This is it for 2011, something big is coming in January 2012

Nikon is done with the new products announcements for 2011. Something really big is coming in January 2012 - Nikon has bought space for a LOT of ads in big photography magazines for January 2012. I know they use to advertise a lot, but in this case, the extremely high amount of ads next month is a sign that they plan to reveal something big. Since we are talking about professional photography magazines, I can only think of the D800 and maybe even the D4 and not a consumer level camera. On the lenses front, we are still waiting for a new 18-300mm DX lens and a new AF-S 85mm f/1.8 lens. The Coolpix line will also be upgraded, probably in February, with a replacement for the Nikon Coolpix P300 that will have a new 24-100mm f/1.8-2.6 equivalent lens.

Today the French website published an article called "Des annonces produits Nikon début janvier 2012. Et une dispo en février" which translates to something like "Nikon product announcement at the begining of January, 2012". The post is now removed, but you can still see it when you Google it (unfortunately Google did not cache it):

Announcement at the beginning of January makes sense because the PMA show will take place on January 10-13, 2012 in Las Vegas and Nikon can get a lot of publicity for their new products.

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  • Martin

    Love MJ and Nikon. I base my expectations for January. My D700 for sale.

    • jo1

      not again a rumor without a real product?

      No more rumors – make photos and not theoretical gear changes.

      Arm chair photographers 🙂

      Nikon has plenty of manufacturing and logistical problems – I wonder how much they can serve the market with a new high end FF DSLR – especially with a production start virtually now to be in a position to ship a camera in Q1 2012.

      With the advent of the olympic games a high speed D4 is more likely then a D800 mass market camera.

      • It could also be the new Nikon D3200…

      • I would guess, that you will get a D800 anouncement first (January February) with the D4 announced before april. The D400 (April, May, June), D3200 (Summer) D710o (September/October).

        • The Manatee

          Nikon would want to come announce the D4 well before April as the Canon 1DX will be available by March.

    • blowup

      Are You sure it is Nikon and not Canon, with big announcements?

      So many dissapointings with Nikon this year.

      So I doubt it. The camera I had wished from Nikon, was announced from Canon!

      • Well Canon hardly had a bumper year last year. The 1DX may have been anounced but it was pretty pointless because it isn’t going to be available until March 2012. Nikon might not have released the cameras that you wanted but have released quite a few new cameras. 1 series, P7100, D5100, aw100 and lots of other compacts.

        Was the 5Dmk3 announced, No Was the 7Dmk2 announced, No. The grass always looks greener on the other side.

        I am sure that Nikon will be announcing a lot of new DSLRs over the coming months and Canon will also do the same.

        • Ren Kockwell

          Well the 7Dmkii wasn’t expected to be announced. The only camera that missed its predicted announcement was the 5Dmkiii. And I think he was talking about pro level cameras like the D4 and D800, not compacts and 1 series

          • I realise and accept that, he wanted Pro level cameras, the day after the D800, people will start asking about the D900. My point is, is that few manufacturers have done great this year due to the problems that have been happening. The only company which has announced a lot is Sony and they are having supply problems. We don’t know whether the 5Dmk3 was going to originally be announced this year and can only guess. Nikon and Canon generally release within a few weeks of each other, we have seen that time and time again. I don’t expect much different this time, with I guess the 5Dmk3 being announced around the time of the D800 and the D4 being announced at the same time as the 1DX goes on sale.

            Compacts in my view are much under rated by Experienced and professional photographers and because there are so many release, just taken as dull and boring. They are extremely important though, for the sales and because if Nikon or Canon can get someone into their brand, with something like a compact or 1 series, they are more likely to buy from that company again in the future.

    • richardy

      this site is called NikonRumurs, if you dont like rumours,you should not be here~

      • MJr

        It’s neither Rumurs nor Rumours, so there ! If you can’t spell rumors, you shouldn’t pretend to know about rumors~

        • Kalibre

          I think you’ll find it is ”Rumours” in other parts of the world, including the UK. Suffice to say, we know what people mean if they use either, so don’t streess over it too much.

          • MJr

            If you read my reply below you’ll find that in fact the only thing i was stressing is the fact the richardy is the one who lacks the ability to ‘know what people mean’ for he posted a reply as far from the OPs actual topic as mine was to his in return.

        • The Manatee

          Oh you silly American, RUMOUR is the way it is spelled in the UK. Get outside your border for once.

