Only the Nikon SB-910 flash will be announced this week

There is already an empty spot for the SB-910 on Nikon's website

Based on the latest information from today, we will probably have only one product announcement this Wednesday (November 30th) - the new Nikon SB-910 speedlight unit. This is how the new flash unit was described to me:

"The SB-910 differs from SB-900 in refined ergonomics (also 1% lighter, 1% smaller), redesigned menus, improved overheating control and ... that's it. No "bulb mode" or anything similar. And yes, it's supposed to be introduced on October 26th, but was delayed."

This explains why Nikon did not schedule any press events for November 30th - this is not a major product announcement. The rest of the expected products will probably be revealed in 2012. If there will be a surprise this Wednesday, it will be a lens (or two) but not the Nikon D800. I will have a live coverage starting tomorrow - for US readers the announcement will happen around midnight EST tomorrow (Tuesday).

Just to remind you that I still expect the D800 to have 36MP and not 18MP like several websites have suggested in the past few days. I am still standing behind the rumors form early October and as you will see in the next few days they will slowly start to come true.

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  • pfeitosa_Curitiba-BR

    Errata: the old lemon system I was reffering to isn’t the Nuvis, but the PRONEA. An SLR system that used “IX-Nikkor lenses made especially for PRONEA series”. Any deja-vu when compared to the system 1?

    • Try Nikon 1 by yourself and you’ll hated The Idiot that compare Nikon 1 with PRONEA.

      • pfeitosa_Curitiba-BR

        Agree with anonymous, and add that the Pronea’s and System 1’s major flaw (along overpricing) was the lack of direct compatibility with previous Nikkor lenses, and the ability to use Nikkor glass is the main reason to buy a Nikon body. The major reason why DX (also a smaller and worse format than FX) wasn’t a flaw, was precisely the backwards compatibility with hundreds of Nikkors. Even though the angle of view changes by a 1:1.5 factor, you *can* use FX (and even ancient AI-S) lenses on DX perfectly, without a single adapter. Like Anonymous, I’ll wait a few years (when it’ll cost peanuts) to toy around with system 1, while I use my D7000 with nice Nikkors for serious photos and the smart phone’s camera for casual use. 😉

    • Anonymus Maximus

      Well, technically it might or might not be a fair comparison (as the pronea did not allow to shoot video). However the Nikon 1 is strikingly simmilarly overpriced.
      Pronea S1 MRSP 1998: $520 (considering inflation, that is where the Nikon 1 is priced today) Ten years later the used value plus zoom lens was $ 25.

      Also considering that digital camera used prices depriciate faster than in film days, I have the feeling that in 5 to 6 years I might be able to pick one up -just for fun – for the price of two or three large coffees at Starbucks.

      And as a Nikon user “waiting patiently” is one thing that I have learned. 🙂

      • Calibrator

        > Ten years later the used value plus zoom lens was $ 25.

        A price drop like this is pretty normal for consumer electronics.
        Buy any TV set for $800 today and see where it’ll be in 10 years.
        You will probably get nothing for it but very likely have to pay money for waste disposal…

        Anybody who mistakes the Nikon 1 with professional equipment can’t be helped, though.

  • BDP

    seems odd if they actually “brag” about a 1% decrease in weight…..

    Sb910 is no draw for me now, I moved to Qflash units, love them, and won’t go back. Thanks to the overheating, I moved to a significantly better light (at a higher cost, to be sure, but so worth it)

    • Yeah, 1% improvements? I’d think it’d be better to just say “improved size and weight” than to peg it at such a diminutive number. ?

  • KnightPhoto

    Admin is doing a great job, and is demonstrating a pretty decent track-record since inception – great work, keep it up!

    He nailed the 1 system cold, and my sense is he has nailed the D800 here too. Something funny about the grip in those photos, but the camera looks very real to me. I think the D800 is coming real soon now and of course so is the D4.

    I can’t imagine whatever happened to the D700S and D700X but neither of those is Admin’s fault.

    Can’t wait till admin starts priming us with the straight goods on the D4!

