 MUST have wireless built in. With that, you solve the card reader issue on the go. (Not to mention that you could use your phone straight to transfer your work)
              3) Antenna in a magnesium body. I guess that you were joking here.;-) I mean, you see those connectors on the body. They need holes. The same way you can nicely embed an antenna. Look, the aluminum uni-body of the mac-air does not have any issues…so I assume it can be done and it is not costly at all. But Nikon did not want to give this us so they can charge for a separate unit. Nikon has no f*ckin’ clue about connectivity and this is clearly displayed in the D4.

              4)The D4 is something like 45 gr lighter. That’s like one piece of girl scout cookie. Nothing. The size is the same so Nikon gave us another tank.

              5) This D4 is not revolutionary at all. This is evolutionary in small increments.

              Finally, please, stop being rude with others. It does not add anything to the conversation but makes you look odd.

            • Jabs

              You contradict yourself so much that it is laughable.

              I really believe that your raison d’etre is to complain and seek an ideal world or nirvana of your own making all in your own head.

              Nikon SOLVED the card dilemma but some are too foolish to realise this.

              They made two card slots available!

              Read up on the properties of magnesium for a clue as the MacBook Pro is made of aluminum!

              Idealists are fools basically, as they cannot fathom what a solution is because they want what they want even if it kills them.

              Basically you want Nikon to commit suicide so you can laugh at them – fatalist or sociopath, then.

              Get real and reread your silly points – Over and out – useless conversation.

              Occupy your Head – lol

            • AnoNemo


              You are the rudest person I have ever seen. You should be banned! You call people names without any reason.

      • Mike

        I hardly think that someone who is buying one or two D4’s is concerned with the expense of a new card or 3 plus a reader. How much is a 16GB 1000x CF going to be? I think Nikon is doing people a favor in this decision to have one slot of each. I have a mixture of 4 & 8GB cards, 11 in total. I’d be more upset having to dump them all for a new standard. At least this way I can buy one 16 GB card for JPEG back up & video (for example) and use my collection of CF cards to record RAW.

        The difference between the new card and memory stick is that Memory stick offered no advantage over CF or SD. SD was and is smaller, CF is faster and one of the originals. The new card is smaller than CF (for those who care), and faster than most current CF cards with more potential head room. If it didn’t offer advantages then I agree with the grumps. It could see its way to more video cameras too.

        • That’s a good point.
          I’m also counting on the D4 to be useful to me for the next 15 years, not just the next 6 months. I’ll get one XQD card for now and more in the future as they become more common and affordable.

          When FireWire first came out I needed SCSI. So I bought a computer that had both, that really paid off in the long run.

          I use cameras that have CF & SD, it’s not that big a deal.
          The D4 is everything I’m looking for in a camera. I’ll buy the cards for the camera, not the other way around.

  • Jabs

    Actually the person commenting at EOS-HD is trying to con you about some limitation of the Video on the D4 – pure baloney.

    The HDMI connection actually allows you to stream 8bit full HD at Broadcast quality directly from the sensor and there is no limit on how long you can film or record the Output – basically the first DSLR to do this and thus ready for PRO digital recording.

    Baloney artist with sour grapes and trying to spew confusion because Nikon basically reset the standards in Video way above Canon. Many here asked for uncompressed Video out and Nikon gave us that without the Control overlays PLUS also compressed B frame Video to be recorded to cards, so we don’t have multi-gigabit video to really clog up out hard drives.

    Two ways of recording the Video signal and two ways of monitoring or actually three ways:

    1. Via the rear LCD
    2. Via an external Monitor
    3. Via an external Video Recorder which can be daisy-chained to other Monitors and/or Recorders = professional setup like no other DSLR before and even some high-end Pro Video Cameras or Camcorders.

    • Ken Elliott

      Yep – Jabs gets it. Uncompressed 4:2:2 video (via the HDMI port) is a BIG DEAL. Everyone else cripples the output to prevent erosion of high-end video camera sales. Nikon has no such product line to protect, so this gives them sales they would otherwise never get.

      Google “Silicon Imaging SI-2K MINI “. That “camera” is a box with a sensor/electronics package, lens mount and output ports. No viewfinder, grip, or storage medium. Everything else is simply bolted on. The D4 appears to be designed for that type of use, which means they don’t have to compromise the camera in any other way for still photographers. Well done, Nikon.

