Nikon D800 commercial was filmed in Chicago *updated*

Downtown Chicago (public domain)

Update: see more details on the Nikon D800 commercial here.

A month ago I mentioned that the Nikon D800 promo video was shot in Chicago, but at that time I wasn't really sure . Today I received another confirmation that this was the case. The production is now completed, which is another indication for an upcoming release - usual turnaround for commercial videos is pretty quick.

Update: This Nikon D800 commercial involved motorcycles (motorcycle mount footage). Ten different D800 cameras were used. There was a lot of high speed action and they had to shut down half the city centre.

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  • Sam

    Bow down to your e-peen!

    • Banned

      IT HAS BEGUN!!!

    • an onymous

      speed… motorcycles…

      doesn’t sound like a 30++ Mp D800 for studio and landscape shooting…

      …more like a fast sports camera w 16-18 Mp, D4/-00?

      • If the D800 support “Pixel-Binning” these kind of shots will be no problem.

        *Combining multiple pixels to get fewer and bigger pixels(pixel-groups). When multiple (actual) pixels share their recorded electrons to one single pixel well, we get more current to measure. The downside is the obvious reduction of resolution. The method has earlier mostly been used in scientific equipment, but it is now entering the consumer marked. If the D800 is to have a 36Mp sensor, Pixel Binning will be like this:

        1×1=36.0Mp, light amount /pixel=1 (no pixel binning)
        2×2=9.00Mp, 4x more light or 1/4 exposure required relative to 1×1.
        3×3=4.00Mp, 9x or 1/9
        4×4=2.25Mp, 16x or 1/16
        5×5=1.45Mp, 25x or 1/25
        6×6=1.00Mp, 36x or 1/36
        16×16=0.14Mp, but you get 256 times more light!

        • Kurt

          Binning like that works best on monochromatic sensors. Because of the bayer filter, there are problems involved in binning. There is little that will be improved by doing it in camera that you won’t get just by properly resizing the file down in post.

  • Max Kalkman

    If you were first to have a D800 that would be something, but what is special about being first to comment? Especially when you say nothing…

    • Roger

      Somewhere, someone just now thought to himself “I did already try D800!”.

      As admin noted “Nikon D800 camera samples were sent to many countries in preparation for the announcement.” which is correct. Considering how many people see these cameras before they’re made public, it’s mindblowing how many of them keep quiet…. at least publicly on NR or forums. 😉

      • mister-annon-e-mouse

        @Roger… “Considering how many people see these cameras before they’re made public, it’s mindblowing how many of them keep quiet….”

        B/C we buy through trade vendors and they only ask those they know can shut the whatsit up to see/hold/try/comment on such items?

        Just saying is all…. Not me! I never said that….

        Some of this stuff is deliberate too….

        How do you expect [NR] admin to get hands on early too?

  • lesliecool

    admin is full of surprises!

    • MixAlot

      A rehashed “I told you so post” with a colorful pic…. that may or may not be a D800 pic at first glance… is a surprise??? Guess we all better click and generate some traffic to find out!

      • Sir Fartalot

        Just a word of advice. If you don’t like it, don’t click it!

        Simple, ain’t it?

        • jodjac

          Fartalot nails it! Mixalot, bet you didn’t have many friends in the sandbox. Mixing sarcasm with put downs is a poison pill. Why not let rumor hounds have their fun? Why do you have to be such a downer?

          • me

            You must mistaken this site for Cannon rumors

  • Brian Richards

    Hey! I can see Bob Newhart’s house from here!

    Good Night Bob.

  • Way off topic, but that photo of Chicago is old! That low building near the bottom left-hand corner has since been replaced by Trump Tower. Hoping I get a chance to use a D800 in Chicago soon.

    • Jabs

      It’s a PD (public domain) photo and not an image taken by a D800. It is used to illustrate the topic – D800 shooting in Chicago!

      • Jabber

        Thanks genius

      • Jabs

        Perhaps stating the obvious to someone who might not have read the caption is helping them but to imply ‘genius’ means that you are an idiot trying to imply something not intended in my reply.

        Obvious = answering their question and that you might not know anything about Chicago yourself.

        Sarcasm fail = you are obviously a moron – LOL.

        • Jabber

          U mad bro?

        • bob

          Let Jabber jab, like the MORON that he is. He thinks he’s too cool, but is just another internet troll. Wait, an internet troll/MORON. One of many, or many of one….

    • Bingo! The D4 will.

      • Rob

        Seems like a tough transition to make. I’d rather they left it with 2 UDMA 7 slots than split the D4 into 1 CF and 1 XQD slot (worst option IMO). Obviously 2 XQDs would be nice, but then a lot of photographers would be mad they have to use CF for some bodies and XQD for others. Best solution would be an option to choose what slots you want in your D4, or slots that accept both, but I don’t see that happening.

        Any insight?

        • derWalter

          reading rules: This strongly implies that the new card will be backward compatible with existing hardware.

          so i think u have two slots and you can use either or 🙂

          • Rob

            Why would I believe some random poster’s illogical conclusion on that website’s comments section? Explain how a card that is thicker, longer, but less wide can be compatible with a slot made for a CF card? Or if only the new slots are backward compatible, explain how you would design a reader to accept both, given the pin design required to read CF.

            Reading is pretty useless without the ability to assess the plausibility of what is written.

            • VJ

              It is actually shorter:
              QXD = 38.5 x 29.8 x 3.8mm
              CF = 42 mm by 36 mm and between 3.3 and 5.0 mm thick

              Sizewise, QXD should fit in a CF-II compartment.

              The main issue I see it the protocol. CF was based on IDE / PCCard. The QXD is based on PCI Express. The size difference might even allow for an adapter, but it would be a complicated one (not sure if feasible).

              I do wonder if the PCI Express on which QXD is based still easily allows for other devices besides storage.

            • I don think it will fit

              A CF card connect point take up 33mm for the 42mm.
              The connect side of a QXD card should be the 29.8mm side, which will be too short

              And the QXD insert length will be 38.5, which will be 2.5mm longer than the 36 mm insert length of the current CF card

            • iamlucky13

              Protocol can be dealt with in firmware.

              The physical connection are what would likely be the problem. The only major complaint about compact flash (I consider size a minor issue) is the possibility of bending pins in the socket.

              Looking around, there was a picture showing what looked like a rigid pin board (not sure the name of the style, similar to USB or the old ROM cartridges from the pre-PC days. That will take care of the bent pins, but almost certainly make the cards incompatible.

      • AnoNemo

        It seems to me that the format is new. Then I wonder, wouldn’t be better to go with the SD. It makes sense as it is much cheaper and speeds will be there as well.

        • Jesus_sti

          SD aren’t reliable …

          • MJr

            Well then you’re doing it wrong.

          • SD not reliable? Try telling that to the guy who had his photos easily recovered from an SD card left at the bottom of the sea for a year!

          • Ken Elliott

            Maybe…. flip it over and try inserting it again?

            (I kid)

          • Sergio

            Not reliable if you hold them wrong. Just don’t hold them that way.