    And yes of course the Yen strength is no surprise that it would impact the USD price. Plus of course Canon pricing has been going up and up, which just hands Nikon another reason to increase pricing. NO SURPRISE folks – better kick that saving program into high gear 😉

  • Ken Frankwell

    how many percent is this rumour?

  • Htom Tohgam


    That’s it.

    I give up on Nikon and am going to Pentax.

    • BartyL

      Well you’re gonna look pretty silly when Rollei come out with the TLR update. Any day now.

    • Worminator

      If the D800 prices out over 4k it closes in on the 645D and yes, you’d think people might start get interested in 40 MP MX CCD vs. 36 MP FX CMOS.

      • Luis Gonzalez

        A 645DF body is $6K. The cheaper 645AFD is $4K.
        A DM40 back to go with either is another $15K. Even a 22MP back is $8K. So not sure how the $4K D800 price is in the same ballpark? Maybe I’m wrong about that but won’t a 645AFD with a 22MP back will run you about $12K?

        • thery

          don’t for get the lenses..
          So in other words.. this guy has no idea about cameras and is just blowing smoke.

  • Grunt Rickwell

    Dear God! My Californian web site with Black Friday deals is falling over in disgust.

    I’m going to defect from Nikon love to Holga… 120 film beats the whatsits out of FX anyway.

  • Justin

    no one wanna a D400 with a FX sensor?

    • Bill

      Yes I do!

    • WoutK89

      how is that different than a D800/D700?

  • Worminator

    It’s been pretty grim at Nikon ever since the D7000 was released, we’ve had a red D3100, a 50/1,8 and DX micro 40/2,8 … and of course the Nikon 1 … and now the “1% improved” SB-910.

    Floods and earthquakes notwithstanding, they are clearly saving up all the ammunition for the Olympics.

  • Really disappointed. Was hoping for a wireless transmitter with this flash. This probably rules out wireless transmitters, also, in the new D800.

  • Joe Jarro

    I’ll wait until the D200 comes out!

  • disappointed

  • photonut

    “also 1% lighter, 1% smaller”


  • Nicolò

    To improve the last one percent is the most difficult and most expensive one.

  • If we talk about flashes, where is Nikon’s ring flash? I am the only one who’s wait that item?

    • Bigus Dickus

      whats wrong with R1C1? you can be much more creative with it then boring ring flash

      • pfeitosa_Curitiba-BR

        Agree that the R1 is great – but for the price.

  • French Fries

    Admin is still lurking on his believe of the D800 being 36MP, while there are more and more hints it will only be 18MP.

    A 18MP D800 is also much more believeble looking at Nikons track record.
    My hopes for admin is that he is right, otherwise he will loose a lot of his credibility.

    But we will see

    • The Manatee

      Besides Digital Rev, what other hints? I don’t think there’s anything else credible out there.

      • Bigus Dickus

        18MP is D700s

        • thery

          As little of sources i may have. None. other then NikonRumors.

          I do have one thing.. Which is a very strong common sense ability.

          And a D800 (being a d700 upgrade) makes no sense at all of it being a 36mp camera.

          But.. I do believe a 36mp camera is coming out from Nikon. But it wont be a d700 upgrade.. No Way!.

          • Bill

            People should just stop calling the D800 a D700 upgrade!
            It’s the D3x replacement.
            Just look at what Canon is doing with their pro line. No more 1Ds but a 5Dmk3.
            If you ask me we will be seeing a D4 comparable to the 1Dx and a D800/5Dmk3 for studio. I highly doubt that the D700 itself will be replaced. What might be possible is a FX D400… but I’m just guessing 😀

          • Bigus Dickus

            there are coming two cameras

            18Mpix D700s, pro workhorse for weddings and full frame step up over D700, eventually replacing D700 in few years

            36Mpix D800. Studio and landscape cam stealing spotlights from canon and sony, replacement for unsuccessful D3x

            • Bill

              Silence! What is all this insolence? 😀 😉

              18MP D700s would just kill the D4, I don’t believe Nikon will yet again let a smaller model eat away their D4 sales.
              We will just have to wait and see.

