RRS thinks that Nikon D4 will be released in mid-2011

ReallyRightStuff sent out their 2011 catalog today and they have a entry for a new BD4 or BD4-L plates for Nikon D4 camera. The comment section says "Camera to be released mid 2011. Check website for plate details":

Click on image for larger view

The wide spread belief is that Nikon does not share information in advance with different vendors about unreleased cameras. On the other hand RRS is a serious company with excellent products and I am not sure why would they speculate on a future Nikon camera in their official 2011 catalog.

P.S: dpreview's review of the Nikon D7000 is up (overall score: 80%, D300s had an overall score of 82%)

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  • Matt


    • Paul

      They’re guessing like everyone else.

  • Skyy

    Hm. What of the D700 replacement…

    • If Nikon’s product cycle holds true, they will release the D4 6 mos before the D800.

      If they don’t they will deprive themselves of D4 sales if like last time, its essentially the same piece of equipment.

      • WoutK89

        I think we can make a safe bet, the D800 will not be the little sister/brother to the D4, otherwise we would have likely seen a D700s or D700x as well.

      • Mock Kenwell

        I feel like I’m being pretty patient here. Sorry, but I’m about to lose it.

        All I have to say is that if it takes Nikon until late 2012 to respond to the D5 Mk II and develop a competent video successor to the D700, then that is a problem. As we all know, a December 2011 release won’t be available until 3-5 months after that, and only if you jump on a waiting list for weeks. The Mk II will have had a successor by then. Is there integrity in having a 5-year rollout plan? Yes, to a point. Does Nikon have to answer every challenge in the marketplace? No. But they need to answer this one. And more quickly than they’re currently doing. They were the first to put video in a DSLR, SO WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG??!!

        D700 with Mk II quality video. There’s a clamor for it. Yay for the D3100. Yay for the D7000. Yay for all the great prime lens releases. But get us an affordable full frame god dammit. And do it soon.

        All you thinking about responding with your “cameras are for stills, camcorders are for video” bullshit—save it. It can be done, it should be done and Nikon just needs to fucking get to it and stop trying our patience. I don’t need to shoot in the moonlight without a flash or a tripod. I don’t need 40 megapixels. I don’t need WiFi downloading capability. D700 quality with D7000 video. Figure out how to design a product and release it to market in a timely fashion. Act like a real 21st century company for Christ sake.

        You’ve waited so long to do what should have been done, now you better make goddamn sure you have a Mk III slayer on your drawing board. Get it done.

        • Anthony D’Atri

          What great prime lenses are those? The 135 design is 20 years old, with an archaic screw AF mech — not that they’re even available.

          As for moonlight sans flash or tripod — better high-ISO performance is way more than that. I got my 5D2 so that I could shoot my toddler indoors: say, ISO 3200, f/2.8 often doesn’t get me any faster than 1/125, at which speed I often have about a 30% keeper rate due to subject motion. Being about to bump to 6400 without a significant loss of IQ would be awesome for me. Use a flash? Not a large room, barrel vault ceiling complicates bounce evenness as does the big TV on one side. Also hard to chase him around and adjust bounce angle / FEC constantly, especially with a tripod hanging off the body.

          • Mock Kenwell

            Have you been asleep all year? Nikon released more lenses this year than they ever have. 24mm, 28mm, 35mm and 85mm f/1.4 primes ring a bell? The 135 will be updated soon enough. I have the current version and don’t see the need to upgrade, frankly. Not that I’d kick a new one out of bed.

            I LOVE the low ISO capabilities of Nikon DSLRs—it’s why I’m committed to the system—but at some point, I’d like a more balanced marriage between low ISO and high dynamic range. The more you want to shoot your toddler in the dark, the less color is available to you. I love natural light, but I also know the value of learning strobist techniques. You shouldn’t be shooting in the dark with an f/2.8 and no flash. Get yourself a diffuser, or drop the ISO and get an f/1.4 prime. Or invest in a couple of floor lamps.

            • Tony Crago

              Anger management?

        • WoutK89

          But get us an affordable full frame god dammit.
          You do understand that a Mark III killer will more expensive than the D700 is? So the D700 IS the affordable full frame for all I know. 😉

          • Mock Kenwell

            Ya think? A new release would cost more than a three year-old camera? Is that some sort of revelation? What it is is an affordable full frame without video. Tits on a bull for me.

            If you read the post, you’d see that I said I want the D700 with D7000 video. That shouldn’t cost much more than the current D700. But now that they’ve waited so long to replace it, they will have to add a bigger sensor and other bells and whistles that will add to the cost. I just need a D700s. Instead, we’ll be faced with a D800 or whatever they plan on calling it. If it costs significantly more than the equivalent 5D, or significantly more than the inflation-adjusted opening cost of the original D700, that would be a mistake.

            • Arthur

              It comes to this: you want a custom camera.