          • MJr

            I’m Dutch, i know why there are Rumours, Colours and many more ‘ours’. His comment was simply too idiotic too deserve a reply any better than his own lack of understanding. Excuse me for not enforcing the obvious with a -i’m being sarcastic- smiley face.

          • MJr

            *too idiotic to

            Just in case you were going to correct me on that, it was a typo.

          • scurvy hesh

            Yeah! Go to England and explore great cultural epicenters like Blackpool and swim with the Muggles!

          • Ric


            or is it Cheque?

            Donut or Doughnut?

            Nikon or Nikon

          • Hom Togan


    • Spooky

      Ah, the new guy! Little tip on the side: DON’T sell any of your gear before the cam is not in your hands, aka don’t sell the hide before you’ve killed the bear.

      Rumors like this are out since 2.5 years. There are other who sold stuff this summer and even a year ago…. kinda stupid if you ask me.

      The D800 goes with Murpheys law and before it isn’t in your hand it doesn’t even EXIST and probably will never or it will come differently then expected or to expensive, or faulty, or it will not be produced in enough quantity or all the above…. most likely I will become crazy before the cam is in my hands and I wont be able to use it…. EVER!

      There is a curse over the D800! A dark evil twisted curse!!!

      • jodjac

        I am starting to wonder if the camera might be cursed!

    • jodjac

      But, you realize your words are speculation or rumors themselves. What do you know of admin’s sources? Or Nikon’s relationship with admin? I personally think the effect if the disasters cannot be overstated, especially Fukashima which is still leaking radiation. If that doesn’t catch you a break in releases schedules, what does?
      Am I flaming again?

      • I really wish for Nikon to come up after the announcement and admit the delay.

    • Adrian Jelavic

      I can’t wait for the d300s replacement. I sold my Pentax like nearly a year ago thinking it would be released and have been without an slr for tooooooo long. C’mon Nikon. What are u waiting for? I’ve been tempted by the d300s but have been told not to buy as they expect a replacement. I’ve also been tempted by the d7000 but I’m not sure. I know as soon as I buy something the new model will be released.
      Hmmmmm perhaps I should buy one so they release it then return it and swap for the new model. 🙂

      • jodjac

        I am very happy with the D7000 I bought this year. It’s a gem of a DSLR. I like it much better than the D300. It has great dynamic range, it’s light and portable and it’s often ‘just right’. In my view it’s a great camera to learn all the things you need to learn when making the switch from. Film to digital. Prints looks fantastic and that’s what really matters.
        I’m looking forward to Nikon’s new lineup and I don’t care that much anymore how long it takes. It’ll get here when it gets here. Delays are a part of life. Get over it.

    • Andrew

      Lets talk logic!

      If you go to the bus stop to catch a bus, and it does not show up, is it reasonable for someone to accuse you of not intending to catch the bus?

      …the answer to the question above is “no”.

      If Nikon planned to release a camera on a given date, and Nikon changes their plan, does that mean that if Nikon Rumors reported the original date and it changes, that Nikon Rumors provided false information?

      …the answer to the second question in “no”.

      With two natural disasters, it is reasonable to expect Nikon’s production and new product release schedule to change. I hope this helps clear things up for you.

  • InfraRed

    I have heard that many times before so for now: wait and see!

  • cruser2469

    This is it! How prophetic!

  • jimmy

    Gimme hope Joanna, hope Joanna…..I need it in my hands before June 30th, when I am off to my holiday annex weddingshoot.

  • NikonTheAvenger

    Yup something big is coming December 2012, for me that is when I buy my next D800 or D4. Or both

  • Jim

    Something big is coming?

    Nikon will announce a new Coolpix, a SB-710, and a new designed websight…..that`s all. (Tired of waiting for the D800…….)

    • Paul

      Haha, love this.

    • Dweeb

      When I was blue in the face waiting years for the D100 successor to come out they announced a new “corporate identity” campaign that spring-summer-fall. You can imagine how happy I was.

