Nikon press conference on January 6th, 2012 in Thailand

Nikon will have a press conference in Nikon's headquarters in Thailand on January 6th, 2012 under the slogan "The image you are waiting for". I already mentioned that Nikon will announce the D4 and a new AF-S 85mm f/1.8G lens on January 6th, 2012. There is also a chance that some of the other upcoming Nikon products on this list might be announced for the 2012 PMA show.

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  • nikon update full frame 20mm f2.8 and 35mm f2 to af-s …dammit .

    • Oh yeah, the 35 f/2! I keep wishing for a 24 f/2 but I’d settle for a 35 f/2 AFS-G and a 20 f/2.8 AFS-G, for sure. Man that’d be a wicked combo!


  • Dear Nikon: Thank you so much for the 85mm f/1.8 AFS-G, I hope. If it’s as good as the 50 f/1.8 AFS-G, I’ll certainly buy one for $500 or so.

    Next please consider updating the venerable 24mm f/2 AIS from it’s original 1977 (!!!) optical design and manual focus, for those of us who don’t care to spend an arm and a leg for f/1.4 but would like to do better than f/2.8.

    Or at the very least, in 2012 can we get AFS-G updates to either the 18, 20, or 24 f/2.8?

    AF-D was great but with 16-36 megapixels coming down the pipe, well, we cannot survive on f/2.8 and f/1.4 behemoths!!!

    Take care,

    • Chris

      In keeping the filter size of the NEW 50mm F1.8G at 58mm to the 50mm F1.4G…can we expect that the NEW 85mm F1.8G to be 77mm filter thread as well with it’s older brother the 85mm F1.4G? Is it possible as well that the new 85mm F1.8G will have 9 aperture blades?

  • Elmo

    I think ScottMac will loose 1000 dollar…

      • Elmo

        simple chinese is my native language so sorry for bad writing

      • Douglas Adams

        I react in such circumstance in similar manner! If it so happens that they have some complaints about my written English, just tell them to switch to my native language, i.e., Croatian..! Or some other languages that I also speak… That usually solves the quarrel…

  • R!

    what we really need :
    AFS G:
    8 F 2,8
    14 F 2.8
    20 F 2.8
    35 F 2
    50 F 1.2 or 0.95 micro
    85F 1.8
    100 F 2.8
    105 F2 DC VR
    135 F2 DC VR
    150 F 2.8 VR micro
    300 F 4 VR
    70-200 F4 VR
    70-300 F 4 VR

    thanks in advance R!
    ps:I believe in Santa claus!

    • WoutK89

      I would prefer 180/2.8 micro-nikkor or will even do for f/3.5 if sharp.

      • R!

        Ok , I agree I also forgot a micro zoom like a 70 / 180 f 4 vr micro,and I also think that a 50/500 F4 vr could be nice also,like the Sigma one etc…Its a Wish list , of course we wont get all this until 2020!!!!!!!!

        • R!

          18 300 vr & 16 85 vr sound nice for DX !

    • Steve Starr

      I second a really wide like an 8mm f/2.8. Maybe even something as nice as their 14-24mm f/2.8 in a 8-14mm f/2.8 range too.

      I need more wide angle for interiors.

      • kyoshinikon

        They have a 10mm f/4 fx aspherical patent they just released (I would buy that in a heartbeat if released… (2.8 would be nicer though)

      • R!

        Yup , since Canon and Sigma did It ,8 16 zoom is a must !!!!!

    • Hhom Togan

      50mm f/1.2 Micro? eh…

      If you require crazy DOF for macro photography get a tilt shift lens…

      • R!

        I mean a 50 1.2 or /and a 50 micro for midle size or reproduction of canvas and sculptures , the AIS 55 mm micro still in production because It is the one of the sharpest lens ever ,the 50 mm will always be the best lenses because of physical.

      • Anders Graverholt

        I would sell my 85 1.4G for a 50 1.2 Micro (NOT dx) any day!
        To me, it would be the perfect walk-around lens (distortion-free landscape/architecture, buckloads of bokeh for portraits, plus I ALWAYS need 1:1 at least once a photo trip).
        It would be on my d700 (soon to be d800?) 99.9 % of the time!