            • Richard

              “You’re holding it wrong.” (TM)

              Steve Jobs


        • john

          current the SDXC card interface speeds is only Design to do 156MB/s per second and 312MB/s in the future

          And the NEW XQD CF card will be a PCI Express Interface (base on PCI Express 2.0?/3.0?) which is design to do 2.5Gbps today and 5Gbps Future(around 250MB/s to 500MB/s).

          for example if someone is going to create a camera which can take 36MP raw file at 10fps, it will need to at less 360MB/s transfer speed before the camera won’t have a buffer problem.

          An one annoying thing about SD card is the host device forward compatible, example many first generation SD device can’t read SDHC and SDXC card

          • AnoNemo

            It seems to me that even if we used the current SDXC speeds we’ll be fine for the next 4 yrs.

            Looking this from the above point of view…well …. we would be better off with the SD style

      • Richard

        There have been some comments on websites covering the initial XQD card press release which speculated that part of the reason for the delay in shipping the Canon 1D X and the Nikon D4 had to do with the official announcement date of the XQD card. I guess the manufacturers will have cards available for purchase by the release date as well.

        It also makes sense that the write speed of the cards needed to be increased to deal with the high frame rates of these two cameras. Even with a large buffer sustained frame rates of any length at all require a fast write speed. I suppose the same would apply about 1080p HD video.

        I have yet to see a picture of the XQD card along side a CF card and the exact dimensions are probably out there somewhere, but I wonder if there will be backward compatibility via an adapter for CF card cameras…probably not though. I guess people will just have to be careful not to jam the wrong card in the wrong body.

        Will the D4 have dual XQD card slots or one XQD card slot and one CF card slot?

        Will the XQD card format be used in the D800 and D400? This might “chill” CF card sales while everyone waits to find out what the situation will be.

  • Norman Specter

    I’ve been waiting flippin’ AGES to upgrade by beloved little D90 to a full frame, and have saved enough, I think/ hope, $3000-ish, for the D800. But then there’s the CF cards; and then there’s — or is there — going to be a new battery; and then there’s going to be more storage for those huge files. Sheesh.

    Anyone want to buy a much loved D90?

    • I have a D90 and after many drops and falls (on concrete), I still love it. But I’m hoping to move up to full frame as well.

    • Rick

      I am still using my D40, with 24-70 f2.8 fx len…you can tell how eager I am for D800…

      • Mim


        • Mark

          My, Mim,

          I am impressed with your perceptive observation. It is so full of insight. Perhaps this is the result of your great experience as a photographer? You must be called on by prime ministers and presidents for your photographic skills in portraiture.

          You are so clever. You must have a very high IQ and lots of degrees from very prestigious universities.

          You must be a great traveller, visiting cultures in far flung parts of the globe. Surely, with your learned understanding of the human condition, and great writing skills, you have published papers in many important journals around the world.

          It is so impressive to see someone like you sum-up a person you do not know and cannot see, in so few words, so quickly, and with so little information and context.

          I am so impressed.

          You must have lovely children.

          • BigPixel

            I am impressed by the time you take to answer this idiot and especially by a bitter irony of kindergarten. Idle? or just stupid. I think both.

            • Banned

              Haha I thought the same thing, it took the guy 2 hours to write a novel about god knows what in response to a 1 word troll.

          • D7000 Fan


            Thanks @Mark, I got a really good laugh out of this.
            Who does @Mim think he is to say that someones gear choice is stupid? He should speak for himself only.

            • matt nead

              Mim makes sense because the 24-70 is the most useless lens that amateurs always by. So i agree with Mim

        • MaxiMim

          Eagerness yes, owns good Nikon glass, fool not.

      • +1

        Rick, you and I are in the same boat! I have a D40x which I love that takes beautiful images and I’ve done quite a bit with it. But I too am so ready for an upgrade and it will be to a full frame camera! I’m looking forward to the new cameras and seeing what Nikon will do this time around.

      • George

        Excellent choice in glass, and kudos for planning ahead. The 24-70 is perfect street glass, and the best lens out there for general crime scene work. Matt nead is an ignorant ass.

    • Banksie

      This is the insidious side of digital. Just like computer software and hardware, it’s a never ending chasing of the tail. Quick obsolescence of commodities is very profitable and mfgs know it. Digital technology moves pretty fast and we are spending money forever trying to stay current, while the landfills are filling quickly with electronic waste (and also filling up with millions of crappy photos taken every day.) And ironically none of it makes the boatloads of images that bombard us on a daily basis that much better, since we know any worthwhile image really comes from the mind/eye.

    • Eric

      So why don’t you buy a D700?

      • John

        I’ve had my D700 about a month. Still glad I did it now and still looking forward to the D800 to see how great it is. Won’t make my D700 any worse. I love this camera. Last SLR was N90s. So I’m in digital heaven now.

        • Marc W.

          Yeah, I’ve had my D700 since almost release and it’s perfect. The only reason I would upgrade would be for video. Then I would be in shallow DOF video heaven.

          Plus I could sell my 3CCD miniDV cam. (I will miss it though).

          If the new cam does not have good audio capabilities, then I won’t be interested, though.

        • stuff

          You will SO be kicking yourself you didn’t wait.

          You’ll put on a brave face, of course; mumble something about the D700 still being good.

          But when all those features role in about how much better the D800 handles low light, etc. self-kicking will commence.

          • Rich in TX

            Just dont hold on to the D700 for TOO long; it may lose value quickly when replacements become available. I had my D700 for over 2 years and sold it recently on ebay for $80 less than I paid for it brand new.

            As far as the memory card format debate, I am against any card that has pins. I have bent pins in more than one reader and it is a pain in the rear end. Thankfully the pins in the camera have not been bent. I have therefore resorted to leaving the card in the camera, and downloading photos via the cable. SD seems the way to go to me; inexpensive, fast, large capacity, universally used, NO PINS to bend

      • Ren Kockwell

        It doesn’t have video. Any other questions?

  • Let’s hope so. Been waiting for a while.

  • Tarepanda

    Okay, my credit card is ready 🙂

  • Paul

    That sounds in line with what has been reported here.

    • Steffen

      Maybe they got the info from this site…

    • The Manatee

      Because they probably got the specs from here. Think about it. I don’t think Snapsport has any additional insight.

      • Yes, they have done this before with the D7000 specs if I remember correctly.

        • Marc W.

          Do you ever post fake info to see who takes the bait? 🙂

          It’s like signing up for sweepstakes with your dogs name and then they magically get CC applications in the mail.

        • Reimar Gaertner

          Then where did they get the sensor cleaning and pop-up flash specs? Not from here right?

  • gt

    considering the D800 isn’t really the follwup of the D700 we were all expecting (its more of a D3X type of replacement), is anyone here still eagerly anticipating it?

    For those of you who were waiting for an updated D700, are you now setting your sites on the D4? or have you resigned yourself to save up for a D3s?

    • nau

      i lost my interest a bit …. but Im not moving in to D3/D4 only coz of the size … cant see myself caring that thing around
      ISO >>>pixels

    • studio460

      I’m not. If I were in the market for a D3x, then the D800 as reported would be my dream camera. But, I, like many others here, prefer high-ISO performance over high-pixel count. My dream camera will be the D4. But I think that’s going to be very expensive–I’m guessing $6,499. Ridiculous, yes, but everyone will want one.

    • nobody

      Yes, I am.

      This D800 will not substitute my D700, which continues to be a great camera. This D800 will be the perfect addition to go along with it. Think of a poor man’s D3x, or a D700xxx.

      I just hope it will not cost more than € 3000.