      I’m thinking the XQD card (future versions, perhaps) might allow Nikon to offer on-board storage of RAW video. Suddenly we have a competitor to RED, and completely leap-frog Canon. This is about to get very interesting.

      • Jabs

        Yeah, I agree but Nikon first has to provide RAW Video – lol

        RED records on slower older format cards.

  • Jabs

    A hint to all of you here –

    Look at the amount of continuous RAW files that the D4 can record with the new card and the old one to figure out why Nikon went with it.

    We usually have the plain evidence of innovations buried in plain sight in Press Releases, however most of us seem to read Web sites or our favorite blogger and overlook what the Manufacturers tell us.

    • neversink

      All these complaints about the new card/ reminds me of when Apple decided to get rid of the floppy disk…. EVERYONE was up in arms…. All the other computer companies followed suit….

      Hey, does anyone here miss the floppy disk…. My kids don’t even know what a floppy disk is, let alone a rotary dial….

      Give it a rest…..

      • Banksie

        It’s not about that at all. I don’t mind that Apple has Thunderbolt protocol even though devices that can use it are currently limited. What I’d rather have is TWO XQD slots instead of this old and new slot business. I’m going to have to buy new XQD cards to use the full potential of the D4 anyway. And new card reader anyway. So give me TWO slots with XQD capability. That is the complaint. I’ll wait until I get BOTH slots that are the same which will no doubt happen in the next production run.

        • Jabs

          Have you any idea how expensive it would be for Nikon to redo the D4 to make 2 identical card slots?

          What would be the purpose of that plus what would one do with your now useless to you, range of CF cards?

          Sell them and then possibly have someone else recover your deleted files?

          People complain without thinking as perhaps they have never used a Nikon Pro camera and have no intention of purchasing a D4 – just artful complainers with a new mantra.

          • Banksie

            Jabs, you often sound like the proverbial wannabee philosopher who in the end really says nothing. And/or the proverbial 15 year old reading magazines and drooling over the latest technology. What’s the deal?

            Why would I even bother to sell my existing CF cards? I can use them in a multitude of ways. I’d simply use them in my D3s bodies or as data transfer or storage devices for files between laptops, etc.. But when it comes to using dual cards in a twin slot camera, I’d much prefer to NOT have two different protocols.

            And if Nikon sees the XQD format as the future, that’s perfectly fine with me. I’m certainly willing to buy new cards. And as you have said (numerous times) if the D4 takes full advantage of the XQD protocol, then wouldn’t it make sense to have the ability of using BOTH slots with this new format? I have no issues spending more money for a load of new XQD cards to take FULL advantage of the D4. (However, I personally plan to wait for the D4s as the D4 seems a bit redundant to the D3s at this point in time. And I have no immediate need for DSLR video; I use cine lenses with PL mounts on a 16mm Aaton and telecine the film for non-linear editing on Avid. So no video DSLR for me.)

            And yes, they will eventually have dual slots of the same format very soon, trust me. This ‘dual format’ thing is a temporary measure to launch the camera without the potential of introducing something users may not yet be prepared for (i.e., buying new and scarce cards to use their new camera.)

            And please quit assuming things about people here and whether or not they’ve “used a pro camera.” What is that all about? You have no clue about the backgrounds of people here. Saying things like that works only to reveal your own insecurity and immaturity, and it’s utterly juvenile to do so.

          • Jabs

            The new cards are based upon a PCI-E standard which is quite different from the older cards and thus not easy to make a two slot D4 camera unless Nikon replaces electrical boards within the camera.

            Nikon has made the right choice offering both a way forward and a way backwards for the working Pro. You keep waiting for a two slot same card camera while others keep shooting and I don’t really care what you or others here say about me, as in the end adult here and also realist.

            Many posters here are about their own selfish interests and nothing else plus devoid of much Business savvy or common sense. Nikon has vetted the same concerns to real NPS members and thus they moved forward with two different slots – get over it!

            Big world of choices here – BUY a Canon 1Dx or better yet a Sony A77.