    • Sahaja

      “50 F 1.2 or 0.95 micro”

      micro with a fast aperture like that?

      I don’t understand.

      seems very unlikely.

    • Cristian

      I think you are forgetting a zoom in the range from 80-100mm to 400-500mm af-s vr

    • 120-300 os

      Well i believe in Santa too on the 10 th of december my nickname became real after i year of waiting and rechearch at the net finally for 1999 euro found this Sigma pro lens nikon and canon sony nobody has it and if the price would be sky high.

  • Sebastian

    So here’s my question:
    WHY is none of the short primes being updated, and, even more. Affli g, not translated into a DX lens?
    There must be some reason. Nikon is to some extent aware of what it’s customers want, and short primes are on many people’s wish list.
    I can only think that there is some technical issue. It’s possible that the angle of incidence on the detector is to shallow for a CMOS detector. That might be something that’s easier to fix in zoom lenses (which we have lots of with f less than 35 mm).
    Other than that, I don’t know.
    But there must be SOME reason, especially since there are no 3rd party substitutes in DX, either.

    • Although I could see the need for a DX wide prime like a 24mm pancake, I see at least as much need for wide angle FX primes that are faster than f/2.8, but not as big, heavy and expensive as the f/1.4 24 and 35. In particular, the 35mm f/2 AF-D could use a lot of improvement. Sigma is said to be working on a new line of f/1.8 wide FX primes.

      I suppose everyone has their own priorities.

      • Sebastian

        No, that’s my point. It’s not only about DX primes. The FX ones also have not been updated into the digital age, and I wonder why.
        24 mm cannot be pancake for an SLR. It would need to be retrofocus to keep enough back focal length for the mirror swing. Even with 35 mm it’s like that.

    • As Ron suggested, I think it’s just a matter of priorities. And Nikon had to prioritize their f/2.8 zooms and f/1.4 primes first. They were the most sorely lacking area when compared to Canon’s lineup of current generation pro glass.

      So, NOW Nikon will have time to upgrade and release some more affordable primes, and f/4 zooms. 🙂

      We’ve already seen the 50 f/1.8 AFS-G and the 16-35 f/4 VR and 24-120 f/4 VR.

      Remember, Nikon releases quite a few lenses every year. I think the number was 6-10? I forget, but either way at least 1-3 of those lenses will be the ones we’re all wishing for.


      • Sebastian

        Ok. Let’s see how it plays out. I sure hope you’re right!

    • R!

      cheaper, sell more etc…

    • Sahaja

      If you need a 14 or 15mm wide angle prime for DX get a Pentax

  • T.I.M

    BTW, the $80 mail-in rebate on the Epson 1400 expire 12/31
    That make the printer at $194.95, not bad.
    Fantastic printer, up to 13×19″ (great for 12×18″ photos (30x45cm) using the 13×19 sheets).
    But don’t use it as a “regular” color printer because ink cost will kill you, and try to group your photo printing work to avoid ink waisted.

  • Adam

    Who taught them how to capitalize? We need a big “W” on that “waiting.”

  • cpm5280

    As one NR “fake rumor” after another starts looking like it was true all along, I’m enjoying remembering all those who claimed “these are all just fake stories to drive ad traffic”.

    It’s been a weird year, and I’m glad that NR has been here for the ride.

  • Mr. Lee

    I told you guys over a month ago Nikon was introducing its next DSLR on January 6th! I believe I posted it a few times.

    • broxibear

      Indeed you did Mr. Lee…where did you hear this date from ?

  • Mr. Lee
    • Mr. Lee

      Yep, November 22nd this info was available. NR is just hearing about this now???

      • Mr. Lee

        And two days before that even. Either NR is holding info or they’re getting it really delayed.

        • Hhom Togan

          He likes to create drama to drive more hype in the site… the man has to do some money here too…

          Either way I’m only excited because I will be able to buy cheap D3 and D3s used 😀

          • Rob

            I’ve noticed about 4 times as many D3s bodies for sale in the last couple weeks compared to normal. Either it’s the off season or a lot of people are unloading in preparation for the D4. The price has also stabilized around $4100-$4300, compared to the old $4400-$4700 (which was absurd since you could get a new one with warranty for 5k).