  • John Richardson

    I wanted a D800 for Christmas or a puppy!
    I live in Ukraine, our Christmas is January 7th … so I get the camera….but I still wanna puppy 🙁

  • 103David

    Okay, this is probably the deal…the image of the alleged D800 was probably “real” in the sense it was (is) a real object, but it likely wasn’t a camera. In fact almost certainly not. What it was is what they used to call a “slug” which in the old days of Nikkormats and SRT-101’s was a solid almuminum casting used as a form for the patterning and manufacture of accessory items such as cases, flash brackets, motor-winders and such. Industry has used these devices for probably the last 4000 years to manufacture every thing from seat covers for your BMW, precise fit holsters for handguns, to shoes that actually fit YOUR feet. This one was probably made of resin.
    In January, look for two Cameras–D700S/X with 18meg, dual slot SD/CF & 1080P video. AND— D800 or D900 with the 36meg capture. The D700S/X with truly astounding, heart stopping low light level capture at a price point you won’t be afraid to take it out of the house vs the D800/900 hanger queen that will have the resolution to take a close-up of (fill-in your favorite movie star here) that will scare the bejabers out of the horses.
    There you go, good luck all, love David

  • Fee-fi-fo-fum

    D800 = 36Mpix?. Am I missing something here? As far as I know Sony makes the sensors & I don’t think Sony has revealed such hi-res sensor as of yet for their DSLRs. All the specs (if true) refer to a D3x replacement not D700, IMHO.

    • Andrew

      Sony is not the only company that makes sensors, Kodak (among others) also makes sensors. Nikon custom design changes into the sensors that are made for them.

  • David

    D4 is the camera for London Olympics. There’s no bigger venue to show real-world results. Nikon would like to repeat the success it had with the D3. They would also like to do even better. Nikon is not going to ride on specs. Like the D3, D4 will be about the eye-popping results. The new messiah for the sports photographer.

    Of course, I just made that up because I believe so.


      THERE IS FOOTBALL EURO 2012 too … just to increase the need of the new D4 … (… not that I am after it 🙂 )

  • canonrumors

    Canon 600D=Great photos, great videos, better ergonomics and lots of pro features (grids, wireless flash, easy menu, iso button, manual settings in vid, all Canon lens works and more)

    Nikon D5100=Great photos, decent videos, average ergonomics and average features (no grids, no wireless flash, slow menu, no iso button, no manual settings in vid, NOT ALL NIKON LENS WORK


    • Richard


      If they could fix their woeful autofocus problem they may well be in the running.

      • FX DX

        Even though I completely believe that “canonrumors” is a troll, but I think Canon focus issue is a myth. I have never seen a Canon user complain about a focus problem; it’s us Nikon guys who keep telling overselves that so we can justify our expensive Nikon equipment over Canon.

        • FX DX


          • Alwyn

            So I must have been dreaming then when I struggled with AF days after I purchased the 60d. I also must have imagined it when I took that plastic piece of cr@p back & got a Nikon D90. And, I most certainly must have been in dreamland these past eight months whilst I’ve shot 10 000 pics with no problems on the D90. Rumor or no rumour, I can speak from my own experience as I have had the displeasure of using a Canon and having to deal with them for a short period. The product was poor and the service even poorer

        • There is no machine that consists of mechanical, electronic etc parts, that are perfect flawless on this earth. No two pieces of the same model are perfect identical. All companies have issues with some of their products.

          And there are no myths. Always there are some true examples, sometimes a lot of them.

          I can personally tell you about a Canon 40D with focusing problems, and the recent 5D of one of my friends that had the temperature sensor from the focus unit malfunctioned so focus was crazy…

          And since WHEN is Nikon gear more expensive than Canon ? Canon is more expensive. I am from Romania ! Our best photo selling store here is:

          Show me how is Canon cheaper at something then Nikon, cause I can’t see it.

        • No, thats not true the 5d mark II uses the same recycled autofocus system as the original 5d, which was pretty weak. I’ve heard a few guys talk about this problem that shoot Canon. One local photographer Jake Garn was talking about going to Nikon if this wasn’t fixed by Canon. I don’t believe the 1ds models have this problem, though. And All the Nikon people that are shooting consumer models are kidding themselves if they they think their autofocusing is any better. You need a D300s and up to have good autofocus.

          • Alwyn

            Rich, my D90 slots in below the D300 as far as I am aware and thus is considered to be a ‘consumer model’ as you say. I have had it for 8 months now and just passed 10 000 clicks. Even in low light I have no issue with AF (unless I am in too close depending on the lens and that is my own mistake not the camera). I could not say the same of my Canon 60d. I must be lucky then with my D90

          • Get REAL ! I used to shoot weddings in 2007 2008 with two D80, and if the focus was so bad as you imply, after the first event i would of been out of business. D80 for example had a decent good focus. Don’t over react !!!