            It seems that many ‘creative persons’ are the worst at Business strategy and facing the reality of equipment use and needs – I wonder why?

  • Kevin Good

    The answer about downsampling was taken out of context in the ‘good/bad/ugly’ summary. In the questions they were referring to chroma downsampling for the 4:2:2 output. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with pixel/sensor-skipping on the sensor for uber-aliased 5d mkII-style video.

    So fingers still cross that it is in fact sampling the whole sensor and downscaling internally rather than line-skipping. Anyone have any more concrete data on this? Or some full res video floating around?

    • Rob Bannister

      I would also like to know this.

  • Would have liked to see the D2h included on the ISO comparison chart. Then again maybe it was, it was just so far down you couldn’t see it. (I would have put a wink symbol here, but it’s probably the truth)

    • Jabs

      LOL – hilarious response.

      It said FF cameras and D2H was not.

      Even a CoolPix now beats a D2H.

      • My iPhone beats the D2h.

        Before anyone chimes in with “you have to understand, that was the best that was available back then,” keep in mind that the Nikon D100 (a cheeper camera introduced a year-and-a-half BEFORE the D2h had a chip that was lightyears ahead of the D2h.

        —sorry, off topic—

        • Jabs

          Yeah, the D2H was built for speed and not megapixels and it sure was fast. Newspapers loved it as they don’t usually need high megapixels but mere speed.

          Got you on iPhone too – lol.

          • Actually, newspapers HATED the D2h as it looked terrible under low light and anything other than perfect color balance situations.
            The low MP’s were also painful as we (newspaper photographers) often had the need to crop the image, especially with sports photos.

            Don’t get me wrong, the D2h was a great camera body . . . with a horrible chip.

            Sorry, don’t mean to be negative. Looking forward to the D4. Pr-eordered mine on the first day.

            • Jabs

              LOL – touche’

              No offense taken as an adult here.

  • Jabs

    The reason and the performance of the new format card in the D4:

    The camera’s large buffer memory allows shooting up to approx. 100 frames in RAW and up to 200 frames in .JPEG (when using SONY XQD Memory Card H series QD-H32 with 32 GB capacity).

    Compare this to any other camera and then see the reasons plainly yourself!

  • Bob Your Thing

    From the ISO chart it seems the D4 is has a 1-1.5 stops advantage over the D3s. Very impressive. the DR of the D4 need exceeds that of the D3x. Whow!!! No need to remorse over videos, stills tag.

  • EOS HD is a clown


    Great call EOS HD aka Andrew Reid is an emotional idiot and loves to bash.

    • Jabs


      It seems like nowadays, we have ‘murder by Internet’ as a disease when a competing Manufacturer passes some other. You make a better feature and someone tells you the limitation of it while not knowing really what it is. FUDD!

      I expect a raft of Internet ‘experts’ to next tell us how none of Nikon’s current lenses can possibly resolve properly on a 36megapixel Nikon D800 until (*wink*) Canon releases a body that is similar or has more megapixels.

      Disinformation overload.

  • Simon

    Those D4 samples looks terribly soft. ISO 6400 looked awefully noisey.

    • Don Kanaval

      So you’re accustomed over-sharped and over-contrasted iPhone images?

  • Jacek

    Looking at D4 ISO6400 samples I’d better keep my D3S and hold it tide ! Samples simply looks ugly. I’am very, very dissapointed by its quality. Nikon ! Please !! Do something ! Tell me this is not true 🙁

    • nikon

      This is not true

      • Canon

        hahaha nice…

    • Bob Your Thing

      Go and stick with your Iphone/Android cause judging from your comment you can’t tell an inferior one from a quality one.

      Even worse, you think an inferior IQ looks better than a superior one. Just pass your D3S (if you indeed have one?) to someone else and get a D2H. Trust me that has a better IQ than your D3S.

      • kerry33

        another childish response from a guy who might not have a chance to hold a D3S. The guy just expressing what he felt. why u have to be so sacastic? besides, even b4 NR post the sample link, i already saw the sample at 6400, and for me, its nothing to shout about.

        • Bob Your Thing

          I work mostly with a D3S dude and I guess if you can’t tell a good IQ photo from a lesser one you got no business in spouting your crap here.

