More on the upcoming Nikon announcement

The current Nikon Coolpix camera lineup

Last week I posted about an upcoming Nikon event on February 7th, 2012. I received another tip from a different country about a Nikon event scheduled for January 25th, 2012. There are several possibilities here:

  • there could be more than one Nikon announcement
  • in some countries new product presentations sometimes happen after the product is already announced
  • one of those dates could be for a "closed door" presentation to the press

Any way, something new is coming from Nikon in the last week of January and/or first week of February. Please also note that I am not sure whether the D800 will be released at that time - I used the word "probably" in my post. New Coolpix cameras are guaranteed, including a P300 replacement.

I will hopefully know more in the upcoming days/weeks.

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  • Butch Bayalan

    Hoping this would be interesting

  • More Cool Ship<(t) coming!

    Can´t wait Nikon!

    • rhlpetrus

      CoolPixes are doing well, the P300 is a very good camera actually. As is the P7100.

  • rhlpetrus

    Well, hoping here for the D800. KUTGW!

    • Richard

      WEX, one of the largest UK online camera retailers, doesn’t have stock of the D700. They also have the D300s on promotion. Jessops (a very big chain) has both cameras on promotion but has no D700 stock. The D300s is only available in some Jessops stores and out of stock at the warehouse..

  • Adam

    Let’s get some nice fast primes for the Nikon 1 cameras.

  • Mark

    I would say the best move for one of these camera makers to make would be to partner up with Apple and Google to get in of the ongoing insurgency of smart phones that are as good or better than Coolpix cameras…

    HOWEVER, considering the fact that my iPhone 4S is faster, easier, smarter, more versatile, and combined with 3rd party apps, more fun, than any Coolpix out there…I don’t want Nikon TOUCHING my favorite point and shoot.

    • Kai Rennerd

      “the fact that my iPhone 4S is faster, easier, smarter, more versatile … apps, more fun, than any Coolpix out there”

      Indeed, you’re an excellent cautionary tale of the stultification of the foolish iPhone consumer. Yes it is easier, but the limitation of sensor technology you’re totally ignoring.

      Nikon should NEVER go for any cooperation with ANY phone-manufacturer. Nikon will loose MUCH of respect and, this is a FACT, Apple and Samsung (Google develops just the phone-software!) will never be able to produce satisfying sensor-technology for there phones. Just because of limitation in sensor technology, they would have to extremely pump-up the size of there Phones. With current technology it is impossible to produce sensors that are small enough to fit in any smart-phone, deliver quality of any DSLR around and can be produced cheap enough today.

      So, if Nikon (and Canon) are really smart, they never go in any cooperation with smart-phone producers.

    • benno

      no, nikon should go in association with a candy company and produce some lolli-pop, that can take pictures: i think that would perfect match your needs!

  • Joe

    Can I preorder a Coolpix by putting down $2800?

    • FX DX

      Sure. Send me $2800 and I will send you two of any Coolpix you want.

  • Joker

    Nikon going the route of RIM….sad

  • sasd

    Nikon will be dead lie kodak and sony will buy them

  • Zorro

    Jan 25 – maybe the long-rumored D40s, at last.

    • WoutK89

      zZzZzZzZzZz… you say exactly the same in all of the posts, we know Zorro, you want a D40s

  • shane

    This d800 is never coming is it 🙁 how long is it now…….hmmmm

    • WoutK89

      Probably does NOT mean never. Just keep your cool and you will see in february.

      • Shame

        You will see in February, more CoolPix cameras and again in March, April, etc, etc. I’m tired of waiting for the D800.

  • I hate when new tech comes out… I feel obligated to upgrade…

    • sad

      you must have a ton of Coolpix cameras then…a new one seems to get released every month!

  • Markus

    Dont worry guys 🙂

  • ter

    wow…you all need some more coffee, cheer up, we are just talking about cameras. Go out and do some shooting with what you have now, get some fresh air….

  • Nikono

    Yes, you are not sure about the D800 since 2010

    • WoutK89

      2011 was a down-year for Nikon. Admin can not control Nature.