            • Bigus Dickus

              why would it eat?
              D4 will have still lot to offer over D700s:

              – better AF system, D700s have still same centered AF system, D800 have better but D4 have best.
              – grip
              – 1/16000 shutter speed
              – probably built in radio
              – better viewfinder
              – faster burst, bigger buffer, two CF cards instead CF+SD, better accus
              – maybe updated firmware
              – better shutter and silent mirror release
              – will be priced moderately more so pros will buy first available D700s and then upgrade to D4 giving nikon more moneys

              if nikon learned something it is: pros dont care for moneys, they want what they want and deduct it from taxes. it is only amateurs who blub on forums.

            • Bill

              hmm well that would be my dream camera… I’ll keep on hoping

            • No Nymous

              D3x unsuccesfull? yes, yes, yes! very good thing for Nikon fans !!!:
              deliriumlike priced
              too heavy (no need of mandatory grip)

              3 years (at present) Nikon was unable to make something easy to make and successfull: Nikon-mount alpha 900, even a little better… then a900 and EOS5d!

              Will Mr Nikon hear something about his insuccess ???
              And WHEN ???

            • RR

              Unsuccessful D3x ? BS! It is fantastic camera go rent one then speak.

              There are two cameras in the circle where I work (mostly catalogue shootings) , most of them use Eos 5d mark II, but a few of us use D3x , great dynamic range and cropping capability.

              Once you own a D3x and taste 24.5 MP you wont want to go back to anything less.

              Honestly go try one.

  • RR

    Very disapointing that we will not see a D800 announcement soon, its hard to keep the faith here.

    • thery

      How so?

      Why not buy a d700 and if you need better .. buy a d3s. Those cameras will be great for many years.. no matter what upgrades come out.

      And while you are making great money from either of those.. You can save up and buy the upgrade in a year. And use your previous still great cameras as back ups.

      Quit your QQ.

      • AnoNemo

        because d700 is not available

        besides, in Japan Nikon no longer can sell d700 because it does not comply with the law.

        I began to think that nikon is the next olympus.

        • thery

          the d700 is available. check your sources. Japan can’t buy the 700.. big deal they can still buy the d3s and other cameras.

          You think.. you don’t know much then.

      • RR

        Because I already own a D700 and a D3x (god I hate newbies on Nikon Rumors) and both my cameras have tons of shutter actuations and I need to renew my camera gear I just wish it was to a FF DSLR with video with more than 12 MP, it must be a Nikon camera since I own 12 lenses all f2.8 or faster so I wont ever switch to Canon, why? Because I love the quality on Nikon (that new Eos 1Dx did made me blink a bit, I have to admit)

        So I would love a D800 with the expected specs or a D4 with similar specs to the Eos 1Dx

        Its just that all this waiting is hard, plain and simple.. “Nikon is messing with my Zen thing Man!”


        PD: Quit your Trolling

        • Hom Thogan

          12 lenses? I can imagine a small press pit with 12 or more lenses a “pro” with 12 lenses photographer? sounds either like BS or really dumb at buying gear.

          I kinda chuckle (meaning: laugh hard and loud) everytime I read a “Pro Tog” type shooter here saying this kind of bullcrap like you do… I have just shot the cover of an international magazine with “just” 12 megapixels of the D3s (with 1 spread and several small photos to go with the article)… no probs at all.

          If you do require “moar megapickles” you can always rent a MF digital back with a camera which will be far superior in terms of image quality than 36 megapixels in a full frame camera.

          So stop the bullshit and get real please, you are either a troll or the typical D40x user with a pretentious attitude.

  • Spooky

    So many disappointments of Nikon in the last two years and they just continue. It’s like they never inform themselves about what we want but just listen to some or their stupid marketing guys…

    • pfeitosa_Curitiba-BR

      I agree with Spooky. Nikon seems to be thinking like Steve Jobs “the consumer doesn’t know what he wants”. That’s why I never bought a single Apple product, and why I’m seriouslly considering moving to Canon – even back to Pentax.

