Nikon D4 leaked in French magazine

The French magazine Responses Photo published an article about the upcoming Nikon D4 camera. See the entire page 1 and page 2. Of course the D4 looks exactly like the image I posted a week ago. The ISO range is again listed as 100-12,800.

The weight of the D4 is listed as 1,34kg, where the D3s weights 1,24kg. I guess the previous leak about "substantially lighter body" was wrong.

The price is listed as EUR 5,800.

Here is the back and side view of the Nikon D4:

Partial translation:

"The D4's new 91000 exposure sensor is detailed enough to allow face recognition without the need for live view. This feature was tested with success by the editors of that magazine.

In the article it is specified the D4 body is 45g lighter than the D3s. (The difference is probably due to the weight with or without battery).

Slightly larger screen."

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  • james

    It’s alive!

    • Banned

      The article says the D4 is 45 g lighter than the D3s…

      • broxibear

        Hi Banned,
        I’d wait for the weight (no pun intended)…many sites, inc Nikon themselves, show the camera weight without battery, this article doesn’t mention if it’s with or without battery weight.

      • Paul

        I hope it is indeed lighter.

  • fidel barro

    yeah baby

  • Raymond

    WOW !! D4 is very handsome!

  • tabs


  • im’crapyinventor’too

    the new weapon for photo journalist….now, where is the d800?

    • Worcester Sauce

      D800 does NOT exist…. has never existed either

      Is just a fake for another half a year and won’t see the daylight before Sony announces their next Full Frame Camera.

    • Allan

      Who cares about the D800 – the D4 is coming

      • Patrik

        I like the cookie, er, D800. Please?!

      • Landscape Photo

        “Who cares about the D800?”

        I do care about the D800, but not much about the D4 !

        Why? Too bulky, too expensive & not enough resolution

        D800, come ASAP, better before CP+ Show on Feb. 2012.

  • photowebbz

    Can’t wait to hear what those who said that pic was fake will have to say about this. *waits patiently*

    • Jason

      Just because it’s in print doesn’t mean it’s the Gospel. When Nikon releases it I’ll believe it but the biggest flag is the FX tag on the body, all new Nikon flagships from now on are going to be FX so why put that on the body?

      • K

        I agree. I also noticed the Nikon logo on the body. Why would Nikon put their logo on the camera if all new Nikon flagships from now on are going to be Nikon anyways? I don’t see the point.

        • Jason

          So fanboys like you can get super excited and swear this is the year you sell your d40 and move to a pro body. You also should see if your local dealer has a hat and shirt combo for preordering.

          • thegregferris


  • Psycho McCrazy

    maybe the weights are with/without battery or strap or something. because the text in the magazine pages does say something about 45 g.

    • Psycho McCrazy

      page 2, third column, 4th line from bottom!

      • Nat

        The article say that the new body (D4) is 45g lighter than the previous one. Huh huh…

        It also confirms the uncompressed HDMI output.

  • French Fries

    A BIG dissappointment against the Canon 1D X.
    Some people at Canon will have a good day.

    • D40-owner

      How do you take that?
      What in the D4 is a disapointment?

      • French Fries

        It has lesser specifications overall.

        D4 against 1D X:
        AF is not as good
        ISO range is less
        Speed is less
        Megapixels is less
        The implementation of the second memory card is NOT done smartly. (much easier of having two and the same cards for memory)

        I see the D4 as a dissapointment.

        • Marco

          Well native ISO range is less…with boost it’s the same. doesn’t mean noise performance will be worse or better

        • Allan

          Who cares about spec. let’s see the picture quiality, then you can start whiiiining

          • Marco

            good point

        • I think this idiot is Gyrowriter. 🙂

          • Gyrowriter

            Nope, not me.

          • Any Anon

            Or did you mean Genotypewriter 😉

            • Genotypewriter

              Not me either

        • Luis

          If you think that, buy the 1Dx. In order to respond; the AF system on Nikon has always been better, it’s a fact, now Canon has launched a new AF system but there are no tests of it yet, we don’t now how it will work. About ISO, we now that nikon handles better iso than canon, fact number two. Speed and Megapixels are less? ok, right, it doesn’t matter really if you are shooting 10 0r 11fps with a buffer of 5 raw files and a transfer rate of 30, unlike the D4 which can use the new memory cards, shooting raw and transferring that at 250mbps rate is something every sports photographer has dream of. Clicking 10fps to the infinity… I wish I could have a taste of that!