              So do I. I think we are not the only ones. So what to do, does Nikon have to listen to you, or should Nikon maybe release a camera for the average customer?

              Tough choice! 😉

  • King Of Swaziland

    Jul/Aug (the “right on schedule” time for a D4 announcement) is mid-year.

    • The invisible man

      The D4 will be release on June 6, the D day 😮

      • WoutK89

        That’s my bday 😀 June 6 all the way

      • enesunkie

        About a week after yours too , isn’t it?

  • gt

    what’s up with the lack of a BD800? or BD400?

    • Maybe their existing plates will work on those cameras but the D4 required a new plate?

      • And how do they know that their existing D3s/D3x plate will not work on the D4?

      • gt

        hmm the problem with that is –

        When a plate fits multiple bodies, they list them all

        D40, D40X, D50, D60 — BPCS

  • zzddrr

    Does it really matter? I mean, the speed nikon can fill the shelves with products most of us will not see that D4 in our shopping basket before 2011 Xmas. Still the D3s a year later is scarce item. I guess at Nikon they think they are cool as long as 1 mile radius from the japanese HQ they can it in stores. We can only dream … without serious competition we’ll constantly face with jacked up prices (e.g. D7K body for over 1300 USD) and the usual Nikon sign “Out of Stock” now with a new sign next to it from the retailers saying “We have no clue when Nikon will ship….” 🙂

    • nikkor_2

      “Does it really matter?”

      Oh, dear Chuck (Westfall)!

      We can always count on you to weigh in with acerbic, caustic commentary about pending products, the kind of negative writing usually reserved elsewhere for … well, usually, reserved for the white stuff’s well-known auto-focus capabilities.

      Keep up the biting commentary, Chuck; oh, please do!

      • zzddrr

        NR Admin, before it gets out of control can you please remove
        nikkor_2’s trolling post.

        Thank you

        • Suprchunk

          Your comments are always more trolling than others. Just to be fair.

          • zzddrr

            Superchunk and nikkor_2

            I remember when you mother had to do number 2 that how both of you born. You were both cute kids, your head a little bit resembled to a Kohler’s toilet bowl but that’s because that where you were born.

            I hope you have a sense of humor because you and the other toilet born trolls actually forgot to talk about Nikon products but that’s ok we did not expect any special from you.

            Have a nice day!

            • zzzzzzzzzzzz

              I am with zzddrr on this one. Sure he sounds like a broken record but he is voicing a genuine concern and frustration.

              This is a public place and he is not being mean to anyone (although the last toilet related comment has me shaking my head a bit).

              At some point it comes down to putting your money where your mouth and stop buying from such a cruel inconsiderate company….or start a real revolution and turn the entire world against Nikon… otherwise admit defeat, suck it up and wait in line like everyone else. Sure it is not ideal but what else can you do then?

            • nikkor_2

              My reply to your initial post was a direct reply to the first sentence therein ‘What does it matter?’.

              Your follow-up comment is mean-spirited, derogatory, and self-serving; it’s nonsensical.

              I used reasonable humor to poke fun at your initial statement; I did not denigrate you.

              Nevertheless, I tire of your speculative rants here at NR!

            • enesunkie

              Poor form zzddrr. Hope NR ADMIN gets around to deleting that soon.

            • Mock Kenwell

              zzddrr, I was on your side until your childish remark. Totally uncool, sir.

              As for nikkor_2, the Chuck Westfall thing has run its course. You need some new material.

            • zzddrr


              Can you tell us who is that Chuck dude you’ve been talking about? 🙂

              I guess you like to mess with others but once got something really nice back then you became a good boy. That’s good, I am not going to mess with you so let’s have fun 🙂

          • baked bananas


            • baked bananas

              +100000000000000000000 to superchunk that zzddrr is a troll. And its starting to get real old. He’s like a drunk ny jet fan. (Go to the meadowlands parking lot before a game and you’ll see what I’m talking about).

          • zzddrr

            What happened guys? Can’t handle a little name calling. If you all go back to my second post bother to read it I asked NR Admin to act before this gets out of control. NR Admin did not act, then I thought I would give a little “flavor.” And all of you jumped 🙂

            I actually enjoyed it how you all took it seriously. Hillarious 🙂

            • nikkor_2

              Your posts lack substance, veracity, and value; often ranting, you stand alone, with few willing to take your line; move on, zzddrr, move on now.

              In particular, you lost all significance with your childish post above.

              I poked humor at your the initial statement in your post above — a statement which runs counter to a rumor site; you struck back with a personal attack.

  • aetas

    quote, ” It took longer than we’d hoped for a production D7000 to be supplied to us” Ok Im going on a limb here and going to hope this means that they really wanted to review this camera and could not wait to get a test model, and they are really greatfull that they get one for free. Otherwise they are a bunch of self important @sses. I reallize that their site brings in tons of hits but that is no reason not to appreciate what you get.