            The lens is more important. If you shoot with a pro 2.8 lens or brighter, then the focus sensor it’s obviously helped with the more light coming in and it can work like a charm…

    • OMR

      You forget a little datail.

      D5100 best sensor = Best IQ.

      The cameras are for photos, not for video.

      • Indeed brother indeed ! Amen !

    • The D5100 has better AF and image sensor, the Canon has better ergonomics and video. The Sony a65 has a big sensor and lots of feature but lacks the lenses and flash system, Swings and roundabouts Saying Canon wins again is just dumb.

      • Darkness

        Funny how you view the Nikon is better in tangible objective specs, but choose to praise canon in subjectives like ergonomics and video. You work for canon?

        • MJr

          Except he’s only being objective and exactly right on the facts.

    • Trolol

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    • Canon User

      DANG! My 600D is no much from my good old D90. The 600D features…just catching up with my D90 🙂

    • Giorgio

      “better ergonomics” hahaha rofl … ergonomics is one of the lacks of Canon (not to mention the AF or ISO) .
      I really don’t care of the video specs: I shoot photo

    • Recent Convert

      Canon is on its third lens mount. Nothing made before 1987 works on a 600D. Nikon’s F-mount has been around since 1959. In manual focus, a D5100 can take (after a minor modification) lenses back from the 60s. Nikon lenses that were made since 1987 (Canon’s conversion date) work just fine. Please do compare apples with apples.

    • Andrew

      Go away.

  • Daniel

    tired of waiting D800 and so disappointed with Nikon.

    so wil order a Canon soon. frm someone still keeping a 5D mark II

    very disappointed!

    • So you are going to order a camera which was announced in 2008 and is probably being replaced at the same time as the D700. With very average AF, over rated video ability and non existent wireless flash control. I am happy for you. May you have many happy days with your 5Dmk2 and when the D800 and 5Dmk3 are announced, I hope that you are still happy.

  • Cool WHip

    My money is on more Coolpix in Jan.2012. They need that extra ad space to fit Ashton Kutchers fat head.

  • Mr. Lee

    Yes, I’ve been telling you guys this for months. January 6th, Nikons next DSLR anouncement.

    • I’m Waiting…

      Great post. Had to use google translator which made a bit of a dogs breakfast of it, but you can get the jist.

      Roumers about the D800 have been “Canon 7D’ing” for a while (“Canon 7D’ing” = all over the place & not focussing on any one thing). Let us hope that an announcement will be made by Nikon in the first week of January. Then it would indeed make it a happy new year!

    • Davix

      Well interesting article but nothing more than what we already have here on NR.. He has “information”, great. But taht remains a rumor.

    • Andrew

      Thank you. Incredible post. Everything makes sense.

      Nikon Rumors correctly made us believe that the D800 would be released in 2011. The two disasters prevented that from happening.

      …fast forward to 2012. Nikon announces the D800 in January and ships it in February. Makes perfect sense! It is easy to see that a camera that was likely scheduled to be manufactured and shipped in 2011 should be available in the marketplace in early 2012.

      The year 2012 will be a great year for Nikon – it will be Nikon’s biggest and most historic year ever!

  • Alexander

    Why the hell should we be waiting for an 85 1.8 when we have the 1.4 already??

    I´d say we are waiting for a new 135 (DC) 2…!

    • Price

      Pick one –> $€£

  • peterw

    Would be interesting to find out more about rumors of this 85 F1,8 AF-S.
    Is it coming?

    I’d be very interested in a lens wich in price, quality and weight would position itself between 85 F1,8 AF-D and 85 F1,4 AF-S…
    (thus not being the 85 F1,4 AF-D or Sigma 85 F1,4…).

    As for the camera… 🙂
    carry on guys

  • Adrian

    Yawn! probably another mass market product uninteresting (to me) announcement. I putting my money on Canon and Sony for more interesting products.

  • Jeff

    Listen to all the whining about rumors without substance… Hello… that’s what rumors are all about, and this is called “Nikon Rumors”.

    Keep the rumors coming, they’ll come true eventually 😀

  • Marc

    As far as I know the D4 will be announced first and then the D800.

