Weekly Nikon news flash #138

  • Nikon cancels Retail Clerk Purchase Program in the US:

As of 11.18.2011, Nikon has completely suspended their Retail Clerk Purchase Program (aka Personal Purchase Program) for the "foreseeable future" due to the flooding in Thailand. Basically, if anyone (whether they're at Ritz or any other retailer store) ordered through their program and their product isn't already out the door, Nikon is completely canceling their order - not just putting it on hold.

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  • T.I.M

    All the big boys pro lense are still out-of-stock (USA version).

    • ZoetMB

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. And it doesn’t matter anyway because you’re not buying ALL of the lenses. All that matters is that the lens that you’re going to actually buy is in stock. I find that most of the people who complain about..say the 600mm being out of stock will never actually buy one because they don’t actually have $10K to spend on a lens – they just like to complain.

      There are no more lenses out-of-stock than there were before the earthquake in Japan and floods in Thailand. In fact (although maybe due to the poor economy), Nikon is doing better at keeping lenses in stock than they have in a long time.

      I just checked B&H, just one store, and found the following (and some of the lenses that are now out of stock were in stock as of 11/7) for all Nikon lenses with a street price of over $1000:

      80-200 AF: In stock
      80-400 AF: In stock
      14mm AF: Out of stock
      105D: In stock
      135D: Out of stock
      14-24 AF-S: In stock
      16-35 AF-S: In stock
      17-35 AF-S: In stock
      24-70 AF-S: In stock
      24-120 AF-S: In stock
      70-200 AF-S: In stock
      200-400 AF-S: Out of stock
      24 AF-S: In stock
      35 AF-S: In stock
      85 AF-S: Out of stock, but I don’t think they ever had a US version. They do have a grey-market version in stock
      200 AF-S: Out of stock
      300 2.8 AF-S: In stock
      300 4.0 AF-S: In stock
      400 2.8 AF-S: In stock
      500 4.0 AF-S: In stock
      600 4.0 AF-S: Out of stock

      12-24 DX: Out of stock
      17-55 DX: Out of stock

      200 micro: In stock
      24 T-S: In stock
      45 T-S: Out of stock
      85 T-S: Out of stock

      • T.I.M

        @Zoet MB

        You’re 100% right !

        I don’t need the AF-s 14-24mm f/2.8
        I don’t need the AF-s 24-70mm f/2.8
        I don’t need the AF-s 105mm micro f/2.8 VR
        I don’t need them because I HAVE THEM.

        All I need is the AF-s 200mm f/2.0 VRII, and yes the USA version is out-of-stock, and yes it cost almost $6000, and yes I have the cash for it.


        • Mat

          Thought I would have to do a little digging for your information. but boy was I wrong, first look and behold, IN STOCK. Apparently you are too….

          Better hurry and snag one up before everyone on earth finds out!


          • Not Surprised

            Wow. Wasn’t this lens $4,000 three years ago..?!?


            • paf

              I almost bought an open box from JR for 2,999 circa 2007 or 8.. I was too stingy then but now I am kicking myself in the …. for not buying it.

          • T.I.M

            Thank you for the link but I never order with Amazon, I like B&H or Adorama better, they have a great customer service.
            I have been watching that lens for few months, and now that I have the money for it, it’s out-of stock.
            The 300mm f/2.8 VRII is also out at B&H.

            • Neil

              If you order via Amazon it is fulfilled by Adorama.

            • T.I.M

              No, in that case it is sold and shipped by Amazon, Adorama don’t have any.

              I never ordered with Amazon because they don’t know anything about photography, they just “push” the boxes.

              But I’m sure I’ll order from them if I can’f find an accessory anywhere else.

            • @T.I.M. – Just buy the 400mm f/2.8 VR!!! You will not regret it, unless you weigh 100 pounds and have the arms of Pee Wee Herman!

      • Been there guy

        Canon is having a sweet discount on their lenses.

  • John C

    I think the price conversion is off on that telescope. Likely got the computation backwards because 13,000 GBP is definitely not 7,000 USD.