    • They were getting flak for not reviewing the Photokina cameras earlier. I think that’s why they put in that sentence.

      • aetas

        Good info. Thanks

  • yeah…D4 is finally here, can t wait to see the specs. Umh exciting time.

    • zzzzzzzzzzzz

      yeah the D4 is finally, almost, already, kinda hinted at possibly existing.

      khoa vu have you placed your order? lol

  • D4 means D400! Can’t wait!

  • CouchieCoo

    Given that the D4 is said to use a different plate to that of the D3/D3s, the inference is that the body of the D4 will be different to the D3/D3s. This suggests the company has very specific information from Nikon given that it can identify the plate to be use.

    However, the absence of information on the D700 and D300s replacements is curious, suggesting that the plans for those replacements either are not completed or that the likely replacements will use the same bodies as the previous version. If the latter, why not mention them, too?

    • zzddrr

      Look maybe they are just readon Thom Hogan’s guessings and blanked out two spaces in their catalog. Many companies that make accessories do that. I would not make much out of this.

      • Many companies? I have not seen a “serious” company creating products in their catalog based on rumors.

        • DFive

          Yep …. so so true !!!!

          THE D4 IS COMING 2011 🙂

          woot woot !!!

          • The invisible man

            The only thing we know for sure is that the D4 is comming after the D3 and before the D5 !

            • Anonymous

              For these wise observation we love The invisible man 🙂

            • enesunkie

              What about the D3s, D3x and D4s,D4x. There better be a d4x beofre the D5 otherwise people will complain that Nikon is stuck at 24 mp !

        • Anonymous

          Where I work our company does these types of things but with fairness we do not say the upcoming model number. We use “spaceholders” so when we have re-print the whole piece does not have to be revised. We use dummy numbers. My guess is that this was an internal document slipped through proof reading. It should not have come out. I think this is what they plan and expect.

          • Richard


          • CouchieCoo

            Ah, Anonymous’s comments make sense and would explain why there is no reference to other cameras everyone expects to be released in the next year.

            If a company did have access to industrial designs not yet released, they would have solid agreements to prevent any release of information, including the existence of the design. The fact there was this error suggests that RRS had no inside information. They would have such information for lots of other companies and their lawyers would ensure the system were iron clad to prevent such errors which could cost the company a lot of money and its reputation.

            Anyway, secret design related information would not be made public within the company, let alone their publishing department.

            So, I now think the entry was a baseless error and not a WikiLeak type disclosure.

      • gt

        +1 Admin

        Can you imagine Hoya mentioning filters designed to fit “rumored” lenses in their print catalogue – and going as far as to include a predicted date?

        “Fits Nikon 4-16mm Fisheye – expected Mid 2011 Release!”

        Can you imagine Pocketwizard claiming their product triggers unreleased nikon flashes in a print catalogue?

        “Fires the Nikon SB-1000! – Expected Mid 2012 Release!”

        I know shady publishers on Amazon.com make listings all the time based on rumors…but this is different.

        This sort of thing is very, very unusual for a major photographic accessory company to do. If it was common, it would make them look absurd. It’s certainly noteworthy.

        It’d be interesting to see if RRS has published similar prophecies in their past catalogues.

        • yes, I try to avoid those Amazon and eBay retailers – they can basically advertise anything in order to get keywords search traffic (I am guilty of posting some of those here in the past)

      • zzzzzzzzzzzz

        ZZDDRR, Can you give us an example of say 5 companies that generally do this?

      • nikkor_2

        “Many companies that make accessories do that.”

        Nonsense; another unsubstantiated statement from zzddrr.

        • zzddrr


          Thank god you are not involved with dealing with products before announcements. Indeed as Anonymous said above it is quite common practice but the difference is that when you are certain then you keep your mouth shut and use something that hides the real product. You know sometimes you have to plan ahead in business. My point was that if they were 100% sure and had NDAs they would not disclose that. Now, the most likely scenario is that they were internally guessing/planning without accurate knowledge and they made a mistake. That’s it.

    • nikkor_2

      “Given that the D4 is said to use a different plate to that of the D3/D3s, the inference is that the body of the D4 will be different to the D3/D3s.”

      Agree in full.

      If the body shape or dimensions do(es) change, why? In other words, what gain(s) will Nikon achieve with a change to shape or dimensions?

  • Elton

    Unless Nikon is supplying advance body skeletons to RRS so they can engineer their plates, they are unlikely to know more than anyone else. I doubt Nikon is doing that. RRS is a class act but it’s a small accessory supplier in Nikon’s eyes. It would be pretty trivial to just stick the placeholder in the catalog and expect to be able to churn out the plates when the camera is released. I doubt this means much except RRS’s speculation is in line with everyone else’s speculation.