      • woudlkt809

        tired of hearing this excuse! they can put out cool pix cameras but not dslr’s…that makes a lot of sense.

  • Roberto

    D800, please nikon!

    here under me a list of buyer! (digit +1 please :D)

  • twoomy

    Doesn’t that poster hint that there are too many f*cking Coolpix models? How many do you need? I have nothing against P&S’s but too many models confuse everybody.

    • WoutK89

      It is the same coolpix in different colors or country specific cameras (difference of GPS), but these arent all individual cameras with all different numbers.

      The current line-up is around 14 cameras. 3 P-series high end, 1 All-Weather, 2 L-series Budget and 8 S-series compact cameras including 1 with Projector.

      • mr mansisni

        14 coolpix cameras = 13 too many.

  • L

    Well thats odd – somebody flamed me somewhere else because i interpreted that “and probably” as “it is a possibility, that….” while the other person said it means “it is very likely that…”.

    Can you clarify what you meant? thanks, although its just a semantic i wanna explore here…

  • Jabs

    Nikon definitely is on a roll.

    The new D4 seems to have a large 7.3µ pixel size in its sensor and I believe that this is larger than the D3s (have to look it up) and thus would buck the trend of pixel size getting less as megapixels go up.

    For those rambling about Nikon going the route of Kodak, well probably you are a little out of touch – The Nikon 1 Series shows that Nikon does get it with a decidedly different and forward thinking camera design and since it is now the best selling ILC, then guess what? Have you seen the sales figures in America?

    The D4 also shows that Nikon gets it and has not sat still since the breakthrough D3s.

    BTW, it is Sony who is losing money and NOT Nikon.

    At least Kodak has Patents to sell.

    Maybe you are confusing Nikon with Olympus and Leica???

    • Jabs

      Oh well – I was wrong about the pixel pitch.

      The D3s has a pixel pitch of 8.4 – lol

      Well, the Nikon1 Series is selling well indeed.

      • twoomy

        I would love to know how pixel pitch can get larger as you increase megapixels on the same surface area? 🙂 You might need to warp the time/space continuum to do that.

        • ken popwell

          Nope.. chuck testa

        • I have no idea how sensors are built at the mirco level. If the gaps between pixels can be reduced one would assume that you can increase density without affecting pixel size. If pixels are already touching, this obviously isn’t possible.

          • Eric

            It’s still possible with Foveon sensors, where 3 layers of sensor are stuck on each other.

        • Russ Waldron

          There is actually some room to increase pixel pitch and resolution on a sensor. New developments in semi-conductor manufacturing allow for smaller interconnects which would leave more room for the pixels.

          There is also the possibility of more layers in the chip design which moves the interconnects below the pixel elements, leaving more room for them. It’s hard to say what the reality is without knowing more about the chip design and how it’s manufactured.

          As companies like Intel develop new manufacturing processes they, over time, move down into other areas of semi-conductors. There have been huge developments in dielectrics and lithography which make things possible that were only dreamed of a few years ago.

          I work in the industry (semi-conductor manufacturing) so it’s not hard to daydream about what may be coming.

          • Richard

            Surely you can’t increase pixel pitch and density at the same time. Isn’t (linear) density the reciprocal of pitch? As others have said, you may be able to increase pixel site size by decreasing the gaps between pixels but this is not the same as pitch. The D4 horizontal resolution (in landscape) of 4928 pixels divided into 36mm (or 36000 microns) gives a pitch of 7.3052 microns.

            • Russ Waldron

              From some of the reading that I have done about sensor design not all the surface of the sensor is taken up by pixels. The electronic interconnects for the pixels are also on the surface, meaning they take up surface area. If you make the interconnects thinner, or even put them on a layer below the surface, you can free up room to retain their current size, or close to it, and add additional pixels.

              Even if that is the case though there is only so far they can take that idea. That is why I don’t believe the rumors about the D800 being 30+ MP. If you subscribe to the idea that bigger pixels provide better picture quality then there is no way that they could more than double the number of pixels from the D700 sensor. That would make a pixel size smaller than that of the DX sensors.