          • Luis

            For video junkies, have you seen the audio jack on the D4? and the missing one on the 1Dx? Video fans will looooove monitoring audio with the D4.

          • fact??

            > it’s a fact
            > fact number two

            Where do you get those *facts*? From *some* websites? From the God of Photography? Fanboys are funny animal.

    • Psycho McCrazy

      go haunt canonrumors, we don’t need you screwing up the waiting lists for the D4

      (please forgive me if I am too crass! I am a bit drunk!)

      • French Fries

        I see you are dissapointed as well, otherwise you would have replied much politer.

      • Gpereir4

        Haha! +1

    • cpm5280

      Umm…huh? How is this such a big disappointment? You were expecting a 5k, 120 fps, ISO to 204800 and 80 MP in a 600g body?

      • FM2Fan

        for 999 USD … needless to say.

        any “disappointment” is not based on actual look and feel, image quality, usability … come on, wait until you’ve experienced it yourself.

        • George

          That’s $999 WITH a kit lens I hope? If not, I’m out and I’m switching to Cosina.

    • truepic

      I think you could be right. Still I’ll wait to get a little hands on before trashing to much. I may be surprised 🙂

    • OsoSolitario

      Yes… but who hits first, hits twice!
      Congratulations to NR admin. Leaks were almost 100% acurate!

      • which is why I never rate them at 100% 🙂

        • George

          Why not? If they can have SANITATION ratings for restaurants here that go up to 105%, why can’t you go to 100% and then let the actual results be 105%?


  • ys

    Huh .. no AE-Lock button …

    • R.

      There are three buttons at the top of the camera. But yes, it’s weird.

  • D40-owner

    That AF-on button for the vertical grip looks much better placed than the D3. Good.
    And the grip, it just begs to be gripped…. looks so good… 😀

    • Paul

      Agreed, the placement has always been a bit awkward. Now it’s fixed!

  • ennan

    Sexy beast. I want it!

  • Jabs

    Almost there with the new generation of Nikon’s amazing flagship Part 1 – maybe.

    Now on to the expected D4X and then the D800.

    I wonder if the D4X will be a D800 with the body and build quality plus packaging of the D4? Higher price 36megapixel body or a higher megapixel plus costlier body.

    • A.T.M.

      This is what I am waiting for, if so when could we expect the D4X?

  • “un pro en attendant le d800”
    waiting for the D800. . . .

    • Shardayyy

      “a pro until the d800”

  • truepic

    Too many rubber plugs on the side. Look’s like it’s going to leak lol!!!

    • cpm5280

      I like it this way. If I’m on a 6-hour timelapse, and have external power, or an external monitor attached, why have all the other ports exposed? A pro body has god weather sealing for a reason, and this strikes me as just extending the same caution to the large number of ports.

      • Javier


      • RM

        Exactly, people are actually complaining about too many openings. Why would you want to expose 8 ports, sockets, plugs to moisture, salt, dirt, sand just to use 1 of them? That would be mighty stupid, glad nikon isn’t.

  • Patrick Ticman

    How much is it going to cost?

    • R.

      The magazine mentioned 5800 euro.

  • Gotcha !!! See each other following February 😉

  • OK, now move on and bring that D400 I´m waiting for… and the 18-300mm for us hobbyist photographers as a “always on” lens.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      OK, now move on and bring that D5

  • Bubba

    ISO 12,800 and 102,400 is pretty much the same thing, right? 😉

    • PHB

      Yep, they are.

      It is just the difference between counting the hi ISO stops as base ISO and not doing so.

  • Toby

    Farewell, red triangle, I loved you so much. :<

    • Psycho McCrazy

      though I also love the big red stripe on my F5!

      • Toby

        Like a F4 on steroids. 😛

        • Psycho McCrazy


  • 1st 🙂

    And about this monster..I just wonder how lighter can it be comparing to actual D3 body? What other materials are used than usual magnesium alloy?

  • It’s a leaky world.