    • nikkor_2

      You may be correct, Elton. But, I’ll take the counter: RRS is a company known for well-engineered and well-manufactured products; their catalogs are carefully laid out; in a general sense, they do things well.

      So, a place-holder here in a future catalog carries some weight; at a minimum, it’s worthy of this rumor thread and it’s worthy of our attention.

      And, any update to the D3S/D3X line is worthy of NR’s attention; these are Nikon’s top-of-the-line products.

      In particular, the D3S is in use by quite a few high-end sports photographers these days; I know several long-time Canon shooters who made the switch earlier this year once they tested the D3S; each sold his Canon glass (and Canon bodies) and bought new or used Nikkor glass. As a user of the D3S since early December 2009, I have a strong personal interest in any D4 rumor.

      That said, I may be wrong and you may be correct, Elton.

  • just after I buy the d3s ..sure..haha.. At least I can get another d3s at a better price. what more can a guy need?

    • Half a year with the D3s is hell alot of fun. And trust me, it ain’t a short time.

  • lefantome

    Having been expecting the D4 rumors and specs for quite a long time, and recently I’m thinking of buying a D3s immediately for daily use. What will the D4 be like? How is the high ISO performance compared to that of D3s? Will it have 16 mega pixes or more? Will it be more expensive than the D3s? Really wanna know something. So please give some more rumors about the D4.

    • Ronan

      D4 will have a new 3D carbon fiber chassis with a new more ergonomic body and button setup.

      The new LCD will be touchscreen with a new button to lock/unlock it. Default settings means the LCD is ‘lock’ when not in a menu so it doesn’t disturb photo and video making.

      The new in house Nikon sensor will have 18MP with a new iso range from 100 to 307200 (extended in HI3). New ISO algorithm will give you clean, noise free photos up to 102400 ISO.

      D-Movie 1080p will be standard in a couple different fps settings to meet today’s standards.

      GPS will be built in for everyone (pro’s) convenience. This will lunch Nikon new website nikongpsphotos.com for professionals to share their private shooting locations AND let them upload their copyrighted work via the add on wifi module n-wifi-d4 (only $499).

      Oh and it will also cook and clean IF you get the extended 3 year manufacturer insurance.

      • gt

        Some of those predictions are actually quite believable

        • Mmm, the cooking one especially sounds delicious.

          • aetas

            Ah crap now I want cookies

      • Duiweeville

        Dream coming true..;-)

      • Anonymus

        Can it dance too?

    • zzzzzzzzzzzz

      lefantome, There is no more info on the D4, this is the rumour, the latest information, this is the extent of the info. Do you think the admin would hold out of some breaking news? He prides himself on being at the forefront for this type of information. If he was to wait then someone else would steal his thunder.

      Perhaps I am assuming here but I think it is safe to say once it looks like a lead he posts it ASAP and is not waiting for someone to ask (again)…

      • true, I also try to provide only reliable information without any speculations on my part, I do receive some D4 rumors, but they do not make any sense to me and this is why I do not publish them online (for example, Nikon will announce D4s and D4x at the same time)

        • WoutK89

          Nikon will be laughing IF they do have this planned

        • lefantome

          Thanks zzzzzzzzzzzz and admin. I’ll wait for more NR…

  • Ronan

    This means nothing, like always.

    And like always, we wish it to be true 🙂

    • lefantome

      Thanks Ronan, haha. Hope D4 comes before I buy a D3s.. Possiblly a D3s will be enough for me, but a newer product is always more attractive:D

  • Ronald

    Off topic: Nikon D7000 In-Depth review now on dpreview!

    • Eric


      They praise this camera all along during the in-depth review and come up with minor quirks at the end, just to conclude that it’s only OK for dpreview (i.e. no Golden Award)

      WTF? They think the ISO button isn’t on the right place. Guess what? Just use the “Easy ISO” feature and forget about this button.

      Anyway, I guess only having “Highly recommended”, “recommended” and “above average” didn’t make sense either :D.

      • gt

        If they gave the d7000 a 90%, they’d just feel awkward giving a D4 a 95%.

      • Yeah, they changed their rating system a bit; but I agree with their assesment.

        The only think I dislike about the D7000 is the button placement. I’m so used to shooting with the D3 and D700 that the re-arranged buttons slow me down when street-shooting.

        The autofocus while recording video is a great innovation, but still has a long way to go (it feels very ‘v1.0’ – which is fair, because it is…)

        Overexposure in high contrast situations is a major concern, though. Hopefully the firmware updates will fix some of the software related issues.

        but overall, a very worthy body.

    • twoomy

      Oddly enough, the D7000 might be available by mid-2011 as well!

      • Anonymous

        twoomy, that was a good one. It is really said to see how they are overpriced (the body only) in many places.