          • Rob

            I’m wondering if the price will drop any more after the announcement. For the past year or so the D3s has gone for about $1700 more than the D3 (both used). If this holds true with the D4 vs D3s, even the current $4100 price would put a used D4 at $5800, which is about right for a $6500 body. If they somehow can sell the D4 at $6200, I guess the D3s might drop another couple hundred, but I was imagining a $6500-$6800 price.

    • AXV

      You are a god amongst mere mortals! When is the D800 coming?

  • Danonino

    I would cry happy tears if Nikon could give me a FF camera with clean iso 6400 and NO BANDING!!!! God Im so tired of my D3…

  • wishing they incorporate radio receivers and transmitter inside bodies and flash and let go of the optics w/c it doesnt work as well in bright sunlight and always needs to be inline of sight. I own poppers and PWs but still I wish of this.

    • Steve Starr

      I agree 100%.

      Light for flash transmission info outdoors is really poor and temperamental if it even works in bright sunlight. They need to go to RF and in the body was well and ditch the light sensor/sending stuff for CLS. There is probably a lot of current wasted in the CLS flash signaling too. No more PocketWizards would be a blessing.

      I suspect even the cell phones could act with RF with their cameras if they wanted. A 13MP Motorola with an internal Pocketwizard anyone?

    • Carsten

      Good idea, but no hope that it will ever happen. Regulations for radio devices differ from country to country and even if Nikon manages this by country-specifc edition: What about travel? – especially for journalists.

      Better to have a small device attached to the body that you can replace by a local model if needed.

  • neversink

    Did you hear????

    Nikon will be announcing (drum roll please)

    800 mm f 1.2 lens only weighing 12 ounces!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously now… let’s get real

  • PeterO

    D3s on sale at Vistek for $4,700 Cdn. The D4 is definitely coming.

    • Rob

      If I wasn’t scared of the remote possibility of a $5999.95 D4, I would buy that right now.

  • Kingyo

    Friday 6th January 2012… The Image You Are Waiting For…

    **drum roll***…
    Tadaaa!! It’s the dark right-side pic of the rumored D800..congratulations! 😀

  • BibiFoc

    Another Coolpix? D7000 in Red? 🙂

  • Clemens

    I do not understand the naivity of some people. As I have posted here several time – a D800 will never come. It happened several times this year: a date was announced. When it approached came a reason for a delay. A camera with 36 mp would be fine, but nothing necessary, and it would be something for a very small market. What I believe to come will be the D400 with 24 mp. Its sensor is already on the market – in halve a dozen Sony-cameras.

    • Mr. Lee

      The D800 will not be announced on January 6th, it will be another FF camera. D800 to follow a few months later.

      • that’s what I heard, D4 on Jan 6th but everything is possible at that point since the D800 was delayed

  • anon99

    I’ll be disappointed if the D800 is indeed 36MP and released early. 36MP on a high-amateur/semi-pro level body is too much at this moment IMO — I don’t think current computer processing power and sensor technology is able to handle, process and resolve such huge pixel data effectively. Maybe an improved FF 24MP would be more appropriate for now, then wait a few years for the 36MP when computer processing power and sensor technology has matured further by then.

    OTOH a 24MP D400 would be very promising, but Nikon will have to do more to improve hish-ISO performance… at least better than on Sony’s a77.

    • Joe

      I agree with the sentiment – 36 MP does seem a little high for computer capabilities at present however I have noticed that as of late there are more PC’s coming out with quad & 6 core CPU’s as well as 6, 8 and 12 GB of RAM… Perhaps Nikon is thinking “forward” (if the 36 MP rumor comes to fruition)?

      A 24 MP D400 would possibly squelch my lust for a D3s – ESPECIALLY if the high ISO was better than the D7K. Is that possible? – We’ll see… If not than I’ll continue to be patient and wait and/or perhaps like others have suggested – I’ll scoop up a good deal or two on some used D3s’.

      • FM2Fan

        No problem – the computer power is not a limitation. The real question is: will 36 MP and high ISO be available? Will the sensor have AF on the sensor for optimal video …

        If you can’t afford 1000 USD for a computer, how much could you spend for the camera and lens, that match performance-wise. Seriously: the computer is just slower, but that is about it.

