Weekly Nikon news flash #142


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  • Levi h

    Come on D4, D800, and D400! Can’t wait to hear about it all 🙂

  • Image

    I have really been considering purchasing the top Strike Finder model. The one with all the options. Has anyone here used one, and if so, how did you like it? Lightning is easy enough without a trigger but the high speed/sound stuff is cool!

    • Jesse G

      The flash finder seems to have smiler functionality as the “trigger trap” kickstarter project. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/photocritic/trigger-trap-the-universal-camera-trigger The biggest difference I see is it doesn’t seem like the strike finder has the ability to set the a delay from when the device is triggered to when it tells the camera to take the picture.

    • Seshan

      Check out the cameraaxe.com it gives you alot more options to do stuff then the triggertrap and strike finder, and it’s under $200 or under $100 if you already have a arduino.

      • image


  • enesunkie

    D90s are still on display at the Best Buys near me. It’s a great body, but since the D7000 came out, it must be a little harder to sell them.

    • I still have mine and plan on using it until I can afford to go full frame.

    • Andrew

      Nikon might also be making room for a slightly more expensive camera than the D7000 with a full frame sensor; thus pushing the D7000 down to occupy the D90 spot. Nikon should introduce a 24 MP full frame camera on both a D700 body and the smaller D7000 body. I prefer the D7000 body.

      If the full frame sensor is on the smaller D7000 body and it has a 24MP sensor, then Nikon could conceivably price it around $2,000 or less. Such a camera will have an ISO performance that should match the D700 or slightly better, but have the ergonomics for the D7000 plus more. The plus more will essentially be an Expeed 3 processor and a bigger buffer size (than the D7000) for sports photographers. This camera should do for the full frame FX segment what the D7000 (with its $1,200 price) did for the DX segment. Now if only Nikon can introduce such a camera with a 1080p, 60 fps video capability, and built-in flash…

      • You’re funny.

        The D7000 isn’t being “pushed down”; it’s the replacement for the D90. Nikon won’t be making a cheaper FX body, sorry; the D400 will still be a crop-sensor.

  • T.I.M

    I just received new tips from Thailand about the D800 (D900).
    The 36MP sensor is actually 3x12MP, I hope I’m wrong.

    • Zorro

      You are!

    • joe

      okay, I’ll bite. what does 3x12MP mean? I’m usually up on the nerd speak, but 3 x 12 is still 36, no? Are you implying that the sensor will not actually contain 36MP?

      Forgive my ignorance..

      • texajoe

        I think h T.I.M. is talking about something like the sigma sensors. 3 “12mp” sensors in one. “RGB style sensors”.

      • texajoe

        I think h T.I.M. is talking about something like the sigma sensors. 3 “12mp” sensors in one. “RGB style sensors”.

        But I’m sure that’s wrong information…

    • Herbert

      this is also what i heard from a manufactuer selling components to the factory but he was not sure 100% (it was 1 month ago anyway). Seems that you are in the same direction as me. Same source?

  • Yup, pictures of speeding bullets. I need something that will help me take pictures of things that are not moving very fast at all.

    • …..not moving very fast at all?
      Like progress on the new Nikon bodies!!

      The wait has been tough, though tougher on the companies producing the products.
      Come on Nikon, deliver!

  • broxibear

    I’m not sure if you get a free Nikon J1 when you buy some make up, or free make up when you buy a J1 lol… http://ohdara.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/201110month_nikon1_event02.jpg

  • From what i heared….
    d800 & d4 : 20Mp ! ! !
    later a d4x d4s ……..

  • Davix

    You don’t hear that well glenn, you should consult asap.

  • glenn

    Do you think? you got a real reliable source ? 😉

  • Wait so is the Ubertronix a Nikon compatible product?

  • Paul H.

    While Phottix has had a positive impact on the industry (so far) with some niche products and competitive-to-lower pricing (for the most part), I don’t know who their market is for this shutter release. Being as spendy as it is, don’t they know there are many 2.4ghz options out there that can do nearly as much for much less? The timer function is cool, but most who need this employ the cheaper, wired remotes anyways.

    A hundred bucks is about fifty too much, I think.

  • That lens cap is welcome news. My hips can’t take any more.

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