            • Dan

              @Russ Waldron

              I think the rumors are right. Ok, Nikon never increased the Pixel count over 24M, but for the landscape guys its a great deal, especially for the rumored price in comparison to medium format cams that cost 10k+.

              It is a fact, that Sony, as an supplier of Nikon, developed an 36MP sensor, that is an merger of 4 D7000 Sensors it’s rumored.

        • wublili

          Pixel is a bit wrong term when looking closely CMOS sensor. That’s because every pixel has actually two important parts, the light sensor and the electronics that supports the light sensor.

          Currently each of those “pixel-units” (light sensor + the electronics) on the sensor has 75% of electronics. So only 25% of the surface of the CMOS sensor is dedicated for the light sensitive part.

          Future technologies can make that electronics part smaller and hence give more space for the actual sensor part. That would cause “pixel size” (actually sensor size) to increase even if the total sensor size stays the same.

          Also possible would be 3D layout where the electronics is below the photon sensor. That would allow practically 100% of the sensor to be light sensitive area, which would mean 4 times larger pixels without the need of larger total surface area.

    • Nikonnut

      The D4 has 7.3µ and the 1 dx has 6.95µm. the D3 however has a whopping 8.45µm. But all that may mean nothing. The spec sheets maybe in favour of the 1dx but im hoping that the D4 will retain the high iso king crown for nikon. Only real-life samples will tell.

      Nikon is NOT RIM, they still have the best reasonably priced PRO SLRs available today the D3x and D3s unlike RIM.

      P300 replacement? Yes please nikon as quickly as possible. Im losing great picture oppotunities by the day!

  • Clemens

    Oh, oh, oh, what a pitty. Some more Coolpix coming , but Christmas is over. I would look for a Kodak-Box, but Kodak is in difficulties.

    • WoutK89

      february and september are the announcements for Coolpix each year, so Christmas has nothing to do with this batch.

  • asds

    Niko in diing like Kodak…. can sony bu nikon now?

    • Markus

      hahaha, you are a funny man (girl) adhd

  • Jade

    The Coolpix Company strikes back .again 🙂

  • Sam

    I personally can’t see the D800 being announced before the D4 actually comes out. Nikon aren’t going to want to cut in to their initial release of the D4 I’d imagine.

    • Poustres Athinaioi

      That is what I was thinking about some days ago. But now I have been convinced that this is the right to do Nikon. To announce the D800 which will not be a D4 of course. I dont’t think it will have the same specs in video mode with the D4. So, this will bring more customers to Nikon. Canon is waiting a lot for a 5dMII continuer so it is very easy for Nikon to make people buy a D800 before Canon announce anything about the 5d MIII…maybe it will never comes out with this name. This is the best marketing and policy from Nikon if it announce the D800. Think that if Canon announces the 5D MIII at the same time or before the D800 announcement then D800 will sure loose lot of people who wants video dslr but don’t have themoney for D4. There will not be anything else in the market to buy and they will go for the D800. Nikon will win lots of new customers.

    • WoutK89

      I will say this one last time (this topic has been opened many times each time it is about D800 in february). The D800 is for a different market than the D4. People that need a D4 will buy a D4. There is no competition between the two cameras.

  • Gabe

    It’s high time for D400. 🙂 It’s my dream, but I don’t expect to see it very soon. I have the feeling that I have to be patient… At least I can see very good releases until then. I’m really happy with D4 and I’m sure D800 will be a fantastic camera also. Time to relax and save some money for D400 🙂

    • Seems unlikely a D400 would get released. There are always some leaks before an announcement, these things are never 100% secret. I haven’t seen talk of a D400 anywhere other than people saying they want one.

      • Gabe

        I totally agree Mike. I don’t expect to see it soon.
        IMAO sooner or later Nikon has to fill the gap between D7000 and D800.
        I expect to see it before the Olympic games and also before summer (wedding season:) somehow. And you’re right it’s just my dream as there should be at least some rumors about it…but there’s nothing yet.

        • WoutK89

          I expect D7100 and D400 to be announced close to eachother before the end of the year. They have different markets and the D7100 has little to improve over the D7000, but the D400 can improve on many points compared to the D300s.