    -The Real Ron Scubadiver

  • ISO 12800 o 102400 this is the question.

    p.s. now the article on Well Fargo Advisor is no longer available

    • Nat

      The article says that the ISO range is limited by default to ensure a fast burst processing.
      So it means 100-12800 for native ISO range (and auto ISO I guess) and Hi-1, Hi-2, Hi-3 & Hi-4 for 25600, 51200, 102400 and 204800 ? Look strange… Maybe there’ll be “extended ISO range” setting.

    • yep, several websites have published the entire article, just search for it

  • Marcus


    • Rob

      really?….I’d take the D4 in low light ANY day…and the D4 is WAY tougher…I’d be more comfortable with the D4 for any artic/cold climates or deep jungle/rain forest photoshoots….you can keep your dainty, fragile Canon…

      • Simon

        How do you know the D4 is tougher? Did you had a go at cracking it over your head?

      • crazy ,… canon fragile .Common .

  • Apaju

    Looks a lot uglier than D3 series 🙁

    • Henry

      Agreed… I think the design for D3 is better

      • Luis

        I really like it, it looks nasty!


    AF switch in D7000 style! ouch 🙁

  • Ken Elliott

    It looks like we have good clearance for the tilt/shift lenses and PB4 Bellows. I wish the port covers were round so I could easily make my own waterproof boots for cable connections.

  • Mouonline

    Wow, cool baby… By the way where is my d800

  • David

    Disappointing. On d3/700/300 to go from single to continuous af all I have to do is to move one lever down in front of the camera. Looks like on d4 they removed that capacity and went d7000 route where u have to press and hold the button and then scroll one of the wheels to the right mode. What took 1/2 swc before now will take 6 times more
    Time because they removed physical switches in front and the back. Why make it

    • Psycho McCrazy

      I have to go into the MENU to change to AF-S on my D70!!!!

      this is much faster!!

      and if implemented as on the D7000, it actually gives a fair bit of flexibility about the various AF point expansion modes using the front dial!!!!

    • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

      Once you get used to it, you’ll change it just as fast.
      You move your left hand off the lens and hit the button, and by the time your left hand is back on the lens your right thumb has moved over the command dial, simple as that!
      That is, if you change the settings from “hold the button and change” to “click the button and change”
      Once you get used to it, you will enjoy the flexibility.

    • I actually am glad they made the AF mode like the D7000. It happend on many occasions that I switched to manual mode without realizing it. Too eazy to change. In a wedding or in any situation where you relay on the Autofocus to work fast and accurately, this change is going to be useful. They could have made it HARDER to switch maybe? lol 😉 Rock on, I am getting a D4.

  • Nobody Special

    Nice looking camera. Then the back and all the ‘dang buttons!!!

    I like simple, but the ‘cluttered’ back lay-out won’t keep me from buying it. So the weight is basically the same, what about the size?

    • BornOptimist

      from the pictures: 160 x 157 x 91mm, 1.34kg

    • broxibear

      Hi Nobody Special,
      According to the articles figures the D4 is a few mm bigger in all directions, here’s a quick side by side (it may not be 100% accurate as far as size goes)
      Yeah the back is cluttered, but I guess if you want video then you have to put the buttons somewhere ?
      The price suggested seems far more realistic as far as the UK is concerned, around £4800…I remeber when the D3s was released it was £1000 more than the D3, the current price of the D3s is £3400.

      • Psycho McCrazy

        bro! you’re good with the comparo pics. Kudos!

        let the good times roll! (wait, that is the Kawasaki motto!!)

    • George

      What the hell is everyone talking about? Button clutter and more buttons?

      I just counted and there are only three more buttons on the back in the pic comparison…?

  • Borneo Pete

    I am so getting one this year!!

  • C’est agréable de voir un article en français sur nikonrumors. (fun in french, on nikonrumors).

  • Marco

    the d4 weight may include battery where the d3s does not

  • John Smith

    Credits to French Fries for this.
    Unfortunately I have to agree with him. The D4 is a disappointment compared to the 1DX.

    D4 against 1D X:
    AF is not as good
    ISO range is less
    Speed is less
    Megapixels is less
    The implementation of the second memory card is NOT done smartly. (much easier of having two and the same cards for memory)

    I see the D4 as a dissapointment.