      • twoomy

        This camera isn’t for “poor men.” 🙂 The big’ole D3x is more of a studio camera. The D800 looks more like a landscaper’s wet dream… super-high res and with no vertical grip to add to the weight and size. It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but I’m excited about it!

    • Banksie

      There’s nothing wrong with the D3s whatsoever. Put your energies into the images and not the gear. The gear won’t make you any better; if you suck at making images then you’ll suck with a $50k camera, too. If you’re good, then you can make any tool work to your advantage.

      I plan to keep my D3s until it dies and isn’t economical to fix. If I like its image quality today, then why wouldn’t I still like it’s image quality tomorrow?? The advantage to more pixels is for big sized exhibition prints. But for that I use 4×5 sheet film and drum scan it for Lightjet printing. I’ve yet to see a sensor that can pull out the full dynamic range that a big sheet of film seems to be able to do (not trying to start a film versus digital argument, but in large film sizes there still is a very different look and quality compared to digital.)

      • Marc W.

        That’s why you need a better memory card.

      • david distefano

        there is not a digital camera out today except the betterlight scan back that equals a 4×5 or 8×10 film and drum scanned for image quality for large size prints. michael fatali’s work is head and shoulders above 99% of the images produced today and don’t bring up his mistake. dx and fx digital is all about huge profits for the corporations. people having to have the latest model. when the d800 comes out people will start talking about the d900, etc. you could have saved yourself a lot of money by buying a medium format digital system. better image quality and not planned to become obsolete in 3 years.

      • George

        Banksie, keep telling yourself that… oh, waitaminute, you’re shooting a D3S, a super-high-end rig you don’t really need! Why do you have a D3S instead of a D5000????? Remember, it isn’t the equipment!

        That said, I do study composition and technique, but better equipment allows me greater flexibility in what I attempt.

      • rich in tx

        amen to that. sold my D700 and now am back to using my D1X which is just fine until I get my next one.

    • G

      At least from the current specifications it seem that the performance of the D800 will be very close to D7000. If so i can say i am not that impressed because i already have an D7000 which is a great camera but i am not willing to pay 3x times the price for the same thing just with more MP. I will be waiting to see if there is going to be an d700s with something around 16-24MP, if not i will be waiting for the price of the D700 to drop and i will buy one of those.

      • JED

        No, the performance of a 36MP D800 will be a bit over a stop better than the D7000. The full frame sensor is 2.25 times larger so collects a bit over 1 stop more light.

        • Keith

          Correct – and it’s correct regardless of pixel density…

          • G

            I always thought it is about pixel density… I guess we have to wait and see some reviews.

            • Yes if you are talking about noise at pixel level, but we are talking here about image noise and that must take number of pixels in consideration. So D800 with FF sensor and 36MP will have same pixel noise as D7000 at pixel level if they use same technology but will have approximately 2 times less image noise.

            • jodjac

              @ Zeljko- a lightbulb just came in inside my head. Thank you for that clarification. Makes perfect sense.

            • rhlpetrus

              It is about sensor size always. I have performed a quick test resizing test shots from D7k to simulate a FF sensor at 36MP and it gives similar performance to the D3s, maybe a tad less, in high ISO, but better than D700. Now think of base ISO DR … ;).

            • rhlpetrus

              Zeliko: not 2x less noise, but similar noise at one ISO stop higher.

          • Patrik

            Exactly. So why not get more detail, with less artifacts. I still am stunned by why people are fixated on pixel-to-pixel noise and not image noise and artifacts. More pixels = finer noise, finer demosaicing artifacts, and yes more pixel-to-pixel noise. The beauty of it is that, if Nikon have done their homework, the light gathering area should remain the same. High ISO performance should not be that affected. I’ve seen D3x photos that make you weep.

            The computer/storage argument is also weak as both have grown faster than camera resolution. New PCs with quad or hex cores really chew through data at an impressive rate. Get a slightly older one for a fraction of the cost of a new camera. See it as part of the system upgrade…

            See, I’m done convincing myself! Bring it on!

            • More pixels doesn’t necessary means finer noise. Look at Sony 24MP APS-C sensor, it has much worse looking noise pattern than 16MP sensor.

            • Nikonited


              Based on the fact that the D3x/A900 is a scale up of the same sensor tech from the D300/A700 if you look at the difference in ISO performance of the D300 (12MP, 679ISO) and D3x (24MP 1992ISO) it’s clear that you will get a huge improvement in ISO performance scaling up a given APS-C sensor to full frame (and 2.25x the resolution). NOW….can you imagine a 36MP scale up of the outstanding D7000 (16MP) sensor to full frame…it’s gonna be very special, and that’s just ISO performance and not even mentioning the crazy dynamic range and color depth we’re gonna see. Sensor tech has moved on a huge amount in the last 3 years.

              Personally I’m waiting for the new Sony A9x as I’m already commited to that system but if it disappoints big time then I’ll be switching to a 2x Nikon D800’s!

    • jodjac

      @ GT: Wait and see. Wonder what will be available when my tax return arrives home (the only way I can successfully save. . .). I would probably look at the D4 if it’s 18 mp and has better base ISO, even if it costs much more. I’m pretty sure Nikon is going to give us more than one offering this coming year.

    • Richard

      I do not see how the D800 really could be the D3X replacement. Nikon would be abandoning their naming convention and the price point, if it actually is priced at $4,000 would mean that the D4 could not be priced much above it. I doubt there is much information available about the D800 being weather sealed or not which is a very important feature in a pro level wildlife/nature/landscape body, but not as important in a studio camera.

  • ohboy

    I bought a d3s was that a mistake? I figure its not because if they bring out a superior version i would imagine they would increase the cost as well!

    Hope it dosent loose value to quick!

    Best low light .

    • John Richardson

      What on earth would make you think buying a D3s is a “mistake”? Lose value? WTH is wrong with you and people who think like you? You buy a camera to use as a tool, not as an investment for the future. If you honestly think your D3s is a waste or a mistake you obviously do not take photography seriously and treat your camera as some sort of “bling”. There are much more expensive cameras if you are looking for a bling factor.

      Send me your crappy D3s and I will use it until it burns up and in the meantime make a truck load of money with it … by actually USING it to make photos.

    • MarkR

      “I bought a D3s; was that a mistake?”

      Only if you don’t like exceptionally high quality images in all light levels. Like the ability to shoot in an environment where it’s hard enough to see in, let alone shoot photos in.

      There’s really nothing that thing can’t shoot and render excellent quality with.

      Even when the D800 does become available, I’d recommend holding on to that D3s. At least for still photos. The 720p video is respectable I guess, but not it’s strongpoint. I’d rather travel with a D3s though because regardless of what weather or lighting situation you find yourself in, the D3s will come through for you every time.

    • studio460

      I bought a D3s about six months ago, knowing that the earliest I would probably have an opportunity to buy a D4 would probably be a least a year from then.

      I certainly wouldn’t be happy if I spent $5,200 on a body, and found out a month later that I could’ve gotten brand new sensor technology, plus who knows what other improvements in a D3s replacement for a bit more money and a two-three month wait. But I pretty much knew it would take longer than that for Nikon to announce, and deliver, a new D4.

      I expect the D4 to have significant improvements over the D3s, even if they are just incremental ones. It’s always nice to buy significant product upgrades at the beginning of their product life-cycle, rather than at their tail-end.