    • lolly

      It makes sense to announce the D3s successor before the D700 successor unless there is a minor refresh to D700 called a D700s. Also Nikon wants to take the wind out of the Canon 1Dx sails.

      If Nikon is going to bring a 36mp Dslr (co-developed with Sony) to market then I think Sony will make the announcement first. So a Nikon 36mp Dslr will probably be announced later in 2012. As for the D3X, it was announced back in Dec 2008 after Sony announced the A900 in Sept 2008. According to rumors, the A900 successor is expected sometime in 2012. So D3X is nearing the end of its life.

      Btw, as higher megapixel cameras become available for a given sensor size why would anybody want to carry around a bulky camera instead of a sleek, lightweight, mirrorless alternative ? It’s not unrealistic that, for smaller sensors, image quality will improve and faster glass will become available too, though Nikon seem to be behind the curve with regards to faster glass for CX.

      My 2 cents.

  • Bernard

    The V2’s coming !!! 🙂

    • John Richardson

      “zee” Germans have already delivered the V2 to the UK …. you are a bit behind the times.

  • SojIrOu

    Now the question is will the product release be soon after the announcement or will it be like the 1DX (months in advance)?

  • Jason

    There were a few professional announcements ideally timed for the last Olympics, so I’d expect the same for 2012.

    Funnily enough, there is one more announcement due for 2012 that might be delayed by natural disasters and concentrating on the pro gear – the D7x00 (D7000 successor). These have been on a two-year cycle recently (D80 – D90 – D7000), but Nikon may have higher priorities . . .

  • hey

    i do not believe in this topic, as too many times Nikon has postponed the announcement.

    Secondly, i do not understand the launch of Nikon SB-910 flash. what is the point to make extremely similar to SB-910. maybe Nikon D800 will be just like D700 + 2 Mpixels on top ? haa haa…

    • Well Nikon are going to release the cameras at some point. My guess early next year for the D800 and D4.

      With the SB-910, it might be that they had stopped production early and are running out.

    • jodjac

      Do you believe in earthquakes?

  • anton humpelbumser

    My blind grandmother told me that she had seen the new products, it will be a coolpix 567 1/2 and some plastic lenses like f8-11/20-500. The price tag of the coolpix will be 4500 $, as there is a big inflation.


      that makes sence … bla bla bla bla

  • Ken Thom


  • derWalter

    I am working as a set manager in film and today i heard a cameraman saying: “nikon is all rubbish, only good for taking pictures..!!!”

    made my day 😛

    • Ken Thom

      Did he say “Neekon” or “Naikon”?

  • It is about time that Nikon makes a significant official announcement of pro gear. Nikon simply cannot go to PMA with empty hands but has to really show (and deliver quickly) the so long awaited new pro FX camera bodies, such as D800/900, D4 but also the DX D400. Otherwise the loss of confidence in the yellow brand will be so big, that many of us will switch to other brands.

    • Hendog

      +1 Nikon seems pretty incompetent these days with disclosure of pro products. If they miss the deadline they are truly like a schoolkid who has forgotten his homework yet again. Give us a proper replacement for the D700 not this 36mp nonsense. Ah it feels good to vent.

  • simpleguy

    i sure hope this is not yet another bogus compact cam announcement, cross my fingers

  • French Fries

    Wasn’t there something planned december 3rd…

    I can remember NR guy saying something BIG was comming because of some anniversary.
    He even showed some leaflets pointing out that THIS WAS THE BIG THING!

    Well, well…. could somebody please tell me what this announcement was about on december 3rd?

    NR Gay has to be right now, otherwise it makes no sense to for him to go and shout about new BIG things that are going to happen……

    • Broxibear

      Hi French Fries,
      I was the person that highlighted a few events happening in the first week of December including one in L.A., I’m not in America and get any information about what happened at this event…if someone’s got further information please post it.
      There was a private event at Grays of Westminster a few days ago but I don’t know anyone who attended…I’m pretty sure the D4/D800 were discussed there.
      It’s difficult to get information when so many are not talking, and as I’ve said before I think Nikon don’t like sites like this and they don’t like so many mainstream sites using nikonrumors articles as a source.

  • titipsi

    I think that we are waiting for many novelties from Nikon, specially high quality DX systems (looking closely images taken with a D7000 they really lack of definition), without to mention on the FF side : a successor to D700 and e.g. a anstandard FX lens and a small 70-300 FX lens, etc.