      • Just A Thought


  • it seems logical that since the D7000 has taken such a bite out of the D300s, that Nikon will be seeing severely reduced D300s sales. So I’d expect to see a D400 early next year to remedy that situation. The D400, I suspect, will take a large bite out of the D3s/D3x segment, which in turn could well affect D3s/D3x sales adversely, which Nikon should be on schedule to remedy… around the middle of the year.

    • asdasd

      with what lenses can you use higher then 12Mpix DX sensor? Not even 85G is good enough to be used wide open.

      • zzzzzzzzzzzz

        so your saying the 85g is good enough if not used wide open? Doesn’t that kinda contradict your remark? or perhaps the lenses are fine but the inherent qualities of wider apertures are not? So what are we talking about here lenses or apertures?

      • minivini

        You should shoot more and write less. The 85G produces stunning results on the D3x. As does the 14-24, 50G, and 70-200vrii ( and I’d bet the 24-70). Yes, I’m talking about wide open as well as stopped down. What is the basis of your statement?

        • Charlie Martin

          Minivini, you need to re-read the post as he was talking about a DX sensor and not a fullframe sensor as you were talking about.

      • i shoot @ f1.4 99percent of the time on both my 24mm and 50…on my D700, and the images is as sharp as anything i have ever seen. I think the revised 85mm g version will perform the same if not excellent.

    • Richard

      Reduced D300s sales…well, yea. If any of the reviews are to be believed at all, there are few things that the D300s can do that the D7K can not do as well or better, especially higher ISO noise and for less money. So what’s the surprise, Nikon? It is about time for Nikon to start some actual price reductions to clear the inventory of D300s before it gets so close to the expected release of the D400 that no one will buy a D300s unless they desperately need a replacement body “today”.

  • Joe

    Digitalrev also had some “news” about the D4 and D800 lately:


    Nothing to be exited about…

    • I will not hold my breath for rumors from digitalrev.

    • IndyGeoff

      I wonder why all of those start at iso 200 when the d7000 starts at iso 100 ? would Nikon not make all their new cameras with iso 100 now ?

  • Eddy

    don’t see anything on there about a D800 though.

  • Man de Labrat

    I had such a cool time taking photos on the weekend with my years-old D700. So satisfying to have a few prints on the wall. Don’t miss the D4 at all.

  • Nihilist Sage

    On the D7000 review at DPR. I find their list of cons a little strange, especially about the auto ISO functionality. I think its an amazing feature, the ability to define the upper ceiling for ISO and minimum shutter speed. And also, why 60D has better ergonomics than my D7000? After handling D7000, I find my brother’s 60D not upto the mark!

    • WoutK89

      Otherwise the 60D will not sell 😉
      They are a commercially review site, making one brand look much better than the other brand will not bring in the money, even though one brand may be a lot better than the other.

    • Eric

      My feeling too. I totally agree that the cons list are only minor quirks, and shouldn’t distract from the fact that the D7000 is a game changer. You get a *lot* of pro features and not many compromises for not much money.

      Maybe the fact that the cameras going out today are “more than good enough” in terms of resolution, low light sensitivity and performance mean that dpreview really has to raise the standards by which it tests cameras.

      One feature I’d like to see implemented for Auto ISO is to specify not a minimum shutter speed, but a factor :
      A constant 1/60s is more than enough for wide angle lenses, not so for telephoto.

      Factor 1 would mean that a zoom at 200mm wouldn’t go slower than 1/200s, but could go to 1/70s at 70mm.

      1.5 would account for the focal length multiplier (ie 1/300s for a 200mm on DX) while 0.5 could be used with VR lenses.

      2 or 3 would be a safe bet to ensure sharp pictures in any condition.

      • RMT

        Although I do LOVE my D7000, I do occasionally fire of a shot unintentionally due to the “soggy” shutter release when pressing halfway. (Mostly during live-view shooting).
        No mention of this in Dpreview.

  • broxibear

    There’s no D4 in 2011…2nd Q 2012.

    • lefantome

      Nikon does need to catch up with the 2012 Olympics, and 2nd Q in 2012 would be too late.

  • If I didn’t misread, the D7000 scored 80 on DxOMark and 9th in their ranking.

    • Yeah, it did – which is the same ranking as the D3, the D700, and above the leaf and Hasselblads 🙂

  • DolphLundgren

    D1 was introduced in June 1999
    D2H was introduced in July 2003
    D3 was introduced in August 2007

    There’s 4 years and 1 month between every introduction of a new generation camera.

    The D4 is surely gonna be released in 2011, probably somewhere from July to September. The logical time would be September 2011 …

    • just to mention that PMA show is in September next year (2011)

  • Well hello everyone.
    Just a thought …
    If Big companies as Sony and whole building system in Japan does not have Number 4 because is bad luck…
    as sony create D1-D2-D3-D5 digital format for video recorder. they skip the 4.
    a real Japaness restaurant wouldn’t serve you four pieces of sushi…
    WHY THEY WILL GO and PUT D4 on the market..
    Again is just a thought .
    the my break the spell.
    you never know.

