Nikon D3 on the ISS

The above video is an interview with astronaut Mike Fossum about the images he took on board of the ISS with a Nikon D3 camera. Here is the actual timelapse video:

Via Gizmodo

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  • looking for D800 in the space?

    • but now i see how to effectively reduce weight of D3 camera. shoot from the universe 😀

      • Not Surprised

        This would make an excellent video game — you just need a drone ship loaded with nukes and various small countries as targets. Oh wait, that’s real life.

  • 120-300 os

    No looking down to earth for were is the press conf

  • despite the fact that he is in 0 gravity, he appears to be under a lot of pressure, his frontal vein seems to be about to EXPLODE!!!
    or is it just me?

    • iamlucky13

      Being in zero gravity actually makes your face swell up a bit because gravity isn’t generally pulling your blood down towards your feet. I suppose it makes the veins swell a bit, too.

      Really good interview. Mike Fossum is a good public speaker, which is somewhat rare among all the nerdy scientists and engineers in the astronaut corps.

      I guess this kind of smooth time lapse wasn’t really possible before the D3S flew into space. The high speed of the ISS means each exposure has to be short or you end up with a choppy sequence of blurred images.

  • Kind of funny how they are all dressed the same.

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      The Old Navy on the ISS has not a great selection.

    • T.I.M

      It’s to make sure they don’t get lost

  • Art

    It is unfortunate that if the D3 were dropped from the ISS, it would most likely break when it hits the ground.

    I’m going to switch to a Rolleiflex!!!!

    • iamlucky13

      I’m still waiting for the Pop Photo torture test comparison – which camera survives re-entry better: the Nikon D3, or the Canon EOS-1D III?

  • T.I.M

    The girl from the flight control center is cute .

    • Hamuga

      I find it funny cause she apparently does not know how to button her top.

  • Camaman

    The fact that there is a D3 in the video proves that it takes few years for clearing NASA releases to the public…

    • iamlucky13

      And yet I see them on NASA’s various websites within days of them being taken…

  • Never underestimate the power of the DARK SIDE!

    Bring on the D4!!!

    • Nikon since 58

      Was that Dark Side or Dark Slide?

  • broxibear

    Remember that Nikon facebook post saying a photographer is only as good as their equipment ?…
    Should Social Media Be Outsourced?

  • During the dialog about capturing pictures of Australia and Africa using moonlight, Mike Fossum refered to the great colors and subtleties of the colors rendered. My experience and understanding has been that moonlight is monochromatic. What has changed from his perspective ?

  • Ken Hornwell

    Amazing interview. Loved the night footage from the ever-capable D3. The nerdy science chick was real cute too! Thanks for sharing this.

  • There is also photo-blog of Russian astronaut Fyodor Yurchikhin. He publishes quite fascinating pictures taken with Nikon gear. It’s in Russian, but Google translates.

  • nir.exe

    Well, whats good for NASA in good for me 🙂
    I love my D3

  • kerry33

    And normal people still complaint that their D3/D700 iso performance is not good enuff. Plus some even claim they ‘always’ shoot ISO 12,800 to justify their needs. ‘

    What kinds of subjects you consistently shoot at iso 12,800 or even 6,400? Most sports photographer only shoots around iso 3,200 or less..

    Some peole are just so weird..

  • Garrie Lim

    This video is kinda cool. I went to nasa space centre recently and took quite a bit of photos. The host you see in the video can be seen in my photo set.

    I also have a pic of Mike Fossum washing his hair in the photo set!

  • Scott Cramer

    Wondering if he’s using a D3s and not a D3? Seems more like video than stills? It also seems difficult to make time lapses from stills. Great stuff, nonetheless thanks!

  • NikonFanBoy

    Looks computer generated to me….

  • Al

    Well I hope this settles the Canon vs. Nikon debate….

  • Frank Perry

    The photography is spectacular! I hope Mike / NASA posts a lot more of the photography at hi-res, along with the details of how it was done and the learning process he went through to generate these spectacular results.

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