    • Jimmy

      French Fries = John Smith

    • glenn

      How can u call it a dissapointment if you havent seen the camera yet???
      Do u actually know how silly it sounds if u tell ‘less Mpix’ ???
      Did u EVER made a picture at 16mp and 18mp ???
      You would see its really really really tiny more pixels you cant even notice the difference on a computer screen let alone in print size.

      I will (dis)agree with you AFTER i’ve seen the ISO results of real life footage pictures, when it’ll probably wipe the floor with any other brand. . .

      • Jimmy

        French Fries/John Smith would deffo see the difference between a 16 and 18 megapixel camera, Glenn.

    • BornOptimist

      Seriously, how many brain-cells did you (and French Fries) use to come to this conclusion – one?
      French Fries diserves no credit at all. All it tells me, is that he has absolutely no clue whatsoever about cameras. He just read numbers, and credit is not deserved for just beeing able to read.

    • Well, now that we know the specs for the D4 I guess it’s safe for you to go and order your 1Dx. Sorry to disappoint you. For the rest of us, the specs are virtually identical, the D4 is $800 cheaper and will be available two months sooner. So if taking actual pictures is your priority, and a camera of this caliber will make your life easier and give you a good return on your investment, there is no disappointment. If past performance is any indicator of future image quality, then the D4 will probably be the better choice in that area as well.

  • How bad is their math? 6000$ turns into 5800€ while the exchange rate is much higher so it would be like 4700€ ?
    100.000 yen = 1000 €
    100.000 yen = 1300 $
    So it should have a retail price of 7500$ instead of 6000$,
    if the 5800€ tag is correct. . .

    • Psycho McCrazy

      Euro price always includes a very heft VAT, and usually is close to the number of US$’s it costs across the pond!

      • glenn

        than i’m basically f********* for the d800 ,
        if value is 4000$ i wont get it in my hands for 3000€
        which is DEF my spending limit 🙁 🙁

        • Jason

          Just wait for some Nikon fanboy to sell his D3s on the cheap and you’ll be just as happy

          • sk


        • Psycho McCrazy

          Don’t worry. You’re not in the worst off place. Back in my home country (India), the prices are way higher! And the falling Indian Rupee against the $, Euro and Yen means that this will be even costlier!!!!!

          • hi dude.In which part of India you’re from

            • I mean “from which part ”

              Typo error lol

            • Psycho McCrazy

              NCR. Not in India curr. though.

    • @Glenn, Germany has 19% sales tax plus import duties. Switzerland has 21% sales tax! I don’t know about the other EU nations, but they are all very high.

      • lassimango

        I’m from Switzerland and the sales tax in Switzerland is 8%. For books and travels it’s even lower (2,4-3%). The problem in Switzerland isn’t the sales tax, but import restrictions from Nikon itself.
        Luckily they got fined by the Swiss government with 12 Mio. SFr for setting unfair import restrictions. So we’ll see how the prices develop over here. Either way, the D4 and D800 are too pricey for me.

      • yalishanda

        @ DrSCSI
        Swittzerland has no sales tax only VAT and it’s 8%.

        • George

          Sales tax, VAT…it’s all the same when you have to pay it.

          Sweden has (last time I looked) 25% tax AND there is also customs to pay so cameras ARE more expensive there.

  • Sexy camera!

  • CAT

    Beautiful design!

  • jen

    Back of camera is a HUGE CF!

  • Tim

    Off the top of my (English) head, but some key bits of this announcement read something like:

    “the D4 replaces the D3s and is an evolution of the D3 from 2007”

    “the ‘pixel rich’ version D3x…remains on the catalogue for now, waiting for an eventual “D4x”.

    “and is judged to be sufficient [16mp resolution] for the those who use this body” (referring to its pixels vs amateur model of more than 20 mp)

    It has a 400,000 cycle shutter life!

    ‘The D4 is the fastest camera ever made’

    ‘We find the same AF module CAM 3500 FX as the D3, with its 51 points and 11 dynamic AF points’

    ‘AF selection has been simplified’

    ‘the excellent viewfinder remains identical [to the D3s]”

    ‘Wait until next month for a full test!’