      If a D3s sells for $5,200, and if the D4 sells for $6,499 (my personal prediction), and if I didn’t already own a D3s, the additional $1,300 wouldn’t stop me for a moment in deciding to get the newer body. So, would I buy a D3s today if I didn’t ready own one? I would probably wait at least until the end of January 2012 to make that decision.

      The question really for me was something like–would you buy a D3s refurb for $4,250 now, or wait four-six months from now (at that time, a year) to be able to buy a new D4 for $6,499?

      • rhlpetrus

        D3s is the best pro camera out there, except possibly for landscape/product photography (for which the D3x, short of a MF, is the best). This D800, is as rumored, will not beat the D3s in high ISO, I bet, even if you resize images to same final size. It will be close, but not better. And you can’t shoot 9fps with the D800 at full res and 14bits.

  • juicebox81

    HAS IT BEGUN YET!??!?!!?!?!?

    • broxibear

      It never ended juicebox81…and it never will.

  • Mourie

    d800 will be expensive like suggested by the new nikon policy

  • Andrew

    If the D800 with its 36 MP sensor sells for $2495, I will buy it. If not, I will wait for a 24 MP full frame camera from Nikon that cost between $1,995 and $2,495.

    • Josh

      Keep waiting and smoking what you are currently smokin’

      • Andrew

        I am smoking the same thing I was when Nikon dropped the bombshell of a camera… the DX, 16 MP, 100% frame coverage, D7000 with magnesium alloy body for $1,200.

      • Andrew

        Oh, and ask how many professional photographers are using the D7000 as their primary and/or backup. Maybe Nikon Rumors should take a poll!

        • not many because ergonomics sucks

          • stuff

            Completely ridiculous generalization.

            No reasons given for this ergonomic “suckitude” of course.

            One more crank post on the internet to be discarded.

          • Landscape Photo


            D7000 is not a pro-grade camera. For example you can’t customize the center button to view 100%, but you have to press the + button for 5 times, then – for another 5. That’s enough of a deal breaker problem for me.

            Nikon obviously disabled it on purpose, They must have reserved for D400. The D800 will hopefully include a D7000 anyway.

        • I shoot weddings with the D7000. It’s a great camera, and does the job nicely (except, yes, the ergonomics suck)

          • nipples

            Better than anything by Canon at the same price point… ergonomics wise. by far.

        • George

          ME. And ergonomics are fine with a battery grip.

        • rhlpetrus

          Many pros are (D7k as backup, DX companion to FF).

        • Everybody knows I use two D7000. I’ve been very vocal about my use of those great cameras. The ergonomics DO NOT suck (especially not with the excellent MB-D11 grip), they are just a little different than say, the D700. Sometimes, I actually prefer shooting the D7K over the D700/D3s. The only reason I shoot full-frame often, is because of DoF. Most of my shooting requires very shallow DoF.

          • rich in tx

            well if you shoot D7000 then you are not a pro. everyone knows that pros dont use those cameras with built in flashes; so the D700 is out as well. If it doesnt have a X or S after the name then you are not a pro and are limited to the quality of photos you are allowed to make. Duh.

      • lolly

        Even if Nikon doesn’t use the 24mp A900 Sony sensor, Nikon can scale up their 10-12mp APS-C sensors to FX. All these sensors are more than 3 years old. Image quality of such a scaled-up sensor may not be better than a D3s but very likely a body with a scaled-up sensor can be marketed for under $2500 US.

        Btw, Sony’s A900 is currently selling for $2700 US (

    • paul

      your going to be waiting. the d700 is already $2699. the d800 will be $3400-3700 for the body

  • PeterO

    I really think that the D800 and the D700 will coexist in the Nikon FF lineup. If the rumored specs are correct, then there will be a need for both of them.

    • Art

      I could see that. Especially if there were a D700+ as an update. One for low light and one with extra resolution for the landscape photographers out there. Both would have their place and it is realistic that many photographers would own both for their relative strengths.

      OTOH, we might be really surprised with the low light capabilities of the new sensor. Only time will tell.

      • JED

        Based on the performance of the D7000 a D800 with 36Mp will have the same high ISO ability as the D700 but with the bonus of much higher resolution and dynamic range.

        • Art

          True. I guess my point is with a d700+ you could have even better low light capabilities than the current D700. Similar to the D3x/s — one works better in some situations than the other. There is a place for both (except for the fact that it is hard enough to afford one let alone two.)

    • Richard

      I could see a D700S being slipped into the lineup when all is said and done. There is no need to continue production of what is basically the D3 sensor when the D3S sensor could continue to be produced and would reinvigorate the D700 market. As the new sensors for the D4 and D800 will be occupying production capacity it just makes sense to drop the oldest technology sensor in the lineup, the D3 sensor. Nikon might even change the CF card slot for a QXD slot on a D700S for compatibility purposes for people using it as a second/third body to the D4. Heck, they could even replace the ASIC chip sets and make it a really nice update.

  • WD

    I lost my interest…. I wanted a high mp camera but the ISO had to be there too …… If its high mp, crap ISO what’s the point????

    • Rob

      What makes you think it will be crap high ISO?

    • D7000 Fan

      D800 hi iso IQ will be as good, or better than d700. The d700 sensor is 5 years old. Also, remember you when you downsize 36mp to 12mp, you will gain another 1.5 stops of noise control.

    • Roger

      But if its high mp, awesome ISO and even better DR? Which it is, by the way. 😉

  • mike

    I am looking forward to tomorrow’s rumour of the D800’s imminent release! Like the last two years! This is a glaring example of what is wrong with the internet. Too many people with nothing to say, saying it over and over, just in case they get trumped by an equally clueless blogger down the road.

    • Dweeb

      And I know nothing is true until I read it on Ken Rockwell.

  • Rich

    Sorry to off of the subject. I’m excited about the D800 but it’s strange that I haven’t heard anything about the D400? Anyone heard any rumors on it?

    • jodjac


  • Jack Yell

    I’m slightly confused. If they’ve just finished making the commercial now, does this mean that they’ve never intended to announce this in 2011 all along, and that the lack of announcement was not a delay then?

    • Andrew

      No. They can shoot and edit a commercial in less than 1 week.

      • Jonas

        Shoot and edit in one week is virtually impossible. Maybe for some low budget regional spot, but not an international brand like nikon. On average you need 2-4 weeks of preproduction, 2-7 days of shooting with several weeks in post. this of course is completely dictated by the concept, budgets and the various levels of approvals. Trust me it’s a lot more work then you think.

    • Could be that they wanted to shoot the comercial with a D800, but the camera was not ready until now.

  • Serious Shooter

    I did not wait any longer. I have already switched to Canon and have been very happy with 1DX specs. Most of my clients are impressed with it and I will not have to defend Nikon anymore.

    Nikon, adios, and have fun process 36mpx bloat. I will be shooting high ISO native soon!

    • Rob

      I find it amusing that the D800 will be shipping before the 1DX. Enjoy waiting!