    • John C

      Hmmmm. Actually, that’s not intended as a conversion as it appears. You are just comparing the Amazon US price to a really REALLY bad deal in the UK. I hope whoever submitted that picture never shops in that store. Even with the VAT, that’s an outrageously bad offer.

    • Rob

      The store is charging 13,565 GBP. Amazon in the US charges $6,859. There’s no conversion, just two different retailers in different countries.

      • Worminator

        I think the point of NR posting this was the outrageous price tag in that UK store. It would be like asking $20,000 for a D3s.

        • Cuius

          Priced that high to appeal to visitors from USA who’ll think they’re getting a bargain!

    • ericnl

      maybe the wording was a bit off, better would have been:

      Not photography related: a reader sent me those pictures of the Nikon 20×120 Binocular Telescope from a store in London. The price tag is £13,565 ($21,131.82).
      the same thing could be bought from Amazon US for “only” $6,859.95

  • Rob

    Funny, when I read your post it just says, “I’m a fag.”

    • Pierre

      Some of us ‘fags’ have more class than claiming “First”.

      • Not Surprised

        I’m just going to pretend that “Fag” and “First” are Australian slang for “Good job, Aussies!” Artificially inflated prices don’t make sense. Even though some localities may demand more services than other countries — it should be up to the private individuals who want those services to fund it — not an entire blocked region.

        If someone can save 40% because of artificial markup from a distributor that doesn’t perform a function that makes the product 40% more valuable — then the grey products should most definitely be on the market.

        Especially when Nikon is trying to hold up artificial (non-market) prices all over the world in an attempt to make Nikon a luxury brand. News to Nikon: Its not a luxury item. There is nothing luxurious about your middle-class products. You have slightly different levels of “what is expected” (not above and beyond what is expected).

        As such, supply, demand and distributor negotiations with their customers should define prices — not “one price, one region” price-fixing rules.

        • Smithy

          Yeah, I feel for the local camera stores here in Aus.

          It must be frustrating trying to compete with online, grey market Nikon and Canon suppliers selling at 30 to 40% less than the local rrp.

          I think we’ll see more of this from the bigger outlets who can affort to import the goods and tell Nikon/Canon Australia to “stick it” if they don’t like it.

          • BartyL

            The joke is that JB HiFi are so overpriced that selling grey-market versions are only likely to bring their prices back into line with RRP anyway.

            I like to ‘do the right thing’ by the local camera stores, but when the official outlets are charging $3000 for a D700 and Hong Kong retailers sell them through eBay for $2500 you start thinking, “It’s a quality item, I probably won’t have to make a warranty claim anyway.”

            • Andrew

              “Probably”? Very risky.

            • Rob

              I can’t think of any repair due to a manufacturing defect costing $500, so the only way it’d be worth paying the $500 premium would be to cover you in case of a completely non-repairable camera that dies for no reason at all after the return period. How often does that happen?

            • Rob

              That’s my second reply that didn’t attach itself to the post I was replying to. I even double-checked to make sure it wasn’t user error. Is this a known glitch with WP? Could it be a browser/scripting compatibility issue?

            • Derror

              Australian prices are ridiculously high for no real apparent reason, if the question is geographical, we are probably closer to Thailand and Japan than the US…

              And BartyL, I suggest taking a little holiday to Malaysia, I got a D700 for RM5500 and exchange rate then would have made that bout AUD1750 or something, even with air fares and a reasonably priced hotel, it would only work out to AUD3000 including the camera… so for that money you can get a holiday for the weekend, and take some great holiday pictures of some amazing places with a brand new camera. And I like to mention that it was not a grey market camera either, it has warranty by Nikon Malaysia. I made sure of it.

          • w

            I work in the major chain of camera stores in Australia.

            The lens I want – after staff discount – is still over $3,000.

            The US price is $1,800 near enough.

            Why on earth should I support the local economy here, including the company I work for, just because Nikon Australia is sold gear at a higher price than Nikon USA?

            Even if customs added on the GST (goods and services tax), I would still be over a thousand dollars better off.