          If you talk about comment I am also expressing my comment here so get the fark off my face.

    • Are you angry…

      … for wasting money and bought a Canon? Fanboy…

  • Daniel

    Yeah, like we can trust EOSHD (A Canon fansite) to bash Nikon D4 video capabilities objectively?

    I’d sure wait for some more trusted press reporting about it.

    • Captain Howdy


      So true, the only one with fair blogging on the D4 so far is Dan Chung – and he uses Canon gear exclusively. What’s really telling here are the ones who suposedly embrace the HDSLR ‘convergence’ like Laforet and Bloom not even peeping about the D4. Such a major release and yet oh so quiet.

  • GamiolesAthinaioi

    One more time Nikon shows that has the best plan for 2012 and will stay for long in the top of the DSLRs mountain.

  • Andrew

    2nd post on your sample link said…

    “Nikon said at CES 2012 that they will be tweaking this 16mp sensor and a D4s – just like the D3s – will be released shortly. Just hang tight.”

    Did you hear this at CES too?

    • ben

      Then I will wait until D4s. They need quiet a bit of tweaking to do on it, like 205K native ISO type of tweaking, and probably getting rid of the QXD card, cause it might a big flop.

      • neversink

        Let me repeat…

        All these complaints about the new card/ reminds me of when Apple decided to get rid of the floppy disk…. EVERYONE was up in arms…. All the other computer companies followed suit….

        Hey, does anyone here miss the floppy disk…. My kids don’t even know what a floppy disk is, let alone a rotary dial….

        Give it a rest…..

        • 12

          I am completely fine with the camera including a new format. I just don’t like how they only went half way with just one slot.

          I would be completely fine with buying a D4 and loading up on XQD’s. I don’t want to invest money in a camera that is a technology transition camera. Either upgrade it or don’t. I think there is too much hand holding going on with keeping the CF slot and it taints the D4. When digital came out people adopted the new technology over film. This is a high end camera and buying the proper cards should just come with the territory then. For most people the D4 will be a one slot camera, or the run around with one XQD or the run around with a pocket full of mixed cards. Not practical in my opinion. it is a stupid half assed move.

          • Jabs

            A couple of questions that might cause you to rethink, perhaps!

            1. What if a client gives you a CF card to look at and appraise while you don’t have a computer with you?
            2. What if you are stuck in a place where no new cards are available and the ones you have are full?
            3. What of backwards compatibility do you not understand?
            4. Supposed your Employer has a large stash of CF cards and no newer cards plus not ready to buy any yet, as they are not available in the quantity and from the Wholesale Sources that they buy from?
            5. Don’t you think that Nikon would be committing ‘Business suicide’ to not allow seasoned professionals to be able to use their current expensive stash of CF cards on their new Pro camera?
            6. What if Sony or another Manufacturer of the new cards has a natural disaster and their Factory is now flooded or some such act of nature? Will you now have an expensive paper weight that you cannot use for stills because the newer cards are unavailable or harder to locate and buy?

            Professional means being prepared for the unexpected and you are proposing that Nikon and the D4 users fly basically blind with two newer cards and no way backwards – Does that make any sense to you? You probably don’t travel too much do you?

            • AnoNemo

              Then buy a fricken’ D3s.

            • Banksie

              Your ‘what if ‘ scenarios are b.s.

              I’ve traveled to out of the way places where they’ve never even heard of CF cards. But I work well prepared.

              And if I knew my new camera used only XQD cards, I’d be well prepared, too. Like um, maybe having the D3s with me, too. It’s called a backup.

              And you’re contradicting yourself by saying that the D4 really needs the new XQD protocol yet at the same time you’re saying they used CF in the other slot because of all those ‘what if ‘ scenarios. So this is really a ‘crippled’ D4 with basically only one slot and another slot just for ‘what if ‘ scenarios?

              With the next run of cameras Nikon will have the same format slots, trust me. This ‘dual format’ bit was simply a temporary measure to introduce the camera.

            • Jabs

              LOL – a backup and a useless camera – Real Genius too!

              Yeah – sounds about right too!

              Buy a D4 and then use a D3s – thanks for the laugh.

