CES 2012 is over

His face says it all...

CES 2012 is over and I am back to regular broadcasting. My email is full and I will probably not be able to replay to all messages. In addition to the D4 coverage, here are few more images from the Nikon booth:

There were many events in the Nikon Theater throughout the day - on the first image Corey Rich is presenting the D4 (he made one of the D4 promo videos):

Nikon 1 portion of the booth with some concept accessories:


Nikon D5100 video rig:

The latest Nikon EDG fieldscopes were on display as well. I got the chance to use one for the first time - they provide an amazingly clean and crisp view:

Few more of the Nikon D4 video capabilities presentation:



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  • Brian

    What the he’ll does that guy have on his head?

    • Pixelhunter

      He expected the D800 and was shocked not to find it. 🙁

    • John Richardson

      Sonic The Hedgehog, I think.

  • Gareth

    Looking at that Nikon 1 area just proves how right I was. Nikon knew exactly what they were doing. They will sell masses of these in Japan.

  • Jade

    Did you get information on the D800?? Heard that sensor will be the same as the one in the D4 and not a 36MP..

    • The Manatee

      Yes, crosspost from another thread:


      Any comment on this, admin?

      • Who’s that guy ?!?

      • Jade

        Hmm seems that Admin needs to clarify. Nikon staff may try to confuse us by saying that but at least they told the same thing to two different persons. My info is not from that guy.

      • John Richardson

        I still think 36. Look the D700 was pretty much a D3, but it was customizable by adding a battery pack. It took sales away from the D3, after all it was a cheaper path to the same end. I think they may have learned their lesson.

        Making the D800 36 with the same pixel density as the D7000 would be a better way to go. The D800 would be FX, with a D7000 with better software and pipeline in the DX crop mode. A completely different animal than the D4 and a completely different market is covered. I just can’t see them screwing up like they did with the D3/D700.

      • I still think 36mp as well. Taking sales away from a D4 doesn’t make sense. If they were to do this, it wouldn’t be a month after the introduction of the D4, more like 12-18 months later. Why not a 36MP D800 now and a D700s with the D4 sensor in spring of 2013? Makes more sense to me, by then anyone wanting a D4 will have one, D800 for those that need the resolution, then extend the life of the D4 sensor in a smaller body and make everyone else happy. The D400 will slot in there as well as a high end DX.

        • Zeke

          “Taking away sales” from another product by the same manufacturer is a) very hard to prove and b) isn’t necessarily bad for the seller.

          The lack of a D800-that’s-almost-a-D4 may not result in more D4 sales. It may result in more Canon 5D sales. Nikon cannot take for granted that by not making a more competitive D800 they will capture those customers with the D4.

          And if there’s more margin in a D800, Nikon may be happy that you got it instead of the D4.

          In the end, if a D800 with a feature set that overlaps broadly with the D4 is better in terms of overall net revenue for Nikon – for whatever reason – they’ll do it.

      • I still believe the D800 will have 36MP. Of course this is just a rumor – everything is possible.

    • I doubt that

  • Zim

    I like that flip up monitor on the Nikon 1

    • ShaoLynx

      Yeah, the 1-system promises to be rather versatile.
      I tried the FT1 adapter + TC (x2) + 70-200 VRII and freehand shoot (for) the Moon.
      I do believe that it is no substitute for the IQ of my D700, but with that crop factor of 2.7 it gives you extra reach on the tele-end of the spectrum.
      Here’s the link:

      • ShaoLynx

        Yet again, posting the HTML-grab from Flickr doesn’t work as it should.
        Second try: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shaolynx/6668872981/

      • ShaoLynx

        Peter (NR-admin): as per your email request, I repeated the post and was able to reproduce the issue.

  • AnoNemo

    And Nikon now has all these video dslrs and mirrorless and still does not offer an LED Light/Flash.

    I wonder why they introduced the D4 first and not the D800. The D4 is clearly for the masses and D800 will be only for the pros… and then CES stands for CONSUMER…. I am sarcastic here but if we think about it we have to say Nikon still does not get it. 😉

    • Erational

      D4 is for the pros, the D800 will be an upper-range prosumer camera. The D800 will not have the low-light ability and speed of the D4.

      • AnoNemo

        Yes, I know that. My point was that CES is much closer to consumer products than to Pro products. Therefore one would expect that a company like Nikon would introduce consumer related products for an even like this (CES).

  • Jade

    D4 is the new flagship, D800 is still a rumor.

  • PJS

    Looks like someone “borrowed” a couple of lenses in that first shot….

  • Yeah! D5100 video rig, but no manual video control yet =D

  • broxibear

    Hi Peter/admin,
    So what did you make of CES 2012 ?
    From the oustside looking in it seemed a little lack lustre, as if people were just going through the motions…what did it feel like actually being there ?
    P.S. Did you hear these comments from Nikon D4 engineer Toshiaki Akagi…
    Q. Both SanDisk and Lexar have told us that XQD is not on their product roadmap currently. Have any companies other than Sony told you they will be making XQD cards?
    A. At this moment we don’t know which companies will be making XQD, other than Sony.

    • CES was a mad house – 153,000 visitors, 3100 companies. Every Internet connection around the convention center was down, including cell phone coverage. I have to catch up on all the news I missed during the week. This comment on the memory cards is weird, I cannot believe that other companies will not jump in.

    • AXV

      So that’ why they kept the second CF = Betamax, HD-DVD and now XQD…
      A superior format thrown in the bin because of porn…

  • GeofFx

    I love the first picture in this thread. The look on that guy’s face, looking up at the Nikon logo, is perfect. It could be interpreted so many different ways… a couple anyway.

  • I shot the images at the last day by my Leica M9 🙂 enjoy,

  • kokko

    Hopefully D800 will have 20-24MP. 36MP for D4x.

  • alwyn

    When will ppl learn to believe only when they see it. The D4 is what? a 16mp sensor? Yet every Tom Dick and Nancy were claiming to have inside knowledge of a higher mp sensor. We’ll only know what the D800 is going to have when it is released so stop eating every word that is printed

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