            Damn crazy. Even the chain owner shrugged his shoulders when I told him.


    • the visible man

      i love this!

    • random internetizen

      we need a comment rating system so i can +1 your post.

      • Global

        Admin: We actually do need a +1/-1 system so that the comments above can fall or rise in the display depending on number of likes.

        With multi-page comments now on your site as a regular feature, it could be quite helpful. (“First!” will never be #1 comment again, and neither will “Fag” be second).

        Hopefully you can schedule this type of comments ladder into your next site revision as a priority for filtering out negative comments as this site grows. Take care.

        • I have tested some WP solutions for comments rating but was not happy with the results.

          • Rob

            If there was a way to make the newest comments first, that would kill most of the motivation the children have for spamming “FIRST!!1!!” every thread. That or just IP ban them and eventually we’ll be left with only productive posters.

            • Calibrator

              a) IP bans don’t work.
              b) What makes anyone a “productive poster”?

          • No need to change the format. It works just fine the way it is. One of the features I really like about NikonRumors is the ability to see the entire unfolding history of discussion here. It’s very interesting and I think it would be a shame to lose that flow of the conversation by rearranging the order of the posts.

            Also, many of the random remarks inserted make the site interesting. Most of them are amusing and really liven up the place a lot 🙂 It wouldn’t be the same if those were all sorted to the bottom. Comment ratings are useful on sites like Amazon for product ratings but don’t make sense on a rumors site like this one.

            A capability of identifying new posts would be very helpful. The indentation format is pretty useful once you get used to it, the only drawback is when a comment indented a couple of levels gets a response. When the thread is really active it’s tricky to figure out what the new comments are. But other than that I really like the site and the people posting here.

            • Actually the format for the Nikon Firmware Insights site you posted would would really well, it make the indentations really visible and much easier to follow than our current format here does:


            • All, sorry for the typos in my post above. It should read:

              Actually, the format for the Nikon Firmware Insights site you posted above would work really well here, it makes the comment indentations really visible and makes them much easier to follow than our current format here does:


            • @Robert, it’s not a ‘Nikon firmware insights’, it’s my personal blog, and those posts just happen to be titled ‘….’. But I’m finding the nesting of the comments crazy. As the latter comments are getting too squashed. In reality, flat makes it easier to read the latest, nested make it easier to see relationship.

            • mikycoud

              Hey Simeon,
              Keep up the good work mate! I’m sure we’d all be very grateful if, thanx to your efforts, we managed to ‘unlock’ a few features on our dear Nikon cameras…

            • The Manatee

              Nesting doesn’t solve the ordering of posts issue by time. That’s what makes these posts difficult to read, not whether there is nesting or not.

            • The Manatee

              I don’t see you how you lose the flow of the conversation if a reply is at the bottom relating to an earlier post so long as that post is quoted. This is how every bulletin board works.

              And as you acknowledge, the problem is tryin to find new posts on an active topic. It’s impossible unless you go page by page if the new comment is not on the last page. In fact, I think threads would be MORE active if they were arranged this way. The current format is too cumbersome to sift through.

        • The Manatee

          More importantly you need a system of threaded replies. There is nothing more annoying than seeing a post with a few new replies and having to dig to see where the new replies are, which isn’t always obvious if the reply is a reply to someo else’s earlier reply.

    • m

      Funny, when I read your post, it just says “I’m a bigot.”

  • the visible man

    what rob said up top.

  • John Richardson

    So I see the photo you had of the D800 was wrong: It comes with TWO fixed lenses, hell, it looks like a set of binoculars! Where is the shutter release? Does it do video? The case is made of wood, well, that is not to sturdy! I can assume it needs a tripod too, it looks kinda heavy and BTW I want it in black … not of fan of grey.

    p.s. it is a little pricey too… didn’t expect that!

  • Steve

    Love the firmware hack for the D5100. Shouldn’t be too long before I can turn the mode dial’s idiot modes into a group of customisable settings, and change frame rates, and have the option to leave the HDR on, etc etc. A hacked Nikon. Awesome.

