The next Nikon product announcement will be on February 7th, 2012

Nikon will have a new product announcement on February 7th, 2012. Expect new Coolpix cameras and probably the Nikon D800 to be revealed. At that point I am not sure if there will be also a new lens announced on that date.

This is a good timing since the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging shows start on February 9th, 2012 in Japan.

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  • I want my D400 now !!!!

    I”m almost certain that in February announcements we’ll see the new top-dx dslr from Nikon, the D400.
    Same sensor as the D7k, but with better low light performance, surely faster from d7k, 51 af points, and above all, the highly anticipated 1080/30 and 720/60 for slow-motion videos !
    And I’m certain for the announcement, because both companies (Nikon and Canon) want to sell more new cameras for the upcoming olympics.
    So, a new fast camera like the D400 will be a good choice for photographers, with it’s 1.5x crop factor.
    And after all, we already had the FF D4..
    So, Nikon will likely want to hit another target group, that of the DX..

    Anyway, we’ll see in the next days..

    • Jamy

      You are wrong, we will have the D800. D4 and D800 are not targetting the same people. D400 , if any, will be released in october earliest…. But you are right, we will see.

      • WoutK89

        What’s more, how many professionals at the Olympics will use a DX body? I assume that they rent (or Nikon supplies them) a longer lens if they still can’t get close enough to the action.

    • Any Anon

      D800 will contain sort of D400 inside, DX crop 😉

      Unfortunately, it’s price will be the double if a D400 exists.

  • Any Anon

    What “image quality” ?

    Image quality is more qualitative and mostly depends on perception. Let alone defining it with a single parameter, saying something like “D700 IQ = 95 & D800 IQ = 115” Nonsense…

    By saying “D800 will fall between the D3x and the D4” do you mean that at high ISO settings?

  • another anonymous

    heh 400 comments… this is serious issue 😉

  • Any Anon

    That’s the dream camera for most people (back from 2009, Nikonrumors) 🙂

    Would you like to buy one for $2500?

  • Why is the D5100 > D7000? That isn’t right.

  • Can anyone guess if the new D800 will use the same battery pack at the D300/D700? I want to know whether I should sell mine (Zeikos) or if it will work on the D800. Thanks

    • PJS

      You’re kidding, right?

    • Rob Bannister

      If you look at the D7000 and the D4 batteries they are different so I would assume the same. I love the battery in the D7000, that thing lasts forever. I had a timelapse going all day and the thing still had juice left.

    • shoreline view

      D200/300/700 battery pack no longer meets Japanese regulations, so no.

      Hopefully it will be the same battery pack as in the D7000 and V1. Maybe the vertical grip will have an option to take a D4 battery pack as well.

      • Jesus_sti

        They just need to change the plastic support… so it can stay the same… But I vote for D7000 if it is the same as an other model

  • very nice camera 🙂

  • Landscape Photo

    The reason of 36mp choice in D800 could be to avoid R&D expense of new Bayer sensor mask. Sony has got the 16mp DX sensor of same pixel pitch. This way, they are half way forward in designing a new FX, compared to another from scratch.

    And this serves to differentiate from D4 (plus D3s & D3x and others).

    I would be nice if Nikon offers a 25mp 1.2x crop in the menu along with 16mp 1.5x crop, so that possible corner issues with some FX lenses may be eliminated, and DX lenses at some focal range may be used efficiently in occasion. For example image circle of 10-24mm lens will fit into 1.2x crop between 14 to 24mm giving sharp corners. Interestingly @24mm, it covers the whole FX frame with excellent result.

    The 1.2x idea above is for viewing on the LCD; anyway for RAW, any kind of crop is possible by the workflow, including panoramas. I’m impatient to get my hands on a D800 to test the 50mm 1.8, 20mm 2.8, 28-200mm & 10-24mm lenses if they are somewhat up to that megapixel monster (DX area was good as with D300 & D7000, but doubting for corners).