    So this is an evolution and not the revolution we saw between the D2x and the D3. Certainly as a new body it is probably unbeatable in the news/ sports genre, but I’m not going to be rushing out and selling my D3s to replace it. I’ll rather wait on the D800 to give me a hi-res option for those situations that demand it. No mention of any lenses though…

  • R!

    price a lot cheaper than Canon’s sounds good!!

    • R!

      …at this level of price , a 2000$ diference is a big thing,and at this level of price you get 1st or second best quality possible It dozent really mater!!!!!freshh!!!this iz for Zapp luvers and misspelling haterz!!!!!f…f….fresh!!!!!

      • dwd

        Forget translating the article, can anyone translate this guys comment?

  • Frank Zehnder

    and don’t forget the price in the french magazine stated at Euro 5’800

  • Jason

    If this camera sucks I’m selling my whole Nikon kit and moving to Canon.

    • No one


  • I have to admit I was incredibly excited by the idea of improved AF, quite extended native ISO, and a significantly lighter body for $6000. I was 100% prepared to buy one. This dramatically changes my attitude about it.

  • Where is the AF-L and AE-L button? Guess we will have to wait until tomorrow to see some hi-res images and more details.

  • JB

    Woohoo! I ordered two bodies from my pro dealer months ago. I’ll get two of the first D4s available (overdue update of my current D3S bodies).

  • anon

    Ah its so fun to come on here. Nice little giggle at the ridiculous comments from, I’m sure many (not all), who will never own or use a camera like this.

    1) the current cameras are amazing anyway. A photographer makes the picture not a camera…… thats just a tool, but if you want to get into specs……
    2) How can you go stats bashing a camera for apparently not matching the canon. Its the quality of the picture that matters, not the numbers in a press release. Nobody here has seen the pictures yet.
    3) The MP war is ridiculous and the 2mp diff between nikon and canon is nothing if the Nikon still outperforms it in the image noise stakes. Wait for test pictures.
    4) This body is primarily aimed at professional news/sports snappers who value ISO performance over Pixel count. A 30mp camera that produces shit at night is useless.
    5) More than 16/18 whatever MP starts to make massive files too which is counterproductive if you want to quickly ingest/process/send images.
    6) Complaining it only goes to ISO 12,800 native… HA. Get real. Thats stunning if useable.
    7) If you need to print massive and shoot in a studio with lights etc do the job properly and buy a Hasselblad. That isn’t the focus of these DSLR bodies.

    Rant over.

    • david distefano

      just 10 seconds before i read your post i said exactly the same thing to my wife. i read this site mostly for the comedy and secondly for nr’s juice tidbits. your post is what i say to people all the time. photographers make the images not the cameras. if these people really want to shoot fantastically detailed images with digital, they should move up to the Betterlight scanback with its 300mb files. why do you think the the best photo magazine in america today still will not accept digital images for its publications. it will only accept 4×5 FILM or larger.

    • @Anon, I couldn’t have said it better.

      I share 100% share your opinion. I will be getting a D4 because, let’s be honest, it looks freaking amazing lol Won’t be able to wait after the D800.

      Rock on.

  • StefanosL

    The switch for the AF-modes on the back is gone?
    Along with the lack of the AL_Lock button missing is this a real photo?

    • Jason

      They are moved to the top

  • Brian

    If I remember correctly, wasn’t there supposed to be a big surprise with this camera? Some kind of tech advance? I think Thom hogan may have reported hearing something about this as did nikon rumors? Maybe something to do with AF?

  • JCap

    Hey Admin! Notice the headphone logo on the input panel? I like.

  • bp

    fake…. the pixels don’t even match.. that handgrip texture looks just wrong!! obvious fake.. the blur needs a little more work.. blah blah blah.. worst photoshop technique I’ve ever seen..

    fake detective.

    • Fake Detective Lt.

      Something feels fake about your post.

  • Marco

    Plus, sounds ridicolous the D4 has less MP and a smaller ISO range.

    I say the native ISO range of D4 is shorter than 1Dx but the 51.200 Boost on D4 will be as good as the 51.200 native on 1Dx.

    It’s just a matter of labeling.

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