  • Alain2x

    What a great conversion !

    13,000 pounds are 6,800 dollars, now, on Nikon Rumor !

    What sort of dollars is this ? Mars dollars, Moon dollars, petro-dollars ?

    Thanks for your very useful informations, dear editor 😉

    • Mike

      LOL. . .read some comments before you try to tell everyone how stupid you really are. . .troll epic fail!

    • This is the US price, not the equivalent price.

  • disiderio

    My respect for JB Hi-fi. Here in Australia we get absolutely robbed when it comes to camera and accessory prices. We’re looking at a saving of $500 or so for a grey market import over a locally supplied product on a $1,700 product (grey price). If the saving as $500 for a $5,000 product, I might think differently – but let’s put it in perspective – the $500 saving is not too bad for a middle of the line product that may not screw up and, if it does, is still covered by some kind of warranty (most of the time). I hope that this helps address issues with pricing disparity between Australia and the rest of the world.

  • Richard

    “Not photography related: a reader sent me those pictures of the Nikon 20×120 Binocular Telescope from a store in London. The price tag is £13,565 ($6,859.95)”

    Takes me back to 1965, when I spent a while on a Malaysian Police Boat, moored just into Malaysian waters, observing every movement in and about the HQ of Indonesia’s 1KKO Brigade on the island of Nunukan, through a pair of rather larger binoculars mounted on a substantial tripod!

    Where, however, do you buy for foreign currency? If you can get £13k for only $6k8, you are a lucky man- buy quickly and run! A UK Pound, today, should cost you about US$ 1-55

  • Giant binoculars, just what I need, LOL.

  • broxibear

    Hi Peter/admin,
    Have you heard from any other sources about the 30th November being an announcement date…If it is going to be the SB-910 flash and one lens it’s going to be a pretty low key affair, maybe it’ll just appear on the Nikon website like the 40mm did ?
    The 7th Dec is the only date I’ve heard mentioned, if nothing happens then I think it’s over for the year.

    • broxibear

      P.S. The blog’s gone nuts and is placing posts randomly instead of in order lol ?

      • This happens when I delete comments, no idea how to fix it. I think it is a WordPress issue.

    • Actually based on the latest intel, it may only be the SB-910.

  • 6900 binoculars i rather buy a lens for 6900 good ole us dollars

  • photdog

    on the GREY MARKET issue

    The entire grey-market thing is super ridiculous in my eyes!!! Not just at Nikon but by all companies concerned.
    We live in the 21st century and travel around the world all the time. And EACH and EVERY international incident is good enough to increase prices. At the same time many of our countrymen have lost their jobs because labor is cheaper somewhere else. So for what reason should companies be allowed to waive guaranty or other right just because somebody bought a product outside his home-country? All the reason officially given are fluffy. In fact a particular camera that I bought could only identified by an Nikon-expert by a certain imprint on the camera box not even on the camera body itself. That much to the alleged differences.
    The only real reason is making more money on the identical product.

  • Gibson 355

    I work in that department where the photo of that nikon binocular telescope was taken. I too was astonished at the price we sold them for compared to what I saw on some other websites. I phoned up Nikon on behalf of a customer regarding availability on this item and the RRP on those binos really are £13 565 for the UK and believe it or not we have sold a few

  • gobsmacker

    Speaking of bad deals, has anyone ever found it a bargain to buy camera equipment in an airport duty free shop? Whenever I am on layover on an international flight, I try to check out the prices on cameras and lenses in the airport duty free areas. Invariably they turn out to be higher than the prices in the US, particularly on Amazon. Perhaps the situation has changed now that Nikon is making dealers toe its MRSP price line. Still, I wonder whether other people’s experience with duty free goods differs from mine.

    • T.I.M

      Best places to buy cameras have been in NewYork USA for decades and I think it still is.

  • Kronos

    Pretty cool seeing my info made it up on NR’s weekly news flash! I’ll keep NR updated with Nikon’s Retail Clerk Purchase Program’s status as the days go by. Word around Ritz is that it won’t be back up until February – March.

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