    If Nikon doesn’t offer a new walkabout lens, I may try the compact 28-105mm non-VR Nikkor too, or be ready to buy the new 24-120mm as their smallest (yet bulky) midrange high-quality VR zoom available 🙁

    • I’m still a bit amused at people who buy “digital” accessories … lenses, flashes, etc.
      They are a waste of money (IMHO, of course), as standard (even “old-school”, if you choose to label) accessories are time-tested and work on both DX and FX equipped cameras … just another (not so) clever marketing scheme to sell more stuff to people who have money to burn. Every flash & lens I own work great with every camera body I own, film, FX, or DX (I have them all) … no exceptions. Btw … I’m not just just blowing warm air … I’ve been a successful self-employed shooter for 35+ years and always a Nikon guy. Save yer $$!

      • mostlyfiction

        So true! Buy what you NEED, not what the suppliers want you to buy!

  • Does anyone think there’s a chance Nikon will introduce a new crop factor into the mix? Maybe a 1.3x higher-MP camera, like a 24MP 1.3x (16-18MP DX) D400, or a 0.85-.9x bridge D800 between FX and medium format? It certainly would explain the 36MP.

    I HIGHLY doubt something like this is in the works for this batch of cameras, though. The 1.3x would require the user to purchase all FX lenses if they’d like proper performance at that range (which may not be a terrible thing). The medium format bridge would ensure an entire new lens lineup to be manufactured. Something I highly doubt Nikon has the facilities for this round after last years catastrophes.

    Just a thought. Think something like this will come up eventually? If so, when?

    • It would also explain the talk about the February release not having the same sensor size as the D4.


      • KnightPhoto

        Hi Mark,

        How about a 1.3 crop D400 😉

        That would certainly differentiate it from the D7000 line. And now that Canon has given up on 1.3 crop the field is wide open for sports and wildlife shooters.

        Mind you, a really high quality sensor in a 1.5 crop D400 will make the above unnecessary. Either way, I’d love to see a Nikon sensor in a D400!

    • WoutK89

      Canon had the APS-H size, and Nikon never did. I don’t think it would be wise to offer people in between sizes, I think it is better to just see DX and FX, no need for extra R&D and they are clearly distinct in their use. DX is smaller and offer compacter lenses and smaller FoV which are liked for more reach. FX has low light capabilities with larger sensor size and “better glass” (uses the full potential of an FX lens), and wider angles.

      • Well, that’s true, but if Nikon made a sensor between FX and medium format, they would surely tap into the medium format crowd. There are simply enough Nikon shooters who want better ISO and low-light performance. This said, if they kept the 16MP sensor, and went to a sensor between FX and medium format, the ISO performance would theoretically be astronomically better. It would be like using an 8-10MP sensor. With the technology Nikon has, I think it would almost be dumb to not try to do something like this at one time or another. The CX system is a step between DX and P&S. The DX line (inadvertantly) is a step between (P&S), CX, and FX. I think if Nikon were the first to use a medium-format-sized (or close to that) sensor, but kept the MP down to under half of what most MF cameras are at, they would sell like reallllly expensive hot cakes. You’d get clean ISO straight through the entire D4 ISO range should they make something like a 12MP MF-sized sensor.


        • WoutK89

          The lenses (besides a small handful) can not fill a bigger sensor, so what is the use? And Nikon should do Medium format, not a sort of Medium format because as I said, then it is better to just keep FX as top of the line.

          • I’m not really understanding your logic here. You’re saying Nikon should keep FX as the top of the line simply because that’s how it already is, and they would have to make new lenses? That logic’s a bit skewed, don’t you think?

            I’m not saying Nikon should make a 60MP MF camera like everyone else. I’m saying I think they should make a 16-18MP MX camera that has a sensor between MF and FX. Or, if they did go all the way and make a full MF-sized sensor with that amount of pixels, I still think it would be a good thing.

            Think about it. They never had DX lenses until they, well, made some. They never had Nikonos lenses until they, well, made some. Same goes for Pronea. There have been many ventures like the one I’m proposing. There is no reason to keep FX as top of the line, if they can do better. They may not be able to pop off 11FPS full-res RAW, but I have a feeling they could get 8-9 FPS with such a camera.

            The dynamic range would be incredible. The ISO capabilities would be untouchable. To me, this sounds like every photographer’s dream (besides the point that you have to buy new lenses) camera. Those two things are the most asked for. Not to mention the great DOF you’d get from a bigger sensor.