    • Remember that Nikon had a F4 which was a very nice camera.

      • Its actually my favorite 35mm based camera of all times – great ergonomics, fewer ‘auto’ features – truly a pro camera. I have 2 of them sitting on the shelf and its so sad that they get used so infrequently.

    • gt

      F4 body?
      16-35mm F4

      Nikon does not fear the number 4

      • WoutK89

        Commenters on Nikon Rumors do 😛

  • Kingyo

    if the D4 doesn’t come out in mid 2011..we’re all screwed 🙂

    • yes

      Hear, hear

  • Anonymous

    BTW, the D3x is two years old today and thanks to sony Nikon passed the magical 12mp mark.

  • If the next Nikon body doesn’t greatly surpass Canon for video, I’m selling all my gear and going Canon.

  • Peter

    Any rumors on will it cost about what D3s costs, or will close towards D3x?

    If D3s goes below 3000e for last examples it will be quite tempting even 2011…

  • Kevin

    I have a really odd feeling we’ll see the D700 replacement be a D700s right around the same time the D4 is released just as I was saying before. It’s kinda unlikely Nikon would develop and produce a sensor and use it in just one camera.

    The basic asumption is that the D4 will be between the D3s and D3x in terms of resolution but will likely have higher ISO control than the current D3. I personally expect to see a 18mp D4 and a 36 mp D4x down the road.

    Also the D3s was just a minor update and one of the big reasons they have kept the inventory in check on the D3s is simply due to the fact they know when the D4 is coming out and they don’t want to have to sell off thousands of unsold units. The D3s could easily be one of the best refreshes they’ve done on a camera in some time.

  • jose

    If you take care about PS in the article, Dp review Nikon d7000 was rated 1% more than canon 60D 79% just the same, good for nikon maitaining its leadership in srl cameras.

  • Let’s not forget at the end of the day dpreview is amazon.com and they want to sell plenty of other cameras too.

    I found their complaints to be somewhat valid for D300/700/3 shooters who want a second body, but overall pretty lame. I mean that’s like saying a D700 is flawed because the WB/ISO/QUAL are in a different place from where they are on the D3.

    Overall I was blown away by the D7000. If you’re looking for a review on the D7000 from a photographer’s point of view and not a technician’s please check out my review here:


    • jose

      I respect the opinion of who wrote this article but 16 MP instaed of 12 MP, more ISO range and expeed 2 it is not a minor up grade. Regarding DP review the analisys they made from any cameras looks very professional, sales did not look the criteria they use to rated the cameras, if you compare theirs review with cameralabs, photozone. etc Most of then match with dp review.

      • Jose,

        Thanks for your feedback. I believe the review from DP is very sales motivated. My conclusions are this:

        The D7000 is a VERY impressive camera with great image quality, features, and handling.

        However for D90 owners that don’t care about video, it really isn’t that much of an upgrade in terms of image quality.

        16 v 12 Megapixels is unnoticeable, even in larger size prints and the only thing it provides for is slightly more cropping.

        You are right EXPEED2 is pretty important, but again will you see it in the end-results?

        Extended high ISO on the D7000 is a nice feature, but in my review I was focused on ISO performance. I agree with DP-Review, the D7000 right now has the best high ISO performance of any APS-C DSLR, HOWEVER I don’t believe it is that much better.

        That’s just my take. Overall I think the D90 is a better value. Like I wrote in the review I said that the D7000 is indeed an upgrade from the D90, but not as major of an upgrade as the D90 was from the D80…


        Mike Z

        • jose


          The best of d7000 release is that the new versions of D300s, D700 and D3S will be very powerfull cameras. If I am true, next year nikon will have the best DSRL cameras in the middle and high range.Dinamic Range, High ISO with less noise would be the best

        • jack

          d90 is superb value–especially used… just payed $490 for one with 37,000 clicks. Perfect camera for my wife and d700 backup for me. D7000 looks nice, but I can think of many things I’d rather spend the additional $600+ on…

          • Jack that was my point exactly! The D90 is still an awesome camera. The D7000 is nice, but the “leap” or “jump” so to speak, isn’t nearly as large as it was from the D80 to the D90…

            You can put that $600+ towards a lens or an SB-900 w/ lightstand/coldshoe adapter/umbrella.

            Happy Shooting!


        • baked bananas

          Huh? I guess the d90 is weather sealed, meters with non ais lenses, has magnesium alloy and good picture quality to iso 6400. And it can autofocus in video mode. What was I thinking? Better call adorama and tell them to cancel my d7000 order and get me a d90 pronto. I wonder if they sell some of that stuff you’re smokin.

          • IndyGeoff

            baked – many of us do not shoot in the rain or sandstorms so weather sealing is no big deal. i do not plan to use my camera as a weapon, so magnesium body is no big deal. i also have insurance, so if i drop my camera and it breaks it is replaced another no big deal that you can drop the d7000 from higher than my d90 without damage. some of us have only tried the video on our d90 for kicks, so better video is no big deal.