    • Hhom Togan

      Switch to Pentax and you will know about disappointment buddy.

  • freakout

    6MP are enough – this is exactly the reason why 36MP is great! With 36MP and a 24/1.4 and 85/1.4 you can crop instead of Zoom to the 24-70 and 70-200 equivalent with half the weight and still have 6MP – do the math: 200/85=2.35 36/2.35^2 = 6.5! And with 1.4 you have the low-light killer-machine without crazy high-isos. And by presenting pictures on screens or with beamers you need only 2MP. This is the way to think about it.

    • Bigus Dickus

      you are missing all that “not needed” parts of photography like

      * perspective
      * DOF
      * composition

      that you can never replace with cropping but can control with zoom.

      24 1.4 cropped to 35mm will have lower image quality, DOF equvalent of f2, and perspective of center of 24 (large backgrounds)

      • Bigus Dickus

        besides. Preview in viewfinder is at f2.8 (d3) or f3.3 (D700, D300). you can never see what you are shooting until photo is made.
        If you get used to zooms and use them as they are intended*, you will beat any prime in image quality, performance and speed.

        * zooms are not made to let you zoom in to the scene where you cannot go. Zooms are replacement for 3 primes. Instead of swapping lenses, you just rotate the ring. But what focal lenght should each image use, should come from your creative vision, not from the fact that you was standing too far or close. Good photographer zooms with feet regardless of what lens he have on.

      • freakout

        perspective and composition are the same with crop vs. zoom. Not sure with DOF, but i think the 1.4 lenses have very good (controlable in both directions) DOF – also when *2-3 cropped. You need good photographic skills to imagine the framing in the viewfinder – i agree. But the less weight and wide open primes give you very good chances compared to the bulky slow zooms. And then the 36M counts.

        • Bigus Dickus

          not sure what you mean by less weight. if you carry 35G and 60Micro instead of 24-70 (and that is still “lightweight kit”) it takes more space and is heavier then 24-70.

          perspective and composition is not same. if you can zoom you can compose better because you can use focal lenght not available on your prime.

          perspective is not same. cropped 24mm prime cropped to match 35mm will have more background in it and more pronounced noses and edges then not cropped 35mm lens. Also once you crop 2times (and it still gives you only 48mm) you already losing any DOF advantage which fast primes have.
          so result? Not worth it.

          • STRB

            Perspective is the same.

            Perspective only depends on distance to subject.

          • freakout

            24/1.4 + 85/1.4 is much less weight than 24-70+70-210. You don’t need a 60 – you can “zoom” by cropping the 24-images up to 70 and the 85-images up to 210 – so you have the same images – perspective and composition are exactly the same. DOF is not only dependent on focal length and aperture – also on size of the sensor – by cropping this size is “virtually shrinked” – so even DOF is the same or even better because of much faster lenses.

      • freakout

        And you are missing anything – do the following:
        1. take your 24-70 Zoom
        2. take a picture with 24
        3. dont move – take a picture with 35
        4. crop the 24-image to the same frame as the 35-image
        => you will see the same picture – same perspective – same composition – just less pixels

    • Hhom Togan

      The idea to crop instead of zooming is just idiotic if you plan to do this for a living, first because you are wasting pixels, second because you are wasting tons of time in post processing third because it is stupid.






    • Reply

      IN WHAT?


    • roel

      Yes, Great.

      If it works on a D200 I want one in blue.

  • S Robinson

    1% improvements Nikon? REALLY? You don’t mention something is lighter by one percent. No one is going to notice a 1% percent reduction in size or weight; if this is true it is laughable and totally ridiculous if they spent time on this during design!

  • MarkR

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t NR mention a few weeks ago that there are a couple of Nikon media events scheduled for December 4-5th? One in Italy I think and another, somewhere else. Forgot where.

    Also, I remember that around the first of December in ’08 is when the D3X was announced. It’s been 3 years so,…who knows? Anything could happen.

    • I guess those events were scheduled to introduce the SB-910 flash to the public. I don’t think there will be another Nikon announcement in 2011.

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