            • Jabs

              Here is why I laughed to myself:

              1. You bought a D4
              2. You have none of the newer cards available to you
              3. You know claim that you are properly equipped and you have a backup plan
              4. You backup plan is to use a D3s

              What was the point of getting a D4 then?
              To me, your backup plan should involve another source of the new cards for your new D4 or maybe even more older cards for your new D4 as that would now be your primary camera that you just bought.

              You see, I think and read much and what you claimed made no sense, so I left you alone.

              A backup plan and a backup body are NOT the same.

          • AnoNemo

            Agree, same comment here. Half-baked cake! Stupid Nikon.

            • AnoNemo

              I did not call you stupid. I called Nikon stupid because it’s like you dress up in a tuxedo and on your left foot you wear a black dress shoe and on your right you have a sandal. That is what Nikon did.

            • Banksie

              Jabs, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using an existing D3s as a backup to a new D4. Why get rid of the D3s? (I rarely sell previous cameras when I upgrade. What’s the point? They always come in handy one way or another; especially in environments where damage/loss may easily occur and producing an image is paramount.) Have you never been on assignments? It’s about getting the image and not what tool you happen to use at the time (providing that the tool can help to allow getting the image in the first place.)

              You’re beginning to sound utterly bizarre with these belligerent comments of yours. How old are you? Try saving your pennies and go out and buy a camera (any camera, it doesn’t matter) and start making some images that have potential value to society, instead of daydreaming about the latest photo gear you’re reading about on the interwebs…..

  • GeofFx

    Based on the chart for dynamic range, it looks like the DR of the D4 will be pretty impressive. I’m looking forward to seeing more real life examples/results.

  • robUK

    yes, the DR chart is interesting, having surpassed the D3x, I hope real images reflect this. NPS tells me my D4 ships in 31days…

  • Such an awesome looking camera. I cant wait to play with the Nikon D4…

  • Boing Ronkwell

    Must have been a bad hair day … or the Canadian winter was making a real mess of that guy in the video!


  • Nikonnut

    The nikon better have better IQ, DR and high iso control than the 1dx. otherwise its has lost in every aspect, even the video has its pros and cons according to the IR Q&A! Come on nikon!!!

  • Anyone really surprised they were able to best the DR of the D3s by over a whole stop? I was guessing maybe a 1/3rd to 1/2 stop.

  • simpleguy
  • Here you go with my YouTube Video Collection

  • brook

    Today is Feb 17, has anyone’s shipped? Though it was shipping Feb 16?

    • Jabs

      Perhaps you go back to sleep as you are at least one month early – LOL.

  • Jabs

    The state of disinformation here:

    Nikon has now released a FF camera above 12 megapixels!

    Nikon has now surpassed Canon in Video quality and also made available a non-crippled HDMI continuous output without the controls overlay that can be recorded independently of the output going to the built-in cards.

    Nikon has knocked one out of the park and people now are trying to stall its adoption by alluding to some mistake in this ‘first run of D4 bodies’ and thus wait and wait until the real D4 or an alleged D4s comes out – according to these spy types – LOL.

    Yeah – nuke Nikon and its forward momentum while telling us lies and innuendos here like we are all brazen morons.

    New scam by scam artists wanting us to stop buying Nikon’s new bodies.

    Dream on as you have the same agenda as always and the same exact nonsensical and pathetic excuses as usual.

    STOP Nikon is your mantra and never about buying and using gear, but we already knew that – RIGHT!

    On with the game then.

  • Jabs


    I just downloaded within Miro, a really great Video made with a D4 called – Why Athletes by Corey Rich.

    HD D4 HD D-Movie – maybe it is available on Nikon’s Japanese Web site or such (not sure as haven’t looked)

    Awesome with great panoramic scenes. Maybe you have posted it already, but it shows to me why the D4 is such an advanced camera and a true new Era.

    • yes, I posted that video online already few hours after the announcement

      • Jabs

        Thanks – I missed that one as was probably busy.

        I downloaded a high resolution version and it is awesome – clean and clear footage!

        Have you looked into the Power Aperture Control on the front of the D4 that allows you to change the aperture on lenses in Live View during Video – a dedicated button too – sweet!

        It’s at the left side of the front face of the camera when facing you – below the D4 insignia.

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