    • Anonymous

      Good bye troll. I am glad that you are making money with your Canon gear. However, the D800 will be in the users’ hands before the 1DX. Well, it does not matter, you will be making a lot of money using your older Canon equipment… right? 🙂

    • Jimmy

      Congratulations! I’m very happy for you 🙂 Maybe a little bit jealous. I wish I could afford to think of using the specs of a 1DX. It would be nice to expect to shoot at high iso without having to worry about the noise. And it would also be nice to think of an auto focus that rocks the sandals of the Messiah his feet that I could possibly use; I mean a dedicated processor, I’d go flaming coconuts! And what about that fps rate I might be using… makes me drool like hyena’s chasing a limp gazelle.

      I have to shoot an indoor rock festival tomorrow, and I have to actually shoot this with a D700. I’m ashamed already. Yes, The D700 has an okay’ishly better autofocus compared to the 5DmII. But I’d probably be laughed at all the Canon users thinking “Hahaha, pariah! At least we are able to have the possibility to shoot with a 1DX…soon.”

      But I think I shouldn’t complain, maybe even thank the Creator himself on my knees, having a D700 that I can actually use right now (or tomorrow).

      Yes (cynicism/sarcasm aside), rumors are rumors, fact remain D3(s)/D700 are still good camera’s. If you can’t make money (as a professional photographer) with these camera’s, there’s something wrong with your photography.

      • stuff

        Let’s hope your photographs are more skillful than your use of sarcasm.

      • Ted Bowring

        Plurals don’t require an apostrophe. Stay in school kids!

    • vinman

      buh-by Trolio. I trust we won’t have to look at the turd piles you leave here anymore.

    • Marc W

      I didn’t know you can take photos with specification information. How is that working out for you?

      • Roger

        As he say, it’s working out awesome for him and his clients… shooting with a prototype camera, thats not available for sale for another 6 months LOL.

        Whats even more tragic is that D800 is probably gonna have better image quality than 1DX. Ah, trolls… they never learn!

  • I love Chicago, it is one of my favorite places to shoot. The food in that town is extraordinary. If Nikon wants to drop a great camera on us, they picked the right place.

    • candy says

      You need to learn how to take better photographs rather than worrying about another camera you can’t use very well.

      • jorg

        oh so true…

      • jason mraz


        (aka +1)

      • Liza M.

        No doubt about it. This dude is a plague with multiple personality disorder.

        You clearly just wanna keep buying the latest and greatest to support your ongoing mediocrity when it comes to the technical and aesthetic aspects of photography. Oh wait… that pretty much covers it all.

        Find another hobby, like being a full-time voyeur.

        • What a bunch of jerks.

          • I agree

            I agree, you just said some nice stuff and then a bunch of people decided to jump on the “attack Ron” bandwagon.

            I note none of these trolls have their website up for scrutiny… makes you wonder if they even own a camera. Jerks is too nice a word Ron, but it’ll do.

            • yeahok


          • Richard



            Who rattled their cages?

            @”the bunch of jerks”

            Try clicking on Ron’s name and take a look at his work…whether you like it or not. If the man likes Chicago, what the hell does it matter to you? It is a city where news coverage of an event would be useful and provides photo ops as well as “good eats” to make everybody happy…well, most everybody.

        • Wtf?

          What the hell you guys?! Where do get off attacking some like that?! He didn’t even say anything bad.

          Time to grow up now, ok?!?

        • bob

          Candy, Mraz, jorg, liza–give us links to your best photos, so you can prove how great you are as photographers, before you criticize anyone else’s stuff. I bet none of you has sufficient courage to show your work.

          • Ren Kockwell #4

            What about [you], bob?

            Maybe you don’t know who Ron is on the internets, and if so, you’s lucky. So dun’t worry aboot it. Stop playing god.

            • Stfu

              Please enlighten us. Until you post some facts just go away and stop being a jerk.

              I suspect all these Ron bashers are the same person. Maybe Ron called him out for saying something stupid and now he’s on a crusade to destroy all things Ron.

              If so, go get a life why don’t ya?!

          • I think this is the same crew that has been hounding me to death over in another forum. Even if I am not the next Steve McCurry, I deserve to be treated with a little respect.

      • You are out of your mind.

  • JeffP

    All I want is my D400 with 18 or 24mp’s. If anyone thinks the d800 will be less than 3k they are dreaming. Nikon even raised prices on the refurbs.

  • Rob

    $3000 for D800 at release? ARE YOU CRAZY? The Yen is worth 36.6% more vs the dollar today than it was at the D700 announcement. Pricing the D800 at $3000 would be like pricing the D700 under $2200 at its announcement (it was $3000). If they keep the same relative pricing, the D800 would be just under $4100 if announced today. The D800 WILL NOT BE $3000, and it’s very unlikely it will be under $3995. I’d imagine it’ll be $3999.95, but I won’t be surprised to see it up to $500 more than that. They’ll be sold out for the first year at either price, so why would they price it any lower?

    Stop dreaming of a D800 price based on a 2008 exchange rate.

  • Update to this post: the D800 commercial involved motorcycles (motorcycle mount footage), 10 different D800 cameras were used.

    • It is suppose to be a crazy video!

      • John Richardson

        Were monkeys involved? That would be great.

        • Xscream

          Monkeys always improve the quality of commercials/movies/etc!

          • #1monkey

            LMAO at the thought of monkeys!

          • mrs. choo

            monkeys are awesome. especially ninja-monkeys. for shure i couldn’t resist that kind of ad… yeah!

        • Sports

          And dogs!!
          Dogs are cool.
          Dogs rule!!
          Monkeys and dogs …………

          • John Richardson

            See how easy monkeys can hi-jack a thread?

            Just imagine a family of Monkeys at the beach with different Nikons jumping around taking photos, mostly of girls and/or girl monkeys in bikinis… hell if they were using Kodak Instamatic’s I would run out and buy that too. Nikon needs to dump Ashton and get a monkey.

          • MJr

            No dogs …

          • Spooky

            Free monkey with the D800 maybe? I want a monkey…..

          • John

            Monkeys riding dogs and holding kittens.

        • broxibear

          Genius idea, I can see the poster already…

          • Bjrichus


            I like the idea of weenie dogs and (small) monkeys holding D800 and D4 cameras as a movie idea…

            PS: When I first typed that, I actually wrote “…and (small) moneys…” Seems like my subconscious desire for more affordability slipping out into what passes for reality round here!


            • broxibear

              Hi Bjrichus,
              I think the price of the SB-910 compared to the SB-900 is a good indication as to where the prices are going… I feel the new dslrs will more expensive than some people think, look at the prices of the mirrorless cameras ?

        • Stu

          Dear God, I hope not. We already get enough Ashton in the Coolpix commercials….

          • PeterO

            Of course we’re going to be paying more for the new bodies. How else can they afford to pay Ashton. He doesn’t get paid peanuts – only the monkeys in the commercial do.

            • rich in tx

              those Ashton commercials always give me a good laugh..

              nothing like watching him shoot a photo of his pals on their scooters and immediately look down to see the masterpeice on the LCD… I am sure it was a fantastic shot!

      • Moth Flopwell

        AND no one in Chicago seen this commercial being made? and Took pictures to Verify your own claim. Where is the proof…We seek Proof…two months was here, last month it was here..and now Jan…it is suppose to be here…You posted a PHOTO SHOPPED PICTURE..of what more than 1/2 your readers called a FAKE.

        IF you say it long enough..YES i guess it will happen…..The world will end..Jan 2o12. NO…I meant Feb, NO i meant March. and on and on…

        I think you lost some folks.