            • WoutK89

              I am saying, the FX lenses don’t cover MX, you would need new lenses. So what is the better value, if you can not use your old lenses without cropping the sensor full potential? If Nikon has any idea to go Medium format, they should do it well, and not half as just above FX.
              Same as what has been said before, an in between DX and FX would still need FX glass, so why not just buy FX and use the full potential of the glass you paid for and have to carry around.

              And what is the problem with MF, the size of the mirror, so you can not directly put FX glass anyway, or get high speed fps. Read up on why Nikon has difficulty making a f/1.2 (AF) lens. To get up in the MF market, you need more megapixels than just the 16 you propose, it is crazy low, and serves no extra over 12MP/ 16MP FX.

            • toad

              True, they didn’t have DX lenses until they made some, but the gigantic difference here is that FX lenses work just fine on DX cameras. They won’t work with larger than FX sensors.

              So to make an attractive MF camera you have to somehow provide a whole range of lenses – expensive ones – to use with it.

              I don’t know why they would do that. How many potential new MF users are there? And remember, when you enter a new high-end market that already has some big-name players you really have to make a splash. Me-too products don’t cut it.

            • @Woutk89:
              Well, how many MF photographers do you think just jumped into the photography scene with their $10-50k MF camera + lenses? Just about everyone I know has come from a full line of DSLR lenses and whatnot. It’s not expected to be able to use FX lenses on a MF camera. Of course you’d have to buy all new lenses. No one seems to mind with their mirrorless systems. As for inbetween FX and DX, wildlife and sports shooters would appreciate the extra bit of reach.

              I understand the mirror issue with the MF idea. But, that’s where the in-between FX and MF would come in handy. It would bring the frame rates up quite a bit from MF. Since the camera will only be sub-20MP, processing time will be greatly diminished. This, along with the smaller shutter size, and the faster processor should allow the camera to get some halfway decent frame rates.

              As for the 16MP not adding anything, I do think you’re a bit off-base with this one. Many people complain about the megapixel race, and say they would rather have an 8-12MP, FX camera with incredible ISO than a 24MP FX camera with alright ISO. By raising the sensor size, and keeping the resolution, the same effect would be seen. The ISO capabilities and dynamic range would be incredible. Something like has never been seen from Nikon OR Canon. This may not draw in the MF crowd, but I do believe it would give the FX wedding/landscape/studio crowd a viable option to go to.

              I understand how FX and DX lenses work.

              As for making a whole line of MF lenses..well..of course you will have to. That’s the name of the game. Nikon introduced the Nikon 1, they will introduce new glass to go with it. If Nikon were to introduce a Nikon MX camera, they would really only have to come out with a 20mm, 50mm, 85mm, and maybe 135mm equivalent within a year of the release. I understand that the lenses will be expensive, but the results from such a camera would be phenomenal. They didn’t build Rome in a day, as they say. It will take time. But, I think, if Nikon were to jump on something like this, they would have something quite formidable for the years to come.

              “How many potential new MF users are there?”
              Well, more and more everyday. Ask Hasselblad, etc. They’re still incredibly priced, and incredibly popular to boot. There will always be potential MF photographers.

              As for being a “me too” product, it simply won’t be. The camera won’t offer what other MF cameras offer. It won’t offer the 40-60MP, extremely slow AF, extremely slow processing, extremely slow FPS, incredible images that other MF cameras do. It will offer the reasonable 14-20MP, fast AF, Lightning (relatively) processing, relatively good FPS, unbelievable images like none seen before. The DR and ISO will be phenomenal.

              I still stand by the idea. I think it would be a phenomenal camera. I’d love to hear more so we can discuss it further.

    • The problem, like you said, is users would be forced to buy FX lenses as DX lenses don’t have a big enough image circle. If you are buying FX lenses, why not just buy an FX body? D700 is still a great cam.

  • Rob Bannister

    I was against the 36Mp at the beginning but Im open to it now.