  • shivaswrath

    $6200 D4?? That’s nuts….I think they’ll price at $5800…(like that’ll make any difference)…

  • Kingyo

    ^^What computers are you using? I’ve processed RAW files from 50-80mp digital backs on current Apple computers just fine. I’m sure there are PCs with equivalent power/specs.
    As with update your camera, eventually it’s time to update your computer & storage.

    • anon99

      I was originally referring to the processing power within the camera hardware, not on a PC (Win, Mac etc.). So at this stage a high pixel count camera like a 36MP grade cannot yield good fps, which is what I don’t like and what I don’t look forward to on a D800.

      Speaking of digital backs… I wonder how much time a current Mac model can process (export) a raw 50-80MP file? On a Mac Pro 1.1 (circa 2006) it takes 30-45 seconds to handle a 33MP raw file, which IMO is considered a bit slow now.

      • FM2Fan

        Why? Maybe that is exactly the innovation: high MP and high FPS – consider Sony with 24 MP at 12 FPS … if a sensor is upbeat, then because of the combination of: MP, FPS, signal/noise, I/O to cache plus the AF support on chip … whatever RED mastered to provie 4K video is the benchmark for Canon and Nikon – …

  • Mojo

    I will somehow happen to be in Bangkok that week…

    Just wonder, for this type of event, do we need an official invitation to get in or is it crash-able?

    • anon99

      Most likely (if not definitely) yes. My understanding is that press conferences and launches are straigntly press and (in the case of Nikon) NPS folks only. All other public Joes are likely to be unwelcome, denied entry to the premises, and, if found crashing, booted out and disgracefully dealt with.

      If you are an NPS member, then you may have a slightly better chance to get in — although nothing is guaranteed on the spot (ie. if you didn’t get invited beforehand).

      For many years I’ve had bad luck trying to get into various local product launches/parties/etc., be that automobiles, photographic and audio/visual equipment, etc. etc. Only a few times some outgoing guests and press folks were kind enough to “smuggle” me the requested materials, ie. press kits and electronic materials, as well as goody packs. In the case of Nikon, a few times I was lucky to have known the launch dates/venues in advance, so even if I didn’t get anything (and especially goody packs — only invited folks have a voucher for that on their exit), I could at least try out the new camera gear with little to no hassle.

      Truth is, when it comes to media and PR, if you have zero status to get close to those circles, you are unlikely to get the complete information on anything.

  • Smudger

    “The image you are waiting for”.

    Now we know; the big anouncement is gonna be a new Nikon logo, guys.

  • Terry

    Wait a minute……as for CPU processing power compared to 36mp cameras and not being able to handle this…. Medium format digital cameras start at 33mp up to +80mp and have been around since about 2006 when companies started to install digital sensors into MF film bodies. MF cameras process a lot more info and have greater file sizes because of this and nobody as far as I know has complained about a computer not being fast enough to process these files. And then, what about RED cameras? +100mp and more and at 1000’s of frames per second.
    A software package like Photoshop craves loads of Ram and benefits a little to a lot by the amount of cores a CPU has. Photoshop can run quite well on a Core I3 processor given that it has loads of memory to be able to handle larger files to process. Nowadays CPU’s are amazingly fast and have no problem processing large files. I have a Core i3 and a Core i5 computers to work with and have given the Core i3 with Photoshop CS5 more than a dozen Raw 12mb files at a time to work on by switching back and forth during processing and only noticed a slight slow down in performance. This is also only with 4gb ram. I then also ran Firefox and Lightroom 3 in the background and was still able to work efficiently enough to continue processing files. It did slow down though but handled everything quite well.

    There will be no problem with processing large files with today’s CPU’s as long as one has enough memory to handle the large files without needing to use much slower hard drive space as some sort of swap file (depending on OS). Nobody needs to worry about this unless they have a totally outdated computer.

  • KCL

    In keeping the filter size of the NEW 50mm F1.8G at 58mm to the 50mm F1.4G…can we expect that the NEW 85mm F1.8G to be 77mm filter thread as well with it’s older brother the 85mm F1.4G? Is it possible as well that the new 85mm F1.8G will have 9 aperture blades?

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