  • Roger ramset

    Just announce this D800 camera Nikon! You have leaked enough info on it to create enough hype now your just creating frustration!

    • WoutK89

      Some people just dont understand the meaning of ANNOUNCEMENT IN THE BEGINNING OF FEBRUARY. 😛 If you cant even wait when you know an approximate date, then maybe you have too much time on your hands.

  • PoBoy

    I kinda remember admin saying some time ago that Nikon would not announce something like the D800 along with a Coolpix announcement. Is that correct?
    I’m getting pretty excited by the prospect of a D800, I don’t think I could stop myself from buying one if I wanted to. Hello credit card debt.

  • Cuius

    Why does Nikon need 44 Coolpix cameras? No wonder their supply chain is a mess.

    • WoutK89

      It is the same coolpix in different colors or country specific cameras (difference of GPS), but these arent all individual cameras with all different numbers.
      As I said before in this thread, the line-up is around 14 models.

  • New dates just keep popping up. After two years of rumors for a D700 replacement, is this it?

  • Kon Cokwell

    “Last week I posted about an upcoming Nikon event on February 7th, 2011”

    … or should that be 2012???

  • CamaMan

    Is this for real? They have 44 “different” gray P&S cameras on offering?
    And wait let me guess… Diferent naming for each of them for US/EU.

    Somebody worked veeery hard do make up the “differences” in all those cams.
    Somebody wasted their life, and needs to contemplate if his actions made a world a better place…


  • A belgium Nikon authorized dealer said the last week the D800 will be announced the Jan 25 and released at the second part of February.

  • SanDogDewey

    They can announce all they want, but they need to get inventory on the shelf. Mother Hubbard’s cupboards are bare.

  • Harry

    I’m a huge Nikon fan — have been for years and want to be forever — but I need something like a 5d Mark ii (higher mp and video) and if the D800 isn’t announced soon I’m selling my Nikon stuff and buying a 5d Mark ii. I just can’t wait much longer.

    • Leave a comment on my website if you have any lenses you want to sell cheap.

  • Steve Starr

    Yet another announcement for yet another Coolpix?

    What is this? Another smorgasbord of colors? A Coolpix with a XQD card slot to help push the odd card sales? The 840th Coolpix announcement?

    At some point the public and dealers are going to fall asleep when they hear the word Coolpix – unless they are going to go after the Polariod 16MP cellphone with a 17MP Coolpix cellphone of their own design. That would be an announcement for Coolpix(s).

    • WoutK89

      See you in september, when yet another Coolpix will be announced… Dont like it, dont read it! If Coolpix was such a bad word, why does it still make the most money for Nikon?

  • Great news and thanks for all the info Admin! 🙂

  • Here in Geneva (Switzerland) a Nikon announcement is scheduled for feb. 6th, no clue if the D800 will be announced that day.

    An “in-store” Nikon D4 (and maybe “something else”) official demo is scheduled on march 1st.

    Wait and see…

  • Honestly, I would be interested if Nikon would release a camera countering the Canon G1X but hopefully would be

    – 1.8 or 2.0 as its largest aperture on the wide end and 2.8 at zoom.
    – Sensor size same as that of DX line-up particularly the D7000/D5100.
    – Adjustable built-in flash to 90 degrees (like that of Panasonic’s GX1)
    – AF as fast as that of the Nikon 1 series
    – Clean/Usable images at ISO 6400/12800
    – Price similar to Canon G1X

    With such specifications, I believe we would have a winner in the compact-enthusiast class of digital cameras.

  • sgts

    Im getting the blues traveller blues again – please nikon, i was just about to come back from sony………………

    and what about broxi bear, he needs 36mp to fully document the bankrupt ruins of ibrox this year : )

  • Mary8432

    So will the P300 have the same sensor size as the existing model?

  • photographer

    CANON – is nr.1 in new photo technology and new models digital camera announced.
    Canon gx1 – great camera with big sensor with small compact body.
    Nikon …….. nothing 🙂
    Always CANON – first show new camera models –always secound place.

  • What happened to the announcement?

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