    • Hi,
      I have a D7000 which I use with FX prime lenses, and I can assure you that my pictures are very sharp and detailed.

      • MJr

        Phil, you don’t have to put in a fake web address … it’s annoying.

        Required fields are marked *

    • MJr

      “looking closely images taken with a D7000 they really lack of definition”

      You mean images taken by *the lens* that is ON your D7000.

      What the hell are you talking about lacking definition, the D7000 is the best DX performance out there. Get a decent lens man.

  • Davix

    PMA announced while ago a partnership agreement with the CES, to move PMA International Convention and Trade Show at the 2012 International CES, scheduled for –>>> January 10-13 <<<– in Las Vegas.

    Perfect time for Nikon no?

  • Wayne

    I hope the 85 1.8 will be as good as the 50 1.8g..

    • peterw

      Good chances for that.
      I would be glad if it is even significally better in blur than 85 F1,8 D. Which it most likely is. It may gladly stay as good in centre and corner sharpness, good chances…
      I hope it will be less than 50o euro and have 9 rounded blades,
      which are two thing that are not so sure, and are perhaps difficult to combine.

      In the mean time, there is allways good old Gauss… A genius he was, this Gauss.

      • MJr

        Well the bokeh is one of the main improvements of the 50D vs 50G so as you said yourself, i’d expect the new 85G to be similar in that aspect. Even tho the 85D is no way near as bad as the 50D was ;). And as i said ‘was’ i realized i haven’t even upgraded yet, darn it !

  • Kerry33

    January? If not, just wait for february, march and so on.
    I pity those people who based their purchase of dslr on rumors, which in
    the end get frustrated over and over again.

    For me, i like suprises-the not knowing. I just waig for the
    ACTUAL announcement, meanwhile enjoying with what i have
    like D700/D3…

    Make your announcement whenever you want Nikon.
    Im not in a hurry 🙂
    Take your time nikon.

    • Moth Flopwell

      That is exactly right. I rent my cameras. Until I find the best one that is good for me and what I do. I know I am not buying if NR is correct with their lousy photo shopped picture of the D800. I will wait for the D4.

  • Boing Wronkwell

    Ok… That’s it.

    No D800 yet?

    I’m off to Holga.

    Anyone still shoot 110 film?

    • MJr

      120 or 135 only.

      I’d rather use a half-frame camera with regular film than those shitty 110 cartridges.

  • Not at all pro

    London Olympics start July 17th so working back from there how much time would you need to know beforehand that a D4 is coming, be able to get management approval to purchase it, order it, wait for stock and then test thoroughly? Would that be somewhere around February/ March?
    It makes sense that there will be a D800 announcement soon given the “leaked” phone camera pictures of the D800. It would seem Nikon had their hand forced by the need to send a signal before the Black Friday sales and people spending their cash elsewhere. However they can’t have thrown the pictures out there without planning a release within a month or so.

  • T.I.M

    Maybe the big annoucement in the adds will be:
    “Nikon is going bankruptcy”

    • Anonymous

      TROLL Alert!!!

  • Hansdampf

    next month you say d800 will come out and next month you will say d800 will come out and next month you will say d800 will come out and next month you will say d800 will come out and next month you will say d800 will come out and next month you will say d800 will come out and next month you will say d800 will come out and next month you will say d800 will come out and next month you will say d800 will come out and next month you will say d800 will come out and next month you will say d800 will come out and next month you will say d800 will come out … and then it comes out ^^ ;P

    • MJr

      Well, at least *something* new is coming next January. What else is PMA for.

  • G

    I have started to be really skeptic about this. Last “big” announcement was a bad joke i would say.

  • Benny

    What about new lensses like new 80-400 ?

    • Second that! The updated 80-400 f4-5.6 has been mentioned several times on this site as one of the top new lenses to expect, and there are 2 patents for it. There are also patents for a 100-400 and a 200-500, both f4-5.6. I would jump on any of these lenses, as would many other wildlife shooters looking for a good hand-holdable lens with some reach.

  • broxibear
    • Markus


      Please do not start anything in relation to the US and mass murder and pointing a finger to other nations (past or present does not matter)…it makes you sound retarded.

      • Broxibear

        Hi Markus,
        If you read what I posted you’ll see it’s a link and the headline of the article, I haven’t posted a single word of comment.
        I don’t see how posting a link to an article written by someone else on another site makes me “sound retarded” ?