        • D7000 Fan

          When did admin ever say: The D800 will be released today/this week/ this month? The only thing that has been presented as definitive is the specs

        • Jake

          I didn’t want to comment, but god, you are *such* a moron. Get off your high horse. The admin is more sure about this than ever, the picture was NOT photoshopped, and not even 37% of viewers said that it was.

          Jesus, troll elsewhere.

      • Richard


        There is a show on one or the other of the cable channels which consists of several guys shooting “guerilla” videos of motorcycle stunts (quick before the law shows up to inform them that “you can’t do that here”). Although they used (cough) DSLRs to shoot the video, I don’t think they were sponsored. It would be something of a coup for Nikon to snag those guys and have them feature Nikon kit on their shows.

    • I hope the rider was not trying to pilot the bike and shoot at the same time.

      • PeterO

        Aha, I think you’ve hit on something here Scubadiver. The D800 is actually a 36MP helmet cam for daredevil nature photographers who love to bike down a steep hill.

  • Kingyo

    Hahaha..the D800 & D4..most anticipated cameras of 2012..something for everyone 🙂
    It’s so funny that some people here think 36mp is “for the landscape photographer”.

    I agree w/ the posts above need to think about saving up at least $4,000 if you want the D800. $2495 for any FX Nikon ain’t gonna happen..unless you buy a used d3/d700 😉

    • Richard
    • iBhackNu

      I agree…. I just paid $2100 for a used D700 with 3400 clicks. I figure it’s money well spent for now… since with tax the update will probably cost me double.

      Instead of just waiting/hoping/dreaming/trolling I’m getting pictures I could never before dream of with my D300s.

      • rich in tx

        just sold my D700 with 40,000 shots for $2395.00
        I agree with the person above who suggested the D700 will have a market even after the D800 is released..

    • Andrew

      I do not agree. The D7000 at $1,200 sets the stage for how aggressive Nikon can be with its magnesium alloy body. I believe Nikon is going to push for volume sales in this global economy.

      In October 2008, the D700 was announced at $2995. Why is it hard for people to believe that its replacement (which the D800 is not!) will cost $2495 or less. Technology make things cheaper with the exception of an entirely new concept like the Nikon 1. With so many new companies entering the camera market and the video companies feeling that FF cameras will steal their Camcorder business, Nikon has to become quite aggressive price wise.

      Selling a FF camera at $2495 will enable professional photographers to afford multiple cameras to use as a backup in the field, while prosumers will trade up to a more professional camera.

      • jodjac

        @Andrew. I think Nikon has to turn a profit and that includes dealing with all the expenses of the catastrophic events they have been dealt. Market forces will help keep the lid on things except for the fact that Nikon is not the only one dealing with catastrophies. Canon and Sony have also been hit with added costs. At least that’s my take. There will initially be a premium across the board. As things normalize (if that is to happen), then prices should go down. Don’t expect a discount right out of the gate. Pure speculation.

        Is it me or has the tone of these boards taken a turn for the better (with less blatant trolling and generally discouraging remarks)?

        • Richard

          News reports indicate that Nikon’s losses from flood damage and lost business should be covered. Who knows, they might even come out ahead when you factor in the pent up demand and get product shipping in quantity again.

      • Rob

        $2500???? That’s a big NO:

        Pricing the D800 at $2500 would be like pricing the D700 at about $1800 at announcement (7/1/2008). You really think this camera will be cheaper (in Yen) than the D300s? REALLY?

      • 4k

        I agree with Andrew. If it’s priced at $4k then it’s probably not a D700 replacement. Who’s to say there wont be a D700s or D710. It’s rumoured that Sony will release 3 FF bodies next year – one that will be aggressively priced for prosumers. And, knowing Sony pricing, it’ll be very affordable. Nikon can’t keep hiking prices if they want to compete…unless they offer something that no one else does.

        • Sahaja

          “…unless they offer something that no one else does.”

          ~ an F-mount?

  • Jabs

    Great news – 2012 is perhaps shaping up to be a real banner year for Nikon DSLR releases.

    Take your time Nikon and do it right.

    • D7000 Fan

      “Take your time Nikon and do it right”

      • MJr

        Yeah well you say that now, a month before release.

  • D800 in March 2012

    I guess that you should hear officially about the Nikon D800 only when the full production capabilities of Nikon will be back to normal that is around March 2012. Only then will you have an official introduction to the Nikon D800, not before.

    • danpe

      I thought the Sendai plant, where FX cameras have been assembled, was up and running at full speed? Are you thinking of parts from some subcontractor?

  • Blckcat

    I have a high confidence it will be $2999…..or $3199…

    • vinman

      Personally, I think you’re dreaming. I like the dream, but I suspect with the global economic situation as it is (with the USD having such low comparable value), it’ll be closer to the original rumored price.

      If you’re right, we all win! I hope you’re right…

    • Rob

      Prepare to be disappointed!

  • Davix

    That’s great rumor 🙂 ghost riders style!!

  • steve

    Screw the D800,

    D400 FTW!!!

    • happysnapper63

      +1000. No interest in FF. Where is the D300S replacement? 18mp (24 if they must but do not care myself) 10fps (without a rip off extra cost grip) nice big buffer, ISO at D7000 or slightly better levels. Perrrrrrrfectttttttttttttt.

      Complemented with a V1 body with the F mount converter.

      D7000 stays as second body.

  • samot

    just bought a d700 (fantastic!), why wait for an expensive d800(?) when the price has dropped so much. put the extra money on lenses. video not my concern….

    • John

      I agree. I hope Nikon always keeps at least one high end camera without video.

      • simpleguy

        if you dont want the video feature , just dont use it , but to release a camera without it , is just plain stupid , for there is a market for it .

        • KnightPhoto

          if you dont want the video feature , just dont use it , but to release a camera without it , is just plain stupid , for there is a market for it .”

          Excellent point simpleguy, well said.

  • Neverapy

    Reading the above comments makes things more clear… once the D800 will be released/disclosed the same crowd will start complaining about the fact the D400 is not yet on the market… Are you interested in Nikon or just chating on rumor praying for the next one?

    • Jake

      Honestly, I was waiting for the D400 for a long time before I up and bought a D7k. I’m still secretly hoping that the D400 will give faster frame rates, Nikon V1-like video capabilities, and a stop or two bump in the ISO department. If Nikon can do that at the D300s price point, I’d jump.

      • Jake

        I wouldn’t mind some toy features, either, like a flip out screen, a GPS, or stereo mics…

        • Apple time

          these items are increasing the prices for video does (IMHO). I know that video can be of interest but i am sure that most of the “photograph” users are NOT really using the video capacities.

          ps: i own a D90

          • Axel

            Huuuu … Have you ever considered that there is not a large enough market for people interested “only” in still for Nikon ?

            Nikon and others do not think in terms of “you”.
            They think in terms of personas, or buyers profile if you prefer … I really think Admin should do a good post / have a guest post on
            the personas targeted by each product line.

            And to each persona is associated a ballpark figures of sales and requirements …

            And I think that it is this kind of exercice that pushed them towards the 1 product line.

            Please stop thinking in terms of specs, and try to think in term of sales potential + buyers profile, and a lot of things will become clear to you …

    • BartyL

      The latter. It’s much cheaper than buying cameras. I mean, have you seen the price of those things?!

