How to lose $1200 in 25 seconds

Yes, we have that too - this is the Nikon version of the 24 seconds 5D Mark II destruction video:

"I was filming on a hot spring in Utah, when a gust of wind pushed my two months old Nikon D7000, that was mounted on a tripod, into the hot sulfur water. The lens broke off immediately so that the water and mud could enter the camera body. Mud and water all over the mirror, the sensor and so on. I destroyed 1250$ in 25 seconds and what I got in exchange was this unique footage with six weird stills after the impact "

Maybe B&H will replace this camera as well?

Via Nikonites

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  • NikorRyan

    Sand bags.

  • Ball_Lightning

    I like the Canon version better 😉

    • Psycho McCrazy

      are you gonna switch to canon for that 😛

  • Yikes! I have insurance through State Farm- $50/year covers 5K worth of gear. It is awesome so I don’t have to worry about stuff like this!

    • Jesus_sti

      My stock is 15 000 $ (flash and lens) and it’s 50 per mouth …. I’ll make call ….

    • Banksie

      State Farm for me, too. Stolen, lost or damaged with zero deductible. $500 a year for $40k worth including my laptops.

      Be sure to adjust the replacement value each year to make up for inflation.

      • David W.

        What does that protection fall under?

    • WY Sim

      Does the policy cover neglect, misuse or water damage? I know lens rental companies sell insurance to renters but the insurance company won’t payout for damage caused by neglect or water, which obviously the damage in the video would fall under.

      • Banksie

        Mine is a “personal articles policy” with State Farm. I just looked at my policy and it covers everything except for “acts of war.” So no coverage if you’re planning to be a journalist in a war torn country, but it’s covered for everything else. It covers “breakage” which can fall under misuse. My agent says they don’t care if you jump out of airplanes or go river rafting with your gear, you’ll still be covered. The only issue that can come up is being dropped by the underwriter because of too many claims in a short period. That would probably signal intentional misuse to them and a high insurance risk.

  • really? a camera falling over because of the “wind”? that’s the best we can do? canon beats us with everything! 🙂

    • goose

      well, video was the main concern Ahohoho

  • Laird Knox

    Last Friday night the wind took my two week old D7000. Luckily it only suffered a few nicks. It only had the light 35mm prime attacked. It took a while to clean all the dust off though.

  • One i also got my camera fall with the tripod on a slippy ground, luck the lens hood take all the damage and I only need to send the lens back to replace the lens hood.
    Since than I always try to follow 2 rules when I use a tripod
    1. Hold the camera strap when possible
    2. put a lens hood on when possible (the are the first line of defence when there is a drop for whatever reason)

  • anon743

    What tripod was used for that setup? Did the tripod get pushed into the liquid also?
    Maybe the quick-release plate was not properly secured and thus got knocked off the head?

    Perhaps a good reason why tripod heads with QR plates are not recommended under such environments.

    • John

      He just stated in the thread this came from that he used a heavy older slik tripod, but didn’t extend the legs all the way. oops!

  • yannick

    that video is really bad and without interest !!!!

  • At least it wasn’t a D3X – lol

    • FM2Fan

      it would have been too heavy …

      • AnoNemo

        No, the D3x cannot record video.

        • Anon


  • richard

    Camera wanted to commit suicide from having to shoot a terrible video.

    • ericnl

      yep, I would do that too. 😉

    • Patrick

      Ha! True.

    • chimphappyhour

      Ha! That’s what I wanted to come in and say! :p

    • Is Nikon working on a new firmware to fix the video suicide bug in the D7000?

    • Worminator


      Video of running water. Ow.

      • PeterO

        It reminds me of the movies they used to show high school students in the late 60s early 70s. It describes what happens to your brain if you do drugs.

  • Tom

    I only have a 50 f1.8 so my legs are my support. If I get knocked over by any wind I can assure you that it will be a much better video.

  • bob

    Why would he get a new camera?! B&H rather should make him a good offer on a proper tripod.