    – Could be a useful res for acquiring plates for me to use
    – the dx mode will have enough res to be useful for some other lenses.
    – if the noise floor is as good or better then the d700 then whats the problem…
    – if I really dont like it I’ll get my name on a list for the D4 and save a few more pennies

    • shoreline view

      If the noise performance is d7000 or better, and if it allows you to choose your resolution in raw and not just jpeg, I don’t see why anyone would object to 36mp. If the noise performance is questionable and it’s 36mp FX/15mp DX only in RAW, then they’ll lose a lot of sales.

      • Rob Bannister

        The D7000 is nice and I have one but it is not great in Low light. My x100 and D700 performed a lot better…

        • sandy

          Stretch the D7000 sensor 2.25x light gathering, and you get at least a stop better ISO than the D7000, maybe more with the new exspeed. Figure about the same as a D700/D3 with three times the resolving power and much better DR. I will probably be in if the price is what I expect.

          • Rob Bannister

            im hoping for a 3999 price here in CAD. Hoping it doest go too much higher.

          • The most interesting thing to see about the D800 will be whether your estimation about low light performance will be correct or whether the fear that the effect of the increase in sensor size will be eaten by the proportional increase of pixel number will be more reality.
            The later would give us D7000 low light performance with 36 MP. I will then buy a D700.


  • I’d like to have a square option, masquing in the prism the too much space.
    It should be perfect to make our compos instead of having to think in square.

  • Pixelhunter

    24 days to go – Santa Claus is comi’ to town … 🙂

  • New nikon,Canon,Sony….?

    Non Disclosure Agreement¿?Greeting

  • Markus

    Yes, what is wrong with it?

  • broxibear

    I think that might be the new Olympus mirrorless camera.

  • derd

    Here there are some d4 NEF but can be open with capture nx only, not with ps

    • KnightPhoto

      Thanks derd!

      I can only open them in ViewNX2 not Capture NX2 v 2.3 – anyone else?

      I did some modest processing in ViewNX 2including fixing white balance but the ISO 12,800 looks a bit muddy to me. I boosted exposure 1/2-stop, so this is ISO 19,200 equivalent and I realize this is not final firmware. But still I am moderately concerned… anyone else? I wish he would have stopped down to f4 so we could rule out lens softness at f1.8.

    • Steve Starr

      I could only open them in View NX2 also and not Capture NX2. PS CS5 says it is not in their RAW program yet. Current Irfanview opens them all.

      Sadly, I was not impressed even with the ISO 2,000 shot (one with green water tank). Something was seriously wrong and soft with all the images. The ISO 12,800 ones in the conference room are suffering from noise and focus issues with the new 85mm f/1.8 and I agree it should be stopped down, but it’s pretty bad as is. Hopefully it performs better on the video end as the still image quality smarts a bit and the samples are no better than some megapixel smartphone.

    • tonyc123

      They are not so bad.. for a video camera! 😉

  • originallyunoriginal

    Nikon, if u please update the nikkor 20mm f2.8D. make a 20mm f1.8G lens. that would be a dream! at least a 2.8G model. improve the optics of the already old 2.8D. we ALL need something like that!

    • inginerul

      I don’t need a 20 2,8, and I wonder who would. I would need a 20 f/2, sure, but I can’t possibly see the application for a 2.8, it’s either fast for low light and you have to sacrifice the optical zoom, or it’s a good zoom for practicality, with 2.8. A 20 2.8 isn’t either of those.

    • Roberto


    • nikhtwey

      +1. very nice lens and very very useful focal length.

  • anon743

    Keeping fingers crossed…

    Peter, if you get any press laouch assignment leaks, please, please post them here in advance.

    • I did not have press credentials, I will next time.

  • Landscape Photo

    The D4 unlikely offers any significant improvement vs. D3s or even D3 unless someone is up to videography.

    I’m impatient to see the letter change from 7 t0 8 (12 t0 36mp & 100% vf is far enough to justify trading D700 for D800):

  • Anyone wants to speculate on the US price of the D800?
    I would think about $4000.

    • toad

      Under $3500.

      • Rob

        About $4000

        • KL


  • sgts

    lets hope the d800 is actually unveiled and not some tiny wee coolpix in 8 colours – this is round about the anniversary of the great blues traveller pr disaster.