  • Seems that everything is warming up again 😀

  • Thomas

    I now that i’m a little bit late and out of the topic, but can you tell me what you think about those two ones:


    And D800:

    Am I paranoid or this is the same picture with a photoshop transformation?

    • belly dancer

      This is indeed a fake known for a while and of course, you are not paranoid (but don’t trust anyone lol)

    • Banksie

      It’s the same picture of the same camera but photoshopped. But I’m not sure what the point is? An image of the D800 has already been posted here on Nikon Rumors by the admin.

  • Clemens

    I still am shure that we will not see a D800 in january! Has nobody else seen that the camera on the two photos and that one in the video are not the same? On the front photo is a third button besides the switch, that camera in the video has this button not. ( I assume this button shall be for video ) If both shall show the D800 they must be equal. Both are fake. Anybody has made a D800 pic from a D300. We will not see a D800.
    What we will see is a D400. The sensors for the Nikon-cameras have come from Sony yet. Sony has released halve a dozen new cameras with their APS-C 24 mp-sensor in the last months. As usual Nikon will follow a few months later – with the D400. That’s what we will see.
    Nobody has heard about a 36 mp-sensor. Even ist will be a Nikon-product – why not a profi-camera with that sensor? Some months ago we have discussed if any FX-sensor would come in the future — it is not necessary as the new DX-sensors have a higher light-sensivity a the old FX’s. The only interesting question is if the new 24mp-DX will be as good as the old 24mp-FX.
    What we read is warmed up – master is kidding us.

    • Rumors in Love

      Ahah everyboby plays its part to influence de Master but the camera already exists and this is a D800. Sure. You should not take much care to the noise made by fake pictures, Nikon changed its secrecy policy and now beta testers are imposed financial penalties..gentleman agreement is dead.

    • MJr

      Well.. if you’re shure.

  • woot woot! new camera upgrade for February!!! My brides are going to love it!

    • BartyL

      How many wives do you have?

      • U made me lol

        Dude that made me lawl.

    • You wish

      Your brides can give a rats-ass about what gear you have. Just produce results and deliver a great experience!

      • Yes

        +1 most people really don’t care what camera you use so long as it looks fancy. Therefore buy a grip and you too can be a “pro”.

  • Axel


    don’t burn yourselves … At least 4 weeks before official launch and X weeks before availability … with X ranging between 10 and 20

    And after that everybody “just won t be able to wait for the D4 annoucement”

    Happy shooting and long live NR !


  • Landscape Photo

    Admin, have you heard of any rumors about a new kit lens to be bundled with D800?

    People may ask what was wrong with 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6VR or 24-120mm VR f/4. They are too bulky for D700-D800 type of body to carry in the field! Instead, a 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 VR would be much more compact with less sacrifice in image quality. There are times I carry the camera on my neck for 12 hours !

    My preferred lens practice would be a wide-to-med.tele walkabout zoom that stays on the camera, and a couple of primes in bag for occasions that the zoom won’t do.

    I have a 28-200mm which is compact & sharp for D700 around f/8 or 11, but I suspect if the corners (tested the center on D300 – ok, but never had the chance to touch a D3x) will suffice on a 36mp sensor. And it lacks VR too.

    • nobody

      I would not expect any compact kit lens to be up to the task for a 36mp FX sensor. You will need primes or high end zooms to make that sensor shine.

      • John

        It is interesting that Nikon is methodically coming out with very nice fast prime glass for each major focal length.

        • lolly

          Smaller (as in DX and CX) is better … but I guess some people need the bokeh, shallow DOF, or to shoot in low light.

          Btw, there are fast glass for smaller sensors today and at more reasonable prices 😉

          • Landscape Photo

            I prefer compact lenses, prime or zoom. I don’t need a fast lens for 99% of the time. For image quality, the lens does not have to be a fast one. Say, a 135mm f/4 can be as good as 135mm f/2 @ f/8.

    • Chris P

      A patent for a new 24-85 f3.5/4.5 was published a while ago, perhaps that is a possible kit lens for the D800, but I think that it will be sold body only to start with, just as the D700 was.

    • Maybe they will use the 24-120 f/4.

      • Landscape Photo

        Thanks. That sounds the most logical one among Nikon’s existing FX zooms falling in a wide-to-tele range. Still a new lens would shine 🙂

      • Richard

        Maybe an updated version with the nano coatings and so on?

  • Gary

    So, why “motorcycles” for the commercial? Does this imply that it’ll promote the video capability of the camera rather than stills?

    Unless, of course, it was a night-time shoot …

    • John Richardson

      Because it was monkeys on motorcycles?

    • Ken Elliott

      Speed. Motorcycles are very fast and can be difficult to shoot. Remember the D3 poster with the sportbikes at full lean? Nikon printed it large and inserted it in some magazines to show you could shoot fast objects at high ISO yet have very little noise and plenty of detail. The large print was a very good way to show what you could do with “only” 12MP. A great way to show off a sports camera.

      If Nikon aims to show us they can make a 32MP camera capable of shooting sports – then WOW!

      • DavidB

        Doesn’t that suggest that the fps as suggested by the “leaked” specs is a little on the low side? On the other hand, shooting at night with motorcycles might be very demonstrative of the camera’s capabilities in terms of speed, resolution, noise and low light.

        • Speculos

          speculations, speculations that’s why remors are for 🙂

        • vinman

          Actually it suggests the possibility of multiple resolution modes. We don’t know yet how those 36MP can be used with the new processing engine. Perhaps there’s an 18ish MP mode that can shoot in the 7-8FPS range. Certainly seems like a logical step…

          • I heard that too but I am not sure.

            • Davix

              This is my wish because 36MP is far too much: (1) for my use (2) for my computer 🙁

            • Jake

              Davix: Then don’t buy the camera! If the D800 is 36MPix, then it’s aimed at people who need 36MPix, which is clearly not you!

          • buyer

            Wasn’t there this patent of combining 3 real RGB cells to a pixel instead of interpolating two of the values all the time?

            with 36MP this would mean it’s D700’s 12MP with just dedicated pixels each.

            Still, small pixels with higher black level noise means losing shadow definition. But wait: D70 and D700 have same pixel pitch but hell of a difference in noise. Maybe they did that leap once more?!

            On Data-Load:
            Just inserted a SSD into my laptop, now 12MP is well usable. Living in fear of 36MP!

            Fast CF follow-ups could allow RAW video footage with some GBit/s data-load. Like the idea! Attacks Canon on video.

            60fps HD-videos are crap when compressed to today’s data throughputs.

          • The Manatee

            Now this would be a camera I could go for, one that give you the best of both worlds, great for landscape/studio shots and also good for sports. This would seal the deal for me otherwise a slow 36MP camera doesn’t interest me, but one that could do a bit of everything would.

            I won’t doubt Nikon, they have always delivered on full frames.

  • Nikon via Facebook : “Which city skyline do you think looks the most interesting in photos?”

    Chicago maybe ?


  • Reimar Gaertner

    pop-up flash!
    36 Mp!
    This is the one for me.