    I don’t know why the photographic equivalent to a Darwin Award should get rewarded with anything better than a laugh (and some pity for fairness and karma).

  • T.I.M

    That’s a video form the Mars’s explorers when they landed on the planet.

    • John Richardson

      See … there is water on Mars. And Nikon was there to catch the historic footage.
      BAM!! Take that Cannon!!!

      • T.I.M

        It’s not water but liquid hydrogen !
        And everyone know that NASA use Nikon cameras !

  • my camera toppled on top of cadillac mountain in september the camera is fine the lens lost a piece of plastic i am fortunate

  • Eric Calabros

    after “Switchin to” scandals, we have “how to lose bucks in f*ckin seconds” for trolling in photog community. expected another hobby in No-D800 weather?

  • Been there guy

    Imagine if B&H were to replace every camera which every schmuck breaks?

    This isn’t redneck reality show here!

  • Robert Perry

    I wouldn’t have wasted my time trying to film that anyway. It’s like getting your legs severed after someone dared you to jump on a moving train.

  • El_Pickerel

    Had my D7000 with 70-200 fall off a tripod while shooting at night once. Onto my toe. Ouch.


  • Zoot

    A great piece of filming, spoiled only by the guy having a pee off camera to the right.

  • jazz

    I can hear the water trickling which would be fairly quiet and there is barely any wind as it falls. Fail or really rubbish tripod.

  • this is the first and last case I know where Canon > Nikon.

  • Shasta_D

    In other news, Mythbusters had a freak accident where they shot a D7000 through two houses before coming to rest in a minivan.

    Now that is video I’d like to see!

  • AnoNemo

    all the Nikon 1 cameras should end like this! 🙂

  • FX DX

    This site is turning me into a Canon user for obvious reasons.

    • a canon user

      go for it. you wont be disappointed

      • Everlast

        Because when your plastic Canon is blown away by the wind you would be loughing!

    • Go for it! You wont be disappointed

      • Everlast

        Because when your plastic Canon is blown away by the wind you would be loughing!

        Is there an echo here?

        • enesunkie

          Hello hello hello hello … yep

  • Mars Attacks

    This tragedy will surely leads to a new Nikon postponement of their BIG announce (joke)

  • Speaking of losing $1200, I just lost my 70-200mm f/2.8 to the ocean three days ago, in 2 second.

    • WoutK89

      No video? Didn’t happen, hehe 😀

  • D

    You think you would have heard a shit or oh fuck when it started to go.

  • Blue Blockers

    Okay, so the footage is unique…but it’s painfully BORING and UNINTERESTING. I’m honestly a bit suprised this would even make it to NikonRumors.

    • WoutK89

      Got something better, send it in!

  • Are we witnessing the birth of a whole new internet meme, the POV destruction of expensive cameras? Before we all run out to try it, remember only the first guy to do it gets a new camera. Everyone else just gets a broken camera and “whatever LOL” posts.

  • andy

    Misleading title is misleading. Losing 1200$ in 25 seconds would mean the person bought the camera and 25 seconds later he dropped it into sulphur water.

    • BartyL

      I constantly see mobile camera vending vans at natural beauty spots, so this is entirely possible.

  • gobsmacker

    I am not familiar with this strange ritual of photographers sacrificing their cameras to the Nature Gods. Do you get better pictures with your Leica if you offer up your Nikon or Canon?

    • BartyL

      Yes, because it forces you to use your Leica only, so you get better with it.

      • Spooky


  • Dunner

    That’s what you get for shooting boring ass footage of a slow moving stream. Just cus you CAN shoot video doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Seriously, with video on stills camera everybody thinks they’re some Indie European film-maker. Remember those European movies from the 80’s that no one liked, where the camera would show some boring, static scene for 3.5 mins with absolutely nothing happening, and then finally move to another scene. Yawn.