    • Any Anon

      Yes Nikon, please the D 8 0 0 – not another coolpuke (pardon me, Coolpix) before CP+ Show.

      • KL

        D800 with D4 sensor.

        • Karlosak

          I would kill for this combination…

  • Zen-Tao

    When the video-dslr rage goes past It’s likely than Nikon Co. focuses his effort in offering a camera with improved image specks not only video. There’s a long way ahead on sensors: noise reducyion at high ISO, color processing, etc…. Even though raise again sensor architecture. Bayer mosaic is a real draw back to Hi-End optics capabilities. May be Foveon idea or some hibryd solution would be worthy to take in consideration. Video capabilities are in a dead end. They can’t do anything more with this issue otherwise they should make a completly different camera as Canon has recentlydone with C300 an amazing video and photo camera wich will make people talk long about.

    • Tas Khan

      Don’t quite agree with the comments:
      1. Video on DSLRs is not a rage. Rage is madness. Video isn’t rage just as still images aren’t. Convergence is a technology from which lot of people can benefit. A long list- event photographers, journalists, serious but with limited means ‘video artists’, web users, and so on and on.
      2. Companies who are investing in video on DSLRs are not waisting their money. Besides they have enough resources f or developing ‘convergence technology’ at the same time as trying to bring further improvements to the existing still image technology. It’s the question of understanding the market and having a will t o respond to it.
      3. There is hardly an issue for Nikon not being able to enhance video on their pro cameras. The advancements in technology are becoming so common that an ordinary camera manufacturer can come up 1080p with 60 frame rate. Why can’t Nikon do it?
      4. Canon did not only make C300, canon also made 5Dm2 and 1Dx and are going to bring out an other camera with an awesome movie and still image machine.

      • Zen-Tao

        ¿Have you seen Canon C300 movies on its site? Please, photo is photo and video is video. Once someone said in this site that dslr video is good for indie moving pictures. My son makes videos for his friends rap band and they are quite nice. But… for professional moving pictures dslr video is just a little limited. On photgraphic aspects we could fly.

  • sgts
  • Tas Khan

    I’m waiting for D800. Have been waiting for it for the last one year and a half. Resisting buying 5DM2. Don’t think can any longer. I want a decent video on D800, if not better than 5D, at least at par with it Hope Nikon do not get too late or come up with too little.

    • WB


      So Nikon, please, please, please bring us the D800 @ Feb 7

  • helly mac

    Nikon staff says: “Do not expect Nikon will introduce new sensor than what is in D4 for the Nikon D800” at CES. This take out the previous 36MP assumption reported
    Nikon will follow similar product and roadmap strategy as D3/D700 for the D4/D800.

    • Rob

      No. They won’t.

  • Nikonnut

    Coolpix? I am hoping for a P300 replacement (the current one is miles behind the competition) to go where my D7000 is not the most practical camera to lug around.

    Following admin’s post on nikon filing a patent on nikon f1.8-2.6 lens

    I had a chance to play around with my friends canon S100 and i must say its excellent compact point and shoot, much smaller than the G12 or P7100, has in camera HDR, up to 9.6fps, a relatively large sensor, decent low light capability, 1080p video, a solid body, manual controls.

    I hope nikon brings a challenger soon or I might be too tempted to go canon p&s!

    As for the D800 yeah nikon bring it!!

  • mikils

    Please admin, post something else or this thread will blow up

    • I did not have acces to a computer in 24 hours, going through all the comments now.

  • jorg

    this is the best NR-thread in a long time. thanks for the input, people from all over the world.

  • The Manatee

    I saw the post someone refers to above quoting someone who says nikon representatives at CES said to not expect the D800 to have a different sensor to the D4.

    I would HOPE this is true as this is much more palatable than 36mp. My guess is those reps were not giving out correct info (if true). This blog was pretty much spot on with the D4 specs so I’m assuming it will be right on the D800 specs.

    • Nikonnut

      That would be sweet but then who would buy the D4? or rather how to differentiate the two models? one has a vertical grip and the other doesnt?

      • The Manatee

        Well, IF true, and that’s a big if, the differentiation could be the D4 having better FPS, better ISO, longer shutter life, weather sealing etc., but that’s really not that big a differentiation which is why I’m like to believe Nikon Rumors. Would admin care to comment on the Facebook blog post above?