            If I did not own a d90 I would likely purchase the D7000 just because it is newer than the d90. I am unwilling to spend the money for the (minor) improvements the D7000 provides over the D90.

            I’ll wait to see what they put out in 2-11

  • Anonymous

    Just a question, has anyone tried to contact RRS and ask them why they put the D4 plates in their catalog?

    • zzzzzzzzzzzz

      no that would be too easy lol

    • based on my experience contacting companies in the past for similar “rumors” you will never get a straight answer, don’t expect RRS to come back and say “yes, Nikon told us so”


    Has anyone considered the fact that number four in Japanese culture (language) is considered to be an unlucky number. This is why Fuji when from S3 to S5 skipping 4 all together.. D5 with foveon type chip would be the “leap” required to jump over 4 IMHO.. 🙂

    • WoutK89

      and thats why we had an F4, D40…

  • PAG

    From the dpreview D7000 writeup:

    Actually, the D7000’s auto ISO functionality – like all current Nikon DSLRs – feels a little half-baked in general. Strangely, even in Auto ISO the camera will appear to allow you to manually set the ISO – it will of course just ignore this without any warning depending on lighting conditions. Also confusing is a ‘minimum shutter speed’ option, which in P and A modes raises ISO sensitivity if the shutter speed required for exposure falls below the selected value. This makes sense if you’re shooting on a long telephoto prime lens, but since the D7000 is bundled with an 18-105mm VR lens, and especially considering its enormous ISO range, this is – to say the least – something of a blunt instrument. Hopefully Nikon will take the opportunity to overhaul auto ISO in the next generation, because for now, it’s a kludge.

    I’m really confused. Do they even know what auto-ISO is supposed to do? Have they ever used it in the field? They perfectly describe the functionality that is incredibly straightforward (if you RTFM) and that I’ve come to depend on. Then they call it a kludge. What the hell do they expect auto-ISO to do?

    And they try to justify it with a line like “since the D7000 is bundled with an 18-105mm lens”? REALLY? So you shouldn’t add any feature into a camera that dpreview doesn’t think is worthwhile with the kit lens?

    I’ve generally like their reviews and opinions, but this one is just … bizarre. All I can say is that I’m glad they’re reviewing cameras and not in charge of their features.

    • gt

      I don’t get it. Minimum shutter speed combined with auto ISO makes perfect sense….

      no matter what lens you are using.

      • Agreed, isn’t this feature on the D300s as well? I was looking in the menus and found it the other day just wasn’t quite sure how effective it was when trying to use it.

        Also, I felt like dpreview’s review was kind of jacked as well. It was humorous reading the difference between their review and Ken Rockwell’s over enthusiastic review of the D7K.

        • gt

          Yeah, it was bizarrely critical. Maybe this is their new style of writing combined with their new rating system.

          To be fair, the d7000 did beat out the 60D and the 550D which were rated using this system as well.

          It did not, however, beat out the 7D. Presumably, this is a battle for the D400 to fight anyway.

    • PAG

      OK, I just read what they think is better. Apparently Canon auto-ISO automatically sets your minimum speed to 1/focal length, and you can’t change that. The DPR guys says this is better for a zoom with a wide range, but to use their terminology, it seems like a very “blunt instrument”. What if you’re not steady enough to handle 1/FL? Then Canon’s auto-ISO is worthless for you. What if you’re more than steady enough or using a monopod / tripod? Then Canon’s auto-ISO is overly restricting.

      Sorry, but I see Nikon’s auto-ISO to be more usable in the majority of situations. It could certainly be improved by adding the ability to specify a 1/FL (or 1/FL*0.5, or 1/FL*-0.8, etc.), but that’s the potatoes. The ability to fix the shutter speed is the meat.

      • e_dawg

        Definitely, the Auto-ISO implementation everyone else uses (Olympus, Sony, Canon) is restrictive because sometimes you need faster than 1/f (especially if you are shooting sports or anything that moves), or sometimes you want to the slowest shutter speed possible for still subjects using VR lenses.

        But I agree with DPR to a certain extent: Nikon is to be praised that they allow the user control over the settings for Auto-ISO, but dumb for making shutter speed the only parameter. It may work well for prime lenses, but not for zooms, when you want the shutter speed to vary with focal length. It would be perfect with the 70-200.

        What’s also dumb of Nikon is that you can’t directly adjust the minimum shutter speed for Auto-ISO without delving into the menus. Even worse, you can’t add min shutter speed to your My Menu list. You can only turn it on or off.

        So yes, DPR is right: it is half-baked. Not because it is bad or works poorly, but it wasn’t thoroughly thought out or improved to where it can and should be.