    • John Richardson

      yeah and they called it art … go figure

    • Cut the guy some slack. You have no idea what he was trying to accomplish and what the end product would be. For all you know he may have simply been testing and had no intention of sharing it with anyone in any form. Even if he did use the footage that doesn’t mean it was going to be some static 3.5 minute scene.

      Get over yourself.

      • CHD

        It’s ok if you shoot boring, static 3.5 min films yourself DeathK…..we won’t hold it against you.

        This clip could have been 3 seconds and it would have been 3 seconds too long.

        • Don’t be a douche. Stay classy.

          The overall quality of NR’s readership is in a steep nosedive. What a shame.

          • CHD

            LOL…seriously Dude…’re telling ME to stay classy?? Who’s the one calling me a ‘douche’. Go back to art school and come up with a better come back instead of resorting to name calling. Seriously, my 12 year old nephew could do better than that.

  • Nature: one. Human: zero

  • Dweeb

    Time to “out” the tripod maker. Maybe RRS would like to use the video. I could tell my own stories or how would you like to hear of Hasselblads falling out of planes at 3000 feet?

  • mrs. choo

    mh. about five to ten times a day i visit NR in order to get the fanciest news.
    this was more than i was expecting…

    my thought about this vanguard piece of cinematic: a little further up the stream there was some kind of super-mutant-monster-fish floating downwards. sadly we barely missed it. just a few seconds more and this would’ve been ultra-cool.

    • PeterO

      Maybe in the sequel…

  • John

    My Gitzo 2531 Explorer got slammed with 25mph winds last week while I was taking photos on a peninsula in the Bahamas.. Tripod, camera and 70-300mm Nikon lens didn’t budge a bit..

  • Fake and guy

    I personally think all these videos are taken with waterproof “tough” cameras and are either attention seeking or fakes in order to get B&H to send “another” camera for free (yes I think the 5Dii video is “fake” too).

    • Anon

      Waiting for Sony version. 23 secs this time?

  • John
    • T.I.M

      Why there is a fucking (yes fucking) add on the middle of the article and picture, you can’t move or close that fucking add.
      I’m getting tired of the fucking internet.
      Next time keep your fucking links for yourself.

      • RTH

        It keeps the site free.

        • googly shmoo

          then again, if this site wasn’t free, would you really pay for this content?

      • Nikonites

        On smaller screens it is rather obtrusive. The same ad doesn’t appear to members. Regardless, I moved it.

    • Dweeb

      I’d like to see a pic of the tripod. I know mine got a ballistic toss in the sand when it dropped my 700.

  • Andrew T.M.

    Come on B&H help this guy out! you did for a canon user..

    • Then

      No because it would just encourage more people to make these fake “disaster” films to get a free camera.

  • RTH

    Another reason why I HATE tripods. I only use mine for very long exposures and that’s rare.

  • googly shmoo

    B&H certanly got their money’s worth out of the little replace-the-schmuck’s-camera thing they did.

    one of their reps made sure to plaster that story on every major photo forum i know of.

  • what about the 2 second rule ?

  • Funduro

    Is this the best excuse he dreamed up so the wife will agree to let him get the new D800?

  • BC n Ya

    How to lose 25 seconds in 25 seconds (that I will never get back). I’d rather gouge my eyes out than watch this – or maybe be forced to shoot using a V1 electronic viewfinder.

  • kaze kaze

    *ouch* …

    that’s why I bring along my 5L water bottle (I usually filled it up with liquid of choice, or other havier things such as sand if you so desire) as a stabliser and hang it on the tripod via a D-clip or two when doing video, got bumped by blank-minded passing-by toddle a few times, nudge a bit but didn’t fall (yet), the bonus is having a drink while you got nothing better to do.

  • well my d7000 has already surived lot of such things
    probably the tripod was to high

  • Stuart

    Is this a spoof? Gust of wind, i don’t think so.

  • voudas

    dont worry. not a big loss… it’s clear from the footage that it backfocused… :p

  • Joe Jarro

    Time for streamlined cameras, windtunnel tested! Cx 0.20

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