  • RaVax

    One off-topic question, if permitted: All the rumors I’ve read speak of future Nikon cameras equipped with super mega hyper new monster-sensors.
    My interest honestly goes in a different direction: Is Nikon going to recycle “old sensors” (I’m referring to D3s and D700 sensors), mounted maybe on lower-level chassis (so non-pro or semi-pro), something like they did more or less with the D90 which got a very similar (if not the same) sensor the D300 had, or will Nikon simply and sadly (IMHO) drop them forever?


    • Benjo

      Unlikely. DX sensors move down to less expensive bodies with fewer features. Moving down from a D700/similar to Nikon means moving to DX, not a cheap FX body.

    • BartyL

      It would be good to see those sensors live on. They will definitely have to be re-packaged. Change to laws means they can no longer sell the D700 because the EN-EL3 battery is no longer considered safe and I can’t see a Japanese company continuing to make a product they can’t sell in Japan.

      A semi-pro body will do for most of us. My D50 survived multiple trips to the outback without failure because it was well taken care of. Something with the build quality of the D7000 and a comparable price scaled for FF would sell really well.

  • JED

    They will very likely drop them forever as there is no economic reason to keep making them. The new sensors will out perform the old ones in every way. i.e. The Nikon 1 sensor scaled to full frame would provide D3S ISO image performance with 73! MP.

  • Dan

    I live Chicago and study in the photo program at Columbia College. We have a large program, about 800 students, and we always have working professionals (art, journalism, commercial, editorial, etc) coming in as guest lecturers. Twice now I have seen two people near my school carrying unmarked nikon bodies- one was a pro-body like the D3 series and the other was something more like the D300 or 700. While there was no makings, and the straps were just simple black without even the Nikon logo, they did have the Nikon style hump for the viewfinder with the backswept “v” and Nikon controls. I wonder…?

    Just thought I’d throw that out there for the conversation.

    • Mark

      Well, why don’t you have photos of them, then? 😉


    • Thomas

      Hmm, could simply be taped over. I’ve seen that before.
      Not everybody likes to advertise what camera they use in the field.

    • Curioso

      for a futur pro photographer you are not very curious..i would have at least tried to talk to them or taken pictures… this school level is dropping every year.

      • Fool

        What!? As a future pro it sounds like his head is in the right place! He is more interested in the talk and people and content than the gear people are using. What they are using don’t mean sh!t if they are producing results.

      • Dan

        I’ll be sure to set the standards on the 4×5 view camera that I’m lugging around to the “street photography” setting so I can get a snapshot for you.

  • JC

    Everyone is saying that the ISO on the new D800 will not be as good as the D700. Why not?

    Here is the DXOmark summary of the D7000 (09/10 release) and the D700 (07/08 release):

    D700 ISO 2303, Landscape 12.2, Portrait 23.5
    D7000 ISO 1167, Landscape 13.9, Portrait 23.5

    Common banter has a 36 MP D800 sensor as an enlarged D7000 sensor and that you would get one more stop ISO, if true, that is already the same as the D700. Now consider more time has passed and Sony has been working on sensors, a lot. Now we have some test results on Sony’s 24.3 MP DX sensor w/o the translucent mirror to add:

    NEX-7 ISO 1016, Landscape 13.4, Portrait 24.1

    Looks a lot like the D700 now, but with 50% more MP in the same size sensor. Not bad for about an extra year of development. Scaled to FF it would be 54.7 MP, and if you believe one stop ISO improvement for full frame, ISO would be 2032. At 54.7 MP! So why is a 36 MP FF Sony sensor assumed to be worse ISO than the D700? Maybe it can be in D3S territory?

    I want them to bin the thing 9 to 1, and give me incredible ISO numbers at 4MP with 10-20 fps for sports, then when I want landscape shots I will suffer 🙂 with the 36 MP and 4 fps with ISO 50 from the tripod. It would be like having an improved D3 and an improved D3S in one (smaller) body, which is why it will not happen.

    Maybe that is my Christmas “wish” list, a binned 36MP D800 and a NEX-7 w/ a Sony Zeiss E 16mm!

    • Roger

      “Everyone is saying that the ISO on the new D800 will not be as good as the D700. Why not?”

      Not everyone. Only those who dont know much about sensors and pessimists.

      But they’re right, well kind of. it’s not gonna be as good as D700…. it’s gonna be BETTER.

    • Roger

      btw, JC – you dont need binning at all, not for any image quality reasons.
      but if you’re after smaller files, then it has a purpose.

  • googly schmoo

    that must be a pretty old picture of chicago. or someone stole trump tower.

    • Lupin

      this is a rumor 😀

      • googly

        nonetheless, a D800 is on my nondenominationali’mokayyou’reokaycumbayahnondescriptwinterholidaythingpleasedon’tbeoffended wishlist.

      • Chris Ni
        • macmini

          and what does it say?

          • Mangaka

            something terrible, ooo terrible.

          • Traduc

            I had to offer information about the announcement of the new reflex camera of Nikon from the reader.

            •Perhaps D4 is announced area in the new year.

            no info about the specifications.

            •The D300S succession machine won’t be released. The story of the succeeding model isn’t given at all.

            •According to the rumor (the first rumor to become 36MP sensor) conventional as for the specifications of D800.

            May announcement and the release of D800 cooperate with D4?

            Because it is information from one hitting the mark several times before, I think that the reliability is high, but it may not be still a decision because it seems to have said that Nikon makes announcement of D4 “aim”. At all events the possibility that D4 and D800 are announced in a few days seems to be high.

            but, as for the announcement of the whole, the which I don’t expect too much will look much better in future in few days. Will Nikon intend to unify high-end models of APS-C in D7000?

  • lesliecool

    i want one! d4 + d800 = dream combo

  • Kingyo

    Even if the ISO performance of the D800 turns out to be equal to that of the D700, and the fps end up at just 4.. I’m still going All-in on the D800!
    -Double card slots
    Sold! This surpasses what I expected from a replacement to my D700 (which was higher resolution, same or better ISO, video & double card slots..even if the 2nd one is SD)
    The D4 sounds amazing as well, but no way in hell I can afford BOTH!

    Besides, it’s true, the D700 will really compliment the D800 as a 2nd body 🙂

  • neversink

    STOP IT!!!!
    No one knows anything about anything here.

    We don’t know if they have developed new sensors, or they are using D7000 technology or more advanced.

    It could be 36 mp and it might not be. But if the sensors are designed differently from what we have now, we have no understanding of what the performance will be because we have no idea what the technology is going to be in this new digital.

    I love digital, but sometimes I wish it was never invented. Film was much more simpler and we spent time taking photos and discussing photos and never really cared about new cameras coming out, because outside of a few differences on the camera there was no difference in the end result. Each film had different characteristics and each film could be manipulated in many, many ways.

    Yes we can manipulate images by software; which is forever changing…. I love digital, but there is no way that it frees us up. I had moe free time when I was shooting film professionally. I could bring my exposed rolls and sheet film to the lab. They would process it. I would go for a cup of coffee or supper, and then have my proofs delivered by messenger. I’d go over everything and then messenger it to my client. They would call me in a day or two to discuss further.

    Now, with digital, everyone wants the results before the shoot even begins!!!!!!!!!

    • emanf8

      I agree …with film cameras you depended more on the lens + film type more so than what type of camera you were using…after all you could use an entry level camera or a pro camera and providing you used the same lens and same ASA rated film you would get exactly the same result …digital came in and changed it all….now it comes down to sensors. Film cameras held their value much better than what digital does today.

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