      • scurvy hesh

        Broxi isn’t even American bro.

        • Markus

          I’m neither American, Im Canadian….like you have Mexicans, Brazilians and US citizens, like Broxi.

          And I will stop reacting now. This is a place for rumors not for Fox style false anti-Japanse/Nikon sentiment.

          • Ric

            Baby seal killer

  • Nikon Tremors

    There we go again!

    Every few weeks the admin feels the need to increase the traffic on his site….
    Seriously this is becoming a bit annoying…

    • MJr

      You mean all these posts on are just .. rumors ? omg !

    • broxibear

      Hi Nikon Tremors,
      If you’re that concerned that Peter/admin is only posting articles to increase traffic to the site there’s something else you can do (apart from not coming to nikonrumors in the first place of course)… just Google “nikonrumors”, the search results will give you the first article without actually going to the site and increasing traffic as you put it.
      And when the D800, D4 or D400 are announced it’ll appear across the net very quickly anyway ?
      There’s no reason it should be annoying you ?

    • Darkness

      Yep self funded thru clickthrus, no hidden relationship the way canonrumors has. Lens rentals? hah!

    • Markus

      Well, and if he does (and yes, of course he does) it is nothing different from other ad- click garbage sites with rumors/gossip..don’t want to read/join, don’t do it. You have choice! 🙂

  • alinux

    Yeah.. I expect that Nikon will hit the sky with the 85mm Af-s price…. a classic greedy approach of the market.
    Soon, this hobby will be less and less accessible to us, enthusiasts…

    • Broman Jackale

      Thank god! You enthusiasts are destroying our professional market by shooting weddings for $99.99 and giving away the farm. Maybe you should all stick to point and shoot coolpix cameras. i hate the fact that dslr’s are so affordable and available that everyone thinks they are a photographer!

  • I can’t wait for the ads to come out in the professional photography magazines. As a professional photographer, I find it essential to read the professional magazine to learn more about proper lighting, framing, and content for each of my professional digital photos. I am thinking about cancelling my Pro Flickr account, because I miss out on these advertisements for professionals. I’ve taught myself a lot about professional photography, and it’s not a hobby that I’m just really good at, it’s a side profession that I know a lot about. If anyone saw my Pro Photostream on Flickr, they would see how much side work I do. I have over 5000 photos posted, and several of them have over 1000 views by other Flicker users (pro and non-pro alike). When the Nikon D800 comes out, I’m going to start a Nikon D800 club on Flickr and talk about which lenses go best with the camera, and how well it shoots at high ISOs in less than ideal lighting. I’ve already cleaned my tennis shoes, bathroom mirror, 1997 Pontiac Montana (red), and the family dog (rescue dog) – all of which I’ll be photographing in a professional manner. Even so, additionally, furthermore, I think that my community of professionals reading magazines at Barnes & Noble will also have quite a bit of excitement like I do about camera equipment, but the difference is, they are excited about camera equipment more than images because they aren’t really any good at taking compelling photos like I am. I just like to record my life and share it with my clubs I belong to, and I think the new ads are going to be great to talk about for several hours before we go out and shoot for a few minutes on the weekend.

    • Lolllll

      Well done sir! Tis fine work, very…

      …professional. 😉

    • Davix

      So snob, you must be a very proud of yourself person 😀

  • Christoph Ohlrogge

    I hate it that most of the articles posted here only contain rumors.

    • dbltax

      The clue is in the name.

    • it wasn’t cached when I wrote this post

  • g


    Should I sell my trusty d70 now to fund an upgrade to the D4? Do you think the D4 is coming out next week? or should I wait?

    • MJr

      A d70 should have been sold long long ago. A d700 however i’d keep it for the holidays.

      But on what calendar does January start next week ? And it’ll probably be only the D800 then anyway, if at all.

  • Terry Wotton

    Maybe, Nikon bettter not wanna be starting something with this new man in the DLSR Mirror, another part of me thinks this will be a speed demon and sooo BAD..


  • No big announcement until Photokina 2012, i´m sure of this.

    • Davix

      that’s in September 2012… greaaat we will have more time to rumor 🙂

    • The Manatee

      Riiiight, so Nikon will just let the 2012 Olympics and the Euro go by without realeasing a new camera. Get a grip on reality.

  • R!

    D4 ,D400 &D800 they all coming in 2012!!!!!

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