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Nikon D5100 unofficial “StarWars” theme firmware now available

After Nikon’s firmware was successfully decrypted, we now have the first unofficial “StarWars” firmware update for the Nikon D5100. The new beta firmware includes only changes of the camera’s menu labels: Holocron – Playback menu Weapon System – Shooting menu Super Stardestroyer – Custom Setting menu Hyperdrive – Setup Menu Go to Dagobah Luke – Format Memory Card […]

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Weekly Nikon news flash #142

Ubertronix Strike Finder lets you take pictures of lightnings, popping balloons and even speeding bullets. Phottix Aion wireless timer and shutter release is now shipping (compatible with Nikon cameras). New book: David Busch’s Nikon Coolpix P7100 Guide to Digital Photography. Nikon D90 now sells for 814.99. My guess is that those are the last shipments. RIP Nikon […]

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Compatibility issues with NIK Color Efex Pro after installing Nikon Capture NX2 v2.3.0

Several readers reported issues with their NIK Color Efex Pro software after installing the latest version 2.3.0 of Nikon Capture NX. The new Color Efex Pro 4 will not work with Capture NX v2.3.0 (source): Does Color Efex Pro 4 work in Capture NX 2? The Capture NX 2 software from Nikon does not support Nik Software’s […]

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Happy Holidays!

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Upcoming Nikon products – all you need to know (recap)

   A lot of information was reported here in the past 3 months. If you have missed any posts, here is a recap of all upcoming Nikon products: Nikon D800 – already announced 36 MP sensor (7360×4912) 100% viewfinder coverage Improved AF with face recognition – the D800 will still have 51 points AF point CF+SD memory […]

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Nikon D800 shows us its dark left side

This Nikon D800 image was sent to me anonymously without any further explanations. Some of the camera design details are consistent with the previous D800 images but I have no idea if this is real or fake. For comparison, here is a side image of the Nikon D700:

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Nikon D400 will not be announced before the D800/D4

As of today I don’t have any details on the Nikon D400 DSLR camera (or whatever the D300s replacement will be called). The only information I received is that the Nikon D400 will be released in 2012 after the D800/D4 announcements (I was told in March). It’s just too early to consider this information as reliable. Maybe Nikon will really […]

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Nikon Capture NX 2.3.0 (64-bit) and View NX 2.2.5 released today

The previous rumors about a 64 bit support in Capture NX materialize today with the new version 2.3.0. Nikon also released ViewNX v2.2.5.

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