        • e_dawg

          … and BTW, these improvements can and should be made available via a future firmware upgrade. There’s no reason why it can’t be done by a bit of reprogramming. No need to wait for a future model — if they even bother enhancing the feature at all. It took them years to add custom user settings on the control dial, and only starting with the D7000.

  • I still believe it will be:

    “D5100”-> 2012 with swivel-screen and D7000 sensor
    D310->summer 2011
    D710-> winter 2011
    D4-> summer 2011

    Just a wild guess 😉

    • WoutK89

      D5100 (february 2011, to fill the price gap between D3100 and D7000, before D7000 is too close in price to the D5100)
      D9000/D400 (february release?)
      D800 (summer release)
      D4 (summer release)

      • WoutK89

        EDIT: release I mean announced.

  • I cross referenced every Nikon body release date since 1999 with Nikon’s fiscal quarters and, averaged out the quarters between generations of every given line also taking note of the longest and shortest amounts of time for each camera.

    While its far from a hard date and purely for guesstimating, the D1/D2H(s)/D3(s) line has so far been updated every 7 to 9 fiscal quarters. or an average of 9 if you want to think of that way. 7 quarters would put the release date between 7/1 – 9/30 of 2011, 8 quarters would put it at 10/1 – 12/31 2011, and 9 quarters would be 1/1 – 3/31 2012. This coupled with the D2x(s)/D3x line averaging out to an update in early to mid 2012, I would say the likelihood is high.

    Once again, these are based on mathematical averages and a few other factors, so arent gospel but also seem to be fairly suggestive with the lack of significant variation. (I conseider 7-9 quarters close enough to give me a rough idea.)

  • Or an average of 8* fiscal quarters, not 9. 7 in the shortest so far, 9 is the longest so far.

  • Although the expected release time frame has been mentioned before, it is intriguing that a company such as RRS dares make such comments. Maybe they have someone like Admin in their product design department! 😮

    For all we know, Markins might be the next one to have the release date on their catalog! :p

  • Hi:
    Since we are estimating D4 release date with projections here is some data from Wikipedia:

    High-end (Professional) – FX/Full Frame sensor

    * Nikon D3, August 23, 2007
    * Nikon D3X, December 1, 2008
    * Nikon D3S, October 14, 2009

    High-end (Prosumer) – FX/Full Frame sensor

    * Nikon D700, July 1, 2008

    High-end (Professional) – DX sensor, high resolution

    * Nikon D1, June 15, 1999
    * Nikon D1X, February 5, 2001
    * Nikon D2X, September 16, 2004
    * Nikon D2XS, June 1, 2006

    High-end (Professional) – DX sensor, high speed

    * Nikon D1H, February 5, 2001
    * Nikon D2H, July 22, 2003
    * Nikon D2HS, February 16, 2005

    High-end (Prosumer) – DX sensor

    * Nikon D100, 21 February 2002
    * Nikon D200, 1 November 2005
    * Nikon D300, 23 August 2007[35]
    * Nikon D300S, 30 July 2009[36]

    Midrange – DX sensor

    * Nikon D7000, 15 September 2010[37]

    Midrange (Consumer) – DX sensor

    * Nikon D70, 28 January 2004
    * Nikon D70S, 20 April 2005
    * Nikon D80, 9 August 2006
    * Nikon D90, 27 August 2008[38]
    * Nikon D5000, 14 April 2009

    Entry-level (Consumer) – DX sensor

    * Nikon D50, 20 April 2005
    * Nikon D40, 16 November 2006
    * Nikon D40X, 6 March 2007
    * Nikon D60, 29 January 2008
    * Nikon D3000, 30 July 2009
    * Nikon D3100, 19 August 2010[39]

  • SK

    I agree that the review came across overly critical… whether you like the camera or not, it’s tough to argue that the camera is extremely well-featured for this price point and placement within the lineup… somewhat groundbreaking in that regard. And it is somewhat silly to direct criticism when it relates to a kit lens.

    Me thinks DPR protests too much… many of their niggles can be fixed via firmware… and they may be overly critical on purpose, “pushing” Nikon to fix these issues by being hard on them now… which is good for us (as a D7K owner). It may also be true that Nikon limited the functionality of this camera out of the gate to help turn the rest of the D300s inventory. Again, most of these complaints can be fixed via firmware. Even the ISO/WB button issue could be made assignable to the handy Fn button that sits at the middle finger of the right hand. And my exposure mode dial is quite sturdy, not “loose”… so I don’t get that complaint.

    I HAVE seen the over-exposure issue a few times (I’m at about 5K clicks) and it’s a bit annoying, but surely fixable via FW. However, the issue with placement of the ISO and WB buttons is a bit overblown… I’ve found them very easy to utilize as they are… my left thumb sits right on them.

    My only real complaint in use has been the soft shutter button… it’s way too sensitive.

  • ways

    Nikon is still sleepping…
    and its late, to late

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