Nikon D4 pre-orders now opened at OneCall

Nikon D4 pre-orders are now opened at OneCall.

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  • Open or not open.

    • d

      Don’t be a douche, he obviously meant “now” open. You could have followed the link/used common sense to deduce that much.

      • Earl

        Only a douche would chat with a douche.

        • d

          Haha. Oh the irony.

          • Earl

            You chated again?…

      • typing on an iPhone, damn autocorrect

      • A douche? How rude.

        • Ren Kockwell

          Nit-picking a minor spelling flub in a public forum? How equally rude.

  • frAnk

    So, the D4s are everywhere. They are not in shor supply.

    • Global

      I can’t wait for a D4-S.

      Need ever-more low-light! 🙂

  • Fukushima

    Made in Japan > What about radioactivity ?

    • frAnk

      That comes free, no charge… enjoy it.

      • ghg


    • d

      Yes, sadly they didn’t bother to check whether it was safe or not and as a result they’re all going to be highly radioactive. Tumours ahoy!

      • Tumour boy

        I love tumours!

      • Andrew

        You sound like an expert! So why am I surprised that your logic fails.

        Is it true that something is “highly radioactive” simply because someone did not check it? It is like saying you do not own a Nikon camera because we did not check whether you owed a Nikon camera.

        The way you check whether something is radio active or not is with a Geiger Counter. The US customs will not allow any product into the country that is radioactive.

        • d

          Sorry, should have included my tags.

        • ghg

          it;s a joke man…. relax

    • I_ROUTE

      That is how they get the high IOS for low light…

      Built in night vision.


    • Andrew

      It only reacts with the photographic material – i.e. the sensors.

      • Andrew

        These cameras will be valuable in 30 years when the radioactive isotopes would have reached half-life. Disclaimer – I know absolutely nothing about what I am talking about.

  • d

    Out of curiosity, is the price likely to drop? I know prices for the lower con/prosumer models often dip pretty shortly after release, does the same thing happen with the pro models?

    • burak

      pretty shortly after release dip feature costs extra..

    • frAnk

      In case you wonder about the pricing, just checking with ebay.
      The price for a D2H is a good indication of what a D4 would worth shortly.

    • Not likely. Nikon pro bodies hold their values really well. Search for “D3 body” on ebay and you’ll still see them selling for $3200 — and they were about $5000 when they were first released. That’s not much loss in value over 3-4 years.

      • d

        Nah I meant new. As in, when the D7k came out it was a certain price, a month or two later most retailers had dropped it ~£100.

        I’m wondering if similar things happen with the top of the line. I assume there’s not much need as demand at the beginning as demand would be so high but I don’t know. My interest is purely for curiosity, as I sure as hell don’t have £5k to drop on a camera.

        • Spooky

          I think they will sell for a bit more not less as long as Nikon cannot keep up with the demand….

  • Ren Kockwell

    One what?

  • john

    everyone’s a comedian here

  • Andy Cooper

    Just wait for the D5 it is going to be great!

  • KL

    Is the D4 showing up in stores on February 12?

  • arizonaSteve

    Does anyone have experience buying from ?

    I only use Adorama and BH (and sometimes JR), but the educational institution that I am affiliated with doesn’t like it when I spend over a certain amount with a single “unapproved” vendor. I am always looking to branch out to other reliable vendors.

    • KL

      They’re an authorized dealer.

    • Andrew

      I have purchased expensive Klipsch speakers from They are a very reputable dealer. Prompt shipment. My experience was that they shipped factory new products. They are a Nikon Authorized Dealer. I would not hesitate to order a product from them anytime.

    • Kelly Jones

      Onecall is a local outfit here in Spokane, WA USA. Onecall is the online division of Huppins, which is a local store that has been around for a long time. I buy most of my camera stuff from them and they are a good and reliable company.

  • AnoNemo


    Has anyone told Nikon what CES actually stands for? Just the first letter should have explained in fu***n’ Japan that it is CONSUMER!!!! Now explain this when D4 is for the crowd! Of course, the socker or sucker moms loved that big robust (D4) body…..


  • If one wonders where to buy, B & H is the only place I go. But the real question with all these “pre-sales” would be to have an idea as to when the D4 will arrive in the US. Does anyone have an idea about this? Before February 16th? Late January? Anyone know?

    • Andrew

      I am sure B&H is reputable, but it is not the only place to go. I have ordered products from a number of big Internet retailers (many of which have advertised here at Nikon Rumors) and have been quite pleased. But I do not want to take this space to advertise any company which I think will not be fair.

    • Andrew

      Note: Since this blog is about OneCall and they are an Authorized Nikon Dealer, I would recommend them, because my experience with them from a previous order on an expensive item has been exceptional.

  • John Richardson

    A Geiger Counter would be cool for me, I live 2 hours from Chernobyl.

  • I spoke to one of the Nikon guys at the boot at CES. He told me the first people to get the cameras will be NPS members. The next batch will go to photogs shooting the olympics. After that, the general public will get them. So, yes, they’ll start shipping on Feb, 16th, but the NPS members who pre-ordered (they supposedly got a special pre-order invite from Nikon) will be the first ones to be greeted by the UPS man. I was told not to expect Adorama or Amazon or B&H to be able to actually fill their orders until sometime in March.

    I spoke to a gentleman from Adorama who told me they had over 600 orders on their site within 8 hours of starting to accept pre-orders. So, the moral of the story is, yes, the camera will ship on time, but for those of us who are not NPS members or those who didn’t get their pre-order in early, be prepared for a long wait.

  • Roberto

    Why all the stores has the SAME price?

  • NoName

    VERY interesting new: the store at the corner of my street accepts preoders !!!

  • Reinhardt

    So this is nice and cheap then? $$$ is all these companies give a s**t about thats why nikon raised the D7000 cost here in the UK just because of the flooding. Just when you get close to saving the prices always go up and thats when you realise how this photography hobby is no longer about the photos.

  • anne

    Nikon D4 is so cool! I guess it was a charm for my brother to win the Pixo photo of the year. Also, returning the gratitude to this guy-Alex Switalksi who gave me a huge introductory sale to D4 in NYC , you might wanna try calling him if you want more options before buying, 866-493-7117 , . Thought it might help


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