    • Any Anon

      I wish the opposite, and hope there is no truth backing this quote. 36mp D800 would be more exciting than a dumb 16mp one. If it is on par with D700 high iso, then what is the problem? D700 is actually only one stop behind D3s or D4.

      OTOH, 36mp sensor will expand opportunities like having both an FX & DX camera with usable resolution, or the ability to crop with freedom, or to downsize for reducing noise if exists.

  • Any rumors about the D6 launch?

    I already sold all my stuff for the new tech in body SSD HD 128 GB, new in body NASA Anti-shake system with 20 MP ISO 1.600.000 sensivity. I can take photo of my dreams maybe.
    My D700 and D7000 looked to old for taking flowers pictures and self-portraits.

    • tonyc123


  • Landscape Photo

    Admin, there is fast growing discussion outside NR as D800 will not have a 36mp sensor but that of D4. It mainly stems from a Nikon rep at CES who said not to expect the D800 to have a different sensor to the D4.

    Shall we simply ignore these discussions as the talk of an uninformed employer or somebody who wants a stir-up or plain wishful thinking?

    • Rob

      It’s an uninformed employer. You’d be surprised how little people who work for a company can know about the secretive information within a company.

      Releasing a D4 sensor in a smaller (read: cheaper, less profitable) body doesn’t make financial sense, at least not any time soon. Even at $4000, other than sports shooters, who is gonna pay $2000 more for a couple more FPS and a bigger buffer? The entire wedding market would buy the cheaper body. Almost every PJ would buy the cheaper body.

      They most DEFINITELY wouldn’t announce such a thing in February, before any D4 bodies have even shipped. Half their buyers would cancel their D4 orders and Nikon would essentially be losing $1500+ on every D4mini sale. If they ever do it, they’d have to wait a year (or until D4 inventories are built up from outproducing demand), or right before a followup to the D4 is announced (D4x or D4s, like they did with the D700 before the D3x).

      This is 1 uninformed employee. Everyone is blowing it out of proportion because they WANT IT TO HAPPEN, and simply aren’t using logic. It makes no sense for Nikon, so it WON’T happen.

      • cosmic

        +1 here. The D800 is going to be 36mp. I have no doubt about it.

      • Zeke

        It’s nearly as simple as that. Nikon wants to sell products that maximize their profits, not necessarily to sell the maximum number of D4s.

        They cannot take for granted that the alternative to a $4K mini-D4 (the rumored D800 that you dismiss as wish-thinking) is a $6K D4.

        For many customers, the alternative to a $4K mini-D4 is the D3 or D700 that’s already in their camera bag. Or a Canon.

        Assuming a mini-D4 is less profitable than a D4 (which is not necessarily true), it could still make it up in volume, and would still make sense to sell it ASAP.

        • Still didn’t understand track record of Nikon, did you?

          Look out for my previous post, about Nikon will surely introduce D4 first before D800. And will take sometime for ‘so called’ D800 to hit market because of marketing strategy.

          back then when i posted this. Not many here believe me. Perhaps even admin of NR. But SEE! Nikon D4 did came out first…and where is your so called D800???

          Some marketing strategy are so effective that manufactures wouldn’t want to change them just to satisfy some poor souls…

          Just accept that fact…

          • Zeke

            I’m not sure what congratulating yourself for guessing that the D4 would be announced first has to do with anything I wrote.

            The D4 was announced a week ago. I am aware of that. Everyone here is aware of that.

    • I guess we have to wait and see who is right. The Nikon reps at CES really don’t know anything, and even if they do – do you think they will risk their job?

  • Moe Jacknally

    More about the D800 from “Froknowsphoto”

    starting at the : 4:54 minute mark

    “the camera that does not exist – but exists”

  • Leonardo

    One thing is certain.

    If the camera does not do clean images at ISO 6400. Many people will be disappointed with the camera.
    It has long been waiting for this camera …

    Without a doubt, I would buy the D800 if this had the sensor D3s (D4 would be better) … But with a 36MP sensor, I’ll wait …

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